Dream Assignment 4 - For You

by Jezziebelle

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© Copyright 2006 - Jezziebelle - Used by permission

Storycodes: MMM/f; D/s; bond; objectification; piercing; cons; X

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Bound hand and foot, Josie is awaiting whatever plans Jack has in store for her...


Part 4 - For You

Josie's hands were bound with rope behind her back. Her ankles were also roped together, and a ball gag stretched her mouth and silenced her very effectively. Hair dishevelled and dress disarranged as she'd struggled very pleasurably against being tied up, she now lay on her side in the middle of the biggest playroom in Jack's exclusive BDSM club, waiting for him. They were alone now.

Eventually, Jack pulled a chair towards where she lay and sat down, contemplating his captive.

He'd offered her any one of three possible entertainments that evening -- two different suspension scenes (one right way up, one upside down) and a hogtied mummification -- but she hadn't chosen any of them. He hadn't been entirely sure how she'd react when he showed them to her in live action, with three of his best clients and their submissive partners. He'd thought she might select one, or might even safeword out of the whole situation. But no... she'd flashed him a 'catch me if you can' look and fled for the door.

He almost envied her the sensation of being caught. All four men in the room had pounced on her before she'd reached the exit, and had her tied and gagged before she'd had time to catch her breath from the rugby tackle that brought her down. She'd struggled against them like a pro, but she stood no chance against them. She must have know that -- so why run? To make them stop her, of course...

Jack surveyed Josie in a new light. When they'd first met, the owner of a sophisticated BDSM club being interviewed by a bright, bondage-virgin journalist, he'd offered her a little taster of what his club could offer and she'd clearly enjoyed it. She'd returned that afternoon to show him her article, and though she couldn't admit it, she'd wanted him to tie her up again. After a little teasing, he'd obliged. And now, here she was running eyes wide open into what he'd promised would be an intense experience, even for a man like him.

He had to admit it, the woman he'd thought was a total beginner was now challenging him to give her his worst. Not in words, no... but in her actions and reactions. She was a novice, no doubt about it. But he'd stumbled on something deep. He'd known from the minute they'd met that she was special. 

Josie lay still, wondering why Jack was so silent. He'd been looking at her for several long minutes. His gaze at first made her writhe in her bonds, as if his laser vision could heat her up inside to orgasm -- and in fact she'd experienced a tiny little one, just from the things she'd seen that evening and his gaze. Now she lay still, watching his face.

She'd no idea what he had planned for her. She didn't even know why she'd tried to run like she had. But no, that was a lie... she'd run so that he'd stop her. And now here they were, alone, and all she could do was await her fate. 

Eventually Jack moved from his chair, and came to kneel beside her as she lay on the floor. Gently, he helped her up till she knelt in front of him, face to face, her wrists and ankles still bound. Then he unbuckled the gag and removed it from her mouth.

As soon as she'd worked her jaw muscles back to life, he leant forward and kissed her -- touching her with nothing but his lips, while her hands were held captive behind her. She responded with passion, and Jack knew the step he was about to take was the right one.

'For you,' he whispered, 'I'll give up my work here. I'll own the club, and train my staff, but I won't work with any of the female clients again. You'll be the only one.'

He was giving up his whole career, but didn't care. Since he'd met her, she'd been the only one he was interested in.

Josie gave him a shy smile, stunned at his offer. What could be more perfect? She'd resigned herself to a master-client relationship -- a special one, true, but still lacking something. This was all she needed to make it complete. 

'And in return'?' she asked, holding his gaze, twitching against the ropes that bound her.

Jack's face slowly broke into his trademark wicked grin. 'Anything and everything,' he promised, 'that my fervid imagination can bring to bear on you.'

A shudder slipping down her spine, Josie bit her lip and felt herself topple headlong into his world. She gave up hope of ever surfacing again, and didn't care a bit.

He kissed her again, then stood up rapidly, reaching for a small cabinet that slid towards them on hidden wheels. From its depths he drew a pile of items Josie was sure she would soon come to recognise by sight. For now, the vision made her shiver. 

'Of course you'll have to earn your keep around here,' he said nonchalantly, sorting out rolls of coloured tape and something made of leather and buckles. 

'Oh yeah?' Josie retorted, affecting a confidence she didn't quite feel. 'I'm no barmaid.'

'You soon will be,' he replied, smiling at her apt response, pulling the ropes from her wrists and ankles and unceremoniously stripping her of her dress and underwear. Deliciously naked whilst he was fully clothed, Josie wriggled in his gaze and wrapped her arms around herself. Heavens, she would do anything just to feel him inside her, right now, and to wrap her limbs around him -- but she guessed he had other plans.

