The Stories of Bound Friends 3: Andrea and the Changing Friendship

by JessBaby

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© Copyright 2014 - JessBaby - Used by permission

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Part 3: Andrea and the Changing Friendship

Some people just can’t help but over think, Andrea was not one of those. She was by no means dumb, but she was very good at being able to take things exactly as they appear.

This meant that while others might begin to deeply question their decision to start engaging in regular BDSM play sessions with her long time friend Lea, she didn’t. She didn’t see it changing her friendship, she didn’t see it as a change to her sense of self, she saw it for what she felt the face value was. She felt she had a new need (or more accurately a better understanding of an already existing one), this arrangement seemed to satisfy it. She enjoyed it, and it seemed Lea enjoyed it too. That’s as complicated as she felt it needed to be. As she saw it nothing else had to change.

Eventually she was joined in her activities again by the two other longtime friends that were at her birthday when they each first discovered they all had this side of them. They were hesitant to join in to something they saw as very sexual. They were having a harder time than Andrea at being able to build a wall to compartmentalize the very different aspects of their relationship with Lea and with each other. But they found a way, eventually.

They however were all being the role of a sub. Submitting is an easy way to block off some aspects of your life you have “no control” over from those that are more immediately your prerogative. It wasn’t quite as easy for Lea. She had fallen into the role of dom, (though if she were honest she would probably call herself more of a switch that had just been leaning dom) and the much more active role it required didn’t allow her the luxury of keeping it all separate.

Maybe it was because she kept all the equipment in such easy reach. Maybe it was because she had to plan things out and they didn’t. Maybe it was because they almost always were in her converted basement when they had their “sessions.” But undoubtedly a part of it was that she had always felt more of an attraction to girls, it was something her friends that knew were fine with, but she never really shared that very widely or acted on much at all. If she wanted she could probably blame her own social meekness, or her parents, or living in such a small town, or her private school’s very outdated code of conduct but really it was just easier. A convenient lie of omission. And if Lea was being fully honest with herself, which she wasn’t at the time, she would admit that all these games were starting to affect her. She had never never thought of her friends in that kind of way, but it’s hard to play out all your mind’s sexual fantasies with someone and not have it start to change the way you see them.

None of this was on Andrea’s mind of course, how could it be. Here mind was clear as she walked up to Lea’s front door on a warm Saturday afternoon. The final grades universities would see finished a week ago and it had been a few weeks since Lea had called her over. She was really starting to feel a pent up need. Lea had said she had been busy and that she’d explain what she meant today. Lea welcomed her in and asked to borrow Andrea’s phone before the two of them eventually went downstairs.

“So I’ve been doing a little tinkering,” Lea said after a bit of time at the computer opposite her bed. “Well you know those remotes we each got to control our little nerve chips? They work by sending… well, technical stuff aside I figured out how to get your phone to do the same thing,” she said as she hit a red button on her phone.

Instantly the little chip inside Andrea sprang to life at a low but noticeable setting. Lea tossed back Andrea’s phone which landed just beside her on the couch. Andrea looked her phone over and it seemed that nothing was running.

“Yeah, so it’s running off your phone but here’s the tricky part: it’s being controlled from mine. I got a tab here for you, one for Sophia, one for Megan once I install this on her phone, and one for my own. Now whenever you’re near your phone I can control this, and since it’s a background program it stays on when you turn your phone to standby. What do you think?” Lea asked as she hit a now green button shutting the device off.

“But, why would you need that?” Andrea asked as she sat back up from a slouch.

“Well I was thinking, wouldn’t it be fun to try something, I mean if you’re up for it, something more than just, you know, an hour or two here in my dank basement? I mean you can always say no,” Lea stammered out before noticing and calmly taking a pause to try again. “My point is, with this wouldn’t need to have those cheap plastic remotes and we wouldn’t need to be in range. It opens up a lot of possibilities.”

“I, wait, you want to do this stuff another place?” Andrea asked still not sure she was seeing the advantage.

“Not so much just another place, though also that I guess, but more like for a longer time. I wouldn’t have to be near you to set it off. But not just that...” Lea stammered out before reaching over and retrieving a bag. “I was thinking we bring this back.”

Andrea grabbed the bag and saw inside the waistband and chastity plate that she hadn’t seen since she took them off at the end of her long weekend away. It was just as smooth as she remembered but very cold to the touch.

“I mean I never got it out because using it for like 2 hours is kind of pointless, but if we weren't just limited to here than it wouldn’t have to be 2 hours. And it’s got a remote app too, that’s actually what I based mine on. Oh and look!” Lea exclaimed the last bit as if what she brought out was indeed a surprise to her too. “Look, it’s a bag and a hook up so you can clean yourself out without a permanent wall attachment. Just fill the bag fully and the rest is the same as if it was hooked into the pipes. This way you can wear it for a while and by the time we meet up,”

“Wait, isn’t that what we’re doing now? It’s been a few weeks and I was kind of looking forward well, to, um, you know...” Andrea interrupted before trailing off in heavy innuendo.

“That’s kind of my point, if you’re this desperate now just imagine what you’ll be after wearing this around 24/7 for the next week or two.”

Andrea couldn’t help but smile a guilty smile, and it did not go unnoticed by Lea. Lea continued when she saw she had her friend on board. “Ok, in that bag at the bottom is the hex key you use to attach the waist belt, and a spray can of hair remover. It’d probably be easier if you removed your, um, lower patch of hair before covering it up.”

Andrea took the bag into the cheap makeshift bathroom that was part of the basement suite. She stripped down to just her bra to get unobstructed access  for the spray can. It came out as a reddish pink gel that was cool against the skin. As it sat there she felt a cool tingling sensation, the kind you might get from having too many strong mints all at once. She wiped herself clean with some toilet paper and with each stroke her hair kind of just came off with the gel. When it was done Andrea ran her finger along and couldn’t believe how smooth it was, not a trace of stubble or forgotten hairs anywhere. Once she felt she had sufficiently cleaned up. she screwed on the waist belt using the hex screw that has a sticky note labeling the hex screw with her name. She looked over the chastity plate and tried to think about what she was doing, but decided it was probably best not to. The butt plug slid in smooth even without any lube because of its low-friction material. With an audible click once in the front and once in the back she was once again locked into this thing. She left her clothes where they were and returned back to Lea.

Lea seemed to lose focus as she was surprised seeing Andrea emerge from the bathroom in just her bra. “I assume it still fits?” she asked after returning back to the moment.

Andrea gave her a little spin as she walked back to the chair and sat down “Sure does, and that gel sure is something else, maybe I could borrow it for my legs too?”

“Well, yeah, um.. let’s just test this other part now,” Lea said as she retrieved her phone and tapped the screen. Suddenly a low searing jolt of pain ran through Andrea’s ass causing her to move her arms back as if they could do protect against another shock.

“Yeah, both programs are running alright. I think I’m going to let you stew for a few days before doing anything more. Oh where’s the hex screw?” Lea asked, pausing until Andrea reached over and handed it back to her.

“So something interesting about this,” she said as held up the allan key.

“It was printed special for your set, it’s the only one anywhere that can unscrew your items. So don’t get any ideas about being able to remove it with your standard hardware stuff.” As she finished she put the key in what looked like a small realtor’s lockbox. “And if you ever want it to stop, just say or text ‘halt’ and I’ll stop. That’s all for now, I’ll be in touch obviously. Don’t forget your pump bag.”

Andrea was disappointed, she didn’t expect to just be sent back home. But she also knew Lea was right, this certainly would make things more interesting when they do happen. She went back for her clothes, tried her best to stretch her panties over her chastity belt, and bid her friend goodbye.


Andrea was surprised just how quickly she got used to having her belt back on. It certainly changed her bathroom habits, and it bulged through if she wore tight pants, but under a skirt it couldn’t be seen at all. There were the rare occasions early in the morning or right before bed when her hand reached down only to be stopped, but while this was disappointing in the moment it was not like she was dieing of need after only a few days. So for the most part she went about her life like nothing else was different. That Wednesday during a free period, she was in the library’s central reading room working away when phone buzzed with a text.

Lea: Be quiet, this is a library ;P

Andrea was confused at first but only had to wait seconds to understand what it meant. Moments after reading it her NESIC turned itself on, if not to full power than very nearly full. She bit down on one of her fingers in order to suppress a scream and began to look around in a panic. No one else was looking up but she wasn’t sure how long she could keep quiet such overwhelmingly loud feeling of pleasure. She tried to preoccupy her mind by concentrating on her breathing, deep long breaths, in… out... but it was a losing battle. In a panic she began to throw everything into her bag to get the hell out of there before everyone wonders what in her chemistry book could be making her scream out in passion.

Lea: Oh, did I do that? Let me try to fix that...

Andrea worried what else might be in store and was relieved to feel the chip settling down to a calm low setting. She’d have rather the damn thing be turned off but it gave her reason to sit back down. She looked around and no one had noticed, they were each doing exactly what they were doing a minute ago. “That was close,” she thought almost strong enough to audibly mumble it. Her mind wondered, what if it wasn’t so close, what if someone noticed?

