The Stories of Bound Friends 4: Andrea and the Full House

by JessBaby

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© Copyright 2014 - JessBaby - Used by permission

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Part 4: Andrea and the Full House

Megan and Sophia sat in slack-jawed silence across from Andrea and Lea trying to process what Lea had just told them.

“So let me get this straight. You own this place,” Sophia said slowly as she looked around the living room, as if to make it extra clear which place she meant.

“Yeahuh” Lea said nodding her head quickly forcing her to push her black rimmed glasses back up.

“And you got the money by selling the software you’ve been using to torment us all month,” Sophia continued, letting her eyebrows convey her disbelief. “And how are you not more freaked out about this Andrea?”

“Cause I.. kind of saw it two weeks ago?” Andrea sheepishly replied, her voice trailing off at the end.

“So is that what happened? You two have been like, well joined at the hip is understating it.” Megan finally chimed in.

“Well I have been helping her move in, you should have seen how barren it was when she first got the place.” Andrea said, looking back behind her and remembering how empty the living room used to be.

“Sure that explains where you two disappear to after school, but it’s not just that. I don’t think I’ve seen one of you without the other in... yeah just about two weeks now.” Sophia said in an ever so slightly accusatory tone.

“We’re just friends who’ve had a lot to do. This place came well equipped in some ways but it was still missing some of the more basic stuff. That’s meant we’ve been off on our own a bunch, and this place is so far away it means we try and get it all done quick and minimize our trips out. That’s where I’ve been but there’s nothing nefarious about that.”

Andrea said the words, three words she’d been chanting to herself more and more. We’re just friends. She believed them, but it shook her some that she had to keep saying it to herself. Truth was somewhere between getting tied up, often naked, going down on each other, and cuddling in bed together after, not a lot of people would call them “just friends” anymore. But everyone comes to realizations at their own speed, and Andrea was not being very quick.

“Ok, slow down, I didn’t mean anything by it. Hell, if it were me fixing up a secret cabin, I’d probably be 24/7 about it too,” Sophia said, marveling at the strangeness of the topic as it left her mouth.

“So how about a tour Mrs. I-have-my-own-cabin-in-the-woods?” Megan butted in, not so much to defuse tension as out of genuine curiosity.

“That is not my name, that’s a ridiculous last name, you’re ridiculous, but sure lets start. You got the deck out there, the hot tub works now so that’ll be awesome. Then, going clockwise around the hallway starting with first door you got the bathroom, and the wooden door next to it is the sauna. Past that you got doors to two guest bedrooms. The door at the end of the hall is is my room. Past that on the other side you have the laundry room which also leads outside to the carport, and finally the big ass room over there taking up the rest of the space we’ve come to calling the lounge.” Lea explained pointing out the doors from the mouth of the hallway.

“And what are some of those small doors at either edge of the living room?” Megan asked.

“Just, uh, what do you call it, utility room.” Lea stammered out. Andrea turned away as she began to grin. Andrea was terrible at poker.

“So Sophia, that room by mine is yours, Megan that one’s yours and Andrea will just have the couch.” Lea explained as she headed back to the car. “Why don’t you go check out the room, Andrea and I’ll go get your bags.” Andrea soon began to follow.

The two pairs of friends headed off in their various directions. Andrea and Lea waited just outside, watching the screen on her phone as it played one of the hallway’s cameras showing them each enter their rooms. Flipping back to the commands, Lea hit the button locking down both rooms like she had with Andrea. The two watching were a little giddy that it worked and turned back to head inside. “Hey where do you think you’re going?” Lea asked as she turned back to Andrea and clicking the car unlocked at the same time. “ Someone’s got to bring the bags in. Put them in my room would you?”

“Yes Mistress.” Andrea said with a wave of anticipation, the weekend’s events were finally starting.


When Megan heard the door close and lock behind her she was already sitting on the bed getting situated. She gave the lock a quick lookover from where she sat and could tell even at that distance that there was no getting around it. She simply collapsed back in the bed and mumbled out loud, “Damn you Lea, and your damn surprises. Would it be so hard to give a girl a heads up every once in a while about when things are starting?”

Sophia one soundproofed room over was not being nearly as blasé about it. She darted over to the sliding glass door that had bars in front of it. The bars looked like they could slide to one side just like some kind of high security screen door, but she also saw a very serious clamp on one side and a kind of metal ramp raised up to prevent it from sliding even if the clamp was gone. She tried pulling on the bars but nothing happened. She tried reaching behind the bars for the sliding glass door itself, but not only was it too locked, the metal handle gave her a slight shock. She moved over and tried pulling on the small door right next to the glass. While there was no serious lock, at least on the side that she could see, that handle shocked her too.

More cautiously, she examined the front door and found that not only could she not do anything about the deadbolt, but that doorknob shocked her as well. She let out a scream of frustration, she would have thrown something but beyond the drawer and bedframe which were bolted to the floor there was nothing. She thought about flipping the mattress but decided to lay down on it instead and give the bed a few good punches.

“Wow, I’m actually a little surprised,” Lea said laying flat on her stomach in the middle of her bed, looking at her laptop as Andrea entered overloaded with baggage. “Sophia gave up a little easier than I thought. I guess the shocks really do something.”

“Well,” Andrea said as she climbed onto the bed beside her friend to see the screen. “Having been on the receiving end I also can’t stress just how little options you have and how quickly you realize that. Sophia’s probably just come to the same conclusion.”

“Yeah, but after some of our last talks I assumed she would put up more of a resistance.” Lea said cautiously and quietly.

“What’s that?” Andrea asked as she pointed to a colored bar dancing up and down beside the camera feed.

“Oh, that’s the sound, I didn’t have it on since I was switching between both rooms. This place has always got all the mics turned on and listening, but I didn’t want two audio streams playing at once,” Lea said before hitting the right keys to turn the sound on in Sophia’s room.

“...ecret, I mean who does that? You bet your ass I’d tell you if I suddenly got rich. You better not have driven off, cause that right there would be the fucking line. I mean...”

“Wow, so she might be just a tad pissed,” Andrea quipped. “Should we say something?”

“No, I think she probably needs to vent, let’s see how Megan’s doing.” Lea said as she switched to make Megan’s camera the main screen and the one producing audio. Presumably producing audio at least, since no sounds were actually coming from Megan or that room. She had gotten herself up onto the bed and was intent on staring at the ceiling, almost literally twiddling her thumbs.

“And don’t you have something you should be doing?” Lea asked Andrea who then silently got up went to work.

“Megan?” Lea said into her computer, causing Megan to sit up a bit.

“Lea? What’s going on,” Megan asked inquisitively and seemingly without resentment.

“Sorry for the ruse, but I thought this would be a good way to start things off. Like diving off the dock into the cold lake rather than slowly wading in from shore. I told you what we’d be doing this weekend, and that starts now. Strip down, and place all your clothes in the top drawer but do not close it yet.” Lea said calmly, before switching over to another menu to unlock the top drawer.

Megan sat up and looked around, “Are those cameras in the corners?”

“Well how else can I know what you’re doing in there?” Lea asked, giving a rhetorical answer that seemed to be enough for Megan. She began to strip down when Lea switched focus back to Sophia.

“...ucker, I’m going to get you back for this some day. I mean, you clearly got a bag of tricks here that’s all very impressive, but that can’t save you forever. I’ll get you back.” Sophia’s tone was much more subdued, calmer, though still slightly resentful. She finished in a pout and crossing her arms as she stopped talking altogether.

“No doubt you’ll find a way,” Lea said through the computer. “But for now remember who’s in charge, do you feel very in charge?”

“…” Sophia mumbled out almost inaudibly.

“Alright, now I want you to sit there quietly for a while, think you can do that?” Lea asked, clearly trying to poke the bear. She fiddled with a few settings while Sophia fumed.

“Fuc.. Oww” Sophia began saying before being interrupted with a shock through the anal plug of the chastity device she was wearing. She took the lesson but squinted her eyes trying her best to stare daggers as she did.

Switching over to the other screen, Megan was already naked, except for her chastity belt, and sitting back down on the bed. “OK, in the bottom drawer are your cuffs, collars and allen key to attach them. Put them on and place the allen key in the top drawer, only then close the drawers.”

Megan did exactly as she was told, allowing Lea to switch back to Sophia and repeat the instructions she had already given to Megan. Sophia complied, but with a clear attitude on her face.

“Done Mistress,” Andrea said as she knelt beside the bed having put the bags away and changed into her own cuffs and collar. The only item of clothing she wore was a black latex hood that had become a common addition to their games. It had holes at the mouth and nostrils, slightly raised tubes over the eyes tunneling her vision, and no holes allowing her hair to escape. The hood had slits to slip over the collar’s d-rings and once the zipper in the back is lowered, it slips over and locks to the back d-ring making it impossible to remove without the remote. It erased most of Andrea’s facial features, leaving only the appearance of a pleading-eyed slave without identity or humanity, kneeling before Lea.

