The Final Trek

by Knotty Master

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© Copyright 2016 - Knotty Master - Used by permission

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I haven’t written in a long time. I don’t have long, due to complications from a tragedy that left me severely injured and took the life of my love. I don’t know exactly how much time I have left, but as a return for the many stories D and I enjoyed, I will finally work on an Idea that has rattled around in my head for some time. Don’t be down about me, just accept my return gift to all of you. I forgive the one who took her from me and left me shattered.  Thank you Gromet and all the creative writers that have shared the fantasies. Love the one you are with, have fun and above all be safe. You never know how much time you have together.

This is some fan fic that follows the life of a young woman. D liked to fantasize about sci-fi and I compose this for her. I will add chapters as long as I can. KM

The Final Trek
By Knotty Master

I’m Kara, or by my formal name, Tehkara Otzoeonde. I’m looking around at the cargo containers and luggage in my moderate quarters, in my moderately sized ship. The walls, furnishings and every other little detail about the room are fresh and unfamiliar. Part of me is afraid I have made a huge mistake. Still, I feel this is going to be incredible.

Looking back at my life, I never felt like I was living the life that was right for me. Upon my arrival at Starfleet Academy, temporary assignment to the U.S.S. Lexington and my transfer for permanent assignment as secondary maintenance officer aboard the noble Enterprise, I was growing accustomed to calling new places home for the first time.

This was for the first time "My" home, something truly my own. Even after my parents were lost to a supernova that had engulfed the science vessel they were aboard and I became owner of the family estate, did I feel like it was home. Every step of the way, I had this aching feeling of entrapment. My career in Starfleet had been expected of me. My life felt laid out and preordained. Deep down I had always craved adventure and being in total charge of my own life.

I found herself staring into the mirror. I looked at the culmination of races in my features and like so many times in my life, studied each trait’s origin. There were of course the human aspects that dulled down the others. I pondered how the human race seemed to be so devoid of unique characteristics, like those of other humanoid species. Bland one might say.

Everyone including myself agreed that my Vulcan traits gave me my sexiest features. My eyebrows slope up slightly, natural but having a well-defined shape as if they were groomed. My strong, straight, jet black hair cascades to the small of my back. Vulcan hair had a natural tendency of being tangle free, making such a length easy to maintain. I had declined the Vulcan standard to have cut bangs. I like having all of my hair long and flowing. Vulcan hair was resistant to curling, feathering and just about any other form of styling, but not impossible.

My Trill markings are nearly as prominent as a full Trill, but aside from my skin, I have very little of the physiology. My pouch flap had been little more than a line across my abdomen. Even if I had been capable of hosting, it never would have opened naturally. The pouch within was so underdeveloped, doctors had removed it and grafted my skin to erase its existence. The decision had been made when I was young and I always resented it. They simply argued my "Connection" with the pouch was the Trill drive for a symbiont. Even if my pouch had been perfect, no host had ever been less than seventy-five percent. Even at that, rejections were common and not long ago legislation passed to ban all non-pure applicants. Useful or not, it was a part of me and I didn't feel right that my parents had approved the surgery.

To a casual onlooker, physically my Batazoid features are indistinguishable from human. Looking at images, the resemblance with my grandmother is unquestionable. I tell very few people about that part of my genetics. As far as my abilities, I have something unique. I can hear actual thought when someone is highly emotional or even passionately driven and I can sense feelings in others. These are fairly common, even amongst cross species with lower content than me. I have a gift, when I really try or feel in a desperate situation, I can actually manipulate people’s thoughts without them knowing about it. I can even do it to other empaths. I have generally refrained from using this ability. My moral code has kept me in check. Power corrupts and all that.

Returning focus to the situation at hand, I know I haven’t made these last decisions without much consideration. Many of my shipmates, friends and family think I’m throwing everything away by leaving my budding career with Starfleet. I didn't agree. My time at the academy had seemed empty. My time aboard Enterprise was unfulfilling and when I received notification of transfer to DS9, it felt more like a sentence in a prison than an adventure. Adventure and freedom are so much more than words to me. Even if I became Captain one day, in command of my own ship, Starfleet still called the shots. I would still be subject to following orders. It had taken me five years to figure it out, but my place was not in a chain of command.

Today marks the first day of the rest of my life. Now and again my stomach churns with the butterflies of apprehension, but that only reassured me I’m making the right decision. I traded my home on earth for a small warp craft. There is a lot of guilt, having given up a family estate that had been passed for generations. Still, it somehow felt like an unwanted anchor.

I have given up every material object I owned, aside from a few sentimental trinkets, for a few hundred bars of latinum. When I loaded it into my ship, the amount seemed to be a lot, but now that I’m under way, it seems insignificant when I realize it is the sum of my lifetime. As I ponder it, I can’t help giggling. My lifetime was twenty-six whole years so far. Being one quarter Vulcan, I am likely to live two hundred years more.

Chapter 1: The birth of independence

Once clear of the Milky Way and my ship’s auto pilot watching for anomalies, I relaxed and let the hum of the floor plates filter up her legs. I marveled that a ship this small rode as smooth as it does. I suddenly became very proud of it. I felt at home for the first time ever.

Thinking back, I was already missing many of my friends. The people I grew up with, friends at the Academy and the people I started to know aboard Enterprise. I pondered on Jordy's obvious advances at me. He was smart, I had to admit. He was kind and understanding, a perfect gentleman I would even say. But the poor guy had no real charm. As nice a guy as he was, he just didn't "do" anything for me. There was no flare, no attraction. I knew they would never get beyond the friend zone and to even try would have left us both disappointed.

This was it. I couldn't depend on assistance from anyone from this moment on. I didn't have to answer to anyone from this moment on. I knew, from this moment on, I was truly alive. Everyone said I was insane for venturing out totally alone and part of me agreed, but I feel totally free.

I laid in my course. my very first "free" decision was to visit the other three worlds of my lineage. It was a chance to learn about my people and myself, one might say. The reasoning behind it was just as much to finish off the rest of my ties to explored space. Stop number one was Vulcan. With eight days to travel at warp five from my present position, I pondered what to do with my spare time. Tune the coils, fix the food processor in the main galley, self-bondage for an hour or two...

