Weekend at Bettie's

by Kevin Quinn

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Storycodes: F+/m; bond; cuffs; cockring; oral; bedtie; chairtie; blindfold; tease; mittens; naked; roleplay; lingerie; collar; leash; incest; cons; rom; X

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What has gone before: Kevin and his girlfriend Bettie have agreed to serve the weekend as sexual study aids for the 18-year-old twin daughters of Bettie’s friend Page, with whom he had had a bondage affair ten years previously. Friday night was devoted to foreplay and hand jobs at Bettie’s place. On Saturday night, at Page’s house, the twins (Ashley and Renee) are learning to give oral sex on a restrained Kevin and Bettie. Halfway through the evening, the twins ask to experience bondage.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Chapter four was Kevin’s dream (at 3AM Sunday morning) of intruders tying them all up and molesting them, plus a bit of discussion of it at Sunday morning brunch. This chapter goes back to the moment Ashley makes her request at the end of Chapter 3 (the middle of Saturday evening).

Part 5: Mouth

“Mom, it looks like so much fun, so Renee and I wondered; would it be alright if we got tied up?”

The ludicrously uninhibited woman from a decade past who called herself “Jewell” would have immediately grabbed for a set of cuffs. But Page thought for a moment, and, to her credit, told the girls, “Let’s put a pin in that. We’ll consider it for later. The idea is that you girls are in control, moving at your own pace, never forced into anything. Especially by this brute.”

She slapped my chest with a grin. Some brute. At the moment, I was standing naked, hands shackled behind my back, my erect cock bobbing in the air at the sight of these four gorgeous women. Ashley and Renee were still dressed in sexy garters, stockings, bras, panties and domino masks. Bettie was still enticing in her vintage bondage outfit of corset, long gloves, collar, heels and such. Page had removed her sheer bodystocking when we were cleaning up in the bathroom, and replaced it with an even more transparent blue babydoll nightie, sans panties. Page and the girls now released Bettie from her bondage on the bed so she could recover from the orgasms the girls had given her, get a drink, and clean up in our guest suite.

We had all agreed early on that the girls would retain their vaginal virginity, but there was still a lot they could learn and experience short of that. Page put bondage mittens on my hands and locked them to the sides of a belt she put on me, allowing me to move around and assume different positions without being able to resist anything they wanted to do to me. Page thought the girls had already mastered the basics of oral sex, so she started instructing them in some more advanced techniques.

She showed them how to place cock rings and condoms on my shaft. (The girls were on birth control, and I was free of disease, but it was something they needed to know for the future.) And how to lick, kiss and suck my balls. From in front and behind. And how to titty-fuck my cock from different angles, using plenty of lube and licking my cock on the upstrokes. Page also showed them the trick of using mint lozenges to keep their mouths wet and to make my cock tingle while they sucked.

Ashley remarked that they were covering a lot of ground very quickly, and maybe she should be taking notes. Page smirked, “We’re not writing anything down, honey. As your teacher, I’ll just make you do it over and over again until it becomes second nature.” They laughed at the shocked face I made at that. Crap, I thought, these girls were gunning to drain me dry. It was shaping up to be a long, hard Saturday night. And there was still Sunday yet to come in this erotic weekend.

Page laid me on a bench, strapped me down, and told the girls, “Let me show you something Kevin liked back in the day.” She brought a candle over, and explained to the girls that it was a low-temperature soy candle. She held it high overhead, tested it on her arm, then dripped a little on my chest. “Never use a high-temperature candle like beeswax, it just burns too hot. We don’t want to hurt poor Kevin. That comes much later. After you girls are gone.” She chuckled in that half-joking, half-evil way that always made me a little nervous. It didn’t really hurt, just stung a bit. Still, I looked around for protection, and Bettie was still absent. It’ll be ok, I told myself.

