Dream Assignment 3 - Three Times Free

by Jezziebelle

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Storycodes: MMM/fff; D/s; bondage; cons; X

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Jack, the owner and expert practitioner at an upmarket BDSM club, is falling for Josie, a journalist and bondage novice who has now been twice made helpless at his hands...
  story continues from Part 1 - Dream Assignment

Part Three - Three Times Free

Jack lifted the exhausted, sweat-drenched figure of Josie into his arms and carried her unprotestingly upstairs to one of the bedrooms that his BDSM club made available for the couples that frequented the establishment together.

It was a simple, elegant room, decorated in cream with a brass bedstead against one wall. Jack laid Josie down on the bed and gently pulled a light blanket over her. The sunset was warming the room through the window, but it would soon be dark and she would be cold. Her cotton dress, made damp with sweat during her exertions that afternoon, wouldn't be much protection.

Jack had freed Josie from all her restraints downstairs, before he'd brought her here. He figured she'd need a break, having been bound in a fairly uncomfortable position for nearly three hours -- her longest time, and only her second ever experience. But it sat very sorely with him to leave her entirely unrestrained now. He didn't want her to wake up and the spell to be broken. After all, it had taken her six weeks to screw up the courage to come back after her first visit, and he didn't think he could wait that long again before she was drawn back into his world.

Opening one of the bedside cupboards, which were always kept well-stocked, Jack withdrew a pair of handcuffs, a padlock and a short chain. Josie was already three quarters asleep, her dark hair strewn across the cream pillow and the upper half of her body uncovered by the blanket. She lay on her side, her hands in front of her. Slowly, Jack locked the handcuff bracelets round each wrist, ready to calm and reassure her if she woke -- but she didn't. When she was securely but comfortably cuffed, he ran the chain around one of the railings at the top of the bed, and looped it through the handcuff chain before locking its two ends together with the padlock. She had enough freedom to sleep comfortably, but would be his prisoner when she awoke.

Jack contemplated her sleeping face for several minutes, wondering how he had got himself in this pickle. Not one of the hundreds of women he had serviced at the club had made him feel anything more than the usual desire to make sure they went home satisfied. He'd kept his relationships apart from his work. But then in had walked Josie, journalist's notebook in hand and an alluring innocent sparkle in her eye, entirely unprepared for him or what he would do to her, and she'd filled his mind ever since. He liked to think the feeling was mutual. Certainly, she'd reacted with fire to his games.

Jack pictured her waking up, and knew what was missing. She was a woman of words, but words would just confuse her here. She needed to run on instinct. Jack reached into the cupboard again and found a very small ball gag, much smaller than the one he'd first used on her, and this time cool white instead of angry red, with a matching, soft white leather strap. 

Josie stirred as he lifted her head and slipped the ball between her teeth. She murmured and slowly shook her head, but he whispered in her ear till she accepted it, still half asleep. He buckled it on the loosest setting behind her head, and watched as she drifted into unconsciousness again.

Closing the door behind him, Jack left Josie to her rest as he went downstairs to another waiting client.


Josie awoke as the stars began to peep through the night into the window of her room. She surfaced quickly, instantly awake, with the sensation of having slept very deeply. For a moment, she lay still and gazed out at the clear night.

The handcuffs and gag didn't surprise her. Perhaps her sleeping self had registered their appearance during her nap. She didn't remember much after the first hour of her visit to Jack... he'd left her bound to a chair, legs splayed wide open, as a male slave went to work with his tongue on her. Whoever he was, he'd been trained well. Unable to move, unable to speak, unable to stop him, she'd had to surrender to his ministrations. Well beyond her normal tolerance for such stimulation, he'd licked and sucked and nibbled her into an orgasmic haze that wouldn't end. Her conscious mind had vacated the premises long before Jack had returned to release her.

Josie realised that if she'd woken up like this, cuffed and gagged, six weeks before, she would have devoted all her energies into trying to escape -- seeing it as a challenge to free herself and assert her independence. Not that any of her boyfriends would have put her in that position, but that was beside the point. Now, Josie found herself waiting patiently for Jack's return. She knew he wasn't teasing her, or that he would leave any avenue of escape, so there was no point trying. This was him, his character, pure and simple. This was her.

