The Stories of Bound Friends 2.1: Andrea and the FetFair

by JessBaby

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© Copyright 2014 - JessBaby - Used by permission

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story continued from part two

Part 2.1: Andrea and the FetFair

After what seemed like an endless maze of poorly lit hallways, 1461 finally saw signs of life. There were some very bright lights coming in from around the corner, partly illuminating maybe four women dressed as she was separated by several feet. From what little light she had, she could see their neck chains were attached to a small runners on a railing above. Her own handler attached her chain to a similar device several feet behind the last girl.

“This device will pull you on stage when it’s your turn,” he explained as he gave a final tap on the small hook. “Once it’s over follow it off stage and you will be handed off from there. Remember you’re not a guest any more, you’re being paid to help guests act out a fantasy. Try to look like you’re enjoying it, they like that.” With that he reached down to her collar and turned on her NESIC but only to a low setting. “This should help with the motivation,” he said as he disappeared from sight.

1461 was now alone and beginning to feel scared. She had no use whatsoever of her arms, her legs were only slightly better, she was gagged with a dildo, and she was chained to a motorized railing. She felt more helpless than she had ever been. She was slowly pulled forward as she watched the girl at the very front of the line be led around a corner to the lights and muffled sounds of an auctioneer introducing her.

Eventually she calmed. Perhaps it was the jolts of passion coming off of her chip. Maybe the panic was always going to be temporary. Maybe she simply got herself into the right headspace, if she wanted the money she was not going to be in control. She would simply do the best she could to do as she was told and maybe she might even end up enjoying parts of it.

She heard movement behind her and turned to see Sophia appear. She was dressed identically down to the double remotes and numbered tag around her neck. When her helper left he also turned her chip on, up to level 2. 1461 could only assume hers was set to the same. They tried walking up to each other, but their leash lines stopped them about a foot short. It was close enough to read the number on Sophia’s collar, 4209.

1461 wished she could say a word or two to 4209 before she went on stage, but with them both gagged that was only a dream. She wasn’t sure she actually had anything to say anyway. She quickly left her friend behind as she struggled to keep up with the once again advancing leash, she had eliminated all her slack and had no room of error with such small steps.

All the while that damn chip was making it harder to think clearly. It was giving everything a warm glow and was building up a charge, one she desperately wished she could address. By the time the other woman had gotten their call, 1461 was almost breathing heavy with anticipation. The public debasement that’s coming had already sounded like it might be hot, but with the slow percolation between her legs, it was beginning to sound amazing.

As she was yanked into the light, her eyes took time to adjust. She was on a stage, with several dozen rows of half filled seats in front of it. She heard words coming from the auctioneers mouth and out the speakers, but she was so distracted she failed to make them register. She instead focused on what she had been told, make herself look seductive. She tried her best pleading eyes, leaning from one side to the other, bending over slightly before remembering she was held up by a leash and doesn’t have dangling breasts any more. She watched as people raised their numbered placards, she tried to give them extra attention before deciding that perhaps a spin was called for.

“...And sold! Sold to bidder 71.” 1461 heard after the bang of a mallet brought her attention back. She turned to follow the line as it pulled her off stage while pulling 4209 behind her on stage. A rather large man was waiting, he unclipped her leash and began leading her away. After a maze of hallways she reached room 142 and using a keycard the tall man opened the door and led her inside.

It looked like mostly like a normal hotel bedroom, but there certainly were differences. There was a bed along the far wall with large bedside tables on either side, there were drawers by the near wall complete with TV, a few chairs scattered throughout,  to the left was ample carpeted floor space and to the right was the doorway to a bathroom. But then there were the details that made all the difference. The bed was on a solid four post metal frame, the bedside tables sat atop metal cages, and against one wall stood a woman dressed in the metal outfit she now wore, chained to the wall. She had flame red hair, her skin was pale, she was short and her leash was dangling in front of her. She was still attached to the wall by another chain, presumably attaching to the back of her collar. 1461 was led over to this woman’s left and the wall-anchored chain was clipped on to one of her collar’s back d-rings before he let go of her leash. His job now apparently done he left the room promptly leaving 1461 alone with this stranger and without turning off her chip.

The woman was objectively stunning. Her skin was like porcelain and flawless, she was slender and her green eyes were piercing. Her tag read 9587 and hanging beside it was her own NESIC controller, also set to 2. She had a pleading look in her eye, one that 1461 was beginning to understand. She had clearly been here longer and with that chip going for so long it builds a need for release. The fact that she was hopelessly restrained was only amplifying the pace that feeling was building in 1461, she imagined that since 9587 volunteered she must be similarly minded. 9587 must be highly aroused and had been left here alone for some time before 1461 arrived.

But like the hallway, their chains did not give the the slack they needed to touch. Of course with all their most sensitive parts covered there would have been little either of them could have done but the fact that they couldn’t even try was frustrating all by itself. Hanging her head in defeat, 9587 turned away and returned to watching the door as she had been doing for some time.

1461 instead began to search the room and found a clock she could barely see against the wall. It was only 12:20, she would not be free for 39 hours and change. She cursed herself for doing the math. She tried hard to not look back at the clock, instead focus only on the door like her companion was. After what felt like hours she broke and looked at the clock again but saw that it had only been 17 minutes. At this point she wished the clock wasn’t there to torment her almost as much as she wished her damn chip could be turned off.


The door finally opened a little before 1 o’clock, through it walked a man and woman, arms locked together. He was wearing a slim black button-up shirt with grey pants and black shoes. He was average height, slender build and had a full head of short, styled hair. She was blond, with a trim figure accentuated by her cocktail dress and black heels.

“How’d I do honey?” the man asked his companion.

“Very good. This should be good, and they’re both chipped?” She replied,  letting go of his arm and walking towards the two chained girls.

“Yes they are, and this is brunette one over there’s 18 and it’s her first time at the auction,” he said, walking up and pointing at 1461.

“What are we going to do with two of them?” She asked as she turned back to her man. “Last time one was more than enough. I know it’s been a good year, but do we really need both?”

“Need? This weekend isn’t about need, it’s about want! And we can do whatever we want to do with them, that’s the point. If we only want to play with one at a time we can always lock the other one away till we think of something to do with the other. Say the word honey and one of them will just sit in a cage all weekend if that’s what would make you happy.” He said in a voice that was a mix of playfully sarcastic and genuinely loving.

“Well you slaves need names don’t you?” she asked rhetorically, neither girl responded. “How about I name you over there Red Slave, and you over there New Slave since it’s your first time.”

“Do you like my wife’s idea slaves?” He asked as He began unclipping the remotes from each girl. Both slaves nodded. “Good then lets go over the rules. First, I am your Master, she is your Mistress. If you refer to us by any other name you will be punished. Second, you are our property for the weekend, you exist to serve us and we can do with you what we like. Third, you will be treated as you behave. If you are good slaves you will be rewarded, if you are bad you will be punished. Am I clear?”

New Slave attempted the best “yes Master” she could, but with all the gargled sounds she gave up and simply nodded her head. This was becoming very real and maybe it was the nearly hour of teasing torment, but she felt a rush of excitement.

“Of course we might just punish you anyways if we want to watch you squirm,” Mistress said as She held Red Slave’s chin in Her hand. She moved her other hand behind to reach for the chain keeping Red Slave at the wall. “Honey,” She said in a quiet tone to her side, “it’s not unlocking.”

“You need the remote, remember? Hold down the unlock button and then push the release on the chain connector itself. Otherwise anyone could just walk by and free them and we wouldn’t want that now would we?” He said, handing his wife a pair of remotes while looking right into New Slave’s eyes.

She took the remotes and unchained Red Slave from the wall. She threw Red Slave onto the bed face-first. New Slave watched as She held a button on the other remote before pressing a latch at the top of Red Slave’s belt, releasing that hand before doing the same to her other hand. She then reached for the drawers at the side of the bed. In the second drawer, and from an angle neither slave could see, were rows of chains and connectors. She pulled out a connecter and placed one end over a d-ring on the palm side of each wrist, binding Red Slave’s wrists just an inch or so apart. Holding the release button on the remote She then removed the chain connecting Red’s elbows and after testing her flexibility replaced it with a very short connector identical to the one on her wrists that held her elbows just an inch apart.

Her husband watched for a moment before unchaining New Slave from the wall. While still standing, He detached her wrists but left her elbows bound. He let go of her leash before sitting in a chair. “New Slave, my shoes, take them off and set them in the corner” He said as He simply sat back and waited. Without her ankle or thigh chains removed she found it hard to kneel down. But once she was there she began to untie and remove first one shoe and then the other. After trying and failing several times to stand up, she simply and slowly crawled on her knees, shoes in hand, to the corner before returning the same way.