The thought got all tangled up with the warm feelings that continued to radiate from below and let her drift ever more wildly into fantasy. Maybe just one of the girls noticed, one of the really mean, bitchy ones. Mmm, what would she do with that kind of information, would she tell everyone or hold it over her head? A shudder ran through her spine and her hand reflectively went between her legs only to be reminded that there was a metal barrier keeping her hand from getting any ideas. Damn this wasn’t fair of Lea!

Andrea: Ok, you had your fun, could you turn it off now?

A sharp jolt of pain emanated from her ass, Andrea nearly bit her tongue as she suppressed a scream. Again she looked around but again saw that nobody paid her any attention.

Lea: Could you turn it off now... what?

Andrea: Mistress! Could you turn it off now Mistress?

And suddenly silence. Andrea sat back for a moment or two to regain the ground below her feet and for her heart to stop racing. She thought about telling Lea that this was over the line, but her resolve weakened as she looked around and realized with a thrill what she had just gotten away with.

Lea sat back in her class quite pleased with herself as she put her phone back in her pocket.


To Andrea’s both excitement and anguish, Lea continued to tease her for small bursts like that every once in a while. It always took her by surprise, Lea seemed to know just when to catch her off guard. Not that there was any guarding to be done. And still every time it was a rush, either alone where she could really let herself feel it or in public when she had to suppress her response to hide it.

Once it went off in the middle of a test as she sat surrounded by silence, she had to work harder than she ever did on any test to not disturb the room. She could try to step away from her phone so it couldn’t set anything off, but her anal plug would then automatically zap her when she got back into range, with a strength and length proportionate to the time she kept away, a nasty little automatic feature to ensure compliance from the suit’s software. Andrea had never felt so helpless, and yet she still hadn’t exactly asked Lea to “halt” either.

Despite the constant teasing, Lea had not yet let her cum, and the lack of relief was beginning to affect her mind. Her dreams were becoming incredibly sexual, they rarely ever used to get above about a PG-13. She woke up every morning with her hands already down around her crotch, only moving them once she became conscious enough to remember there was no way of reaching underneath the metal. Her nipples were seemingly compensating by becoming much more sensitive, frequently adding sexual frustration from normal everyday rubbing even when her NESIC wasn’t on and tormenting her.

It was Saturday again, now two weeks since Andrea had put on this infernal belt and still, no idea how long Lea planned to continue. As her phone buzzed it was almost instantly up to her face, a week and a half had made her instinctively fast to the draw.

Lea: Hope you didn’t make weekend plans without letting me know

Andrea: No mistress

Lea: Good, tell your parents you’ll be staying with me tonight, you have 10 minutes to be standing by the road so I can pick you up. Pack junk clothes you don’t mind getting dirty or ripped.

Without giving it a second thought, Andrea began gathering up the essentials and rushed downstairs. She hesitated about how to phase it to her parents considering how little she knew, but they thought they knew Lea enough that didn’t have any problems. She soon saw Lea’s hatchback pull up filled with boxes but no other people.

Lea didn’t say where they were going, and Andrea didn’t ask, but she was seemingly taking every turn she could towards wilderness and away from civilization. The roads were still paved but barely, eventually forest became about the only sight out the windows. She finally turned onto a gravel driveway almost completely hidden under a thick layer of last fall’s leaves with a barely visible wooden address sign as the only indication that there was a driveway there at all. It was barely a car wide and twisted, turned and continued through the forest for much longer than Andrea thought a driveway should. It eventually climbed up and turned over a hill, descending down quite a ways to a cabin that seemed to be the driveway’s dead end.

“That’s it, I got to know, where are we?” Andrea finally said, breaking the nearly hour and a half without mention of a destination. “Who’s cabin is this?”

Lea didn’t answer, she only smiled as she parked and the cut the ignition. “Leave your stuff for now, I’ll explain inside.”

From the outside it looked like it was a few cobwebs and a rusty ax away from being the set of a slasher movie, the rickety steps leading up to main door looked like they might give way at any moment. There was a poorly maintained covered car port on the right side, filled with rusting junk and stacked, rotting and probably spider infested firewood. It had a high and steep roof for what seemed to be just a one story building. From the front door it went in and bent around in a long L shape to the right with the covered car port in the corner it creates.

Inside was much cleaner, the entrance led to a wide open living room with polished wooden floors and visible wooden supports for the high a-frame roof. The living room had two couches flanking a metal and brick fireplace, accompanied by a metal coffee table between them; but other than a few mirrors hanging up on the walls there seemed to be no other furniture, not even blinds on the windows. Down to the right was a hallway leading to more rooms, and against the far end was the kitchen, tall glass windows and a sliding door leading out to the deck at the back of the house.

“Sit down, I got some big news.” Lea said as she took a seat on the ledge in front of the fireplace.

“So who’s place is this and why are we here?” Andrea repeated seeming somewhat uneasy at the surprise of this place.

“Well, I do,” Lea said with a bit of a blush.

“You do what?”

“I own it.” Lea replied meekly

“The cabin? You own it? How?” Andrea asked in disbelief.

“You know that program I made to control your chips from your, well um, my phone that is? Well it wasn’t just for our own fun. When you were.. um.. lets say otherwise engaged at the FetFair, I got to mingle with a lot of the people there. After I heard about the phone app those suits come with I started to think if the same thing could be done for the chips. So I pitched the idea to Dr. Verma and after he kicked himself a bit for not thinking of it sooner, he said if I could get it to work he’d buy it. He’s about to get approval to start selling his chips publicly and he said if I could get it working before launch he’d not only pay me but give me a 5% share in his company. One of the other people I met at the FetFair was wanting to sell this place and after I heard about it I made sure to get his contact info. Once I sent off a working program and got paid I made him an upfront, cash offer. I thought it was a crazy lowball offer myself that we’d negotiate higher from, but he took it anyway! Something about selling it quickly to avoid some taxes, I don’t know. I’ve wanted to tell you for a while but then I thought ‘how cool would it be if it was a surprise.’” Lea said as she tried but failed badly to keep a wide stupid grin from taking over her whole face.

“So it’s not really furnished much, and hasn’t had a good cleaning on the outside since before winter, but I just took possession two days ago and I couldn’t wait any longer to show someone. I don’t know how I’m going to explain to my parents all the things that led up to how I got this kind of money, so for now you’re the only one I’ve told!” By the time she had finished speaking she was positively giddy and bouncing her legs.

Andrea didn’t know how to respond at first. It was a lot to take in. Lea showed her around and it became even harder to believe. It had a master bedroom with an attached bathroom and a bigger bathroom off the hallway that included a huge walk-in shower with heads on multiple sides, the kind clearly meant for couples. There were two other bedrooms and a den or media room or something, whatever it was it had a projector and a built in bar at opposite ends of the room. There was a small sauna and a deck out back complete with (empty) freaking hot tub!

There was a big paved area with a paved path leading to it from the stairs down the deck, it looked like someone had started to build half a basketball court or volleyball court because there were holes where metal poles could go, but they never bothered to paint lines or actually attach anything. Beyond the paved area was a bit of unkempt grass and weeds before everything looked to go back to untouched forest. The only other thing in sight was what looked like a large but only half built tool shed off to the right of the paved square. The whole thing had total isolation, the hill hid the cabin from the road, which was quite a ways in the distance to begin with, and there was nothing else in sight in any direction.

“Lea, this is unbelievable” Andrea said as they finished touring around. “But I’m just… I mean it’s great, but I mean why would your first instinct be to buy something so damn secluded? I didn’t think I saw so much as a corner store for the last half hour. Of all the places to buy a home this doesn’t seem like a first choice.”

“Well,” Lea said as she slumped down on the couch and pulled out her phone. “First, I like the quiet sometimes, it can be nice to be so far away from everything and all the distractions you don’t want. Second, no neighbors has its other perks.”

As she said the last part, Andrea felt a very strong shock reverberate through her ass which made her scream in surprise and pain. “See, no neighbors to complain about that,” Lea said, able to finally shed the look of giddy excitement and trade it for something closer to the serious look she has when she’s trying to be commanding. “And lastly, the guy selling it built in some interesting features. He said it made the place a bit off-putting to most people making it a real tough sell, he’d apparently been trying to sell it off and on for years, but I think you and I’ll be able to appreciate them. But first, let’s get you set up.”


After retrieving her bag from the car, Andrea went into the room she was told would be hers. It was kind of small and about as bare as everything else, there was only a metal frame bed and a small dresser with the top drawer empty but already slid out. There were metal bars in front of the sliding glass door, which she found very strange. Suddenly she heard the door behind her close and heard the electric clank of what she could see now was a very serious locking deadbolt apparatus.

“I know it’s a little Spartan, but I think it’ll do just fine don’t you?” snickered the voice of Lea through some speakers hidden somewhere Andrea couldn’t see. “Now, set your phone and charger on the bed. Everything else put in the open drawer including what you’re wearing. If you shut the drawer with anything but the phone and charger left outside you’ll be sorry.”

Andrea looked around but realized quickly she really didn’t have a choice, suddenly the bars made a lot more sense. She didn’t know what Lea had in mind, but she trusted her enough not to ask questions. Besides, the absolute futility was quite obvious and certainly getting her going. Though that certainly wasn’t hurt by the two weeks of denial she’d just been through. She did as she was told, folding the clothes she stripped off and placing her bag in without even bothering to open it up. As she shut the drawer she heard a small click as if it locked closed. When she grabbed the drawer’s metal handle to see if she could open it again it rewarded her with a short shock.

