Volleyball Wedgies from Hell

by Violet Amethyst

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Author's Note: This is my humble attempt at recreating an old Experience Project post that I really enjoyed. Ashley bites off more than she can chew at the Post-Season Volleyball party. If you liked this story, you can view more BDSM captions, stories, and other content at my DeviantArt page, VioletAmethystX.

Chloe, Sara, and six of the other girls all picked me up and carried me downstairs. I struggled against them and tried to get the duct tape off of my mouth. I would tell them how sorry I was and just be done with it. I was just pissed off, and I shouldn’t have said what I said. Even though I was clearly still the best person to be team captain and I hadn’t been that mean to any of them, it wasn’t worth whatever they were about to do to me. 

Once I was in the basement, they let me down, and I saw myself in their full-length mirror, and I felt another wave of embarrassment wash over me. When I looked in the mirror, I saw looking back at me a girl I didn’t recognize. I had a see-through wet shirt that let my black sports bra show through underneath and a pussy and thighs so red they looked like they had been painted. My hot pink knee-high socks were so waterlogged they almost matched, and though I couldn’t see it, I’m sure my butt cheeks were the same hue. 

Sara instructed the other girls to untie my wrists from in front of me as they dragged me over to some piece of gym equipment. As soon as they sat me down, I felt them tie them together again and loop the rope through one of the holes in the back of the device.

I felt a million hands on me as one girl adjusted the back of the seat so I’d be bent back 45 degrees. One girl reached up my shirt and cut off my black sports bra, forcing my nipples to show through my wet top. Another ripped off part of the duct tape over my mouth before the bra was shoved into my mouth and put back in place. 

Finally, Sara was finnicking with my legs and putting them in place around the machine. I looked down and saw it was one of the machines where you had to press your thighs together to raise a set of weights. In its default state, my legs were spread wide open. I would have to press the pads on my thighs together or my pussy would be out for everyone to see.

As I was taking stock of my situation, Kate came down with a couple walmart bags. She sat down and took out a blueberry from the bag.

“Here’s what’s going to happen, Ashley,” she started, “we’re putting this blueberry in your pussy, and we’re setting a timer for 5 minutes. When the timer runs out,” she said, grabbing a small peanut, “we’re putting this up there too. And every 5 minutes from there on out, we’re stuffing more and more food up there.”

My eyes widened in horror. The bags were full of food, and I didn’t know how much more my raw pussy could handle. 

“But there’s hope for you yet,” she continued, “if you can keep your legs together, we won’t keep counting the timer up. Good luck!” she said as she stuffed the peanut in my vagina.

I immediately pulled my legs together with all the strength I had, but my legs would barely budge. Sara had her phone out, counting down the 5 minutes as I sat on the bench struggling to push back against the pads, but I couldn’t manage to pull my legs together.

Once the five minutes were up, just as they had said, Kate placed the grape gently within my pussy lips. Her touch against my labia sent a chill down my spine.

“Luckily, we decided we wouldn’t be too mean to you,” Sara chided, “so we’re taking 10 pounds off the machine each time we put something new in. That should make it easier for you to keep your legs together. Unless, that is, you like this kind of thing.”

I glared at her with all the indignity I had, but that didn;t stop her from getting her phone to count down from 5 once again. Again, I pushed my legs together as hard as I could, but the machine barely moved. I looked over to the weights, and I saw it was set to 190, far beyond anything I was capable of pushing. So I waited, with my legs limp, for the timer to end.

Soon enough, my pussy was home not just to the peanut and blueberry, but also to two grapes: one green and one purple, a blackberry, a pistachio, and a walnut. As the walnut had gone in, Kate placed it right next to my pleasure bud, so when I tried bringing my legs together, I felt a slight tingle as it rubbed up against it. Thankfully, since it was now set to only 140 pounds, I could now start moving my legs together and get closer to stopping the countdown, but all I succeeded in doing was flailing my legs about.

As that timer ran out, I saw Chloe grab something from her purse. She opened up a ziplock bag and took out a ball, though what it was made of, I couldn’t tell.

“See this, Ash? I know how much you hate gum.” In an instant, I knew exactly what it was. It was a massive wad of Chloe’s chewed gum. She had a habit of chewing it during practice, which I hated, so I would always tell her to cut it out. And now it was coming back to bite me. I watched her spit a couple more times on the ball, take a piece of gum out of her mouth and place it on the wad. I tried again to close my legs as she approached, but she forced them apart and shoved the wad straight up my pussy, and winced. 

