Dream Assignment 2 - Second Helpings

by Jezziebelle

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Storycodes: M/f; D/s; bondage; cons; X

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This story stands on its own, but it is actually a sequel -- a while ago I wrote a story called Dream Assignment, which is in the archives of this site. If you didn't read Dream Assignment, all you need to know is that Jack, the owner of a rather up market bondage club, initiated journalist Josie into its pleasures as she researched an article on the club for her new magazine. The article has just been published, and everyone is reading it...


Part 2 - Second Helpings

Josie ran her finger gently over the plain, embossed letters on the business card she'd kept in her purse for weeks, and let her mind wander back to the day she'd received it.

She'd walked unsteadily down the steps of the Club, her hand still burning from the touch of his hand when he'd bidden her goodbye, and straight into a taxi which took her, glassy-eyed and silent, straight back to her flat where she'd spent the rest of the afternoon bringing herself to orgasm over and over again.

Not one of her climaxes matched the one she'd had at Jack's hands earlier that day.

Now, she slipped the card back into her purse and walked up the steps again for the first time since he'd turned her world upside down six weeks ago.


It had taken Josie a long time to get started on the article. Her editor had to threaten her with the sack before she'd managed to turn on her computer and start writing without being overtaken by her thoughts. Many a time she'd headed out to run for miles round the city, but nothing could blow away the feelings that gripped her deep down inside.

After she'd submitted her copy and had it approved by the editor, she'd tried to struggle back to some semblance of normality. Her first date since her experience at the Club was left angry and bemused when she fled in tears before dinner was over. He'd been so polite, so gentlemanly, so... nice.

The article, when it was published, boosted her from unknown journalist to uber-hip kinky writer extraordinaire.


It was a warm day, and she'd worn a light dress covered by a jacket, which the receptionist took as she welcomed her back to the Club. No Jack, rope in hand, to greet her this time. Without the jacket, she felt exposed.

She wondered, for the thousandth time, if he'd hated the article. She dreaded -- and hoped -- that he'd take it out on her. Waiting in agitation in his office for him to finish with a client ('just a quick correction, shouldn't take long'), she relived every second of the past six weeks of confusion, despair and desire. He'd changed her. Or rather, he'd shown her what she was. It wasn't a (traditionally) pretty sight.

Jack, when he finally entered the room, was as intimidating a presence as ever, but his welcome was so warm she instantly relaxed. He kissed her cheek, held her hand in both of his, and asked with a decided glint in his eye how she'd been.

'Um, OK, I suppose.' Josie sat in her chair he offered her, and he sat down opposite. 

'Ever modest,' he said drily, picking up a magazine open at her article. 'I hear you're quite the celebrity.'

Josie had to laugh. She'd been invited onto countless TV and radio shows, but had turned them all down. 'Who'd have thought I'd become the country's fetish queen?' She smiled shyly at him, knowing he was the one who'd started it all. 'How's business?'

Jack gave a dismissive wave of his hand. 'Oh, you know, we have to fight them off at the door now. Booked out till Christmas.' He seemed quietly pleased, yet not too proud. 'I've turned away several d-list celebrities who seemed to think I was the latest fashion accessory. And I've signed up one or two rather well-known actresses and models who turned out to have hidden depths. Like you,' he added, suddenly shooting her a look that took her straight back to the afternoon she'd spent at his mercy.

Josie shuddered, and glanced away, unable to hold his gaze. His eyes bored straight through her, down to the very depths of her soul.

He sat up, breaking the moment, and reached for her article. 'So, would you recommend I read this?' He glanced down the page then gave her a quizzical look.

Frozen with nerves, Josie responded falteringly. 'You mean you haven't read it?' He was going to read it here, now, in front of her. She'd never felt so naked.

'I hear it's quite good,' he teased, and settled down to read. Josie, perched on the edge of her seat, felt the walls close in around her. She watched his face in terror as his eyes scanned the first paragraphs. Was that a smile, or a frown?

Turning the page, Jack glanced up at her. 'It's all very flattering so far,' he said. 'I don't know why you look so scared.' Josie swallowed, and shrugged her shoulders. She was proud of her article, but to have the subject of it, the man who'd initiated her so dramatically into his world, read it in front of her was like being pinned down and dissected by an entomologist. Jack went back to reading.