Jack, figuring Josie must be awake by now, opened her door and walked in with a jug of water and a plate of sliced fruit on a tray. The sight of her lying so calmly, with her eyes fixed on his face from above the gag, her hands chained to the bed, was intoxicating.

He sat down on the edge of the bed, and poured her a glass of water. 

'Thirsty?' he asked, and she nodded. She pushed herself into a sitting position with her chained hands, and bent her head for him to release the gag, which he did carefully so as not to pull at her hair. He also released the padlock that held her to the bed, but left the handcuffs in place.

Offering her the plate of fruit, he watched as she selected a slice of melon and brought it to her lips with her cuffed hands.

'We can talk, you know,' he said after a while, wondering at her silence. It was quite uncharacteristic.

Josie gave him a shy smile. 'I don't have the words,' she replied simply, and reached for a fig.

When Josie had eaten her fill, he showed her to the bathroom. She went to the toilet and washed her face. Jack hadn't given her the freedom of her hands. The handcuffs held her in his trance, unable to surface back into reality enough to say she really ought to be going. She knew that if she stayed, the evening's entertainment would prove a lot more challenging to her body and her mind that that afternoon's games had.

When she emerged from the bathroom, she could see immediately that Jack had put on his aura of action once more, and it made her quake inside. It was the same irresistible sense of confidence and determination that had twice made her go along with his plans. She'd always liked to think of herself as headstrong, always able to get what she wanted. But now, Jack was the one driving her towards something she had never even realised she wanted.

Josie could now recognise the look in his eyes, but was still almost floored by the nervous adrenaline that flooded her veins. She looked at him questioningly, and he flashed her a wicked, purposeful grin back.

Taking her by the arm, he led her down the stairs and back into the main body of the club.

It was evening, the most popular time. They passed a bar, which was full, and several private rooms with an 'engaged' sign on the door. Members of staff flitted around with drinks or other items on trays, or stalked the corridors in predatory fashion and tight leather, seeking their next willing slave. It was a light, bright environment, thrilling with energy, packed with incredible people. Heart racing now he'd dragged her from the calm, safe room upstairs, Josie quaked as he led her through the rooms and corridors, self-conscious because of the handcuffs before she realised they were not worthy of comment in this place.

They eventually came to a door marked Private, which Jack proceeded to unlock with a key from his pocket. Before he opened it, he turned to her.

'This is a private room that we use for our most special clients,' he explained. Josie nodded, even though she'd understood nothing since he'd barged into her life. 'There are three men in there at the moment, with their women. They all know each other well, and come here to play, share ideas, share their partners.' He grinned as Josie's solemn expression jumped just a little. He could feel the pulse racing through her veins as he held her arm.

'You have a choice tonight,' he continued. 'I want to give you whatever you want 'and you know that means anything. If that's your freedom, then you know you can have it at a moment's notice. But I don't think that's what you want,' he said, eyes locked on hers for any sign of reluctance. None came -- just intense apprehension tempered by arousal and trust. He couldn't help but pause to give her a kiss, full on the lips, and felt shivers run down his spine as she responded with a sweet intensity. Mentally shaking himself, he forged on with his plan.

'Pick one of the women in there, and you can change places with her for the night and let her guy work his magic on you. I don't know what they are doing tonight. If none of them appeal, you can opt for me instead, but be warned I have a very, very tricky little scheme in mind.'

Josie nodded again, dazed.

'And if at any point you feel uncomfortable, all you have to do is say the words jingle bells or hum the tune -- it's called a safe word, and is your get out of jail free card.' 

'Jingle bells,' murmured Josie, to show she understood. 

Without further ado, he pushed open the door, and led her wide-eyed inside.


They introduced themselves as Michael, Pete and Sam. They were all handsome -- Michael grey haired but still lithe and sexy, Pete a dark eyed, dark haired demi-god, and Sam very young with a wicked grin. Each one shook her hand, despite the handcuffs which still jangled round her wrists, as Jack introduced her and held his arm round her shoulders to calm the shudders that ran up and down her spine. 'A pleasure to meet you,' they said. They had been expecting her. Josie swallowed, and said hello to each in turn, amazed at how quickly she could see herself at the mercy of each one -- and even all three together. She bit her lip, and glanced up at Jack's face; he smiled back with a mixture of indulgence and mastery.

