by Lobo De La Sombra

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Storycodes: M/f; Solo-F; majick; voodoo; doll; prepare; liquidlatex; encased; tape; gag; bond; spreader; mc; discovery; stuck; tease; cons; X

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Part Three


Jenny smiled at the silence that greeted her. She knew Bill would be at work, but better safe than sorry. Slipping inside, she carefully locked the door. She had four hours, and she meant to be ready.

Taking the supplies she’d brought with her, Jenny quickly explored the house. Once satisfied that she was familiar with the place, she moved to the bedroom and set her things down. Time to get to work.

First, she placed a sheet of plastic on the floor. On that was placed a plain metal bucket. A number of small containers were lined up next to the bucket. Once these items were in place, Jenny began searching the room.

“Now where does he keep it?” she asked herself, opening drawers and looking through the contents. The item she sought turned out to be in the drawer of his bedside table. Smiling, she lifted the voodoo doll that had changed everything.

“There you are,” she murmured, sinking onto the bed and stroking the doll. She was disappointed, but unsurprised, when she herself felt nothing. Only Bill could activate the magic in the doll. Still, holding it brought back memories of how she came to be here.

Jenny thought back to the first time the doll had been used on her. Bill had snuck into her house. Then, using the magic of the doll, he had made her helpless, and hornier than she’d ever been. When he’d taken her, the feelings had been intense. Anger, fear, humiliation. And something else.

It was during the following week that the “something else” had begun to take shape for her. Being driven to constant, uncontrollable arousal, with no way to prevent or even moderate the sensations, had brought home repeatedly how much control she didn’t have over her body. When she’d finally confronted Bill, his response had left her no choice but to admit the obvious.

She loved this! The helplessness, the loss of control, these were like a drug. A drug she was now severely addicted to. In the month since that second experience, Bill hadn’t used the doll on her at all. Well, now he would. She was here to see to that.

The setup had been easy. Jenny had called in sick to work today, then driven over to Bill’s house, meeting him at the door as he was leaving. Her excuse had been to ask him to drop some paperwork off at her desk. As she was leaving, she’d pretended to stumble, managing to unlock his door at the same time. He hadn’t noticed, and now here she sat.

But now it was time to prepare. Taking the doll, she moved to the bucket with her remaining supplies.

First, she opened the containers and filled the bucket with liquid latex. Next, she prepared the doll. Carefully, she taped a small but strong metal bar to the doll’s feet, holding the legs spread. Loops of tape at the waist and below the breasts held the arms snugly against the doll’s sides. Carefully cut pieces of masking tape covered the doll’s crotch and both breasts. Finally, a small, bendable straw was placed into the doll’s mouth, more tape holding it in place, while also sealing the doll’s mouth quite well.

With the doll ready, Jenny now dipped it into the latex, holding it very carefully at the level she wanted. After a moment, she raised the doll to let the latex dry, then dipped it again. After several dips, the doll was covered with a thick coat of latex. Satisfied, Jenny held it by the head until the final layer dried, then peeled the tape from the crotch and breasts, careful not to tear the remaining latex.

The rest was simple cleanup. Jenny sealed the bucket to keep the rest of the latex from drying out, gathered the containers and the plastic, then took everything back out to her car. She quickly drove home, then called a taxi to take her back to Bill’s house.

Inside, she moved to the bedroom. There, she undressed, then completed her preparations.

The doll was now covered in latex to just below the nose. The straw still extended from its mouth, but now she cut if off so that it barely showed outside the latex. Taking the doll, and a prepared note, she placed both on the table just inside the front door. This done, she returned to the bedroom, stretched out on the bed, and waited.

It had been a long day, and Bill was more than ready for the weekend about to begin. With Jenny out, part of her work had fallen on him, and he was exhausted. As he was about to toss his keys onto the table by the door, he saw the doll.

“Now what the…..?” Puzzled, he took up the doll, examining its new outfit. In the bedroom, Jenny now lay helpless, the magic of the doll activated by his touch. Engrossed in his examination of the doll, Bill almost missed the note. When he did see it, he began to read.

I don’t know if I could say this to you in person, so I’m writing it here. I’m still not happy with what you did to me that first time with the doll. You had no right to treat me the way you did. But you’ve shown me a part of myself that I didn’t know existed. I experienced things, felt things, I would never have thought possible. Now I find that I want to experience those things again. You’ve already seen what I did to the doll. If you want to see what it’s done to me, go to your bedroom. Do what you want, just make me feel those things again.

Dropping the note, Bill rushed to the bedroom. He found Jenny on his bed, legs slightly spread, arms at her sides. A slight sheen of moisture between her thighs betrayed the excitement she already felt at her situation. Bill gazed at her for a moment, then sank down beside her.

“So,” he asked, “you want to be helpless?”


“You want to be used, played with?”


“And you did this why? Because you couldn’t ask me yourself?”

This time, Jenny seemed to blush slightly. “Mmmmmm-hmmmmm.”

“Did you stop to think how I’m going to get you out of here?”


“The latex is sealed tight against the doll’s skin. If I try to cut it, I’ll cut the doll. I could wind up flaying you alive trying to get you out of this.”

“Mmmm? Mmmmmm!” Terrified, Jenny squirmed helplessly. She’d planned this so carefully, how could she have missed something so obvious? She’d wanted to experience helplessness, but now she was trapped, no way out.

“Hold on.” Bending, Bill lifted something. One of the latex containers had rolled under the bed, missed by Jenny during her cleanup. Straightening, Bill examined the label, then turned toward the door.

“I’ll be right back.” With that, he left the room.

Alone, Jenny struggled vainly, but the magic of the doll held her securely. Defeated, she sank back, her mind racing with thoughts of being, forever, a helpless sex toy. The idea terrified her, and at the same time, aroused her more than she would have believed. Soon, she found herself hoping Bill would be back soon. If she was stuck like this, they might as well get some good out of it.

When Bill returned to the room, he was smiling. “I went to the web site of the company that makes this stuff,” he said. “It seems they make a solvent that will soften the latex enough to be removed without cutting. So I can get you out without cutting you apart.”

At his words, Jenny relaxed, then tensed as he began removing his clothes. Puzzled, she hummed a question.

“What was that? Oh, the solvent?’ At her nod, Bill smiled, stretching out beside her. “Actually, there’s a store here in town that does carry it. I can go get it any time.”

Jenny looked at him in confusion, her eyes widening as he slipped a finger between her thighs. Her arousal was impossible to miss.

“First, though,” he continued, “we need to make sure this doesn’t happen again. I think spending the weekend like this will teach you to think things through a little better. Besides, if I read that note right, there was something you wanted to feel.” With that, he lowered his head and took one nipple between his lips.

Jenny tensed, then relaxed, her body embracing its helplessness. A weekend as his toy wasn’t quite what she had in mind. But as his hand, his lips, began to work their own magic on her, she realized that she’d gotten more than she could have hoped for.

She did make herself one promise. Next time, she swore, she’d make sure she bought the solvent, too.



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