'Now here's an interesting bit,' he said in an academic tone, as if what he was reading wasn't an expose of her soul. He flourished the magazine and scanned down it for the part he was looking for. 'Yadda yadda, unsure what to expect, etc etc, things certainly looked up when he opened the door and I saw him in person for the first time (flattery will get you everywhere), the sense of constriction that rode up my body as he laced the corset tighter than Kylie's hotpants, blah blah blah -- oh yes: and I have to confess, even though I have made light of this experience so far, with the gag stretching my mouth so wide not a sound could escape and each limb restrained so perfectly, I was his entirely -- not just in body, but in spirit. It was a powerful experience, beyond anything I could have imagined -- in the language of this place, a submissive state of mind.' He put down the magazine. 'And then you agonise for a while about whether you should have confessed this to your readership, but conclude it was an important contribution to the debate about so-called sexual perversions that preoccupies the gutter press.'

Jack knew he was being mean; in fact, he would have described it as gouging away her defences. But hell, he was not going to let her slip through his fingers' He hadn't been this struck by a new playmate for many years. He hadn't looked at her as he spoke, and now he turned his eyes in her direction to find out what her reaction was. 

Whoever it was who said eyes were the windows of the soul was right, thought Jack, transfixed by Josie's ill-focussed gaze. She sat tensely, hands knotted together in her lap, knees primly together, whilst her glazed eyes replayed images of their last meeting. It only lasted a moment. As Jack fell silent, Josie jumped.

Swallowing hard and vainly hoping her voice would sound normal, she made a conscious effort to seem more relaxed. 'A writer is only as good as their subject,' she offered, with a shrug of her shoulders. Oh boy, was that true' She'd known all along that her article was good, and that its success was purely down to the intensity of Jack and the experience he'd given her. 

Jack had a disconcerting, superior little smile twitching at the corners of his mouth that sent shivers slipping over every inch of Josie's body. She wanted alternately to scream and shout at him, and fall at his knees begging him for more. The way he played her along was infuriating and intoxicating. They stared at each other for a minute, two minutes. Finally, in frustration and embarrassment, Josie stood up jerkily and wandered to the window.

Jack was on his feet in a moment, following her across the room and placing his hands on her shoulders. The bare skin was hot under his fingers; she jumped as she felt his touch, then remained still.

'You only have to ask, you know,' he murmured into her ear through the waves of soft brown hair, relishing the game. Her shoulders twitched as she gave a short laugh, then turned to face him.

'You of all people should understand that's precisely what I can't do,' she countered, levelly holding his gaze. How could she possibly initiate the surrender that she craved? He had to lead, surely that was the whole point of her being -- her logical mind still baulked at the word -- submissive. It was wrong, wrong, wrong -- and yet so right.

Jack couldn't help but laugh. She had such a penetrating mind, even when it was rebelling against what her instincts wanted. Smiling apologetically, he gave in and took her hand. 'Come with me,' he said quietly.

It only took a second to slip over the edge again' As Jack took her hand and led her back towards the chair she'd been sitting in, Josie felt a gulf opening up underneath her feet. Pulse racing, she sat as he requested but spun in her seat to watch what he was doing. He'd opened a drawer in his desk and withdrawn a fat coil of rope. At the sight, she snapped her gaze away, trembling. The black hole in her mind, which he'd discovered, was opening once again and, terrified, she was nevertheless inexorably drawn towards it.

Standing behind her, Jack ran a fingertip down the side of her neck and along her shoulder, barely touching her. The shudder the action produced was magnified exponentially by the sight she'd just had of the rope he now held in his hand. Even though her bent head hid her expression behind her loose hair, he knew enough from last time to imagine what it was like. Closed eyes, worried forehead and lips parted with arousal' He smiled to himself, and gently drew her arms behind her back.

It was such a simple, stereotypical thing to do, but the sensation as he slowly, deliberately wound rope around her wrists was incredible. She heard a low moan before she recognised it as her own, as he pulled the loops tight and knotted the rope between her arms, cinching the binding closely round her wrists. She pulled very gently at the rope, felt the iron grip it held her in, and instinctively clenched her pelvic muscles as her body began to respond.

Jack worked slowly, letting her relish every moment. Every so often, he paused to kiss her shoulders or the back of her neck, breathing the scent of her skin in deeply. It wasn't something he did with every client -- in fact, any other client but her. He put the implications of that to one side in his mind as he drew her elbows closer and closer together behind her back.

He bent down and whispered in her ear: 'Do you think I can make them touch?'

Josie shook her head, and continued shaking it until she felt her elbows meet and Jack's deft fingers make the knot secure. 'Guess I was wrong then,' she gasped, feeling her breasts pushing hard at the flimsy material of her dress with the tension of having her shoulders pulled so far back. Jack then secured her bound arms to the rungs of the chair, so she was pinned to it, and stepped away.

Josie lifted her head and shook the hair out of her eyes. Sweat was already beginning to glisten on her forehead, and she squirmed on the chair with rising arousal. 'Jack,' she said, wanting to talk before it all got out of hand again. Too late... Jack stood before her, a strip of material hanging from his fingers. She opened her mouth to speak, and he pushed it between her teeth, knotting it tightly behind her head. Her words came out too muffled to make sense.