'None of that,' he scolded, taking her left arm and holding it out straight to her side. Focused on the task in hand, he applied one end of the blue plastic tape to her wrist and began to wind it slowly round and round.

Fascinated by the sight and the sensation, Josie watched as the tape -- which stuck to itself but not to her -- wound its way up her arm to the very top, her skin disappearing beneath the alien material. He applied a thin layer at first, so she found she could still bend her elbow. This was precisely what he wanted. He folded her arm back on itself as tightly as it would go, till her hand was touching her shoulder, and proceeded to wrap it in position using more layers this time, slowly immobilising her arm.

As he moved to her right arm, Josie experimented with the sensations coming from her left arm. Strapped tightly to itself, her shortened limb left her feeling immediately and insanely helpless. Before she'd had time to adjust, he'd finished her right arm and she was lost completely.

He rolled her over onto her stomach, and she lay still, eyes closed, breathing hard, whilst he carefully wrapped each leg in the same material and bound each one in half, stiffly and tightly so her heels dug into her bottom. Rolling her back, he relaxed for a minute to enjoy the spaced-out arousal that suffused her features. 

A wicked idea coming to mind, he reached out and ever so gently tickled her stomach, keeping an eye on her expression. She flinched and gave a yelp. Automatically, she tried to bat his hand away, but with her hands strapped to her shoulders she couldn't reach. A sensation of intoxicating helplessness shone in her eyes as she came up against the limits of her position for the first time. 

Jack's plan was really quite evil, and advanced for a beginner -- but somehow he knew Josie could handle it. He searched through a store cupboard at the back of the room and dug out the contraption that he needed.

Josie watched in trepidation and confusion as he wheeled what looked like an upside down table towards her. It was small, and formed of a short, rectangular wooden base with four metal poles extending upwards for about a foot from each corner. Casters underneath allowed it to glide across the floor. For the life of her, Josie couldn't work out what it was for, but she knew it spelled trouble. She glanced questioningly at Jack, but he was uncommunicative.

Having given her a glimpse of her evening's entertainment, Jack reached for a leather hood and began to pull it over Josie's head. It was a particularly strict hood, with a built-in gag and no eye holes, and buckles all over to pull it tightly down against the wearer's skin. She struggled slightly as he worked it on, her reflexes still telling her to fight, but she settled down with a deep sigh through her nose as he strapped and padlocked it into place. Anonymous from the neck up, and peculiarly bound from the neck down, Jack admired her anew.

Now for the tricky bit. He rolled Josie onto her front once more, and lifted her hips until her knees came forward and she was kneeling on the tips of her knees, her feet pressed against her bottom. She struggled to balance, but brought it under control. He then lifted her shoulders till her elbows supported her weight: back straight, arms and legs perpendicular beneath her, but her toes and fingers pointing at the ceiling.

He gave her just one second to work out what he was going to do -- he loved playing with her mind as much as her body -- and as the realisation dawned, she began to shout into the gag and hood and writhe in his grasp. No way, he couldn't mean it... but he did. She felt him lift her bodily and place her on top of the upside down table. 

It was a job for a strong and determined man, but her pleasured struggling only made it more fun. One arm supporting her weight round her waist, he positioned one of her legs against one of the corner poles with the other hand and taped it roughly into place. Her other leg followed swiftly, and he was able to release her weight and move to the front to secure her arms to the two remaining poles.

Before allowing himself the pleasure of a good, long look, he picked up the tape once more and ran it up and down each limb, strengthening the bonds and securing her permanently to the poles, squeezing fat pads of cotton wool underneath her knees and elbows to dull the pain of the position. Then he stepped back to admire.

She knelt on all fours on the wooden base, the metal poles hidden beneath reams of tightly applied tape that held her solidly still. Her back was flat, her hands pinned to her shoulders, her feet to her bottom. Her breasts pointed straight down to the ground, and Jack paused for a second from his viewing to screw on two heavy, metal nipple clamps to complete the picture. 

Her hooded head hung beneath her shoulders in defeat, whilst her exposed pussy gleamed with slick arousal. Jack longed to kneel behind her and take her right now, but he was a master of restraining himself -- he smiled privately at the pun -- when it was a matter of delaying and so enhancing a victim's pleasure. He did however let himself run his hands over her captive form, relishing the thought of what he knew would happen next.

