Weekend at Bettie's

by Kevin Quinn

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Part 6: Tie Your Mother Down

When I focused on the scene to the side, I was stunned. Bettie had changed into a tiny black fetish outfit that was little more than a bunch of straps and mesh that encircled her torso and exposed her breasts and pussy. She had also changed into a short red wig, knee-high platform boots, and an ornate lace face mask. A leather belt held a riding crop clipped onto one side and some kind of leather holster on the other. The transformation from a vintage submissive of the 60's to a 21st Century Dominatrix was breathtaking.

And Page… I double-checked the eyes, it was her. Her head was encased in a thin black ski mask with cut-outs for her eyes and mouth. She was clad in a tight, form-fitting black leotard that covered everything from neck to ankles except her bare hands and feet. No bra, no panties. She was standing under a three-foot horizontal bar suspended from the ceiling, her hands cuffed to its ends. Her legs were held apart with a spreader bar, her toes barely touching the ground.

Bettie was now taller than Page, with her platform shoes -- and Page's wide stance -- giving her a couple of inches over her friend/captive. My disguised girlfriend menacingly tapped her riding crop in her left hand and explained the scenario, as if to an audience, in character. Her accent was an odd mix of German, Russian and French.

I wasn't going to complain to the Actor's Union.

"I am the Baroness von Sade. These two worthless thieves, this man and this woman, broke into my palace to steal from me, but my guards, Lady A and Lady R, caught them in the act and restrained them. As a reward, the Ladies will have their way with the man while I punish the bitch. He can watch, knowing his turn will come soon." She towered over me and used her crop to tap my cock and balls. "Speaking of coming soon, I suggest that you do not. My Ladies like their men erect for as long as possible."

She turned her attention back to the captured cat-burglar while Ashley rolled my chair up to Renee, to put my face in her crotch. Ashley squeezed my balls and told me to start licking, which I did, with gusto. Renee wrapped her legs around my head, trapping me there.

The women had arranged the scene so that both Renee and I could watch the action out to our side, but the teen's attention was soon mostly focused on watching my eyes and face as I did my best impression of a cunning linguist.

Meanwhile, Bettie and Ashley cut and ripped the fabric away from the burglar's top half, leaving her arms covered, her back bare, and only scraps of material remaining on her front torso. (Page had always believed that, in capture scenarios, torn rags on the victim made the scene even sexier than complete nudity would have.)

Bettie then started whipping Page's back with a multi-tailed leather flogger. From past experience, I could tell Bettie wasn't inflicting serious pain; she didn't have the arm strength or the sadistic nature for real damage, and the tails of the whip were fairly wide and soft. Still, they played the scene as if it were brutal torture, and you know, blows are blows. Page grunted and moaned as the whip landed with a thud time after time, sometimes on the same spot, and sometimes on a different one

"The Baroness" ordered "Lady A" to cut away the remaining scraps of material from their victim's front during a pause in the beating. Then Ashley took up another flogger and started to whip Page's chest and stomach. The two women alternated the strokes, back and front, taking turns inflicting punishment for the "thief's" crime.

The room was warm and lit almost entirely by the fireplace glow. The three women started to glisten beautifully from their exertions in the dim light. Like Bettie, Ashley did not hit super-hard, and this was a role play with Page's identity obscured, but, damn girl, this was her own mother she was whipping! This was definitely a freaky family.

Bettie reared back and gave Page one final hard smack with the whip, eliciting a grunt from the bound woman. Bettie then switched sides with Ashley, who slipped a black vinyl glove with metal cat claws on the tips of her fingers. She then ran those fingernails down her mother's tender skin there, making her victim writhe.

Meanwhile, Bettie took safety scissors and cut away the material around Page's crotch. She stuck her fingers in her captive's mouth to get them wet and transferred that moisture to Page's pussy. "Oooh, already wet and ready for me," purred 'The Baroness', as she fingered the helpless cat-burglar, along with biting her nipples and kissing her mouth. Page's juices were running down her leg as she trembled and squirmed in her spread-eagle bondage.

Bettie then drew a vibrating dildo from her holster and slowly pumped it in and out of Page's pussy. Three times, the thief started to reach a climax, but the sadistic Domme stopped the stimulation and her poor victim could only experience the start of a mini-orgasm, letting out a guttural wail in frustration each time.

Meanwhile, Ashley had ceased her torment of her mother and had come over to hold her sister's hand. At this point, Renee achieved a full-blown shuddering orgasm of her own, thanks to my oral efforts, aided perhaps by the erotic sights and sounds occurring a few feet away.

As Renee wound down from her high, she and Ashley shared a tender sisterly moment by touching foreheads. They looked at each other and then gazed at me, with my face still between Renee's thighs. They each licked their lips sensually, moved their faces close, and I thought for a moment the sisters were going to kiss each other hard, tongue and all. They giggled and settled for a peck on the lips.

Cock teasers.

'The Baroness' then called for a change of positions. They unshackled Page from her standing restraints and placed her on her back on the low bench, now in front of me. Her head hanging over one edge, and her exposed pussy hanging over the opposite side. Her wrist-cuffs were secured under the bench and her ankles clipped wide to the sides of the overhead sex swing still occupied by Renee.

Ashley spread my bound legs wider apart on the chair, so my crotch was totally accessible. Meanwhile, Bettie got a two-sided gag out that had a small dildo to fit in my mouth and a larger one sticking out in front. She dipped the smaller one into the same aphrodisiac that Page had given me earlier in the evening, and then slipped it into my mouth. She bucked the gag tightly behind my head.

"I am sure your tongue must be getting very tired," she said in that vaguely European accent. "This will let you pleasure Lady R in the manner to which she has become accustomed." She guided the plastic penis into Renee's pussy, telling me to not move until she gave the command.

Ashley slid the bench a few inches closer to me so Page's upside-down face was directly in my genitals, telling Page not to do anything until instructed. She also placed a cock ring at the base of my penis. Meanwhile, Bettie had slipped a very large strap-on dildo on her crotch and stepped up to Page's exposed pussy.

'The Baroness' then exclaimed, "We are ready. I will fuck this worthless woman thief until she goes insane or drops dead. You, man-slut; you will bring Lady R to another orgasm, or we will string you up and whip you to death. If you come into the woman-slut's mouth without permission, we will whip you to death. If you lose your erection, we will whip you to death. Begin!"

Ashley guided my cock down into her mother's mouth and Page began licking and sucking it, getting me hard. Renee reached down and activated the vibrating unit on the dildo inside her. Bettie entered Page's pussy and began thrusting; with every push forward, my cock was forced down into her throat. Page took it like a champ; deep-throating was a skill she had mastered long ago.

Ashley, with no cock to suck or stick inside her, took the vibrating penis Bettie had used on Page and, standing beside me, masturbated, pushing it deep inside with one hand. With her free hand, which still had the cat-scratch glove on, she proceeded to scratch my nipples. "Keep sucking, slut," she commanded Page. "Keep pumping my sister," she ordered me.

The second dose of aphrodisiac was making me a bit delirious but also super-horny; it was definitely getting me hard, and the cock-ring was keeping it so. Like earlier in the evening, the next few minutes were a little disjointed.

I seem to remember Ashley orgasming as she lightly raked both my chest and her mother's nipples with the cat-glove. I think I recall Renee orgasming as she fingered her nipples and clit while I pumped inside her. I definitely remember Page cumming hard and dropping my cock from her mouth as she screamed and writhed and rocked the bench in front of me. As we took a brief pause, I realized that neither Bettie nor I had cum yet in this session.

The ladies had plans for that, as well.


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