“When you’re done, I’ve unlocked the bottom drawer, there should be a few things and instructions in there. Follow them and I will be back shortly.”

Andrea reached down for the lowermost metal handle, preparing herself for another shock but thankfully not getting one as the drawer slid open easily. The instructions were printed out in big letters and numbered out very exactly. Andrea didn’t even give a second thought, she knew she needed not to deviate.

First she took a long chain and stretching to reach was able to clip one end around an eye screw more or less in the dead center of the room. The ceiling seemed oddly low given how high the outside roof was, but Andrea didn’t dwell on that thought very long. Next came some very thick, heavy chains that went around her neck like a collar. There was a bright red gag that looked very large but the padding was easily collapsible and shrunk to a size Andrea was actually comfortable with. The only things left were ankle cuffs and two pairs of handcuffs. She took them out, shut the dresser drawer, and walked to right under the chain.

She feed the ankle cuffs through a ring attached to the floor. As she clicked each cuff around her ankles, it meant she could now not move more than a few inches from where she was. Of course with the room locked she didn’t have a lot of freedom before either, she wasn’t sure whether that thought was comforting or terrifying or both. She put the handcuffs on, one around each wrist, before she reached up to lock her collar to the ceiling chain. Then, with no small effort, she managed to cuff each remaining handcuff end just above the opposite elbow behind her back, trapping her it a kind of improvised box tie.

She kind of expected the door to open any second with Lea marching through, but surprisingly that didn’t happen. It gave her time to look around, though there wasn’t much to see. She noticed the chest of drawers seemed to be fastened directly to the floor and wall, as was the metal bedframe. There was a number pad by the door, she didn’t know how she could have missed that earlier. There were some bi-fold doors covering some kind of closet which seemed to have some metal rods raised up from the ground preventing the doors from being able to open.

She counted several more rings attached to the floor and a few more eye bolts in the ceiling. Each of the rings was on a hinge and sat in a groove keeping them flush so they couldn’t be tripped over when not in use, though there sure did seem to be a lot of them. The only thing she couldn’t understand was a very skinny, short door that was at the far end of the wall near the windows. It opened out from the the wall the bedroom shared with the master bedroom and she couldn’t think of why that would be necessary, and it too had a number pad next to it but no serious deadbolt, at least on this side.

“Oh, you look pretty, smile for the cameras..” came Lea’s disembodied voice. Andrea looked around but still couldn’t find speakers though she did notice the four corners were slightly bubbled glass which must house cameras in all four corners. It was only really then that her nakedness hit her. She could turn in any direction but with her hands behind her and cameras all around her she was on full display. And with her arms held behind her as they were, her ample chest had little choice but to be puffed out quite prominently.

“Don’t be shy, give those cameras a little shake.” Andrea blushed and smiled behind her gag. She turned to face the corner closest the door and bounced up and down as much as she could causing the first lines of drool to start dripping off her chin and onto her chest. She gasped as suddenly her efforts were being rewarded with her NESIC springing to life at a medium-high setting. She found she couldn’t help but close her eyes and let the waves wash over her, blocking out everything else as she did.

“I didn’t say stop, would you rather a shock?” Lea said through the unseen speakers interrupting Andrea’s daydream. She was much too distracted still to put creative effort in but she really didn’t want the pleasure to stop and really really didn’t want a shock, so she started bouncing again turning back and forth slightly as she did almost like some kind of sprinkler head.

Andrea heard a beep and saw a green light on the keypad illuminate as Lea opened the door and walked in. She had changed out of the regular looking clothes she came here with and had traded them in for something much more sexual. She was clad head to toe in a sheer crew neck black bodystocking leaving only her hands and her neck up uncovered. The fabric was rather opaque, but Andrea could still see the outline of some of her features including most prominently her pierced nipples. Andrea thought that was odd, Lea had never said she had gotten them pierced. The bodystocking might have been crotchless, but Lea wore a pair of black lace panties over the bodystocking, hiding the answer. She also had on some very slender stiletto heels that clicked as she walked across the wood floor.

Slowly and methodically, Lea walked a circle around her shaking captive. As she passed behind, she ran a single finger down Andrea’s side. It seemed so minor but with the NESIC turned up each bit of contact was amplified through her system. Lea walked back to the keypad and typed something in which let out another beep and dropped the metal rods that held the closet doors closed.

Inside, the closet was not even a third full, whole shelves and bars sat empty, but what was there made Andrea do a double take. It held a half dozen whips and canes, some leather restraints, three marked bins holding the remaining pieces to her metal slave outfit (and presumably Sophia’s and Megan’s), and a big shelf filled with an uncountable number of neatly stacked coils of brownish rope. It was fistfuls of this rope that Lea grabbed and set on the bed. She closed the closet doors after a second trip and hit zero on the number pad which returned the rods and flashed a red light before she darted back to between Andrea and the bed holding all the rope.

Lea started to work silently. She began by wrapping coils of the rope around her chest and over her arms both below and above the breast. Andrea found this rope much different to the touch than the white rope she had used before, it creaked and it stretched and it gripped in an entirely different way. Lea retrieved another rope and began to wrap it around her forearms that the pair of cuffs had left trapped together. After cinching the rope once she wrapped it around her torso just below her rib cage, each time wrapping the rope over the cinch, pulling her arms closer to the body.

With more rope still she then returned to the chest harness, cinching the rope coils between Andrea’s arms and chest before wrapping ropes twice under her armpit, behind her neck and back down past her other armpit to return to the central knot. A final rope was added to the massive back knot, pulling on the rope behind her neck before crossing over her shoulders, wrapping around the coil below the breasts and returning. Only after checking the ropes a few times did Lea unlock the cuffs and throw them on the bed.

Andrea tried to move but found almost no movement beyond opening and closing her hands was possible. At the same time there was no strong strain anywhere, her hands were pinned at a natural height rather than held up to the chest harness. The cinching of the chest harness was secure enough to keep the coils of rope from shifting but did not make the ropes overly tight since they started out quite loose.

“Yes, I believe that should do,” Lea said partly like she was confirming the job to herself and partly like she was trying to taunt her captive. She began to rub her arms around the bindings to test their security, but when she found they were secure she simply continued to move her hands around her helpless friend. She began to embrace Andrea from behind, giving Andrea the strange feel of the body stocking pressed against her. Lea’s hand now had the room to explore Andrea’s front, something Andrea was starting to greatly enjoy. When Lea reached up and cupped the left breast Andrea let a soft unintentional moan of pleasure escape her gagged mouth. Lea rested her head on Andrea’s shoulders as she took in her hand the left nipple between her thumb and finger and began to roll it around, alternating between soft and painful.

Andrea closed her eyes and tilted her own head back enjoying the feelings running through her. As Lea switched her attention to the right breast, Andrea found herself leaning in to her friend, tightening the embrace between the two.

With her right hand occupied, Lea began to move her left one down slowly, eventually reaching the metal chastity plate which she began tapping with her nails. “Has it been hard having this on?”

Andrea grunted in the affirmative, pressing her cheek against her friends as she nodded her head slowly up and down.

“Do you want me to take it off?” Lea asked softly. This got much more frantic head bobbing as Andrea tried her best to articulate an answer from behind her gag. Lea moved her left arm up to her friend’s head, holding it back. “Maybe,” Lea continued in a whisper directly into Andrea’s ear. “If you beg,”

Andrea began breathing heavy, building up to try and form an intelligible word. “Prhhhesh, preef rut me oot” Andrea grunted, knowing even as she was saying it that even she could hardly understand her. Her answer got her right nipple pinched and twisted hard causing her to cry out as best she could

“Please..” Lea said as she continued to twist the nipple harder.

“Mhichtish! Phreech Michtherish!” Andrea shouted which was enough to get Lea to release her painful grip.



Lea unlocked Andrea’s collar and threw the chain on the bed. She picked up yet another coil of rope and began to wrap it around Andrea’s neck. Andrea began to panic a little, but she could feel how loose the rope was and the worry soon passed. With enough rope left over for a convincing leash Lea bent down, rope in hand, and freed Andrea’s ankles from their cuffs.

“This way,” Lea said as she tugged on the leash in her hand. Andrea would have followed anyway, but it made it hotter to her that she really had no choice in the matter. All the while her NESIC continued to buzz on giving everything that was happening just that extra tint of arousal.

The two of them walked back to the living room where Lea stopped at one of the mirrors on the wall. To Andrea’s surprise, Lea opened up a door that the mirror had been hiding. It looked kind of like a fuse box, made entirely of metal and with several black plastic switches.

“Like I said, the last guy put in a whole bunch of stuff,” she said as she flipped a switch which slid a metal covering in the middle of one of the roof supports open. As she held down another switch, Andrea watched in amazement as a metal cable with a 4 inch ring at the end descended from the new opening until it was about waist high. Andrea was so distracted she didn’t even notice Lea walking over to it with her leash until she felt it tug.

