The Final Trek

by Knotty Master

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I’m leaving out the details, but I’m not doing good. I’m working on the conclusion at the same time I add chapters. I’m going to hold out as long as I can. If time passes and I haven’t sent it, I invite one of you to write one. Or a better Idea would be for many to keep adding chapters. A never ending adventure. If you don’t have someone, find that person. When you find someone who shares everything about themselves with you and you aren’t afraid to share everything with them, that’s the one. Grab on, hold on and always show them they are everything to you. Have adventures, go someplace neither of you have been and do things you have never done every chance you get. Enjoy the world together.  D, I can’t wait to be with you again. KM

Chapter 3: The end of old business

Vulcan proved as special as I had imagined. I had declined training in Vulcan philosophy, but found myself at peace surrounded by it. One of my great aunts had taken me in and given me a tour of the family’s history. She showed me a great many places and was also helpful when it came time to make my requests of the Human Relations department. The Vulcan Science Academy was eager to supply the requested materials and more. My ship was now equipped with the latest Vulcan warp field engine and reactor. I now had long range scanners and powerful sensors. The Science Academy had even been kind enough to provide the loading and installation of the equipment.

The speed and precision of the conversions were amazing. In less than an Earth month, I had practically a brand new ship. They had even been kind enough to emboss it with her name and the symbol of the Federation.

Initially they insisted on assigning me a science officer. They couldn’t understand why I wanted to go it alone. Okay, I admit I used my mental abilities to sway a few objections. Vulcan minds were well disciplined and I had found them more than a little difficult to influence. It made me wonder if the Vulcan physiology mixed with Batezoid was what have given me my unique ability. Guilt aside, I reassured myself the knowledge they would receive from my adventure would more than make up for taking advantage of them.

Rocketing away from Vulcan under the new engines, I was astounded. At warp eleven and the reactor wasn’t even taxed. I had already decided to skip Batezet as well as the Trill home world. In a few weeks, I would dock at D.S. 9 and prep for my venture outside of the universe I knew.

Mistress and I indulged plenty on the way. I was growing a little impatient, but never asked her to remove the chastity wear. To make matters worse, she had put the collar and boots back on me the moment we left Vulcan and not removed them since, nor has she let me orgasm. Each night Mistress was expecting a little more from me and each night she teased me just a little harder. I’m not sure where she is going with this, but if it is simply to have me frustrated, she is doing a hell of a job. I’m growing convinced that she wants to see how far I’ll go before I beg. I’m not saying I’m too good to beg, but I’m not going down easy. Well I can’t say I’m not going down, because she had me down on her for an hour last night…

Oh my god… I can’t stand this anymore. My face has been in her crotch so much, I had to use the dermal regenerator on my cheeks this morning. For the last two days Mistress has left my plugs lightly humming and a soft rubbing sensation going on my nipples. To top that off, the disks on my neck are creating this sensation like someone is madly, lustfully kissing and biting it and wants to plow me. I want to be plowed. I want to be plowed like an Iowa corn field, for fuck sake.

On top of her driving me sexually mad, Mistress has been locking me out of the holodeck any time I’m not there to get her off. What could she be doing in there? She can literally think as fast as the ships computer. She can move faster than Data when she wants to. What does she need with so much time alone? And what has she been doing with the subspace communicator? I swear, if she doesn’t already, she will soon have more data stored than the Vulcan archives.

I’m right at the breaking point. She wins. Whatever her game is, she wins. I’ll beg, plead and grovel. I’m not her sex toy. She was supposed to be mine, in a way… My frustrated thoughts were suddenly interrupted. “Birdie! Fly to my nest!” chimed over the intercom.

It was strangely disturbing to me. Mistress had a strange cheerful tone. It was a stark contrast to the bossy bitch she had been the last week and a half. As out of routine as that seemed, it was thirteen hundred hours and she has called for me at precisely twenty hundred every night.

My plans were changed and I knew it. If she had followed routine, I was prepared to make my demands. Okay, I was prepared to cry and beg… damn she was good at messing with my head.

I stepped through the open door, defeated as usual. “Yes Mistress?”

Mistress tapped her control pad and stopped the stimulation I had endured for the last two days. It was relief and frustration at the same time. I just maintained the hope that Mistress would grant me an orgasm soon.