The room was dark, with a few low lights bathing it in a warm glow. A table with drinks stood in one corner. In each of the three other corners were the women. Sandra, Mary and Polly made the room vibrate with an intense erotic undertone, which Josie sensed before she had the courage to look. Helplessly drawn further in, yet her feet reluctant to move, Josie was pushed by Jack to see them one by one.

And one of these was to be her fate' Josie would have run from the room, and from herself, if it wasn't for Jack's arm around her. She shrank into him and cursed and thanked him silently for giving her this experience -- even if it made her hair stand on end and her conscious mind go walkabout from her treacherous, aroused body. To date, she and Jack had played games -- games that touched her soul, but still very recognisably games. Now, it had suddenly got serious, and Josie felt the floor drop away from her as she floated towards the first corner at Jack's bidding.

Michael laid a hand on Sandra's bottom, stroking her gently. Sandra, a stately blonde, gave a low, guttural moan. Josie let her eyes slide slowly up and down her body, terrified and thrilled by what she might see. Sandra's golden-toned stomach was stretched flat as her body was pulled up towards the ceiling. Her arms were bound above her head, her hands grasping the rope to try to take some of the weight from her breasts -- for her breasts were bound tightly with rope, her nipples clamped with metal. Thin rope ran upwards from the clamps, pulling her breasts upwards. Rope also ran between her legs, emerging from deep within the folds of her labia at the front, and from between her buttocks behind. A large proportion of Sandra's weight seemed to be balanced on that rope, which ran upwards to the ceiling and was secured somewhere out of sight in the dark.

Shivering, Josie looked down towards the floor. Sandra's feet were barely touching it. She stood on her tiptoes in patent leather high heels, her elegant legs straining to reach the ground. Rope bound her ankles, her knees and her thighs. 

Her head was held in a slightly bent forward position by a high ponytail near the top of her head. Her long, blonde hair was also secured to a rope that ran from the ceiling, and it was pulled tight enough that any movement would surely pull on her hair excruciatingly.

Taut and slender as a violin string, her motionless body rippled with tension as she tried to keep her balance, and arousal as she surrendered to the strictness of the position.

Josie looked at her face last, terrified she would see pain or fear. But no -- when she finally drew her gaze to Sandra's expression, all she could see was concentration -- concentration mixed with occasional flashes of what had to be orgasm.

As she watched, speechless although Jack and Michael were chatting calmly, Michael pulled on a rope and somehow through a unseen system of pulleys, Sandra's feet left the ground entirely. As they did so, her whole body began to quake with climax, strung in the air like a bow. 

Jack steered Josie away as Michael turned to his captive, lovingly stroking her taut, suspended body and kissing her. She kissed him back, intently, lost in the sensations.

'How do you feel?' asked Jack, turning her round so he could see her face.

Josie responded with a low, humorous tone. 'Like a kid in sweetshop who's scared of sweets,' she joked, pushing hair from her face with her still handcuffed hands and seeking reassurance in his eyes. He laughed, and gave her a quick kiss on the lips, short but electric. His expression showed nothing if not determination to have his way.

'Things are about to get a whole lot sweeter,' he replied, introducing her to Pete and Mary.

Mary lay on her stomach on a table, a faint buzzing coming from within her where Josie guessed a vibrator or maybe two were working their business. Pete took Josie by the hand and brought her close to the table, away from the protection of Jack. She glanced back at him, scared to be parted, but was soon engrossed in Mary's predicament. Her eyes, if it was possible, grew even wider and her head began to spin even faster.

'Mary complains I never make her immobile enough,' explained Pete, sliding a pencil underneath the toes on Mary's left foot and taping her toes tightly around it, so she couldn't flex them at all. He repeated the process with her right foot. 'This time, she's going to regret complaining.' He winked, and stepped back to survey his handiwork.