Lea pulled Andrea towards the cable and disappeared behind her to do some unseen work. Andrea felt some of the ropes loosen and then retighten, but everything was still very comfortable. She saw her leash drop to the floor as Lea walked back over to the panel. Andrea started to follow but only got a few steps before the cable kept her from moving any more. Lea held the same switch the other way and Andrea looked up as she saw the cable very slowly retract into the overhead beam at maybe a quarter the speed with which it lowered. It pulled her to the centre and she could feel it starting to take some of her weight but that was where it stopped. Andrea still had her feet flat on the floor, but any movement in any direction and her feet would be off the ground.

Lea walked slowly over to the coffee table where her phone was, clicking her heels intimidatingly as she went. “So, let’s see what two weeks has done,” she said as she hit the release button. Andrea could feel the click as her belt released the plate, but not fully enough to fall down on it’s own. Lea knelt down on her heels very close in front of Andrea, knees straddling either side of her legs. She looked up and smiled a coy smile as she pulled away the chastity plate.

The cool air hit her exposed and, to Andrea’s surprise, still bare pussy. The fresh air sent a wave of relief through Andrea, which was only added to when Lea reached behind and removed the small anal plug that had been in there for two weeks. Without moving from her spot she reached up and began to unscrew the belt which soon came off and was set to Andrea’s side.

Lea slowly rose up where she was, which brought her in very close proximity to Andrea. She walked over and returned with another rope which she started wrapping around Andrea’s left leg loosely just above the knee. After tying off the rope, Lea took the slack and brought it up to the ring behind Andrea. She played with how steep an angle to raise the leg, but settled on just about 90 degrees which seemed to put very little strain on Andrea.

Andrea was suddenly very glad she was secured because it was only seconds later she lost her footing temporarily. Had the cable not held her she would have fallen flat on her face long before she could have replanted her leg and regained her balance.

But Lea wasn’t quite done. She took one more rope and began to pin Andrea’s left ankle to her thigh, keeping the elevated angle but not removing her foot’s ability to move. Lea stood back to admire her work, slightly chuckling to herself a bit before asking, “So you think you can get out of this?” Andrea didn’t feel that needed a response.

Lea grabbed her by the torso and began to spin her. Andrea had little ability to assist or prevent so she simply hopped occasionally, allowing her one unbound foot to re-centre as she went. Lea stopped turning Andrea once she faced one of the couches, which she then took the time to lay down on.

Andrea began exploring her binding, but there was about as much to explore as there was to see in her room. She could lean forward which put her weight on her chest and to a small degree her leg. She  could open and close her hands, but there wasn’t a knot anywhere close to her so there was really very little they could do. No there was very little to do at all but stand there and try to enjoy the pleasure emanating from her chip.

Andrea had no good concept of time, but soon she found she was becoming desperate. Lea had never left her chip on this long before and she began to look pleadingly at her friend. Lea seemed to know exactly what was going on and was loving it. She had rarely been in person with Andrea when she had activated the chip, she thought it would be more fun to do so when she was away so Andrea couldn’t see it coming. But Andrea was so deliciously vulnerable, so utterly helpless and in such desperate need to cum.

Lea did nothing to hide her own arousal at watching this unfold. She began to rub her stocking clad legs together for the sensation, she began to run hands up and down herself, something she did with more earnest when she saw the response it was getting from Andrea. She rubbed her breasts, sending shock waves through as she reached the nipple as she had still not fully grown used to her new piercings. Lea’s other hand traveled down to her crotch and she let out a few gasps of pleasure, but made sure to exaggerate for Andrea’s sake.

Andrea’s eyes became as wide as moons, pleading for what she was sure Lea knew she wanted. She didn’t yet want to try to ask, not only because she wasn’t sure she could form the words but also because she wasn’t sure what Lea would do. She was at her mercy and thought that if she pleaded too strongly Lea might simply turn the chip off altogether, which may be better than what she had now, but still not something she wanted. Worse still, she might punish her or simply leave the chip on for hours without allowing her to cum. Andrea tried to picture it but wasn’t sure her mind wouldn’t break after an hour or two of this.

Lea slid her fingers down to remove her panties revealing that the bodystocking was indeed crotchless. Her pale skin made the opening even more prominent against the black bodystocking and black leather couch. Andrea let out a frustrated groan as she watched her friend begin to rub herself. Lea knew she had a desperate audience of one, so she made sure to put on a show which only seemed to bring her to climax faster than usual.

She lay spent for a few moments before getting back up and facing Andrea. “I feel like I need a name for you,” she said as she reached her arms behind to undo the gag. A line of drool fell as she removed it. “While you’re here, you aren’t Andrea.”

“Then who am I Mistress?” Andrea asked desperately trying to suppress anything that could be considered sarcasm or sass.

“Well can you get out?” Lea asked.

“No Mistress.”

“Did your room look like something you could get free from yourself?”

“No Mistress”

“And if you could get out of this house, do you have any possession you can access?”

“No Mistress,” Andrea said after only a slight pause. It started to dawn on her just how dependent on Lea she had become.

“Well then, it sounds like you’ve basically lost your possessions and freedom, doesn’t it?” Lea said with a much more biting tone, making every word dig in. “And who else has no freedom or possessions?”

Andrea was fairly sure she knew the answer Lea wanted, but was having trouble forming the words. After a few deep breaths to accept what she was about to admit to, she closed her eyes and simply whispered, “slaves.”

Hearing herself say that sent her mind racing. She started to realize that no one knows she’s here. She started to panic that she couldn’t get out of here on her own. She couldn’t do anything on her own. If Lea wanted she would be trapped standing here for the rest of her life, however long or short that ended up being. A few seconds of runaway thoughts later she was brought back to earth with a swat to the ass, reminding her blurt out much louder, “slaves, MISTRESS!” She started breathing very heavy now and hung her head trying to think of anything but what she had just admitted to.

“That’s right, of course my slave knows she can always halt this right?” Lea said as she bent to meet Andrea’s downturned gaze. There seemed to be genuine concern in her eyes, and a smile that seemed to have no hidden agenda beyond reassurance.

A surge of calm washed over Andrea, in the heat of things she had almost forgot that this wasn’t real. She may not have had any physical freedom, but she still trusted her friend enough to know she could have it back whenever she wanted. It wasn’t so much taken as it was borrowed.

“But until then, your ass is mine slave,” Lea said as she walked right up to her slave, grabbing her ass with one hand while pressing foreheads together and looking right into her eyes as she spoke.

Without breaking eye contact, Lea reached down with her other hand and began to rub Andrea’s pussy. Andrea gasped, she had been tormented so long by her chip that this new kind of stimulation felt almost indescribable. Where as the chip aroused and teased, this had the ability to actually make her cum. Before Andrea even gave herself time to think she started grinding, as little as she could anyway, against Lea’s hand. The sensation was amazing and when combined with what she had been going through was nearly enough to send her over the edge in just moments. Lea could see it and decided for that reason to pull her hand away.

Lea leaned in and softly whispered “beg for it,” and then stood back to take the whole sight in.

“Oh, please Mistress. Please, don’t stop, please come back.”

“Come back and do… what?” Lea asked as she crossed her arms to emphasize the last word.

“Please let me cum Mistress.”

“Let you?” Lea asked as she reached for her phone on the coffee table. She proceeded to turn Andrea’s chip up to maximum before continuing. “If you can cum on your own, by all means do so.” She sat back down on the couch and crossed her legs, “Well go on, cum.”

Andrea focused all her attention on the stimulation. It was intense, but no matter how pleasurable it felt she couldn’t translate it into an orgasm. She tried pulling at her bonds but they were as tight as ever, and with one leg raised she couldn’t even try to rub herself that way. “I.. I can’t Mistress.”

“Well go on then ask something else. I want to hear you say it. I want YOU to hear you say it.” Lea said this with a devilish look in her eye, not really sadistic, more like the look of someone who sees themselves winning a chess game a few moves from now and is just waiting for the other player to catch up.

A shiver ran down Andreas spine as she thought about what she needed to say. Though she thought that might also have been the chip. “Mistress, please make me cum,” she said unable to look Lea in the eye as she did.

“I’m sorry, one more time?” Lea asked, knowing they both knew full well she heard the first time and that she simply wanted to bask in it.

“Mistress, please, please make me cum,” Andrea blurted out, this time able to raise her head to look over to where Lea was sitting.

Phone in hand, Lea bagan slowly walking over to Andrea really letting each click of her heel reverberate. “And what are you?” She asked.

“A slave… I mean a slave, Mistress.”

“And who owns you slave?” Lea asked while showing off her thumb just above a big red button on her phone’s screen.

“You do Mistress.” Andrea heard the words come out of her mouth but they almost sounded alien. Had she really just said that?

Lea cocked half a smile and pressed her thumb down to the screen. Immediately a new sensation joined the ones already raging, sending Andrea crashing over the edge of a long building orgasm. She was so overcome she couldn’t even scream out at first, more than making up for it soon after as she yelled an incoherent melding of ohs, ahhs, fucks and yeses. She kicked her leg around involuntarily, transferring all her weight to her chest and other leg. When it finally seemed to be coming to a close she simply dropped her leg and hung her head with the kind of rag-doll properties you might expect when someone passes out.