“Very good slave,” Lea said as she turned over to look at Andrea’s downturned head and display of skin. She switched on Andrea’s chip which elicited the seductive gasp Lea loved hearing and that the chip always seemed to force. “You can come back up here now if you want,” Lea said as she slapped the bed beside her where Andrea had originally been. She watched Andrea as she glided back into place beside her, turning her attention back to the screen just in time to see Sophia close the top drawer. Lea turned on the speakers for both rooms simultaneously. “In each corner of the bed is a thick plastic cable that can be pulled out. Attach each cuff to its respective corner and spread your limbs.”

Both girls were soon spread eagle on their respective beds with the cables constantly retracting and being pulled out again, much like a seatbelt. With a simple click of a checkbox on the computer screen however, the gears locked up allowing the cable to retract but no longer allowing it to be extended out. The two only slowly began to notice and each ended up regretting rolling around so much because they both were now very widely spread.

Lea turned on their NESICs, causing each girl to pull against the retracted cables. Sophia began to moan but was rewarded with a zap for causing noise. “That isn’t fair,” Sophia thought. “She finally gets to the good part and I have to stifle my moans or get shocked? That’s some old bullshit right there.”

Unknown to her this was only an oversight, and after seeing it once Lea turned it off. Lea was going to say something but decided it would be more fun to watch if she didn’t tell her. Lea flipped from sitting forward on her stomach to laying back against her headboard. “I think I’ll let them stew for a while, what do you think?” Lea asked as she lightly poked Andrea with her foot.

“I don’t know, how long were you thinking Mistress?” Andrea asked as she turned to her side to better face Lea.

“Well I guess that’s up to them. I want them like putty, willing... no, wanting to do whatever I tell them. I want them just a little bent, really embracing being my helpless little slave. Then I’d have them...”

“You’ve already got me Mistress,” Andrea said running a finger up and down Lea’s foot.

“Is that my slave’s way of saying you’d be jealous?” Lea said with a smirk.

Andrea’s face turned red, at least it did under the mask that totally obscured any trace of the change. Her thoughts began to race, “Of course I’m not jealous, what a ridiculous thing to think. We’re just friends playing a game, why should I be jealous if she’s playing with other friends too? Maybe I’ve just gotten too used to being the only other player. Yeah that must be it, it’s just weird newness, not jealousy.”

“Hon, I was kidding. You OK?” Lea asked, allowing slight concern to show.

“Of course. No I mean it’s just a.. no it’s nothing. So is there anything you want me to do while you leave them to squirm?”

“Oh, well if you’re just eager to please, then you can fetch your hogtie chain and get yourself prepared on the couch in the lounge.”

Andrea welcomed the new task with a grin. She got the chain and headed for the lounge. She sat down on the L shaped sectional couch that was now the centre of the room. Andrea had used this particular chain several times and knew exactly the best order to put it on. In the middle of the chain was a small bar with a ring through the middle that the rest of the chain fed through, allowing the bar to move freely along the chain. The bar clicked over the D-rings on either foot, fusing her ankles together into nearly a single rigid restraint. She then flipped herself on to her stomach, bent her legs and grabbed the chain connected to it.

At one end of the chain was a single connector that fit snugly into one of the slits on her waist belt. At the other end was another bar like the one that attached her legs together. Stretching her muscles to give her the most possible slack, she attached her wrists to the bar before releasing her muscles and allowing her legs to pull slightly on her arms. Now if she tried to move her legs the chain between the wrists and waist would tighten, preventing her from moving much at all.

Then came the waiting, something she looked forward to much more than she cared to admit. She was unable to move much at all, and with a place up on the couch she wouldn’t want to try in case she fell off. She wished Lea would simply show up the moment she clicked the last lock closed, but then when she wouldn’t it just served to highlight who’s really in control. And the constant low stimulation wasn’t hurting that either.

When Lea finally did open the door, she had changed into a domineering leather outfit. The halter vest was tight with a small pocket clearly carrying her phone. Down either side there were laces leaving quite a lot of her pale skin exposed. She wore a pleated leather skirt that went down to her mid thigh, it flowed freely as she glided into the room. Adding in the black rimmed glasses it and her jet black hair she was a picture of sharply contrasted black against pale skin, which seemed to be her go-to motif.

“Aww, I can always seem to count on you to follow instructions can’t I?” Lea cooed as she sat down on the couch in front of her bound friend. It was rhetorical and so she received no response beyond Andrea’s wide eyes. “What’s your count to now?”

“Five, Mistress.”

“Well do you want to risk the dice roll now to see if you get to cum or go for a guaranteed chance next time?” Andrea asked, as she moved one leg to the other side of Andrea, exposing that she was very clearly not wearing panties.

“No Mistress, I’d rather save it for later,” Andrea said meekly but still able to look Lea in the eye.

“Alright,” Lea said as she bent forward to grab Andrea’s shoulders. “Lets scoot you up and get to work.”

Lea dragged Andrea towards her, rubbing her friend’s exposed breasts along the couch fibers as she went. Once she was close enough, Lea leaned back a bit more, bringing her waiting pussy directly against Andrea’s face. Andrea got to work with the familiar ease that comes with weeks of practice. Lea let out a moan of gratitude as she rubbed her fingers over Andrea’s latex encased head. She turned the projector on and scanned through until it stopped on the cameras watching Megan and Sophia.

Sophia was gritting her teeth and thrashing side to side trying to fight the feelings radiating from her chip as well as fight against the bindings that were holding her. Megan on the other hand had arched her back and was screaming in pleasure as she leaned in to every jolt that rocked her body closer and closer to the edge of orgasm. Even though she knew it was not going to be enough to send her over the edge, this was the longest Lea had left her chip on in nearly a month and she was going to enjoy it.

Lea decided to turn the audio on, allowing Megan’s screams of frustrated ecstasy to reverberate around the lounge. Her tormented cries were working wonders in combination with Andrea’s tongue to begin to lurch her towards a climax. The tight halter top was finally starting to make itself felt as its constriction was just enough to limit her breathing to just a bit less than her body was crying that it needed. Moving her second arm down to Andrea’s head she pushed hard, smothering Andrea between her legs. Andrea knew that meant Lea was close and if she wanted to be released to feel the fresh air on her soon to be burning lungs she needed to power through. Lea’s leg began to shake as she tilted her head back and let out a scream signalling the climax that was rumbling all throughout her.

She let go of Andrea who soon bent her head up and began to gasp for air. The two lay there each catching their breath for their own reasons. All the while, Megan’s moans had taken on a much more desperate tone. It was no longer sounding like fun but like work, hard grueling work.

Lea sat up slowly as she regained her composure. “Mmm, lovely as ever slave,” she said as she began to fix her hair. “Now let’s get you turned around,” she said as she reached under Andrea’s stomach to begin turning her the other way. “No reason I should leave you without some entertainment.” Once she had spun Andrea around completely she bent down to look her in the eyes. She kissed her friend on the forehead and turned to leave the room, leaving Andrea alone watching a projection of Megan squirming from two different camera angles.


Meagan was suddenly startled out of her haze by the sound of the door unlocking and Lea walking in. “Please.. Lea.. I need to.. I mean, really I have to.. I mean could you turn this off or let me cum? This is getting too much. It’s been so long I can’t take this. I don’t know what you’re playing at but please this is torture!”

“Well since you asked so nicely,” Lea said before grabbing her phone and turning her chip all the way to maximum.

Megan yelled out unintelligible exclamations as she convulsed, pulling tightly on her bindings. Her whole body began to shake as she tossed her head from one side to the other, like that would make some kind of difference. Lea turned the device back down and stood square at the foot of the bed waiting for Megan to recover.

“That’s your first lesson, right now we are not equals and you don’t get to demand anything. Unless you tap out, you are mine for the weekend. You’re under my roof, in the middle of nowhere, I have all your stuff locked away, and I even have you locked away. You need to learn a little humility.” Lea said in the most commanding, monologuing voice she could muster.

Megan who had been watching turned her head to the side. “I’m sorry Mistress, I’ll try to do better,” she said with a very convincing tone of remorse and apology.

Lea smiled, “I’m sure you will. And I’ve got a little present for you...” she said as she pulled out a latex hood. “Made just to your size and everything.”

Megan decided not to struggle as Lea climbed up onto the bed to attach the hood. The smell was intoxicating. As Lea zipped it closed, it began to hug her head, pushing gently against almost every square inch making it impossible to ignore. She had closed her eyes as the mask went on and was startled to see that when she opened her eyes, her vision was limited to directly in front of her. It began, along with Lea’s ultimatum, to delve her deep into a submissive headspace.

Andrea watched on the big screen as Lea began to tease her friend still helplessly tied to the bed. Lea though seemed to be acting… different. She was not as intimate. She did not run her hands along Megan’s exposed body as Lea often would to her. Instead, she was hunched over the bars at the foot of the bed, flicking and playing with her phone. It was certainly enough to have Megan thrash wildly, but for what Andrea had grown used to it almost seemed… cold.

The audio was surprisingly good, she could not only make out every moan but the creak of the bed as she pulled. And it meant that everything they said might as well have been saying right in front of her.

