Dream Assignment

by Jezziebelle

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© Copyright 2003 - Jezziebelle - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; D/s; bond; susp; cons; X

For some, it might have been a dream assignment. Josie wasn't so sure. She'd been sent to research and write a feature article for the hip magazine she'd been dying to work for, ever since she'd embarked on her journalism career. But the glint in the eye of the editor had told her to beware.

The editor was sending her to the newest club in town, to review it. Alright, thought Josie, as she dressed for her interview with the club owner, I can do this. It's just a review, a few witty comments and a little psychological analysis of the clients. Easy. Just try to ignore the fact that the club is in fact a sex club' well, not sex exactly, not in the sense of back street brothels and dodgy lapdancing joints. It was an exclusive, highly-regarded club. It was, of course, expensive. The owner was very selective about the clients he admitted, but had been known to give freebies to those he thought would really appreciate what the club had to offer.

It was a bondage club, an S&M club, whatever term you wanted to apply to it. The club's owner, a devilishly handsome dark-haired man with a reputation for his fierce intellect as much as his hands-on approach to servicing his clients, called it simply The Club. He declined to attach a name to the activities that were performed there. On the other hand, he was remarkably open about the club and its clients. Why should bondage and S&M remain in the dark corners of society? He lived what he believed: bringing essential pleasures to respectable people, in a respectable fashion. No sleaze, no lies, just openness and honesty ' and a thick skin to weather the abuse he and the club inevitably attracted from the less enlightened elements of society.

The assignment had disturbed Josie on a profound level. Not that she was embarrassed, or outraged by the subject ' she would have been perfectly at ease writing her feature about any of the seedier establishments in the city. She had done so in the past. She was, of course, slightly nervous at the prospect of being the first journalist to have exclusive access and an interview. This could make her career if it was good. No ' the unease she felt was deeper down, but she was scared to analyse it.

For some reason, she had clad her slender legs in stockings, rather than the usual tights or trousers she wore during the daytime. Similarly, and without really knowing why, she'd selected the black skirt and jacket she'd shied away from wearing to work before, because they made slightly more of her curvy figure than was frankly appropriate for work. And high heels. And she wore her glossy dark hair down, swinging around her shoulders.

Time to go. No time to reconsider'

The man who opened the door to her would have felled her at ten paces if they'd met even under more usual circumstances. As it was, when Jack's bright eyes met hers and his hand reached out to welcome her to his club, the effect was even more intense ' especially as the rope he held coiled in his other hand, quite nonchalantly, made Josie's stomach flip.

'It's a pleasure to meet you,' he said, smiling quite genuinely. Josie hated herself for only managing a nervous smile back. He looked away, as if to give her chance to compose herself. Josie swallowed, fighting the urge that told her she needed to get into bed with this gorgeous six foot two example of masculinity, and right now.

The office he led her into was light and airy, and completely normal. He called for tea, and led her chivalrously through into his private office, where two armchairs awaited.

She sipped her tea, and tried to start a conversation. Jack's eyes never left her face, but she knew he was aware of her legs as she crossed and uncrossed them, trying to get comfortable in the low armchair.

Jack came to her rescue and started to speak. 'I've been reading your articles.' For the first time, Josie noticed copies of her previous work on the coffee table between them. The rope he'd casually put down on top of them had partially obscured them' 'I liked them, a lot. I always look out for your work. I like the way you analyse your subjects impartially, yet always with a humorous slant.'

Josie couldn't help but feel proud. He was clever, well-read, and damn sexy, and he liked her work. She began to relax.

'So you picked me to review your club to try to get your message across to the audiences you can't quite reach yet?'

He grinned, charmingly. 'I'm not quite that expert in business marketing. I was simply intrigued to see what you would make of us.'

'Well, I could start my article by wondering if the rope you've been carrying round with you is intended to shock me.' Josie ran a hand through her hair, to hide the way it shook. She hadn't meant to mention the rope. It had just come out'

His eyes glinted in a not altogether reassuring way. 'No, it's intended for you.'

Jack sat back, enjoying the effect on Josie's already precarious composure as she gazed at the rope, then back at him. He was an excellent reader of people, at least when it came to his favourite subject. But he couldn't quite tell just yet which side of the fence she fell on' though she was certainly very, very interested.

