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 Part Six in a series by Sir Stephen

While Wendy was at home writing self-humiliating poetry at her Master's orders, Eric worked on finding a lesbian to help him top her.  Visiting several of Albuquerque's hipper stores, Eric noticed a local magazine called Kink.

Answering one of Kink’s personal ads, Eric found himself explaining his situation to a young, butch-but-beautiful lesbian named Kim.  Part Asian, part European, part butch, and all woman, Kim was experienced as a top and interested in helping a bottom with her first lesbian experience – a bottom she knew at this point only as "Naughty Girl." 

Kim had lots of experience in “the scene” as both a bottom and a top, but her sessions has always been with other women – up to ten in one case. Nonetheless, Eric's summary of Naughty Girl's fetish experiences so far made Kim rather hot, and she could hardly wait to "team-top" this "Naughty Girl" with Eric.  Perhaps Naughty Girl would even bottom alone to Kim later!

Thus it was that, one evening at Eric's apartment, Wendy wore a super-sheer white babydoll dress with pink trim, pink thigh-highs, pink underwire bra, a pink garter-belt, and pink pumps as she served dinner to Eric and Kim. Eric wore black leather pants and a white, half-open silk shirt with black dress shoes, while Kim was in black leather chaps, denim shorts, a leather vest, and boots. Kim seemed to have a bulge in her shorts where a man’s cock would be.  When Wendy sat down to dinner, she lifted up the hem of her dress so that she was sitting bare-bottomed on her chair, except for the straps of her garter-belt. 

After spinach pasta with stir-fried shrimp, our trio was better acquainted and ready to discuss playing.  Wendy attempted to explain her enthusiasm for being a bottom:

"I'm really an assertive person in general.  In my work, and in my previous relationships, I've usually been the dominant one.  I've always had the fantasy of having someone turn the tables on me, but I never let it happen until I met Eric, my Master."

"How was your sex life before meeting your Master?" asked Kim.

"Terrible," Wendy replied.  "I would be like two people in bed.  One would be eager to have sex and ready to have an orgasm, while the other would say 'you don't deserve this pleasure' and distract me from what was happening.  Eventually, it would be as if I had left the room, leaving my body behind with my lover, who then had no chance of making me come, but kept trying...." 

"I do something similar when I'm making love and trying not to come too soon," said Eric, "Only I keep returning to what's happening or I know I'll lose my hardon." 
"So you mentally leave and return frequently?" asked Wendy.  "I can't seem to find my way back once I leave."
"When I need to postpone an orgasm, I usually shut my eyes or look at the ceiling," Eric explained.  "Then, in about a minute when I feel more calm, I look at my lover and get more worked up again.  If I can, I just repeat the process until she comes." 

"In the sex I'm used to," Kim offered, "that never happens.  When I fuck someone, there's no question of anyone coming too soon; we both come as often and as early as we like!" Eric gave the explanation that "That's because your dick *never* gets soft, Kim," with which both she and Wendy had to agree, laughing. Wendy, however, was still somewhat puzzled by Eric’s comment. Her laughter had been like a child’s who overhears a joke and doesn’t want to seem too young to get it. 

Picking up the discussion, Wendy said, "When Eric tops me, the bondage I'm in is a constant physical sensation that keeps me here and now.  Then, the humiliation he gives me silences my 'I'm not good enough for this' voice by taking me down in advance.  Finally, in his role as Master, Eric doesn't appear to care much whether I climax or not, and that shifts the responsibility for my orgasm back to me where it belongs.  And because I've been pent-up so long I've been having really *big* orgasms!  So please *do* humiliate, use, and abuse me.  I need it. I haven’t reached any limits in that regard so far."

"I think that can be arranged," said Eric.  "I have an idea based on how you two dressed for this evening.  Look, -- we're all adults, and we're not related to each other.  How would you two feel about a little play-acting where Wendy is a naughty schoolgirl, I'm her teacher, and Kim is her Daddy?"  Both women were delighted with the possibilities this ‘age-play’ scenario promised, and Wendy was sent off to prepare for her session.

Wendy returned from the restroom to hear Kim and Eric, now both seated in the living room, discussing her alleged outrageous behavior at school.  "Yes, Mr. Suckitdeep, " said Eric, "your daughter Beanie has been *very* naughty at school." 
"Please continue, Mr. Bottom Whacker," said Kim, "I'm afraid that as a widower, I haven't been the best of parents."
"Well, Mr. Suckitdeep, Beanie comes to class with no panties on, as I see she is right now, and she plays with herself during class so much that a big puddle forms on the floor all around her seat. This has become a health hazard, as it makes the other students slip and fall when walking past her desk."