Her thigh cuffs had only inches of room and with her elbows still bound her hands could not help her as she scooted along her knees back to His chair. She looked over to the bed and saw that Mistress was undressing as Red Slave had been bound even tighter, with a chain now connecting her feet to her elbows in a strict hogtie. As she turned back to look at where she was going she could see His semi-hard cock sitting halfway up, now unencumbered by pants. His naked legs were spread wide and she scooted herself between them as close to the chair as she felt she could get.

“Well slaves,” He said as He reached for a remote. “We are going to have a bit of a race.”

“The first one to bring their owner to orgasm wins, but more importantly the loser will be punished,” Mistress said finishing Her husband's explanation “Ready dear?” She asked as she slumped down on the bed with Red Slave’s head near Her exposed pussy.

“Almost,” he said as he pulled New Slave forward by the back of the neck. Holding the release button He pulled on her gag removing the large dildo, and a line of drool with it, leaving only a ring gag holding New Slave’s mouth very open and exposed. He leaned forward and grabbed her hands, maneuvering a clasp into place on either side of her wrists locking them firmly an inch and a bit apart. He sat back and reached for her NESIC remote. “Should we set them to 5?” He asked his wife, turning up the chip’s intensity knowing the question was mostly a rhetorical one. New Slave shivered as she already felt on edge from the long slow burn she had been experiencing. She felt she was getting far beyond where she would normally cum but her body just wouldn’t do it.

“Sounds good to me, and 3, 2, 1, go,” She said as She slammed Red Slave’s head between her legs.

He matched his wife, taking New Slave by the back of the head and forcing her open mouth over his mostly erect cock. She tried to keep up the pace but the electrical sparks shooting through her body kept shaking her our of routine. He ended up holding her head continuously as she bobbed trying as best she could to slurp and use her tongue. She had never been great at blowjobs, she had only tried it twice, and certainly never with her mouth held open. As his penis grew firm she found herself gagging more and more, spending almost as much energy fighting against his push as she was on the task of satisfying his cock.

Eventually he applied his other hand and then there was just nothing for her to do but try to relax her throat. She was starting to fight past the feeling of gagging and getting down her throat. She had never managed to do that before and wasn't sure what to make of the feeling. It certainly was making her gasps for air more desperate, but she wasn’t feeling endangered in any way. She certainly liked that she really had no choice in the matter, He never asked and she had no way of stopping Him.

She couldn’t see it, but New Slave could certainly hear louder and louder moans coming from the bed behind her. After a particularly loud one they stopped all together. She didn’t have a good feeling about this. He removed His hands and actually pushed New Slave off his cock completely.

“Well New Slave, you sure have a lot to learn about sucking cock. You’re going to be punished for this,” He said as he got up and walked over to the bed with her remotes in hand. “Red Slave, your reward is you get to finish what she should have,” He said as his wife helped slide their slave’s hogtied form over to her husbands waiting erect cock. “New Slave, your punishment starts with watching how you should have worked, and you're going to enjoy it.”

As New Slave slowly began to turn herself around to face the bed she convulsed as she felt the chip turned up even higher. By the time she was facing the bed she was fully out of breath with her eyes closed tightly as she tried to endure the torment coming from so much overwhelming but unfulfilled desire. Suddenly she went wide eyed with pain as she felt electric shocks sting both nipples.

“Keep your eyes on me slave,” He said as Red Slave began to work on his cock. Even from a distance New Slave could see the difference. Red wasn’t being guided, but she was working quickly, loudly and deeply, taking almost the whole shaft every time. She was slurping and moaning but both together was enough to drown out the sounds coming from Him. New Slave fought to keep her eyes open as waves of desire were telling her brain how badly she needed to cum. She even wished she were in Red’s place, taking His cock would at least be something and her overwhelming drive was screaming for something, really anything.

“Here it comes slave, I better not see you lose a drop of it,” He said as He ever so slightly sat up. Just as He threw his head back and started moaning, His wife  who was laying beside him held down Red Slave’s head forcing his cock and its cum to the back of her throat. She did not let go as Red Slave’s face began to change color, yet Red Slave did not seem to be struggling. After a tap from Her husband, She let go and flipped Red Slave onto her side and allowed her to desperately gasp for air.


New Slave watched  as her Master and Mistress seemed to ignore the panting slave that lay between them and simply began to kiss. Watching the two only helped amplify the jolts shooting through her, screaming at her to go join them, or touch herself, or really anything. The fact that she could barely move and that her sensitive parts were locked away seemed to only amplify her desire. She couldn’t even stop herself from drooling, she was truly and deliciously helpless.

She started whimpering quietly, moaning to herself in desperation. Pulls on her arms did nothing, but with her elbows still somewhat spread she could at least move them around as a pair. But as she did she began to lose her balance and plunge to her side, stopping herself with from falling completely by landing on her forearm. She wasn’t able to get back up again, her thigh chain simply didn’t give her enough flexibility to get back up. So slowly, trying to not hurt herself she lowered herself until she was laying on her side and eventually her stomach. The metal globes pressed in and disappointingly neither her breasts nor crotch could even feel the carpet. It was maddening but what could she do but curl up and try to think cold shower thoughts.

Of course it wouldn’t matter if she were actually in a cold shower, the signals of arousal kept coming and wouldn’t stop. She tried repositioning in every way her outfit allowed, there was no way to relieve or even dull the pressure. Her quiet cries became more desperate as she started to tear up in overwhelming frustration. She could no longer see over the bed from her place on the floor, but as best as she could muster she kept an eye occasionally looking towards the bed in case her masters came for her.

Before anything else she saw from under the bed Mistress’s legs as she stood up. He came into view shortly after as he lowered a still hogtied Red Slave to the ground. He had replaced her dildo plug and attached a short chain from the top of her trainer gag to her elbows holding her head up strenuously. He looked over at a wide eyed New Slave and simply said “She lost a couple of drops, I told her not to.”

“But you, you terrible cocksucker,” Mistress said, “You really take the cake. You can’t even stay on your knees and watch like we tell you to? This is going to be some very bad punishments for you,” She finished as she knelt down to brush New Slave’s damp hair out of her face.

“That’s true, do you like the teasing? Do you wish I would just let you cum?” He asked as he moved his attention from the docile Red Slave to the pleading eyed New Slave. She shook her head mouthing as best as the ring gag would let her “Yhes Pleethhe Massihr.”

“Oh poor thing,” Mistress tisk tisked, “she hasn’t learned yet that slaves don’t get to have those unless they make their owners happy. Do we look like you’re making us happy?” New Slave stayed silent this time. “Let’s get her on her feet.”

The two helped New Slave to her feet and brought her over to the foot of the bed. They unchained her legs, but were quick to re apply other chains that kept her spread wide. Using a clip, they attached her leash to the frame of the bed, forcing her to hunch over at the railing. They tested her flexibility and replaced her elbow chain with only a slightly smaller chain. Finally she heard but could not see the sound of chain through a motor. It began to very slowly tug at her wrists, pulling them further and futher above her until the motor mercifully stopped.

Mistress sat in front of her captive on the bed, laughing lightly at the uncontrollable drool coming from her mouth. She undid her gag  and New Slave was finally free to close her mouth, something she did only temporarily before returning to breathing heavy deep breaths.

“Well slave, look at me and remember this well,” commanded Mistress as she held New Slave’s head up to meet her gaze. “This is what happens when slaves disappoint their owners.”

New Slave froze in fear as she felt something long and narrow move gently across her ass. She had read about caneing, but had never tried it and had no idea what to expect.

“So let’s see, you failed to suck a decent cock, that’s 10 strokes,” She said devilishly as she held up one finger as if to count. “Another 10 for falling over when you were told to watch. And if you want us to turn this down,” she said as she held up her NESIC remote which read 8. “That’s going to be 5 strokes for every level we turn down.”

“Do I have to decide how much I want it turned down now?” New Slave meekly asked.

“That’s another 10, did you forget how to address your owners?” Mistress said as She slapped her slave’s face.

“Mistress, sorry Mistress,” New Slave said trying to apologize.

“No slave, now where would be the fun in that? I want you to count each stroke and end it with ‘thank you master’ after each one. If you lose count we start again is that understood?”

“Yes Mistress.”

She looked over Her slave’s shoulder and nodded, giving the green light for the caneing to begin.

New Slave wasn’t ready for the pain of the first hit, it burned and stung leaving her blinded by white hot pain. It also made her forget to count. Another blow landed and another cry of pain went out without a number. It was not until the fourth hit she composed herself to say through forming tears “One, thank you Master.” He continued his onslaught not only on her ass but her upper thigh as well, he seemed to not want to hit the same spot twice. When she got to 30, tears were running down her face. she waited for the next hit but it never came.