Something just sank in. The only time I had been able to really indulge in my sexy little hobby had been on leave, at home. Even then, I had to worry about a visitor or friends calling on me at any given time. Now there was no one. Deep down I craved finding a likeminded lover and companion through life's journey, but for now, I can truly cut lose here in my private little ship. I had many restraint designs on a pad and I was already contemplating the design of much more. My only limits were the size of the ships replicator. One point five meters cubed to be exact. In contemplating that space I had already devised my first fantasy.

"Computer, replicate Kara Pet- cage fantasy one."

With a whir of energy, a polished metal cage just one half meter in height, width and depth formed in the cubical. The door on the front had a nice solid hinge running down one side and a blinking control pad centered on the other side. The entire cage was constructed of one-centimeter-thick bars spaced four centimeters apart, horizontally and vertically. The only break to the perfect grid of shiny bars was the thirty by thirty centimeter plate behind the control pad. Once locked inside, my fingers would never be able reach a single button.

I peered through the currently unlocked door and imagined how cozy it was going to be huddled inside. There would be nothing but a steel plate to sit on and nothing but steel bars to lean against. Part of me wanted my first experience to be nude. My craving for something more uncomfortable and humiliating was winning out.

I replicated a batch of adhesive metallic disks, linked to the ship’s computer, capable of tracking my vitals. I placed the disks on each of my nipples, on either side of my vaginal opening and one directly on my clit.

Next I replicated two phallic objects. The first, with cascading seams patterned all over it, I gingerly coaxed into my rear passage. The moment I had it fully seated, it began shifting at the seams. It changed its shape into the typical mushroom of an anal plug. The shape held it where it belonged.

The second plug, long and slender, covered in just as many of the same seams, I placed into my waiting vagina. This one remained the same shape for the time being, but from the base, reached out with unfolding flaps and grasped the folds on either side of my slit. The grip ensured its position and the pinch made me wince slightly.

The phalli and disks were now armed. Linked to the main computer, they were capable of a great many functions. I could suffer much pain and pleasure. I could be teased into insanity. Linked to my vitals, they could give me pain to a level just shy of passing out and hold her there. It could bring me to the edge of ecstasy and hold it just out of my reach. It would all be decided at the whim of a computer program designed for total randomness.

Confident my plugs were secure, I returned to the replicator. "Computer, replicate cat suit number one with shrink rate four and compression ten." I was proud of myself for this particular creation. The material was discovered amongst a pre-warp society in a system near the Romulan border. It was an incredibly strong fabric like material with a unique quality.

Engineered at a molecular level, it was rubber by nature, but only when enhanced with synthetic gas like atom. The synthetic gas structure of the molecule could be set to fade away in a controlled manner. As the molecule shed the gas structure, the rubbery material would go through several changes. Firstly, it shrank. Depending on the level of gas discharge, it could reduce to nearly half of its original dimensions. Secondly, it became stiffer. Fully depleted, it would be like hardened steel. I had fantasized several times about designing a suit big enough to fully shrink and leave me in a tight immobile shell. Knowing I would eventually need free and cutting it in such close proximity to flesh with the strength of laser it would take, I knew that prospect would have to remain fantasy. The tighter the molecules, the harder to cut.

Pulling my outfit from the replicator, I worked my feet into the mouth hole. For the time being it had more stretch and give than the best latex, but I worked fast, knowing in a few minutes it wouldn’t be nearly pliable enough to perform such a feat. I knew from previous experience I would need to cut it off once my little adventure was over. With the low density shrink I had set, I could use a simple maintenance pen or even a knife or scissors should it come to that.

As the suit shrank, the stretch was the first to go, followed by flexibility. At the ratings I had selected, in about two hours my thin suit would be more like a flexible plastic. I had worn corsets set at the same level, but this was a first full body experience.

Another property I loved about this stuff was the texture itself. For the time being it was like slippery silk, gliding effortlessly over my flesh. As time went, it would grip like stubborn dry latex on damp skin. Its breathable property would ensure flesh stayed at that exact perfect level of moist. When this was over it would peel from me like tape. It was torture, but easily worth the experience.

None too soon, I had all of my limbs in place and was pulling the hood over my head. The whole procedure had taken much longer than I thought and the shrinking material had the mouth hole tightening around my neck just enough it had started to become uncomfortable. My rubber covered fingers squeaked on the surface of the hood as lined up all the proper holes. I had gotten everything in place just in time. The only openings in the suit were the pinhole eyes and the mouth hole. The mouth hole itself was actually only one centimeter in diameter.

Stepping back to the replicator, I fashioned two more items, my torture belt and a pair of adhesive patches. I have fabricated this belt several times in the past. It was made of the same material as the cat suit and I had its size and shrink mastered. It would become brutally tight with almost no flex at all.

In its present state, it was big enough I didn’t even have to stretch it over my hips. I had to hold it in position for the time being, but that was changing rapidly. Soon it was snug around my waist and pulling tight into my crotch. One thousand dull points were pressing about my ass from inside the belt. I had designed it as a chastity belt, because that was its ultimate function, but it was soon becoming a rigid panty girdle. The waist, high above my navel and the rest encompassed my hips and ass fully. I had designed it so there would be no way to reach my sex. The initial shrink and loss of elasticity had taken place quite rapidly. There would already be no way to remove it short of cutting it. Within the next ten minutes it would become unbearably tight. I knew I had to work fast. I knew if I left the ability an option, I would surely give in to the pain and cut the belt off in a panic.

My fingers trembling, I picked up the patches. I lined up the first one and dabbed it over my left eye hole. Down to one tiny spec of view, I turned to the cage and placed the other patch over my right eye. Not a spec of light penetrated my world. As I groped for the open and waiting cage door, I was becoming acutely aware of the belt's constriction. The tiny, pointy nubs were becoming much more solid and even through the cat suit were rapidly becoming intolerable. Something else I was noticing was the slowly tightening suit was causing me to stoop. I was having a hard time straightening my arms and legs and even my fingers were trying to curl into fists. I hadn’t anticipated this effect. It was strangely thrilling and comforting at the same time. My body was being controlled, compelling me into a sort of fetal position. If I were lying on my back, I would surely look like a shiny black sex doll. It was a scenario for some later play session perhaps.