First securing a fifth metal pole to her hood to support her head so that her neck was straight and her eyes -- were they not covered in leather -- would be looking straight down, he next sought out a marker pen and a wide roll of sticky silver duct tape. DO NOT ENTER, he wrote in bold letters, and tore off the strip. Wiping her pussy as dry as he could, he plastered it over her labia, forming a chastity seal. That would be his and his alone from now on. Her ass was another matter. Humming to himself, he caressed her taut and quivering bottom with one hand as with the other he slipped a nozzle into her tight hole, squeezing a whole tube of lubricant inside. It was going to be a long night -- for her. His action elicited a long series of low moans, which climaxed with a squeal when he gave her a quick spank and moved away.

His shellshocked captive, stiffly immobile and desperate to come, put what was left of her conscious mind to thinking about what might happen now. She'd felt the strong sticky tape being plastered to her labia, and knew she would not attain release that way. On her first visit to Jack, he'd taken her anal virginity without so much as a by-your-leave, and it looked like that was on the cards again. Being placed on display like this, her ass and pussy in full view, one taped over, one full of what felt like a gallon of cold lubricant... struggling in vain against her bonds, Josie slipped into a pre-orgasmic haze.

She was roused by a noise, and a sensation that shivered up the poles she was attached to from the wooden base. Was that glass? Yes -- she recognised the sound of glass bottles being clinked together, and apparently placed on the wooden base beneath her. Bemused by the surreal sounds, she jumped as a cold, glass object was placed on her immobile back -- first one, then another, and a third.

The realisation hit her like a glacier travelling at warp speed. He'd stocked the shelf beneath her with bottles of alcohol from the private bar in the corner of the room, and placed glasses on her back... he'd turned her into a mere object, a hostess trolley on wheels of which she formed the legs and the table top. She was going to be a barmaid after all, like it or not...

Shuddering into full-fledged orgasm, Josie barely made out Jack.s words as he spoke into the telephone.

.Some bar help for you waiting in the playroom, Lou,. he said to one of his colleagues down the phone line. Then he cleared away the remains of the tape and other equipment, and left the room.


Lou wandered into the playroom two minutes after Jack had left it, and a delighted smile spread across her lips. So this was what Jack was up to. And was that his new girlfriend? Man, he was evil!

Josie hadn.t heard her entrance, so she jumped when Lou placed two warm hands on her bottom and wheeled her from the room.

Every moment new ripples of intense arousal were firing through her pussy, soaking the DO NOT ENTER tape which just managed to stay stuck to the inside of her thighs. As Lou wheeled her new bar assistant through the corridors and into the private members' bar, the clamps on Josie's nipples swung mercilessly. Emblazoned in her mind was an imagined picture of how she might appear to an onlooker: tightly bound, on display, objectified. Her fingers, sticking out of the tape that bound her arms, remained clamped in tight, stressed fists. Her toes curled in joint pleasure and humiliation. Fury and devotion both swelled strongly within her, flicking switches in her brain that only sent her deeper as she struggled in vain against her bonds.

The guests who were permitted into Jack's private bar were too cultured and too experienced to raise excited voices at the entrance of Josie. Well versed in giving pleasure to others as well as seeking their own, the predominantly male audience continued with their conversations in calm voices. Josie, realising she had expected to be the centre of attention, was stunned into another wave of orgasm. She was really just going to be treated as an everyday object...

Sitting silently in the corner of the bar, Jack watched Lou wheel Josie into the centre of the room and leave her there. He wasn't going to let Josie know he was there, but nor was he going to miss the show. Even from this distance, he could see the trembles of fear and arousal that racked her otherwise immobile body. The curve that ran from her waist to her hips looked too delightful propping up three glass tumblers.

For five long minutes, Josie's head span as nobody approached her. Was she just going to be left here uselessly? Then, she felt someone casually take a bottle from the shelf beneath her, pouring a shot into one of the glasses on her back. A tiny drop fell on her heated skin, cold and sudden. The pourer took his drink and went back to his seat.

It was a slow start, but the floodgates were now open. Jack watched in unrivalled entertainment as one by one everyone in the bar took advantage of the free alcohol. More glasses were provided, and piled on her back. At one point, a whole bottle was balanced in the small of her back, and he could see her freeze, desperate to keep it upright. Josie performed her service as unconventional barmaid extremely well, he thought, ideas already springing to mind for what he would turn her into next. Casually crossing his legs to hide his growing erection, he sipped his drink.