“So do you think this is good enough slave?” Lea asked after turning down her chip. “You said you wanted something more extreme, is this good enough for that?”

“Oh yes Mistress,” Megan said meekly and slightly out of breath. “Do whatever you wish, I’m your helpless property now Mistress.”

Andrea was taken aback. She had remembered Megan being a bit more eager, but it had been nearly two months since they had done anything with her and Lea at the same time and she wasn’t this extreme then. Hell, Andrea had almost been half living with Lea and she hadn’t ever unprompted called herself Lea’s property. Slave sure, but even that felt different… somehow. And it was something she often needed prompting to call herself.

As Lea walked out of frame, presumably to get something Andrea began to marvel at how well Megan’s hood, much like her own, masked almost all distinguishing facial features. Andrea and Megan already shared some physical characteristics, they both wore roughly the same sized clothes and they both had blue eyes. Without facial features or differing clothing style, there was in fact very little to tell them apart. If she hadn’t personally watched Lea put the mask on Megan, she could almost wonder if it wasn’t an old recording from this one time when she was tied in a similar way.

Lea walked back into frame with a long thin cane, something Andrea knew from experience hurt a lot. “Hold still and be quiet” Lea said, before landing the first swat square across Megan’s breasts, but Megan somehow held her tongue. The next hit elicited a slight sound and a brief squirm to try to move out of the way. But hit after hit, long past the point where Andrea would have been begging to do anything at all to make it stop, Megan kept taking it.

“You know, property doesn’t often get treated well,” Lea said as she set the cane down and bent in closer to inspect the forming red marks. She ran a finger along one line across Megan’s belly that was already turning into a welt. Megan didn’t move or say anything. “And my property doesn’t get to complain.”

Andrea felt a certain uneasiness began to settle over her. She felt the need to look away, to pull on her chains and get out. Of course she knew quite well those chains were going nowhere and while she could turn away she could do nothing to silence the voices coming through the speakers. But she felt somehow much more trapped all of a sudden and didn’t seem to know why.

The cane perhaps? It certainly hurt. More than once Lea simply bringing it out was enough to get her to behave. But no that wasn’t it. Was it the mask? It certainly was odd, seeing Megan looking so close to herself. Was it calling herself property?  Andrea certainly didn’t think she wanted to be property. And with Megan looking so similar, was Andrea picturing herself calling herself property? Lea’s property?

That thought started to strike a nerve, she figured that must be it. She was just seeing herself in Megan’s place and feeling trapped at being called property. It was definitely that. It certainly had nothing to do with watching Lea gently touch her other captured victim. Certainly not, she would have to be jealous for that to be the case and what reason did she have to be jealous?

OK, maybe a little bit of what one might call jealous, but jealous still seemed like the wrong word somehow. It must just be that she was used to getting all the attention and now she wasn’t. A simple jealousy over not having her full attention. That could be, cause what other reason would she have of being jealous of a friend spending time with another friend instead of her. Because that’s all Lea was right? Just a friend? Of course she was, that shouldn’t even have a question mark by it.

Andrea turned back to the screen as she heard a soft moan break the silence. Lea was laying beside Megan toying with Megan’s breasts. She seemed to alternate her attacks, sometimes a gentle slow circle around the nipple, sometimes a playful swat of the whole breast, sometimes a flick or a pinch of the nipple itself. But it was when she had leaned in to use her tongue that Megan let out the moan that recaptured Andrea’s attention.

Andrea’s face turned beet red and her stomach suddenly felt very unsettled. She quickly looked away but her mind was already racing. What the hell did that just mean? Andrea was suddenly very confused and began to pull violently on her chains. She was suddenly very done with all of this. She didn’t like this game any more. With a lone tear dripping from her eye she blurted out, “halt, halt god damn it, halt”  getting steadily louder to a room full of no one.

Lea’s phone began loudly beeping. She may not have heard Andrea but the building did and like it was programmed to, it quickly let her know. Lea rushed over, not giving any kind of explanation to Megan and almost forgetting the code to open the door out to the hallway.

“Are you alright?” Lea said as she burst into the parlor.

“I’m.. I just.. get me out please. Halt. Please I want to get out,” Andrea said, doing her best to wipe the few small tears onto the couch before turning to look at Lea. Almost instantly she felt her arms and legs release and she sat up on the couch.

“Do you want me to go get the key to unscrew the rest?” Lea said setting down next to her friend and draping her arm around her.

Andrea leaned her head over onto Lea’s shoulder and sniffed in a large “I totally wasn’t crying” sniffle. “Maybe. I don’t.. I mean.. sur.. no I guess not. But clothes, I’d definitely like to take a break and get dressed. And this hood, get it off.. this all a.. I’m sorry I just need .. well I think need a break.”

“That’s ok. Don’t ever feel bad about that hon.” Lea said squeezing her friend tightly trying to reassure her from whatever it was that spooked her. Whatever had happened had clearly hit hard and all she wanted to do was make it better but was afraid about pushing too much. “Ok, you just wait here, I’ll bring your bag and in the mean time we’ve got the satellite,” She said as she reached over and handed Andrea the remote after changing the projector back to TV mode. She unlocked the back of the hood and raised up the zipper enough for Andrea to do the rest.

Lea had already been developing feelings since she started with these bondage sessions, but over the last two weeks there was no maybe about it, she had developed a full on crush. More than just a crush, she’d had a few of those before, this was deeper. This was a more fundamental connection, a deep passionate attachment that tried to tie her to Andrea. It hurt her to see Andrea like this and hurt more because she didn’t know how to make it better.

Lea didn’t broadcast very widely that she was gay, but she knew who she was and her close friends did too. They said they don’t judge her for it, and she believes them. She did worry however about how they would feel if they knew she had feelings for one of them. None of them claimed to be gay, though she also gave herself quite a few “could’ve fooled me” chuckles when she thought about what she had been doing with her supposedly not gay friends. She usually just chalked that up to “they just really like BDSM and I’m one of the few they trust enough to play with.”

But play and love are very different. If they thought that line wasn’t just vanishing for her, but was outright gone altogether, would they still be OK? Right now Lea was reasonably happy with how things were, she’d always had a kinky side and for the first time she isn’t just tying herself up and fantasizing alone. She didn’t want to lose that, or worse lose her oldest friends altogether, by admitting things to Andrea she wouldn't be able to take back.

By the time she returned with the suitcase and allen key, Andrea had already moved to the corner of the couch and had found a cheesy sitcom to watch. Lea set the key down on the coffee table and the suitcase right beside it. “Are you really OK, do you want to talk about it?” she asked as she sat down facing Andrea.

“I don’t know I just.. well..” Andrea started, unsure of how she was going to finish before setting off. “I guess there was something… I mean Megan’s kind of nuts with this stuff,” she finally said, figuring it was a safe and true enough answer.

“Yeah, ever since I put her in that chastity device it’s been just on a runaway course. She started looking at these sites that started giving her.. well maybe I should just leave it alone.” Lea said, thinking that going into more detail might make Andrea upset again.

“No, I’m better, it’s fine,” Andrea said as she got up to reach for her bag. “I think I just need some downtime. I might be ok later tonight, but just not right now,” she said, flashing Lea a quick caring smile.

Lea felt such warm relief from that smile. “Well, I’ll be back in a bit. I kind of ran out with no explanation and hopefully Megan isn’t now freaking out. What am I saying, she probably loved it.” Andrea gave just half a laugh as she rummaged through her bag which gave Lea reassurance at what seemed a sure sign that Andrea was feeling better. “Oh, your phone’s in your bag, if you need anything, I’ll obviously have mine.” After a quick thumbs up from Andrea mid-shirt-putting-on, Lea felt better and closed the door behind her as she left.


Lea was a little shaken and rather than going right back to Megan retired to her room. She collapsed into her bed and let everything kind of just race through her head. She really hoped this hadn't been a mistake bringing everyone up at once.

She opened up her laptop that was still on the bed. It had the same two cameras displaying Megan and Sophia. The latter pulling angrily on her bindings and the former seemingly at peace to remain hooded and waiting. She moved over to cameras facing Andrea. She was sitting up with her knees against her chest, holding and examining her hood. She seemed just so utterly confused, and seemed to be letting the hood be an embodiment of that.

Lea slid over to her side. As she watched, she ran through a million 'what ifs'. What if this was something she did? What if she went back to try to comfort her? What if Andrea took that the wrong way? What if she simply kept Megan out of sight? What if this really wasn’t about Megan at all? And if not, what could it possibly be? She was coming up with a lot of questions but not a lot of answers.

She figured the safe answer would be to let Andrea work through whatever it was on her own, if she wants help hopefully she’ll ask for it. Even with two of her friends under secure lock and key, she couldn’t help but feel utterly powerless at that moment.

“Well,” she said to herself, “I should maybe get back to it.”

After grabbing what she needed, she headed back to Megan’s room. Megan looked over as the door opened but otherwise made no movement or sound. “So are you liking the latex as much as you thought?”