Lea turned the chip down to a low setting on her phone and brushed Andreas hair away to make sure she was alright. She was breathing heavy, she seemed to be looking at something a million mile away cross eyed, but she seemed to be there at least in part. “Are you ok?” Lea asked, suddenly overcome with worry and more than a little guilt. She had kind of pushed for this, she wondered if she might have gone too far. “Look if you want to call it a day I can start untie…”

“No, don’t. I’m fine. I mean I loved it. I mean,” she stammered out between deep gasps for air, becoming slightly more intelligible with each new statement. She looked up at Lea who brushed her hair aside. “I mean whatever you want Mistress. I’m still your slave remember?”

Lea smiled, both out of relief and out of excitement. She reached back to retrieve the gag she had earlier removed and stuffed it back in Andrea's mouth before turning up Andrea’s chip just a little more and heading back to her bedroom leaving Andrea all alone.


Lea lept onto her bed with an absolutely stupid grin plastered across her face. On her laptop she switched from the cameras in Andrea’s bedroom to cameras in the living room, watching from afar as Andrea began to look around her surroundings. She watched as Andrea quickly realized how little there was to look at and began to twist around in her bindings. Behind her gag, Lea could almost make out a shy smile as Andrea closed her eyes to really take in the feelings of the ropes. For minutes Andrea stood there with her eyes closed, putting up only token struggle.

Lea ducked into Andrea’s room and grabbed from the closet a leather blindfold. She took off her heels and silently crept up to Andrea who seemed to keep her eyes closed and not hear her friend creep. When she was behind her, Lea put the blindfold over her eyes before Andrea even knew what was happening. Andrea started to buck and squarm as Lea tried to buckle it behind her head. But with a few shushing noises, Andrea seemed to calm down enough to allow Lea to finish.

After Lea pulled away, Andrea tried shaking the blindfold off but it wasn’t budging. She tried cocking her head this way or that but without her heels tapping away Andrea couldn’t even guess as to where Lea might be. It didn’t take long for her to give up on that too and return to the soft struggle and pleasurable enjoyment she had been doing earlier which allowed Lea to sneak up in the first place.

Lea for her part seemed to alternate between the work of unpacking the car and toying with her captive, leaving long periods of isolation between encounters. She would leave Andrea alone for 20 minutes only to silently approach to give a few good whacks with a flogger before leaving her again. Other times she would simply start rubbing her hands along Andrea’s exposed body. Andrea would always moan in response and lean in to wherever Lea’s hands happened to be. The sun was getting low in the sky by the time Lea had finished with all her boxes. She got changed into a satin bathrobe and headed out to see how her friend was holding up.

Lea returned and unfastened Andreas gag, a line of drool spilling out and onto the floor as she did. “How are you feeling?” Lea asked, sounding like she was straddling the line between caring friend and tough Mistress.

“I’m getting a little cold and my leg would really like down now,” Andrea answered after moving her jaw around some.

A wicked smile began to cross Lea’s face before she realized no one could see it. She walked up to Andrea and embraced her, pressing against her chest and wrapping her hands around behind her. She was indeed a bit chilled to the touch and did what little she could to reciprocate the embrace, wrapping her bent leg around Lea’s side.

Lea reached over and began to untie Andrea’s leg, letting it eventually crash to the floor once the rope had been freed from behind her. Andrea groaned in relief at having both legs free again. Then Lea unfastened the ropes holding Andrea to the cable, making sure to be able to catch her as she lost balance. Lea grabbed hold of the leash still dangling around Andrea’s neck and gave it a quick tug telling Andrea without any words to follow.

This was particularly disorienting for Andrea, she wasn’t familiar with the house yet, she hadn’t been forced to fully support her own weight in hours and she couldn’t see anything. Needless to say it didn’t matter, in all her time bound she never got any closer to freeing herself and was still totally at Lea’s mercy.

“Let’s get you warmed up,” Lea said as she opened the door to the small wooden sauna. She had turned it on a bit ago, assuming it might be needed. She hung her robe and entered with Andrea in tow both naked.

The hot dry air felt good to Andrea. She was lead to sit down on the wooden bench, the wood planks were separated by quite large gaps but still solid enough to sit on without problem. Lea scooted her to the very back of the beach, letting her hands rest against the wood frame. Andrea felt her left leg being tugged by the rope still attached to it and pulled up until her feet were also up on the bench. She felt the rope tighten and pull her knee towards her chest but couldn’t feel it actually attach to her chest harness. Then she felt Lea guide her right leg into roughly the same position before feeling coils of rope fed around that leg too. She had clearly only traded one bound position for another. And while sitting is certainly more comfortable than standing, with her legs held up and slightly to the sides of her chest she felt extremely exposed with nothing she could do to hide.

Lea soon took full advantage of this vulnerability, moving close and beginning to rub her hand along Andrea’s very exposed pussy. Because Andrea couldn’t see it coming she let out a loud full bodied gasp as she first felt contact. Lea moved in close and whispered in her friend’s ear, “Are you warming up now slave?”

“Mmm, yes Mistress,” she said as she started to grind her hips against the contact she was getting.

Lea watched all the subtle squirms and jolts her captive was making as she herself continued to get more and more turned on by them. Slowly she leaned in and put her lips over Andrea’s right nipple giving it a quick suck and flick of the tongue. Andrea turned her head to one side and let out an even louder moan of pleasure which only served to encourage Lea. She began to nibble, even lightly bite and pull on first her right and then left nipple receiving groans of pleasure with each new action.

Lea moved up to better watch her friends expressions even when hidden slightly behind the leather blindfold. With two fingers she stopped simply rubbing her friend and plunged inside eliciting probably the loudest groan to date. As Lea began to pump her fingers in and out, Andrea’s mouth went wide and silent, like she was so winded she could not even scream. Her head bobbed from one extreme side to the other, never wanting to stay in the middle.

With her free hand Lea grabbed hold of Andrea’s chin and held it still in front of her. As Andrea opened her mouth gasping out another silent scream, Lea moved in. Her lips locked against Andrea’s in a passionate embrace. Andrea began to return the gesture, pushing against Lea while continuing to rock against the fingers inside of her.

Lea moved Andrea’s head back to the side and began kissing her neck. She could feel Andrea fighting against her wanting to move her head back to where it was but without good leverage Lea held her in place. When she let go she began moving slowly down kissing every few inches as she went. Eventually she had to remove her fingers, something Andrea seemed upset about, in order to bend over more. By the time she reached her belly button, Andrea was squirming around but Lea would not be rushed.

With both hands, Lea grabbed Andrea by the back of the ass and scooted her just slightly forward, giving a bit better of an angle. This meat the ropes that were at her knees pulled tighter, spreading her even more than she was.

When she finally made contact Andrea gave out a low grunt of satisfaction. Lea began toying with her, flicking, sucking, and with each new action a new animalistic grunt came from Andrea. In very short time she cried out “Mistress, Mistress can I... I... can I please cum Mistress”

Lea looked up over the now sweaty ball of arousal, pulling on every rope and looking in all directions as if that could distract her from what was happening. She did not answer but instead slowed down, taking pauses between action and making each action just a little slower.

“Please Mistress. Please Lea! Please I can’t take this! Please!”

Lea removed her mouth and replaced it with some very fast moving fingers as she let out “You may.” Within seconds Lea could feel Andrea’s pussy tightening around her fingers, as near defining screams came out from the overspent slave. It came as cascades of grunts and swears, all while jerking about like a fish trying and failing to escape a net.

Eventually there was quiet apart from some heavy breathing. Lea had long since removed her fingers and now reached over to turn off Andrea’s NESIC. She stretched up to unbuckle Andrea’s blindfold. Andrea blinked hard taking her time to adjust to the presence of light again. Lea held close trying to read her friend now slightly worried she may have thought this was over the line. Instead, once her eyes adjusted Andrea closed the small gap moving her head in for another kiss. “That was,” Andrea said after pulling back once more “the most intense thing I’ve ever experienced.”

“So does that mean you’re up for more?” Lea asked without wanting to sound like she was pushing her luck.

“Not now, god I’ll be lucky if I can stand in the next ten minutes. No not now, no, halt, I’m done.”

Lea couldn’t be upset, she had been in and out of it but it had been hours without rest for Andrea. She untied Andrea’s legs and began to work on her harness. The ropes were drenched in sweat and took seemingly forever to take off. But once they were, Andrea simply collapsed over to one side, stretching out and letting her arms rest at her side.


Andrea took her time collecting herself while Lea had long since left. Andrea heard her use the shower and finish long before she even sat up. By the time she left to take a shower as well, she could hear Lea working away in the kitchen. She hadn’t realized how hungry she was until just that moment. She turned on the shower and looked herself over in the mirror. Her hair was matted to her forehead, she could see rope marks all over, and there was more than a little hardened drool on her chin. There was already a fresh towel waiting, a shower sounded good.

While she didn’t say anything, Andrea heard Lea briefly open the bathroom door, set something down and leave again while she showered. When Andrea came out she saw that Lea had set down two neat piles with note. On one pile was one of Andrea’s black cami top and the old grey sweatpants with the small rip she had packed to sleep in. On the other was her metal collar, matching wrist and ankle cuffs, a short chain to connect the cuffs, and the alan key to attach them all. The note simply read “For whatever you’re in the mood for.”

