The Final Trek

by Knotty Master

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Storycodes: Machine/f; F/f; D/s; holodeck; dungeon; collar; gag; mitts; chain; bond; toys; oral; climax; susp; chast; forced; slavery; electro; shock; punish; denial; scifi; startrek; cons/reluct; XX

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When you share a common interest, bondage and fantasy with your loved one is great. Save it for special occasions so it will continue to be something to share for a long time. See a movie at a theater, go on nature walks, see new places. Revel in each other’s affection and always feel life through the other. Nothing ever made me happier than seeing joy in her eyes. I miss you D. KM

Chapter 2: The unexpected path

The last two days had been frustrating. I racked my brain for a way out of my little mess, but Mistress had been thorough.  I had been denied the ability to touch my most intimate areas for two full earth days and it was driving me mad. I had gone longer durations, but the constant presence of the plugs had my mind on it full time. With that awareness I couldn’t read, eat or even sleep without constant arousal. What little I did sleep always resulted in some erotic dream with me being left unsatisfied.

I find it amusing. Amongst learning to walk in these rigid high heel boots, getting used to turning my entire upper body when I wanted to look to either side and coping with the frustration of the belt and bra, I came up with the name for my vessel. In English, there is a bird known as a turn. It is a solitary creature for most of its life and is known as the furthest traveling bird, covering the most time and distance of any other species, without landing. In another lost humanoid language, the name is Ayuwat. For the life of me, I can’t remember what the language was. American Eskimo perhaps.

The name seemed fitting, as the ship’s mission was to be a journey of great distance and solitude. I think it was all of Mistress’s birdie references that brought forth the Idea. I ceremoniously bumped my water bottle against the flight control panel and proclaimed “I christen thee, The Ayuwat. We are off to a bang up start aren’t we?” 

The Vulcan sun was slowly growing on the view screen and I was out of time. Approaching the holodeck, I dropped my robe to the floor. Mistress hadn’t directed me to arrive undressed, I was just guessing she would appreciate my submission. “Computer, load Mistress Level two. Begin program”

The door slid open. Mistress lay naked, waiting amongst satin sheets and fluffy pillows. Everything was laid out on a large steel framed canopy bed. “Mmmm. There is my little birdie. Come over here, we don’t have much time.”

I stepped over to the edge of the bed, noticing the metal mask and metal mitts on the nightstand. If my heart wasn’t pounding before, it felt like it was jumping through my chest now. “Don’t worry birdie. They are made from hollo matter. I want you to put them on yourself, gag first of course.”

I hesitated. The threat of wearing them forever was still fresh in my mind. Not wishing to upset Mistress, I picked up the collar. I’ve tied myself up a hundred times in as many different ways, but I was filled with apprehension. It was an uncomfortable sensation as I placed the tube into my own mouth. Working my hair over the band and positioning it just shy of closing. Watching me work, Mistress chimed in “Go ahead little bird, make me happy.”

I clicked it shut and gave it an immediate experimental tug. It wasn’t going anywhere. With my neck held rigid and jaw stretched wide, I found I could no longer swallow. I leaned back a bit trying not to drool out of the tube.

“Now with the mitts dear.” As I leaned down to take hold of the first mitt, a stream of drool trailed out of the tube and down my right tit. Mistress’s grin only added to my humiliation. I turned it about, seeing how it hinged in the front and the two halves scissored together at the wrist. Slipping my hand into the mitt, I noticed a receptacle at the wrist. Glancing at the other mitt still on the nightstand, I noted a corresponding tab. The design was obviously intended to lock the two cuffs together, with my hands facing each other. I would usually be aroused at the prospect, but she couldn’t shake the fear I had felt when Mistress had threatened me with permanent cuffs.

Locking the first cuff had been easy enough. My balled up fist was locked immobile inside a confining sphere. The inside was shaped for each of my curled digits. The second had proven tricky to get into position without the use of a free hand. Pinning it against my chest with my other arm, I finally lined up my fingers into the proper recesses. Twisting it ninety degrees, I pressed my arm down and snapped it shut. Flexing my hands and wrists, I found them held perfectly immobilized.

