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Part Four in a series by Sir Stephen

After they made love, Eric untied Wendy once again to allow her to prepare for bed, as both of them were tired.  He retied her for sleep, though, with her wrists crossed at her navel and attached to a rope belt, and with her ankles and knees secured as well.  Two strands went between her legs and cheeks to attach to this belt snugly.  Wendy would be comfortable, horny, and secure.  "Now if you have to get up, go ahead and wake me, but expect a good spanking if you do!" said Eric.  Then he placed his underwear over her head with its crotch over her nose and rolled over to drift off to sleep beside her.  Naturally, it took Wendy longer to go to sleep, as her bondage and the smell of his shorts were keeping her aroused.  Were we to inquire into their dreams, we would find Wendy in her dream serving not just Eric, but a group of men and one mysterious woman in black leather chaps, while in his dream, Eric saw himself with Wendy in an outdoor setting, where strangely enough Wendy was wearing a fancy pink prom dress!

In the morning, Eric untied Wendy and soothed her wrists, which had chafed a little during the night.  After a toast and tea breakfast, our couple separated to go on with their "normal" lives for the day.  Indeed, they regretted the fact that they had no opportunity to get together again until the next weekend, a fact which, however, gave each plenty of time to prepare for more fun.

Eric ordered a pair of black leather pants from a leather attire company in Chicago, and began pricing leather bondage gear at two local S&M stores.  Eric also started to frequent thrift stores, looking for fancy lingerie and prom dresses in Wendy's sizes.  He also visited several hardware stores, obtaining ropes, blunt scissors, 1-&-1/2-inch metal rings, double snap connectors, pulleys, two thick wooden dowels, a package of screws with rings instead of heads, and plastic and wooden clothespins in various colors including pink. From a department store Eric obtained the largest back-massage vibrator they had in stock.  From a toy store he got a toy gunbelt with two toy guns and several sizes of rubber and plastic balls, of the kind that do not have a painted coating that could come off, and from a pornography store he obtained a black latex dildo, a butt-plug, and a battery-operated insertable vibrator.  From a medical supply store Eric purchased two pinwheel anaesthesiometers, some white bandage tape that would remove easily, and a speculum.  From a tack shop, Eric obtained several riding crops and a British "bat" or slapper.  When Eric returned to one of the S&M stores and obtained leather handcuffs, he felt armed for bear!

For her part, Wendy realized that the task of improving her sexual responsiveness had to begin with her.  In accord with this feeling, but on a less rational level, Wendy developed an inordinate and -- for her -- unprecedented desire to masturbate.  Wendy began taking breaks at work to finger herself in the bathroom, sometimes coming close to orgasm before having to straighten her hair, calm her breathing, and go back to work.  At night, with more time to try, Wendy determined to tie herself up partially, and discovered she could become almost helpless with a little honest effort. 

Wendy planned a hog-tie in the middle of her bed, and began by placing a sharp knife on the floor where she could not reach it without tumbling awkwardly out of bed, thus providing herself a fail-safe way out of her planned tie.  In order to assist her Houdini efforts, Wendy also filed down the nails on her right thumb and index finger. 

Wendy began by copying the way Eric had left her when they slept together, beginning with the waist belt and two strands of crotch ropes, which she actually tied tighter than Eric had!  It was easy then to do her ankles and knees, using the same techniques Eric had, but she wanted her hands tied as well. 

Wendy took two short lengths and separately tied one to each of her wrists.  She now had rope bracelets with about a foot of extra rope dangling from each wrist.  Maneuvering herself onto the middle of her bed, Wendy tied one more length to her ankles and rolled onto her belly.  Pulling her feet up as high as she could towards her beautiful rear, Wendy was able to grab onto the rope from her ankles and thread it through her left wrist cuff with her right hand.  It was relatively easy to tie this rope off, leaving her right hand frustratingly free but her left hand secured quite close to her ankles.  Using both hands, Wendy then managed to tie a square knot between the two ends her wrists were dangling!  Tugging hard as she could on this square knot, she tightened it and felt herself in self-bondage for the first time!

Lying on her stomach, Wendy felt her weight settle on her breasts and Mons Veneris.  Her hands could cup her ass cheeks, but could not reach her pussy.  They could, however, reach her crotch rope, which they curled their fingers around eagerly.  By squirming against the mattress and pulling with both hands on her rope, Wendy could stimulate herself gradually towards an orgasm.  She wished now that she had gagged herself, but realized that in self-bondage that was probably unwise. Wendy released the crotch rope now and then to pinch her own asscheecks as low and as hard as she could.  Someone watching would have seen how long this process took, but for Wendy time was arrested while she was in bondage, with or without Eric.  She moved her hips in a little circle and kept pinching herself and pulling on the crotchropes until she was quite close to an orgasm.  Here, however, she felt stuck!  Wendy heard the phone ring and, after her answering machine picked it up, she heard Eric's voice leaving a message she could not quite hear from her bedroom.  If only he were here to finish her off!  But he wasn't.

The ropes were now wet between her legs, and had slid somewhat to the right of her clit.  Wendy strained her hips to move herself to the right while holding the rope central with her bound hands.  At last, the pair of strands passed on each side of her clitoris, as they had at first, and Wendy could switch to a slow forward and back motion, as if she were riding a horse on her belly.  This caused friction on both sides of her clitoral head and kept her inner and outer labia spread wide against the mattress.  Wendy started to moan, because she had been tied up now for nearly an hour, and had been horny all day with no relief.  Her breathing became a musical alternation between gasping inhales and moaning exhales.  Wendy no longer knew whether she was alone or with Eric -- there was only her bondage and her clitoris, now fully erect and pinioned between the two ropes.  It was no longer a question of making herself come -- there was nothing else to do but rub herself against the mattress and ropes until something happened to release her first from her desire, and only then from her bondage.

Wendy felt the orgasm coming this time from inside herself, as if the G-spot above and behind her clitoris were being stimulated as well.  A surprising drench of vaginal fluids poured onto her sheets as she increased her thrashing motion and started rolling just a little from side to side.  Wendy started screaming as her climax came, not in words, but in a language older than her own species, the language the Book of Love is written in.   "Oooaahh"  and "Unh" were uttered, along with many more arcane terms that would nonetheless have been understandable to anyone who might have heard.  Wendy kept thrashing against her bondage for several minutes after she climaxed, her face and breasts soaked with her exertion.  Wendy went limp, and relaxed so completely for a while that it seemed she had fallen asleep.  Some half-hearted motions toward another orgasm were abandoned due to her lack of energy.  Wendy had completely exhausted her vaginal (pubococcygeous) muscles, whose regular exercise is the best physical method for increasing orgasmic potential in women.

Wendy had topped herself, and was now ready for her Houdini trick.  Luckily, one of the few things not soaking wet was the square knot Wendy had used to join her wrists.  Wendy felt for the proper place to tug and was determined not to have to roll onto the floor for the knife.  After five minutes of constant effort, the knot began to give, and soon Wendy was ready for a bubble bath and bed.  Soaking in her tub, Wendy rubbed the rope marks from her body and eased herself closer towards an evening of happy dreams.

She returned Eric's call just before turning in, and was pleased to tell him about her adventure, causing Eric to get so excited that he, too, had to masturbate before going to bed, and to more dreams of bondage. 

End of Wendy #4

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