In her article, she'd written about the stages of giving in -- how each further restraint provoked an even stronger sense of resignation, of surrender. She'd reached one of those points now. She gave in, leaning her head back, gasping air through her nose.

Jack, self-control stretched to the maximum, knelt in front of her and slid his hands up her warm, smooth thighs, feeling the tense muscles under the skin. He slipped his fingers around the elastic of her knickers and pulled them swiftly down and off. He then pushed the flimsy material of her dress up to her waist, exposing her carefully trimmed hair. The strength of his desire to make love to her right away was more than he'd expected. He needed time to think -- but he had an idea to give him time. Hands grasping her hips, he pulled her forwards on the seat. She awoke then, and lifted her head, eyes catching his. He grinned at her, and gave her a kiss on her forehead. He watched as her eyes closed again, and her body shuddered.

Running his hands gratuitously down her legs once more, he slowly pulled her knees apart, gently pushing until her legs were splayed apart as far as they would go at an angle of almost 180 degrees. Her scent filled his nostrils and he shook his head to clear his mind. Taking hold of her ankles, he pushed her feet behind the front legs of the chair, lifting them up and bending her knees till the soles of her feet met underneath the seat of the chair, toes pointing downwards. Holding them in position with one hand, with the other he reached for a roll of duct tape. Rope was more elegant, but tape was easier in this position. He wound it carefully round till it bound her feet together, sole to sole, then looped it round her ankles and calves to make sure her legs stayed in position. Then he stood up and surveyed his work.

Jack had used fewer restraints than last time, but Josie was just as securely bound. Her body was stretched round the chair, her pussy fully exposed and burning hot. Flexing each muscle in turn, she discovered what she knew already -- no escape -- but every reminder of her predicament sent fingers of fire along each nerve. Following Jack's gaze from where he stood in front of her, she instinctively tried to close her legs but she was trapped in position. Groaning into her gag, she had no choice but to wait.

Jack delved into another drawer and withdrew a dark silk scarf, three feet by one. He used it to hood Josie, winding the material loosely round her head and knotting it behind -- enough to make her anonymous, but probably not enough to blind her completely and certainly nothing to impede her breathing.

Josie could still see shapes through the thin material, but they were dark and blurred. She could see Jack open the door, and hear him close it behind him. It was only a moment or two before he returned, but enough to send another wave of near-orgasm surfing through her body as she was tied up, gagged and abandoned in his office.

When he returned, he sounded very business-like. 'Josie, I'm really sorry but I have a client in ten minutes -- someone who I really can't disappoint.' He saw her tense and heard her sharp intake of breath at the realisation he was going to leave her.

'But I've arranged for someone else to entertain you. You'll like him: he's a banker, about 30 years old, rather dashing. He'll be along any minute.' He left her to her imagination, shuffling papers on his desk and hoping she couldn't see the smile on his face through the scarf.

Another man? Oh god, she'd had the temerity to think she was special... and now he was going to let a stranger loose on her as if it wasn't him, Jack that made the whole thing so important to her. She began to struggle in earnest, feeling her body begin to react even more strongly now she was totally helpless. The door was opening, and through the scarf she could see one, no, two people entering...

'Here he is, Jack,' said a rich female voice. Josie froze. What was going on? The voice came from the standing figure; at her feet, it looked as if someone was kneeling.

'Excellent,' replied Jack. 'You know what I want.'

Josie could see the woman bend down and whisper something to the kneeling person. Could that be the banker? Slowly, the puzzle began to make sense... She remembered she was in a club where many more people than her were enjoying their afternoons. The banker was coming on his hands and knees towards her, stopping directly in between her splayed legs. She could see only a figure, no details; but a second later, sight was not the most important sense as she felt his hot, expert tongue begin to explore her clitoris. She screamed into the gag and writhed to get away, but she was too well bound, and he was too good to resist...

She could dimly hear Jack laughing as she crested her first orgasm. 'Enjoy,' he called out to her as he left the room with his colleague. 'I'll be back in two hours.'

Closing the door on Josie and her companion, Jack paused and leant back against the door, overcome by his thoughts. His female colleague headed off to her next client whilst her current slave earned his keep. 

He'd never reacted this badly to a client before. He'd always been able to maintain a stable distance between work and his private life, despite the nature of his work. But who was he kidding -- Josie was not an ordinary client. For the first time, he'd found someone who straddled both worlds, and it was exciting -- but unnerving. Shaking his head, he strove to put her from his thoughts as he left her to her afternoon's entertainment. From what he could hear through the door, she wasn't going to be disappointed...

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