“Oh yes Mistress,”

“Good,” Lea said as set her stuff down on the dresser. “Now, here is the allen key for your cuffs,” she said as she handed Megan a piece of metal and walked back to open the door. “I’m going to release you from the bed now, and I’m going to leave this door open. I’ve left your bag in the car and the car keys on the coffee table. You could make a break for it, get dressed and get out of here, leave me totally stranded. But you’re not going to do that. You will take off your cuffs and stand beside the bed while I put this latex on you because that is my command and you’re an obedient slave.” Lea said as she walked back to the pile of latex she brought with her. Of course she hadn’t actually put out her keys, and Andrea had already brought in her bag, she wanted to be intimidating not stupid. But just like Lea had thought, Megan didn’t do much more than look in the door’s direction before unscrewing her cuffs and standing at attention.

Lea started with two, very long black latex opera gloves with some small metal buttons accenting the top. It took the effort of both woman to get it all the way on and smoothed out. It was somewhat thick, and made bending at the elbows a little more difficult. It became nearly paper thin around the wrists, allowing Lea to reattach her cuffs without adding too much pressure to the custom fit shackles. Next came a few thin pieces of latex with a clip at one end and a metal loop at the other. Megan watched as Lea clicked them into place around her waist band creating what seemed to be garters.

As Megan expected excitedly, next came latex stockings. She had been wanting to try these for weeks now since she saw a particularly steamy video and had made that pretty clear to Lea, who had clearly listened. They didn’t fit quite as tightly as the gloves, but certainly were not easy to get on either. Like the gloves there was a thin band to allow the ankle cuffs to be comfortably reattached. The shoes which locked into her ankle cuffs were much taller than Megan normally wore, maybe 5 or 6 inches, giving her a few inches on Lea as she stood back up.

Megan barely stopped herself from letting out a small squeal as she saw Lea grab the last piece. She didn’t want to break character but inside she just wanted to go over and hug Lea like she just got her a marvelous Christmas present. It was a black latex maid’s uniform complete with ribbed corset and it was gorgeous. Megan stepped in carefully making sure her heel didn’t catch. It was a bit tight to get up over her waist but fit eventually. Lea grabbed a few links of metal and going slowly around Megan’s waist, found the holes in the dress that lined up with the unused slots in her belt, locking the suit to the belt and keeping available the option to lock things to her waist. Lea fed Megan’s arms through openings that allowed Lea to position the topmost part of the dress around the openings of the metal collar, making a near seamless continuation of black latex from dress to hood.

Next Lea guided Megan’s breasts through two small openings in the fabric just above the corset. The openings were just slightly smaller than Megan’s full breasts and so once they were fed through the stood out proudly. The corset offered it’s share of support too as Lea started tightening it. As the two sides of the corset began to meet in the back, Lea methodically worked, tightening the laces from the top and bottom up to the centre. It was slow going but Megan loved the feeling of it ever so slightly getting tighter and tighter. When Lea was satisfied, she fixed the sleeves to the gloves, connecting the metal electromagnets on the opera gloves with matching ones on the inside of the suit.

Standing back she was a marvel to behold. Standing up, the only uncovered skin were her breasts, lips and eyes. It was solid black with only a small white latex apron to really drive home the maid look. The suit gripped and hugged everywhere except for the skirt, which came down just inches below the tops of her stockings. It made them both very aware that if she ever bent over the tiny skirt would provide no protection.

Megan was absolutely lost in the moment. The smells were overpowering, the grip of the latex was everywhere, the chip was still humming away at a low setting, and the thickness made every movement just a little bit stiffer and harder. She was so far gone she had even missed it when Lea tried calling out to her twice. It was only when she felt tingly pin pricks surrounding her breasts that she returned to reality.

“So I see you got a little lost, are you back now?” Lea asked as Megan simply nodded her head. “Good. Now when I bought this place I decided to pick up a few extra, lets just call them presents for each of you. Don’t ask how much it cost but your face certainly tells me I picked right.”

A stupid grin crossed Megan’s hooded face as she looked down to the floor not knowing how to respond.

“And I haven’t even gotten to the best part. You see obviously how well it incorporates into your shackles? Well it’s made by the same company, Alternative Dynamics, and that means it has quite a few tricks up its sleeve. That shock to your tits was just an example, come with me there’s more,” Lea said as she walked slowly out of the room with Megan close behind following her out to the back patio.

“Over there is a bucket and a brush. You wanted to be a maid, well maids clean,” Lea said as she pointed to a silvery bucket with a metal handled rough scrubbing brush, “Of course, there are ways of making it interesting. I’m going to give you one and a half hours, I want this deck spotless. For every mistake you will get five strokes of the cane. But that’s not all,” she said as she picked up the brush. “This little guy is no ordinary brush. It can tell movement and it can tell pressure, so it knows when it’s being used and when its been set aside. When it’s brushing… well how about a demonstration” she said before demonstrating by scrubbing the handrail. As soon as it started brushing, Megan felt a pleasurable surge of electricity across both breasts. It would massage and play in proportion to each stroke, turning back off when Lea stopped. “And if it sits idle for more than 5 seconds, it’ll start giving out shocks that become more and more painful the longer it sits idle.”

Megan was handed the brush and without further command began working in the far corner, scrubbing off half a year’s dirt and grime. The feeling the dress was feeding her breasts was pleasurable, but all it did was make her more frustrated. It had been nearly a month, her NESIC was still on a low simmer, and she was being objectified in the exact way she had been thinking about for weeks. She wanted so desperately to be able to put her hands between her legs, but the steel would not allow contact. Besides, ignoring her task would cut the pleasurable electric touching the outfit was teasing her with and eventually lead to painful shocks. Not to mention Lea’s threat of the cane, something Megan knew she would be serious about.

Lea walked inside and took a few moments to watch Megan work. She was on her hands and knees, scrubbing away in the far corner forcing her skirt up and exposing her ass. She thought it was strange, somehow Megan’s ass seemed even more exposing this way than when she was naked. Lea checked her video feed of Sophia, who had turned her head to the side and was biting down on the bed covers, clearly still trying to stifle her moans unaware she could yell as much as she wanted. Lea got a good chuckle out of that thought. But with Sophia still looking safe she decided to get back to what, or more specifically who, had been preoccupying her mind.


“Hey there,” Lea said as she opened the door to the parlor.

“Hey yourself,” Andrea replied spinning around to look in the direction of the door. She had changed into a pair of sweatpants and a plain black t-shirt. Though Lea couldn’t help but notice she also hadn’t removed her collar or her cuffs, she simply dressed over them.

“Feeling better?” Lea asked cautiously as she at down at the far corner of the couch.

“Oh yeah, I’ve been better for a while I think it was just kind of a quick flash but as soon as I was out I felt better.” Andrea said pausing the show and turning to Lea.

“So, do you wanna talk about it?”

Andrea paused to think before responding. “There was just... something i guess.. maybe about watching Megan that just bam.. set something off.”

“So... should I just.. keep Megan away then?” Lea asked slowly, as if trying to think of something better to offer while still talking.

“No, no, it’s just something about seeing you and.. I mean.. no ‘cause.. shit what do I mean,” Andrea stammered out, starting and stopping several times as Lea patiently waited. “With you there, I mean.. on the screen.. well.. but I was here and you were with her and I mean.. I.. I don’t know.”

“So,” Lea said only after Andrea had clearly given up flailing around to find what she meant. “Are you saying there was something different about being left alone? But I’ve left you alone a bunch of times, I thought you said you liked that.”

“I don’t know,” Andrea said with her voice starting to crack. “I mean usually I kind of always assumed you were watching. Like even if I was in one of those damn cells I knew you were watching on one of the bajillion cameras. Or I guess, I knew you could be. But then you were watching her, and you were doing.. I mean, what I mean is…” Andrea trailed off as she pulled her legs back up to her chest while a single tear starting to form. “Shit. I don’t know what I mean.”

Lea slid down the couch and wrapped her right arm around her friend. Andrea fell onto Lea’s shoulder and let her inexplicable tears flow. After giving her a few minutes of a literal shoulder to cry on Lea broke the silence. “Was it the caning maybe? Look Megan isn’t you.”

Andrea wiped the tears from her eyes and looked up at Lea, “What do you mean?”

“I mean you don’t need to feel scared that I’ll do to you what I did to her. I know you better than that. I mean I think I do. I do right?” Lea said someone fast and with a certain sense of discomfort.

“Yes of course.. I.. no, it’s not that, I don’t think. It just kind of hit me, whatever it was, and suddenly I just wasn’t having a good time. I mean sure, it happened while I was watching you with Megan but it could have been anything. I mean and with that mask on she really looks like me. Who knows what it was,” Andrea said looking forward, finding it hard to look at Lea.

“You sure you’re ok then?” Lea asked, bobbing forward to try to get back into Andrea’s line of sight.

“Well you know what made it ok?” Andrea asked rhetorically, finally turning to look Lea in the eye. “You. When I panicked and shouted the safeword you were here in just seconds. I know it’s what we’ve talked about, but even when you were busy you came running. I don’t know, I think there was just a part of me that bought a little too much into the whole helpless slave shtick, that you wouldn’t actually let me go.”

