Volleyball Wedgies from Hell

by Violet Amethyst

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Storycodes: F+/f; wedgie; hum; bond; tape; spank; rope; college; reluct; X

Author's Note: This is my humble attempt at recreating an old Experience Project post that I really enjoyed. Ashley bites off more than she can chew at the Post-Season Volleyball party. If you liked this story, you can view more BDSM captions, stories, and other content at my DeviantArt page, VioletAmethystX.

Hi my name is Ashley and I have something to get off my chest. I’m a member of my college volleyball team and I recently learned the meaning of karma.

I’m a freshman girl this year and our team just won our state championship for the first time in years! I was known as one of the more ambitious girls on the team, and routinely declared that I’d like to become team captain once I’m an upperclassman, which is why for the last year, I acted bossy around my teammates and often stood my ground in arguments with team members even once I knew I lost.

Anyway, tonight our entire team went over to Kate’s house for a team party since her parents were out of town for the week. It was summer break, so it’s not like we had classes going on or anything else to worry about. I dressed in my normal ensemble of black leggings and a disney princess shirt - today’s princess was Ariel - with my white tennis shoes that I wore to volleyball games (and really just about everything else) and my hot pink knee-high socks under them..

“Hey,” Kate greeted me at the door, “Come on in. We’re playing Truth or Dare in the living room - and feel free to grab some cake or soda too!”

I went in and joined their circle of Truth or Dare - all twelve of us JV players were sitting together cross-legged playing. After a few rounds, Kate called on Sara, a sophomore who had never been my biggest fan, “Sara, Truth or Dare.”

“Dare,” she answered bravely.

“I dare you to… give Ashley a wedgie!”

I looked at Kate for a second, surprised, but before I could move, I felt a sharp pain as Sara pulled up my blue, seashell-printed panties for all my teammates to see. Sara had always been one of the stronger girls on the team, and my butt hurt all the more for it.

“Ouch,” I said as I wriggled, trying to get free from her iron grip, “that’s not funny. You can let me go now.”

“Well,” Kate smirked, “I never did say for how long.”

With that, Sara jerked up higher and I felt the fabric tighten up even more, putting pressure on my pussy too now. Despite the pain in my ass, the pressure against my pussy almost felt good. I bounced a couple of times, trying to subtly enhance that feeling while at the same time trying to break free from Sara.

“See that look on her face! I think she’s liking this,” quipped Kate.

“No! I don’t,” I denied, my face reddening. I decided to put an end to this dare, so I untangled my crossed feet, and kicked the ground, trying to break free. As I launched myself forward, the bright blue panties going through my pussy and ass hurt like hell, until I heard a loud ripping sound and fell to the ground, flat on my B-cup boobs. Still, the sound the ripped panties made was nothing compared to the chorus of laughter and giggles that followed.

I blushed a crimson red. Not knowing what to do after that embarrassment, I gathered my ripped panties, trying not to let tears well up in my eyes, and I was about to find a trash can when Emma smirked and said “If Ashley likes this so much, maybe we should give her some more wedgies. It’s the least we could do for our future team captain.”

Suddenly, I felt my ponytail being yanked back, and I looked up to see Sara holding onto a fistful of my thick chocolate-colored hair. Meanwhile Kate had come over to me, holding a roll of duct tape. She grabbed my wrists, but between trying to squirm away from her and escape Sara, I wasn’t able to keep my wrists apart, so she closed both of my hands and taped them into fists. Then, she taped both of my wrists together so I couldn’t get them apart.

“My panties ripped,” I said, exasperated, “you can’t give me any more wedgies.”

“Oh, that won’t stop us,” Sara said with that annoying smirk still on her face. She turned to Kate, “Surely, you’d be gracious enough to lend Ashley an extra pair?”

I pleaded with Kate, but to no avail, as she turned away and went up to her room to get her extra panties. I started squirming again, trying to get away from Sara and get out of this nightmare when Emma grabbed the front of my leggings and pulled upward, lifting me onto my tippy toes. I tried to keep my poker face as a rush of pleasure shot through my body from my cunt to the top of my spine. I tried to resist by pulling up on the fronts of Emma’s leggings too, but my duct taped fists couldn’t get a grip on them.

“Hurry, let’s get her into the kitchen,” said Sara, prompting the other JV girls to grab me and carry me into the kitchen. I looked pleadingly at my teammates but they just snickered and carried on.

As soon as they had me in there, they bent me over the table and gave me a massive wedgie from behind using my leggings, which were already wedgied tightly into my pussy. One of the girls had the bright idea to get a spatula and she started slapping it across my ass cheeks, as if the pain of the fabric in my butt wasn’t bad enough. I kept thinking to myself “What did I do to deserve this? How did I have the worst luck to happen to be the one who got wedgied in the game.” Obviously, if Sara had been dared to wedgie someone else, this would just be happening to them instead, right?

