by Sir Stephen

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Part five in a series by Sir Stephen

After a long week of waiting to be together, Wendy and Eric met on Saturday morning at Wendy's apartment to go on a hike.  Eric had spent the week shopping, and had many surprises in his truck.  It was a glorious day, and Wendy wore khaki shorts, a sport bra under a T-shirt, and no panties, while Eric showed up in jeans and a short-sleeve shirt.  Wendy explained that during the week, she had purchased a black chain bracelet, which she would put on when she felt like "playing," as a signal to Eric.  For now she kept it in her fanny pack. 

Eric drove to the east side of the Sandias, where the trails are less crowded and more shady.  Near Cole Spring, Eric knew an abandoned road from the days before much of Cibola Forest became a Wilderness Area.  Parking near the base of this overgrown jeep road, Eric donned a large backpack, while Wendy shouldered a canteen. 

As they began ascending the overgrown road on foot, Wendy remarked that they seemed to have the day to themselves.  Eric agreed, following her up the trail and watching each swing of her cheeks, which hung somewhat out of her short shorts. When they reached the top of the old road, Eric noticed that Wendy had put on her signal bracelet, and said "you know, a young Missy could get in trouble alone out here," to which Wendy replied "Oh, Sir! You wouldn't take advantage of me, would you??"  As Eric moved mock-menacingly towards her, Wendy ran away, off-trail now as the road had ended.  Eric was glad she was taking off in a southwesterly direction, because he knew she would get trapped against a drop-off in that direction, and with his heavier pack, he knew she could escape him if she really tried. 

Off to a good start, Wendy was nonetheless easy to follow as she crashed through scrub-oak and over the tumbled rocks of the Sandias, picking her way between prickly pear cactus and pinon pines.  She frequently said, "Ooh! Ooh!" as if in distress, which helped Eric to follow her despite his heavier load.  At last she headed up the proper slope and Eric knew he had her.  Past this gentle rise there was a steep drop to a streambed below, and no easy way left or right along the cliff edge!

Eric burst onto the small clearing where Wendy was puzzling over which way to go like Snide Whiplash accosting Polly Purebred, with a cartooney "a-HA, Missy! You shouldn't hike here alone, you know!" to which Wendy ludicrously replied "but Sir! I need to hike to tone my thighs and buttocks!" 
Eric threw down his backpack and leapt behind the sassy wench, telling her as he pulled her T-shirt and bra over her head "we'll just have to tone them another way then, Missy, won't we!" which elicited many an "oh NO!" and "eek!" from his half-nude companion.  Holding her from behind by the waist, Eric unzipped his backpack for the first of his new toys: a pair of leather handcuffs and a small padlock.

Eric quickly buckled the cuffs on Wendy's wrists and locked them together behind her back.  Moving around to her front, Eric kissed her fiercely and pinched both nipples, then pulled back to say "Now, Missy, let's see what you have under those shorts! Ha-HA!" Wendy replied "Oh, NO, Sir, you mustn't see me like that!" but her shorts were already halfway off, revealing her lack of underwear and the lack of sincerity in her pleas at the same time.  Eric said "Ho-HO! A slutty little Missy, aren't we, my cabbage!" as he liberated the shorts from her ankles.  Eric next sat Wendy down on a flat rock and removed her hiking shoes and ankle socks.  Wendy was now nude, but Eric had other ideas: he removed a garter belt and a pair of thigh-high fishnet hose, both in red, from his backpack and put them on her.  "Oh, thank you, Sir," said Wendy, "I surely needed something to wear!" "All the better to ravish you in, my Pretty!" said her captor. Then Eric pulled out an unusual dildo harness from his bag, minus its dildo, and strapped it on Wendy.  This harness was designed to hold a dildo in, not out, but for now it simply held tight a leather strap between Wendy's legs.

Next Eric produced his thrift-store find, a red bridesmaid dress in Wendy's size, complete with giant hip-bows and a train.  He stood her up and unlocked her cuffs from each other to get her into it.  Eric then maneuvered her between two trees right on the cliff-edge, so that Wendy faced the precipice!  Eric then found a pair of red pumps in her size, and soon Wendy was standing in four-inch heels.  Next two lengths of rope were found to tie her wrist-cuffs to each trunk so that her arms were outstretched. "Now you look like a nice, sweet Missy for me," said Eric, "but your dress needs some alterations!" "Yes, Sir, thank you Sir!" said Wendy, obviously acquiescing somewhat to her ravisher and enjoying the anachronism of her finery in these rustic surroundings. 

Eric found a pair of blunt-nosed scissors and cut a rectangular patch from the posterior of Wendy's dress.  Her buttcheeks appeared as if leaning out a window towards Eric!  Then Eric cut circles from the dress to reveal Wendy's nipples, which revealed themselves like eyes looking out through a drape.  Eric pinched one and sucked and bit the other, moving his head back and forth and spanking her exposed posterior while Wendy moaned "Ooh, Sir!" and "Ow!"  Eric fished a pair of nipple clamps out and put them on Wendy just hard enough to keep them firmly attached.  For his last use of the scissors, Eric created a triangular patch exposing Wendy's pussy to the light of day.