Shortly, the guests began to push Josie around the room rather than coming to her for a drink. First they wheeled her sedately beside them, and then began to shove her freely around, spinning across the floor. Battling her treacherous body, Josie desperately tried counting to ten in her head to retain some sense of proportion, but lost count by 6 every time as new sensations bombarded her. 

The noise levels rose, as did the air temperature. Someone had their feet on her bottom, using her as a footstool. Another got his girlfriend to sit on her back as she was pushed round the room, shrieking with delight. And then finally, after she'd been placed beside someone for some minutes, someone who kept his hand casually resting on her all the time, a finger began to run gently around her asshole.

Jack, watching all the time, decided it was time to retire and watch the rest of the proceedings via the camera installed in the ceiling. Josie would be safe in the hands of the man she was now with -- he was one of Jack's club's oldest members, and he could trust him to run the game from now on. Jack's erection was now so hard he had trouble standing up. He withdrew discreetly.

Alone with her civilised assailants, all Josie's being was focused on the sensations that the finger produced. She swore she could feel herself opening at its command. She felt all the glassware being removed from her as the finger slipped oh so slowly inside her, teasing her, probing her. All the while its owner continued his calm conversation with a friend.

Two fingers, and then three. Moaning into her hood but soundly ignored by the gathered people, Josie wondered how far she could stretch, feeling as if she was pulled as wide as possible already. But no -- there was more. The fingers retreated and quickly a warm, hard cock was pressing against her asshole, the head popping inside with ease and the rest of the length smoothly following up inside the lubricated, tight passage.

Alone in his office, bathed in the glow of the TV screen, Jack came into his hand with a loud moan. He couldn't quite believe what he was doing to her, but nevertheless felt a deep satisfaction inside because he knew she needed it.

The assembled crowd now finally focused on Josie, talking and laughing and holding their own cocks in their hands as they watched their colleague grasp Josie's hips in his hands and wheel her back and forth on his cock, harder and harder till he came in a hot spurt that Josie felt fountaining up inside her for several seconds, fueling her own orgasm as her violated muscles grabbed involuntarily at his cock.

He withdrew, and she sucked a breath of relief through her nose, feeling the sweat trickling down her body. But no -- it wasn't over. He gave her a shove and she sailed over to the other side of the circle of men gathered around her, feeling hands grabbing for her till the victor claimed her as his prize. Turning her to face him, she could feel his cock bumping over the leather that covered her face, and smell the sweet aroma of his precum. After a moment he span her round till she was giddy, then plunged his cock into her ass without notice, beginning to thrust immediately.

Body and mind, Josie melted into a haze of penetration, orgasm, and horrified delight. After he'd finished with her, she was wheeled over to a third, and then a fourth, but she lost count long before they finished with her.


Fourteen men. Jack had watched them all, counting one by one, seeing each one fuck his girlfriend up the ass as she was bound immovably, nothing but a sex receptacle. There were more waiting when he went down to rescue her, seeing the tell tale signs of approaching exhaustion in the ripples that ran up and down her body. They dispersed as he walked in, pulled on their trousers, and took their leave of the rest of the bar staff. One paused to give Josie a parting present: a fat, contoured plug which he pushed inside her, and which managed to stretch her just a little more widely. It was 2am, and time to go home.

Jack sat by the bar as his staff cleaned up the room, pushing Josie into a convenient corner whilst they tidied. He knew what he wanted to do next, but was seeking the courage in himself. He never took his eyes off Josie, his abused captive in the corner, still unable to move a muscle.

'What do you want us to do with her?' Lou asked eventually, when she was ready to leave.

Without hesitation, Jack spoke in a clear voice. He could see Josie jump when she realised he was there.

'Put her away till morning,' he said. 'I'm tired.' And with a last glance, he left the bar.

'Righty ho,' sang Lou, and wheeled Josie merrily towards a store cupboard next to the bar. She shut and locked the door on her muffled shouts.


Six hours later, at 8am, Jack descended from the room where he'd slept a surprisingly deep, refreshing sleep, and unlocked the cupboard door.

Oh Jesus, he thought. I didn't think it was possible to love someone this much.

He pulled Josie out, and gently woke her from her trance with soft caresses along her back. She responded with quiet, muffled noises from behind the hood and gag. She knew it was him. He stroked and kissed her till her pussy began to get wet once again. 

She has no limits, wondered Jack in amazement. He'd been planning to put her straight to bed, but here she was, responding to his touch after everything he'd put her through.

Carefully peeling back the tape that covered her pussy, he knelt behind her and slid his already hard cock into her now very wet vagina.