“You don’t need to ever think that,” Lea said as she leaned forward and hugged her friend. “I would never betray your trust like that. I love.. being able to play like this, and we need to trust each other.”

“I know that, I do, I trust you,” Andrea said as she gripped her friend tightly. “But I guess it’s like a rollercoaster. Sure intellectually I know I’m not going to die, but sometimes it sure does feel like you will. And if that thought wasn’t there at all it would be no fun, but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to freak out occasionally. It doesn’t mean I don’t trust you.”

The two sat there in each other’s embrace, neither one wanting to be the first to break the hug. Lea finally broke the silence with a soft whispered “I’m sorry.” It was enough to get Andrea to sit up puzzled. “Sorry for what?” She asked

“This is my fault, I shouldn’t have just assumed you wanted to watch like that.”

“No, no,” Andrea said sounding concerned about what might be going through Lea’s head.

“No, it’s my responsibility. I’m supposed to be the one to think things through. Maybe I should have talked this out more with you, details of what I planned. I mean that’s what a dom..”

“Stop it.” Andrea interrupted. “Don’t be so hard on yourself. If I knew every move it wouldn’t be as much fun, and even still could have told me every detail and I still couldn’t have told you it would cause a mini panic. Sometimes these things just happen. You did everything you could, you came when I called, and the fact that you’re taking it this hard says you don’t take this lightly.You’re a good friend and a good dom.”

That was the last bit of pressure to open the floodgates. Lea began to tear up and Andrea leaned in to reassure her friend, occasionally rubbing her hand up and down Lea’s back in a reassuring manner. But where Andrea simply saw the tears of a concerned friend, Lea knew better. Sure there was concern, but much more frustration. Frustration that she couldn’t tell Andrea how she felt about her. Frustration that her plans had caused Andrea pain, which cause herself pain as well. Frustration that she couldn’t explain why she was taking this so hard without explaining her feelings. Frustration that she felt that way about her friend at all when she was also so sure that, frustratingly, nothing could come of it but losing what it is they have already.

As the sniffles and sounds of crying began to subside, Andrea moved back some, letting go of the hug but still holding on to one of Lea’s hands for reassurance. Lea looked up with her slightly red eyes and smiled back as she saw her friend smiling at her. She wanted to move in and kiss but decided to simply look down and play with their interlocking fingers.

“Do you worry this much about Megan and Sophia too?” Andrea asked suddenly much more cognizant of the toll this pressure might be taking on Lea.

“No, no I don’t worry about them as much,” Lea said, still fixing her sight on their interlocking hands.

“Wait, why not?” Andrea said after a few seconds when the double standard finally registered.

“Oh.. Yeah um. I mean.. wait, do you want me to talk about this? It’s not going to like trigger something like watching Megan did will it?” Lea stammered out finally looking up to meet Andrea’s slightly confused eyes.

“No, it shouldn’t, but no, like what makes me so special?”

Lea’s heart started racing. She didn’t want to lie, so she searched desperately for some half-truth that could suffice. “Well, Sophia is kind of simple, she likes being physically overpowered. Basically any time she can’t physically stop something, she’s said she finds it hot, at least she’ll say so after the fact. It means she struggles a lot, and means I have to be a little more careful she doesn’t get out, but it also makes dealing with her kind of straightforward. It’s like she sees the whole thing as some kind of sport almost. So I don’t have to worry about ‘breaking’ her, cause I have yet to find anything she didn’t say after the fact that she loved even if she fights tooth and nail during. And no matter how many times I tell her that saying ‘halt’ isn’t a weakness, she either doesn’t agree or just doesn’t feel she needs it.” Lea explained, interrupted slightly when her phone let off a loud alarm that someone said the safeword.

“Heh, that’s kind of cool the mics pick that up. Assuming that’s how you knew to come for me?” Andrea asked pointing at Lea’s phone.

Lea simply nodded her head and continued. “And Megan, well over the past month she must be online like 24/7. She’s been sending me links to all kinds of stories or videos, telling me what she finds so hot about it and would I mind doing that to her. I seriously got a list a mile long of all these ideas she’s basically begged me to do to her. I mean, there’s always the chance she underestimated her ability to take some of them, what works on paper doesn’t always work in real life after all. But when you’re basically working off someone else’s wish list you don’t feel quite as worried about doing something wrong.”

“Wow, I knew something seemed different about her from last time we played together. So what did you end up doing with her?” Andrea asked with the sound of someone who finally saw where a lost puzzle piece goes.

“Well why don’t you come see?” Lea said as she wiped the last few tears from her cheek and stood up. She kept Andrea’s hand held by her’s, and walked out towards the door. “You might even find it a little funny. So you know how none of the outside’s been cleaned since last summer? Well one of the fantasies she sent me was being a latex slave-maid. Being forced through threat of pain to work and being teased while she does it. I figure two birds with one stone eh?” She said almost with a chuckle Andrea wasn’t quite sure was appropriate. However, when they came out to the living room and Andrea saw Megan dressed in full latex scrubbing the deck, and seeing how much the deck needed it by looking at the finished areas, she shared a bit in Lea’s little joke. “She finds it hot, I find it useful, and we wouldn't need sandals to go walk over the mold to get out to the hot tub any more.”

Andrea watched as Megan scrubbed away on her hands and knees, ass up proudly and breasts swinging free. Andrea had never thought about that specific fantasy, but she was certainly understanding the impulse a bit. She seemed so focused yet humiliated. “And what have you done with Sophia?” Andrea asked after sufficient gawking time.

“Nothing yet, she’s still in bed, still being teased and still thinks that if she screams she get shocked. I was thinking of taking her up to one of the cells, want to watch?”

Andrea tried to gauge how she felt. “Sure, I guess.”

“I didn’t want to say anything, but I noticed you never took your cuffs off you just kind of put your clothes on over them.” Lea said cautiously.

“Your point?”

“Well do you want to come with me to watch as a friend... or as a… um... slave?” Lea said, trailing off into a soft high pitched voice of uncertainty at the end.

“Well, what if for now, I’m a slave friend? Like one that wears some restraints but also gets to wear clothes?” Andrea said after trying to imagine what she’d be comfortable with.

“For now? Be whatever you want.” The two exchanges slight smiles before Lea lead them both to her room.


Before going to see Sophia, Lea brought out some special bondage mitts. They are heavily padded, and had individual finger compartments, making them feel almost soft and inviting. They were made of a latex like material with microholes, allowing gases like air to pass through but not liquids, at least not unless it’s under 8 or so feet of pressure. They go down far enough to  slip over the D-rings on either cuff, and continue up with a narrowing slip of fabric long past the fingers. But part of what makes them so special is that they bend at the knuckles and the loose end has a metal opening that attaches to the cuffs as well.

At the point where the mitts bend, there is a firm bar sown into the fabric running across the hand and sticking out slightly beyond the hand on both sides. It makes the hands hold a fist like pose when bent, but it also gives an anchor point to either fist that can lead the wearer around or even safely suspend them from the wrists. The sides of the mitts had an low friction coating, only the well padded part where the fingers start to bend have any kind of grip at all. It means they can be used when someone is crawling on their hands and knees but not be useful for almost anything else.

Andrea loved them. They made her feel a whole different type of helpless because unlike a lot of other bindings, this didn’t restrain her, making the uselessness of her hands even more apparent. They were comfortable and surprisingly well ventilated for how puffy they look. When Lea first showed them to her last weekend, she ended up staying in them for over 24 hours. It was a special part of that weekend, because no matter where she was, she was utterly reliant on Lea for absolutely everything. It also made it feel at times that she was actually in charge, after all Lea had to wait on her every need. Of course that illusion would be quickly shattered if she asked for something and Lea said no, there really was nothing she could do in those mitts if Lea said no.

Lea was silent not only putting them on, but also as she attached a short leash to both hands. “You still ready?” Lea asked. Andrea barely finished nodding her head before Lea yanked on the cable that split part way down into two cables that each clipped to both fists. Lea carefully shielded the number pad as she typed in the four digits that opened the door to Sophia’s bedroom. All the beeps were the same tone but while Andrea had never caught the code she knew it wasn’t all the same number. She had long ago stopped trying to snoop what the number was, for all she knew every door had a different code and besides, what would she do with them? She couldn’t very well walk home.

The room was eerily quiet, only the sound of Sophia’s heavy breathing through the covers she bit down on could be heard. “Why so quiet Sophia?” Lea taunted as she walked into plainer view with Andrea in tow. “Something wrong? I figured you’d be yelling at me for sure by now.” Sophia only gave back a dagger sharp glare that spoke volumes all on its own. “Oh, that’s right, last time you talked you got shocked isn’t that right. Well I hate to be the one to tell you this, but that’s been off for a while now. Oh yeah, I never meant to leave it on, and you just kind of assumed I did.”

Sophia dropped her jaw both to give it a rest after biting down for so long, and out of sheer shock. She didn’t even know how to respond. Eventually her brain got back together enough to start responding. “The fuck Lea? You couldn’t have warned me?”