He wasn't a mean person, and he didn't keep her in suspense for long (plenty of time for that later, he reasoned). 'I thought we could do this interview in a, well, interactive way' I don't see how you can get a vivid, exciting piece out of you and me calmly discussing how I tie up women for a living. And occasionally whip them,' he added, just to be mischievous.

Josie gulped. What was wrong with her? She'd normally leap at the chance of a behind-the-scenes'

Jack studied her as her mind raced. He was certain, now. She didn't strike him as the type to succumb to nerves when faced with a big interview, and she certainly wasn't prudish. There was another reason she was so on edge. He'd seen it many times before. She had to deal with her feelings about bondage and S&M for the first time, and it was scaring her. It was part of his philosophy, part of the way he lived his life, to help her discover which side she wanted most to be on ' top or bottom. Not without her consent, of course, but he had a feeling that would be shortly forthcoming.

Josie roused herself to speak. 'What do you have in mind?' Both of them were surprised by how confident she sounded. She was the kind of person to go for it, and to hell with the consequences. 

Jack stood, and gestured her towards another door that lead into the building. 'Perhaps if I give you a little insight into what it is like to be me, and to be one of my clients. I am, after all, always trying to lift the veil of mystery and get people to understand and accept what we do here.'

Josie followed him through the door without a glance back.

The woman was strapped immovably to a wooden frame that held her bent at 90 degrees, her legs locked straight, her ass in the air. Leather straps wound round her ankles, calves, thighs, wrists and elbows. Her breasts strained outwards due to the position of her arms, which were pulled tightly behind her back till her elbows met. Her head was completely obscured by a rubber hood with no holes, but a tube running from where Josie guessed her mouth should be. Sounds of her laboured breathing, together with low moans, escaped down the tube.

Rather disturbingly, Josie could feel herself get instantly wet below. Why? She'd never even contemplated such things before ' at least, not outside of her dreams, which often surprised and worried her' She decided to let Jack lead the conversation.

Jack had seen the instant flicker of arousal in her eyes. He didn't stare, not wanting to pressure her. If she left without getting to the fun part, well, that would be that. Though he would try not to scare her away if he could possibly help it'

He spoke. 'This is one of our regular clients. She's an investment banker who comes here in her lunch hour. Gives her the iron balls to cut the deals she needs to after lunch. Her words,' he said, picking up something metal that Josie could not quite distinguish. He reached under the bound woman and, to the sound of her muffled squeals, attached what turned out to be a clamp onto her left nipple, to match the one on her right. 'You arrived in the middle of her session. I don't think she minds. She gets an extra few minutes all strapped up because of the interruption.'

Josie realised she had left her notebook in Jack's office. Not that it mattered. The image was engraving itself on her retina'

She realised Jack has handing something to her, and without thinking she took it, only to discover it was a whip. A cat-o-nine-tails if she wasn't mistaken. The nine strands were short, but with fiendish looking knots in them.

'Go on,' said Jack, giving her an encouraging look, as if he was urging her to have a second helping of ice cream. 

'I can't hurt her,' she replied, gazing at the honey coloured, toned ass that was presented to her. 

Interesting, thought Jack. 

'Don't worry, it's what she's here for. Give her a short, swift stroke. Trust me, it's the best way to understand my side of things.' 

He could tell she was going to, even if she wasn't altogether sure herself. Eventually, she raised her arm and deposited a confident crack of the whip on the woman's ass. The effect was electric. She writhed in her bonds, groaned into her hood, and clearly tried to raise her ass to ask for another. Josie felt excitement begin to flow through her blood.

Like a friendly devil over her shoulder, Jack urged her on. 'She's been bound for ages. She's desperate to come, but can't quite manage it alone. Put her out of her misery. Whip her till she comes.'

Josie couldn't take her eyes off the red marks she'd made on the flawless skin. Slowly, she raised her hand once again, and began to strike her, regularly, unable to stop herself. Smack. Smack. Smack. She could feel how her strokes were stoking the fire within her victim, felt the power she had to give pleasure with pain, and felt the thrill as she made the woman come, helplessly, over and over again.

