The Stories of Bound Friends 2: Andrea and the FetFair

by JessBaby

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© Copyright 2014 - JessBaby - Used by permission

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Part 2: Andrea and the FetFair

There is an old saying that you can’t unring a bell. It may be a cliche, but it also happened to be true.

For Andrea that bell had been rung two nights ago. She had discovered a side of her she didn’t know existed. A kinky side. And even as the cheap beer flowed and the music pumped in her house full of guests, she found it hard to keep her mind from wandering back there. It was her own party, but she was finding it hard to get into. None of the guys were particularly attractive and few of them she knew since none of them went to her (all girls) school.

A few days ago this party would have almost felt scandalous. She had very strict, religious parents, and as much as she didn’t like that it, it had rubbed off on her over the years. Having beer and boys over would have been a big deal just a few days ago. Now it almost felt like a yawn, not exactly boring but certainly not thrilling either. Once the supply of beer dried up, the more sober ones started organizing rides home, making sure there was a sober driver for every car that needed one, and the party came to an uneventful end.

What had Andrea so turned around had been the get together just two days before. It was just her and her three closest friends Megan, Sophia and Lea. Lea had suggested they play a game, but it was in fact a trick. They ended up stripped, tied, humiliated, stimulated and (to each of their surprise) loving it. When Lea admitted it was all her doing she left.

The three of them may have started pissed at Lea, but they got over it. They talked it out and decided to invite Lea back to tell them more. That night was a crash course in kink. Lea showed them about gags, collars, rope bondage, nipple clamps, floggers, more stuff than the three of them knew existed. They were positively enthralled with all the new information; staying up into the wee hours before calling it a night and going their separate ways the next morning.

Andrea hadn’t talked to any of her best friends before her “real” party, none of them had talked with each other. Lea was giving them space, but the other three were simply otherwise engaged. They each took their time, going over everything that they had discovered about this new kind of sexuality and how it made them feel all warm and excited. Each of them had spent time looking around the web, looking at pictures, stories, and fingering themselves at the thoughts more than once. They had all been so preoccupied the party almost felt like a distraction rather than an event.

But now the party was over. The last group, which included Sophia’s very drunk boyfriend, left in one of the very overcrowded cars. For the first time all night there was silence as the four friends were once again alone in the house. They all stood in the awkward circle around the front door before Sophia decided to break the silence.

“Did you have a good time?” She asked in a perfunctory manner.

“It was fun,” Andrea responded with equally low enthusiasm. “I think I just wasn’t much in the mood.”

Megan nodded her head in agreement. “I think we all could say that.”

Lea scanned her friends, trying to judge how to enter the conversation but not finding any clues. Not that she was very good at that to begin with. “About the other night,” she started which made the three other pairs of eyes look up intently at her. “I’m sorry again for not being more honest, I know we’ve been over this but I was afraid to bring it up on my own. I haven’t heard from any of you since then, how badly did I screw this up? ”

“It’s not like that,” Andrea said in a reassuring tone. “I haven't called because I knew I’d see you here not ‘cause I’m mad at any of you. Honestly I’ve barely stopped thinking about it, and I can’t speak for them but I kind of liked it.” Megan and Sophia nodded in agreement.

Lea was clearly relieved, letting out a long sigh as a smile went across her face. “Good, and I promise not to keep things from you any more. I’ll be up front if I want to try anything.”

“Well, maybe you don’t have to tell us everything. Know our limits and keep to them sure, but I kind of like the not knowing.” Andrea said with surprising frankness. “I did kind of like not knowing.”

“I could do that, but we just need to talk about it first,” Lea explained. “Cause really, to agree to something you need to know exactly what it is you’re agreeing to.”

“Well you ran through a bunch of stuff the other night, what more do you mean?” Andrea asked.

Lea pulled out her phone and began quickly typing. “Well, there’s lists. I found one a while back, it has just about every aspect I’ve ever heard of. You go through them and mark 1-5 for how interested you are, unsure if you don’t know, limit if you don’t want it ever and checkboxes for if you’ve actually tried it. It should give you an idea on what kinds of things that are out there.”

“There’s a club in Philadelphia that has fetish get togethers and such. I haven’t worked up to going alone but I think if we go together, and if you knew a little bit more about it, then it might not be so bad. Next week there’s a major event they’ve been advertising, open to anyone. They’re not actually even hosting it, there are simply helping to promote it. It’s being thrown by a group that throw what they call ‘FetFairs’ in major cities all over the world; kind of a weekend long kinky adult fantasy world. It’s a little pricey, and a lot vague about the details, but if half the things I’ve read online are true it should be well worth the price. I asked my brother if we can crash on his floor, I didn’t say why, but he was fine with it and I know I wouldn’t want to drive back in the wee hours of Saturday Morning.” Lea said. Everyone agreed that it sounded interesting enough, and that they’ll let her know some time during the week. Without much more fanfare, they each wished each other goodnight and Lea drove Megan and Sophia home.


The rest of the week, things seemed to return to normal. Andrea spent most of Sunday and Monday of the long weekend on schoolwork, the familiar routine of class began again Tuesday. But Andrea felt different. It might have just been that the pattern was disrupted by the absence of her parents. More likely though it was the twinge she got reading Lea’s very long list. Whenever she would look up more than a few things at a time she couldn’t help but think she was carrying some strong lingering feelings with her for the next few hours.

A few of the stuff she decided was clearly not for her, they just simply grossed her out rather than turned her on. She kept herself from mocking however might find some of these things sexy, because who was she to judge? A lot of people could say the same about some of her likes.

By Wednesday she was finished the list and certainly noticed a pattern. Just about anything to do with power exchange (a new term she learned when going through the list, she was learning so many), bondage, objectification and loss of control were all big turn ons. She clicked the send button, returning the results back to Lea along with the note “I’m in for the party this weekend.”

For their parts, Sophia and Megan had been similarly distracted with what they were finding out. Megan finished Tuesday, answering most strongly in the loss of control, objectification, public exposure and a bit of bondage as well. Similar to Andrea but different ranking. Sophia was big on forceful loss of control, objectification ranked high, with a bit of bondage and pain ranked lower down. By Wednesday night they had each sent in their responses and confirmed that they did indeed want to go with Lea to the party.

After school that Thursday, they discussed the details. Lea shared everything she knew, that FetFairs were always very private, no cameras allowed and a non-disclosure agreement attendees had to sign meant details Lea found were always vague. It was an all-weekend affair and while Lea didn’t expect to be at the fair the whole time, they all planned to say they would be at Andrea’s still empty house all weekend just in case they changed their minds. There would be a somewhat large cover since they weren't “members,” there would be merchants selling things, there would be other chances to spend money, it could apparently get rather expensive if you didn’t care about that sort of thing or if you weren't careful. “It starts at 8 and it’s a long drive, pick you up around 5:30?” Lea asked and received a sea of bobbing heads.

The drive was long, it was the dead of January so the sun had set very soon into the drive. The windy two lane road was always a pain at night with its sudden turns as it climbed and descended what felt like dozens of mountains to get to the Turnpike. The car was filled with concentration, quiet and anticipation. Conversation began to flow more freely as road gave way to highway, but even though they all knew exactly what they were driving to it seemed oddly forced to talk about it, so usually they taked about something else.

Several hours and a gas stop later, they pulled into the parking lot of what looked like an industrial park with a few very large warehouses. If it not for the very full parking lot and a slow but steady stream of taxis there would be nothing making it look particularly different from any of the other large warehouses and factories that surrounded the neighborhood. They parked and nervously began to walk towards what everyone else seemed to know was the door. Lea stopped walking just before the door and turned back to her friends, “Everyone still want to do this?”

Andrea kept walking letting out simply “of course, it’s kind of a long way to turn back now.” With that Andrea reached the door and held it for her friends. It opened into a small room with what looked like a receptionist and a single door the the left with what looked like a doorman.

“Members or non-members?” asked a professionally dressed woman sitting behind a desk.

“Non-members, all four of us,” Lea answered.

The woman reached over and pulled out four copies of a form. “Sign here please, they are standard statements of conduct and non-disclosure. This is to be a safe, sane and sober environment. You must be at least 18 years of age and not currently on any illicit drugs. By signing this you understand that you will be bound by the club rules as posted, obey any and all posted signs or any instruction given by one of the members of the staff. By entering any play area you must have read and agree to the posted conditions for that area. You will respect the boundaries of all guests. If at any time they say the club safeword “pineapple” or in the event they can’t speak hum “jingle bells” you will halt what you are doing. Similarly, if you need to call for help or stop any action being done to you can do so by saying or humming the club safeword. You will surrender all personal items before entering and all conversations, club activities or guest identities are to be kept secret. Failure to do so will result in bans on future attendance and/or restitution for any financial damages that may result from this breach. If you agree sign below and hand over one piece of ID for us to hold until you leave. Then enter through the door on the left.” She rattled it all off with the kind of speed and boredom of someone who has repeated this one too many times already, it seemed as basic as simply saying hello. All four of course signed, even scanning over the one page document in vain to see if there was anything hidden.

The four walked over as a group to the door. “Is this your first time?” asked the incredibly large but surprisingly friendly sounding man at a podium by the side of the door. They nodded that it was. “So the way this will break down is there is a non-refundable cover of $70. There will also be an additional charge of $150 that you can use towards purchases of food, services and products. Consider it a spending minimum. This minimum amount is also non-refundable and any overflow will simply be charged to you when you leave. Are you together or paying separate?”

“Together,” Lea said. The four had agreed earlier it was easier to just pay Lea back later, and she actually had the room to charge it. She handed him her credit card and after punching in her pin, he buzzed open the door leading to a long but narrow room. On the left was what looked to be a very large coatcheck, and on the right wall was lined with dozens of doors narrowly spaced. “Enter any of the doors on the right, individually, and only if it’s light is green. Follow the instructions and enjoy the night.”

The four split up as Andrea entered the first door on her right. It was very small and clinical looking, at the far end there was a person sitting on a wheeled stool. “Please strip down and place all clothes and personal items in the container” she joylessly said as she tapped on a plastic box with her pen, barely even looking up at Andrea who quickly did as she was told.

The cold woman picked up a device about the size of a brick with a small cone sticking out the top and walked over. “This is a blood tester, it will take a small sample and test it for any disease that might endanger other guests. The sample will not be kept or in any way stored after the test and your privacy will not be violated. It also injects a temporary hormone so that any sex you may have in the next 72 hours will not result in pregnancy. These are requirements to enter but require your additional consent. If you wish to decline you may do so but you will be asked to leave without refund as per the agreement you signed. ” She said with the familiar tone of the receptionist, it was the voice of someone who knew the script by heart and was tired of saying it.