No sooner than I looked to Mistress, I was told by her to connect the cuffs behind my back. My heart was beating a light year a minute. I was already robbed the use of my hands, but I was about to become completely helpless. My whole body felt numb as I placed my hands behind my back. I couldn’t help staring at Mistress’s look of anticipation as I reluctantly placed my hands behind my back and linked the cuffs.

“Very good, My pet. Now come here and sit down.” Mistress cooed, moving to the far side and patting the bed in the center. As I climbed in, she guided me so that I ended up sitting with my legs straight out in front of me. From beneath the covers, she pulled out a manacle and locked it around my left boot. It was connected to a cable that disappeared beneath the sheets and was likely connected to the foot of the bed. As I anticipated, she produced another manacle and locked it around my right boot.

I was pushed back until my head lay on the pillows. Mistress reached to the headboard and brought forth a steel collar, connected by two cables on either side. The cables ran towards either post at the head of the bed. After she had it locked around my tall collar, Mistress reached beneath the pillows and retrieved a small device. She tapped a few strokes on the display screen and the cables suddenly snapped tight.

The pull wasn’t overwhelming, but the cables certainly didn’t give when I pulled back. Setting down the control pad, Mistress reached under the pillows again. This time she withdrew a large silver dildo. I have to admit I became aroused at the Idea of her removing this infernal belt and using it on me. I was a bit confused as she swung her leg over me and sat on my chest. Turning the dildo up, she held the base over my face. As soon as I saw the bottom, I knew exactly where it was going.

Mistress placed the base of the dildo into my mouth tube and slid it down. When it seated fully, I heard it click. Mistress was even kind enough to tug up on it, lifting my head to show me it was locked in place. It sealed perfectly and left me breathing through the nose holes in my mask alone.

Mistress crawled forward and knelt over the dildo. I could smell her sex, just as a real woman would smell. She moaned as she lowered herself down. All I could do was stare wide eyed as her sex passed my field of view. I looked up past her firm breasts and our eyes met. She bit her lower lip as she seated herself fully.

I tried to inhale, finding her clit and hood pressed firmly over my nostril holes. I flashed a look of pleading up at Mistress and saw a look of satisfied control in her eyes. In a futile attempt for a breath, I began twisting and shaking as much as I could. Mistress in turn, began rocking her hips back and forth, combining her motions with that of my struggles. The more I struggled, the more it stimulated her and the harder she gyrated herself on my face.

Every so often, Mistress would lift herself slightly so I could get a taste of air. Not enough for a full breath, but enough I for me to continue my struggle. Without missing a stroke, she picked up the control pad and pecked at the screen. My own plugs came to life, pumping within me. There was a sudden feeling about my breasts. It was as if a pair of hands had grasped each one and a mouth began to suckle both of my tits.

Mistress rocked harder and faster. She no longer lifted herself, but her motions allowed a fraction of a breath with each stroke. It was growing to be less and less air as she pressed herself harder and harder onto my face. She groaned louder and louder, obviously building towards a climax. With each puff of air, I was moaning out as well. Partly it was my desperation for air, but mostly my own building orgasm. My own plugs grew in size and vigor, pumping me hard. My breasts were being stimulated to the most perfect degree.

Mistress suddenly groaned loudly and pressed herself onto my face harder than ever. My air was cut off completely and my orgasm came as well. My body heaved with ecstasy and bucked in an effort for breath in a murid rush of sensation, all in perfect synchronization to Mistresses own explosion. I wanted the sensation to last forever. It was the most intense rush I had ever felt.

It felt like it had lasted forever. When it was over, my body was tremoring and quivering. Mistress was a real being and we had just connected as powerfully as lovers can. Once we had both ridden out the experience for everything it was worth, Mistress used the pad to unlock the restraints and we joined each other in embrace. With my hands behind my back, I could only intertwine my legs with hers, but laying in her arms felt safe and peaceful.

As we lay together, I pondered how to ask her to remove the mask. I wanted to kiss her. I wanted to taste her mouth and feel her lips on my own. I moaned, soft and long at first. Mistress opened her eyes and looked into my eyes. I moaned just a little louder and broke it up a little, as if to form words.