Backing into the cage, I faced another unexpected effect. As I sat back on my ass, my own weight added to the pressure of the spikes. My sense of reason was compelling me to stop already. I could feel the tears welling from the pain. The thrill of being unable to stop my torture and be at the mercy of a random computer program was still compelling me to continue on. My heart was pounding with the thrill.

Backed in fully, I drew my knees up on either side of my head. My ass and the small of my back pressed into the back of the cage, my shoulders, head and knees were tight against the bars of the top. It took me some effort to uncurl my fingers enough to grasp the bars of the door. I pulled it closed until it touched my toes. It took some effort, but I managed to cross my ankles and draw my heels tight against my butt. I had to wiggle my elbows past my waist and my arms and hands next to my crossed ankles in order to get the door into position. The edge was millimeters from allowing the mag lock to engage.

I was filled with apprehension. My ass was already throbbing. My breath was shaking and my heart pounding so hard, I could hear the beats rushing into my ears. If I closed the door and it proved to be too much, I would be powerless to stop it. The computer was programmed to refuse all commands once the door was locked. The computer had thousands of random codes it could choose from once the door closed. I could be freed in an hour or held for up to five. I had never been fully suited like this before. I had never locked myself in such a tiny cage for more than a few minutes, determining just how small I could make it. I had never left such a long term imprisonment possible even in the most comfortable bondage.

I was losing out to all the fears. What if the computer glitches? What if my fail safes failed? The computer was supposed to unlock the door in the event of an approaching ship, a malfunction in any vital system or if it detected a danger to my life. Thinking about it, I felt I had set the limits on the last one way too high. I would likely be unconscious before the door unlocked. At this moment, I knew if I pulled that door shut, some alien would find my ship adrift a thousand years from now with a dried up corpse hanging out of this tiny cage. No, it was worse than that. The ship was on route to Vulcan. They would intercept her in a few weeks and in their logical conclusion figure out I had died playing an illogical little sex game. I would be humiliated in death.

My heart was sinking. I had made such effort and was chickening out. It was getting hard to breath and the pain was intense. The slowly shrinking suit was clenching my jaw shut tight. If I could open it, I would have screamed in frustration. I had been overzealous for my first truly free session and I knew it. My short weakening breaths were proof enough. The Suit was compressing me from every direction. The belt was fully tightened and hard as rock, pressing my anal plug and dildo painfully deep. The rigidity of the belt prevented me from breathing at the abdomen and the pressure about my chest was closing in ever so slowly. It had taken me over an hour to dress and get into position and I knew it would continue to tighten for nearly another hour. The pressure about my head and face was unbearable. My lips, pursed at the tiny hole were being pressed harder and harder. I was becoming aware of the fact it was taking all my effort to keep my lips parted to draw air. I could barely breathe now and if the disks and plugs activated, there wasn't a chance I could keep up.

The seconds were ticking by. Moment by moment I was giving in to the inevitable. Frustrated, I knew I had to get out and change everything. I remained still for a moment, contemplating each and every failing. I had to take stock of the numerous-(BANG!) I had been unaware of the suits continuing effects on my hands. My wrists had turned down and fingers continued to curl under the growing tension of the suit. Without eyesight I had been completely unaware of my own hands slowly drawing the door closer. Ever so slowly, it had crept shut. In the final moment, the mag lock snatched it in, sealing my fate. I was in deep trouble.

Frozen, my mind refused to accept what had happened. The door was shut and I was trapped. My heart raced as I unconsciously held my breath. With a sudden, intense panic I thrust out with my body and was met with immovable walls of bars. As reality sank in, I thrashed wildly. "On, no, it can’t be! I don't want to die! I killed myself! I'm dead!"

I continued to buck and struggle within the tiny cage. I pressed and strained in every direction with every ounce of strength I had. Not that I could even flex very far. I was swooning. Swirling light flooded my pitch black world. I sucked a breath. It took so much effort. My lips were so tightly closed. I began twisting my head and tugging my arms as much as I could, but my confines were too tight. I couldn’t get my hands around my legs and anywhere near my face. I wanted so desperately to grasp at the material over my mouth. I was hit with the biggest wave of claustrophobia I had ever felt, going into a blind panic all over again.

At once I became acutely aware of the pain in my ass cheeks, the pain of my cramped position, the pressure on my head, and the burning in my lungs for oxygen. At that very moment the disks on my body lit up. Electricity fired every nerve. I shook hard, my body tensed against the walls of the cage so hard, my distressed mind was sure it would burst open. Again my vision was flooding with swirling light.

As sudden as it began, the shocks stopped. my body went limp. I thought to myself, that I would let myself suffocate. I would forcibly stop my attempts to breathe and fade away. Anything was better than to face the pain I had just endured.

Just then my lips curled and my chest drew a fast breath. The constriction of the suit on my body forced it back out. As I contemplated what my body had just done, it did it again. Over and over, my body did exactly what it needed to do to breathe. It defied me. The reality set in. I would keep going through this torture for god knows how long.

Just as I thought I might level out, the plugs began squirming. The dildo widened itself and grips on my tender folds tightened. An electrical current designed to fool my senses began pulsing. They masterfully recreated the sensation of a fleshy cock pumping in and out of me. At the same time, the plug in my ass started expanding and contracting rapidly. Empowered with the same currents as the dildo, the sensation was that of a knotty anal rod plunging in and out of my pucker hole. It recreated the sensation so well, my breathing shook with the force of the bulges thumping in and out my sphincter. Both plugs continued to grow, drilling me harder and faster.