Gently, Jack took the whip from Josie's hand as she stood gazing at the limp form in front of her, sagging in the leather straps, exhausted yet satisfied.

'You understand?' he whispered.

Josie shook her head roughly to bring herself to her senses, then grinned at him. 'I think so.'

Jack had called an assistant to free his client and send her on her way back to her bank. She'd sent Josie a message that that was the best experience she'd ever had, even at this club. Strangely proud, Josie had jokingly asked Jack for a job.

'Not until you've experienced the other side,' he'd said. 'All our staff have regular submissive sessions, so they can empathise with their clients.'

They'd entered another room, this time with undecipherable boxes, frames and equipment ranging round the walls. Josie eyed them, feeling her heart begin to beat fast once again. 

She could tell her article would set the world on fire.

'Even you?' she asked, not really believing that Jack would ever let someone dominate him. He grinned at her, slightly sheepishly.

'Ah, no, everyone except me. Inconsistent I know, but I am, after all, a master at this.' His voice was casual, but he meant it.

Josie had to take the bait. 'Pretty confident in your abilities,' she said, giving him a sassy stare.

Heavens above, she's more up for this than I am, thought Jack. And it's so rare that a bondage virgin comes along that you can really go to town on'

He stood in front of her. 'Let me give you a demonstration.'

Josie saw that he had in his hands something even she could recognise as a ball gag. She nearly bolted then and there, but she realised she wanted this with almost every fibre in her body ' apart from her common sense.

'Relax.' His deep voice kept her rooted to the spot. She locked her eyes on his, and let him reassure her. 

'Have you ever been tied up before?' He knew the answer, but wanted to hear it from her.

'Kind of.' 

'An old boyfriend?' Josie nodded. 'What did you think of it?' He saw Josie pull a face. 

'He didn't do it properly.' Wow, thought Josie as the words came out of her mouth. She realised now that the guy who'd inadequately roped her to the bed had simply frustrated her, though she couldn't admit it at the time. She hadn't minded him doing it, but, well' 'He didn't understand.'

Jack understood perfectly. The guy had got his kicks from the symbolism of tying her to the bed, not the act itself. Not the delicate task of tying up a woman inescapably so she became his work of art.

'Let's do it properly then. I always like to gag my clients first, regardless of what else I'm going to do to them. It gives them a sense of helplessness from the beginning, and helps them to acclimatise. Also, for bondage virgins like yourself - ' he winked at her ' 'it makes for an unforgettable first time. Also a good feature article,' he added as an afterthought.

She nodded, unable to speak even though she soon wouldn't have the choice.

His expression became more serious. 'Of course, it means I have to ask for your consent now.' She looked at him quizzically. 'I could just handcuff you and chat to you about all things my clients want me to do to them, but that wouldn't be a real experience. I'd like to give you the full works. But you have to know that once you're gagged, I can do anything to you that you haven't expressly forbidden beforehand. Do you give your consent for that?'

There was only one answer Josie could give. She nodded, feeling as if she had just stepped off a cliff into the void. 'But no pain. No marks.'

He was already working the red rubber ball in between her teeth, and buckling it tightly underneath her hair. 'I can't guarantee no discomfort though,' he whispered merrily in her ear.

Josie had never been gagged before. She raised her hands to feel the alien object strapped round her head, pulling her jaws apart, gagging her securely, and nearly came then and there. She wavered for an instant as Jack steadied her. He could read her like a book, she realised. He knows what I want, better than I do.

After a few minutes, Jack had stripped her down to her underwear, which he proceeded to remove without hesitation. It wasn't sensual: he was giving her the promised demonstration. She stood entirely naked before him, shivering with anticipation. Her nudity didn't last long. With practised hands, Jack had soon manoeuvred her body into a leather catsuit, which had laces running up each limb and down the back. It fitted her loosely, with the laces undone. Jack soon saw to that. He began at her feet and spent a long time pulling, tightening and lacing till the edges of the leather came together along the length of both of her legs, and she was gradually encased in the supple, yet restrictive leather. Before moving onto her arms, he laced her feet into knee length boots with a heel so high her feet were almost forced into an en pointe position. 