“Now, if you want us to turn this down,” Mistress said once again holding the remote. “You need to beg us to keep caneing you. And if it’s not believable we will still cane you another five times, but those ones wouldn’t turn down you chip. And again, lose count and we start back at one is that clear slave?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“So start begging,” She said as she sat back a bit to take in a broader picture.

“Please Mistress, please cane me more,” she said trying to sound convincing. She counted out the next five strokes dutifully and then waited.

“That wasn’t good enough begging, I want to see better.”

“Please, Mistress, this slave wants to be caned! Please cane me Mistress.”

After the next five she counted out she watched and felt as her chip was turned down to seven. She continued begging for another 35 counts, only failing to beg properly one other time. Her ass, her thighs were on fire. She knew she almost had it off though, and as she opened her mouth to beg to be hit again she was instead rewarded with a slap across before she got more than half a word out. .

“Ohh poor baby slave, you didn’t think I would turn it off completely did you?” She asked followed by a theatrically fake laugh. “Now it’s time to get you two slaves ready for sleep.”

New Slave sighed in relief as her arms were released and once again as her leash was untethered from the bed. Her arms were even released from behind her back, giving her freedom of movement for the first time since she was hauled off to the auction. She was first allowed to the bathroom to urinate, something the belt allowed her to do without removal. She was allowed to rinse herself down there before a tug on her leash pulled her back to the main room.

Her legs were still weak and shaking, but Master pulled her by the leash to the floor making her to crawl rather than walk. She was led to the far side of the bed in front of a cage that double as a bedside nightstand. Using a passcode, the cage opened and she was led in. She was not be able to sit up, and the bars were too narrow to stick a hand or leg through, so it was going to be an uncomfortable night. It’s only redeeming quality is that it had a padded floor. Red Slave had been similarly freed from all chains and was led into a matching cage on the other side of the bed.

“Slave, I have set a wakeup for you tomorrow, it will wake you but not us. You are to follow the written instructions that will be shown on the roof of your cage. We aren’t leaving you gagged overnight, but if you make just one sound that disturbs us you will pay for it in the morning. Now sleep well my slaves, tomorrow is a long day.” With that He typed something else into the cage’s keypad, hung a tag on the outside door handle, put the remotes in a locked drawer, and joined his wife in bed before turning off the lights.

New Slave curled up as best she could, the dimensions made every position just a little awkward. Her rear still burned from the caning, making the search for a comfortable position even more difficult. She tried moving her hands to see if there was any way around the chastity belt preventing her from reaching a climax after so much teasing, but she decided to give up and count her blessings that her chips was on its lowest setting.

As she curled up, trying to get comfortable, she heard the two on the bed. It started with only  a few moans and the sound of kissing, but soon she heard the bed shaking and the wife moaning loudly as the two fucked each other just beyond her field of vision. When it sounded like the two had finished she returned to finding a comfortable position. It wasn’t easy to get to sleep, but she had a feeling she would need it for tomorrow.


New Slave’s night was filled with fitful sleep and some of the strangest dreams she could remember having. Thanks to her chip staying on she never had time to “cool off,” at least not fully. Every dream and wondering thought, given enough time, always circled her back to some deviant dream. The confinement of the cage certainly wasn’t helping anything, nor was the fact that she was used to sleeping with both a shirt, sweatpants, a blanket and a pillow, none of which she had. It thankfully wasn’t too cold, but that was about all she felt thankful for.

Her hazy rest and depraved dreams were cut very abruptly short as she felt a slight but unmistakable electric zap on her nipples, her throat and in her ass. The current continued to flow, but it was not nearly enough to make her cry in pain, though it was certainly enough to wake her. As it subsided half a minute later the roof of the cage lit up, simply saying “Retrieve Breakfast; Equipment Outside.” Another few seconds and the cage door unlocked, allowing her to simply open it and crawl out.

She looked over and saw Red Slave emerge and waited by the door for New Slave to catch up before holding the door open for both of them. In front of the door was a note with FetFair stationary at the top.

“Your owners have requested you bring them breakfast. Here you should find two trays with thin chains in two of the corners for both, as well as two double-sided d-ring connectors. Attach the correctly labeled tray to you by first slipping the curved side into the connector slots at the front of your belt and then second by attaching the chains to your collar. Then lock your wrists together behind you using the connector. Only then do you turn to your right and follow the signs to the kitchen to retrieve their breakfasts. Kneel in front of them and wait for them to wake up. Do not spill or you will likely be punished.”

Below were exactly what was described. Each tray had a small piece of paper on it, one with the numbers 1461 which New Slave knew to be hers. The tray had clearly been printed with this belt in mind as it fit like a perfect extension of the hardware and the chains were the perfect size for the tray to be held level.

Before putting the connector on, New Slave couldn’t help but look closer at it. She hadn’t seen one up close before, but saw it was almost comically simple. It was the same semi-reflective metal their clothing was made of, it was only as thick on either side as the slot in the middle, and had only a single small button in the middle of the device. She held out one wrist and slid it on, there was only a whispered click as it reached the base of the d-ring to become flush with the cuff. She tried pushing the button but it wouldn’t release.

“It’s not going to release without the suit’s remote,” Red Slave said, in a very quiet voice with her hands already bound behind her. “This really is your first time isn’t it?”

New slave nodded her head yes before moving her hands behind her and fidgeting to make them connect. “Could you help?” she asked as she turned to have her back face her fellow slave. She felt her hand be guided into place before she heard a nearly mute click and knew she was good to go.

“So I guess that means you’ve done this before?” New Slave asked Red Slave as they walked side by side to the kitchen.

“Yes, my first time going to one of these was when I was still living in Brooklyn. My boyfriend was one of those wall street king-of-the-world types. We were both heavily into the lifestyle and one day about a month and a bit into the relationship he told me about this big party coming to town. He was a member, so we rented a room, went to the private shows, the whole deal. That first night there was an auction, and that whole night I kept thinking about that. Well, we didn’t last long, he was a little too in love with himself to make time for anyone else, but that memory still stuck. So a few months later when I heard there’d be another one of these I asked  if just anyone could be auctioned off, and once I heard it paid that was the end of it. I can make almost as much in a weekend here as you could from a month’s worth of UMI payments. With my UMI and part time job paying most of the bills, I’m saving almost all of what I get to have something in reserve once I get too old to do this kind of work any more. So anytime they have one of these within a day’s trip I volunteer, that’s about once a month-ish. I’m just lucky they keep accepting me back. I know I look good and all, but I hear the more times you’ve worked the more picky they get. I’ve had offers to do this longer term but I don’t know if I’m ready to give up my life for a while to get that payday at the end. You know? Well you’re 18 you probably don’t know.”

Red Slave finished her spiel right as the two the two reached the kitchen. Everything was makeshift, but there were still a lot of burners and several chefs. She could smell the bacon and suddenly felt very hungry. As her stomach gurgled Red Slave warned not to get her hopes up, that they don’t get to eat the good food as slaves.

“What room?” asked a dower man at a computer just inside the doorway.

“142 sir,” Red Slave replied.

“Ok, that should be about 6 minutes,” he said in a tone that very much screamed, “go away now.”

So the two stood to one side and continued to chat. New Slave told her about the small town she’s from, about her birthday and how she had only recently discovered this side of her and eventually to telling her the mix-up that got her to volunteer in the first place. Red Slave continued about herself as well, that she’d known about this kinky side of her when she was still a kid before she even knew it as a sexual thing. She lives in Hoboken now, working as a bank teller part time and even mentioned there’s a FetFair in Boston in five weeks she’s already applied to work at.

The sour man called out their Master’s room and they both quickly came. “Now which is to have His food and which one Her food?” he asked as he retrieved two large plates of food.

“I’m holding Her food, sir,” Red Slave said as she stepped ever so slightly forward. He set on her tray a large plate with an omelet, bacon and fresh fruit. New Slave got a plate full of scrambled eggs, hash browns, bacon and sausage. Then each tray had a silver cover placed over the plate and were also given a glass of orange juice and a coffee. Before sending them away the man put a card in Red Slave’s hands explaining that this is a one use card to get the door open. With that the two began the slow and careful walk back to the room, passing another slave on her way to retrieve food as well.

When the card reached the handle it not only unlocked but popped slightly open. The room was still dark and after being in a lit, although dimly lit, hallway it took both girl’s eyes time to adjust before kneeling at their respective places.

When she was alone in the cage, she passed her time trying to sleep. It passed the time well enough, it had a goal at least. This waiting was different, and only now was she starting to get the true devilishness of the chip. She tried to think of other things, non-sexy things, but her mind would wander back. It made the time crawl and made her yearn for her Master to get up so that at least something would be happening.

Slowly, she saw stirring. His arms stretched out, but sadly moved over to spoon his wife. Many excruciatingly slow minutes later they both began to sit up as he probed for a light switch. “Good morning slaves,” He said as light illuminated the room. “Sit up more, I can’t reach it if you aren’t sitting up.”