“That’s fine,” Andrea said. She felt only a small pinch as the machine was put against the inside of her forearm. “How long will this take?”

“It’s a narrow test we’re running, it should be no more than a minute. If you wouldn’t mind please stepping onto the scanner?” The woman asked.

“I do have a DC card, it’s been updated just last month,” Andrea said as she reached for her purse.

“Well ours are a little more detailed than the standard format, it’s club policy,” the woman replied. “And please, relax all your muscles as it scans you.” Andrea shrugged her shoulders and stepped onto the platform. She stood perfectly still as the scanners slowly ascended letting out a beep when it had finished.

“Do you consider yourself a dom, sub or switch?” The woman asked sliding her stool over to the only table on the other side of the small room, holding a small machine with a drawer. “Sub,” Andrea answered. “And by what name would you like to go by?” she quickly followed up. “Um, I guess just Andrea.”

The woman hit a green button on the screen and proceed to type in her name. She then retrieved from the drawer a green bracelet. “This bracelet will be your ID for the night,” she explained holding out the bracelet. “It will monitor your vitals, it has your measurement information and it knows your current balance for when you wish to buy anything.” As the bracelet was fitted around her right wrist and snapped shut she couldn’t help but think how much it looked like a hospital nametag. Except where there should have been writing there was instead a very small screen showing her first name and current balance of +$150.00”

The woman darted back to the blood tester at the sound of a beep “OK, you’re good to go. Your belongings will be returned to you as you leave, simply use your bracelet.” As she said this, she placed a lid on the box and slid it through a slot where it disappeared down a conveyor of some sort hidden from view by the wall.

“Wait, I’m going out there naked?” Andrea said too late to do anything about her stuff disappearing.

“First time I assume?” Replied the woman, finally without the cold clinical tone she had used until then. “Look, this is how we make sure no one brings in cameras or drugs or anything else, everyone enters naked and gets the more detailed scan. It’s not a typical DC scanner that only records the surface, we find internal measurements are needed for some things, and it’s just a bonus that it prevents sneaking things in. There are plenty of places inside to buy outfits if you’d rather stay covered. And after all, this is a fetish club, if you weren't comfortable you shouldn’t have come. You can always pick your stuff up and leave.”

Andrea understood. “No, I get it. And if everyone has to I guess that makes it better.”

“That’s the spirit” she said encouragingly. “Now if you would be so kind, there may be people waiting,” she said as she pointed to the door at the far side of the office.

Andrea opened the door and finally heard music, very typical club music but not nearly as overpowering as your usual club might have it. Unlike the other rooms, this one actually looked like the inside of a warehouse, the ceiling rose high above them and the floor was cold brushed cement. As far as she could tell the wall in front of her was simply a metal sheet to divide the club from the exam rooms. Along it were artsy black and white pictures, a big map, posters with what looked like a reminder of the rules, it was all rather busy as far as walls go. Soon she saw Sophia and Megan appear also naked except for a green bracelet a few doors past her own room. They waited and eventually Lea appeared with one hand doing it’s best to cover his chest. What caught Andrea’s eye was that Lea wore a red bracelet. “I guess it’s to brand me as a sub,” she thought.

Lea started speaking before she had even fully reached her friends “I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t mind seeing what they’re selling in terms of clothes. It looks like all the options are along the rest of this wall”

“Good a place as any to start I guess,” Andrea said as they each glanced at the large map posted up of the club. “I have to say though, this being naked isn’t bothering me as much as I thought it would when about every third person is too.” Megan couldn’t help but agree. With that the four followed along the wall to the rows of shops that had set up near the entrance.


Things had changed over the years, as they always do, but one of the bigger changes was the arrival of 3D printing and MAO manufacturing. It started in the early twenty-teens as more of a novelty, but it quickly became much more fast and detailed. A machine could melt into shape plastics and eventually metals. To mimic the printers, people began making machines that could cut and arrange other material to order. Wood could be cut, foam could be formed, fabric could be sown and so you had what began to be called Made At Order products. It made things it a lot cheaper to get exactly what you want, and meant vendors don’t need to stock all the different sizes to make a sale. From a digital file, these machines could assemble anything they had the raw materials for and exactly to custom size.

As people began expecting fully custom objects, it became particularly common for clothes to now be made only to a customer's desires and body shape. It meant that most people keep a detailed digital scan of their bodies on what’s called an DimensionCard, basically a plastic card with a chip inside holding the data. But DCs only scanned your outside, which is fine for sizing say pants but isn’t a lot of help for sizing what might go inside. Which is why they’ve adopted the more detailed TBR or Total Body Rendering format. The shops at FetFair offered fully custom MAO clothing and toys printed to the dimensions stored as a TBR file on their bracelets.

But this wasn't like any selection any of them had ever seen. Sure there was a stand with rather simple standard t-shirt/jeans kind of clothes, but that was the exception. There was one selling tight fitting clubwear, another selling nothing but costumes like you’d see for halloween, sexy maid, sexy nurse and the like. Another selling only metal things, from collars to full outfits to toys, all sized to order of course. There was a more “traditional” lingerie dealer, the kind of lacey stuff you might find littering the dressing room of a burlesque show. But what nearly made Lea stop dead was when she came across a booth selling and smelling of leather.

“Well if you see something you like meet me back here, this might take a while,” Lea warned. Sophia doubled back but Megan and Andrea stuck around. They were both getting used to being naked, particularly around so many other naked people. It was even a bit of a turn-on when they noticed someone checking them out.

Sophia returned wearing a tight silvery halter mini-dress. It certainly didn’t hide much but it was much better than how she had been. As she returned she saw Megan helping Lea into a steel boned leather corset. “Wow, that’s a lot more elaborate than mine,” she said as she couldn’t help but admire the hourglass figure it was forcing out of her friend. It was a full bust corset with four buckles up its front and laces in the back currently being tied off by Megan. She already had on a matching leather skirt with two more buckles down the front of it exactly matching her top. The only other addition came in the form of knee high boots with 4” heels. They had matching material and buckles to the corset and created quite the imposing sight, she now towered over Megan and Andrea and was just about even with Sophia.

“Ah, now I feel properly dressed, shall we see what this place has to offer?” Lea asked rather rhetorically. Her three friends followed behind.

Moving out onto the main floor for the first time showed just how large and packed this place was. There was a main dance floor, complete with people in hanging cages, but it actually took up very little of the overall space, sharing the front-left quarter of the warehouse with what looked like a bar. Against the very far wall was a single pair of double doors, presumably leading to a private room or maybe staff areas. Throughout the remaining three quarters of the warehouse were rows and columns of what looked almost like display areas, or maybe zones. The floor of the warehouse was buffed concrete, but throughout most of the main floor there were square patches of padded carpet, some bigger some smaller. Each seemed to have something going on, there was always at least one person there in a blue shirt, and generally quite a few onlookers. Many had equipment set up like a cage or frame or bench, the ones closest to the dance floor had pillaries that at the moment sat empty. Lea started walking towards the rows of carpeted patches and the others simply followed.

It was like walking down some perverse trade show, only instead of a new product on display it was people, each with a wristband. There was no physical walls or boundaries, but the carpeting made it clear to everyone where the “zone” starts. As they got closer they could also see that there was a sign at the top of a pole in front of each carpeted area. It gave a title at the top in big bold letters on a blue background. Below that on each sign was a red column and a green column, each listing off what should be expected and allowed presumably and each with a price below. Andrea was very glad she had spent such time looking over that checklist, because they were rather spartan in their description and she might not have known what some of it was talking about.

“That looks interesting,” Andrea said pointing to an area near the front where a man and several women lay very tightly hogtied on the floor. “‘Hogtie Challenge,’ sounds exciting” she said as she read the title of the sign. “It says they have two minutes to tie you up, you then have two minutes to get free or they start adding more rope and don’t untie you for a half hour.” That’s all Andrea had to hear as she walked onto the carpet.

The moment her wrist crossed onto the carpet it began to beep. “Sorry, you need to tap your wristband to the sign,” said a man in a blue shirt with “staff” written on it. Her bracelet beeped once she did. Then the screen changed to show a green counter indicating only one person and a big “confirm” button at the bottom. She pressed it and walked onto the carpet.

There was another loud beep as a new timer with her name below it started on the monitor at the far side of the carpet, counting down from 2 minutes. Before Andrea had much time to register he had started. He worked fast with his rope, starting by coiling rope above her elbows and anchoring it to her shoulders. Next he tied her wrists, wrapping around several times before cinching and tieing off the rope leaving several feet of unused slack. Carefully he set her on her stomach and began just as speedily tying her ankles. As the clock wore down he picked up the extra feet of slack from her wrists, pulled it around her ankle ropes and secured it to her elbow ropes. He barely had time to tie the rope off before the timer reached zero and he had to back off.

None of what he did was particularly strict, but it didn’t have to be. She could barely feel the knot for her ankles and the knot for her wrists were all the way up at her elbows. She tried shuffling around, moving her weight around to better reach her legs. With some effort she had flipped onto her side and could much more easily reach, but she also could see from this angle the timer she believed was hers, giving her less than a minute left. She slowly undid the knot and began to unwrap the cinch when the timer went off, indicating she had failed.

Just as quickly as before, the man undid what little progress had been made. He added rope at the knees, locking her legs together. He added rope at her waist, pinning her arms to her torso. He added another rope to her wrist coil and attached it to the coil he made at her knees, keeping her arms unable to reach her ankles. Finally he re-tied much tighter the original rope running from her wrists to her ankles to her elbows. Andrea was back on her stomach now, but unlike before she didn’t feel she had the ability to move to her side. She looked back as best she could at her timer that was now counting down from 30 minutes.

Andrea’s friends were looking on with bemusement. They were distracted not only with the speed at which she was tied but how securely she was re-tied. As Lea and Sophia were still looking on, Megan without saying a word signed up with her bracelet as Andrea had and walked onto the carpet.

The rigger was just as fast, tieing Megan almost identically to Andrea. Megan thought this might give her a leg up since she knew what was coming, and she did get as far as beginning to unwrap her main ankle coil but still ran out of time just as Andrea had. After being secured identically to her friend, Lea and Sophia decided to finally chime in.

“Since you’re both going to be a while, I’m going to go mingle at the bar. Sophia, would you care to join me?” Lea said with a slightly smug tone knowing there really was no way Andrea or Megan could workably object.

“I’d love to,” Sophia said, in a manner quite clearly meant to mock her friends for their inability to join in. “We’ll meet you back here, don’t go anywhere.”