“Come here Tweetie. I want you to take this.” Tweetie? Had she glitched? She has called me a bird, birdie, sweetheart, sweetie, pet, but what did Tweetie mean? Oh, yea… that little yellow bird from a twentieth century cartoon. Uhg…

Like a good little pet, I followed her command and took the box. “It’s okay, open it. It might bite though.” I flashed a puzzled look at Mistress and back to the box. Cracking the lid, I could see a dark ball covered in some sort of wiry hairs. I lifted the lid further and made out a snout and pair of eyes staring out. The look on the creature was more of confusion than fear. It was a Klingon Razor beast hatchling.

“Meet your new sister. She outranks you, so play nice. Why don’t you take her to your quarters for now…  I only need one pet, so she is your responsibility.”

Take her to my quarters? It is going to disappear the moment I step outside the… I was suddenly gripped with anxiety. I backed out of the room until I was in the corridor. With reluctance, I looked into the box. The razor beast snapped its jaw in challenge. I looked around the corridor, just to make sure Mistress hadn’t found a way to install hollow emitters outside the deck. Bewildered I found none.

I was overwhelmed with the prospect of Mistress replicating an actual living creature. Could she replicate people? This was some seriously heavy philosophical shit. “MISTRESS! What the fuck am I supposed to do with this thing?”

Snapping a wicked grin at me, Mistress commanded the door shut and secured. On shaking legs, I made my way back to my quarters. I sat down at the computer console and looked at the razor beast. This time it snarled and snapped its jaws several times. I knew I didn’t have the heart to kill it. I know Mistress would punish me severely if I pawned it off at D.S. 9. I knew I was without option. “Computer, how do you raise a Klingon razor beast?”

“The first step in raising a Klingon razor beast is to establish dominance. Pin the hatchling to the floor and bite the throat to such a degree blood is drawn. Maintain the grip until the hatchling has discontinued all attempts to struggle. Slowly decrease the pressure of the bite. If at any moment the hatchling fights back, immediately reapply the bite. Repeat the process until…”

For an hour, I sat and listened to the instructions. I had one primitive word to describe what I was facing. Fucked… Mistress had awareness. Mistress had the ability to create living beings from nothing but energy. Mistress had total control of me. I now had the responsibility to raise a creature I was going to have to fight on a daily basis for the first month of its life, in order to make it loyal. I am so totally and completely screwed.

Twenty hundred hours rolled around. I paused and waited for Mistress call. Twenty hundred and one minute. Twenty hundred and two… Mistress rang out on the intercom. “Ta-weeeteeeee! I thought you were smart enough to know where you should be by know. Or were you too busy with Kabla? Before you ask, that is a Klingon word with many uses. One of them is killer. I figured it would fit your friend nicely. Now get your ass in here before your mistress gets angry.”

Covered in bleeding bites and claw marks, I thought about skipping the dermal regenerator and let Mistress see what my last few hours had entailed. And with all that is sacred, I hope she ditches this new pet name fast.

After healing my wounds, I stripped my clothing and headed down the corridor. When the holodeck door failed to slide open automatically, I tapped the pad next to it. The chime signaling that the door was locked. I was about to Page Mistress over the intercom, but the door suddenly opened.

Mistress was laying in her bed as she often was. Tonight she was clad in a full leather Mistress outfit. As I entered, I saw there was a Large dome topped cage hanging from a chain. The base of the cage was a meter off the floor and the cage itself was about a meter tall. Mistress climbed from the bed and retrieved her chair from her control consol. She carried it over and set it in front of the cage. “What do you think of it?”

I looked at the narrowly spaced bars and the mesh of bars that made up the floor. Inside there were several bars bisecting the otherwise empty space. Each of the cross bars had various manacles positioned about them. The manacles were formed right into the bars and it wasn’t hard to figure out the squatting position the cage was designed to hold me in. Mistress handed me the muzzle I dreaded so much. “I’m sure you know where this goes.” She said, in a sort of condescending tone. “Yes Mistress” I replied with a saddened reply.

As I applied the muzzle, Mistress opened the cage door. She guided me onto the chair and helped me balance as I climbed into the waiting cage. Backing in proved more difficult than I had anticipated, as the cage turned and wobbled with my movements. With me squatted in position, Mistress reached around and locked my wrists into the manacles at the back of the cage. She locked each of my boots into manacles and followed that by locking my collar into the waiting band. One final band locked my waist into position. I could still swing my knees side to side and flex my arms around a bit, but I was solidly attached to the cage.