Mary was hogtied on the table, and was clearly struggling in her bonds but getting nowhere. A look of pleasurable panic was in her eyes. Her arms were drawn so close behind her that her elbows met. At three points, her bounds arms were secured to tightly knotted ropes that harnessed her torso. Her fingers were taped round solid wooden balls that she held in each hand. Her legs, bound together at four points up their length, were folded back behind her and her ankles secured uncompromisingly to her wrists. Ropes also pinned her calves to her thighs directly. She wore a high, stiff collar that prevented her from moving her head at all by hugging the curves of her shoulders and her chin. Her mouth was stretched round a ball gag, and as Josie watched Pete taped over her lips, in case she should have any movement there. Only her flickering eyelids now remained.

Pete picked up a roll of something that looked like cling film and waved it in her line of vision. The result was dramatic. Even though she was held immobile, Mary began to quiver. Once she had seen it, he taped over her eyes to eliminate the last vestige of movement.

Beckoning Josie to help, he lifted Mary's bound form till she was balanced on her knees. She began to moan, a low, soft sound that crept round the edges of the gag and struck Josie's heart. Again, she glanced back at Jack. He just surveyed the scene like an impassive observer, giving nothing away.

Josie had never seen anyone bound this strictly before, and now here was her second in five minutes. Image processors on overload, trying to shut out the pictures of her in these same positions, she blinked hard and shook her head.

Pete reclaimed her attention, and got her to help hold Mary in position on her knees, and began to unroll the cling film. Her hands on Mary's hot skin, Josie felt a spark of electricity and complicity between them.

'Shrink wrap,' he explained with a wicked grin. 'Let's see her complain after this little lot.' He wrapped it liberally round and round her body, from head to toe, layer after layer after layer till she had disappeared beneath the plastic. He even went over the top of her head, and underneath her knees till she was completely encased. Carefully poking a hole for each nostril he taped short lengths of drinking straw in place to make sure she could breathe.

As Jack came up to lead Josie to the third corner, Pete was heating up an infra red lamp that would cause the plastic to shrink around her body, compressing her tightly, leaving her as motionless as the table she was lying on.

'Are you really going to make me choose?' asked Josie, fearful of his answer. There was no way she could actively choose one of these dreadful pleasures for herself. Everything in her rebelled.

'Yes,' said Jack, simply and clearly. 'It's your choice. One of three.'

Unsteady on her feet and very conscious of the wetness growing between her legs, Josie let Jack lead her on to the third and final option for her evening, wondering how she was ever going to decide, wondering if she might in fact be still upstairs in bed, dreaming.

Sam's eyes glinted from behind the hair that flopped into his face. He was dressed in combats and a t shirt and looked every inch the student. Petite, pink haired Polly was his willing victim.

Polly was encased from the hips up in figure-constricting leather. A corset -- which, Sam informed her, had taken several months of training to get her into -- cinched her waist in to an unbelievably small diameter. Josie couldn't help but stare at it, wondering how it was physically possible, longing to know what it felt like. Before she could stop herself, she'd glanced at Jack again, and he read her mind with ease. 

'Maybe we can get you one of those,' he said with an indulgent smile. Josie shook her head, but he just nodded back, and Josie could almost feel the constriction of Jack lacing her into a similar outfit at some point in the future. She closed her eyes for a moment, swaying gently. 

When she opened them again, she saw that Polly's arms were strapped behind her in a leather binder that ended in mittens to hold her hands captive. The binder was in turn strapped to her corset, so her upper body was held stiffly immobile. Her small breasts poked out in the area between the top of the corset and the bottom of a very long, leather collar that held her head upright.

Josie watched as Polly's pink hair disappeared underneath a tight leather hood. Her mouth had already been gagged with an enormous ball gag, and her eyes plastered shut with sticky tape. Her breath came raggedly through her nose, her chest heaving against the corset. Sam strapped the hood to the contours of her head, sealing her in with only a narrow tube to breath through. 

Josie let out the breath she didn't know she had been holding.

