Weekend at Bettie's

by Kevin Quinn

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© Copyright 2022 - Kevin Quinn - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/m; mpov; bond; cuffs; oral; bedtie; tease; mittens; sex; naked; roleplay; lingerie; spreadeagle; incest; cons; rom; X

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Part 7: This Masquerade

“Since Kevin and I are the only man and woman here who are actually allowed sexual intercourse, I think we need to show you young ladies how it’s done. Close up and personal. Your mother can watch.”

(We had collectively decided the previous night that the twin teens would remain virgins -- technically and vaginally -- and I would not be fucking Page – at least for now.)

After whipping and pegging Page to an orgasm, Bettie had taken off her mask and strap-on, dropped “The Baroness” persona for a time, and was addressing Ashley and Renee. Neither Bettie nor I had cum during the previous fantasy scene. She wanted to get her rocks off, as did I.

Page was released from her horizontal bondage on the bench and was re-restrained vertically, at the foot of the giant, designed-for-sex-and-bondage bed in her own basement playroom. Her wrist and ankle cuffs were attached to the tops and bottoms of the posts and she was facing into the bed, spread-eagle, so she could witness all the upcoming action on the mattress.

Page was still wearing her thin black ski mask and the tattered remains of the tight black leotards she had worn as the “cat burglar.” Ashley and Renee were still in their silky baby-doll nighties they had donned in the bathroom, but both had discarded the matching panties long ago.

I was released from the chair, but with my hands still locked in bondage mittens, I was a pretty damn “helpless” captive. Bettie and the young ladies then tied me face-up on the bed; my arms straight up to the headboard and my legs straight down to the baseboard. I was stretched out pretty tightly.

Bettie put on her ornate mask and became “The Baroness” again, and the girls slipped on their smaller masks and became Lady A and Lady R. I figured Page’s fondness for role-play must have rubbed off of the three. Or Page had pre-planned a lot of this stuff, and they were going by a scenario outline. Or both.

Bettie slipped into her faux-European accent. “I will call you ‘Hole,’ she said to Page. And to me; “I will call you ‘Meat,’ for that is all you two are to me and my Ladies.”

“The Meat will be whipped and punished for his role in the crime of breaking into my palace. But first, he will satisfy my urges. And the urges of my Ladies.” To the twins, she instructed, “Warm him up for me.”

With that, the girls climbed onto either side of me and continued the double-team teasing they had started in the bathroom. They switched off between my cock and my balls, tonguing, licking and sucking them with glee. Very soon I was rock hard again, courtesy of their work and the aphrodisiac they gave me earlier.

And then, the Baroness climbed on top of me and, facing me, slid down onto my penis with a guttural sigh. “What is this position called, Hole?” she called out to Page. “That is the classic Cowgirl position,” the strung-up woman replied. The kneeling Baroness rocked her hips over my groin, her hands on my chest. She looked sexy as hell, and her pussy felt like heaven.

Then she reached up towards the canopy and grabbed a ring hanging from it. She pulled herself off me, put her feet under her and lowered herself onto me. Renee helped guide my cock deep inside her.

“And this position, Hole?” she asked over her shoulder.

“The Squatting Cowgirl” the captive moaned, her hips gyrating, her nipples hard, obviously wishing to be in the Baroness’s place.

“This is not a position I can maintain for very long,” said my girlfriend to the young twins. “It requires a great deal of leg strength. But you, with all your athletic training and stamina, will thrill your future boyfriends with this move. Provided they are not afraid of being dominated.”

She pulled herself off me and told Lady A to sit on my face, which of course, she did promptly. The Baroness told Lady R to start whipping the Hole’s back with the flogger she and Ashley had used earlier. Renee put a little more arm strength into her swings than the other two women had. She was clearly the more aggressive, the more dominant of the two girls.

While I was eating Ashley and Renee was whipping her mother, Bettie was digging into Page’s sex closet. She came out carrying a three-foot long rod with a huge black dildo mounted on one end. Ashley moved off of my face long enough so that I could watch the action at the foot of the bed.

“You want a cock so bad, Hole,” she snarled as she waved it in the face of the eagle-spread woman. “Then you shall have one. The only question is, does this go in your worthless cunt? Or in your fucking ass?”