"How nice," said Kim, in the role of Mr. Suckitdeep, "I was afraid she was frigid!" 
"No, Mr. Suckitdeep, Beanie also gives head to most of the class between periods!" 
"But you teach Poetry, don’t you, Mr. Whacker" offered Kim, "Aren't the other members of your class mostly young women as well?" 
"That's just it, Mr. Suckitdeep, Beanie here likes to kneel with her head between their legs until they make puddles too! I've come to class and found Beanie kneeling before almost every one of them by now!"

"And has Beanie done anything else, Mr. Whacker?" asked Mr. Suckitdeep. 
"Yes, at lunch time she steals pickles from the other students and eats them slowly after sticking them up both herself and as many of the other young girls as she can involve in this practice!"

"How interesting, Mr. Whacker!" exclaimed Kim.  "And what do you have to say for yourself, Miss Beanie Suckitdeep?"  "I'm sorry, Daddy," said Wendy, amazed at the mess her persona was in, "I was just trying to learn things — isn't that what I go to school for?"
"Well," said Kim, "but this is poetry class -- have you written any poetry for Mr. Whacker and me?" 
"Oh, yes, Daddy, may I recite some please?"  To this proposal Kim and Eric could only assent, of course, at which point they were treated to the following:

I shoved a pickle up my ass so deep,
     Tied myself with rope, and went to sleep.
     I dreamed a dream that I wish was true:
     I dreamed that, Daddy, I was sucking you. 
     I know that I am too young to fuck,
     But, I know, Dad, that I could suck –
    I have a mouth that is young and wet,
    And with your cum, I’d be wetter yet. 
    Now, I know, Daddy, that your cock
    Is as hard as an igneous rock –
   I know it’s long and I know it’s wide,
   Daddy please put your cock inside.
   My mouth seems empty with only air
  And my own tongue inside it there. 
  I have a mouth that I would devote,
  To any cock that could ram my throat. 

Eric and Kim were laughing outright at this, but Kim managed to say sternly "Now, you know, Beanie, I haven't had a hardon in ten long dreary years, since your dear beautiful one-legged mother died." To which Wendy replied, doggedly,

      Daddy, I have waited long
      Enough – I need to suck your dong--
      I need something hard and thick -- 
      Daddy, make me suck your dick!
      I have tried, but it's no use!
      I can't live without your juice!
      Strap a dildo up my bum 
      And make me suck until you come!

"Mr. Suckitdeep," began Eric, amusedly, "perhaps our little Beanie *does* need a little instruction in how to do this thing she asks." 
"Well yes," said Kim, "you have a point there, Mr. Whacker.  But Beanie has clearly been naughty, so why don't we each spank her while she sucks the other off?"  To this the highly dedicated Mr. Whacker agreed readily, observing that he "could always grade papers another time" and that "no amount of attention is too much for my students!" 

Wendy was instructed to kneel first before Mr. Suckitdeep, and her hands were bound in front of her with leather handcuffs so that they could assist in her efforts, as well as in keeping her balance.  At Beanie's poetic request, a dildo was indeed strapped firmly into her bottom.  Beanie was told to interrupt herself periodically with a short rhyme saying how happy she was to be sucking Daddy's cock. 

Kim ordered Wendy to undo Daddy's belt and fly using only her mouth.  “Beanie” approached “Daddy’s” pelvis with increasing curiosity about the bulge in Kim’s jeans.  Wendy proved herself proficient at unzipping the fly, and soon the button at the top was also undone.  This action revealed a firm black latex strapon aiming skyward as if it disdained the planet.

Handing Beanie a non-lubricated condom, Daddy ordered her to put it on his cock "nice and smooth," using again only her mouth – a task which, the first time, proved too difficult for Beanie, earning her six good swats from Mr. Whacker, ever ready to help with her instruction.  At last the condom was on perfectly.  "Suck on this, little Beanie-girl, suck it good," said Mr. Suckitdeep.

Wendy began with light kisses on Daddy's shaft, but soon realized that firmer strokes would be in order in this situation.  Grasping the stem with both hands, Beanie performed some sweet butterfly licks under the head and moved in position to take it in earnest.  Mr. Whacker kept up a light spanking to keep Beanies' bottom warm.  Coordinating her mouth and hands, Wendy realized she was putting firm pressure right on Kim's mound, and began to get the idea that this was no "symbolic" blow job, as she had thought!

       When I sucked the whole schoolyard,
        Daddy, no one was this hard,
        No one was so long and thick –
        Daddy, I *adore* your dick! 

She said, returning to the task she had firmly in hand.  Deep-throating Kim's dildo almost made Wendy gag, until she found it was really good practice for deep-throating in general, being nigh-invulnerable to the occasional roughness which threatens the success of such an effort.  Kim looked down at Wendy's beautiful face, bobbing up and down like a buoy at sea in rough water.  The sight made her even hotter, but she closed her eyes as Wendy's efforts began to pay off.  Daddy began to grab Beanies hair roughly, and to control her tempo by force. 