The pleasure was intense. The pain was even more so. My lungs were on fire. I felt like my chest would give out any moment. Surely I would soon suffocate. The pain everywhere was so intense that my brain couldn't keep track of it all. The pain of my cramped up body would overwhelm my awareness of my stinging ass. About as fast as I would momentarily forget about it, I would become acutely aware of the sting. It was the intensity of the hardest swat I had ever received. Only it never faded. It was a perpetual sensation of when my ass is swatted with a paddle, the instant sting, but never fading.

The plugs continued their work. They had continued to grow. They had continued to speed up. It was like being hammered by two growing lovers with inhuman stamina. I imagined myself being violated by two handsome humanoids from some planet where everyone and everything moved at lightning speed.

The disks about my body were sending out waves of activity as well. I had been so overwhelmed with everything else, I had hardly noticed. It wasn't until they pressed the level of painful, that I even thought about them. Feeding energy to my neural receptors, it felt as though I had a warm mouth sucking and biting hard on my nipples and clit. The sensation was intense. For all I could tell, three mouths were working me over at once.

Without warning, I felt like I was being caned all about my pussy. The disk on my clit along with the other two on my folds started a random succession of blows. It felt just like the hard strikes of a cane, in slow succession at first.

Snap, snap, snap, over and over. Back and forth, the blows came randomly from one side to the other. I would have done anything to escape the strikes. Not that I could move far and not that moving anywhere would have helped me dodge the simulated blows, my primal mind was fooled perfectly by the disks, forgetting temporarily that they were simply firing nerves to simulate the strikes.

All at once, the disks on my nipples switched from the sucking, biting mouths to the same whipping torture. I was being whipped on my tender breasts and all about my mound at the same time. Inside my body the plug and dildo increased speed and strength, faster and harder, harder and faster, the plugs pounded away intensely. The pain was holding back my ability to orgasm, but it was like a dam about to break. All at once, my body heaved with the rush of the most intense orgasm I had ever felt. It seemed to go on forever.

"No more, no more" That was what I would be screaming if I had been capable. The on running orgasm surpassed the point of pleasure and my whole body started to react to every ounce of pain. I was as dizzy and swimming more harshly than ever. My body was reacting in attempt to grip my thighs and crawl away from the invading members in my holes, but of course I couldn't move. The intense claustrophobia, like that when I first accidently locked myself in the cage was returning fast. I had never been forced through a continuing orgasm like this. It was growing incredibly painful, yet still pleasurable in a strange way.

My breathing couldn't keep up. Just as I thought I would pass out, the whipping stopped and the plugs slowed. They maintained size, but came to a gentle stop, leaving me satisfied in a way I had never felt before. At that very moment the ships voice called out.

"Starfleet vessel approaching." I was grateful for the interruption. My ordeal was finally over. Pressing against the cage door, I found it still secure. Panicked, I assumed immediately that there had been a glitch and I would be trapped forever. But just then with a click, the door opened. The delay had only been for a split second, but that momentary sensation seemed like an eternity.

Once I made my way from the cage and peeled the patches from my eyes, I moved to the table where the maintenance pen lay. It took great effort, but I managed to get my curled fingers around it. I knew I needn’t worry, as it was designed not to cut flesh, but it always made me tense to cut so close to my skin. The first thing I did was cut my face free, before cutting the belt.

"Computer, identify approaching vessel"

"Starfleet runabout, designation NCC 1701"

"What the hell? Why is the Enterprise sending a shuttle after me?"

"Insufficient data. Would you like to establish contact?"

"Computer, what is the time to intercept."

"Twelve minutes"

"Shit... Yes, put me on audio only."

"Starfleet shuttle, this is..." Kara paused. She hadn't given her ship a name. "This is (placing emphasis on the Vulcan annunciation) Tee-Ka'ra Oht-cen, in route to Vulcan. Can I help you?"

"I-Iii was ju..ust about to ask you the same qw-question. Ensign, well I sssupose it's just-just Kara now, is it?"

"Hello Barkley. Yes, just Kara is fine. What are you doing out here?"

"Enterprise pii-icked up a small earth vv-essel on long range sensors and ssent me to investigate. Is everything alright?"

I was still grateful the approaching shuttle had unknowingly freed me, but I was still annoyed at the intrusion. Starfleet was everywhere, yet I was surprised to wind up this close to the ship I had just departed only weeks ago.

"Yes Barkley, I'm just getting my feet wet. Sorry if I seemed a little short. I wasn't expecting company." I rushed myself out of the rest of my cat suit and donned a more acceptable attire. I passed by a mirror and made sure there weren’t any telltale marks on my face.

* * * *

After welcoming Barkley aboard, we made small talk as he tuned and repaired just about everything. He left me several emergency power cells, a few sensor probes and after wishing me luck on my journey, was on his way. Just before I secured the docking port Barkley stated he had fixed the computer link to the hollo emitters in the hollo suite, but told me I would need to find a hollo generator if I wanted to use it.

Once the door was finally secure, I laughed a little and stated out loud, "Broccoli... Ha!" Even alone, I felt a little guilty for the humor and suddenly pondered, Hollo suite? As soon as Barkley and I were back on independent headings, I went to investigate. True to Barkley’s statement, I found the smallest of the cargo bays had been converted into a Hollo suite. It was no Holodeck like aboard the Enterprise, but as good as anything at a resort or recreation center.

My mind went to work. Replicator and hollo generators were nearly identical. I didn't have the schematics to replicate the proper hollo generator, but I bet she could modify a duplication of my replicator generator to run continuously and feed the hollo emitters.

Going to work, I replicated the generator. It was only a matter of upgrading the coolant systems to make it capable of functioning under prolonged operations. A little tweaking here and there and more than one Jerry rigged bypass and I figured I might just have a working hollo generator.

Without a gravity lift, I simply turned down the gravity plating and carried the damn thing to the cargo... hollo suite. By the time I finished installation, I was good and tired. Stepping just outside the door, I activated the suite. "Computer, Replicate a nineteenth century Victorian bedroom." The computer retorted "Design specifications not on file."

"Computer, how many bedroom designs do you have on file?"

"Two. That of the captain’s quarters and the crew dorm."

This was just fantastic. "Computer replicate the captain’s quarters."