Mistress Closed and locked the door. “There, my little Tweetie has her very own cage now. I want to ask you something before we get going here. Have you grown attached to Kabla yet?” I pondered her question. If I said no, she might punish me for not appreciating her gift. If I said yes, she might make me keep the little bastard. Fearing her disappointment, I managed to just twist my head side to side a bit signaling ‘no’.

Good. I will give him to Wharf once we reach the worm hole. I have already contacted him and he was quite eager. Mistress stepped to the door and opened it. As I feared, she stepped out to the corridor, did a pirouette and walked back in. To my dismay, she had found a way to make herself real. That must have been what she was doing with all of her alone time. I don’t know exactly how yet, but I knew there would be ramifications.

I watched mistress walk over to the bed and retrieve the control pad. She tapped out a long sequence, before clipping it to her belt. Moving the chair, she positioned it a couple meters back and sat down facing me. As I pondered her next move, I received a shock to my left nipple. It was so unexpected, I yelped from the pain. Random shocks followed from each and every disk and both the plugs. The shocks from the anal plug were especially painful. Each and every shock brought out cries and screeches of pain. I fought uselessly against my bonds.

Mistress slid down in the chair and spread her knees. She began rubbing her crotch with her leather clad hands, never taking her eyes off of me. I thought I could get used to the shocks and stifle my screeches, but they steadily increased in strength.

The more noise I made, the more aroused Mistress seemed to become. I changed tactics and began screaming as much as I could. I hoped it would press Mistress toward an orgasm and she would be satisfied. Hopefully it would end this torture sooner.

Mistress reached down to the pad and gave it a couple taps. I suddenly felt as if Mistress’s hand was once again grasping my throat. The disks in the collar perfectly reproduced the sensation of my windpipe being squeezed. The shocks continued, but all I could do was wheeze raspy breaths. Mistress seemed to revel in the control she had over me. I was helpless, powerless and racked with pain. I couldn’t stand it. I wanted to scream and I couldn’t. I wanted to escape and I couldn’t. I wanted her to stop this and she didn’t. I was in hell and I never want it to stop!

What is wrong with me. Though the pain and terror, I truly loved all of it. The pain was exhilarating. I wanted more and more I received. The shocks increased speed, going from pulses to a humming. The humming increase until my body was buzzing. My muscles were so charged with electricity, I was rigid. My ass, my clit and pussy were buzzing and burning with pain and it was ecstasy. My body tightened even harder as I suddenly squirted. I was orgasming from pain alone and it was like nothing I had ever felt. Through it all I managed to open my eyes and look at Mistress. She was orgasming at the same time. Her head trust back and her hand gripping and rubbing her mound through her leather pants. Knowing this only raised my own arousal. My climax of pain was extraordinarily intensified.

Mistress struck the pad and brought me to a blissful stop. I was limp in my bonds panting in exhaustion. Mistress appeared to be as wiped out as I was. I watched her fumble to her feet and make her way to the bed. “I guess I’ll have to get used to a body that will tire.” She said in a shaky voice.

I wanted her to let me down. I wanted her to let me curl up with her. I wanted to feel our flesh touching. I moaned to her, trying to get her attention. Instead of getting up, she fingered the pad on her belt and rolled over. I moaned out again pleadingly. At least I tried. I felt a quick tightening on my windpipe, cutting of my voice the instant it was about to emanate. I tried several more times and was repeatedly cut short.

I resigned to hang silent in the cage. Surprisingly I fell asleep quickly.

“Tweetie, time to get up!” My eyes rolled into focus. Looking through the bars at mistress, I tried to moan. I found the collar was still set to silence me. I made the most pleading eyes I could muster as mistress set something down next to the cage. To my dismay, she poked a rod with a plug on the end through the bars and shoved it into the gag. The plug sealed and I suddenly sensed something happening at the back of my throat.  I watched mistress feed a length of tubing into the rod. It passed effortlessly down my throat and into my stomach, obviously coated in an inhibitor cream that prevented me from feeling it.

Any sense of hunger I felt faded and was replaced with a sense of being full. After my ‘Feeding’, Mistress began working below the cage. I could feel something bumping my chastity belt, but I couldn’t look down and see what she was doing. I found my bladder suddenly relieved, followed by pressure in my bowels. The pressure built until it was uncomfortable and was suddenly relieved. I felt the same pressure and relief twice more, concluding she must be giving me an enema.

“In time I will automate that process. For now, I enjoy tending to my sweet little Tweetie. I hate to leave you, but I’ve got work to do.” I watched confused as mistress walked into the corridor. “Computer, save and end program.”