Both slaves carefully complied, making sure not to spill anything. They each took their food but left their drinks where they were, only taking a sip occasionally and then setting the cup back. It meant that as they ate, both slaves had to remain sitting up in case their owners needed something. When they were finished they set their empty things atop the cage/nightstands before He got up to retrieve the remotes to both slaves from the locked drawer and used them to unlock the trays from both girls.

“You slaves must be hungry,” He said as he got two cheap bowls out from a cupboard and set them on the floor. Red Slave was already scooting on her knees over from the other side of the bed. “Well we’ve got something just for you,” He said as he brought out two white square plastic containers with opaque film covers, the kind you might find tofu in. “Do you know what these are New Slave?” He asked before receiving a prompt but quiet “no sir.”

“This is a delicacy of sorts, made just for slaves,” He said as he walked back to the bowls. “This little box has all the vitamins, protein and carbs a slave like you needs, and with a taste you will appreciate,” He continued, setting down a container that prominently said “Slave Chow: Cum Flavor” on the label. “It’s not much to look at but it doesn’t have to be fancy since it’s for slaves and not people,” He said as he opened a container and plopped the semi-translucent gelatinous square blob in the bowl. It gave off a smell of dog food and was one of the least appetizing things New Slave had ever had presented to her as food. “We are going to go take a shower now, those bowls need to be licked clean by the time we get out.” With that he patted his slaves on the head and disappeared from sight, leaving their hands bound behind them.

New Slave watched in disbelief as Red Slave began quickly eating the moment He had left. No, New Slave was much less willing to dive in headfirst. She started in one of the corners that had kept a dishearteningly pronounced shape. The texture was somewhere between pudding and jello, and true to name tasted salty and pungent. As she got further into the square there began being more and more solid chunks suspended in the gelatin mixture. They were still quite soft, but closer to waterlogged bread rather than pudding. Out of the corner of her eye she could see Red Slave already licking the bowl, so she held back her strong objections and sped up. She had started licking her bowl clean just as she heard the shower turn off, making it just in time.

“I’m glad to see you can follow orders,” Mistress said as she was the first out of the bathroom. “Well we are off to go have fun, so we need to do something with you two. Why don’t you two go use the bathroom and come back, I think we’ve come up with just the thing to do to you two while we’re gone,” She finished as she reached into one of the drawers and pulled out two fistfuls of chains. It was a little harder using the facilities with bound wrists but both slaves made do. “Stand over there and face each other,” she commanded once they had both returned.

She replaced the two way connectors binding each wrist with a three way connector, allowing her to run a chain from one wrist, between both woman’s legs, and to the other wrist. The two were now only inches apart before she added chains keeping each slave’s legs closed . She then added very short chains, connecting the two slaves to each other at the ankles, thighs, chastity belt and finally the collar. The collar was particularly close, even with the chain pulled tight there was less than an inch between their noses if the both looked forward. With Her husband's help, they  lowered the two girls to the ground.

They lay there trying their best to see what was coming next. But as the two dressed they largely ignored their slaves. Before leaving though Mistress walked over with both girl’s remotes in hand. A surge of power shot through both woman as She turned up their NESICs to 5, silently waved goodbye and left.


New Slave watched as inches away Red Cunt closed her eyes and began to breath deeply. Her breath still stank of that “food” and every subtle twitch was clear as day at this distance. For her part, New Slave was not taking it well either. She had her chip much higher yesterday but she wasn’t sure how long they would be stuck to each other. She felt her arms pulled closer as Red Slave fidgeted, forgetting just how little slack she had. That jolt at least brought her eyes open, revealing her stunning deep green eyes.

“So, since you’ve done this before, how do you pass the time when you’re chipped like this?” New Slave asked, hoping she had found some way to do so.

“Not really anything helps much. If you try to think of something else you’ll eventually be dragged back by some jolt and then it will seem even worse. As torturous as it is, it’s best to not try to fight it because it’s a losing battle that will only make you more frustrated. Embrace it and it will eventually seem like white noise. Frustrating, sex-fueled white noise but that’s still better than the alternative,” She said through increasingly belabored breath.

New Slave didn't like that answer. She had not had the infernal thing off since she was brought to the auction. Her sex drive was running wild and then the advice is to just take it? But like so many parts of this she didn’t have much of a choice. And as she thought on that, her absolute helplessness, the arousal did seem less pronounced.

After the longest hours of her life, she wasn’t quite feeling numb to it but it wasn’t on her mind nearly as much as her neck pain was beginning to be. With their collars so close, neither slave could quite turn over enough to lay their head on the floor at a natural angle. It was taking its toll.

“Is there any chance we could flip over, so one of us is on our back?” Red Slave asked.

“Let’s try rolling onto my back, I'm a bit bigger and by the look of it a bit heavier too,” New Slave suggested. It was harder than she thought to flip her and Red Slave over without their hands. With heavy concentration, and some careful footwork in the limited movement they had, they flipped over. Red Slave now lay on top of her, pressing her breasts against Red Slave just below the ones Red Slave was pushing against her. She could hear the metal clink as both chastity belts lay on top of each other.

Red Slave did her best to get comfortable, which unfortunately made her settle on resting her forehead against New Slave’s forehead. She did not put much weight on it, only enough to relax her neck and try to find a bit of comfort. She could feel herself rise and fall as New Slave breathed.

“I don’t get it, why would they just leave us like this if they’re not even going to be here,” New Slave moaned quietly with a clear sound of frustration in her voice.

“Well the kind of people who can afford these rooms can afford almost anything. They don’t need to be here 24/7 to feel like they’re getting their money’s worth. I once was sold to a man who made me blow him through the bars of my cage for a few minutes in the morning, do it again for a few minutes at night, but I stayed in the cage in the walk-in shower the whole weekend. He otherwise didn’t acknowledge my existence, or even leave a light on most of the time. I had a bucket to go in, a hose to clean up, and all my food packets that I had to ration myself already in the cage. These people don’t have to be here to get a thrill out of the fact that we have to be.”

New Slave let the words sink in, that all this torment was just to stroke their own ego. She at once both hated the arrogance and loved the objectification she was going through. It was making her see stars, she tried grinding her hips against the woman chained on top of her, intellectually knowing it would do nothing but not consciously thinking about it. She let out a frustrated groan as she eventually halted her grinding in defeat.

Red Slave could sense the desperation, she felt it too. Hearing her groan in such pain though made her feel sorry for this person who she thought was clearly in over her head. Tilting her head, she moved in and kissed her, not just because her companion sounded like she needed it but because she wanted it too. She had spent the same hours locked in this state and experience may have helped her deal with it, but it certainly didn’t quell the fires being stoked by the chip. They both began moaning in delight as they each put everything they had into the deep passionate kisses.

The two continued for some time, taking breaks occasionally, but the breaks would build their frustration and they would start again. It was a kind of release valve that helped them let go of some of what had been building. There was nothing else to do and it provided at least a modicum of relief. Their jaws were almost getting sore by the time they heard the door open and saw their owners return. It was impossible to hide the evidence of what they had been up to and everyone there knew it.

“Don’t look so worried, I knew what you’d do if I left you like that,” Mistress said, belaying the slave’s fears of punishment. “I wanted you to stew for a while to be properly motivated when we got back. We love watching our slaves frustrated and denied, and we were just warming you up.”

The two helped their slaves to their feet where they each removed their slave’s metal bras. The fresh air felt good. New Slave also couldn’t help but admire Red Slave’s near perfect rack. They were firm and perky with two barbell piercings horizontally through each. They were not any larger than her own but they stood firmly at attention as if gravity had simply decided to ignore them all these years.

To New Slave’s surprise they released their hands, as well as every other chain except the one between their collars. They helped their slaves back to the floor before standing over them menacingly.

“You should be right at the edge by now. We aren’t unlocking your chastity belts, but we are going to turn your chips up.” Mistress said in a booming voice as her husband turned up the devices. “I want you both to try to bring the other to orgasm, but I give no permission to actually cum. If you cum you will be punished for disobeying our orders, you don’t want that. Now go.”

Red slave furiously pulled New slave close and ran one hand through her hair while grabbing her ass with the other. “Think how good it will feel to cum,” she seductively whispered into her competitors ear. “All that torment, just let it all out.”

New Slave had a much more singular approach. She had always heard that nipple piercings make you much more sensitive, and she was putting all her eggs in that basket. She flicked, pinched, caressed, as best she could while Red Slave was holding her so tightly. She was afraid she might be losing, such personal contact and the tempting offer to cum and the signals coming from her crotch were colluding to tell her to throw the match. She only held out knowing that whatever the punishment it would probably be worse than not cumming right then.