Sophia followed her friend as they made their way past the exhibits along the periphery of the dancehall and to the bar. It was much more crowded there as people sipped their drinks and mingled. There were tall tables scattered around, each with a small touchscreen menu like the kinds that were standard now in more and more places. Looking the menus over they had a reasonable number of choices, but alcohol was not one of them. “Play Sober” the menu said on the sidebar right below the order button. “Just as well,” Lea thought, “they probably wouldn’t serve me anyways.”

“Wow, may I just say that’s an amazing get-up you have there,” said a somewhat older man as he walked up to their table with a half finished drink in his hand. He had thinning brown hair, he was dressed in a black t-shirt and shorts, and while he wasn’t out of shape, the years had clearly taken their appropriate due for someone who looked to be pushing 40. “You two together?”

“Well we came together but we’re not really ‘together’ together.” Lea explained, a little befuddled but still able to pretend to be confident. She wasn’t fully sure what they were any more. They weren't quite simple friends, they were closer than that and she simply loathed the term “friends with benefits.” So she figured this was an easier answer, and one that Sophia wouldn’t take issue with.

“Well I’m Paul. Can I get you two ladies something to drink?”

“I’m Lea, this is Sophia. I could go for a diet Coke. How about you Sophia?”

“I’m fine.”

“Alright,” Paul said, selecting a diet coke from the menu along with another sparkling water for himself.

“Hey Paul, are you going to introduce me?” said a similarly dressed but much taller man as he invited himself to the table and set down his empty glass. He was either much younger or in much better shape, his auburn hair was much fuller, his face much more youthful and his muscles had actual definition. He was clearly not young but he certainly still looked good, especially in comparison to his friend.

“Sorry about that. Tom, this is Lea and Sophia.” Paul said as he finished ordering to point out who he was introducing.

“Hi, you two from around here?”

“No, we’re from a town a few hours down.. you know what you probably wouldn’t have heard of it.” Lea answered.

“This is our first time at one of these kinds of things,” let out out Sophia nervously trying to enter the conversation. It wasn’t like her to be nervous but she was starting to feel a little overwhelmed, like a kid who snuck a seat at the grown-up’s table just in time for them to start talking politics.

“Oh, well that makes the leather that much more impressive. Not a lot of first timers would get something like that,” Paul said to Lea, giving her one more look over with his eyes.

“Well I’ve kind of wanted something like this for a long time,” Lea said as she ran her hands down her side and rested them on her hips. “I guess I only needed an excuse. I needed to buy something to wear while I’m here and I just figured ‘while I’m here.’”

“What about you, are you from around here?” Sophia asked Tom.

“No, Paul and I move around a lot. We do a lot of international business, managing cargo ships, so you can’t really be in one place for too long.” Tom replied, leaning in a bit more. “We’re really all over the place, at least anywhere with a major port.”

Sophia found all this fascinating. He continued on about his work sending him abroad occasionally, Singapore, Rotterdam, Dubai, Hong Kong. She had always wished she could travel more but her family’s idea of a “long trip” was the once a year thanksgiving trip back to visit her relatives in Syracuse. She listened to every word, thinking about how glamorous it all sounded. As he finished speaking her mind was still distracted. When her mind finally stopped daydreaming, it returned to notice he had stopped talking.

“Hello? I asked if you’re seeing anyone?” Tom asked, once he had Sophia’s attention again.

“Sorry,” she apologized, “I got lost in thought.” She did have a boyfriend, but things had gotten a little distant, especially over the last week. She had discovered this new side of herself and Scott didn’t seem the least bit interested to hear about it when she tried to bring it up. She hadn’t broken it off but she wasn’t very happy, and didn’t exactly feel like he was over the moon either. She was beginning to feel he was a bit boring, and that his mind was always anywhere else recently but on her. When she tried suggesting they go somewhere this weekend, before she even started saying what it was he said he couldn’t because he was “hanging with the boys” this weekend. She worried he was taking her for granted. So she decided to lie, at least for tonight. “Not at the moment,” she replied after a slight pause. He let out a grin at that answer and she couldn’t help but blush at the attention. Lea raised an eyebrow but stayed out.

“Here we go,” Paul said loud enough to get Tom and Sophia to look over. Approaching the table was a woman with the tray of drinks, but that was not what Sophia noticed. She was decked out in metal. She wore a dull metal collar as well as metal cuffs at the wrists, thighs, elbows and ankles. She wore a metal chastity belt and two half-spheres held over each breast by chains. More and more chains seemed to connect from everything to everything else. Her steps were limited, her hands kept close together and locked to a chain running from collar to ankle chain. She was clearly being trotted out like some kind of slave waitress, this club certainly didn’t do half-measures. She never looked any of them in the eye, she simply set the two drinks down and waddled off to wherever it is she came from.

Sophia decided to quit the small talk with this somewhat attractive and very worldly man, to live a little. She put her hand on his and simply asked “want to go dance?”

“Sure, you two want to join us?” Tom asked looking at his friend and Lea.

“No I think I’ll just stay here, not much for dancing,” Lea said as she quickly went back to whatever conversation it was she had been having with that other man.

The two of them walked towards the dance floor. As they walked one of the cages were being raised, this time with two people in it. Sophia couldn’t help but watch.

“Want to rent one?” Tom asked loud enough to be heard over the music but no louder.

“One what, the cages? They do that?” Sophia said, finding it oddly difficult to hide her excitement at the prospect.

“Sure you can, if there’s one free at least. My treat,” he said as he took her hand and began leading her to where one of the cages were sitting on a small platform. He touched his red wristband to the cage’s door and confirmed the rental on the cage’s small screen. He opened it up and stepped in. “Coming?” He called out to her as he extended his hand.

“How long will we be in there?” Sophia asked with slight nervousness.

“You rent them for 15 minutes at a time, but we can make it go back down at any time.But if you’re not up for it I under...”

Sophia wouldn’t even let him finish his thought before letting out a definitive “Sounds great.” She stepped up onto the small platform the cage sat on, it was itself about two feet off the ground and she could already see over almost everyone from where they were. Her bare feet stepped onto a padded cage floor as Tom reached behind her to close the door. The cages began to rise instantly after the door clicked shut, stopping about 9 feet off the floor.

It was much more confined that it had looked, and Sophia found as the cage slowly ascended there wasn’t a single way to dance that wasn’t simply grinding on each other. She barely had room to turn. But in rather short order she simply stopped caring about all that, she was on top of the world. And as her tight mini-dress began to ride up exposing her uncovered ass she just let it. She could feel his cock getting hard in his shorts and she liked the idea of rubbing her bare ass against it while everyone was free to watch. This was more of a thrill than she had felt with Scott in a long time.


Time is a relative thing, but for Andrea it seemed to have stopped all together. After Lea and Sophia left her to her fate, she tried struggling at first. Moving as little as she could left her with the realization that she wasn’t going to untie anything on her own. So she simply laid there and enjoyed it. She had never been so helpless, even moving to her side seemed like it wouldn’t be happening.

She watched as a new girl came and tried escaping, only to find herself just as helpless as everyone else on the floor a few minutes later. The whole thing was like some kind of delicious trap, and that man with the ropes was the spider who set it. It was mesmerizing to see how fast he worked on the new girl, it was all such second nature. Spider was an apt description with how fast he could spin his threads and make someone his trapped prey.

When he came to untie Andrea, she was almost disappointed. It had not been so tight that it hurt and she was rather enjoying being this man’s captive. Once she had been untied she got to her feet slowly and in stages, letting herself and her limbs re-adjust to their freedom. Megan was close behind, and after only a minute or two wait for Andrea they were both walking away trying to spot their friends.

“I don’t see them, you want to just go look?” Andrea asked.

“I see Sophia in one of those cages,” Megan said as she pointed to her friend. “I think that means we’re probably on our own for a while.”

“Well, let’s see what else they have, we’ll just have to meet them later.” With that Andrea began marching forward, gleefully looking around at everything. As the two walked further in, the zones began to stop being strictly bondage, adding in elements of pain. One girl was being whipped to the point of welts, another was having hot wax dripped on her tied and exposed body, another sat atop an iron horse with weights on each dangling leg. Eventually bondage and pain turned into bondage, pain and sex. They saw one woman trapped in a stockade who had to deal with a cane on her ass while having a cock in her mouth. As they approached the far end of the warehouse, the displays seemed to drop all manner of pain and simply became bound group orgies.

The two friends had both seen porn, but it was another thing completely to watch actual people fucking just feet away from them. It was strange. Andrea suddenly felt very self conscious. She felt an excitement, but she also felt a knee-jerk moment of shame. Sex was supposed to be dirty, and it certainly wasn’t supposed to be public. She didn’t like to consider herself a prude like her parents (who might as well be asexual as far as she can tell) or her Catholic School had taught her, but she hadn’t had a lot of freedom to experience anything else either. As Andrea neared the end of the hall she saw a woman with her hands tied behind her, trying to satisfy a group of five men overpowering her. It was almost too intense to watch, she was flailing in all directions giving off both cries of resistance and moans of passion.

“Let’s uh.. let’s maybe try something.. something a little easier, back that way,” Andrea stuttered, grabbing Megan’s arm and slowly walking back away. Her friend seemed to agree and they both walked back towards the front of the warehouse.

“How far back, cause I don’t want to just be tied up and left alone for a while to stew,” Megan asked, trying to be delicate to whatever had clearly spooked her friend.

“Sure, that sound’s fine, I’m just not sure I’m ready for whatever that was,” Andrea said, regaining a little bit of the confidence in her voice. “Maybe just no sex just yet, good enough for you?”

Megan smiled, “That sounds fine to me.” The two were about halfway back when Megan pointed an an exhibit and said “How about that one?”

Andrea looked over and saw an area with four metal pillories each facing out from the centre. One was occupied by a naked, blindfolded and gagged woman. She was bent over at the waist with her head and hands secured in front. Her torso rested on a board with a cutout near the breasts, allowing hers to dangle freely. Two leather straps secured her to it, leaving her bent at a near perfect 90 degree angle. Her two legs were kept spread several feet apart by cuffs attached by chain to fasteners at either side of her, leaving her pussy fully exposed as the board she rested on stopped just shy of the hips. As a girl in a blue staff shirt watched, two men encircled her and had their hands all over her helplessly exposed flesh.

Andrea turned to the monitor, looking over its description see what she might expect. It was 45 minutes, contact is hands only, it all seemed fine. She touched her bracelet to the screen where it asked about blindfold and gag options. The default for both was “random” and while she worried a little, seeing as she didn’t know what all it might be choosing from, she decided to be adventurous and left them be. She confirmed and nervously stepped onto the carpet.

The staff woman directed her to pillory opposite the occupied one. The top half was already off as she directed Andrea’s head and arms into place along the rubber lined holes. She slid the top on and snapped it closed from either side. There was no need to lock it, there was no way for Andrea to reach.

