Voodoo 4

by Lobo De La Sombra

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© Copyright 2012 - Lobo De La Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; solo-f; majick; voodoo; doll; mc; naked; tape; gag; bond; party; toys; vibe; tease; torment; denial; sex; climax; cons; X

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Part Four

Alone in the room, she gazed out the window, watching the people outside. Through the headphones covering her ears, she could hear the music, as well as the sound of conversation. She wished she could join them, move among them, talk to them. Instead, she stood stiffly, the rise and fall of her breasts with her labored breathing the only visible movement, other than the occasional twitch.

Damn him! And damn his ideas! How could he do this to her? Outside, someone turned and glanced toward her. Involuntarily, she flinched, acutely aware of her nudity. Her body, however, remained still, hidden from view only by the darkness of the room.

One of the people outside moved toward a door, and she tensed, knowing what was about to happen, dreading it nearly as much as she longed for it. Either way, there was absolutely nothing she could do about it. Seconds later, a sensation of vibration between her thighs brought a muffled moan from lips pressed lightly together. Her nostrils flared, her body twitched, and yet her body remained still. After a moment, the sensations stopped, allowing her to relax slightly. At least, until next time.

How long she had stood like this, she had no idea. Within her, anger and frustration warred with arousal, as well as a growing, nearly desperate need to find an outlet for that arousal. She longed to feel something other than the soft pressure against her mound. She needed something inside her, not simply touching her. Her hands trembled with the need to stroke the fire within her until it exploded. And yet, she stood still, silent.

It’s all his fault, her mind raged, as she watched two more people move toward the door. The knob to her own room rattled, and she tensed, fearful of the revelation to come. Instead, after a moment, the rattling ceased. She relaxed slightly, only to feel the vibrations start again. This time, instead of stopping after a moment of torment, the sensations went on and on. Moaning, she closed her eyes, her hips making tiny motions as if she pressed against something.

Make it stop! her mind cried desperately. Make it stop, or make it strong enough to let her cum! Her moans grew slowly louder, though her lips never parted. She struggled to keep herself quiet, afraid of being heard, but all too soon, silence was forgotten as more and louder moans were dragged from her by the relentless vibrations.

Slowly, the people outside receded from her sight, becoming only vague shadows, surrounded by a fog that she knew came from within her. It was her own need, she knew, that drew this haze across her vision. And only one thing could take it away.

Desperately, she tried to think of something, anything, else. Each time, though, the visions that flashed through her mind were erotic enough by themselves to bring a moan from her. Naked, sweaty bodies writhed and twisted on the insides of her eyelids, their moaning a counterpoint to her own. She could smell the musk of arousal, feel the warm slickness of sweat-dampened bodies. A door slammed, cutting off her visions as her eyes rolled toward the door of her room. It remained closed, bringing a sigh of relief from her.

Seconds later, the vibrations stopped. By now, she wasn’t sure if that were a blessing or a curse. Those vibrations, she knew, would never be enough on their own, never give her what she so desperately needed. Without them, she felt curiously lost.

Damn him! Somehow, the heat was slowly bleeding away from her anger. It was as if the other heat, filling her so completely, left her with neither the room or the energy for any other kind.

Vaguely, she saw three people emerge from the house. She’d only seen two enter, and wondered when the third had slipped by her. At the sight of the third person’s face, she moaned loudly, hoping against hope that this one would hear her, even as she feared someone else might.

“Damn it!” Blasting through the headphones, the voice shocked her back toward something resembling attention to her surroundings. “What did you think you were doing in there?”

“Hey, sorry, alright? We were just looking for someplace private, and that was the first one we found.”

“You picked the wrong place. If you’re that desperate, maybe you should just take her home and fuck her.”

Fuck. Fuck. The word resounded in her mind, echoing until she felt her hips twitch with each repetition. Fuck. Fuck. Fu….fu….fu…oh damn! I wish he’d come in here and fuck me!

By that point, she really didn’t care who did the deed. Male, female, or a plastic Casanova. As long as she got something between her thighs, nothing else really mattered.

Slowly, her eyes rolled toward one wall. Against that wall, she knew, sat a dresser. And in the top drawer of that dresser was a vibrator, along with a package of batteries. Only four of them, though, and at this point, she felt more than ready to drain them all. Only a few steps, a reach, and it would be buzzing away. Only a few steps…….

Closing her eyes, she moaned softly. So close. And yet, just like the thing she most needed, so very far away. Every part of her longed for the feeling that little toy would bring, and yet she stood, unmoving.

Again, and yet again, the vibrations assaulted her, her moans alternating between frustration and pleading in tone. None of these new assaults lasted more then a moment or two. No more long, interminable rides like the one before. Short, random, the sensations kept her poised on a high precipice, yet never gave her that final nudge over the edge.

Dimly, she became aware that there seemed to be fewer people outside her window. Slowly, the crowd thinned, until only one person remained. And this one, after a final glance around, turned and entered the house. The music faded, the lights died, leaving her in a darkness filled only by the sound of her own panting moans.