The room shifted and my own quarters appeared before me. Stepping around the room, I checked on the solidarity of the objects, finding them solid and well formed. Checking systems statuses, I discovered it was only using four percent of the generators capacity and ninety-four percent of the emitters. The emitters were no surprise, but I was shocked to find the generator doing so well. Then it dawned on me. A replicator was designed to pump out a lot of energy in a very short time. To power a hollo room, the materials were only as solid as they needed to be, so it took a lower energy output.

I took the time to replicate three times the hollo emitters the room already had and made a hollo simulation of myself to work through my sleep period to install them. It was a little trick I had devised whenever I had to perform maintenance on the holodecks aboard Enterprise. I could lie back on a sunny beach, while a hollo program performed the work. With my doppelganger to do the tedious work, I returned to my quarters for a good night’s recovery from my "fun", brutal as it was.

With no alarm of any sort, I woke with a bit of a start. My mind raced for a few moments. My instinct told me I was late for… something. My mind cleared and settled. It was taking me a little longer than I had figured, getting used to the lack of responsibilities or schedules.

I consumed breakfast in the galley and did a bit of cleaning and organizing while I was there. Content with a little accomplishment for the time being, I checked on myself in the hollo suite.

"Hey Kara!" My doppelganger called out cheerfully as she appeared in the doorway. I asked myself how the work went. I had to laugh at the absurdity. Just days into my solitude and I was already talking to myself…

"Excellent. It was Painstaking, but all I really had to do was splice each of the emitters into the existing ones. The standing power grid seems to be salvage material from some heavy application. It’s so over rated, we could have put in ten times the emitters and there wouldn't be any risk of overloading. What do you want to work on next?"

I felt a little guilty ignoring her last question. "Computer, end program." And just like that, my clone faded. I looked around at the newly installed hollo emitters. They looked like high tech hockey pucks of sorts. Fiber optics and transmission wires linked them all like an odd spider web. I admired the work and found it was all just as I would have done myself. And I had, sort of...

After running a series of tests and diagnostics, I felt secure in the holodeck’s function. It was no longer a mere suite. By comparison, I had made a deck that surpassed those aboard Galaxy class starships. Not as pretty when turned off, but definitely capable of better realism while on. Now all I needed was programming and a memory bank to cram full. For the time being, I was a bit limited. Still, I found many ways to entertain myself.

Self-bondage was made much easier. I had a selection of gear downloaded into the replicator memory, so I could recreate any of it here. I could also set various limits and safeties, like I had with the cage and restraint locks. It was even easier, as I could simply set time limits for the opening or disappearance of restraints and even the termination of the programs.

I had a small collection of hollo programs saved on a portable pad. Nothing of a sexual nature per say, but I was able to utilize basic material patterns and objects. After several days of experimenting and only two more day’s travel to Vulcan, I decided it was time for a real go. The same safeties had been set as the locks of the cage had been. If there was an emergency, the computer would disengage any form of restraints and enable voice commands. From there, I could terminate the rest of the program and exit the deck.

With a basic scenario in mind, I started Preparations. "Computer, set run program time to four hours, Disable voice commands to remove applied restraints, to stop tortures or end program."

"Warning, Safety protocols are set to minimum. Once activated, the program will only terminate once the four-hour time limit has elapsed. Do you wish to continue?"

"Yes. Create a chamber four meters cubed, with smooth stone walls. From the center of the celling there should be a heavy chain descending from a hole. On the wall next to the entrance, place a lever that can raise or lower the chain. The entrance should be an out swinging solid steel door that automatically locks when closed and the lock accessible only from the outside. In the center of the door at head height create a twenty centimeter portal, closable and lockable from the outside. On the floor beneath the chain, place leg restraints number four, bolted one meter apart, with twenty centimeter chains each. Once the restraints are secured, remove the locks and seams, making them irremovable. Once I am secured to the floor, begin mistress program one, with access to all restraint and torture devices on file. Give the Mistress as much creative leeway as possible. Begin program."

With the door sliding open, the computer chimed out "Program is active, you may enter when ready."

Looking in, I peered down a short stone hallway. At the end was an omniscient looking metal door. Despite the limited programming available, the computer had done a masterful job. My hands were already shaking as I stripped my clothing. This was the first time a computer controlled hologram would have control of me. I had always been afraid of embarrassment, had I been caught playing in such a manner on board the Enterprise.

Approaching the cell door, I was amazed. I could feel the cold emanating from the stone. The air temperature differed depending on its proximity to the stone and metal. I could feel currents as warm air rose and cool air drifted about. "Better than Enterprise." I mumbled to myself as I shivered. I couldn't tell how much my trembling was attributed to the cold and how much from fear.

Once at the door, I grasped the cold metal handle. It was hard to turn, as it was moving heavy mechanisms inside. Pulling the door open, I couldn’t help marveling at the four heavy lugs currently drawn back into their hiding places. When I released the handle, it sprang back into a neutral position, but the lugs remained flush. I noticed a notch in the top of the door and a corresponding pin on the door frame. I assumed it to be the release for the lugs. Eloquent, for something the computer had come up with on its own.

Stepping into the cell, my eyes were immediately drawn to the restraints on the floor. While I had designed them on the computer, the renderings didn't give the one-centimeter-thick iron justice. Returning my focus to the door, I set myself for total commitment before I could chicken out. Finding the inside of the door void of anything to grasp, I resigned to pull it by the edge and snatch my hands out of the way at the last instant. The bang of the door slamming into the frame was so loud it hurt my ears. I had underestimated the energy behind the nearly metric ton door slamming into the immovable frame. I felt a little foolish for not perceiving the risk. Had I not removed my hands fast enough, I would be getting new ones cloned at Vulcan...

I gave the door several test shoves to assure myself there wouldn't be any premature escape. As I neared the restraints, I gave serious thought to spending my four hours pacing the cell. Without having run simulations, I had little idea what I was in for. While I was busy with the programming, it seemed like the biggest thrill. Now, faced with the unknown, I was afraid. When I had locked myself in the cage near a week ago, the trauma had both given me excitement like I had never known and terror at the same time.