“Oh, please, Baroness,” the captive cried out. “Please, in my cunt. I could never take anything that big in my ass. It would tear me apart. Please, please.”

I think she was genuinely pleading, as that was a sizable, realistic dildo with balls, maybe half again longer and thicker than mine. (And mine is pretty decent. Particularly under the spell of these four ladies.) And certainly, bigger than the one she was pegged with earlier.

“Then into your cunt it shall go, Hole. But be warned, if you fail to respond as I wish or displease me in any way, it goes up your fucking asshole next.”

With Lady R’s help, she lubed up the dildo and placed it under the Hole’s crotch. The prisoner gasped as they then extended a telescoping mechanism in the rod so that it slid deep into the helpless woman’s pussy. They locked the stick in place and propped the end on the ground. The “Hole” was fully impaled and had no way to dislodge it.

The other three women all paused and watched the prisoner settle down onto the fake cock, her face softening in the pleasure it provided. The Baroness then reached down to the dildo and switched on a mechanism. From her reaction, I’m sure it was vibrating and perhaps squirming inside the Hole’s hole.

“I hope you like multiple orgasms,” purred the Baroness von Sade. “Dozens of them. To drive you insane.”

“Shall I continue whipping her?” asked Lady R.

“No, I have other plans for you, darling girl.”

With that, the Baroness climbed on my cock again, in a reverse cowgirl, facing my feet and her female captive. “Do you like this, Meat?” she asked. “Be warned. For every minute of pleasure I or my Ladies give you now, we will give you ten minutes of torture later.” She let out a low, evil laugh.

As she settled in and leaned back towards my chest, she told Lady R to get her face in there and lick her pussy and suck my balls. She told Lady A to climb on my face again, this time facing down towards the others so she would watch. Though I could not see, I believe Lady A helped to support the Baroness in her new position and even give her an upside-down kiss.

Soon, my mind was swarming with sensations I have never experienced before. I think I started crying from the emotions that overwhelmed me. I could hear Page moaning, with her pitch rising, and I knew from past experience that she was approaching what she had once called a mega-orgasm, an uncontrollable burst of erotic energy.

When I heard her scream, and felt the bed shake from her flailing and thrashing, I could not control myself either. I erupted harder than I had ever done before, my pelvis thrusting so much I almost bucked my girlfriend off me. Above me, I could hear and feel Bettie and Ashley also quivering in orgasm.

There was a pause as everyone caught their breath and calmed down a bit. Page’s buzzing vibrator was the only non-human sound to be heard. “Renee,” Page pleaded, “please turn off this thing.” She gave the safe word for slowing down the scene. Renee jumped up and turned off the device.

Bettie and Ashley climbed off and collapsed on either side of me, their glistening bodies stretched out, clinging to mine. Bettie’s face was in mine and she kissed me, passionately. Ashley was facing the other way down my body, held my wet cock and proceeded to lick the juices off it. I jerked in my bondage.

“Be gentle,” urged Page, watching. “The head of a man’s cock is very sensitive just after an orgasm.” Ashley – ever the caregiver -- complied and switched to caressing and licking my balls. I believe Renee – ever the devil -- would have kept going in her place and laughed as I writhed.

The fantasy scene, the erotic masquerade, was over. Renee slowly took the fuck-stick out of Page and released her from her bondage. Her mother’s legs were a bit shaky, so she helped her sit down on the bench she had been bound to earlier.

“Girls,” she said, stripping off her ski mask and the remains of her leotard, “go to your rooms and get cleaned up and change into what we discussed before.” The twins started to complain, but she told them, “I want to release Kevin from his bondage while we all clean up, and you must not be here when he is free. Those are the rules.”

They complied and scattered. Before they released me, Bettie and Page gave each other massive kisses and caresses. When they freed me from the bed, we turned that into a three-way event.

As we moved into Page’s bathroom with the shower built for three or more, I asked if we were done for the night.

“The wild stuff is over for now,” answered Page.

“Time for the sensual and the relaxing,” said Bettie. “But I think you’ll still like it.”


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