Sam flipped Polly onto her back on the floor and swiftly inserted a fat dildo and butt plug into her as she writhed and kicked. Compliant at first, she now developed a ferocious fighting spirit. Sitting on her ankles to hold them down, Sam assured Josie that Polly always did this -- she begged to be tied up, and then fought him tooth and nail when he obliged. Grinning through gritted teeth, he expertly looped several straps around her legs at ankle, knee and thigh, buckling them bitingly tight to hold her legs prisoner. Josie flinched as they fought, at the back of her mind wondering how much it increased their pleasure.

Sam finally beckoned to Jack, who reached for a rope hanging down from the ceiling and lowered a fat cuff towards Sam and Polly. Padding Polly's ankles with swathes of cotton, Sam buckled the cuff round her bound ankles till it was secure enough to hold her weight.

As Sam and Jack hauled on the other end of the rope, Polly was lifted into the air with a muffled scream. She dangled upside down on the end of the rope, swinging with the force of her exertions to free herself.

'Honestly, she loves it,' promised Sam when he saw Josie's awestruck expression. Josie believed him. She bit her lip as Sam picked up a whip, and lined up his first shot at Polly's bare bottom. The crack and ensuing cry echoed round her head as Jack led her away.

Heavens, her face is a picture, thought Jack, having marvelled at her beautiful, intoxicated and fearful features since they entered the room. This means so much to her, and yet she's struggling to accept it. Desperately interested in what her choice would be, he reined himself in from asking immediately. He needed to remain cool and in control, the centre of her world -- and the earthquake that rocked it.

Standing in the middle of the room, Jack finally unlocked the handcuffs from Josie's wrists. She rubbed them unconsciously, her eyes fixed on Jack's face. Was he really going to make her choose one of those awful, wonderful predicaments? How would she cope? Sick with nerves, she waited for his move.

Jack stood in front of her, one finger tracing gentle lines up and down her left arm till the soft touch burned her skin with sensation. She shuddered.

'So?' he asked eventually, keeping his gaze on hers, not letting her look away. 'What's your choice?' 

Josie closed her eyes, images of the three women blazing through her mind. Dear god, she thought, why make me choose? What kind of sadistic pleasure is that? How was she to be expected to select her own fate from such a menu? Stretched out on a knife edge of rope, breasts bound and pulled to the sky? Encased in shrinking plastic till even a heartbeat becomes an effort? Dangling upside down and whipped to climax? All she knew was that she wanted Jack to take her mind and her body anywhere he wished to go.

Her logical mind couldn't comprehend what was happening. Her body burned to be taken in hand by Jack -- stripped, bound, whipped, fucked, anything, anything at all. Deep down inside her, she knew she needed it, but she couldn't ask for it. She still needed him to push her. Where was that option?

Giddy, but yet horribly aroused, she opened her eyes again.

'I choose option number 4,' she whispered, and before he realised what she meant, she bolted for the door.

She actually brushed the handle with her fingertips before she was brought down in her flight. All four men had launched themselves after her -- maybe they could tell she was a flight risk. She landed underneath Sam, the quickest off the mark, who pinned her with ease. Kicking and writhing, she was nevertheless trapped. Each one took hold of one of her arms and legs -- Jack held her right arm, she always knew where Jack was -- and they carried her bodily into the middle of the room, subduing her strongest struggles with ease.

They stood her up, and Michael and Sam held her arms behind her as Pete stooped to bind her ankles. Jack stood directly in front of her, watching as she struggled in their grip, seeing her flashing eyes and the slight private smile on her face. Looking on in wonderment, carefully listening for but not really expecting to hear Jingle Bells, Jack saw her arms being tied behind her back and a fat gag being pushed between her teeth. She was so alive, so vibrant, so exciting...

Michael and Sam still held her up, pinned in his gaze. He stepped even closer, and just before they lowered her to the ground, whispered in her ear:

'Good choice.'

Josie lay helplessly on the floor, breathing hard through her nose, struggling in her bonds but knowing she was trapped. The men were releasing the women and taking their leave. Jack was slowly and calmly clearing the room of their equipment. From where she lay, she could see him as he opened the door and said goodbye to each in turn. 

She had no idea what Jack had in store for her. All she knew was the door to freedom was not the one she had almost reached moments before, as she fled. 

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