“Your gag and blindfold are printing, they have not been used before and they will be yours to keep after, if you wish. Once again you can use the club safeword at any time if something goes further than you want,” the tall woman said as she tightened first one leather strap and then the other. She put a leather cuff around each ankle and pulled each foot until it was barely touching the ground before securing each of the chains with a carabiner.

As she disappeared to the centre column, it gave Andrea the first chance to test her bonds. They were even worse than the hogtie! At least with rope there was give, stretch. Here there was nothing, the metal was indifferent to her struggles.

Once she returned to view she very quickly applied a blindfold, plunging Andrea into darkness. It had a triangle shaped hole, allowing it to sit both above and below her nose, removing any chance of getting it loose or for light finding its way in from underneath. The whole thing felt rubbery and thin, not much thicker than paper. But it didn’t have to be, it did its job of providing total darkness. Then she felt something at her lips and knew to open her mouth. In came what felt like a jelly ball, very rubbery and soft. As the straps were closed behind her head the gag rested behind her teeth and trapped her tongue behind it. She tried saying a word but found it was utterly unintelligible even to her.

Then, nothing. For what seemed like ages Andrea sat there in her blind predicament. It had only been minutes in reality. As soon as Megan was similarly secured, except with a drool gag instead of a solid ball one, the two men began to look over the two newest to join them.

A rough calloused hand reached out to take hold of Andrea’s dangling breast. The touch sent shockwaves through her, even making her try to jump within the limits of her bindings. He ran his rough hand across her breast, slowly spinning around her nipple eliciting a low moan from her. His wandering hand began to slowly work its way down, gliding softly down her back.

Andrea waited in nervous anticipation. She did not know this man, she did not know what he was planning to do; and while she felt the safety of knowing she could end it with a hum, she still felt a dark and delightful uneasiness about her imagined helplessness. Unless she wanted to quit completely she had no choice but to wait to see what the rough handed man would do to her. As the stranger’s hand approached her lower back with the speed of an injured snail, her thoughts became singular with anticipation. She found herself breathing heavy, which due to the gag, she was doing largely through her nose.

The hand traced a slow outline around one asscheek and then the other. He was toying with her and it was working. She squirmed to try to get more than this minimal contact, but she really had no way to move. Worse still, he simply removed his hand at the signs of struggling. Andrea let out a sigh of disappointment and slumped back into motionlessness, hoping it would return the hand.

A sudden jolt of pain rushed through her body as the hand returned in the form of three hard, firm slaps to each cheek. The message was clear, he wasn’t going to be rushed. Andrea hoped that would mean he would return but he instead continued to leave her in isolation. She consciously kept herself still and restrained herself from letting out any sound of complaint. She could not tell if it was seconds or minutes later, but the hands returned, circling each cheek to make a figure 8 to anyone who happened to be watching.

Soon he stopped that and began a new kind of tease, bringing both hands to bare. He laid both hands squarely on her hips and pulled himself forward until his covered pelvis was against her naked rear. She froze, she was sure the sign said no sex, but it seemed to be an unmistakable position of someone about to fuck another. She was readying herself for what she felt must be coming, but instead he began to bend over her and work his hands up both sides of her back until they grasped a breast in each hand. He was shirtless and his warmth could be felt as he bent over at an angle so close to hers.

It began almost playful, he teased and kneaded her breasts with each hand. He became gradually rougher as he began to swat at the dangling breasts, eventually targeting his hits squarely at Andrea’s nipples. Andrea felt a current emanate from every hit, each one growing gradually stronger making her once again moan from the stimulation. But the shocks were getting stronger, they were not unpleasant just more intense. When he began to pinch her nipples the pain was exhilarating, it was very hard for Andrea to describe the feeling. The pain was not like other times, this one was not pleading for her to stop what she was doing like if her hand were submerged in ice water, none of the yelling to be more careful next time like a tender bruise might. Instead all her body was telling her about this pain was “Mmm, me like!”

As he continued to pinch and play with his left, his right hand let go only to reappear much lower down. Andrea had been so preoccupied by the sensations emanating from her nipple she almost didn’t register how close his single outstretched finger was getting to her now rather wet sex. It ran slowly in semi-circles, each time getting closer to her slit without ever reaching it. She was beginning to get nervous again, but reassured herself that things would not get out of bounds. She was under the watchful eye of the staff woman, and despite what his posturing suggested to her earlier this man did not seem intent on testing the rules. No, she could always get out, and knowing that meant she could explore what this captivity and this stranger were making her feel without panic that she might be in real danger.

But safe as she actually was, she still felt a little helpless as she tried to move what little she could as the man's finger got closer and closer to her pussy. For her resistance the man pinched down on her nipple harder than he had before and twisted. Andrea cried out in pain, through her gag certainly silenced the brunt of it. She tried pulling away from the tormenting pinch but what little movement she could make resulted in his other hand returning to her right breast and copying its left friend. The pain was searing. As he let go she was able to catch her breath and calm down. After motionlessly waiting for some time, his hands returned to their original work.

It was very little time before his hand gave up the dance and simply slid to its final destination. Andrea quivered but dare not move. With his index and ring fingers, the man held open her hot lips, giving his middle finger plenty of room to explore. She bit down on her gag as his finger repeatedly slapped against her exposed clit, sending shockwaves of pleasure through her with each pass. Soon the rest of his hand joined his finger as he began to furiously rub waves of pleasure out of the trapped girl. She was breathing loudly through her nose, finding herself just shy of being unable to fill her lungs as much as they were screaming to be filled. Her legs began to involuntarily shake as she was being ridden closer and closer to climax.

Just before she came crashing over the edge however, he backed away. She was left inches from the goal line, able to now catch her breath but quite badly wanting the extra little bit to finish. Instead what she got was a hard slap to her ass. It took her by surprise, which was perhaps worse than the pain itself. He then moved from slapping her ass to slapping her tender mound. It let off a wet sound with each slap and was much more painful than Andrea would have guessed it to be. After no more than a dozen of those, he was gone. Out of habit she tried to look around, but of course the blindfold revealed nothing, and even still the pillory would have made looking behind her impossible. Andrea was at once disappointed she wasn’t able to cum, but oddly giddy over how well she had been played and just how little control she had over it all.

The rest of her time she kept hoping for him to return and finish the job but he never did. No one did. She was forced to simply stay where she was, as a ball of unfulfilled desire. She could hear the low pumping of the distant music and could even hear the occasional conversation passing by, but she couldn’t do anything about any of it.

Eventually she felt her legs loosen and her straps come undone. The pillory opened and she quickly reached for the back of her blindfold only to find the staff members smooth hands already removing it. The room was never bright, but the small amount of light seemed blinding as she struggled to use her eyes again. Lastly her gag was undone and handed to her.

“That’s your time, here you can keep these,” the staff woman said as she handed Andrea the blindfold and gag. “If you don’t want to hold on to them there are material recycle bins along the far wall. There are also extra storage boxes, you can place them in and for a small fee they will be held until you leave.”

Andrea didn’t respond, she simply moved her jaw around and stretched. “I’m just going to wait for my friend,” she finally said as she leaned her weight over and onto the metal pillory. “What happened to the guy who was here?”

“Oh, his time just ran up, he was on a schedule just like everyone else,” she said as the monitor quietly beeped signalling Megan was now free to be released. Andrea watched as the woman worked fast, giving the same speech to her friend as she did to her.

Megan wiped the remaining drool from her chin and stumbled over. “That was great,” she said, her walk still a little crooked. “I’m ready for more how about you?”

“For sure,” Andrea said. “Though I’m kind of worked up, and well the pain was OK let’s maybe skip right to the part where we get to cum.”

Megan smiled, “couldn’t agree with you more.”


Sophia’s cage began to lower, something she felt couldn’t come quick enough. She had been grinding against Tom’s crotch, who had been returning the tease with rubbing her all over. This had been enough foreplay for Sophia, she was revved up and wanted swallow his load. As soon as they had gotten out of the cage and began walking out from the density of the dance floor Sophia began to drop to her knees.

“No, not here,” Tom said, stopping her before she was all the way to the ground. “They are kind of insistent that kind of thing stays off the main floor.”

“Well then lets get off the main floor,” Sophia said grabbing his hand and tugging towards the back of the floor where she saw the cage people quite clearly having sex.

Tom didn’t need much convincing and caught up with Sophia. “What did you have in mind?” He asked her with a coy grin.

“I want that big dick of yours in my mouth,” she said almost as a whisper into his ear.

“I know the thing then,” he said as he began to lead her in a slightly different direction. They arrived at an area with many tall poles sticking out of the ground maybe seven feet high. At two of them were women with their hands cuffed behind the poles, one naked another wearing a metal outfit including a collar, chastity device, metal spider ring gag and a pair of ankle cuffs. Both had dicks in their mouths and were working furiously to please them. A third man stood near the metal adorned girl, seemingly waiting his turn. “You get cuffed to a pole and you aren’t free for three hours or until you make three men cum, sound like what you had in mind?”

Sophia thought it sounded perfect. She signed herself in and knelt on a padded mat in front of one of the poles, presenting her wrists behind her for the staff member to cuff together. But to her surprise, Tom just stood there. She looked around confused with pleading eyes.

“Well since you need to get three men off, I figured I’d wait to be number three.” Tom said, watching from just outside the carpeted area with a smirk.

Sophia pouted, “no fair.” She looked around, but of the three men, none were paying her much attention. She looked over to the ring gagged woman and watched as the man who had been throat fucking her pulled out and blasted his load all over her face. Cum and spit were dripping down her chin and onto her chest as she couldn’t close her mouth. The first man barely had time to move before the person waiting shoved his dick in her mouth.

Then she watched as a somewhat fat man walks by and swipes his bracelet. Before he was even to her, Sophia opens her mouth in anticipation of this stranger’s sweaty cock. She felt so cheap, normally she would never give a guy like that the time of day, but without saying a word to each other his bitter dick was already in her mouth. She kind of liked it.

He was rather quick but pulled out just before coming, spraying her with a money shot like her neighbor had just been. But before he left he reached behind her, grabbed her halter dress and slid it over her head, letting it fall and exposing her modest breasts. She now only had one eye open to watch as he pulled his track pants back up and left.

Tom stood there watching with his arms crossed as Sophia shifted her weight and waited for her next dick. It was several minutes of pleading eye and outstretched breasts before someone else entered the area. But to Sophia’s utter disappointment he went for the gagged girl next to her. He grabbed both sides of her head and forced her up and down rather than moving his dick himself. He seemed to have no regard for her ability to keep up. Though for her part, the gagged woman was able to keep up, breathing at just the right up strokes before his dick was plunged into the back of her throat again.