Red Slave began quivering, the hours of teasing and now the first attention her nipples had had in almost a day was becoming too much. She lost control just long enough to loosen her grip, and with a bit of acrobatics New Slave took the opportunity to move her head closer to Red Slaves’ sensitive nipples and began to blow seductively at them, even wetting them first to enhance the cool sensation. It was too much and Red Slave bucked and gasped as she teetered over the break of orgasm that she had been circling around for hours.

Instantly, both slaves felt their chips get turned down to 1 and the two pulled apart panting as far as their tether would allow. “Well Red Slave, you lose. Your punishment starts with your dinner,” He said as he went to the cabinet where he had retrieved food earlier that morning. He pulled out a similar plastic box but with a black rather than white plastic with a slightly different label. He showed it to Red Slave in an effort to induce dread, something it seemed to do very well and with some reason. It read “Punishment Slave Chow: Garbage.”

New Slave looked worried but a little confused. “You probably haven’t seen one of these before either, have you New Slave?” He asked, noticing her expression. She shook her head no. “You see what you had earlier today, that’s the regular kind of Slave Chow. It has the nutrition, and a taste made for a slave. But if your slave has been extra naughty like this one,” He said as he pointed a finger at Red Slave. “Well in that case you feed them this. It only comes in their worst flavors. This one literally is flavored like garbage, they’ll be the taste of coffee grounds, cigarette butts, orange peels, they even color some of the bits to look the part. But you can get that from just regular Slave Chow.”

“What makes it ‘punishment’ is that once it’s down, whoever ate it is going to feel bad for a while. You see there’s a little additive that really plays a number on your system, tricking it into thinking that something’s wrong. Most people describe it as being light headed and dizzy, with a burning,  tingling, pins-and-needles sensation throughout your gut. It’s perfectly medically safe, the discomfort isn’t a sign of anything actually bad happening in your body, it doesn’t even make you want to throw the food up. But it sure does feel like something terrible has happened for an hour or two. Isn't that right Red Slave?”

Red Slave didn’t feel much like responding. She really hated that stuff, but just barely not enough to make it a hard limit. She knew it was usually only brought out as a punishment and while she obviously doesn’t like punishments, she did like being punished. It always came when she had failed her Master, and she loved having that reminder to be a good little slave. It makes the stakes more real, and makes her that much more devoted of a slave. Even now her primary thought was that she should have obeyed her master’s orders better, then she wouldn’t have to eat that.

This just always seemed a little scarier to her than the whips or wax or canes or clamps that most people use. Once this is in your system, there’s no stopping it no matter how much you beg or even if the Master changed His mind halfway through and feels you’ve suffered enough. She thought for a second of begging for a different punishment but figured that would only make it worse.

Mistress bent down and decoupled the slave’s collars, allowing both slaves to fall to their backs exhausted. “Red Slave, you’re going to be first in the bathroom, I’m sure you both need it,” she said quietly still slightly bent over.

“Thank you Mistress,” she said as she got up and ran to the bathroom.

It reminded New Slave how much she suddenly felt she needed to go. After Red Slave returned, New Slave sat up and asked a question that had crossed her mind. “Mistress, I need to um.. well... how do I poop, would you take the belt off?”

“Oh, so you’re not just new to being a slave you're new to this suit as well?” She asked incredulously as she took New Slave’s arm and led her to the bathroom. “See that small nozzle by the side of the toilet? You take it and slide it into place at your rear,” she said as she handed New Slave the nozzle and guided her hand to the proper place. She heard a click as it locked in. “Sit down, remain sitting and just press this here and it will begin.”

After Mistress pressed a blue button that was near the base of the hose, New Slave felt her plug widening near the middle, pushing at the edges and being slightly uncomfortable. Once it stopped growing, warm liquid began to fill her rear making her feel bloated and full. Eventually the liquid stopped coming but nothing else was happening.

“Now, grab the nozzle and once the belt clicks you can take it off. Then sit back down and wait, the second beep means the belt will open up,” Mistress said, finishing her sentence from already half outside the bathroom.

New Slave wasn’t very comfortable with this, she felt fuller than even the largest of meals had ever left her. After the beep she removed the nozzle and instantly sat back down as sitting up made it feel worse. She wasn’t holding her sphincter very tight, but the widened plug was keeping the liquid from escaping. When the second beep came she felt thinnest part of the plug begin to expand, forcing her ashole open with it. Without any other warning, the top of the plug began to open, allowing the liquid inside to flow out through the hollow centre of the plug that was currently opened up. She felt it was a little dehumanizing, it was not under her control at all and it poured out in a steady unbroken stream. At least once it was over she felt some relief.

Once the stream stopped, she heard Mistress cry out from the other room. “Re-attach the nozzle and press the red button. Once that’s done it will beep again and you’ll be basically done. DO NOT press the blue one unless you want it to cycle over again.”

New Slave grabbed the nozzle and attached it again, right where Mistress had done it. She did not feel anything else entering above the plug and the beep came quite quickly. When she removed the nozzle a small amount of liquid came out, cleaning the inside of the plug before it shrunk back to its original size. Purely out of instinct, New Slave grabbed for toilet paper but ended up wiping metal with nothing on it. She flushed and returned to kneel next to where Red Slave was currently kneeling with her legs spread and hands resting on her knees facing up.

Mistress was sliding an evening dress up and over her bust, “Well New Slave, as you can see those are designed to never need to come off. Of course you’re only ours for the weekend, but that belt of yours can stay on forever with the right hygiene,” She said as a devious smile crossed her face.

It was the first time all day that the thought of an end crossed New Slave’s mind. She turned to look at the clock and saw it was nearly 6, she was still nearly 20 hours away and it seemed they would probably keep her damn chip on the whole time. But at least she had all her arms and legs free, and she didn’t have a particular punishment coming up, so she decided to count her blessings. Though she perhaps was tempting fate, daring for something to go awry.

“Crawl to me New Slave,” Master commanded from his seat at the other side of the room with a handful of metal things. She came immediately and kneeled in front of him. “No, back on all fours.” He knelt down and began applying attachments. First, a bar was connected on each leg between the back of the ankle and thigh cuff, forcing her knees to stay bent at a roughly 90 degree angle. She couldn’t sit back on her ankles or even think about standing up. He then criss crossed chains from her right thigh to left elbow and left thigh to right elbow. Before getting up he took hold of her leash and gave it a yank. The chains meant that opposite feet and arms had to move forward together or not at all. By the time she was walked across the room and back again she had gotten the hang of it. He patted her on the head and handed the leash over to his wife who was now fully dressed and sitting on the chair.

Red Slave waited patiently as all of this was happening. Master returned his attention to her. He reapplied her metal breast coverings, secured her left foot to the bed frame with only a few inches of slack and bound her hands together in front of her. He then pulled her bound hands over her head and secured a small chain between her elbow cuffs behind her head and another chain between her wrists and the back of her chastity belt. To her visible grimace he opened up the container of Slave Punishment Chow. “Eat that now before we leave,” he commanded as he towered over her to watch.

Red Slave swallowed her fear and began, it was the first time New Slave could remember seeing her afraid. It was not fast, though admittedly faster than New Slave thought she would be able to force herself to eat that gooey mess that tasted like actual garbage. Once it was gone she even licked the bowl clean like she had this morning, another thing New Slave wasn’t sure she could do knowing it was going to make her hurt soon.

“That’s a good slave, now we’ll be back later and we’re taking your friend with us. Thinking about you suffering alone will just make our night so much better, and that’s why we purchased you in the first place was to make our weekend better. Tell us how much you love being able to please us by eating your punishment chow.” Mistress said in perhaps the most cruel and taunting voice she had used yet.

You could see a glimmer in Red Slaves eyes that wanted to be angry at them for rubbing this in her face, but instead she stayed professional and thanked them both for letting her serve them, and that she hopes she can continue to do so.

“Well then, we’re off,” Master said as He got up and started walking towards His wife and the door. “Oh, almost forgot,” He said as He pulled out Red Slave’s remotes. He turned her NESIC up to 3 and set them on the top of the table far outside of Red Slaves reach but leaving the led display clearly within her line of sight. “Goodbye for now slave,” he said as he took his wife’s arm in his and with New Slave in tow opened the door and left Red Slave alone in the dark. It will only be another 10 minutes before she begins to feel the punishment, and now alone she shed a tear or two in the silent dark, knowing what was coming and that there was nothing that could be done by anyone to help her.


Despite their slow pace, New Slave was still having to work very hard to keep up with her two owners. They walked the same basic route to the kitchen, but didn’t make the final turn she had that morning, continuing on instead to what looked like a small restaurant. It returned to the brushed cement that the main hall had, the carpet itself ended at the hallway, she just hoped she didn’t have to walk as fast on this.