“Is it your muzzle darling? Would you like it off?” I rocked my head in a gentle yes motion. “Oh dear, Poor thing. Do you remember how I told you if you attempted to alter or damage any of the restraints I would make things much more permanent?”

My eyes darted as I tried to figure out what she was getting at. I hadn’t tried to remove anything. I hadn’t tried to… She couldn’t mean… My eyes went wide. “That’s right little bird. When I discovered the original muzzle was not here, I checked the computer log and found the replicator had been activated. You attempted to dematerialize something, but nothing registered. You can’t imagine how disappointed I am with you. I had no choice. I lied to you about the mitts and the muzzle. It was gratifying to watch you unwittingly lock yourself into your own punishment.”

I screamed “NO!” only it came out an “NNGGGG” sound through my nostrils. I wanted to beg and plea forgiveness. All I could do was struggle on the bed and moan, crying in desperation.

“Computer, remove the muzzle and dildo” My mouth suddenly free, I cried in shock and relief. Mistress stroked my hair. “I told you I was not heartless. I lied about lying to you. That was your punishment for the gag”. Mistress leaned in and kissed me on the temple.

We found ourselves curled together again. “I’m sorry Mistress. I was stupid. Will you forgive me?”

“Of course. I think you understand now.”

“I do, and… if I might say… I think I’m more than, well, I’m falling for you…”

Mistress tightened her embrace. “I hoped you would. Just don’t forget your place with me. I want to make you happy and give you everything. But you will forever be my pet.”

“Yes Mistress. I know now. I will never disobey you, as I only want to make you happy.”

We continued to soak in each other’s embrace until the computer interrupted.  “There is a communication request from the planet Vulcan.” I sat up and asked the computer for an audio channel.

The computer responded. “Channel open.” “Earth Vessel, I am communications officer Tavan. You have entered Vulcan space and are required you identify yourself.”

“I am Tehkara Otzoeonde, Daughter of the late Ambassador Otzoeonde. I am requesting permission to Land in the seventh district, where my father originated.”

“What will be the purpose of your visit?”

“I simply wish to observe the culture of my father and grandmother’s birthplace.”

“Your request is granted. Direct your flightpath to the following coordinates for a security scan, prior to descending into the planet’s atmosphere.  May your visit be beneficial.”

Remembering my Vulcan courtesies, I showed my gratitude. “Thank you. Live long and prosper.”

“Live long and prosper. Tavan out.”

Attempting to climb from the bed, I remembered my bound state. “Mistress?” I said, swinging my still bound hands to one side. She looked at me for a moment like, ‘Why should I?’ “Computer, remove the mitts”.

Once I was free of the mitts, Mistress used the control pad to unlock my collar and the boots. My neck was a little stiff, but the constant lift had kept it from becoming too bad. Before I asked about the rest of my outfit, Mistress looked at me in a firm expression. “Leave the holodeck running. I have some things to do. Let me know when we are about to land.”

I took the hint and restrained myself from asking about the belt and bra. I just hoped she would let me out of them before I departed on Vulcan.  I bowed my head. “Yes Mistress.”

I felt funny walking in my bare feet. After two days in the boots, I suddenly felt very short. Picking up my robe, I passed by my quarters and donned some simple shoes, slacks and a shirt. I took the helm and checked the coordinates Tavan had transmitted. Changing coarse, I passed a satellite and waited as the scanning field swept the ship. An automated voice came over the com. “Security scan complete; you are cleared for entry.”

No sooner had I decelerated into the planet’s atmosphere, I was hailed and directed to a landing sight. Punching up the intercom, I informed Mistress of the final approach. “Take only what you need when you land. I want you to contact the Department of Human relations and request a Binot class memory core. Tell them you will use it to store data from your explorations and share it with the Vulcan peoples upon your return. Also request a subspace data relay and ten relay beacons, so you might set them up a communications grid in the Echo Quadrant”.

At that moment, I got a pretty good Idea where Mistress would take our eventual course. The wormhole to the Gama Quadrant, then back in this direction through Foxtrot and into Echo Quadrant. That would be the shortest route, but still take about eighty years at warp ten. The Ayuwat was only capable of a maintained warp six and hit max speeds of perhaps eight point five at best. At first I wanted to voice an objection, but I guess it would prove to be the adventure I sought.

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