No walking for me then, she tried to joke to herself, as having finished her arms he gestured for her to breathe in and started lacing the corset that was built into the catsuit, pulling in her waist by several inches and making her breathe in short, shallow pants through her nose. The corset section finished just below her breasts, which he bound with a wide cord around their bases before lacing them under the leather that completed the catsuit. They quickly began to throb, gently, in their prison.

The only part of her body below her neck that was visible was through the unlaced slit that ran between her legs.

Josie was breathing shallowly, partly due to the constriction of the corset, and partly due to the rate her heart was pumping. Jack took her arm, and helped her walk unsteadily on the killer heels towards a full length mirror. 'To admire yourself properly,' he murmured, though words were hardly necessary. Josie was transfixed by the image presented by the mirror. Jack knew his stuff. Every inch of her body was encased skin-tight in the softly glowing, black leather that sculpted her already shapely form into 'anime' cartoon style proportions. Her breasts, swollen by the rope around them, pushed indecently against the catsuit, whilst her hourglass figure had been pinched in so much at her waist that she wondered where her internal organs had gone.

To top it all, her wide, sparkling eyes gazed at her from a face framed by her flowing hair and the red ballgag.

Jack gave her several minutes to get used to her new attire, then captured her attention again.

'Give me your hands,' he told her, and she held them out to him, watching dumbly as the last bit of her flesh disappeared into close fitting gloves. She soon discovered the fingers were stitched together. He completed the feeling of helplessness by rolling each hand into a fist, and strapping it tightly closed. Josie stared at the balls on the end of her arms, and felt a rush of blood to her vagina. She was nothing more than his plaything now, and there was nothing she could do about it.

He led her to a rectangular wooden frame he had positioned vertically in the middle of the room, and helped her stand inside it. She saw the cuffs dangling from the frame, but closed her mind to the possibilities. It was a frightening, yet for some reason enticing prospect.

Jack was watching her face, and grinning at her. 'Getting good material for your article?' he asked, lifting one of her hands and locking it securely into the cuff that dangled from the top left corner of the frame. She had some movement, but not much.

She automatically tried to respond to him, but her words came out as muffled grunts into the ballgag. He laughed at the frustration in her eyes. 'I'll take that as a yes.' He'd secured her other wrist now, and was splaying her legs out so he could cuff her ankles to the frame. Spreadeagled, Josie groaned, and let herself go with the sensations. She had no more than a few inches movement with each limb. 

Jack stood back to admire his handiwork. Josie's head was bowed, obscuring her face with her hair, and she was breathing quickly. A telltale damp patch was merrily forming between her splayed legs, where he hadn't laced the catsuit closed yet. 

I think I've found her preference, he thought to himself with satisfaction. It was always so exciting to play with a novice. Their reactions were second to none.

He wasn't working to a plan, just feeling his way forward. With many clients, he would stop here, but he sensed Josie could be pushed further. A lot further. What a way to be tied up for the first time' He almost envied her. But not quite.

Josie lifted her head to see Jack standing in front of her with something composed of leather and buckles in his hands. He let her look and work it out for herself. It didn't take long. The only free part of her body was her head. The combination of fear, arousal and helplessness in her eyes was priceless.

The hood had holes only for her to breath through, two small eyelets for her nostrils. In a twinkling, her world turned to blackness as he pulled the hood over her head and began to position it properly, and pull on the buckles that strapped it to every contour of her face and head. She could open her eyes, but the blackness that greeted her was more disturbing than simply keeping them closed. She closed them again.

Now that every trace of her skin had been eliminated behind leather, she felt him began to work more quickly. He buckled a collar round her neck that kept her head upright, and attached the top of the hood via a short chain to the top of the frame. She could move her head only minimally. Soon, she felt that was a luxury. He was rapidly and expertly buckling more cuffs round her calves, her thighs, her upper arms, and a wide belt that pulled her waist in an impossible inch more. All were attached by chains to the frame and served to hold her motionless within it, especially when he circled the frame, tightening the chains, stretching her body taught so that her feet lifted from the ground and she was suspended from the many cuffs and chains, unable to move an inch from the spreadeagle position.

Josie screamed into the gag and the hood as she felt her feet lift from the ground as he tightened the chains. She was soon disorientated. Movement had no meaning any more, as did sight. The only senses she had were the smell of leather, the tension in every fibre of her body, and the fire building inexorably within her. With her legs stretched open and the cool air wafting around her pussy, she mentally screamed for release.