“Hi, what room and how many?” Said a server in a classy but understated black dress.

“142, two humans and one slave,” He replied.

New Slave couldn’t help but take that last line rather serious. They weren't even calling her a human. It was so demeaning but the feeling faded as she looked around saw a few woman and a man dressed like she was all leashed to tables, sitting on the ground like she undoubtedly would have to. They didn’t look like the regular humans at the tables with their clothes and seats and no chains, it seemed right to call it how it looked. The three were shown to a booth, thankfully not far from the entrance as the concrete was not nearly as easy to crawl on.

They looked over the menu screens, and chatted about something too quietly for New Slave to follow. In fact, since hooking her leash to the base of the table when they first sat down they hadn’t so much as looked at her. She hoped they would let her eat soon because the one bowl of Slave Chow from that morning was starting to wear off.

A waitress soon came, setting a green wine shaped bottle and two glasses on the table, but set a small bowl of water on the floor. New Slave however was too thirsty to think about the indignity. At least she thought it was better than being left alone most of the day. And the way her bar and chains hooked up meant the only way to drink the water was to keep her ass high in the air as she bent down to drink. She assumed people were staring and blushed, but in reality almost no one even noticed. She began to lay on her side and curled up for the long haul, she wasn’t going anywhere but at least she was out with her owners and not in the dark.

Eventually their food came, but nothing came for her. She could smell the steak from His plate and saw Mistress accept a very large bowl filled with some kind of pasta. She looked up with pleading eyes but gave up quickly, they never so much as glanced down at her. If they wanted her to have some she would, but it’s not likely. Slaves don’t get to eat the good food. She settled in for the wait, looking around at the other slaves laying beside their owner’s tables.

“Is that you? Yeah I thought I recognized you,” New Slave looked up and saw Paul standing right beside her. She was startled and looked up to her Master for an idea of what to do next.

“Do you know her?” Mistress asked.

“Oh sorry, rude, I just nearly tripped over this poor girl as I walked by and thought I saw a familiar face. Should have asked her owners before addressing her I guess. Well I’m meeting a friend, good to see it working out,” he said as he knelt down to get a good look at New Slave. She wasn’t sure what to do so she simply stayed quiet, he left soon enough.

“Do you actually know that guy?” Mistress asked as they both looked down from their tables.

“Yes Mistress. Just recently though Mistress,” New slave said as she looked up to meet their eyes. She was distracted though as she saw Tom walk in alone to sit with Paul at the far side of the room.

Mistress bent down and unleashed New Slave from the table, allowing her to sit up and look them both in the eye a bit better. “Do you know the man he’s with?” She asked. New Slave nodded her head. They both scooted forward a bit.

“OK, breaking character for a bit, I need to ask you something. This isn’t a Master and Mistress asking their slave, this is just me and my wife asking someone else something. Understand?” He said, waiting for New Slave to nod her head before continuing. “You’re not just new to the auction, you seem new to all of this. Did he have something to do with you signing up, did he make you?” He asked with a note of seriousness that put Andrea off balance.

“Kind of, he’s the one that brought it up but it’s not like he forced me I guess.”

“What do you mean you guess? Do you not want to do this?”

“I do, I guess, I mean, well the last day has been the most intense experience of my life. I’m just not sure I would have done this if I didn’t need the money. You see this was my first time here and I didn’t know orgasms cost money...”

“Let me guess, one of those two brought you that fuckwall and next thing you know you’re hopelessly in debt? Then he brings up the auction as a way out?” He asked cutting Andrea off.

“That’s exactly what happened, how...”

“You’re not the first, those two are real creeps. They run the auctions at a lot of the FetFairs so they get a cut of the auctions. And they both get a perverse pleasure in tricking novices. They like thinking about unleashing unsuspecting newbies into situations they can’t always cope with. The worst part is they profit from it too, together they personally get 10% of every auction. But if someone safewords out, their percentage of pay goes to the house, which they get half of. I don’t know if they’ve got dirt on the FetFair board or pay them off or they just honestly don’t know or something, I don’t know why they haven’t been fired. But I digress,” he said being sure to keep his voice down so it doesn’t travel to them. “Exactly how new are you to all this?”

Andrea gave them the quick version, that it all came up a week ago and that besides internet searching she really had almost no experience at all. She told them how they had planned to come here in part to learn a little more first hand, because it seemed to be something her and her friends very much seemed to enjoy. She said how she didn’t plan to go this intense but that there wasn’t anything yet showing her she didn’t like being tied, humiliated and controlled.

“Look,” his wife interjected. “This is only a one time offer, but is this too much for you? Do you need us to go lighter? We do not agree with the way those two play fast and loose and if you’re in over your head we wouldn’t feel right making you keep doing this against your consent. We wouldn't count it as a safeword, you would still stay with us but for all we care you could watch tv in the room the whole time. Since it wouldn’t count as backing out  you’ll still get paid, I just don’t like this being just about money if it’s in any way something you don’t want to do.”

Andrea thought about it. It was a perfect out, she wouldn’t have to worry about the debt or her parents finding out about it. She could sleep in a normal bed again, she could have actual clothes not made of metal. Her rational mind said yes, but it wasn’t the only vote. If she’s getting paid either way, another part of her said why not stay? She certainly wouldn’t have as memorable a time waiting around in a hotel room for a day as her friends still worked. She couldn’t exactly leave the building early and still get paid.

“I may not have known everything going into it, but I am having fun. Mostly. Terrifying fun, but I’m not hating it. I might sound different when I’m eating slop and sleeping in a cage but no, even if it’s coming just a little fast I like not being in control at all. This slave wants to finish her time.”

The two smiled, but not the devilish “I have a nasty scheme” smile. A genuine one, like a friend might give another upon hearing good news. Mistress, with her slave’s leash still in hand, leaned in to whisper in her slave’s ear. “Last chase, 3... 2... 1...” At the end of the countdown, still without protest, she pulled the leash down and reattached it to the base of the table, once again forcing New Slave to stay down. The two returned to their meals and once again ignoring their slave.

The waitress eventually returned, removing their plates and coming back with dessert. The two seemed content to eat that even slower. Half way through their dessert the waitress came with another bowl to set in front of the slave, this one filled with the familiar gelatinous “food” of Slave Chow. It did smell better than her last bowl, and as she cautiously nibbled around the rectangular edges it tasted better too.

“Slave, we figured we’d treat you to something special. That one’s apple flavor, you might even enjoy it.” He said, acknowledging her existence for the first time since she had been re-chained.

She wasn’t sure she’d call it apple, but it certainly did taste almost vaguely sweet. Small bites gave way to large ones as her hunger began to exert itself. Before she knew it she was licking the bowl clean of any vaguely sweet remains she might have missed.

She felt a tug on her chain as she saw the two getting up from the table with her leash already in hand. The concrete floor, if anything, hurt more after waiting for so long. “Mistress,” she asked meekly after they had reached the hallway. “my knees are beginning to hurt, can you please take these off so that I can stand?.”

The two came to a very sudden halt, turning to look their slave in the eye. “Do not mistake that frank discussion earlier as friendship slave. We gave you an out but you decided to stay a slave. Well slaves are property, and property doesn’t get to make decisions its owners do. We were already returning to the room to do just that but perhaps you need a longer walk to remember who’s in charge here,” She said, gripping the leash tightly in her fist.

The rest of the walk was agonizing for New Slave, not just because of her knees but because she had let herself slip. She had gotten into a routine of simply taking orders, and even found a kind of enjoyment out of it. But allowing herself to forget for a moment had disrupted that. Her Mistress took her on a long and humiliating walk around the hallways, she almost worried they might be getting lost since everything looked the same. By the time the three had circled around and arrived back at their door, Mistress had still not said one more word and she worried she had upset her Mistress more than she knew.

New Slave was lead inside the room and immediately noticed Red Slave laying on her side shaking. Her red eyes looked sad and desperate, almost enough to evoke pity from her owners.

Mistress speedily unbound New Slave while Her husband prepared their slave’s next torment. She bound her slave’s hands together and pulled them behind her head like they had with Red Slave earlier. She stood Her slave up and attached a very short chain between a hook on the bedpost and the side of her collar. As New Slave looked over she could see Red Slave being attached to the bed in a similar way. The two then ran a long chain between the side of Red Slave’s collar and the side of New Slave’s collar. They did a similar attachment to their feet, locking the outside leg to the bedpost and the inside legs to each other, leaving both legs spread about two feet. It left both girls unable to do anything but look in front of them at the bed. The last step was re-attaching the gag harnesses, dildos attached.