Pulling away to catch her breath, Beanie offered a poem by way of apology for the interruption:

       Daddy, cum all over me. 
      I will drink you thirstily –
      You don’t need to hold it back,
      I’m a blowjob maniac!
      Tense your thighs and arch your back, 
     Teacher will give me a whack,
     And you can climax as you wish. 
     Look: I’ll give my butt a swish,
     Let my pussy-juice go south, 
     And take your cock inside my mouth! 

Kim and Eric both laughed at this, and as Wendy returned to her task, Beanie must have done something very right, because Kim soon shut her eyes in a hard, strong climax, during the peak of which she pulled away from Wendy, rolled over onto her side on the couch, and quivered silently for at least half a minute.  As Eric went to get something to drink for both of the women, Wendy leaned back on her haunches, and licked her lips, pleased that she had satisfied Mr. Suckitdeep, but still hoping to taste both Eric and Kim. 

Kim recovered from her quivering and gladly accepted the lemonade from Mr. Whacker as he returned from the kitchen.  Drinking it down, Kim proposed something new:

“Mr. Whacker,” since there is so much fluid all over your classroom, I wonder whether you yourself could use some instruction in the fine arts of sucking my cock.”  Eric fairly gasped, and fell completely out of character for a moment – “What?” he said.  “Yeah,” continued Mr. Suckitdeep, “I just wondered whether you’d like to do exactly what Beanie here just did.”  “Well it hadn’t occurred to me,” said Eric, suddenly aware of both Wendy and Kim watching his reactions.  “I mean – well, I guess if you want me to.” 

This was the best Eric could offer.  Kim found some rope laying around and asked Eric to “please strip to your underwear, Mr. Whacker.”  Eric did this somewhat thoughtfully, still unsure of how to transition from top to bottom.  “Now, turn around,” said Mr. Suckitdeep.  When Eric did, he soon found his wrists expertly tied behind him, wrist to wrist.  Kim took a three-foot section, found its endpoints, pulled them around his wrists, and then wrapped them a few times before threading the ends through the middle and tying them off tightly.  “Now, Mr. Whacker, please kneel where Beanie was a moment ago.”

Eric complied, and soon found himself facing a large, very wet dildo.  “I feel greedy today,” said Mr. Suckitdeep, “and I want seconds!”  Eric gulped, and went down on Kim’s dildo.  “Beanie,” said Mr. Suckitdeep, grab that paddle and whack him from time to time!”  Wendy’s hands were still fastened in front, but she was able to kneel beside Eric in a good position to redden his bottom.  Soon, what had been unimaginably humiliating became just another cool sex act with a woman – make that two women, as Eric got into a rhythm and began applying steady pressure, as Wendy had, to Kim’s Venus mons.  Kim got horny faster than the had the first time, and before you could say “Suckitdeep” she was starting to pant furiously.  “Whack…him…Beanie…” she said between gasps, and as Wendy complied Kim started again to convulse, pushing Eric away even as she had pushed Wendy away at the last second, and folding up into a fetal position she held herself as she rocked and rocked and rocked, her orgasm seeming to take hold of her like a blow-up doll, squeezing her everywhere tightly but with no way for the air to get out.  Eric and Wendy shared a look that deepened their relationship unpredictably. 

Eric had been afraid, when Kim asked him to do this, that it would distance him from his “Naughty Girl.”  But Wendy’s eyes were overflowing with appreciation, and Eric knew that now that he had shared this act with her they were closer than ever.  “Thank you,” said Wendy’s eyes, but she didn’t need to say it with words.  Soon, Eric and Wendy were kissing, his hands tied behind, but hers tied in front so that she could caress his penis through his underwear as their tongues found each other like two rare snakes – both in heat and the last of their exotic species. 

Kim pulled herself together to find Eric and Kim in this semi-embrace.  “That’s enough of that,” she said, “let’s get rid of this underwear, Mr. Whacker.”  Kim undressed Eric and continued, “Beanie would like an A in poetry, Mr. Whacker.  Now, if you will lie down on your back, I think we can position her so as to prove her skills, if she hasn’t already.” 

Kim arranged Wendy and Eric in a perfect 69 with her on top.  She spread Eric’s feet and tied them to the feet of his couch, spreading them for Wendy’s ministrations.  Then she opened her own bag of goodies and got out some belts, which went around both their waists and buckled tight.  She added a pair of blindfolds, and made sure that Wendy’s dripping pussy was nestled against Eric’s mouth.  With a good-bye spank on Wendy’s bottom, Kim said “I’m gonna go to the gay bar and pick me up a nice submissive girl.  I’ll see you both in a couple of hours!” 

Taking Eric’s keys from his discarded pants, Kim left the two in double bondage, eagerly drinking each other’s genitals.  As Kim drove off, a starry night and an open road welcomed her.  She turned on the radio and heard the Indigo Girls singing “Secure Yourself.”

End of Wendy #6

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