Just as Chloe said, I hated gum. I hated the weird texture of it. I hated how chewy it was. I hated the way it made people’s lips smack when they chewed it. But more than anything else, I was disgusted by other people’s spit.

I cringed as I could feel the soft squishy feel of it rubbing up against my inner skin. I tried flexing my muscles to get it out, but it was shoved too far up there. I bucked with my hips but to no avail. The thing was just stuck up there. 

I broke into tears again at how helpless I felt, being used and abused by all of my teammates. The embarrassment of tonight plus now having to deal with Chloe’s spit-ridden gum in my sanctum broke me.

Even as they shoved a lime wedge and then a lemon wedge in me, I couldn’t keep myself together enough to fight it. I was humiliated.

As the counter reached 0 again, I started to pull myself together, just as they were bringing a whole tomato out of another bag. As they shoved it deep inside of me, I found some sense of dignity and resolved to keep my legs together. The weight was only set at 100 now, which was easily manageable. If I kept my legs together for long enough, maybe they would finally stop.

I tightened my legs as soon as I could once the timer started again. I looked Sara right in the eyes as I watched her stop the clock. I wouldn’t let them get the best of me this time. I’d keep my legs together until they gave up and went to bed. 

But I didn’t. I held my legs together for maybe 10 minutes before they started to slip again. As I saw her resume the counter once again, I forced my legs together again, trying to get her to stop the timer again. My legs quickly started slipping again, so I kept forcing them together, again and again as my muscles were giving out. Each time I felt my legs slipping apart again from the force of the machine, I tensed my thigh muscles up again. Each time I tried to keep my legs together, they would slowly drift apart at the machine’s urging.

Suddenly I heard laughing from my teammates, “Oh my God, for a virgin, she sure does like to spread her legs,” I heard one of them say. I could feel more blood rushing to my face in embarrassment. Now that they pointed it out, I could see that my leg movements looked super provocative. Still trying to avoid more items being shoved up my pussy, I strained to keep my legs together, so I couldn’t stop looking like a massive ho practicing her tricks until the timer finally ran out.

“I think she’s had just about enough of that,” Kate said, and I signed a breath of relief. At least this torture was almost finished. That is, until she continued, “But I think I know just the thing to finish up here.” She turned away and started walking upstairs.

Meanwhile, it seemed the rest of the girls weren’t fully done with me. Chloe reached into one of the bags again and brought out a whole, ripe pineapple. She smirked as she held it up in front of my face, looking me in the eyes. I tried yelling at her through my gag not to, but even as I shook my head, her grin just got wider.

Another girl took scissors to my Disney princess shirt, cutting it off completely as Chloe got down on her knees and started rubbing the bottom of the pineapple on my labia. My whole body flinched as it made contact. I desperately tried bringing my legs together, even as tired as they were, but she pushed the pads apart, aided by the 100 pound weights still on them. She rotated it gently, stimulating my nerve endings. After everything I had been through tonight, the strange feeling of the pineapple along with the gentle caress of her fingers on my thigh actually felt a little good. Was I getting turned on by this?

“I bet you like the feel of that, you little slut,” she reprimanded me. As she looked me in the eyes, I knew why she was doing it. Earlier in the year, while we were in the locker room, I saw a Hitachi magic wand in her gym bag. I called her out for it and made fun of her. When I did, her face had gotten redder than I had ever seen it before and she wouldn’t talk to me again for weeks. I had called her a slut, too, for owning a sex toy, and now she was finally getting her revenge for that. “But I won’t let you have too much fun.”

Suddenly, she started pushing on it harder, turning it in her hands and rubbing my pussy with it harder. I could feel a wetness down there, which was just making me feel more lubricated. Just as she was about to push it in far enough for some of the spikes on the outside of the fruit to get inside me, I was saved by Kate.

“No need to try to squeeze that pineapple in, Chloe. She’s going to be full enough once we’re finished with her.”

Chloe pulled away the pineapple, taking the pressure away from my pussy. While I was relieved I wouldn’t have to deal with a pineapple being stuck in me, a part of me missed some of the sensations that came along with it.

Kate now had a small sack with her. She pulled out a grey metal ball, which she handed to Sara and then pulled out some other gadget that she held. Chloe set the weight on the bench to 300 pounds while Kate and Sara came in close to explain my next torment.