Right before he seemed about ready to finish, another man came in and headed for Sophia this time. He was naked and in just as bad shape as the first one she had blown. In contrast though he simply presented his dick and expected Sophia to do all the work. She wasn’t about to disappoint! She worked her head up and down; licking, sucking and slurping as she went. He outstretched his right arm and grabbed hold of the pole as he seemed to be finishing quickly as well. With a guttural gasp his left hand grabbed hold of Sophia’s head. Her mouth filled with hot cum as he leaned forward against the pole while keeping her head firmly locked where it was. Rather than let it drool, Sophia began swallowing and the extra stimulation of her attempts to swallow seemed to be enough for him to pull his spent and sensitive penis from her mouth.

Sophia sat up and looked Tom right in the eye. She swallowed the last remaining drops of cum and opened her mouth wide with a satisfied “ahh.” “I’m ready,” she cried out seductively.

Tom took his time, he was clearly in no hurry. He signed in and took a slow, deliberative walk over to Sophia. As he reached her, he placed one leg on either side of Sophia’s folded knees. With his shorts still on but hiding a clear erection, he commanded Sophia, “If you want it, get it yourself.”

A lustful grin crossed Sophia’s face. With some difficulty, she stretched forward as much as her cuffed hands would let her. She rubbed her face into his chest as her mouth probed around searched for the elastic rim of his shorts. Eventually her open mouth made contact and she bit down, pulling the shorts away enough to expose his nearly erect penis. She made sure the elastic was below his balls and then let go, looking up at his face and opening her mouth wide.

Tom held her head in both hands and at first gave her only the tip. She tried moving her head to bob but Tom held her fast. She instead switched to circling it with her tongue, attempting to lock eyes as she did. Very slowly, almost imperceptibly, Tom began feeding her more and more of his cock. As the tip reached the back of her mouth she took in a deep breath and tried to relax her throat. It’s slow march continued, closing off her throat with his cock. Her chin had reached his balls and her eyes began to water, but he was not going to be rushed. He finally pulled out, walking back several steps right as her lungs begin to burn, leaving her coughing and gasping for breath.

“That deep, every time,” he simply instructed as he walked back to his previous place. He left his hands free, expecting her to do the work this time.

She tried as best she could replicated the slow pace, and to hold him deep inside her until it felt like her lungs were ablaze. She was needing less and less recovery at each one as she learned to catch her breath while keeping the cock at the front of her mouth on its slow journey back.

“You know,” Tom began at the start of another cycle. “If I keep you at this pace you may be here for the full three hours. So long as you’re serving me you can’t make anyone else cum, and so long as I wish for you to go slow I can stay hard like this all night. Would you like that, to worship my cock for the next three hours?” He finished just as Sophia began taking his cock down her throat, she could only look up with her eyes and give no other response.

The forcefulness was turning her on. He truly did have her right where he wanted her, and he seemed perfectly content to follow through on that threat. She knew the rules going in, now she was just a fucktoy, trapped until she made him cum, or at least trapped for quite a while. After the regular deepthroat hold she pulled back to catch her breath quicker and give an answer. “Whatever you want.” With that a jolt of anticipation ran through her body like a static shock as she positioned herself back onto his cock.

Tom let out half a smirk. He once again grabbed her head, this time moving much more forcefully. He had not forced himself to stay down for as long but was moving at easily triple the speed. It was all Sophia could do to keep up her breathing rhythm. As he let go of her head she tried desperately to keep up the pace but found herself constantly slowing, often leading to him placing a hand on the back of her head to speed her work.

It was work, much more work than she had ever had to put in to someone before. Certainly more work than anyone else had ever needed. The only sign that she was making any progress at all was a single low groan. Finally, as her neck started getting sore, she felt the familiar twinge of a cock about to blow. He grabbed her head with both hands and forced himself down her throat one more time as he began to cum. Sophia felt the warm fluid spill out, pump after pump. She only hoped it would end soon, her lungs were already starting to complain. After letting out only his second audible moan of pleasure he released her as his dick already began to soften. Before she had even caught her breath the staff person had already come by and undid her cuffs. She collapsed forward onto the mat catching her breath and basking in the afterglow.

“I trust that was what you had in mind?” Tom said as he extended a hand and helped her to her feet.

“Yeah, something like that,” she said adding a sarcastic inflection. She reached for his outstretched hand and slowly got back up. She put the top of her dress back around her neck and pulled her skirt back down to just below her ass, the little it could be pulled down.

“Sophia?” Said a surprised sounding Andrea.

“Oh hey, are you just now getting out?” She asked, startled to see her friends all of a sudden.

“No, we did another thing too,” Megan added. “Who’s this?”

“Right! Tom, these are my other friends Andrea and Megan. We all came down together,” she said pointing to each friend as she was introducing them. “What do you have there?”

“Oh these, blindfold and gag, they’re from our last thing,” Andrea said, marveling to herself at how nonchalantly she was able to say that.

“Well, we’re frankly looking for which one of these areas that was going to get us off. I don’t suppose you and your friend would want to join us?” Asked Megan breaking a silent pause that followed Andrea’s comment.

“Well, how wild are you looking for?” Tom asked her inquisitively



Tom led the three to a display near the far corner of the warehouse. The carpeted area was much larger than most of the others and had three long hard plastic structures. Each structure was wider at the top and narrower as it went down, ranging from about four feet at the top to just about a foot and a half at the bottom. If it weren't for the numerous support legs it looked like it would constantly be tipping over. Each of the three were about five feet tall and they were each very long.

But it wasn’t the structures themselves that captured the girls attention but what was sticking out of them. Every few feet there was a large wide hole a few feet up in the structure, and while many were simply empty, about half had the back end of women sticking out, exposing their ass and pussy. Two of the three also had women’s heads sticking out the opposite end through a much smaller hole. Surrounding them were men, taking advantage of seemingly every hole provided. None of the girls had ever pictured anything like this. It was all so raw, so nasty, so degrading. They needed to try!

“Ok girls, there’s one row that’s vaginal only,” he said as he pointed to the rows without heads sticking out. “Then we have mouth and vaginal in the center there, and that one on the right opens up anal as well. Anyone here ever tried Anal?”

They all shook their heads no.

“Then don’t do that, this is not a good place to start,” he replied.

Megan had already walked over to the sign and proceeded to sign in.

“Now when you’re signing in be careful,” Tom said quickly to get Megan’s attention. “You need to set parameters since each person can set different limits that will release them. It can be after so many of your own orgasms, it can be after so many of their orgasms or it could be simply a time limit. There’s a safety maximum of three hours but I doubt you want to last that long.”

Megan thought she kind of did. But she figures it’s best to stop after what 15 orgasms? 20? She was hoping she wasn’t getting over her head but she was also really ready to explode. She set 20, selected the left column and then waited off the carpet for her friends to sign in.

“What did you pick?” Sophia asked quietly as she began signing in.

“20 of my orgasms, but I also know from experience I can cum kind of quickly.”

Sophia felt intimidated by such a large number, and decided to go to with almost half that instead.

Andrea was last and was a little nervous. She wasn’t sure how long it would take her to cum in a situation like this and decided instead to simply set a time limit. It’s not likely they’d all be ending at the same time anyway. She also decided that she’d rather be in the left column, she felt being sealed in the dark box while she gets fucked for an hour was too good an image to pass up.

With her confirmed, the three walked onto the carpet together and were quickly and efficiently shown to their spot. The side walls had folded away, allowing all three of them to just walk in. As they walked inside, the lower door was lifted and secured back into place while the top door remained open. The attendants secured a strap going over their upper thighs, preventing them from pulling their ass out of the cut-out.

After Andrea’s and Megan’s asses was secured, their attendants attached metal cuffs to her wrists at the far wall, keeping them bent forward and without the free use of their hands. There were also no dividing walls, so Andrea and Megan could see each other and see down either side with half a dozen other women all screaming in delight. “If you panic,” one attendant said to both of them, “push these red buttons with both hands and we will come to help you.” The two girls watched as the shutting doors meant the light coming in from behind disappeared leaving only a low red glow emitted by every station’s buttons. It was otherwise blackness while the cries of the other women were slightly amplified as they bounced off the once again closed walls.

Sophia by contrast was bent over a flat board, which also laid her head neatly in the cutout in front of her. Hanging from either side near the top of the board were two cuffs. Once her head was in place and cuffed, the top door of the front was lowered locking her head in. “There are two buttons by your hands, hit and hold both and we will come help you,” said the attendant before closing the rear hatch completing her encasement. She looked to either side and for the first time noticed that they were both wearing a ring gag, and almost as if on cue that was when the attendant showed up with hers. She opened her mouth, and happily accepted it.

It did not take long before someone took the new bait. Andrea froze as she felt something probing for her opening. In one full stroke he was deep inside and stroking quickly. Soon after, Andrea could hear Megan gasp as someone did the same to her. They both had next to no ability to move, and so they only indication of how each person was going was by listening to the moans and eventually screams of the other.

Andrea was the first to come crashing to orgasm, she had been teased and kept on edge last time she was tied and her body was crying that it was long overdue. The problem was that he barely slowed. Now she was much more sensitive and her screams soon began to take on the almost frightening pitch of the women to her sides.

Megan was not that far behind, she grabbed the short chains holding her wide metal cuffs and bit down as a the pleasure rippled through her. Mercifully, her unknown tormentor followed shortly after, filling her pussy with hot cum. She cooled down and watched her friend, deciding to just be thankful her man didn’t have the same stamina as hers. Right as she heard her friend go quiet with another orgasm, she felt the prick of another person coming to have their fill.

Sophia was not nearly having as easy a time. She had never worn a ring gag, she did not even know about them two weeks ago, and she was finding it much more difficult. She couldn’t move her head and she couldn’t close her lips to get suction. All she could do was wiggle her tongue and relax her throat as dick after dick were forced down like her mouth was any other hole. And it was a hole the men around her seemed to prefer, the minute someone came in her mouth or shot their load over her face, another one was ready to take their place. After her mouth had seen five men, her pussy had only seen two, and she had only cum once. She was beginning to regret choosing her release conditions.

As she took the next man in her mouth, she felt something massive probing at her pussy. As it filled her it felt like she was being stretched in every direction. The thrust were deep, and after only two full strokes she felt his fingers beginning to play with her clit as well. She bit down, glad for the first time to have a ring gag or she’d have bit down on some poor souls cock, as she was being impaled at the rear. It took seemingly very little work for him to bring her to climax, something that was complicated as she tried to shout in ecstasy as her mouth also filled with cum.