The two laid back on the bed, His arm wrapped around Her, admiring the display before them. They each had remotes and began to turn up the stimulation of both slaves before setting them casually to their sides and embracing passionately. They kissed as they took each others clothes off, now ignoring everything else. Once they had stripped down He slid his already hard dick deep into His wife’s waiting pussy. She moaned and wrapped Her legs around Her husband as the pace quickened. He was not going for an overly long (though certainly not short) time before the two cried out together as they both came. He fell exhausted to her side, still ignoring the overstimulated slaves they had made watch them. The two took their time showering and re-dressing before patting each slave on the head and leaving the room, turning off the light and plunging both into silent darkness.

By the time they returned hours later, they turned down the chips, allowed each slave to use the toilet, removed their gags and bindings before finally sending them them right to their cage to sleep. Thankfully it was something New Slave had much less trouble doing then she did the first night.


The same dull zap awoke her the next day from what was only a slightly better sleep than the night before. She looked up at the ceiling of her little prison for the shocks to end and tell her what her job was to be. “Wake Owners; Oral Sex Only” read the pale green message as it appeared and vanished from view. The cage on schedule opened allowing both her and Red Slave to get out and have one good stretch before setting to their task.

Master had slept beside New Slave’s cage that night, and so she assumed He was the one she was responsible for waking. She knelt beside the bed and gingerly began to remove the covers at His midsection. He slept nude, giving her the advantage of not having to remove anything else before getting to work. She took hold of his soft penis and placed her mouth around it. She did her best to keep it from falling out without using her hand, but it was difficult without any rigidity.

As His cock began to respond she could hear him shifting around the covers, beginning to wake up. She saw Him stretch his legs as she continued to work on His quickly hardening shaft. She worked hard, bobbing up and down as quickly as she could given the angle she had. She saw from the corner of her eye he pulled back his arms and braced for the hand to the back of the head she anticipated for possibly not going fast enough or deep enough. Instead and to her surprise he simply nudged her off his cock completely.

“Slow down New Slave, it’s a wake up not a race,” He said as He sat up. Across from Him, His wife had already seemed to have Her fill and had Red Slave waiting, kneeling beside the bed in the same legs spread arms out posed she always took. Only after they had both used the bathroom did they allow their slaves to use it as well.

Mistress grabbed New Slave as she left the bathroom and threw her down on the bed lengthwise. As Red Slave returned she was ordered to straddle New Slave in a 69 position. Once they had each been locked to each other, and with no way to use their hands, did Mistress take the last step in removing the lower portion of their chastity belt. The belt remained, and was integral to the bindings the woman found themselves in, but for the first times since before the auction the slaves had their crotches free to the open air. New Slave knew what was coming, and was worried because she had never done this before.

“We thought since this is your last day we could indulge you this one time,” Mistress said. “After we leave this room today we will not be coming back. So show your appreciation to your fellow slave, we’ll give you five minutes. Go!”

New Slave didn’t even have time to take a full breath before the (albeit light) weight of Red Slave was pressed mostly against her mouth. Her nose was pressed between Red Slave’s cheeks but anything her mouth may be near was obscured from view. She opened her mouth and began to dart her tongue around as what she could best tell was Red Slave’s pussy and not simply her thigh. At the same time Red Slave could see exactly what she was doing, and knew how to go about it. It was in very short order that New Slave was moaning into Red Slave’s box and not paying much attention to anything but the desperate need built up over the weekend for an orgasm.

As the orgasm rattled through New Slave, it overwhelmed everything else. It was not even a white blinding light, because that would have required an ounce of consciousness to process a visual image. No, it was more overwhelming than that. It shook her to her soul but, Red Slave didn’t stop. As New Slave returned to reality her sensitive self began pleading to make it stop. She bucked and pulled as best she could but Red Slave would not dislodge and her bindings didn’t allow her the leverage to force her to. She couldn’t even dislodge her mouth from Red Slave’s crotch, so if nothing else her screams were at least being muffled by Red Slave’s well.. you know.

As she quickly approached another, she felt the tongue stop as Mistress unchained and separated the two.

New Slave was quickly pulled by the leash to follow Mistress into the bathroom. She walked into the large tile shower with a metal cage in the corner much like Red Slave said she spent an entire weekend in. After disrobing Mistress joined her, she reached for two cables from the top of  each wall and attached each to their appropriate wrist cuff. Against the wall was a large spreader bar that she attached to keep Her slave’s legs apart. “Raise your arms,” She commanded and as New Slave did she felt the slack be immediately taken from her, eventually leaving her arms held high, spread and secure.

She began to pull on a nozzle that protruded from the wall, revealing a hose that looked quite similar to a retractable garden hose. “Now, this may not be hot,” she said as she burst New Slave with a short stream of cool water. “But really, you’re in no position to complain are you slave?” She said punctuating the question with another burst of cool water.

“No, Mistress,” New Slave murmured in a perfunctory way she had gotten used to. Mistress took pleasure in watching her squirm. She took particular care to hose down her hair, something that New Slave tried and failed to graciously accept. New Slave simply couldn’t help but struggle as the cool water rolled down her head. Mistress moved from her head to anywhere else there might still be sweat or stink, eliciting another series of soft protests as She washed between Her slave’s legs. She finished just as New Slave’s teeth began to chatter. As New Slave was released and free to dry herself, she watched as Red Slave was brought into position and hosed down just the same but without any protest.

After they were dry, both slaves were once again fully outfitted and with their legs, thighs, wrist and elbows chained together. Only their gags were missing from how they first entered the room, but that was secured around each of their collars, letting the rubber fallace dangle as they walked. Their owners had set aside two large plastic boxes with their other clothes in them by the door, this place’s equivalent of packing up. As they opened the door to the hallway they could see two other guests, one with a slave leashed just as they were leashed and walking behind just as they were. They headed back to the long windowless corridor that lead back to the main building’s floor. New Slave braced herself to be the object of glare from the people on the main floor.

She was greatly surprised then when she didn’t find the carpeted play zones that had existed. Instead, temporary metal walls, like the kind that divided the change area from the main floor, gave a cozy feel to the third or so of the main building it boxed in. There were many long tables draped in white tablecloth with chairs always on only one one side of them. There was a stage and while the chairs didn’t always directly face it, they also never faced directly away.

The four were shown to a table, and with a handoff of the leash chains, both slaves we led under the table and locked to its base. The position forced them to kneel, and to do so quite close to the chairs their owners now sat in. As He pulled his chair up, his legs spread to either side of New Slave and He unzipped his pants, letting His cock fall out.

“OK, New Slave, whenever I am seated I want you to keep my dick hard. That means you’re going to have to sense when I’m getting close and pull back, this is a long brunch, and I want you worshiping my cock the whole time, is that understood?” He said, not even bending down or moving the tablecloth to make eye contact.

“Yes Master,” she said as she set to work. Looking to her side Red Slave was doing the same thing with Mistress though she apparently didn’t warrant the instructive lecture.

The endurance was much more challenging than New Slave had thought it would be. Bound as she was it took effort to bob, she could feel sweat dripping down her neck. The constant sound of people all around added a quiet humiliation to everything she was experiencing, bound helplessly and destined to suck this man’s cock for what could be hours still. It got even worse as she heard plates being set on the table directly above her head. She couldn’t smell them but she was sure it was better than anything she would end up eating. The occasional collision of silverware and plate could continue to be heard over the sound of a talkative room, making her unable to ignore the food or that she was getting hungry again. She tried to simply focus on what she was doing using the thought that if she was a good slave then maybe her Master would reward her with some better food, or at least not the bad food her companion had been forced to eat the other day.

She could hear clapping, and the buzz of someone talking through a microphone. She couldn’t make out what was being said, but she also wasn’t trying very hard. Her attention was otherwise engaged. She heard the plates being taken away but still didn’t flinch. She only stopped once a hand appeared, pushing her off as He pulled His chair back, zipped up his pants and left.

She looked to her right and saw that Mistress had left as well, leaving her and Red Slave still chained to the metal bar that ran from leg to leg stabilizing the table.

“What is this?” She asked Red Slave very quietly, leaning in what little she could.

“It’s the Member’s Brunch. It’s the end of the fair when everyone meets for a few hours before the weekend comes to a close. It gives the staff a chance to start packing up the rooms while people are still here to ensure nothing gets left behind. It’s also when anyone with any big announcements or things to show off take the time to do so. Once it’s over that’s the end of the weekend, we’re done,” Red Slave said, so softly she was almost difficult to hear.

New Slave tried to not let that last part distract her. They might not be back in the bedroom, but she was sure they were probably very capable of punishing a distracted slave. With the table cloth down she couldn’t see anything, but she could certainly hear them. They sounded like they were all around her, in their own little world while she was chained helplessly in front of whoever chose to sit down. Even if at the moment their owners seemed to be choosing to be elsewhere.