Andrea thought it over, not wanting to done for the night, but certainly not wanting to say she was ready for another round already. She smiled to herself as she figured “why choose?” She put on the shirt and pants, but also took the time to screw on the collar and cuffs. After some brief hesitation, she decided to attach the chain between her wrists in front of her as well. She could still certainly eat, but it would certainly be impossible to ignore.

Lea was not a fancy cook, but some cooked pasta with some canned tuna and alfredo was certainly more than good enough to Andrea’s very hungry stomach. Lea noticed Andrea’s choice of outfit, how could she not as Andrea ate pasta in cuffs and chains, but decided not to make much acknowledgement. There was an uneasiness in her eyes that seemed to be screaming out “I don’t know what to do next.” So they stayed with more innocent conversation as they sat across from each other at the coffee table.

“I got to ask,” Andrea eventually said as she pushed her empty plate aside. “Why just me?”

Lea flushed a bit before regaining a look of confidence. “Well this is all a little crazy, ok a lot crazy. This house, all the extra stuff, whole bunch of it I haven’t even shown you yet, how far away it is, and the thought of more than one of you up here with me for the first time seemed overwhelming. Basically I wanted a little guinea pig for the first night staying here and I thought…” Lea turned her gaze down to her empty plate “I kind of thought you might be the right kind of guinea pig for that.”

“That explains why I’m alone, but why me not Sophia or Megan?” Andrea asked, trying not to sound too insistent.

“Well..” Lea began by looking up only too quickly move her gaze somewhere else. “Megan can be a little… intense. She seems to always want to keep going and I don’t think she knows when to say stop. Her level of ambition all channeled into this sometimes seems like too much for me. Sophia, now that she knows a bit more what this is all about, she likes to put up a fight. It can be anywhere from a little extra defiance or struggling to full on wrestling me for control. I didn’t want to deal with that either. You..” Lea trailed off slightly before reorienting her gaze back at Andrea. “You’re a happy middle, I don’t have to worry about you the same way, especially when I… when I don’t always feel like I know what I’m doing.”

There was a sense of uneasiness to her words, which made Andrea very unsure about how to proceed. She decided  to go over and sit next to her friend. She could see Lea’s hand shaking, though she was certainly trying to hide it.

“Hey,” Andrea said as she reached over and held Lea’s hand. “Don’t worry so much. You seem to know what you’re doing just fine today.”

Lea cleared her throat and closed her eyes as she tried to push the doubt from her mind.

“I mean, if I didn’t trust you do you think I’d have put these on?” Andrea asked as she raised up her hands and shook her cuffs to make a noise.

Andrea flashed her friend a smile, one she soon began to return. Lea took hold of Andrea’s cuffs by the chain. She paused staring at the cuffs not quite like she was studying them but more running through what to do with them next. “Well, it’s starting to get dark.” Lea eventually said looking back up at Andrea but not taking her hands off the cuffs. “I still haven’t filled the hot tub so that wouldn't be ready or heated this weekend, assuming the winter didn’t crack anything to begin with. There’s no seats but the projector in the other room is hooked up to satellite, we could watch some of that. Or.. we could always...” Lea shook the chain rather than audibly finish the question.

“Well what did you have in mind?”

“Oh,” Lea said letting go of the chain. “I was kind of only half serious. How are you not burnt out yet?”

Andrea pulled her hands back and blushed slightly. “Well I don’t know. I think all the... all the teasing you put me through might have something to do with it. But also when I’m out here it’s different than just in your basement. It just is, maybe cause this place doesn’t have a history going back to when we were little kids like your parent’s house does. But I can drift off into much heavier fantasy out here than back there. God, I didn’t used to be like this, I blame you. You made me like this!” Andrea mocked as she raised her cuffed hands up to point at Lea right in her face.

“Oh yeah?” Lea replied, continuing the sarcastic mocking tone Andrea adopted. “And what exactly have I made you?”

“Well I didn’t used to think about being chained up somewhere, that’s all you hon. Like when I was blindfolded, gagged and just left to dangle that was amazing. For all I knew you had driven off to leave me, or you were there watching the whole time, I didn’t know which and there was nothing I could do to make a choice even if I did. No I was kept there as a bound up ball of arousal and there wasn’t anything I could do to change that. And I wasn’t just helpless, I was left there to myself. There’s something majorly thrilling about all of it. I could never have guessed, and if you had told me I’d think this way a few months ago I’d have called you a dirty liar.”

Lea chuckled slightly, “how dirty exactly?”

“Oh shut up, you know what I mean.” Andrea said playfully indigent.

“Pretty sure I do.” Lea said nodding her head

“Yeah, there’s just something about not being able to control anything. And the blindfold let my mind go to all kinds of crazy places, all kinds of scenarios.”

“So is it the blindness or the scenarios that was making it so hot?” Lea asked inquisitively.

Andrea had to think about this for a second. At one point she even closed her eyes, presumably taking the question very seriously. “Maybe 80/20 scenario?” She eventually said without a lot of confidence in her voice and still with her eyes closed. “Yeah, that’s about right,” she said with a bit more confidence as she opened her eyes. “It’s probably mostly about my mind taking me through different stories, pretending I’m somewhere else doing something else. Pretending I can’t just ‘halt’ the whole thing. And when I was blindfolded I kind of had to make up my own world since I couldn’t see the one I was in.” Andrea paused for a moment before continuing. “Did I just start some gears turning? You look kind of deep in thought all of a sudden.”

Lea smirked, “You maybe did. So tell me, would you want to know the, I guess you were calling it ‘story’ before you started or is discovering it as you go part of the fun?”

“Well I don’t know, it’s not like I’ve got a lot of experience either way. I mean I’d maybe want to know the set up, but it’s not like I’d want a script laying out the whole thing or something. It would kind of kill it if I knew it too well I think. I don’t quite want to see what’s coming, and I don’t want to have a choice once it gets going.”

“So is it fair to guess you’d want me to get something like that going tonight, or are you too exhausted to start something new?”

Andrea smiled and sat up a little taller. “Not at all... Mistress.”

“Well, it might be dark but it’s still kinda early, there’ll be plenty of time for something more.” Lea said as she stood up took their plates back to the kitchen. Andrea got up to use the bathroom and in the short time she was away, Lea’s mind was already racing for what the next step should be. When Andrea was done she took her turn in the bathroom and before she was even done she started to form an idea and a wicked smile to join it.


“So when you put on that collar, do you remember some of the things it could do?” Lea asked as she came back from the bathroom and once again pulled out her phone.

The color drained from Andrea’s face as a sudden and sinking realization gripped her. She had only thought as far as the look and feel, forgetting entirely about its ability to deliver painful shocks.

“Oh, so I guess you do.” Lea continued after allowing time for the news to sink in with Andrea. “Oh and see this?” Lea asked as she dangled the allan key she had retrieved from the bathroom before quickly putting it in her pocket. “Looks like you aren’t going to be able to take it off either. You said you didn’t want a choice right? Looks like you’ve already doomed yourself to that. I mean unless you like getting zapped...” Andrea’s thumb hovered over her phone’s screen as she spoke.

Andrea dropped to the floor on her knees “I’ll be good Mistress,” she said with pleading eyes.

Lea glided past her kneeling friend and gestured with a finger to follow. “Back in older times,” Lea began without turning back to look at Andrea. “important people would have their servants test things out for them. Well I haven’t actually slept here yet, and how would I know if I could if I don’t have someone test it out first?” She opened the door to her room and walked in as she continued monologuing.

Unlike the very utilitarian, almost industrial steel frame bed in Andrea’s room, Lea’s bed was immaculate. It was an absolutely massive king size four poster bed with solid carved wood, occasional metal joints, metal bars along the skirt, metal decorative elements and slightly concealed hinged metal rings all along the sides. It was absolutely stunning, Andrea couldn’t help but stand and gawk.

“Well don’t just stand there,” Lea said as she grabbed the front hook of Andrea’s collar and led her to the right side of the bed. She walked her back to where her legs were against the side of the bed and with a strong shove, pushed Andrea onto the bed. “Do not move.” Lea said as she quickly darted out of the room.

When she returned she had her hands full. She first attached chains to each of Andrea’s metal ankle cuffs. Centering her along the right half of the bed, Lea worked speedily to lock each leg chain to a hoop, one at the outer corner of the bed and one dead centre. It left her legs spread slightly but not much. Still remaining silent, Lea unlocked the short chain between Andrea’s wrist cuffs, replacing it quickly with two longer chains on either wrist. She grabbed Andrea by the belly and pulled her up as far as her legs would let her. Finally she pulled Andrea's arms spread as far as they would go and locked them to rings at the center and edge of the bed, matching her legs.

Lea got up onto the bed and straddled Andrea’s stomach, still bare from when Lea had grabbed it to pull her legs tight. “So, you like not being able to go anywhere? Well I don’t think you’re going to be going anywhere for a long time. Oh but you probably knew that already. There’s no way for you to get out is there?”

Andrea pulled on her extremities but there was no give. She tried bucking around but with Lea sitting on top of her she was pinned just about everywhere else as well. “No Mistress, I can’t get out.”