But he didn’t stop, he kept his deep rhythmic strokes while his fingers continued to tease her clit. After coming yet again she found herself increasingly sensitive, making the third and then fourth climax come faster and faster. By the seventh they all seemed to be merging together, she didn’t feel she even had time to come down before the stimulation brought her right back over the edge where she started from. The assaults at her mouth had even subsided, everything was aligning and as she came for another time, she had lost count, she felt the rocking stop as he held his dick firm, filling her with his warm cum.

The doors began to open as one of the staff came into view to retrieve her gag. He went around to her back, removed her cuffs and unstrapped her legs. As the lower door released, the blue shirted staff member was there to help keep her balance. Once she regained her balance he let go and handed her the more than slightly cum and drool covered ring gag. “This is yours if you wish, you can keep it or recycle the material, your choice.”

Sophia began to walk to the edge of the carpet when she saw Tom and Lea waiting. While Tom looked the same, Lea had since put her hair up and was now holding in both hands a rather intimidating riding crop.

“That looked intense, you still able to walk right after that?” Lea asked a still uncharacteristically stumbling Sophia.

“That last guy, my god. He had, like... the biggest penis. Lea I’m talking porn star big,” Sophia said as she finally reached her friend.

“I’m glad you approve,” said a sarcastic voice from behind Sophia. As she turned to looks she saw Paul walking back to meet the rest of them.

“Oh, so this is a little awkward,” Sophia said, becoming just a little bit flush.

“Only if you want it to be. Every third person here is naked why should commenting on me be different? What, because you know the name I go by here?” Paul said with a bit of a chuckle at the end. “Is it any more awkward that the other people you didn’t know their name?”

Sophia thought about it for a moment and realized how silly she was being. She shrugged her shoulders in apathetic agreement.

“You look like you could use a shower, come there are some in the back,” Tom said as he gestured for the other to follow him back to the double doors at the centre of the wall. Paul joined his friend in walking towards the back.

“I’ll wait for the other two,” Lea said.

Sophia only then noticed the small trail of cum leaking from her, and knowing there was certainly still cum on her face a shower sounded great.

Megan and Andrea were both getting lost in their own moments. They were both sensitive, sweaty, and nearly in constant arousal. They had both long ago stopped counting how many times they had cum, but they could still notice that some were much better at dragging it out of them.

At the first time when it seemed neither had anyone behind them, Andrea asked, “how many was that?” If Megan heard she didn’t respond. And it was not long after that she began to scream again as someone was clearly back. They didn’t even sound like the screams you’d think to hear from sex any more. They were so much louder, so much more animalistic.

After what seemed like an eternity Andrea watched as they opened Megan’s door and helped her out. Whoever was having sex with her didn’t even seem so slow down as she was being helped out just feet away. Andrea’s rational mind couldn’t do much but it did begin to wonder now that Megan’s done how much longer she would have. A few men later and she had her answer as a wave of fresh air and light wafted in from behind her. She stumbled out with help, and nearly fell over. She was exhausted on the one hand but wired on the other, like downing a few espressos after an all nighter.

“There you are,” Lea said to a still slightly confused Andrea. Megan was standing beside her and leaning slightly off her shoulder.

“Well good to see you again. Sophia still going?” Andrea asked as she approached the edge of the carpet where her friends were.

“No, she went off to take a shower in the back,” Lea began to say, only to have Megan say the same thing over top of her. “I think we should join her,” Megan added.

“That does sound good,” Andrea said. “Lead on.”


It isn’t quite visible from the main hall, but beyond the double doors is a whole separate extension. There is a covered walkway, windowless and unimpressive, but as it ends, it leads to another building altogether. It opens up to a kind of lobby. There’s a receptionist, more doors and a large sign saying the showers are to the left, and many numbered rooms through the doors directly beyond the reception desk. As the three walked in they met Sophia, Tom and Paul waiting on one of the nearby couches with hair still a bit wet from their showers.

“Meet you when you’re done,” Sophia called out to her friends who continued on to have their now quite desired shower.

They shower room was like something out of a 30s prison. The first room simply was simply row after row of lockers, Andrea and Megan put their blindfolds and gags in one and took the key. Beyond the locker area there were dull tile walls, slightly angled tile floors, and a central metal grate receiving all the spill off from the shower head attached to either wall. It was steamy but not sweltering, packed with both men and women mostly showering themselves in silence. The one exception came from a woman in the far corner who simply stood there as two men, both in plastic chastity cages, took great care to wash her. The two stepped up to shower heads on opposite walls and turned them on, washing aways what turned out to be quite a lot of built up sweat and other fluids. Both took a rather economical approach and were not very long before toweling off, retrieving their things and walking out to the lobby to meet up.

“So this is like a whole other building then,” Meagan said matter of factually.

“Yeah, these are the private areas, as opposed to everything back there which is open for public viewing,” Tom explained as he began to stand up, seeming to hint he had a destination in mind.

“I was telling Lea about this friend of mine,” began Paul who also stood up. “He’s a bit of a tech wiz, works on bio-circuitry. Cutting edge stuff, I can barely keep up when he’s trying to explain it.”

“Sounds interesting,” said Andrea.

“I haven’t gotten to the interesting part yet, and don’t interrupt,” Paul said, the latter part quite sternly. “So he’s got a new product in development, though he can probably explain it a lot better. He’s still in testing stages before he gets approval to sell them, and the more variety of test cases he’s got the faster that’s going to happen. Especially Europe, the EU’s a real stickler for these kinds of diversified testing. And they wonder why they aren’t getting any of the tech geeks, you know if you ask me...” he stopped himself, clearing his throat to change the subject as he felt a lengthy and unrelated rant coming on.

“Sorry, that’s not really the point. The point is he’s got a wait list a mile long from people more our age. He’s got just about every kind of physical variety working, but for whatever reason he hasn’t gotten enough younger volunteers. Not a lot come to FetFairs around the world, and he’s still keeping it too quiet to advertise beyond them. So it’d be a huge favor to just hear him out, if you aren’t interested no harm no foul, if you are I can basically guarantee he’ll give’m away for free.” He finished his spiel with a loud clap, “So who’s up for it? You’re two other friends already agreed to hear him out,” he said as he pointed to Lea and Sophia.

“Why not,” Andrea said, Megan shook her head in agreement.

“Excellent, follow me.” He said as he briskly walked back to the receptionist. “Hi, I’m with four non-members, I’ll vouch for them,” he said to the receptionist as he flashed her a card. She frantically typed away on her computer before popping back up “Ok you’re free to go back now.”

The door lead to what looked almost like the hallway of a kind of self-storage. The walls looked new and temporary, like they had all been put up recently and in haste. The floor and ceiling looked quite a bit older and quite a bit more permanent, obviously a part of whatever building had always been here. As Paul reached room 117 he knocked on the door, after some time a short and scraggly Indian looking man in a white coat answered the door.

“Hi Paul, what’s up?” He asked, only leaving the door cracked enough to look out of.

“I got some people here that might be interested in your new chip thing, they’re all 18 and you were saying the other day you needed more young people,”

“Great! Come in,” he cheerfully extolled as he swung the door wide open. “Come in please, I should have enough chairs for every... yes I have enough. Please come in and sit down. How much has Paul here told you guys?”

“Not much,” Lea said as she took a seat at the far end. The room was rather drab. The chairs they sat on were cheap and foldable. The far wall had a single door at one side but was otherwise blank, presumably to light up during presentations. There was a folding table with a computer on it by the far wall’s door.

“Alright, I’ll start at the top,” he said as he closed the door they entered from. He knocked on the far door and returned to the centre of the room. The door opened as a woman, also in a white coat, walked out. She was clearly a bit older, and dressed plainly and professionally like the man was, except for a pair of earrings and a thin black ribbon around her neck. She sat at the computer and dimmed the lights before he continued.

“My name is Dr. Sai Verma. I am the co-founder of Synsermo, a biotech company I started with a colleague of mine. Our work to date has been on bioelectric synergism.” With that an image was projected behind him. “This is your basic RAL unit, that’s Responsive Artificial Limb. What makes these limbs different from artificial limbs just ten years ago is the way the circuit is able to interact with the existing nervous systems in a way the brain can process it. Nerves communicate rather simply, passing small electrical charges from neuron to neuron. In a RAL, the nerves are actually attached to wires on the unit, and that lets the RAL both read and send the kinds of electrical signals human nerves send. We were both part of a team that helped get the signals to interact properly.”

He paused, almost as if he wished they would gasp or something to show their impressed reaction. But with only silence greeting him he went on. “Since starting Synsermo, we have been working on other ways to get signals directly from an artificial connector to the brain and back again. Our original hope was direct communication between the human brain and our system. The first problem we had though was that these connectors must be placed at the ending of a nerve, or it will hijack signals from continuing on, making everything down-nerve unresponsive. It means we can only try attaching these at nerve endings, but there aren’t many places with a dense concentration of nerve endings. The hands are too delicate and vital, the feet under too much pressure, that only really left one place with a bundle of nerve endings dense enough to get a signal...” Again he seemed to want a reaction but getting none he simply and bluntly finished. “That would be your sex organs. For lovely ladies such as yourselves that would be your g-spot, nerve endings very dense and close to the surface without being in the way of everyday life.”

“Are you saying you can communicate with our minds through... there?” Megan asked, trying to engage in the conversation.

“No, that’s not what I mean. See nerves fire signals by opening and closing chemical channels, sending an electric signal by moving charged ions. Essentially then, nerve communication can be broken down into having these channels turn on and off, zero and one. You can consider nerves digital, it’s really a lot like a big chemical computer. The problem is we have no idea what programing language its using, and that’s what we’ve been working on.”

“So when there’s an amputation, the brain will still send these digital signals to a finger to bend, and with an RAL we determined what that data packet of zeros and ones is. But if there’s no finger nothing happens. If you attach the right receiver to the end of that nerve to recieve that data packet, it can take the brain’s formatted command to bend your finger and convert the signal to tell the motors in the artificial hand to bend the robotic finger. If you pick something up, a normal hand would tell your brain details about how it feels, so if you can send a signal from a mechanical hand the brain understands its as if they never lost a hand at all because it communicates. I’m trying to see if I can communicate with the brain with someone who hasn’t lost a limb. In theory it could allow direct communication with the brain.”

“To say what exactly?” Andrea asked, becoming intrigued with where this might be going.

“Our original goal was to find a way of letting a computer have a conversation with your brain, transmitting and receiving data without the need to talk, but that just isn’t working. It might not ever be able to work. We just don’t know what data packet would be needed to hijack nerves like that. Right now I can only get it to say things your nerves would normally say. Every signal either wouldn’t process or only process the way those nerves usually react.”

Everyone leaned forward, feeling he was clearly about to build to his final point.