“I thought it would be funnier this way, oh and one more thing,” She hit a button on her phone which made Sophia scream out in pain, probably made so loud because she could scream and not because it was unusually painful. “That’s Mistress to you. You’re my little captive now and that makes me your Mistress. While you’re here you will do what I say and I say you address me with a little more respect.”

Andrea started to get a little uneasy. She figured it must just be the fighting, she hadn’t seen Sophia fight back so forcefully, it was a little strange. But she didn’t say anything, hoping it would pass and not wanting to interrupt Lea while she was getting going.

“Respect? You LEFT me here for.. god knows how long. AFTER tricking me into this little prison room. Then you turned up this little devil chip and left me to fight against every urge I had to scream this WHOLE time. My mouth is dryer than a desert from biting down for so long, I say fuck your respe.. OW SHIT.” Sophia rambled before being stopped in a convulsive shock from the tap of Lea’s thumb.

“Anything else?” Lea said raising an eyebrow.

“No…” Sophia started looking like she wasn’t done but taking her good sweet time before finishing with “Mistress.”

“OK then,” Lea said with a smug satisfied tone she knew Sophia must be hating. She led Andrea over to the far wall and raised her hands up to clip the carabiner at the end of the cable to a small hook in the ceiling. Andrea looked up and even though there was no lock used at all, it might as well have been welded to the ceiling for as much use as her hands were.

“So tell me, do you want to be let off of that bed?” Lea asked as she began retrieving things from the closet.

“You know I do… Mistress” Sophia hesitantly responded, almost grunting the last part.

“Well let’s make sure you’re nice and secure in other ways first,” Lea said before walking around and clipping one side of a short hobble chain to Sophia’s right wrist and ankle cuff. Backing away anticipating a kickback, she then released Sophia’s left side. Sophia turned over and used all her strength to try to pull her right wrist free. “You didn’t think I’d just let you go did you? Clip your other hand into the chain together.” Sophia looked annoyed but not exactly surprised either. The wrist chain was only about 6 inches, it gave her enough room to easily put it on but not a lot of movement beyond that.

Once she had clicked her wrist into the chain, Sophia’s other wrist came free of the bed. She sat up stretched showing signs of utter relief overpowering any look of disdain she might have just had up to that point. Sophia followed Lea’s instructions without further protest, first clipping her free leg to the 12 inch hobble chain and finally attaching her wrist chain to one of the slots on the front of her waist belt with a small D-ring attachment.

Lea walked over and clipped a small cable leash to Sophia’s collar, “This is a special one, I got it thinking of you. If the leash goes taut, it will tell the collar to give out a little zap. So if you don’t follow along it’s going to hurt.” Lea said this leaning in and looking Sophia intensely in the eye. She seemed to get her point across as Sophia seemed a little worried about this new attachment.

“Where are we going though?” Sophia asked, before later adding a belated “Mistress” to her question.

“Oh, there's a few rooms that weren't on the original tour I gave you. We’re going up to one of them now, and I got quite the special little dildo up there with your name on it.” Lea said as she started heading for the small short door near the window. “I set up your own little password that gives you access to places I want you to have access to, so why don’t you type yours in. It’s 7674, which is s-o-p-h. Got that?”

“Yes Mistress,” Sophia said as she got up quickly to keep slack in her leash as Lea began to walk away.


Andrea watched from a distance with a distinct feeling of déjà vu. It was almost exactly what Lea did and said to her before proceeding upstairs for the first time. The hobble chains were the same size fitted in the same way, though the shock leash was actually new. Then Lea said the bit about this next place not being on the tour, about there being a special dildo with her name on it, right down to a code based on the start of her name (though obviously the start of her name not Sophia’s). She could not see from where she was but heard Sophia type in her code and watch the door pop open a tad, just as it had for her. It gave just enough of a gap to open it without using the handle. She watched as they disappeared upstairs without even looking back or acknowledging she was still there.

Andrea could vividly remember her first time going upstairs. When the door opened it lead to a small narrow entryway of sorts with doors on three sides and stairs on the fourth. It meant there was a door out to the deck, one into this room and one into Lea’s room. The stairs were steep, narrow but had handles on either side. The stairways seemed to be squeezed between the bedroom walls, taking advantage of the steep A frame of the roof, that from inside was fully exposed. The stairs stopped just before the middle of this kind of attic, before continuing on the other side down as a seemingly identical set of stairs, letting out at the laundry room, master bedroom closet and carport.

Down the middle of the attic there were four cell rooms on one side and bondage furniture on the other. The cells themselves were not using the wooden floor of the rest of the attic, but sat several inches higher and were made of metal with holes checkerboarded all across them. At the far end were two more sets of stairs leading down, one side leading to the living room, carport and parlor, the other to the living room, deck and down a narrow hallway to the main bathroom and other bedroom.

Andrea could still remember how blown away she was by them, even as she thought she was just getting use to the parts of the house she had seen up to that point. She closed her eyes and she was back there in her mind. Lea tugged her along with a regular chain coming off her collar and bent her over a padded bench. She fastened Andrea’s leash to the bench before repositioning her arms and legs to become held firmly by straps around the bench into a doggy style position. Lea ran her finger along Andrea’s exposed  ass, giving it the occasional swat, she even commented that it just was too tempting of a target to pass up.

That’s when she removed Andrea’s crotch plate without warning, giving her a cool breeze on her very open and accessible pussy. With a bit of difficulty and a few retries, Lea tied a leather strap around Andrea’s shoulder length brown hair. She used it to pull Andrea’s head up parallel with the ground, trapping it there by tying off the other end to a D-ring she added to the back of Andrea’s waist belt.

“This,” Lea said as she brought out some kind of dildo harness. “This is the special dildo I was warning you about. This front dildo has all kinds of sensors, dozens of them measuring all kinds of things. Then this smaller guy...” Lea said as she turned the harness around to show a much smaller looking dildo, along with nubs up and down the inner panel along where it would meet the wearer’s pussy. “He’s hooked up to listen for what his big brother is telling him. If he thinks it’s getting rammed, the dildo will actually grow and shrink with each thrust. If it’s being sucked off or pleasured in other ways it will start to vibrate in proportion to the skill of the sucker.”

Andrea remembered almost marveling at the technology more than appreciating the implications. As Lea put it on she walked around to Andrea’s mouth and told her to open wide. The dildo was made of low friction material so it slid in and out smoothly. Andrea could hear the vibrator working when Lea took advantage of the straight angle of Andrea’s throat and starting forcing it deep until the replicated balls were at her chin.

Lea started moaning and grunting, but didn’t stay for long. She pulled out her strap on and walked around to the rear where Andrea had to strain to see her. She gave no warning before slowly inserting it into Andrea’s wet pussy. After the first deep thrust she gave out a strange puzzled moan, still pleasurable but surprisingly in its pleasure. The short 2 inch internal dildo’s hydrolic inside pushed into Lea’s pussy as she pushed into Andrea’s. The result gave her good reason to pick up the pace. The faster she fucked Andrea, the faster she herself was fucked. Andrea was ungagged and began to moan as well, only interrupting herself when on several occasions she tried to lower her head forgetting it was tied away, achieving nothing but pulling painfully on her own head of hair.

Andrea was able to make it past the first orgasm, which came shattering through her, and nearly reach a second when Lea let out a loud scream as she too came. She collapsed over Andrea , something she tried her best to pull away from as they both seemed to be over heating. Once her breath caught up with her, Lea untied Andrea, holding the leash as she did, before replacing the crotch plate and and guiding Andrea to one of the cells she had opened with her code.

The doors had no locks to pick, only a code box with three red lights at the side, indicating as Lea explained that three wrong passwords and the door goes into lockdown mode. She didn’t explain past “you don’t want to be in there during lockdown mode”. There was no bed, no toilet beyond a hose that hooks into the crotch plate and a large-ish hole next to it, no comforts whatsoever. Each cell seemed to be about three feet wide and just over seven feet deep. There were bar walls, bar door and bars along the wooden roof, which for some reason Andrea didn’t understand at the time, did not cover the whole length of the roof. The roof itself was even reinforced with solid thick wood along the whole of the cell, in case anyone got any ideas of breaking through the roof. In the centre of each was also a small tube that when activated fed out nutrient infused water so occupants wouldn’t have to bother anyone to get a drink.

“Still hot?” Lea asked as Andrea decided the best move was to lay down on the metal floor. “Let me help with that,” Lea said before even letting Andrea respond. With a few taps on a small touchscreen at one end of the room, Andrea looked up and saw a shower head at the ceiling quickly blast her with cool water, not cold thankfully, but with nowhere to go it was cold enough. After the barrage of water was done the holes in the floor suddenly made a lot more sense as the water drained out of them.