Mistress briefly returned, but after setting a bowl of Slave Chow in front of each slave she quickly left again. New Slave was so hungry she did not hesitate to start, even if her position required some careful bending to do so. Strangely this one had no taste. It wasn’t just bland, it had no discernible taste at all like she was eating water. She did eat it, but each tasteless glob of goo and soggy piece became more difficult as her hunger became less desperate. Still knew she was expected to finish and so as not to incur unnecessary punishment she licked the bowl clean.

The announcer came on  again much later, and even with her Master’s return she tried to listen at least a little. Some of it she still couldn’t hear, but it seemed to be different people talking for a few minutes each, usually followed by some light applause. She heard someone talk about upcoming fair dates. She heard various people showing off their latest creations. She heard someone talk about a recent court case, something about a third circuit and brothels in Atlantic City. It was a little lawyer-y for her to follow when the speakers only let her hear most of the words, but the crowd seemed to like what they heard and that person got many long applause breaks. She heard the familiar voice of Dr. Verma gleefully reporting that one of the final hurdles is being crossed and that the NESICs could be on sale to the public by summer. As the crowd cheered she couldn’t help but feel a little bit happy that at least no one had been lying about that.

The doctor seemed to be the last to speak because after he finished the speaker stopped allowing for the return of muffled conversation. There were more plates brought out, more clinking of silverware and chuckling at jokes. This was followed yet again with servers retrieving plates and conversation becoming louder.

“Ok slave, let’s hurry it up now I’m ready to finish,” Master said out of the blue.

New Slave had gotten into such a trance she almost didn’t process it at first. She began going faster, not having to hold out for the long haul any more. She kept hitting the back of her throat but not finding the strength or skill (or perhaps mental will) to go deeper than that. But until she was ordered otherwise she hoped that wasn’t necessary, she certainly was trying to compensate with speed and suction. She felt and tasted it as he came in her mouth, she made sure she swallowed every drop before releasing his cock from her mouth.

“Well slaves, it’s been fun.” And just like that He left again, it seemed his wife had already left. New Slave wasn’t sure what kind of goodbye she expected, but this seemed just so uneventful. This had been the most intense weekend of her life, and they were at the centre of it. Yet she couldn’t even see their faces when they left. She felt a sadness that it was over, something she never would have expected to feel. They were her first Master and Mistress, and they didn’t even say goodbye.


The hall became quiet, all the lingering conversations seemed to be walking away. New Slave had felt people around her even when she couldn’t see them. Now she certainly felt their absence. She could start to hear the sounds of movement again, but it somehow didn’t sound like the guests had returned.

The tablecloth was ripped away by a man in a blue “staff” shirt. “Oh, I got two more.. 9587 and 1461,” he called into a walkie talkie as he read the numbers off their collars. “Two remotes for each,” he added before unchaining their leash and helping them to their feet. He then detached one side of each of the chains, giving them freedom of movement but letting the chains hang off of one cuff or another. “Just head over there,” he said as he pointed to a table at the far side of the room, “and they’ll have your summary forms and your paychecks.”

As she walked she suddenly was hit with a realization. She paused and reached for her NESIC remote, turning it off for the first time since the auction. A wave of peace washed over her, like traveling in a noisy plane and then having the engines turn off at the gate. This background annoyance, this constant, suddenly wasn’t constant. It was liberating.

 She arrived at the table and was handed a form with her information on it. It simply asked if any of the limits she set out were violated, she signed no to all and handed it back.

“OK, here’s your check and your stuff should be in the front through there,” she said, pointing to some doors leading out to the main floor and towards the entrance she had used Friday.

“Before you go,” Red Slave asked, “I just want to say goodbye. I sometimes get a little jaded, but this must have been a tough weekend for you.”

“It was, but I wasn’t that bad. By the way, my real name’s Andrea.”

“Well Andrea, I hope it only gets better from here,” she said as she walked over to hug her, metal and all. “And the name’s Erica.”

With that the two parted ways as Andrea left through the doors. The main floor looked like a ghost town by comparison to Friday. The bar was still up, as were the shops along the wall, but all the carpeted areas were gone.

“Sophia!” Andrea called out as she spotted her friend at the bar. She was standing by Lea and both of them waved her over. Megan showed up only minutes later as they all enjoyed a drink of something that actually had taste.

“So did you earn enough to cover it?” Lea asked. Andrea and Megan hadn’t even thought opened their envelopes to check.

“I’m a bit shy, about $150 short.” Megan said with a sigh.

“Me too, about $120 short” Andrea said disappointed.

“Oh well in that case I can very much cover you two,” Sophia said in a subdued smile. “I hit it rich it seems. Being a flexible dancer apparently put me into a bidding war. Who would have known?“

The two sighed in relief. The three finished their drinks and headed out.

“Sophia,” Andrea asked, “How much extra will you still have after covering us?”

“A few hundred, why?” she asked questioningly

“Well hear me out, we wouldn’t have had this money if it hadn’t been for coming here,” Andrea started,

“We also wouldn’t have needed it,” Megan interrupted.

“True, but why don’t we spend the rest on the kind of kinky stuff that I think we’re all going to want that we can’t get back home if we take the money and run. And it’s not like we can come up with a good excuse for why you suddenly have an extra few hundred dollars. Your dad will probably think you’re dealing drugs or something.”

Sophia thought about it, and eventually nodded her head in reluctant agreement. “Well first let’s pay us off first and then see if there’s any more surprises.”

The four arrived and pooled their checks and their money, arriving still with quite a surplus. They had the receptionist put the balance on one account and to also print out a card for each of their dimensions. 

After talking it over they decided to give Lea the cards, that she should choose what to get. It was already established that everything was going to be hidden in her room anyway since she has the whole basement to herself giving her plenty of places to hide it from possible prying parental eyes.

Lea went off while the three of them were handed labeled plastic boxes with their belongings and pointed to the exam rooms to change. Andrea rushed in and suddenly realized how nice it will be to change back into regular clothes. She saw a large opaque white bag with a small kind of allen key that she used to remove her cuffs. The collar was the most tricky but she managed to find the hole with her fingers and open it up. It took using her suits remote however to remove the rest, the metal bra all hooked into a single connector box in the back and lower half of the chastity belt came off with the press of a release button. The belt however turned out to again require the allen key.

She took a moment to appreciate having everything off. It had not provided much cover, but strangely she felt so much more naked. Like wearing a wrist watch for months and then forgetting it one day, it only covered this small part but you seem naked without it. As she put her clothes on they all just felt so light and forgiving next to the metal. She moved everything into the large white bag and found herself waiting for some time. First came Sophia, then Megan and finally, much later Lea with several bags in her hands.

They began to walk to the car and the cold air felt so refreshing. The sun was still high in the sky but it was not providing a lot of warmth. The decided to label their bags to keep their suits separate, and piled everything into the trunk actively not looking at what kinds of things Lea may have bought. They then each began sharing what they had each gone through.

Megan had apparently been auctioned to a scrawny little guy who liked having her keep him hard for hours on end as he did, whatever it was he was doing on his computer. He never gave her a name and never looked her in the eye. She was forced to eat slop that made her feel awful, Andrea told her what it was. When she was doubled over in pain seemed to be the only time he would actually sit and watch, he even sometimes added to the misery with a flogger or dripping wax. At the end of the night he would tie her down, fuck her, finish quickly and then send her to sleep in her cage only to be commanded to wake up up with another blowjob starting it all over again.

Sophia by contrast was auctioned to an older man who was very interested in watching her dance. He brought in costumes, he even took her to big empty rooms to give her more space. He took pleasure in bending her over his knee and spanking her when she failed to meet his standards. When he did fuck her it was always after restraining her in some contorted pose, which he would sometimes leave her in for some time after he finished. He did allow her the privilege to sleep in the bed, albeit chained to it by the wrists and feet and occasionally groaped, but she certainly felt lucky she didn’t see the inside of the cage like her friends say they did. At the end of it he slipped her his card, calling it a tip. The guy apparently owns a chain of hotels and on the card he wrote that presenting this will get her a free week at any one of them.

Lea had much less to share. She mentioned staying and talking more with some of the members and being invited back Saturday for one of the events, but didn’t go into details. She said she learned a lot and made some friends but wasn’t really saying what she learned or who she befriended. She added that if you weren't a member or a member’s personal guest for a specific event the rest of the weekend was rather closed to you. So she said she simply spent most of the weekend with her brother.

They stopped for one of most satisfying pit stop, Waffle House meals the three had ever had. Nothing makes food taste better than the “food” they’ve had. “Let me ask you though,” Lea interjected as they headed back for the car. “Would you rather have stayed home, given all the problems you’ve been through?”

The silence was its own answer. No one was willing to say it, but they each felt that there was nothing they could have done at home that would have even been close to as good. They drove off into the setting winter sun, content to look forward for what might come next.

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