“Please, let me go!” I pleaded, “this isn’t funny anymore.” For my efforts, I only got a chorus of laughter, before Sara pulled on the front of my leggings even harder, getting them lodged even further in my pussy. She turned me around and held my arms behind my back as a couple of the other girls started taking turns using the spatula on my now plainly visible camel toe.

Finally, Kate came back and ordered them to take off my leggings. I kicked and screamed but that only earned me a piece of duct tape across my mouth. I could do nothing as my teammates slid my leggings off over my shoes, leaving my bright red, newly, spanked ass for all to see. The girls held me with my stomach flat on the table and lifted my legs to be horizontal with my body and spread open in a V shape. I felt a pair of panties sliding up my legs - this time, I didn’t resist so I’d at least have something covering my butt.

After they had the panties on, they moved me beneath the light fixture, and threw a paracord rope over it. They tied one side of it to my panties and the other side to the handles of a 5 gallon water jug that we used at practice. “Why the hell do they have that here?” I asked myself. But I had no time for questions as Emma appeared from outside with a garden hose in hand, which she taped to the edge of the container pointing into it.

“Alright, bitch,” she said with a light slap across my face, “these are the rules: we start filling up the jug with water, pulling on your panties harder and harder. You have to hope your new underwear doesn’t rip and let the jug fall because if it does, you get a spanking for each pound of water that’s in the jug.”

I looked at her wide-eyed. Those jugs could hold nearly fifty pounds of water.

“And,” she continued, “if your underwear does break, we’ll start all over again, but each repeat try, the water is going to come out a little bit slower. And you don’t want to know what happens if it gets turned all the way off.”

And with that, she spun around and went outside to turn the water on. Meanwhile, Sara began tying another rope across my wrists to tie to another part of the light fixture making any sort of movement virtually impossible.

Suddenly, the water started flowing. I shivered as soon as I heard the stream hit the bottom of the jug and started filling it. Then, the girls holding the container let go, sending Kate’s old panties shooting up my ass crack and between my pussy lips. From the feel of them, they seemed stretched out from former use and must have been at least a few years old from how worn down they were. I hoped that meant that they had proved their streatchyness and I would only have to do this once.

As the water filled the jug fuller and fuller, the girls started taking bets on whether or not the panties would rip. Sara and one of the other girls were rock paper scissors-ing each other to see who would get to spank me if they ripped. I wished I could hide my face so they wouldn’t see the embarrassment this was causing me.

Slowly, I felt the pressure on my taint increasing. I bounced a little bit to try to tell how full the jug was by now - I couldn’t see it since it was behind me and with my arms tied in front of me, it was hard to twist enough to see it. It must have been at least half full by now, meaning she could probably get away without ripping Kate’s panties.

Suddenly, I heard a faint ripping sound. The rest of the girls must have heard it too since they quieted down and began watching me more intensely than before. I started panicking. At this point, the water had at least a quarter of the jug left to go, and I couldn't lose the challenge now. I tried to spread my ass cheeks and clench down on the fabric to try to make it less likely to rip, but as my cheeks clenched, they pulled down on Kate’s panties ever so slightly more, and suddenly all the pressure on my crotch evaporated.

Since I hadn’t braced myself, I fell forward, expecting to hit the ground, but with my arms still outstretched and tied above me, I could only fall to my knees as the jug behind me dropped on my foot and splashed all over me, making the entire back of my shirt wet as hell and soaking my hot pink knee-high socks.

“Well, it looks like that bucket was about eight tenths full,” Kate said behind me, “so that translates to… 32 spankings!”

I moaned through the duct tape. There was no way I could take that many. Surely, my butt would be bleeding at that point, but that didn’t stop Sara from coming behind me.

“One!” she shouted, with a hard slap against my right ass cheek.

“Two!” she continued with another on my left.

She kept spanking me, alternating left and right, until she got to thirty-two. I thought it had to be over after that. There’s no way these girls - my teammates - would keep this going any longer. But that hope died when I saw Kate walking over with a full duffle bag.

“You sure you have enough pairs for Ashley,” Emma asked Kate.

“Oh, you know it! I have hundreds and hundreds in here,” she replied, holding up the bag.

That’s when it first hit me: this must have been planned. Kate had been prepared for this very challenge. She knew this was going to happen. They all knew this would happen.

“Oh, look, a thong,” Emma said, holding up a leopard-print thong, “I wonder if little Ashley has ever worn one of these before.”

The truth was, I hadn’t. I was very innocent compared to most of the other girls in my class. I never joined the other girls when they talked about masturbating and how they would rub themselves. Nor had I ever bought a dildo or a vibrator since my parents were always super strict when I was young.