Disorientated as she was, it was hard to tell which way was up. As she lost her sense of balance, she struggled violently, only to hear Jack's laugh muffled by the hood that encased her ears. Eventually she realised he was tipping the frame. The frame was pivoting backwards, ever so slowly, till she was slipping past horizontal and came to rest upside down, blood rushing to her head, pussy wide open and pointed straight upwards.

She moaned with relief as something hard, cold and enormous entered her begging labia. Please let it be a vibrator, she caught herself wishing, though conscious thought was increasingly being superceded by only the desire to orgasm and the sensations of being bound so inescapably. It was, though Jack turned the dial only to 'low', stoking her fire but permitting no climax. She screamed again, even though Jack could only hear muffled groans, and writhed helplessly in her bonds.

Nervous fear thrilled through her as she felt something wet and cold being applied liberally to her ass. No, he can't' but she knew he could, because she hadn't told him not to. She had never experienced anal sex, just a finger every now and then from adventurous boyfriends. But thinking about it did no good. Before she could even begin to feel angry, he'd slowly pushed a fat, contoured vibrating plug into her stretched hole. With the toys pressing her from within, and the leather squeezing her from without, her whole world contracted to the sensations from the twin invaders.

Jack was wasting no time. She wasn't showing any signs of exhaustion yet, but she would do soon ' no one could last long in such strict bondage. He felt the familiar thrill as he laced the edges of the catsuit tightly closed around the vibrators, trapping them inside her. She wouldn't come from the low vibrations, but it was enough to drive her mad. He had other plans for bringing her to orgasm. Might as well have two firsts in one day' and she'd clearly never had anything up her ass before.

The frame had a silent motor that could be set to rotate the frame ever so slowly, so it would be hard for her to even tell if she was moving. He switched it on, and sat back to enjoy the show.

Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me. The litany ran round Josie's head, the words the only remnant of her life before she'd let herself be gagged. She knew nothing but the bonds that held her immovably, the disorientation she felt, and the desperate need to come. She would have done anything to come immediately, but she couldn't do it alone. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me' she prayed to Jack, the god of her bondage world, to give her some relief.

Soon, Jack could wait no longer. Swiftly, he locked the frame in an upright position and released every cuff that bound her, but he didn't give her a taste of freedom. He thrust her still leather-clad body down across a smaller piece of woodwork and bent her over it, rapidly and rather fiercely pulling inch-wide cable ties round her body till she was bound immovably once more, bent at the waist, legs and back straight, arms pulled mercilessly behind her back. Her leather-covered cheek rested on the heavy wooden beam. Then, with a knife, he sliced open the lace that held the plug inside her ass, and unceremoniously removed it.

In Josie's head, she wanted nothing more than his cock in her ass, though somewhere deep inside her, her mind was screaming at the indignity of it, at the way he was taking her anal virginity so casually. Then, as his very erect cock pushed inside her and began to thrust, she gave in to the orgasm she needed so badly. All she could feel was his cock searing into her, driving the waves of her orgasm so fast, she lost the last threads of her consciousness.

It was amazing how alive something so tightly bound could be. Jack could feel, and see, every second of her orgasm flooding through her body, and he came within a few strokes, pumping her virgin ass full as she collapsed into unconsciousness.

Josie dressed herself slowly, and brushed out her knotted hair. It took some courage to step outside of the bathroom Jack had lent her.

He was sitting at his desk, flipping through paperwork. He looked up, and smiled at her, quite casually.

They shared a few innocent words about the article she was going to write: when it would be out, if she needed any more information. Then he stood to see her out.

'Thanks for everything.' Josie's voice was unruffled, but she sincerely meant what she said. Jack seemed pleased. As he opened the door for her, he handed her his business card.

'It was a pleasure. And, if you like, I could add you to the 'Friends of the club' list. Free membership, of course.'

Josie nodded her acceptance, the thrill of pleasure hidden inside her.

'I'd like that,' she replied.

'It would be an honour,' he said. 'It's not often a master dom meets a master sub.' He smiled, shook her hand, and closed the door.

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