The heat was intense, and the added pressure from the immense butt plug still inside her nearly made Jack come at once. Slowly, he began to slide his cock in and out, not thrusting, not rushing. In, out, in, out, in a tantric-esque single movement that felt like forever.

Josie, half conscious, every muscle screaming with discomfort, her ass on fire, her still-hooded head muffled and airless, felt only the sweet sensation of Jack inside her, slowly stroking her from within. She was on the road to climax immediately, but it took what felt like hours: the slow movement of his cock, the sliding of atom against atom of skin, the incremental increases in pleasure till she was sure she felt her whole body melt into a warm explosion around him.

Jack came for two minutes straight, and finally rested his forehead against her back. 


He'd released her hours before, and let her sleep through a long, hot bath and then in his bed in the flat above the club. Now, both well rested, although Josie's body might bear the marks of her trial for some hours to come, they were both focused on each other again.

Jack gently stretched her body out on the leather topped table, and fastened each wrist and ankle to a solid, padded steel cuff at each corner so she could lie comfortably, but captive. She was naked, freshly washed hair spread around her head.

Jack spent a long time caressing her, kissing every inch of her body, stroking her with his fingers, his tongue, his hair. It was as relaxing as a long, professional massage. Josie lay in a dream state, drifting out of herself, looking down to see her spreadeagled form and a calm smile on her lips. 

Eventually, he stood beside her, words on the tip of his tongue.

'What is it?' she murmured.

He smiled at her intuition. 'Just wondering if there's anything I would want to do to you that you'd object to,' he replied.

She held his gaze, knowing she trusted him to know what she wanted.

'For you, anything,' she whispered, instinctively knowing that whatever he was planning, she was incomplete without it. Somewhere in the night, she'd accepted she was his, body and soul.

He kissed her, and motioned her to close her eyes.

Josie felt a prick and then a cold sensation at each nipple, and then around her bellybutton. At first at a loss to know what it was, she recognised it as a local anaesthetic as each area drifted into numbness. Pulse racing, she lay still, biting her lip, every unaffected nerve ending quivering.

Another prick, another shot of cold; and again. Both her outer labia now left her senses.

She knew she could look, but she didn't want to -- she was too scared, and too excited at the same time. She knew she'd half-guessed what he was up to, particularly when  stronger sensations of dull pain drifted through the numbing agent. But she wanted to look only when he told her she could.

He took his time, doing whatever he was doing very carefully. After the cold and the dull pain came noise and heat, and a little sharp pain -- but not intolerable -- at the very apex of her pussy, the point of her pudenda an inch above her clitoris.

When he kissed her again, she opened her eyes and saw he was holding up a mirror. Slowly running it over her body, he showed her his handiwork.

First, her right nipple -- a ring of silver ran through it, a tiny diamond strung on the hoop next to the ball that held the ends together. Josie gasped, and stared, and wondered at its beauty. Her left nipple was similarly adorned. Her bellybutton too -- a silver ring, fixed permanently into place and sealed with the tiny ball, another miniature diamond bead threaded on the hoop.

Josie's breath was coming fast, and a wave of emotion flooded her mind. So beautiful, so... Jack's. He'd claimed her with the adornments.

Jack moved the mirror downwards, allowing Josie a sight of the tiny, black inking that was now permanently fixed on her skin on her shaved pussy, an inch above her clitoris. It would be in full view even with her legs closed, she imagined, but would be hidden beneath any knickers. Two small letters were tattooed on her skin. Jack's initials.

Finally, the mirror slipped between her spreadeagled legs, and Josie caught her first glimpse of the two silver rings that now adorned her labia, one on each side, about half way down.

And the miniature silver padlock that locked them chastely together.

Josie stared in wonderment, unaware of Jack tenderly watching her expression. 'Would you like to touch?' he asked.

Josie shook her head slowly. 'Not just yet,' she croaked, thankful for the restraints which held her still. It was so much to take in just with her eyes, let alone her hands. And yet... it wasn't too much at all. It felt perfectly right.

For an hour, Jack squeezed next to Josie on the table and talked to her quietly as he stroked the unaffected parts of her body. As evening drew on, he rose. 

Unlocking Josie from the cuffs that held her to the table, Jack helped her to sit up, and kissed her deeply.

'If you're not too sore in an hour or two, I'd very much like to take you out to dinner,' he said, stroking her hair. 'It's been an intense weekend. I'd like to show you I can do normal as well,' he joked.

Josie smiled, and said she'd be fine. 'Can we do Italian?' she suggested, suddenly ravenous.

'Anything for you,' he replied, and kissed her.


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