The doorknob rattled, and she tensed, this time in anticipation rather than fear. Slowly the door opened, light from the hall bathing her still body. A shadow blocked the light, and then he stepped into the room, pausing to place something on a table by the door.

“Did you enjoy the party?” he asked, smiling and pulling the headphones from over her ears. “I know I did. Now, though, everyone’s gone, and it’s time for a private party, don’t you think?” With that, he began removing his clothing.

Silently, she watched as each article of clothing fell from him. Once he stood naked before her, she raised her eyes to his, moaning urgently through closed lips. At the sound, his smile widened.

“Ready for this, are we?” Stepping forward, he bent his knees slightly, letting the tip of his cock rest against her mound. Slowly, he straightened his knees, raising himself and slipping inside her. Her eyes closed, her moans becoming a soft, continuous hum as he began rocking his hips.

Nearly desperate with need, she struggled to thrust herself against him, yet could only stand stiffly as he pushed himself into her. Slowly, he drove her higher, until, finally, she found the release she’d so desperately needed. Her body remained still, but within her, she writhed madly as the massive orgasm blasted through her. Almost before the waves began to recede, a second orgasm blasted her. And a third. And then a fourth. As her body shuddered through its fifth explosion, she felt him thicken, then drive powerfully into her before erupting with his own orgasm.

For long moments, he sagged limply against her. Slowly, he straightened and moved toward the door. Pausing at the table, he took up the object he’d set aside earlier, turning toward her with it in his hand.

It was her. A perfect, miniature replica, at least. It stood with arms at its sides, legs slightly spread. Small zip ties held the arms secured, while other ties fastened the legs to a v shaped rod that ran up the back of each leg, meeting just above the doll’s ass.

“Did you enjoy the way I had this set up?” he asked casually. “I wired the controls to a vibrator into the bathroom light switch, then put this on the end. Every time someone used the bathroom, the vibrator was on as long as the light was.”

Carefully, he began removing the bands from the doll’s body. As he did, her body began moving slowly. Once all of the straps, as well as the metal rod, had been removed, she walked slowly around the room, working muscles gone stiff from her long immobility. After a moment, she turned to face him, humming in what sounded like a complaining tone.

“Oh, yes, sorry.” Carefully, he peeled a length of tape from over the doll’s mouth. Her mouth opened slowly, as if reluctant to exercise its new freedom.

“Damn you!” she finally said, half shouting. “Do you have any idea how crazy that made me? I thought I was going to explode!”

“Actually,” he replied, grinning, “I think you did. More than once, in fact.”

With a soft growl, she stepped toward him, one hand rising. Still holding the doll in one hand, he moved his other hand to hover over the small ass. Seeing this, she halted abruptly, letting her arm drop.

“Much better,” he said.

“Damn it, Bill, that’s not fair!” Frowning, she stood glaring at him. “Do you have any idea what I would like to do to you right now?”

“I can guess,” he replied. “And I think you can guess what will happen if you try.” He lightly pinched the doll’s ass, smiling as she jumped, yelping and putting both hands to her own ass.

“If you didn’t have that doll…..” she began threateningly.

“Then you would have no interest in me whatsoever,” he finished for her. “Face it, Jenny, this is what you want. You can be as angry with me as you like, but that doesn’t change the fact that what happened tonight was exactly the kind of thing you want to happen.”

“I hate you!” she cried out.“ I hate you! You’re a mmmmmmmmm!” As she spoke, he casually smoothed tape over the doll’s mouth, rendering her words into muffled hums.

“Shower,” he said sternly. “And then bed. You’ve had a long evening.”

For a moment, she simply stared at him. He made a gesture toward the door, and she slowly turned away. At the door, she turned back, humming and eyeing him pleadingly. With a sigh, he removed the tape from the doll’s mouth.

“What is it now?”

“Is it always going to be like this?” she asked softly. “Will I always be your plaything, helpless, horny, with no say at all in when or how it happens?”

“Until you tell me you no longer want it,” he replied. “The day you tell me to stop, I will. And it will all be over.”

Slowly, carefully, she stepped toward him. He eyed her, but made no move as she wrapped her arms around his waist. Her lips touched his, the kiss deepening slowly as she pressed herself against him. Once the kiss was ended, she held tightly to him, her head on his shoulder.

“You know I don’t hate you,” she said softly. “Sometimes I want to, for what you do to me, but I can’t. I love what you do to me, and I love why you do it.”

“I know,” he replied, just as softly, one hand stroking her back. She shuddered, pressing herself even more tightly against him.

“There’s only one thing in this world I love more than that,” she said, raising her head to meet his gaze. “You.”

“And I love you, Jen,” he told her earnestly. “Now, about that shower….”

“Wash my back?” she asked, eyes gleaming.

“And any other part you wish,” he said, smiling. Wrapping an arm around her waist, he turned her toward the door.

“One more thing,” she said as they stepped into the hall. “Next time, invite more people.”