Eric put a disposable latex glove on his right hand and accessed a small, finger-like buttplug and a bit of non-petroleum lube.  He then lubed and inserted first just his little finger, then, slowly, one by one, each of his latex-covered fingers into her tight anus, until finally his thumb was inside her.  Eric played with her digitally for a while, before he stripped off the glove and put a non-lubricated condom on the buttplug, then slowly inserted it into Wendy's posterior while also attaching it to the dildo harness.  There! Now Eric pulled out a battery-powered vibrator of the kind intended for vaginal insertion and stuck it between the dildo harness and the buttplug so that it would agitate the plug.  Turning it on high, he went back to his backpack for some small items.  Eric rouged Wendy's nipples and face, and applied some bright red lipstick to her mouth.  Then he put on a fresh latex glove, took a tube of red washable finger-paint and drew large bulls-eyes on her rear to match her dress! "Now waggle your ass for me, Missy, real slow and in big circles" said Eric, and moved behind her again, so hard at this point that his cock was uncomfortable in his pants and shorts.  Wendy moved her ass slowly from side to side, looking out across the small gorge at the rocks and trees, feeling all made up and fancy and yet also feeling a breeze on her pussy, and on her reddened nipples and rear!

Eric pulled out a cat of nine-tails and began trying to hit the two bulls-eyes as Wendy moved them circularly. If Wendy stopped waggling, however, Eric immediately whipped her much harder to remind her to keep moving.  Eric merely wanted to create and maintain a nice glow on Wendy's ass, which he was doing nicely, while improving his aim at the same time.  Wendy's red dress, red bulls-eyes, and red derriere, however, began to drive him crazy! 

Eric had lost that patience which tops need to frustrate their bottoms with.  His cock was extremely uncomfortable in his shorts, so Eric stripped from the waist down and put on a condom.  "Beg me to fuck you, Missy!" he said, and immediately heard a torrent of pleas from Wendy's ruddy mouth, such as  "Oh, Sir, please fuck me!  I went hiking without panties on because I'm a naughty girl and I think about sex all the time! Please, Sir, fuck me with your hard beautiful big cock or I'll die of horniness!" "Very well, then, my little Naughty Girl, as you call yourself, stop waggling for a bit and you shall get what you need!" said Eric, who, removing the vibrator from her buttplug, made room for himself to push slowly inside of her from behind. Now with each thrust he not only penetrated her pussy, but also pushed the buttplug in further with his pelvic bone.  Meanwhile, Eric used both hands to finger Wendy's clitoris

Wendy was getting synchronously double penetrated! She managed to say things like "Oh, thank you, kind Sir, for tying me up and fucking me! I'm just your slutty little Naughty Girl and I'm so glad you caught me!" and so on before she got too out of breath and lost the ability to form sentences and words. She looked out across the gully at the foliage swaying in the wind and imagined someone watching her predicament from hiding places.  A combination of pride and humiliation washed over her like a warm rain.  Was she embarrassed at her pride or proud of her embarrassment?  Her whole body blushed! What had she gotten into?  How wonderful it would be to have someone really watching her debasement! It would seem much more real, she thought.

Wendy's dreams of an imaginary audience combined with her nipple clamps, double penetration, and clitoral manipulation to drive her over an inner cliff towards a huge orgasm, which in turn forced Eric on towards his own climax.  When Wendy came both she and Eric cried out, she in loud vowels and he in grunted consonants, which perhaps when added together might have said some secret word, but which separately sounded as though each were in great pain.

Eric took Wendy repeatedly on the cliff-edge, and only his litter of used rubbers kept count of how often.  In the afterglow, Wendy explained how there amphitheater-like setting, had inspired her to fantasize about an audience for their encounter.  "Could you find someone else for us to play with?" she asked, initiating a series of events neither could predict.  Eric readily agreed to the concept, without, however, any idea of how to find such people.  He was thinking in terms of asking other men when Wendy suggested that Eric and a lesbian top might be the best thing for her!

Wendy had long imagined sex with another woman, but had never taken even the first steps towards such a relationship.  She had never even kissed another woman, but had fantasized being forced to lick pussy.  She had fingered herself and sucked the juices, imagining that she tasted someone else's pussy juice instead of her own.  She explained that she wanted Eric with her for her first lesbian experience, in part out of nervousness, and in part because she felt she was mostly straight.  To Eric, the idea of tying Wendy up so that she had to eat pussy while he whipped her behind was intensely appealing, and he hoped that soon he and a lesbian would be team-topping his naughty, Naughty Girl. 

Since she had given him an assignment, Eric decided to give Wendy one as well.  "While I'm getting you another top, I want you to write poems that beg for sex.  Some that beg me to fuck you, others that beg me to let you suck my cock, and still others that beg your Mistress to let you eat her pussy."  "Wendy said "Yes Master," and gave Eric a long, sweet kiss in the woods.

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