“That’s what I like to hear, and speaking of hear…” Lea said before reaching behind her to the pile of stuff she had collected and dumped. She pulled out two foam earplugs which she began to start twisting and compressing before inserting them one at a time into Andrea’s ears. As they grew inside her ears they felt strange but not painful, and much more effective than she would have thought. It took Lea bending over and speaking directly into her ear to understand that Lea was asking “are they hurting?” Andrea shook her head that they weren't.

Lea pulled out a leather blindfold next, seemingly the same one Andrea had worn earlier. Andrea wasn’t going to resist, she even lifted her head to help Lea buckle the strap behind her head. What she hadn’t of counted on was how much more disorienting the blindfold was with her ears so blocked up. Earlier she could listen to try to hear what was happening, and even while she usually couldn’t tell what was happening there was a bit of a mental comfort that was now gone. Andrea began to panic but what could she do? She shook her head but the blindfold wasn’t coming off. She tried rubbing the side of her head against the bed to try and inch the strap away, and that at least was yielding some results.

Before she could move enough to see however she felt both of her nipples explode in pain as Lea slapped each breast hard through the thin shirt that offered so little protection. Lea leaned in so that Andrea could hear her scold “that’s a very bad slave” before she got off of Andrea altogether. Andrea now had no way of telling where Lea went, but despite the earlier pain she returned to trying to remove the blindfold by rubbing the side of her face against the bed.

Lea returned and sat at the side of the bed, intentionally alerting Andrea to her presence. She instantly stopped what she was doing but she had already been able to move it just a bit giving her a small crack of light. The victory was short lived as Lea returned the blindfold to its place in less than a second. Then Andrea felt more straps being placed over her face. A web of leather, which Lea began fastening behind her head at the back of the neck and high up at forehead level. Straps ran under her chin, over her cheeks, over the top of her head, circled completely around her forehead, very similar to the layout of a harness gag Andrea thought. She kept expecting she would have to open her mouth to accept a gag but one never came, and as straps kept getting tightened the likelihood one was hiding kept dropping. Lea gave it a few test tugs before slapping the side of Andrea’s cheek and leaning in to say “lets see you squirm out of this now.”

Andrea did try and instantly noticed that because it was covered by the head harness there was absolutely no way the blindfold was moving any more. There was something about knowing for sure that her efforts were futile that allowed the earlier panic to be replaced with excitement. She stretched out and pulled on each of her bindings, now allowing herself the chance to get more immersed in her situation.

Lea lifted up Andrea’s head and slid a small pillow underneath. It helped Andrea begin to relax into her position, but she was soon startled when she felt headphones go over her ears. She couldn’t help but vocalize “aren’t the plugs enough?” But when white noise began playing it became almost impossible to even hear her own breathing. Her ears had found a whole new level of uselessness and so her question seemed to answer itself.

Andrea could feel Lea get off the side of the bed, but could not see or hear it. She became totally lost, unable to measure time, barely able to move, and with her primary senses totally isolated from the world. Minutes later, but with no idea how many minutes, Andrea felt her NESIC spring back to life at a high setting. She pulled her legs in but they wouldn’t retract. She grabbed her chains with her hands and pulled but to no more effect than her legs. She tried stretching her arms out to reach the locks, she wasn’t sure what she would do to them without a key, but she couldn’t do that either. No she was utterly helpless and the quickly growing arousal wasn’t just the result of the chip as Andrea gave up testing her bonds knowing they couldn’t move.

Lea sat across the room in a padded chair, one of the very few other pieces of furniture in the room, staring at Andrea. Watching as she writhed around in pure bliss unable to do anything but the smallest moves. As time passed, Andrea’s moves began to take on  a more desperate tone, the kind of looks and movements of someone who’s now badly wanting to cum. The situation she was in plus the chip had clearly already taken her to the edge but as they both deliciously knew it would not be enough to carry her over the edge unless Lea decided to let it to do so. Without outside stimulus or pushing the right button on her phone relief could never come.

Lea turned to her phone and decided it looked like so much fun she would join her friend in anguish by turning her own chip to max. It had been a while and the feeling took her rather by surprise. It wasn’t long before she was flushed and breathing heavy, just like Andrea. Lea turned both her and Andrea’s chips down to a medium, enough to keep the pink haze of over-arousal, but not enough that they are both a few good touches away from orgasm. She dashed over to grab a few things before stripping naked and laying down on the other side of the bed.

Andrea nearly jumped when she felt the bed ever so slightly rock, while at least figuratively jumped since she was still very much trapped. She listened but heard nothing, darted her head around but saw nothing, and when she felt something metal she didn’t know was coming appear from nowhere to start gliding down her right arm, she let out an unrestricted moan, both of pleasure and pure beautiful frustration.

It glided down her arm and across her shoulders, tripping over and slightly tugging each of the shirt’s straps as it went. It disappeared from touch, the only sense Andrea was getting her information from, only to reappear at her midriff above her belly button. The metal end began gliding up the centre of Andrea’s chest under her shirt and as it did she could feel the grip of her shirt loosen at the sides. She only recognized it as a pair of scissors cutting away her shirt when it was inches from done. The realization sent another wave of “must escape” panic through her, but a few tugs on her chains and it all got translated over to “I’m so utterly helpless” excitement. She felt her shirt fall to either side of her, exposing her upper body to the air.

She felt Lea straddle her belly, but seemed to be facing towards her feet. She felt the cool tip of metal reappear at the side of her left hip but this time she knew exactly what it was. She tried kicking, but Lea had clearly anticipated this, by straddling her middle it left almost no joint with enough room to move in at meaningful degree. No, she felt her pants being cut away and there was nothing she could physically do about it. First the left leg then the right. When Lea was done she got off and removed the torn shirt and pants leaving Andrea’s spread eagle position a lot more exposing. She thought about saying something since she was still ungagged, but what really would she say?

Lea rolled over to Andrea’s side, forming a kind of awkward big spoon. Her legs wrapped around Andrea’s left leg while her left hand supported her head’s weight and her right was free to explore Andrea’s exposed body. And without a gag every moan was heard clearly no matter how soft. The moans combined with her chip plugging away as well it served to make Lea incredibly aroused. It started making Lea more aggressive.

She pulled herself closer in, making more direct contact up and down her body including now resting her pussy against Andrea’s leg. She took one of Andrea’s tits in her mouth and began to play and tease. Her hand moved down making direct contact with Andrea’s own pussy. She grinded against Andrea’s leg as she pulled herself higher to get up to Andrea’s head level, and for the first time Lea let out her own moan of pleasure. Of course Andrea couldn’t hear it.

When Lea’s hands found the clit, Andrea arched her back and dropped her jaw in a gasp of pure relief. Before it closed, Lea moved in to lock lips once again.

As they kissed, Lea began replaced her hand by bending her right leg up to make contact with Andrea’s pussy. She began to sway her hips, rubbing her pussy against Andrea’s side sending waves of excitement through her. But somewhat to Lea’s surprise Andrea began to match her, grinding her hips rhythmically against Lea’s right leg. Lea used both hands to pull herself in tighter as she picked up the pace and felt herself approaching an orgasm.

Lea began panting more heavily and had to move her head to the side to get as much air as her body was telling her she needed. She knew she was getting close but could hear that Andrea was as well. Moment’s before she came she grabbed one of Andrea’s nipples and twisted hard to make sure her friend didn’t finish before her. The orgasm came crashing through her as she heard her friend cry out in pain. Lea was now slightly spent, but Andrea kept rubbing. Between the awkward positioning and the building sweat Lea collapsed to the side rather than where she lay. This had the added benefit of removing Andrea’s ability to make herself cum, which Lea just saw as a bit of a cherry on top.

Andrea felt the familiar frustration of being denied, but this time at Lea hadn’t turned off the chip. It made the denial much more everpresent and all consuming. She couldn’t just switch her mind to other thoughts because all other topics would quickly become corrupted and sexual. She had hoped Lea had a plan of returning after a brief recovery, but soon Andrea felt the bed rock slightly as Lea got up. She pouted but like everything else she tried to think about eventually her arousal wouldn’t let her dwell on something as unsexy as pouting.


When Lea returned hours later it had felt like days to Andrea. The sudden touch of taking off the headphones was enough to nearly give her a heart attack. She completely lost her composure and yelled out “where the hell have you been?”

Lea tisked a few times, but she realized that might still be too quiet for Andrea to hear. “Now is that the tone you really want to be taking with the only person with a key, let alone the only person who even knows you’re out here?”

A shiver ran mentally and physically down Andrea’s spine. She was at least 90% sure Lea was joking, but that 10% was just having a field day with that vailed threat. “I’m sorry Mistress. You just surprised me is all.”

“And I bet my little, what was the phase you used, ‘bound ball of arousal?’ Well I trust this wasn’t too much of that.”

“Oh Mistress, please make me cum. It’s been so long like this, I’m losing my mind!”

“Aww, has it made my slave exhausted?” Lea asked as she sat down at the edge of the bed and stroked Andrea’s harness covered cheek.

“Yes, please. I’ve lost all track of time, I’m absolutely spent. This constant arousal has been exhausting.”

“Good,” Lea said as she turned off Andrea’s chip. “Then I guess you shouldn’t have any trouble getting to sleep.”

“But Le... I mean Mistress, are you going to keep me this way all night?”

“Well why else would I have given you that pillow?” Lea said as she started pulling the blanket cover out from under Andrea. “The cuffs don’t let you move, but they aren’t tight are they?”

