by Lobo De La Sombra

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© Copyright 2007 - Lobo De La Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; F/m; rejection; hum; revenge; majick; voodoo; doll; tape; gag; bond; toys; insert; torment; mc; sex; climax; cons/nc; X

Finally, the wait was over. After months of preparation, followed by weeks of waiting, the package had arrived. As he began to cut the tape, Bill thought back on the events that had led him here.

Jenny was the kind of woman any man would die for. Long toned legs, tight ass, large, firm tits, all topped by the face of a model. Thoughts of her had filled Bill’s mind from the day she’d come to work in the same office. It had taken him months to build up the nerve to talk to her, more months to gain the courage to ask her out. The results had been less than satisfactory.

“Are you kidding?” she’d asked scornfully. “Why would I go out with a weak little wimp like you? I happen to like men strong enough to take what they want. So run home to momma, little boy. Come see me if you grow any balls.” A mocking laugh, and she had turned away from him like he didn’t even exist.

On that day, Bill had sworn he would show her strength. The problem was, he had no idea how. Until he saw the ad.

Hidden within a magazine on the occult, the ad was for voodoo dolls. It promised to give the holder control over the person the doll represented. All he needed was suitable images to show her size and proportions, fluid from her body, and a large amount of cash.

The pictures were obtained during a picnic the company held at the beach. Jenny had arrived wearing the skimpiest bikini Bill had ever seen. Discretely, using his cell phone’s camera, he’d managed to get good shots of her from several angles.

Acquiring the fluid was much easier. Near the end of the picnic, everyone was very jolly, thanks to the beer and wine provided by the company. Feigning drunkenness, Bill had sidled up behind Jenny and swatted her ass. Realizing who had dared to touch her, Jenny had spit on him. Humiliating, to say the least, but he had the fluid he needed.

The cash had nearly drained his savings, but if it worked, it would be money well spent. Bill had packaged the pictures and the bottled spit, added a check, and off went the order.

Now, looking into the box, Bill was amazed. The doll looked just like a miniature version of Jenny. Now to see if it worked.

His chance came sooner than he’d hoped. At quitting time on Friday, he overheard Jenny telling a friend that she was taking the next week off. She’d be staying at home, she said, and planned to turn off the phones so she wouldn’t be disturbed.

As soon as he left work, Bill rushed home. Grabbing the doll, and a small bag of carefully selected items, he took a cab. Getting out a block from Jenny’s house, he went the rest of the way on foot, nodding with approval when he saw her car in the drive.

Circling the house, he found Jenny in the back yard. Hiding, he watched as she made sure her back gate was locked. Satisfied, she re-entered the house, leaving the sliding glass doors open.

Carefully, Bill crept up to the doors, relaxing only slightly when he saw the room beyond was empty. Entering, he could hear water running somewhere upstairs. Bill followed the sound to a large bedroom. In the adjoining bathroom, he could hear a shower running. Smiling, he sat on the bed to wait.

Finally, the shower went off, and Jenny stepped into the bedroom. Other than the towel around her hair, she wore nothing, and Bill marveled at the perfection of her body. Seeing him sitting on her bed, Jenny froze.

“You! What are you doing in my bedroom?”

Bill smiled. “Actually, I’m here to teach you a lesson.” As he spoke, Bill took up the doll. Carefully, he peeled a small piece of tape from the side of his bag, then smoothed it over the doll’s lips.

“You, teach me a lesson? That’ll be the day. Now get out of here before I call the police, you little mmmmm. Mmmnnmmm? Mmmmnnmmmmm!” Try as she might, Jenny couldn’t force her mouth open. It felt like it was sealed shut.

Bill grinned. “Much better. Now, on with the lesson.” Reaching into the bag, he removed a thick rubber band.

“mmmnn mmmmmm!” Jenny stepped toward him, hands raised. Ignoring her, Bill stretched the band, passing it over the doll’s head, then letting it snap tight around the upper arms. Jenny froze, her arms pinned against her sides from the elbows up. She struggled briefly, then froze as Bill took up a second rubber band. This band snapped into place just above the doll’s waist, and now her arms were useless, pinned tightly against her body.

For a moment, Bill watched as Jenny struggled to move her arms. Frustrated moans emerged from behind her sealed lips as she realized the extent of her helplessness. By the time her struggles ceased, he had his next step planned.

Rising, he moved behind Jenny and gave her a shove. Unable to balance, she staggered forward and fell onto the bed. Bill rolled her onto her back. Bending the doll at the waist, he snapped a third rubber band into place.

Jenny squealed as her knees were pressed tight against her upper arms. Her feet waved helplessly over her, the only part of her body she could still move. Stepping back, Bill admired the way her pinned legs framed her breasts. He especially liked the way her position left her pussy exposed. Smiling, he reached into the bag once more.

“Are we learning something now?” he asked. Jenny’s answer was unintelligible, but the look in her eyes could have drawn blood all by itself. Her eyes widened into shock, however, when Bill displayed the next item from the bag. Carefully, Bill worked the vibrator into her pussy. Once satisfied with it’s position, he turned the vibrator on it’s lowest setting.

Jenny squealed. Not only did the intruder vibrate, it moved! The shaft, turning slowly, drew it’s textured surface across her most sensitive areas in a way that she was sure would drive her mad. She bucked madly, trying to shove the invader out.

“Oh, I don’t think so,” Bill grinned. Taking another piece of tape, he smoothed it into place between the doll’s thighs, and now the vibrator was stuffed deep inside her, refusing to budge. “Enjoy.” Leaning forward, Bill gently sucked a nipple between his lips, tongue gently flicking the sensitive bud to hardness. Smiling, he rose and left the room.

Bill took his time exploring the house. After familiarizing himself with the layout, he settled down in the living room and watched some television. In all, it was a little over an hour before he stepped back into the bedroom. Jenny now lay on her side. Her hips, thrusting forward uncontrollably, seemed likely to move her whole body with the force of their movements. Soft, steady moans emerged from behind her sealed lips. At his touch, her whole body jumped.

Rolling Jenny onto her knees, Bill took up the doll and removed the tape from between its thighs. Almost immediately, the vibrator shot out of her, propelled by the frantic spasming of her pussy muscles. Stripping quickly, Bill donned a rubber and slipped onto the bed behind her. Raising her hips, he pushed into her and began thrusting strongly, driving her almost instantly into a rolling series of orgasms. The clenching of her muscles drove him to his own climax much faster than he would have liked, but he savored the sensation nonetheless.

Later, lying on the bed with the helpless woman beside him, Bill peeled the tape from over the doll’s lips. He heard Jenny swallow several times before she spoke. “Let me go, please,” she whispered. “I promise I won’t press charges if you release me and leave now.”

Bill grinned. “And what charges would you press?”

“You just raped me!”

“Did I? And how did I do that?”

“Why, you, you…..” Jenny fell silent, evidently pondering the idea of telling police that he had made her helpless by using a voodoo doll. They would lock her up, not him.

Smiling, Bill slipped from the bed and dressed. One final caress, long and slow, along her body, and he turned to go.


“I’ll release you when I get home,” he replied. “And just in case you get any ideas, don’t forget I still have this.” Raising the doll, he flicked its ass with his finger, smiling as her body jumped in response.

“I won’t forget,” she promised, eyeing him with fear in her eyes, along with a slowly dawning respect.

“Good girl. And remember, there is more than one kind of strength” Smiling, Bill started home to play with his new doll.


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