Over the last two weeks Andrea had become very acquainted with those cells, spending some of the nights she slept out at the cabin locked in the cell for the night. She had always been giving nothing to wear but her chastity belt, sometimes her mask and more recently those bondage mitts. It was at that first night sleeping there that those other bars along the far wall made sense as they folded down on a hinge and snapped into place, creating a new barred ceiling just about 18 inches above the floor. Andrea could not flip off her back but somehow the total inability to toss and turn seemed to help her sleep whenever she’s slept there. Not to mention the fun of waking up with the disorientation of not being able to sit up or turn over before waking up enough to remember why. Those cells had come to be the thing most in her mind about this place.

And now Sophia was about to become acquainted with them too, Andrea thought to herself.

She ran through her thoughts but found she was simply picturing Sophia in her place. Sophia was being led up the stairs, Sophia was being strapped down to the padded bench, and Sophia was about to be fucked by Lea. She pulled at her wrist chains but that did nothing. She even pulled herself up and off the ground and shook, nothing.

Andrea looked around at the empty room and suddenly felt very alone. There was nothing to look at, it was empty and impersonal. She could see the deck in her field of view had not been very cleaned, so she might eventually have Megan to look at, but there was no sign of her yet.

Andrea tried to think of other things but the room was just too empty to keep her mind preoccupied. She pictured Sophia zapping herself several times as she jerked on her leash while Lea tied her down to the padded bench. She saw Sophia putting up a fight as Lea tried to tie a leather strap to her frizzy hair. She saw it was a fight Sophia ultimately loses when Lea pins Sophia’s head back against her waist band. She saw Lea move in front of Sophia and taunt her with her dildo, slapping the sides of her face with it. She saw Lea squat down to get to Sophia’s eye level, and she saw Lea move in for a passionate kiss.

“No wait, not that” she thought. Lea didn’t do that with her. Then why was she thinking she would do that with Sophia? And why was all this dildo slapping and hair tying she was picturing Sophia going through making her less comfortable? She yanked and tugged at the cable holding her to the roof, even kicking off the wall but it did nothing. Suddenly it was really important to her that she be able to get out.

Out the corner of her eye she saw Megan come into view. She was clearly being frustrated by the constant stimulation but also seemed to be enjoying herself. She barely stopped for a second as she looked in at Andrea before continuing on as if no one was there at all. Andrea watched her exposed breasts shake back and forth as she scrubbed and even watched as she took another quick pause to frustratingly shove her fingers between her legs and around her breasts as if there was something productive they could do. After a few seconds of that she shook and jumped right back to work quicker than she had before.

Suddenly she was thinking back to earlier that day. Megan spread out before Lea on her bed and her alone and forgotten in the other room. Or at least feeling forgotten. As much as she shook and chanted “no, no, no” her mind went back to the panic she had without warning and before she knew it she was living it again.

She did everything she could to ease her mind, thinking about anything, school, movies, nothing was changing. She looked up at her trapped arms and saw the ceiling they were attached to. Right above that ceiling Lea would probably already be on to fucking Sophia by now. And they hadn’t even acknowledged her as they went upstairs to do that, like she was some kind of object. A brief tear began running down her cheek, grinning and bearing wasn’t working.

She tried to reassure herself that if she needed, Lea would be there in seconds. It started to hold back the panic, but in much the same way a person could try and hold back an elephant. Better than nothing, but just barely.

And she didn’t want to interrupt Lea, she already did once today and felt almost greedy to do it again. Then she realized how silly that sounded, isn't that what safewords are for? To feel safe? And she couldn’t tell why but right then she wasn’t feeling safe.

She took a few deep breaths and allowed a few more tears to flow before finally but assertively saying “halt.”


For a few brief moments Andrea felt bad. She felt she must have just overreacted. Megan had disappeared from view and the panic along with it. Now she’s dragged Lea out, probably worried her, and left yet another one of her friends stuck mid-tease.

“Andrea?” Lea said as she burst through the door. “What happened?” she asked with genuine concern.

Now Andrea felt really guilty. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry it’s nothing,” She said, trying to hide any evidence of crying by rubbing against her raised arms.

“Are you sure?” Lea said as she continued to walk forward, “You’re shaking, you don’t look like it was nothing.”

Andrea looked down, she felt like she might have just safeworded wolf. She didn’t want to look her in the eye even as she walked much closer. Andrea saw Lea walk into frame, still wearing her skirt and without any kind of strap-on underneath. She finally looked up to see wide confused eyes framed by the glasses on Lea’s approaching face.

“You’ve been crying,” Lea said as she moved closer and took Andrea by the chin. “Bullshit this was nothing, what happened?”

“Well the way you kind of just left me without even seeming to acknowledge you were leaving me behind, and then Megan strolled by and whatever it was from earlier today seemed to start to come back. But I’m better now I shouldn’t have called you away.” Andrea mumbled out while Lea kept her close, listening intently.

“Hon, don’t you think you might be feeling better because you called?” Lea said as she moved in and hugged her friend. Andrea’s arms were still above her head but she certainly returned the hug in spirit.

Andrea’s mood softened as she stood there in a reassuring embrace. She wasn’t just feeling better, she wasn’t feeling guilty either. Maybe she did need this more than she thought. She let out a short chuckle-y snort at a thought.

“What’s so funny?” Lea asked as she stood back a bit.

“Oh it’s just a good thing you took off that fuck-me harness or that hug would have been a lot more awkward.”

“Well, I never put it on in the first place,” Lea said.

“Oh did Sophia put up that much of a fight, you still pinning her down?”

“No, I put her in one of the cells.

“Oh,” Andrea said feeling a little confused. “I guess I just assumed… I mean that speech, it was about word for word what you did to me when you brought me up there. I mean ‘dildo with your name on it’ seemed kind of too specific.”

“Oooh,” Lea said finally understanding Andrea’s confusion. “No, no, that’s not it at all. I got some more of those sensor dildos, but I set it up inside the cells so that the only way Sophia can get water and nutrients is by giving it a fantastic blowjob.”

“Oh, I see. So I just assumed all wrong I guess.” Andrea said.

“Yeah, she’s just up there trapped and very thirsty, so she’s probably half way through blowing that dildo for a little water. I think she was just being stubborn and not wanting to start while I was watching.” Lea said as she walked back up and began another long almost therapeutic hug.


Sophia however was not sucking on any dildo. She had other plans that she finally could start acting on. At the start of the day, she took a risk and rather than putting her allen key back in the drawer, she covertly slid it under her waist belt. Luckily for her, Lea had been too distracted by Andrea to notice the slight. It had been pushing uncomfortably against her skin on and off all day, but now with her hands in front of her she could finally reach in and retrieve it.

She worked quickly, Lea left suddenly without warning so Sophia didn’t know how much time she had. She started by undoing one of her wrists, the first one was even harder than she thought given the shortness of the chain. Then she undid her waist belt, it had limited movement with the chastity plate still attached, but with a good amount of wiggling she was able to remove it and slide it off. She rushed to get everything else off, leaving her now entirely naked.

“All right Lea, let’s see if how smart you really are,” she said as she slid her hand outside the bars to type in 1027, Lea’s birthday. A red light lit up. “Well at least you aren’t a total idiot,” Sophia thought, “what else might she pick that’s four letters. Can’t be her name.. four letters.. How about BDSM?” She typed in 1276 only to get another red light. “Ok, one more chance.. be careful.. Lets see if she’s using our names as our codes it would make sense she use her name, but her name’s only three letters…” Sophia thought for a while when it suddenly hit her “Not if she prefers the name Mistress!” Sophia typed in 6478 and nearly screamed when she got a green light.

She opened the door and walked over to one of the touch screens, looking through the cameras until she saw where Lea was, she was hugging Andrea with her back turned to both doors. “Oh this is too perfect,” Sophia thought. She looked around and saw behind the bondage furniture was a shelf filled with different possibilities. She decided to not do anything too fancy, she grabbed a few cuffs and what looked like a dog’s shock collar and headed down the far stairs she assumed correctly led her out to the living room.

She quietly walked down the hallway, testing to see if the hallway door was even locked, to her surprise it wasn’t. The closet hid the doorway from where Andrea and Lea were so Sophia was careful to open the door as little as possible and be very quiet about it.

“So are you going to be OK, do you want me to let you out again?” Sophia heard Lea ask.

“No, no I’m much better, strangely. Just give me a few more moments before going back upstairs and I should be fine,” Andrea said in response.

“Can do,” Lea said, holding her friend close. Andrea closed her eyes to enjoy it but that also meant she couldn’t warn Lea as Sophia came around the corner and sprang into action.

“What the hell?” Lea said as she felt her arms ripped away from Andrea and behind her back where they were very quickly cuffed together.

Andrea opened her eyes only a bit too late to warn Lea about any of this. Lea tried to run for the door but Sophia easily caught her and forced her down to the floor, knocking her glasses away as she fell. Andrea was now far outside of range and was helpless to do anything but watch.

Sophia straddled Lea, pinning her thighs to the ground as she attached another set of cuffs just above her elbows. There was a decent amount of slack, but still short enough that even at their maximum they pulled Lea’s arms closer together than they would naturally be. Sophia bent forward and used her weight to minimize the bucking Lea was capable of doing. Lea’s resistance was limited basically to shouts and to kicking Lea’s rear by bending her knees all the way back.