Hanging in my cage I watched the room shift back to the empty holodeck and the door close. I couldn’t tilt my head back or roll my eyes up enough to see the chain, but I didn’t need to see it to know the very real chain was connected to the actual ceiling holding me in this very real cage. I could only surmise Mistress intended to keep me in here a very long time.

Every so often, I heard the pings and popping, associated with the typical strains on a ship. I could feel the hums and strumming of the engines and other mechanics of the ship. The vibrations must pass down the chain and into the metal of the cage. Aside from that, my only stimulus were the aches and pains from my restricted position. I have no way to tell the passage of time. I just know it feels like days have gone by. My hunger grows. I feel like I need to use the toilet. I must be cathetered, because I’m unable to let my urine flow.

Some time ago, I sensed the ship slow and the engines idle. I felt and heard a dull bump through the ship that was likely to have been a docking. Sometime later, the ship lurched as if it had just undocked. It had been exhilarating as my cage must have bobbled nearly a whole centimeter for a brief moment.

I was fearing Mistress was going to leave me alone to die. Why would she leave me like this?

I suddenly felt the unmistakable effects of an anomaly. The ship was passing through the worm hole. Mistress had docked with D.S. 9 and left me here the whole time. I wanted to meet Odo and Dax. She denied me my final contact with my known world. I hate her. Why did she do this to me? Why is she keeping me here? What did I do wrong to deserve this?

Shortly after the ship returned to normal space, the door finally opened. I wanted to lash out. I wanted to hit her. I wanted to escape her somehow. All I could do was cry, silently because of the collar.

Mistress said nothing as she fiddled below the cage. I felt sudden relief in both my bowels and bladder. She came around to the front of the cage and opened the door. Without a word, she pressed a hypo spray to my neck and I was out.

I woke up some time later. I was laying in Mistress’s soft bed, curled up amongst the silk sheets and soft pillows. Mistress had been kind enough to remove the gag, collar and boots, but I was still in the belt and bra. I wondered if she would ever give me a reprieve from them, but at least they weren’t set to tease me for now. I was definitely grateful to be out of the cage. I looked towards the dreaded object hanging in the corner of the room. I remembered the sense I had that Mistress had docked at D.S. 9 and we passed thru the wormhole. If I was right, I had spent at least three days locked inside the tiny prison. Laying here now, I almost missed the comfort of its protection. I felt safe in there somehow.

Climbing out from the bed, I found my robe folded over the back of the chair. My soft night shoes were on the seat. Figuring these were a hint for me to find Mistress when I got up, I slipped into the robe and shoes. Half expecting to find it locked, I jumped a little when the door opened. I made my way to the bridge and found mistress siting at the helm. I found her appearance strange. I had only ever seen her in fetish wear or nude and here she was in a normal outfit you would expect to see any traveler in.

“Hello Kara.” She said casually. My name sounded foreign coming from her mouth. “Hello Mistress.” I returned weakly.

“From now on you will call me Eva when we are not in my room.”

I found myself looking at the floor “Yes… Eva.”

“Drop the formality. And for heaven’s sake relax. I told you I’m not heartless. I know where your fantasies begin and end. Out here, I am your friend and companion. I took care of feeding Kabla for you and locked him in his box. You should be more careful with him. I’m sure you won’t be happy with the damage and mess he made of your quarters.”

“Mistr… Eva, I thought you gave her to Captain Wharf.”

“How could I do that. We are still a day and a half away from the station?” Eva smiled at my confusion. “Did you enjoy my program? You were only in there for four hours. It was all designed to fool your senses and from the look on your face, it worked perfectly. The enema and catheter slowly refilled you to an uncomfortable but safe level with a saline solution. What I fed you was actually a gas that was absorbed harmlessly, leaving you empty fairly quickly. There was also a time release compound that triggered an intense hunger. Some clever banging on a bulkhead and shifting the inertial dampers out of line created the docking and undocking. As for duration, the human brain and your own imagination did that on your own.”

“To answer your question, no I haven’t contacted Wharf or anyone else at the station yet. I have been busy hacking the archives on earth creating records of my existence. I heard the constable aboard the station is very thorough with everyone who passes through its halls.”

I sat down in the Captain’s chair and weighed what she had told me. Part of me wanted to be angry. She had deceived me, again. Again, it had been thrilling. Mistress Eva was giving me exactly what I desired and experiences I would remember forever. For the first time since she took control of my life, I got the feeling everything was going to be okay. For the first time in a long time, I sat happily, staring at the stars streaking by.


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