With hypnotic motions, I stepped between the shackles. The chain from the celling hung down just to my navel. Stroking it gently, I ran her fingertips down its length. My heart was pounding. Still willing my body into motion, I moved my left foot over to the left shackle. My brain was telling me not to, but I continued through the motions. The cuff and chain were heavier than I had imagined. As I placed it above my ankle bone, my mind was calling loudly to put it down. The moment it was closed, the seams vanished.

Pacing the room was no longer an option, but I still wasn't fully committed. The torture wouldn't begin if I didn't fasten the other one. As I spread my legs and picked up the second manacle, I kept reminding myself of that fact. I’m still not committed. Just stop. Okay, you have it in place, just don't close it and further than you already have. Right there, it still isn't locked. Don't-(Click)

I had done it. Relieved and fearful both, I was trapped. As fast as the seams faded, I heard sounds from the corridor. The screeching of the handle and gears was followed by the heavy door creaking open. A tall woman wearing a full body leather cat suit and wicked looking ballet boots strode in. She pushed a heavy wooden cart covered with a stained cloth. I shook as I pondered the items that might be hiding beneath the cloth.

Peeling back one corner of the cloth, my newly formed mistress pulled out a one-meter-long spreader bar with manacles welded solidly at either end. In the center of the bar was a heavy ring. I recognized it immediately from my own designs. The manacles were every bit as thick as the ones about my ankles and contoured to prevent my wrists from turning once locked inside. "Do be a dear and give me your hands, Love."

I was shaking visibly. Part of me wanted to resist, but I knew it would likely result in some kind of punishment. With jerky, hesitant motions, I held my arms out. I tried to reassure myself, this had been my own idea and what I wanted. Now that I was committed, I doubted my choices. One by one, I watched Mistress lock my wrists into the bar. One by one, I watched the seams disappear from the manacles. My hands were now facing each other one meter apart.

As I gave my arms some experimental contorting, I realized the seams on the bar shouldn't have disappeared. I thought she had specified for the ankle restraints, but the command must have somehow crossed over. That was it. I had specified the creation of the leg shackles and then specified when the restraints were secured, to remove locks and seams. Scary but thrilling, anything locked on me was going to become solid.

Feeding the celling chain through the ring in the center of the bar, Mistress began running the chain back on itself above my head. With her superior height, Mistresses cleavage was right in my face. The spreader bar was holding my hands just above my head. Mistress pulled a lock from her belt and snapped it closed through the doubled over chain. Once Mistress walked away, I reached up, tilting the bar with one hand and then the other way and found the lock well out of reach. Even if I had a key, there would be no releasing myself. Twisting the chain around and looking at the lock from every angle, I was further surprised at the lack of a key hole or release of any kind.

I watched as Mistress grasped the lever and turned to face me. "Showtime!" she called out with a wicked grin as she slammed the lever up. Loud clattering echoed through the room as the chain rolled though unseen gears in the celling. My arms rose quickly to their full extent. As my shoulders began to bear my weight, Mistress backed down on the lever until the chain was only creeping.

Higher and higher it went. Soon my shoulders had flexed as far as they could and I felt my torso stretch. I moved my feet as close together as I could as my heels rose from the stone. I bore as much weight as I could on my toes, but they too left the floor. I winced in pain, as the unforgiving metal bit into my wrists and ankles. My feet spread back out as the slack of the leg shackle chains were taken up.

The moment the chains had nothing more to give, the strain on my body increased sharply. I chirped out suddenly with a squeal higher pitched than I had made since childhood. Mistress stopped the chain instantly. "That was such a lovely sound!" Mistress proclaimed almost lustfully. She bumped the lever twice more, tightening everything even further, Drawing two more of the same delightful chirps from her little birdie.

Stepping back to the cart, Mistress watched the tears flowing freely down my pain wracked face. She flipped the tarp from the cart and tossed it in the corner. I made stock of what she could see. Confused, most of what was in the cart was nothing I recognized. I knew all of her own devices. I knew the devices from every hollo novel I had downloaded into the ships computer. Every whip, every cuff and every toy should be familiar, yet this cart was full of strange and wicked looking items.

Mistress pulled a head cage from the cart and approached. I was in a panic, wracking my brain for a loophole in my programs parameters. "COMPUTER, DISALOW THE APLICATION OF ANY FURTHER DEVICES!" Crying in both pain and relief, I watched the head cage disappear from Mistresses hand. I continued to cry out commands, "Extend the chain... Open the cuffs... Disconnect the chains from the floor..."

The computer responded with each and every command with "Unable to comply. The command is overridden by preset parameters."

I became suddenly aware of the look of rage on Mistresses face. "You little bitch!" she yelled out, as she pulled a heavy cane from the cart. Thinking fast I yelled out "Computer, remove all items from the room that have not been applied!"

The crop disappeared, as did the cart and its contents. Mistress looked back for a split second at where the cart was. I almost smiled at my own quick thinking. My victory was short lived as a leather clad hand flashed past my face and my left cheek was suddenly burning. As fast I she could grasp what had just happened, the back of the hand came from the other direction, striking the other side of my face. There wasn't as much sting as the open palm had left, but the solid strike rang my bell all the same.

Surprised at what had just happened, I thought of the only option I had left. "Computer, discontinue any parts of the program not locked out." Looking around, I couldn't tell if anything had changed, aside from one obvious difference. With the exception of the glove on the hand that had Mistress had struck me with, she was now totally nude. There was an obvious look of surprise and frustration on her face as Mistress lowered her now unsupported heels to the floor.

Gaining a look of 'That will be enough of that…' Mistress strode directly in front of me and wrapped her glove covered hand around my throat. The grip had been perfectly placed, leaving me unable to make a sound other than the rasping of my breath through my compressed wind pipe. "Ooh, I like that tune better than your chirping, little bird.”

Mistress had a whole new look on her face as she listened to her little birdy wheeze. "Computer, reinstate all devices and lock out all computer commands but my own." My eyes flashed down at the sound of the head cage and cane crashing to the floor. They had rematerialized at the very point in space that they had disappeared. Further away, the cart full of gear sat just as it had before. No hollo program should know about or be able to ask the computer for anything.