Page stopped the waxing after just a few drops (“We don’t want to get too messy right now”) as she then showed the girls how one of them could bend over me and play with my cock while the other sat on my face. As with Bettie on the bed, the girls kept their panties on while straddling me, but I could smell their musky aroma as they rubbed their crotches on my mouth and nose. I did my best to lick them through the thin material. This part lasted only a short time, as Page and the girls seemed restless and had a brief, whispered conversation. I could feel a change in the air.

The ladies released me from the bench and put me face-up on the bed, my cuffs now connected to the headboard above me. My legs were raised, spread, and tied to the overhead canopy. Ashley peeled off her panties for the first time, revealing a neatly trimmed, wet pussy and laid on me, in a lovely 69. First Contact! Renee cradled my head firmly onto her sister’s vulva. “Come on, Uncle Kevin,” Renee whispered in my ear. “Eat Ashley’s pussy. Make her come. I want to see it. And I want to see you cum in her mouth. Make her choke on it. Make her swallow that cum.” That, and other dirty talk came out of her sweet young mouth. Page joined the action at the other end by tickling my exposed anus, or doing something down there. I’m not the world’s biggest fan of anal play, but Page knew how to push my buttons.

Above me, Ashley sucked and pumped and writhed and moaned, and with all that stimulation, I couldn’t hold it any longer. I had my second eruption of the evening, this time on Ashley’s face. As I bucked and shook, it was followed almost immediately by Ashley’s own shuddering orgasm. “That’s one-all,” she called out once she caught her breath. Obviously, she and her sister were keeping score on tonight’s male orgasm scoreboard. It was hard to see, but I think Page kissed her daughter’s cheek to congratulate her, and perhaps to taste some of my ejaculate.

That led to another break in the action. Page said that she was going to find Bettie for a little “alone” time. I had the impression that she was planning something for later. That, and relishing the opportunity to make out with my girlfriend. (Well, Bettie was her girlfriend before she was mine, so maybe shy was our girlfriend – this was getting complicated.) When Bettie had left the room earlier, I thought I overheard a whispered instruction by Page to call and check how “the pit” was coming. I had no idea what that was.

With my hands re-secured to my belt, this time to the back, Renee and Ashley took me into the bathroom for a cleanup. There, the girls put a blindfold on me and sat me down on a chair - it was a big bathroom - while they stripped, peed and washed their privates. That’s what I gathered from what I could hear and what little I could see under the blindfold. A little late for modesty, I thought, but I understood.

Then, while Ashley fixed her makeup (I had smeared it a bit with my ejaculate), Renee led me to the shower, took a washcloth and cleaned my face and torso. Of course, when she got to my genitals, she made sure to slow down and use a lot of soap and warm water. She told me that she and Ashley had volunteered that summer at a local hospital, and knew how to give sponge baths.

“Remember Freddy?” she asked Ashley. “He used to get so hard when I washed his cock and balls.” To me she explained, “Poor guy, his arms and hands were in casts after his motorcycle accident. He was so freaking hot and so horny, but he couldn’t touch himself and had no girlfriend to jerk him off. It had been weeks, and he was so sweet, he asked me to help him, in a shy, roundabout way. I teased him for days, kept him on edge, told him I couldn’t do anything like that.”

All this time, Renee was fondling my groin, trying to get a rise out of me. It was working beautifully. “Finally,” she whispered, “the last night I was on duty, I snuck into his room in the middle of the night with some baby oil and pulled off the covers. His cock was beautiful and hard, a lot like yours…”

“This is such bullshit,” I heard Ashley break in, laughing. “Kevin, they did not allow junior volunteers to give sponge baths, especially on men’s cocks. No how, no way. And ‘Freddy’ was old Mister Bueller. No motorcycle accident, and he's at least eighty years old. He loved to flirt with us when we brought pudding and such, but I don’t think he’s actually had an erection since… I don’t know, Clinton was president.”

“President?” asked a confused Renee.