“You’ve called your teammates bitches and sluts so many times over the last two years, Ashley. Tonight, we’re going to put a stop to that. But we’re going to have mercy on you. You’re going to learn this lesson with pleasure instead of torture.” Kate pressed a button on the device in her hand and the metal ball started vibrating slowly. She pressed down a couple more times, and each time, the ball started vibrating slightly faster. As soon as she did, I knew immediately what was going to happen.

Sara reached down towards my pussy, her painted nails caressing my labia again as she held the ball to me. I immediately started shaking as I felt the vibrations, and suddenly, with a little push from Sara, my pussy swallowed the ball whole. There was no escaping the feelings it was giving me anymore. 

I wiggled around with it vibrating inside of me. I didn’t want to give my teammates any satisfaction or show that I was enjoying it at all, but deep inside me, I know I wanted the feeling to last. I could feel something building inside of me, but just as I started to explore that feeling, the vibration stopped. I wanted the feeling to continue, but I was entirely at Kate’s mercy.

Then she pulled three more of the metal balls out of her pouch and said, “But that’s not all they can do. Watch this!” as she pressed another button on the controller. Immediately, the three balls snapped together. Clearly they were magnetized, but I couldn’t quite figure out why that would matter for what she was doing to me.

Sara grabbed the balls and slid one ball in me, and then another, my pussy so wet from how turned on I was that it offered little resistance at all. Then she grinned wickedly, “you know where this is going.” I nodded as she placed the last on my pussy, pushing it in and out of me and covering it with my juices.

To my surprise, she took it out once it was sufficiently coated, lowered her hand, and quickly stuffed it in my ass. It was so quick, I felt shocked as my butt swallowed it too. It was weird enough having my pussy filled, but my butt was another thing altogether! I never saw my butt as a sexual organ, and I had always looked down on girls who participated in that kind of thing.

Suddenly, I realized why she wanted to be the one sliding it in me. I had made fun of her for mentioning that she had anal sex in the past. Just as I had shamed her then, she was shaming me now. I quickly had another revelation as Kate clicked the remote one more time, and I could feel all the metal balls in me spring together. The ball in my ass was pulling the others towards it, creating tons of friction between my ass and pussy. The balls would be hard enough to get out on their own, but now that they were all being pulled together, there would be too much fiction to be able to pull them out. I was stuck with the balls inside of me until Kate and the girls decided I would be done… or the batteries wore out.

Then, Kate clicked it again and the balls came to life, vibrating inside of me. I had felt more stimulated than ever before when the first ball had been vibrating inside of me, but now with three in my pussy and one lodged up my ass, I was overwhelmed. I couldn’t help but to moan with how much pleasure I was feelling. So this is what masturbating felt like, this is what orgasming felt like. As if the infernal vibrations weren’t bad enough, Sara and Chloe had started pinching my nipples with their sharp, manicured nails and manhandling my tits. I felt my boobs start to harden and even the girls’ rough treatment of me started to feel like heaven. Just when I thought I couldn’t take it anymore, Kate started slapping my thighs as well. Every few seconds, I would let out an involuntary moan through my taped mouth, and I would try to suppress it but the feelings were just too much. Suddenly, I couldn’t handle all the stimulation, and I finally had my first orgasm. 

The shivering lasted at least a full minute. I didn’t know how to handle the vibrations of the balls against my sensitive clit and pussy: the forbidden pleasure I had never felt before mixed with the shameful reality of being tied-up and on display in front of all my teammates. I felt even more embarrassed and confused as I saw one video taping my convulsions as the rest of the girls were laughing. I was sure that I, and the entire rest of the school, would see that video at some point or another. 

After I regained composure, I didn’t even know how I felt. On the one hand, I had just felt the most pleasurable feeling I had ever felt in my life, and I wanted to feel that feeling again. On the other hand, I was still tied up and humiliated, and I would forever remember this humiliating experience as my first-ever orgasm. I couldn’t tell if my shivering was from the pleasure of discovering these new feelings or the humiliation of what I had just been through.

Still, in my shame, I had a revelation. I had been a bitch to all of my teammates. I had called them sluts for wearing skimpy clothing, insulted their abilities when it came to playing, and I had been rude to all of them in some form or another. This was a fitting punishment.

When Kate finally ripped the tape off my mouth, I came clean, “I’m sorry Kate. I was a bitch to you. And to Sara, and Chloe, and all the rest of you.”

“Good,” Sara noted, “then I guess that means we’re almost done here.” She and Kate shared a devilish look between them, and I could only hope that the worst was already over. 


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