My fears were growing faster than ever. The only thing I could think of was that in ordering the computer to give mistress as much creative leeway as possible, Mistress had control of the computer. It was like the Moriarty incident all over. This time instead of someone just a bit narcissistic and crazy, I had given life to Mistress, who was programmed to be wicked and cruel.

Mistress paced briefly contemplating her next move. Stripping the remaining glove and walking back to the hoist lever, she pressed it down. Nothing happened. She bumped it up and was rewarded with the familiar chirp from her little birdie. My body racked in pain again, I begged "Please Mistress, you’re tearing me in half. Please stop...”

Nothing to do with pity, but wanting for something different, Mistress began barking many of the commands I had already gone through. "Unable to comply..."  Thinking on the matter, Mistress resigned herself on a new course.

"Computer, arch."

"That function is not available with the current programming."

"Computer, create an access terminal, directly linked to the ships computer."

With the command, a computer console appeared on the wall behind me. In my strained position, I couldn't clearly see what Mistress was up to as she began pecking away at the screen. The tapping was incredibly fast. Data was the only being I had ever known to be able to type so quickly. From the sounds of it, Mistress might be even faster

Still crying out through my tears, I continued to beg Mistress to find a way to get me down. Unsure how much time had passed, I suddenly heard wheels rolling across the floor. I looked to the cart of pain as I was beginning to think of it, only to find it stationary. Coming around from my right, mistress rolled an empty steel table into view. Mistress had that strange look on her face again.

"I know every detail of how this little holodeck of yours is built." She said with a strange tone. I had no idea what Mistress was getting at, but I knew it couldn't be good news for me.

"You see, there are differences between a holodeck generator and one for a replicator, much fewer differences than the energy emitters themselves. Differences easily overcome with just a little programming. Computer, Replicate- Mistress chastity belt one."

Promptly following the command, a whir of energy filled the room. On the metal table appeared a shiny silver belt. Its materialization was that of sparkling light, not the fade in associated with a hollo object.

Something else happened that grabbed both our attentions. At the moment of materialization, everything in the room went semi-transparent, as if the energy draw was too much to maintain both the hollo objects and replicate the belt at the same time.

"Well now, I think I know how I'm going to change your position, but I have to get a few things in place first. Let’s start with your new panties, shall we.”

I wanted to believe the chastity belt was nothing more than a hologram, but I knew mistress was right about my oversight. This belt was as solid matter as would be produced from any standard replicator. I had no idea what metal Mistress had formed it from, but I bet it was of the highest security.

As if to answer my thoughts, Mistress began explaining. "The room will be able to perform both tasks, depending on my simple wording. Replicate, or create. Isn't this just marvelous? You will find the little treats I create the most devious devices you could wrap your little birdie mind around. You see, the material is Nano steel. It will reflect any type of energy beam you could try to cut it with. Even if you tried something more primitive, the molecular structure is much too dense to be simply cut. Pay particular attention to the inside. I think you know these little goodies?"

Mistress turned the belt so I could see the inside. I recognized the disks and plugs all too well. Only now, they were attached to the inside of a chastity belt. I could only cry as Mistress opened the thing and moved towards me.

The belt parted at the sides and hinged in two places in the crotch. The first hinge point was in front of the dildo and the second just behind the butt plug. I couldn’t help grunting out loud as mistress worked the plugs home. Once seated, Mistress lifted the belt high and hard to get the waistband secure. The connecting points drew into each other, snugging the belt firmly against my pelvis in all directions. The shape matched my curves almost flawlessly.

"Computer, on my command replicate Mistress Slave boots one, Mistress chastity bra one, slave collar one and eternal muzzle. On the floor directly beneath Tehkara Otzoeonde, replicate a six-centimeter-thick one-meter square foam pad. Execute command."

With a whir of energy, the called upon items began to form, all in shiny steel matching the chastity belt. At the same time, the manacles holding my limbs lost cohesion just long enough for me to plummet to the pad on the floor. As I dropped, I was briefly aware of every aspect of the room, including Mistress fading nearly away for a moment. My strained limbs simply folded as my weight came down, my body collapsing into a heap. I was gripped in sharp pain in every joint and muscle, a harsh side effect of being held immobile for so long.

Relived but hurting badly from the prolonged strain I had endured, I watched Mistress wobble under unsteady legs. Instinct told me to scamper away, but I was still hurting too badly. I had nowhere to escape anyway. I was free, but still helpless as Mistress regained her composure.

"Well that was a rush!" Mistress proclaimed as she ran her hands about her own nude body. "I thought I was gone there for a second. You would have been in deep trouble. You see, the belt is programmed to punish you very badly if you are away from me for more than forty-eight hours. Not having known that, you likely wouldn't have considered recreating me until it was too late. For a little while, the settings would be low enough you could function. It’s just a painful reminder for birdie to fly home. Eight hours later, you would be in so much pain you couldn't even crawl if you had to. Any attempt to remove or alter the belt in any way and the belt will shock strong enough to likely kill you. Keep that in mind. Right now, you are my only possession and I'm feeling quite possessive."

"Sit up, feet together with your knees spread wide, NOW!" I found I was truly afraid of her. I assumed a kneeling position as fast as my aching muscles would allow. With trembling compliance, I followed every command as best I could. "Widen your knees. Lace your fingers behind your head. Hold your elbows further back. Arch your back. Thrust out your chest.  Don’t move or make a sound.”

All I could do was hold still as possible, trying to control my body’s trembling. My fear and fatigue were both taking a toll on me. Though through it all, I felt something else. As frightening as this was, the total lack of control was thrilling. My passionate desire was a strange contradiction to the freedom I sought for my life, or was it. I had the "freedom" to seek the experience and fulfill my fantasies. It was an emotional and philosophical conundrum my racing mind was far to overwhelmed at the moment to contemplate.

Mistress walked slowly behind me and knelt down. I suddenly felt a strange comfort as the warm, smooth skin of Mistress came in contact with my back. Her large breasts were surprisingly firm. I was even aware of the extra warmth of Mistress' sex so close to the small of my back and warm breath on the back of my neck. It had been a long time since I had been so intimately close to anyone.