“So while we were failing at our original goals, we realized we accidently created something that I think there’s a real market for. This device can mimic what your g-spot would normally do, but without anything else needing to be done. You can stimulate yourself directly and perfectly every time, no need to use roundabout ways of stimulation like friction or vibration. So I present to you, the NESIC; that is the Neuro-Electric Signal Inducer Chip.” As he finished talking he raised his hand up to the displayed diagram like a circus ringmaster pointing to the next attraction. On the screen was a very small chip next to a penny, it was just as thin and only a quarter as wide.

The girls had already started to let their minds wander, imagining all the possibilities. They couldn’t picture how a chip like that could possibly do what he says.

“How does it get power?” Sophia asked.

“Nerves don’t take much of a charge to send a signal, and the power to do so is sent by a Super-Qi signal like the induction battery chargers on your phones. If the remote isn’t within 25 feet or so or isn’t sending a signal it has no power. Of course each chip is coded so it couldn’t just pick up a passing power signal and turn on, it has to be a specific frequency which is different for each chip.”

Andrea put her hand to her mouth, stunned, speechless and trying to decide what to make of this.

After allowing appropriate time for this to sink in he continued by pulling what looked like a slightly large electric car key from his pocket. “This is the NESIC controller. Each chip is tuned to only respond when given coded commands so that it couldn’t just be activated by some passerby. Nichole, would you mind?” He said as the woman by the computer set her coat on the chair and joined the doctor in the centre of the room.

“Nichole here has a NESIC fitted, and this is its controler,” he said, waving the piece of plastic in his hands around. He ducked back to the computer to change the slide. “This is a close up of the control, you have to pinch both sides before it will recognize any other response. Don’t want this accidentally turning on while you’re driving or something!” He said, getting a slight chuckle out of the somewhat pensive looking Nichole.

“There are only three other buttons; this up arrow which turns the setting up, this down arrow which turns it down, and this circle at the bottom that sends the command to climax. One of the things that I’ve found is that when I turn it up like this...” he said as he hit the up arrow button, lighting a display that read 1 and making his assistant jerk ever so slightly. He continued turning it up until it read 9 and Nicole was in very visible arousal as her breathing quickened and she became very uneasy. “Yes, when it’s turned up all the way I’ve found an interesting thing. The signal the chip is signaling is telling the brain it’s aroused and stimulated, would you agree Nicole?”

She smiled as her cheeks began to flush, “That’s definitely what I’m getting.”

“But unlike a vibrator or some other form of stimulation, this will never lead to orgasm because as it turns out that is a differently coded signal. Until I press this button...” he said as his thumb hovered over the big red circle. “Well, or unless something physically stimulates her down there she’s never going to get over the edge.” With that he began turning the device down until the screen read nothing at all.

“So that’s the basics of what this is. But the real reason you’re here is that it’s been stuck in this kind of legal limbo, I can give them out for testing, but not yet sell them. I can’t even take money for pre-orders, and trust me people have asked. I need to show it’s safe and that means I need test subjects of every physical background and that’s where you come in. My youngest tester is 19, but that’s not good enough for those paper-pushers. They need test subjects who they define as “adolescent” which is 12-18. But it’s even more complicated because I’m not sure I could give these to people under 18 because of the inherent sexual nature of the product. For all I know, giving this to a minor might be a crime!” You could hear his frustration as he explained it.

“So that’s my whole deal,” he continued in a more subdued tone. “If I ever want to get this to public sale I need safety approvals and the way its written I need people who are exactly 18. I legally can’t pay you, some countries would consider that a bribe, but I will not be charging you for anything. These will be very expensive once they go on sale, so it’s actually quite an expensive little gift. There have been no side effects or malfunctions from anyone, so I’m rather confident it would be safe. It’s become common at some of the FetFairs around the country because whatever happens here people are bound by confidentiality, so I don’t have to worry about one of the big companies beating me to market after they hear about it. When the chips are turned off you will barely even know they’re there. If this sounds at all interesting please, I beg you to consider it. We can install them right now, if you are up for it.”

“What if we don’t like them?” Andrea asked.

“It just needs to be three months minimum to get approval by the last few government approval boards. I’ll set up an exam at that point, and after that it doesn’t matter what you do with them. If you really want to I can remove them early, but if you can wait the three months so I can collect the data, I’ll take them out myself if that’s what you want.”

The women quietly thought about it. They didn’t quite see the downside, but they still weren't sure. It felt like there must be one, it seemed too good to be true.

“What the hell, sign me up,” Andrea said as she bounced to her feet.

“Thank you so much, just follow Nichole back,” he said as he pointed to his assistant.

Andrea walked back to where Nichole was holding open a door. It led to a vaguely medical looking room with an exam bed prominently in the middle.

“Just hop up there and get your legs in the stirrups, this doesn’t take long,” Nichole said confidently as she went to put on gloves. “A few quick concerns; are you allergic to silicone, do you have any bleeding disorders, or do you currently have a UTI?”

“Nope, none of those,” replied Andrea as she got into position.

“You’ll feel a bit of a prick and some pressure, but nothing major. The chip will be placed under the skin, and surgical tape will hold it in place. The tape should dissolve on its own in a few weeks. If you understand and agree I need you to sign here,” she said as she handed over a clipboard, one that Andrea signed quickly. Nichole slid up on a stool, the whole thing was exactly as simple as she described. A moment of discomfort, but before she even thought about it Nichole was sliding back and removing her gloves. “All done, here’s your controler box,” she said as she handed her a keychain sized device identical to the one Dr. Verma had been showing with the exception of a small carabiner at the top.

Andrea got down and walked to the door. As she opened it to leave Megan was waiting just outside and without exchanging a word slipped past and into the exam room.

“So let me see it,” Lea said, outstretching her arm but not getting out of her seat. “Mind if I try turning it up?” she asked almost the second it was in her hand. Andrea was nervous but nodded her consent.

It was a strange sensation that hit when Lea turned it on to 1. It was not exactly pure pleasure, more like lust. The kind of hazed feeling like you might get watching a steamy movie. Even that might be too strong, more like a mildly steamy scene. It was certainly felt, but it wasn’t particularly strong.

“You alright?” Lea asked

“Yes, fine. You know it’s just kind of hard to describe, lets see higher,” Andrea said as she decided to sit down.

She watched as the single digit LED screen on the remote went up to 2. There was certainly a difference. She began to feel a little flushed, a little bit warm even, and she could feel herself just starting to get wet.

She watched as it was increased again to 3. This was no longer minor, she was getting quite wet and without even noticing she had slipped her hand between her legs.

“Wait a second,” Lea said as she pulled her friend’s hand away. “I kind of want to see what this looks like with just the chip, aren’t you curious too?” Andrea didn’t want to admit it but her friend was right. How would she know what these felt like if she was adding in her own sensations. She put her arms firmly to her side and gripped the bottom of the chair.

Lea continued, sending the device up to 4. It was getting more pronounced at the higher levels, this was really not like a vibrator. It wasn’t just the lack of movement, but the stimulation felt so, detached. It seemed to simply will itself into existence for no earthly reason. It was like separating the pleasure from all the feelings around it, and only giving a concentrated dose of that. Her breathing was becoming faster, though not close to what could be called labored. She felt a warm radiation throughout her upper body, like might be generated from a long passionate kiss.

As it turned up to 5, she could almost feel like someone’s hands were hovering just inches from her, exciting her without making contact. By 6, she was feeling the desperate urge to grind against something, her body was beginning to insist she do something about all these feelings of lust and desire. By 7 she could almost feel pins and needles around her breasts and crotch, both had become so tender she felt that any touch would send an explosive fire through her. By 8 she had to grip her hands tighter to fight the powerful urge to reach between her and do something about this.

Once the device had reached its maximum of 9, Andrea was looking to be in quite a mess. Her breathing was decidedly frantic. She had her eyes wide in an almost panicked look. She was finding it hard to think of anything but how much she needed to get off, and how surprised she felt at not being able to do so already. It was not even a full minute later before she asked Lea to turn it down, that it was too strong. While Lea had ascended slowly, taking in what each strength was doing, she recognized the need for relief and she powered it down very quickly.


Andrea lay panting, trying to catch her breath and slow her racing mind. She had been so preoccupied she hadn’t even noticed Megan return from the back, nor Sophia leave to go next after her. She was barely back to earth in time to notice as Sophia return.

“Lea, have you made up your mind yet?” asked the Dr. Verma.

“What the hell, it looks like fun.” She said as she handed Andrea back her controller and headed for the back room.

Andrea looked at it in disbelief, it just looked so plain. It didn’t quite feel cheap but it certainly was nothing elaborate either. “So, explain one more thing if you could, what’s the deal with the orgasm button? Can it just go off whenever or what?” she asked as her thumb traced the red rubber button’s round outline.

“Oh no, nothing like that, though wouldn’t that be something?” he said with a bit of a chuckle. “No, it’s just as I said, the command the nerves give for stimulation is different from the command for orgasm. If you aren’t stimulated enough it would be like asking for some food that isn’t done cooking yet. People have said they need to be at around at least setting 5 before it responds properly, though some have said being on the lower settings for longer will work too.”

Sophia gasped as she turned hers on. “So you’re saying if this is on a high number and I press this button here, I’ll have an orgasm, just like that?”

“Just like that, though I’d maybe take it easy while you’re still here. It’s easy enough to lose count and you don’t want the bill getting to out of hand.”

Sophia turned her chip off, suddenly startled. “Wait, what bill?”

“OH DEAR GOD!!” Megan yelled as she looked at her bracelet. It read in big red letters “-$1,190”

“Wait don’t you remember the rules?” Dr. Verma asked.

“What rules?” Megan screamed in an only slightly more quiet tone.

“The one about charging you for orgams while you’re on the fair grounds. The bracelets monitor when your body goes through orgasm and deduct from your account every time it does. It’s one of the first things they remind you of when you get your membership and it’s one of the first rules posted up on the wall by the entrance. It’s one of the big things that make these events profitable enough to keep going,” he explained in a tone that was trying but failing to not sound condescending.

“We aren’t members,” said a now quiet but panicking Megan.

“I guess we must have missed the rule board,” Sophia said as she finally dared to look at her bracelet which read -$845.

“How do you miss it? It’s got ‘rules’ written in big bold letters at the top, did you not think that was important?” he incredulously asked.

Andrea looked down and could almost feel her blood drain as she saw in big red letters -$1,270.

“Now hold on, how bad’s the damage?” Paul asked in a voice attempting but failing to try to calm the room down. “They’ll take credit cards it doesn’t have to be cash.”

“I.. don’t.. HAVE any credit cards. And I don’t have nearly enough on my bank card for this.” Andrea said through gritted teeth, not sure if it’s from anger or frustration.