Bill Clinton,” Ashley said. “Hillary’s husband? The nineties? The thing with an intern? Read a book, girl.”

“Oh, that Clinton!” laughed Renee. “I knew that. And Freddy wasn’t that old. I think I did see him trying to cover up a hard-on once. It was the moment he saw the two of us together and realized we were twins.”

They laughed. “Well, it is kind of a male fantasy,” I admitted.

“Why, whatever do you mean, Mista Kevin?” asked Ashley with a grin, putting on a Southern accent, in a high voice all childish and innocent. “You mean, having two young ladies… make love to you?” She knelt, held my balls and put her face right next to one side of my cock. So close, I could feel her breath.

“At the same time?” added Renee, in that same ‘Gone with the Wind’ debutante voice. She knelt and did the same on the other side of my crotch. “Why, dearie me, I can’t imagine what kind of girls would debase themselves like that.” Suppressing a giggle, she very lightly rubbed her nose and lips against my now-hard penis. “I mean, just imagine kissing… and stroking… and licking your… big old throbbing manhood. ‘Til you just couldn’t stand it no mo'.”

Of course, while she was saying this, the sisters were doing those very things. Lightly, teasingly. Together. One would lick my cock while the other would lick my balls and then trade off. “Renna Mae, we’re not going to actually let him… spurt his manly seed all over us, sister?” asked Ashley, still playing the innocent southern belle.

“Oh, no, Ashley Mae,” replied her twin. “That would be positively indecent. We’ll just keep him firm and warmed up, so he can service Mamma and the older ladies in the secret bedroom behind the stables tonight. And maybe some of the menfolk, as well.”

As the girls giggled, two things came to my mind, for the hundredth time in twenty-four hours. One, for an average-looking, average-hung man, I’m the world’s luckiest son-of-a-bitch. And two, these girls are definitely their crazy mother’s progeny.

I have no doubt the girls intended to blow me to completion, in tandem, right then and there, but there was a knock on the door and Bettie asked the girls to step outside for a couple of minutes. They led me out of the shower and back into my chair. When they came back, Ashley told me that the older women weren’t quite ready for us. Ready for what, she didn’t say. I asked the girls to take my blindfold off and talk seriously, in private, for a bit. The girls had changed into silky baby doll outfits with matching panties, plus heeled slippers. I was still naked and locked into my bondage mittens. Damn, I was aching to hold and caress these lovely wenches; they could touch me all they wanted, and I could not respond in kind.

“Are you two really alright with all of this?” I asked. “I gotta tell you, it’s a little weird for me, since I knew you as kids. I mean, this is amazing, and my god, you two are so beautiful, but if Page forced or pushed you into this, I can close this down right now.”

 “Thank you for that, Kevin,” Renee smiled and said, “You see, back when we were kids, Ashley and I really liked you. You were funny and kind, and good for mom. You made all of us happy. We were really disappointed that you left, but Mom took it as a sign to rein in the drugs and the wild sex. She became a better mother. We moved, she got a good job, she even joined the PTA. She steered us away from getting all boy-crazy. So maybe it’s all for the best, because now…” She grabbed my face and gave me an amazing, deep kiss that went on for a long time. “Now that you’re back at this stage in our life, and you’re not our dad, we get to suck you. And stroke you. And soon, we’ll fuck you.” She chuckled. “Uncle Kevin.”

“That’s true,” said Ashley, joining us, giving me her version of a long, wet kiss, and then breathlessly whispered, “We’ve decided that when we come back from college on winter break, whether or not we’ve lost our virginity by then, we’re going to let you fuck us. Now, we might find steady boyfriends to do it with by then, but I hope we don’t, because it’ll be even better to have you be our first.”

“You must think we’re insane sluts,” said Renee, “but we had a crush on you, back when we were kids. We knew that mom was having sex with you, even if we weren’t really sure what that all entailed. And we certainly didn’t know at the time that you guys tied each other up. In the years that followed after you left, we really didn’t have any other men in our personal lives, so we pretty much imagined you when we learned about sex and thought about sex.”