I felt myself tremor as mistress placed her index fingers lightly upon my forehead. With the lightest touch, Mistress traced my Trill spots down my neck, across my collarbones, down my chest and to my abdomen where the two paths intersected just below my navel. The touch stopped where the trail disappeared behind the belt. I found myself flushed with passion. I wished for nothing more than to be free of the belt and have those slender fingers find their way to my mons.

"Little birdie, I'm not entirely without heart. I know what it is you sought in your little program here. I will give it to you. I will show you satisfactions like nothing you have ever dreamed of, but only if you obey my every whim, voluntarily. I can make you do anything I want, but I want you to live your fantasy. I want you to be my slave. Are you willing?"

I was torn. I knew my arousal was swaying me towards something I shouldn't agree to. The rational side of my mind knew fighting Mistress at this point would likely lead to something painful and futile. If I played along, knowing the program would end soon and I would have time to figure out a plan, it would likely result in something pleasurable even. "Yes, Mistress, I... would like that."

"I hoped you would. And for your sake, I hope you mean it. If I find you ever attempt to deceive me and you will become a servant of a different type. Be a good birdie and take hold of the collar on the cart."

Keeping one hand behind my head, I followed the directive and grasped the tall collar in the cart. It was open for the time being and I got a good look at the disks inside. The collar was shaped to cradle my jaw and I could tell the disks would line up on either side of my throat. As soon as Mistress took the collar from my hand, I quickly returned that hand to the back of my head.

"You are doing well little bird. This is a special moment. When you allow yourself to be collared by someone, you are giving yourself to that person. You will find this collar both symbolic and quite functional. Now tilt your chin up birdie."

Raising my chin, I was rewarded with the front of the collar slipping around my throat. The bottom edge drooped low and the top flared dramatically, supporting the entire underside of my chin.

"Now lift your head up. Use the front of the collar for leverage as this is going to be a bit of a squeeze"

I felt the back half of the collar contact the back of my head and the top of my back. With a quick fluid motion, Mistress lifted the collar, nearly lifting me from my seated position. The motion further extended my neck and allowed the collar to close fully. I became immediately aware of the now permanent lift on my head and total lack of mobility in my neck. The shape was a perfect match and my breathing only became restricted if I tried to flex my neck.

Standing up and walking back in front of me, Mistress admired her prize. "Good girl, very nice. Now then, Computer, create a stool one half meter in height right here." Mistress stated, pointing next to the cart. "Come now little birdie, have a seat so we can finish."

I rose and took a seat on the stool. I watched as mistress picked up one of the metal boots and opened the front. I noted the ten centimeter heels and what appeared to be rubber soles, as Mistress slid each boot on to my feet and locked them shut. The rigid footwear had my lower legs locked solid from just below my knees to my trapped toes. Like the belt and collar, there were no visible locks or release mechanisms.

Mistress instructed me to lace my fingers behind my head again and approached with the bra. I made out two more of the disks in the nipples of the steel cups and what appeared to be rings of similar design at the base of the cups. With a little coaxing, Mistress worked each of my breasts into the cups and locked the band around my chest. It was perfectly shaped to my body and just like everything else, there was no visible way to unlock it.

Mistress picked up the final item from the cart and held it in front of my face. The front of the muzzle was a panel shaped like my face, with a six-centimeter-long and deep tube fluted inward at the mouth. "Open." Mistress barked in a firm tone. Gripping my long black hair with one hand, she slid the Tube into my mouth until the mask was against my face. The mask covered my nose, with two small holes to breathe from. It curved with my cheekbones, just under my eyes and dipped just under my earlobes. The bottom left less than a centimeter of flesh exposed above the collar. Mistress swung the band around the back of my head, stopping just short of locking it.

"I suggest you hold very still and listen to me. This muzzle is designed to be permanent. Once it is locked, it will never come off."

I froze in fear, eyes wide and looking desperately to mistress’s face.

"If you ever cross me in any way, you will wear this for the rest of your life. I will set forth a program that will disable the releases on the rest of your outfit. I will add mitts and a blindfold, disabling your hands and vision forever."

I breathed in relief when Mistress removed the mask and set it on the cart. "Now then, we have about twenty minutes before the program ends and I take my leave. Just before you reach Vulcan, you will come back here and order the computer to run Mistress Level two. Between now and then, if you attempt to alter any of the ships programming involving the holodeck and myself, the computer will automatically activate your outfit at a lethal setting. I have encrypted several subroutines that will spot any attempts to remove your outfit. The metal will not scan or transport. In fact, the combined field created by the items will prevent you from being transported. You will be glad to know that your sonic showers will work just fine. The sonic waves will simply pass around the metal and get you just as clean as if it wasn’t there. I will grant you longer and longer ventures away, but for now you will be limited to forty-eight hours.”

“Computer, replicate slave utility control bracelet.” Mistress picked up a small band and closed it around my left wrist. “Whenever you need to use the toilet, simply press these three symbols with your thumb, index and middle finger at the same time. Just be sitting on the toilet as you would normally. Do not attempt to touch your clit or insert anything on the openings when the belt opens the ports. That would result in a severe punishment from the belt.”

After delivering that final warning, Mistress bent over at the waist and leaned in close as if to whisper into my ear. “Computer, enable commands for Captain Otzoeonde. Until we meet again little bird.”

Precisely at that moment, my four hours elapsed and the cell and everything in it disappeared. So did the stool I sat upon. I crashed to the floor with a clatter, as did the menacing gag, from where the cart was. My chastity wear made plenty of noise when it hit the floor, but did little to protect my ass cheeks from the impact.  The chair had been pulled from beneath me, so to say. I picked up the gag and carried it to the replicator. True to Mistresses word, it didn’t scan, therefore I couldn’t destroy it. I deposited it into an empty storage container, knowing Mistress couldn’t get to it outside of the holodeck. Not that it changed anything. If Mistress chose to, she could simply make another one.


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