Regardless, the thong was slid up my legs, tied to the rope which was reattached to the water jug once the previous contents were emptied, which trapped me back in that standing position, with my arms stretched in front of me above me head, forcing me to lean slightly forward with the thong riding up my ass. Again, I felt the jug filling up and tugging on Kate’s thong, noticeably slower this time though. Unfortunately, the thong broke way sooner this time. This time I braced myself though, and I managed to avoid falling to my knees.

“Ten!” Kate declared, matter of factly after examining the bucket, and another girl came up to spank me. This time, it was Chloe, a slutty freshman girl whose boobs were almost bigger than her head. Each slap against my raw booty hurt more than the last, but the worst part was her preppy style of counting, like a cheerleader in the middle of a routine.

After that, they kept putting pair after pair of panties on me, each one breaking at some point or another. Each time, I’d get spanked - fifteen times, then twenty-eight times, then another thirty, and on and on it went.

After an hour and over 20 pairs of old panties, there had been a few times I had fallen because of how hard it was to stay standing for so long, and each time I had fallen, it meant the ripping of my panties and the swift slap of another hand - or spatula or wooden plank, or whatever else was at hand - on my raw ass cheeks. With each pair they put on me and with each pair that broke, my knees would buckle more and more.

Finally, the stream had slowed to a trickle, and after ripping through a pair of purple panties with pink hearts on them, Kate reached into her bag one final time for a pair of yellow panties with little frills on the waistline and leg holes. As she slid it up my legs, I could feel this one wasn’t like the others - these were rubber panties.

“I hope you don’t rip this pair, Ashley,” she cooed, “who knows what we’d have to resort to if they do.”

Then I could hear the steady drip from the hose as the water fell drop by drop. Kate yanked hard on the panties to get the wedgie started strong and went back to the kitchen table to join the other girls. Moment after moment passed, and I could feel the five gallon jug getting ever so heavier by the second. At this point, I barely had the stamina to keep standing. After thirty or so minutes of waiting, my legs started wobbling again. It was everything I could do to keep standing. The rubber panties bit into my pussy and ass even more than all the others had. My only hope of a light at the end of the tunnel was that this pair, being rubber, would last longer than the rest, but surely, they would still give way if I fell.

Chloe seemed to notice my struggle, so she came over to me and picked up the wooden spoon that was still lying on the floor.

“Wow, Ashley, you sure are struggling, aren’t you,” she said, lightly slapping the backs of my calves. I grimaced as my legs threatened to collapse under me. Suddenly, a sharp crack on my ass told me that she had spanked me again. My knees buckled, but I kept standing.

Now, I could finally hear the drip of the hose stop. The water level had reached the tip of the hose and Kate’s rubber panties still gave no hints of going out. I felt my tippy toes start to leave the ground as the weight of the jug started to overpower my own weight. The only thing keeping me from shooting up and letting the jug fall was the friction of the rope against the light fixture. This torture went on for what seemed like an eternity, my feet inching ever higher up as Emma would spank me or slap me, or tickle my indefensible armpits, making me squirm even more.

But finally, Kate came over and announced that the jug was finally full. Just as I thought I was about to get let down, she jumped on the jug, spilling the water across the floor, sending me shooting up towards the ceiling from a rubber wedgie that just wouldn’t break.

She let go and I collapsed on the floor in the puddle. For a few moments, I just layed there in my rubber panties, water-logged socks and shirt, which was now see-through, giving all my teammates a glimpse of my hot pink push-up bra.

As I lifted my head up, I saw all my teammates taking pictures on their flip-phones and laughing at me. Finally, after trying to hold it back for hours, I started to really tear up. I didn’t understand why my teammates were being so mean to me.

“I hope this has been a lesson, Ashley,” Kate reprimanded, “You need to stop being such a bitch and putting yourself before the team.” The other girls chimed in, agreeing with her.

“Besides, Kate will make such a better team captain anyway,” Sara added in, as she ripped the tape off my mouth. “So, are you ready to start being a team player?”

“Fuck off you bitch!” I yelled at her, tears still streaming down my cheek, “I’ll still be team captain and when I am, I’ll kick all of you off the team.” I tried standing up and quickly fell back down on my knees since my legs were still weak and my hands were tied and taped in front of me.

“Well, I guess she hasn’t learned her lesson,” Kate cooed before she gestured to Chloe to hold my mouth shut while she and Sara put another piece of tape over my mouth. “Ashley, we were going to let things go after this, but if you still haven’t learned better, I guess we aren’t done yet. Bring her downstairs and I’ll get the rest of the stuff from the fridge.”

“I fucked up” I realized as I gulped.


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