Voodoo 2

by Lobo De La Sombra

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© Copyright 2008 - Lobo De La Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; F/m; majick; voodoo; doll; tease; fondle; tape; gag; bond; ice; torment; mc; denial; cons/reluct; X

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Part Two

Monday morning, and Bill was a nervious wreck. It had been just over a week since his voodoo adventure with Jenny, and today she was due to return to work. With her temper, it was hard telling what she would do. Bill was actually surprised that she hadn’t called the cops on him, despite the probability that nobody would believe her about what had happened.

Now, expecting the worst, he awaited the coming explosion. Thus he was more than a bit surprised when Jenny slipped into work almost unnoticed, passing his cubicle without so much as a word to him. It was almost as if nothing had happened.

As the day went on, Bill began to relax. By the end of his shift, there was still no sound from Jenny. Relieved, Bill slipped out of the building, only to find Jenny waiting for him beside his car.

Oh well, he thought, here it comes. Reluctantly, he approached. Jenny wasted no time getting to her point.

“Have you been playing with that damn doll?” she asked angrily.

Startled, Bill just nodded. During the past week, nervous about this confrontation, he’d found it relaxing to stroke the doll that had started everything. Not surprising, most of the stroking had been on the doll’s breasts and crotch.

“I thought so,” Jenny exclaimed. “Damn you, don’t you realize that every time you touch that doll, I feel it? I’ve been so horny this week, I went through two sets of batteries for my vibrator!”

Bill started. “Two sets?”

“Yes, two. Do you know how much use it takes to go through two sets of batteries? My pussy feels like it’s been scrubbed with sandpaper! And it’s all your fault!”

“Jenny, I’m sorry. I didn’t realize.”

“Don’t sorry,” Jenny snapped. “I want you and that doll at my house in thirty minutes.” Spinning on her heel, she stomped away.

Dazed, Bill drove home and collected the doll, then reluctantly made his way to Jenny’s house. He found her waiting at the front door, dressed in a robe. As soon as the door closed, she dropped the robe, standing naked in front of him. Even through her patch of pubic hair, he could see the angry red color of a severely overused pussy. Stammering, he began to apologize.

“Stop being sorry and do something,” she demanded.

“Like what?”

“I don’t know. You caused this, now you fix it.”

Bill thought for a minute. “Wait here,” he finally said, then left the room.

From he earlier exploration of her house, Bill knew exactly where to find the things he needed: A popsicle stick, some tape, a couple rubber bands, and some ice. Quickly, he set to work. First, he spread the doll’s legs and taped them securely to the popsicle stick. A rubber band pinned the doll’s arms to its sides. Taking up the ice, and more tape, he returned to the living room.

“What did you do this for?” Jenny stood awckwardly with legs spread, arms pressed to her sides. Instead of answering, Bill pushed her backwards, gently guiding her to a seat on her couch. Turning, he reached for the ice.

“Are you kidding?” Jenny asked. “You’re not going to put that on me. Now let me go.”

With a sigh, Bill tore off a pice of tape and smoothed it over the doll’s lips. “You want me to do something, now you complain. Now hold still.” Turning, he pressed an ice cube between the doll’s thighs.

“Mmmmmmmmmnnnnn!!!” Jenny squealed as the sudden sensation of cold invaded her most sensitive parts. Quickly, her pussy became numb from the cold. Bill smiled, then placed the doll on the table, taking care to ensure that the ice was still firmly in place between the spread thighs.

“Be right back,” he quipped, turning toward the front door. Ignoring the muffled protests from the helpless Jenny, he left the house and got into his car. A quick drive, a purchase from a nearby sex shop, and he was back within fifteen minutes.

Entering, he found Jenny on the floor, squirming violently. Worried, he removed the tape from the doll’s lips, allowing her to speak.

“You idiot!” Jenny screamed. “Get that ice away from that doll! I can’t feel my pussy at all now!”

With a sigh, Bill removed the mostly melted ice from between the doll’s thighs, then opened the small jar he’d just purchased. Donning a pair of rubber gloves, he dipped one finger into the jar, withdrawing it covered with a pale cream.

“What is that?” Jenny asked, watching with some concern as he reached for the doll.

“It’s a special cream,” Bill replied, smoothing the cream over the doll’s crotch. Slowly, carefully, he worked his finger into the tiny but very realistic pussy of the doll, coating it liberally with the cream.

On the floor, Jenny could only watch. With her pussy deadened, all she could feel was a slight pressure as Bill coated the doll. Then, as his finger entered, she squirmed, feeling something press inside her, filling her more than she’d ever been filled in her life. With the nerves deadened, there was no pleasure, no pain, simply the sensation of fullness. A sensation that faded as Bill withdrew his finger from the doll.

“There we go,” he said, carefuly removing the gloves. “Now to give it a chance to work.”

“Wait!” Jenny exclaimed as Bill turned to leave the room. “You’re not going to just leave me like this.”

Sighing, Bill turned back and smoothed tape over the doll’s lips. To the now silenced Jenny, he said, “We have to give the cream time to work. Now lay still.”

In reply, Jenny began squirming violently, nearly rolling over in her efforts. Taking up the doll, Bill removed the popsicle stick from between the legs. Next, he pulled the legs together and taped them at the ankles and just above the knees. Bending the doll at the waist, a strip of tape soon held the knees pressed against the chest, while another strip pinned the doll’s heels against its ass. Placing the doll on the table, he glanced down at Jenny, now helplessly rolled into a ball.

“Now maybe you’ll be still and let the cream work,” he said, then left the room.

Lying helplessly on the floor, Jenny could only wait until Bill decided to release her. As she waited, the feeling slowly returned to her pussy. But instead of the pain she’d dreaded, a warm, tingling sensation made her squirm with something other than pain. By the time Bill entered the room again, her hips were moving slowly up and down, propelled by the growing arousal caused by the cream.

Smiling, Bill removed the tape holding her into the ball, but left her arms and legs bound. Removing the tape from the doll’s mouth, he bend over Jenny as she slowly straightened her body on the floor.

“That cream,” he said, “relieves the pain and sooths the skin. It also, unfortunately, can make you very horny. I talked to the girl at the shop, and she said, considering the degree of redness, it will probably be tomorrow before you can handle sex. So I’m afraid I’ll have to keep you like this overnight.”

“Overnight?” Jenny was stunned. “Damn you, I need to cum now. No, wait!” she cried as Bill took up the tape. “Please don’t gag me. I’ll be good on one condition.”

“And what might that be?” Bill asked, suspiscious.

Jenny squirmed languidly in her magical bonds. “On the condition that you stay here tonight. And that tomorrow, you fasten that doll to something interesting and fuck me until I need more of that cream.”


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