As if waiting for the perfect timing, Lea walked back out just then and instantly knew something had gone horribly wrong. She could feel the tension and the dread.

“Lea, how much money do you have?” Andrea asked hoping for a saviour.

“On my card, not much. It’s just about tapped out from the entrance fees. I even went over my limit and now I owe an extra 35 dollars,” she replied cautiously, worrying there was some unseen landmine she may accidentally set off. “Why do you ask?

“Oh, no reason,” replied a Megan, nearly in tears. “I just owe a little over a grand extra, ya know, no big deal” she said in an attempt at levity.

“Wait, how is that even possible?” Lea screeched, suddenly understanding the feeling of doom she walked in on.

“Apparently having an orgasm isn’t free here. So we are kind of screwed unless they’ll take your car as payment or something,” explained Andrea

“Her car might be old but it could probably cover it.” Megan said finally returning to a regular volume.

“Sure, but if we sell her car then how do we get home?” Sophia interjected.

“I might have a solution,” Paul interrupted. “It’s only a maybe, but it’s probably better than selling your friend’s car.”

“Ok, when did selling my car become our first move?” Lea interjected.

“It was a figure of speech,” Tom said defensively. “But I’m friends with some of the organizers of this thing, I might be able to squeeze you in as staff but you might not like how.”

“Let’s hear it,” replied Sophia.

“So this is a weekend long event, it doesn’t disperse until Sunday. Well for members, some of us rent rooms to stay the whole time, that’s what most of these rooms are for. It’s tradition that at midnight of the first night there’s a bit of a, well, no other way to say it but an auction. Paid actresses are auctioned off for the remainder of the weekend to the highest bidder. That’s starting soon, and if we hurry, and my friend agrees, I might be able to squeeze you in there. Depending on how much you go for that could make a serious dent in your debt, maybe even take out all of it. What do you think?” Paul explained, gradually getting up from his chair and moving to the centre of the room as he was explaining.

It seemed like an extreme option, but Andrea didn’t see much choice. She would never get the money from her parents, especially while they were still out. Hell, if they knew where she really was they might not speak to her for a month. Her friends were in similar binds.

“I’m sorry, I’m not willing to do that,” Lea said after a long pause. “I’ll loan you as much as I can spare, but I’m not doing that.”

The silence returned. All three were thinking it over, each knowing they really had no other idea how to pay for all this. “What happens if we can’t pay?” Megan asked after some time. “All of us entered using Lea’s card, wouldn’t it just charge her and bounce back with ‘insufficient funds?’”

“Well, she paid the entrance fee, but what that negative means is exit fee. If you can’t pay as you exit they take your information from the ID they’re holding on file and give you a week to pay, plus a 10% late fee. You don’t want that. If you haven’t paid in full after two weeks they add another 10% and turn it over to some rather unscrupulous collectors that will not mind fucking with your life until they get paid. If you reach that far you’ve breached your contract and they don’t have to respect your privacy, and they will shout from the rooftops if they think it will get them their money. It doesn’t come up often, but it happens.” Paul explained.

“Was this all part of some trick?” Sophia asked as she stared daggers at Tom.

“No, I swear. I didn’t know you weren't aware of the rules, and I certainly didn’t know you couldn’t pay. It may sound extreme but Paul does have the only plan I can think of,” Tom said as he leaned forward to meet her accusing stare.

“Fine, I’m in,” said Megan as she rose to her feet. Sophia joined her and seeing no other option Andrea did too.

“Alright,” Paul said with a clap, “we have to be quick about it, the three of you grab your stuff and come with me. Lea, I guess you should just meet them when they’re off work, anytime after 2pm on Sunday.”

“Good luck, if it’s still open lets meet back at that bar,” Lea called out as she stood by and watched her friends shuffle out the door.

The three friends grabbed their remotes and gags and following Paul through a maze of makeshift hallways. As they reached the end of a particularly long one, Paul knocked on a door and was greeted by some very large fellow that was just out of sight. He walked inside making pleasant conversation and with his hands told the girls to wait where they were.

It was this moment of waiting that was hardest so far for Andrea. It gave her mind time to give her a list of all the reasons this wasn’t a good idea. And there certainly were a number of reasons. The only problem was that in response she had no other idea how she would get the money, and frankly a part of her thought that maybe this could be fun. I mean she paid a man to tie her up, now she was going to get paid to be sold off for the weekend, maybe it wouldn’t be much worse.

The door opened and Paul walked out with three clipboards in hand. “Ok, I’ve talked it over and they decided to let you in, you need to look over these forms and sign them. Legally speaking you’d be actresses, and lucky for you that also means nothing you do will cost you extra money like it would if you were still a guest. Try to read these more carefully than you did the club rules, because it’s serious.”

There was only one page of text, it was dense but not complicated. They would be dressed in regulation outfits, though they weren't happy to see that this was an out of pocket cost if you didn’t already have one. They would receive a fixed percentage of their auction price, but only after completion on Sunday evening. It laid out on its second page a long checklist of limits, and it said that any selected limit or any kind of play not listed on this page was banned. There were a few things listed that did not have a box allowing them to be declared as limits, but very few were part of these “required” list. The downside was that it also said that each limit above the first five would lower their pay percentage. They had a safeword, but using it would result in no pay unless banned activity occurred.

“And you’re sure this could net us over a grand each?” Andrea asked skeptically as she reached the end of the document.

Paul cleared his throat before responding. “Usually, not everyone but most girls. My tip would be to make sure to highlight your strengths in your description at the back page. They’ll read it as you go on stage and that can influence how much people are willing to spend. Mention your age, tell them you have a NESIC, and emphasize your newness cause that’s rarer and some people like that.”

Andrea bit her lower lip as she thought this over. “Worst case,” she thought “I’ll use my safe word and just wouldn’t get paid. I’ll be exactly where I am right now.” She picked up the pen attached to the clipboard and began to fill in the form. She decided to make only the most extreme things off limits, she got 5 free and decided that could be enough. She signed her name, swallowed her remaining fears and was the last to hand back the clipboard.

“One last thing,” Paul said as he collected the clipboards. “This is fantasy, they’re going to probably say things they don’t mean and threaten to do things they’ll never do. You’re being paid to let them do that,” he said as he held the door open. Inside was a rather empty dressing room, there were several staff in blue shirts standing around doing nothing but no other women. As the three walked in, three staff members came from up to grab a clipboard at random and called for the appropriate girl to come follow them.

Andrea was called away by a young man with black rimmed glasses and stubble. He took her few possessions and set them on a small table in front of one of the dozen or so mirrors. He returned with a machine he held up to her bracelet which promptly came off her wrist. There was a single large printer in the far corner of the room, aside from a curtained doorway it seemed to be the only thing that wasn’t all the same. Andrea watched as her attendant beat his colleagues to the machine, he placed her bracelet on the surface and began selecting things.

It very quickly began printing out one metal contraption after the other. Andrea was waved over and as the parts came out of the machine they were applied. They were lighter than they looked, but it was common for printed metal pieces to be hollow to save on cost. First came ankle cuffs with d-rings on all four sides, they closed snugly and were secured with a locking pin screwed into place. They were reflective but not overly shiny and each contoured to her foot. The thigh wrist and elbow cuffs were very similar, each one also locking closed with a screw which took some time.

Just as he was finished she saw a much more serious implement appear, a metal chastity device. It seemed an odd thing to dress someone you’re about to auction, but that was less on her mind than the small plug protruding out the back. She had unchecked anal sex, but small anal plug was something she couldn’t remove and now she saw why. It wasn’t much wider than two fingers at it’s widest and was barely even a pinky wide at the base, she felt she could take that.

“Spread your legs please,” said the staff member quietly. Andrea did as she was told and soon felt the familiar slippery low-friction material that covered most sex toys now. It was only uncomfortable for a second or so before she felt the base of the belt against her skin. She could barely feel the intruder at all, something she was extremely grateful for. The belt came together at the front and had a rather wide and thick belt. As she looked down Andrea even saw some small recesses along the belt, but she wasn’t sure their point.

Next came what looked like two metal half globes held together with a web of chains. As he positioned them into place on her breasts they began to take a shape similar to a bra. While the outside was perfectly round, the inside were shaped to the contours of her breasts. It was not quite applying much pressure, but there was certainly no room for much air between her breasts and the insides of the globes.

Once that was secured, he went for a collar. It was thin and no more than an inch tall. It had many d-rings, much more than her cuffs. And attached to the frontmost d-ring was a nametag that simply said #1461. “Until you are are told otherwise,” said the man securing the collar around her neck, “your name is 1461, that’s your ID for the weekend.” Andrea, well 1461 agreed.

He next held in his hand something that looked similar to a small dildo but with thin chains and lots of them. She opened her mouth to take in the phallus until it had almost reached far enough back to make her gag but stopped just short. It was rather thick at the base and had a firm ring connecting the dildo to the chain harnesses and preventing her from biting down. Her head was quickly encircled with chains, under her chin, around her head and over the top of her head. It left two lines of chain visible out of the corner of her eye and sent the very clear message that it was there to stay.

She heard the machine ding, at which time the attendant grabbed the lengths of chain that had appeared and walked 1461 back to the mirror by her stuff. She stood for several seconds simply admiring herself, paying no attention as he attached a short hobble chain between her ankles and an even shorter one between her thighs. Both chains had on either side a kind of casing that perfectly fit over a d-ring and clicked shut making it almost look like the chain was a part of the cuff. She only regained her focus and noticed him when he blocked her view in the mirror, standing up to attach a chain to her collar with the same kind of d-ring housing.

He quickly walked back behind her but this time she was able to keep her attention to what was happening to her. “Place your hands palm down at the top of your ass cheeks” he said even as he helped move her arms into those places.

A clicking sound echoed from behind her as one wrist slid into place. The d-ring had been lowered into one of her belt’s crevices and the belt had taken hold of it, she could not move her hand from atop her ass cheek. This was followed quickly by the other hand doing the same. As if this wasn’t enough immobilization, her elbows were connected with a chain. It puffed her chest out and while it was not uncomfortable, it did become mildly so if she attempted any major movement of her arms.

The attendant finally reached for her belongings. He clipped the NESIC controller to a ring on her collar along with another remote a little bigger that she hadn’t noticed before. Next he reached for the gag and blindfold, “We’ll keep this for you, it can be picked up when you finish.”

Turning her head she could see that Sophia was being dressed in identical manner, while Megan still waited for her turn at the printer. She felt a tug at her collar. She tried walking to meet the tug but hadn’t known about her hobble chains and almost fell over.

“Come on, they’ve already started the auction, you’re going to be at the end as it is, we need to get you to the stage area.” With that her attendant led her by the leash through the curtained door and down a dark hallway towards somewhere that was getting increasingly loud.


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