“N… No they aren’t I guess.”

“And you used the bathroom just before we started, do you need to again?”

Andrea thought about lying so that Lea would let her out but figured she might get something worse if she lied, “No, not right now.”

“Well I’m going to be right here next to you,” Lea said as she spread the blanket over top of Andrea and the bed. “And there’s a reason I’m not gagging you, if you really need to get out you can. In fact the very next time you ask about being let out I’m telling you now ahead of time the answer is yes, I’ll just let you out the moment you ask. But I’m going to warn you, I’m not undoing those chains until I put that chastity belt back on so think long and hard before you ask to be released again.”

Andrea was dumbstruck, the thought of sleeping like this was hard to imagine but the thought that she would go back to not being able to touch herself seemed even worse. She had just gotten the damn thing off and now Lea’s going to put it back on before Andrea had almost any chance to touch herself with her own hands? No she wasn’t going to ask, as impossible as it sounded she was going to try to sleep like this and just hope Lea changes her mind in the morning.

“Sleep tight slave,” Lea said as she kissed Andrea on the forehead before turning over to her half of the bed and drifting off to sleep. Sleep came harder for Andrea but not by as much as she thought.


There was just a very brief moment as Andrea awoke where she thought the last day had simply been a dream. But as she opened her eyes to see nothing, and she tried to move an arm down that wouldn’t move, it all came flooding back rather quickly. She had no idea if it was the middle of the night, the early morning or late in the afternoon. The earplugs were still in making it hard to hear anything but it felt like Lea was still in the bed next to her.

After half an hour of not getting back to sleep and near total isolation, Andrea made the risky decision to start shaking around. She was hoping it would wake Lea and she could talk with her about that ultimatum from the night before. She could hear very faintly the sound of chain rattling, and soon felt stirring beside her. Andrea only realized how toasty warm she was after feeling Lea wrap a cold arm around her torso. “You know it’s not the smartest of moves for a captive to wake the only person with the key,” Lea mumbled in a very phlegmy just-woke-up kind of voice.

“Sorry if it’s too early, I have no way of knowing the time. I’ve just been sitting here a while already so if it is early  then I guess it will just be an early day.” Andrea said.

“Let’s see it’s…” Lea started before turning the other way to check her phone. “It’s just before 10, you lucked out, it could have been 4 in the morning for all you knew.”

Andrea could feel Lea curl up against her, her body was warm but her arms were still somewhat cold. Still, it felt nice. She could feel Lea’s breath against her cheek well her arms simply encircled her just below the breasts.

“Mmm, my little toy” Lea said as she began rubbing one hand up and down the side of her torso. “So much better than a stuffed bear, I have a spread you. And like any toy you stay exactly where I left you don’t you?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Except when I do this to a stuffed bear,” Lea said as her wandering hand suddenly skipped a few steps and jumped right to Andrea’s pussy. Andrea groaned and leaned in as little as she could. “Well it doesn’t moan nearly as nicely as you do.” She said laughing slightly at her own joke before removing her hand and kissing Andrea on the cheek she was laying near.

“About last night,” Andrea said after waiting to make sure Lea had finished. “Are you really going to put that belt back on?”

“Well yeah. That’s why I said it. And I like to think I’m a girl of my word.”

“Is there anything I can do to change your mind?” Andrea asked in a very pleading tone. “Please I’ll do whatever you want just let me cum. After last night I really need to.”

Lea looked intrigued, though how she looked didn’t register with Andrea. “Well,” Lea started as she reached her hand back between Andrea’s legs. “If you’re offering a straight trade I might be willing to take you up on it. But I’m only going to give you a few minutes so you better think of something enticing fast or deals are done.”

“I’ll… I’ll help you fix this place up.”


“I’ll fix it up all myself! You don’t have to do anything!”

“Maybe, but if you’re wanting to trade for an orgasm you’re going to need to do better than that.” Lea said as she began slowly rubbing Andrea’s clit.

“I’ll make you cum, how ‘bout that?” Andrea said as she could already feel her logical mind losing ground to her hornier thoughts.

“That doesn’t feel like I’m getting that big of an advantage.”

“Fine, not one for one then! I’ll make you cum multiple times for every one orgasm you give me. You can’t tell me that doesn’t benefit you more than me.”

“And that’s a final offer?” Lea said as she began to let her fingers drift up and down Andrea’s slit.

“Yes! Please! Final!” Andrea grunted out as last night’s workup began to reassert its power.

“Deal,” Lea said as she pulled her fingers away. “But I’m not paying you in advance, you gave me one last night and I’ll even be generous and let that one count.”

Andrea felt the bed shift as Lea maneuvered herself around. She felt her friend’s legs tucking themselves under her arms followed soon after by an unmistakable smell. Lea turned up both of their chips before setting the phone aside. Lea ran her fingers through the hair not pinned down by the head harness before grabbing a handful of it in each hand. “Remember slave, you only get to cum if I do.” With that Andrea felt her head pulled up where it made contact with Lea’s wet and waiting pussy.

Andrea wasn’t really sure what to do, so she tried to remember any videos she might have seen and just do that. She ran her tongue up and down Lea’s slit until finding the clit. Lea pulled her in tighter as she let out a moan of pure pleasure. Andrea began focusing all her attention on that one spot, flicking it, sucking it, and tracing circles around it with her tongue. Lea’s moans became longer, louder, even Andrea could clearly hear them despite the earplugs and the varying pressure of Lea’s thighs against her ears.

Lea let go of her head and leaned forward to grab hold of the bed frame as she neared the end. Andrea now had to work extra hard to keep her head up on its own. Lea began shaking as her orgasm built up and finally crashed causing her to tense every muscle in her body, pinning Andrea’s head unable to pull away even for breath. It took seconds for the muscle contractions to stop and normal control to begin. She collapsed over to her side, still with one leg over Andrea’s neck.

Once she calmed down she scrambled frantically for her phone like a fish for water. She reached and turned her own chip off and returned to laying there a while longer. Andrea didn’t want to rush Lea but she tried in her own subtle way to get her attention like rocking back and forth which Lea could feel from her leg.

“Don’t.. don’t worry. I didn’t forget about you. I’m a girl of my word”. She grabbed the phone and turned Andrea’s chip up to maximum. It caused Andrea to squirm and struggle, the body trying to get away to do something about what it was feeling down below. Lea watched as she moved her leg but continued to catch her breath. After it looked to almost be getting painful, Lea pushed the climax button and the result was absolutely instant. Andrea’s hands balled up into fists and she began mumbling unintelligible things and jerking every which way the chains would let her.

After Andrea quieted down and stopped shaking, Lea turned the chip off which elicited a less than fully cognisant “thank you.” Andrea could feel Lea get up followed by the fresh air hitting her newly formed sweat as the covers were removed. Other than that Andrea was in a blissful calm and paid little attention to anything.

Andrea could tell Lea had returned as she felt a few somethings drop onto the bed beside her. Lea bent down and kissed her on the lips, something Andrea returned without thinking. It was short however and Andrea soon felt a rubber bar placed in her mouth. She heard a slight click and possibly a second, and when she tried to push the invader out of her mouth she found that to be impossible.

Lea lifted her friend in the middle to be able to slip the metal waist belt under her and begin screwing it into place. “I need somewhere to put your hands after I untie them” Lea said, anticipating Andrea was about to attempt a gag mumbled question. The answer seemed to suffice and she let it go.

Andrea felt herself being lifted again and felt a small slick plug being lined up with her ass. It took a second for it to sink in  but then Andrea began to shake frantically, though not frantically enough to stop the near frictionless plug from sliding into place. She couldn’t hear the faint clicks but she knew once that plug was in that the battle was lost and she stopped struggling.

Lea moved up to remove the temporary gag from the head harness and then proceeded to remove the ear plugs. “Why did you have to do that?” Andrea asked once she was able

“I told you I’m a girl of my word, I said you weren't going to be untied from this bed until you had that thing back on.”

“But what about the deal we made?”

“Oh that was a separate question, I said I’d let you cum I never said I would go back on the belt. If you thought that the new deal canceled the old deal you should have asked rather than just assume.” Lea continued slowly and logically as she unfastened the head harness.

“Now this is going to be a bit disorienting” Lea said as she reached behind to loosen the blindfold. The light was almost overwhelming when Andrea made the mistake of trying to open both eyes all at once. She started looking at the darkest spot she could make out and slowly worked her way up from a squint.

Lea reached up and freed Andrea’s wrists from their chains, not bothering to do anything with the chains themselves. “Now of course that only has to be how it is if you want to keep going. If you want to quit I’m not going to force you into anything.”

Andrea sat up and considered. She tapped the outside of the metal barrier that was now a part of her again. “I guess I’m not saying that. I want to keep going, and I can’t wait to see what kind of stuff you come up with if we get Sophia and Megan out here. I mean don’t tell me cause I kind of had a whole lot more fun cause I didn’t see any of this coming...” Andrea trailed off as she looked down thinking this wasn’t something she saw coming either. “It’s just… It just kind of seems not fair.”

Lea unfastened Andrea’s last two legs, sat beside her friend and smiled. “Hon, things aren’t supposed to be fair for a slave.”

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