“I found this upstairs,” Sophia said as she slipped the shock collar around Lea’s neck. Feeling the two metal spikes on either side of her throat, Lea froze in fear knowing exactly what just got put on her. “Now it looks like I just push this red button here, I assume every time it hears noise coming from your throat you get a little zep is that right?” Lea didn’t respond because she did not want to make a noise and get zapped for it. “Ok it’s switched on, there’s a red light in the shape of a D and everything. And this is not like how you left mine ‘on,’ this one’s on for real,” Sophia gloated, even adding air quotes around the word “on.”

Sophia grabbed the only remaining thing she had, leg cuffs with quite a bit of a slack chain. She turned herself around so that her weight was not on Lea’s chest but facing her feet. Lea was trying her hardest not to make it easy for her, so Sophia decided to have a try at discipline herself. She gave Lea’s exposed ass several hard swats, even eliciting a half a swear on one hit that led to a painful looking shock. “Now behave or there’s more of this,” she said in her attempt to taunt. She wasn’t as good at that yet as Lea had been. She cuffed one ankle, fed the chain under the handcuffs and then cuffed the other chain, putting Lea in a loose but still secure hogtie.

Sophia flipped Lea easily to her side as she grabbed Lea’s phone from her pocket. “You asked me earlier if I felt very in control, well I do now. Do you?” She asked as she waved Lea’s cell phone in front of her face. “I got to say, your code sucks Mistress, did you not think that one of us might guess it?”

Lea didn’t say anything she simply stared ahead in silence.

“Now Andrea,” Sophia said as she started walking towards her. “If I let you go, are you going to do something stupid like try and help your ‘special friend’ escape?” she asked, again with pretentious air quotes.

“No, I wouldn’t, you can trust me..” Andrea said trying her best to sound sincere.

“And this is why you suck at poker,” Sophia said as she walked back to the bed and began poring over her newly acquired phone. She started humming to herself as she scrolled around, acting almost as if there were no one else in the room. “Ahha!” Sophia said as she found the controls that opened up the drawer. “I’m getting dressed, then I’m going to check on Megan, where is Megan anyway?”

“Behind you,” Andrea said as she watched Megan’s Latex covered form scrub into sight again.

“What the hell did you do to her?” Sophia asked in shock

“No, apparently she’s into it. Lea was saying this was her idea.” Andrea said leaping to Lea’s defense.

“Bullshit, Lea just wanted someone to clean her deck didn’t she?”

“It can be two things,” Andrea said a little more smart-assish than was perhaps wise.

“Fine, whatever,” Sophia said as she put on the last of her outfit. “I’m gonna go talk to her, don’t you to go anywhere now.” Sophia was quickly becoming more confident at the sarcastic jab.

Once the door was closed Lea scooted around to be able to look at Andrea more directly. Andrea just stared back. It was strange to see Lea helpless like that. She had mentioned that she used to dabble in self-bondage but Andrea had just never seen her restrained before. Her eyes looked sad but not scared, like someone who just lost a bet. She looked like she desperately wanted to say something but knew she couldn’t.

“Can you speak at all or will anything you say shock you?” Andrea asked.

Lea turned her head away without answering. She took a few deep breaths and turned back to Andrea. Almost losing her nerve again she closed her eyes and let out a bark.

“What the hell does that mean?” Andrea asked confused. Lea only replied with another bark, this time a little more confidently. Andrea took her time to try to understand what she might mean when suddenly it clicked. “Wait, does that only shock you if you try to say anything except make a barking noise?”

Lea sunk her head against the floor. This was so humiliating. But she knew that it would let her growl as well, so she figured she better do that too to try and hope Andrea put it together.

“So just any dog noise then? But that’s all?” Andrea asked, getting a very disheartened whimper in response. “I’m assuming you didn’t want Sophia to find that out?” Andrea continued. “So do... um.. wait first let’s just establish bark for yes. growl for no. So do you have a plan?”

Lea kept her face buried in the floor and let out a low growl. She didn’t know how Sophia got out but she was in charge now. She hadn’t planned for this at all. And she had the knowledge that Andrea saw the whole thing. She was supposed to be Andrea’s dom, her Mistress, and now she’s hogtied and barking in front of her. She worried how else this might go wrong.

She was slightly surprised Andrea was remaining so calm though. After all, the last two times Andrea saw one of her friends tied up by another she panicked and called out for help. This time if Andrea panicked Lea would be totally unable to do anything. She couldn’t even try to calm her down with reassuring words, unless puppydog whines are considered reassuring. Who knows if Sophia would respond to a phone alert about a safeword being used, and at the speed she found she could crawl it would be minutes for her to get to Andrea’s feet. And how much could she really help from down there?

It was all immensely frustrating for Lea. Not so much the bondage, she had endured much worse by her own hand, but the worry. If Andrea wasn’t freaking out already, Lea worried that her freaking out would be enough to trigger a panic in Andrea. She didn’t want to look her in the eyes and perhaps betray some of her concern, which only magnified the base concern itself.

“Lea,” Andrea called out. “Still with me?”

Lea finally looked up, she had already started to cry which made her worry what seeing tears might do.

“Are you in any physical pain?”

Lea growled.

“So why are you crying, is it that you don’t like being tied up?”

Lea collapsed her head back into the floor resting on her cheek and cried a few more tears. It wasn’t about the bondage it was about her, but how could she say that with yeses and nos?

“Are you just embarrassed?”

The question confused Lea, what did she mean. She looked up at Andrea who chuckled a bit when Lea inadvertently lifted her head while it was still slanted. To Lea it was just the way she had used her muscles to lift her head from laying on one side, but to Andrea it looked like she was cocking her head to the side like a dog would when it was confused. Even though Andrea was laughing at her, the laughter cut the tension and got her to stop crying. If it wouldn’t have shocked her Lea might have given off a few laughs as well.

Andrea was about to ask another question when Sophia showed up. “And what’s so funny?” she asked. She had changed into a regular t shirt and some athletic shorts.

“It’s nothing, so did you talk to Megan?” Andrea asked

“Yeah, she got kind of defensive when I asked if she wanted out. Going on about how ‘she hadn’t completed her task yet.’ Kind of odd if you ask me, but I’m not going to argue.”

“So are you going to let us go?” Andrea asked with a certain meekness.

“I don’t know, you did came up here planning to get dominated right? Never said it had to be Lea doing the dominating. I’ll be honest, I’m kind of liking the power trip.” Sophia said as she got out and stared at Lea’s old phone. “Oh, by the way Lea? I went ahead and changed your administrator password, so I guess for now ‘su casa es mi casa.’ You can have my account for now so it’s a little more appropriate for what you should call yourself. I changed it’s password to d-u-m-b.”

Lea tried staring daggers but it only seemed to come out as mildly annoyed.

“So why don’t we get you up to your cell, I’m sure you’ll have fun with that dildo you said ‘had my name on it.’” Sophia said as she took a key and uncuffed Lea’s feet long enough to undo the hogtie and recuff her so she could still walk. “Come with me,” Sophia said as she helped Lea to her feet. Andrea could only watch as a defeated looking Lea followed behind Sophia through the door and up the stairs.

Minutes later Sophia came back down, “Since you seem to be yucking it up with Lea, I thought you might like to join her upstairs. Separate rooms of course”. Andrea thought about protesting but she had no real leg to stand on. Her arms were useless and she still wore all her cuffs and collar.

“And look what I brought!” Sophia exclaimed as she clipped the shock leash Lea had used on her to Andrea’s collar. “So when I unclip your hands you aren’t going to get any fancy ideas right?” Andrea nodded. “Good, now follow me.”

Andrea followed Sophia upstairs where she saw Lea on the far most cell. She was put into the closest one, putting two cells between her and Lea. Sophia unclipped Andrea’s leash and unclipped the cable holding her hands together, but did nothing else about the mitts before closing the door behind her. Lea it seemed had her cuffs still on but not back in a hogtie position, and a lock had been added to the collar making it look much more permanent. She looked desperately through the bars at Andrea.

“I’ll be back when I figure out something better for you two, for now I think I’m just going to enjoy the freedom, maybe get a bite to eat, something to drink, but hey there’s a dildo for both of you if you get thirsty in there.” Sophia finished off her monologue with a bit of a self-congratulatory laugh before walking downstairs and out of sight.

Andrea tried her best to get comfortable, but she knew from experience that was a losing battle. She decided to take off her shirt and use them as a makeshift pillow, it seemed like a better use of the shirt and she was used to going topless in these cells. But with her mitts that was about all she could remove, and even that was a struggle.

Lea watched and thought. She started upset but became less so over time. She was at least not alone. She was relieved to see Andrea taking it all so well. She was even kind of relieved to be out of the drivers seat, she had almost forgotten how paradoxically freeing bondage can be. And now she got to sit and stare and not have to explain why she was sitting or staring as she watched her crush lay voluntarily topless and bound just close enough to still be in focus without her glasses. Things could be worse.

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