“Especially the past couple of years,” said Ashley, “once mom started sleeping with Bettie and being very… open about you and her and the crazy times in the past. We learned way too much to settle on the boys – they're just boys - at school. We even found a few old photographs of you in action, along with some tapes of her and Bettie more recently. So, in our minds, we’ve made love to you, and Bettie, over and over.”

“Wow,” I said, taken aback. “I never figured to be anybody’s sex fantasy. Listen, girls, Bettie and I are serious, and I’d want her permission to… have intercourse… with you girls. Or with Page, or anybody else.”

Renee scoffed. “Mom will have three months to work on Bettie before we come back for Christmas. I don’t think getting her OK is going to be a problem. And if it is, well, we can always kidnap you two, tie you up and have our way with you.” She grinned, and like her mother, I couldn’t be sure if she was serious or just kidding around.

There was a knock on the door and Bettie called for Renee to come out and get ready. Ashley and I were to follow in a bit. Renee said we were all going to do a little roleplay, and I was to cooperate. I was familiar with Page’s love of kinky roleplay.

Flashback - Ten years prior:

“Jewell” as she was calling herself then, was dressed in a white lab coat when I stepped inside her home for a “private psychological evaluation”. Sporting big glasses, a clipboard, and with her hair in a bun, she was playing a court-appointed therapist, tasked by a judge to determine whether I would go to prison for a (trumped-up) assault charge, or receive probation. Her idea for our fantasy was that, to avoid being sent to “Diablo Prison,” controlled by sadistic rape gangs of both sexes (which she described in some erotic detail), I had to endure any tests, submit to her every whim, and do everything in my power to please this lustful psychologist.

She made me strip, handcuffed me, locked away my clothes (nice touch!) and examined every inch of my body in exacting detail. And of course, along the way, she ditched the glasses, the clipboard, the bun, and the lab coat, to reveal a dominatrix in a shiny black PVC fetish mini-dress. I was a young lad of 22, Jewell/Page was a few years older, and we were both in our sexual primes. Her young twin girls were away for the night with relatives, and we made mad love for hours. Mostly I was tied up and used. Once, she put me on a collar and leash and released my hands and made me hold her down and use her… let’s say … forcefully.

Eventually, as we lay exhausted and sweaty, she told me, still in character, “I’m satisfied with the tests, young man. I will recommend probation instead of prison. But, only on the condition that you return for twice-weekly treatments.” She fondled my cock and balls. “The sessions will not be easy. See that you do not seek any other ‘treatment’ from anyone else, or otherwise I will have the judge send you to the worst wing of the prison. Perhaps the judge will join us in a future therapy session. She and I are such good friends. I’m sure she will enjoy participating in your training as much as I do.”

Yeah, roleplay was Page’s favorite sexual pastime.

Ashley and Renee put the blindfold back on me and led me to the main room, for what I assumed was the grand finale of the evening. (Or maybe it was just another step on a ladder of escalating debauchery. Page was endlessly inventive.) The girls sat me down in what felt like the bondage chair I’d been in earlier. Yep, my hands were bound to the sides and my ankles to the legs, as before. I heard the rustling of chains and leather a few feet in front of me, and also a few feet to the side. When Ashley took my blindfold off, here’s what I saw:

Renee was settling into a sex swing hanging from the ceiling, with her legs wide apart in the stirrups. Her shaved pussy was uncovered, at the same level as my head, a few inches from my face. It was clear what she expected of me in the coming minutes. I had eaten her sister to orgasm earlier, and it was time to balance the books.

When I focused on Bettie and Page. standing a few feet off to the side, what I saw there made me gasp. This was going to be a wild ride, indeed.


Next chapter: Bountiful Bondage, Lusty Ladies and Playful Punishments

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