Visit to a Neighbour 3

by Uto

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Visit to a Neighbour 3 .

It was early afternoon and Alice Kemp was preparing for a visit from her lover in her first floor apartment. Alice was in her very early forties, slim with a healthily active, almost girlish, look about her. She had a square attractive face and short fair hair. She was widowed, comfortably off and worked at a managerial job.

Her visitor-to-be, Henry, lived on the floor below. The two had been delightfully active lovers for over a year now. Oddly, their relationship had begun shortly before when Alice had been bound and gagged in a home invasion. One of her more talkative captors had known a great deal about the unsuccessful love life of her downstairs neighbour Henry. This had been determinedly and successfully followed up by her afterward and now they were now the happiest of bed companions.

Appropriately perhaps, in view of how their association had begun, they were now cautiously, but with growing enthusiasm, indulging in bondage. The same gang who had tied up Alice in her own bedroom had later raided another household in the area and she had spoken to one of the lady victims - and compared experiences.

This had progressed to the point where they now enlivened their own bondage couplings with imaginatively thought out scenarios in which both showed considerable talent. Such as the burglary of a potential old maid who deliberately taunts her captor, pointing out there is nothing worth taking in her home and he might as well reward himself in another direction - otherwise she might give a damningly detailed description of him. Or a kidnapped lady from a refined background in the hands of white slavers who plan to ship her off to where she will become a sexual plaything, and is being advised of what awaits her. 
Between them, they showed some great imagination.

As of lately, it had been Henry who had been calling the shots, tying up, and, on occasion, gagging Alice while they both acted out some pre discussed theme. Usually some mature, sexually deprived single female, desperately in need of a love experience. And ready to take advantage of whatever came her way. But today was going to be somewhat different.

Just before two pm Henry was in the hallway of Alice's floor. He was slightly older than her, a little taller, thin with a head of hair just greying ever so slightly. Quiet, unobtrusive, he was known to be in finance and understood to be well off. Prior this affair he had always been uncomfortable with women and he thought the relationship that had developed between them as the best thing that had ever happened to him.

He looked around cautiously and then headed for her doorway. If he met anyone, he would have kept going and told them he was on his way to the corporate manager's apartment on the third floor and continued on up to there. Both of the lovers took care to conceal their relationship as there were a few nosy busybodies in the building who loved a little salacious gossip. So far they had been completely successful. None of their neighbours suspected anything. In public the two did a little playacting. She formally called him "Mr Carey," he made out he could not always remember her name and often called her "Alison."

He reached his lover's door. A quick look each way and he was quietly and unobtrusively inside, Alice having unlocked it minutes before. As was their usual custom the pair embraced and kissed on the paved entrance way. Then, after locking the door securely, he was led by the hand into the lounge.

"Sit down darling," Alice smiled, indicating a solid heavy wooden framed armchair that had figured prominently in some of their bondage adventures in the past. Henry had bound her to it several times before caressing her moist genitals and then teasing her to orgasm. "Get comfortable dear." she said, "I'll get you a drink." This was a radical change. On previous occasions they usually did their lovemaking first, then had a couple of drinks. Sometimes, to mark a really successful love adventure they would both unobtrusively leave the building at different times, meet at a quiet secluded restaurant a couple of miles away and have a celebratory dinner. But today it seemed was going to be different.

Alice put two drinks on the coffee table in front of Henry's chair and then sat down on the armchair opposite. They picked them up, toasted each other and silently sipped them.  "There's been a change in my domestic situation," she began, "Right now I have a resident house guest living with me."

Henry at once showed interest. "Oh," he said quietly, "and will that affect our relationship?" he asked cautiously.

She smiled, "No, it won't. In fact it may well enhance it." She explained, "It's my niece Florence, seventeen years old, goes to the local co-ed high, does her graduate exams later this year. She'll be with me for a couple of months while her family's overseas. I've put her in the spare bedroom on the opposite the bathroom."

She went on in some detail. "She's something of a rebel, comes from a repressive, church-orientated family and quite literally welcomed a stay here to get away from the stifling home atmosphere. Her school studies have actually improved, even in the short time she's been here. Now every new idea she learns is no longer questioned by narrow, bigoted minds. For the first time she feels confident of doing well in her final exams. She says she wants to stay here forever, or anyway, at least until she graduates. She should go on to university and I personally think she'll do well in one of the professions."

Henry heard this with interest. He smiled, "How will she react to Aunt Alice's male friend? Which she's bound to find out about. Not to mention some of the things we get up to? Though I suppose we could keep that from her easily enough."

"That's what I want to talk to you about," Alice continued, "For a start she's got a serious boyfriend herself. A young man slightly older than she is, also doing his finals, and like her, should do well. He comes from a similar narrow minded, prudish, middle class background but isn't as likely to rebel against it as Florence. But he's her first love, as she is his, and that makes it special for both of them."

"She and I had a long intimate talk about it when she first came here. She can talk to me in a way she could never talk to her mother. Some time back, she'd wanted them to become each others' first love partners. And because of his conservative background he felt he couldn't. It seems his Victorian minded family didn't want them to have a serious relationship at all. Instead, about six years from now they were supposed to undergo a church sponsored and supervised courtship, then a very formal wedding and after that she would give up whatever she was doing and have several children. And then spend the best years of her adult life raising them. I couldn't think of a worse fate."

Henry smiled again, "You're probably right. That's been the downfall of many an intelligent woman."

"Well," Alice smiled too,"You'll be pleased to learn that it isn't likely to happen. To begin with, I've made sure she fully understands contraception. And then she found our box of bondage equipment. She didn't tell me at first. But, worldly wise girl that she is and despite having no personal experience herself, realised at once what we've been doing. Then she went one better than that. She decided to use it for her own ends."

Henry's eyes narrowed at this. "So what'd she do?"

"She invited her young man over here. It was the day we went to that country exhibition. The one we got back very late from. She chose the time well. She isn't stupid," Alice was full of admiration. "She entertained him right here in this very room. He was actually seated in that chair you're sitting in now. He didn't make a very impressive beginning. He was very listless. Said he was tired from football the day before."

Alice was elequent. "Can you possibly imagine it? A seventeen year old, healthy male, completely alone with an enthusiastic, attractive girl who loves him and wants them to have their first lovemaking experience and he goes on about sport? You wouldn't credit it."

Henry chuckled, "Sounds as if he lacks initiative."

"But she was equal to the occasion. She actually went along with it at first. Sympathised with him. Told him to lie back, close his eyes and rest a while. As you know, that's a comfortable chair. He even went to sleep for a few minutes. And then he was rudely awakened to find she was tying his wrists together behind the back of the chair. She'd hidden our box of bondage ropes and sashes under the table. She got his hands securely bound with his arms stretched around the wooden back rest. With one lashing she'd made him completely helpless. We both know that, don't we. You've tied me like that yourself, haven't you?" Henry nodded. This was getting interesting.

"From then on there was no more nonsense. She was in charge. He made a few protests at first but very wisely shut up after she dangled our ball gag in front of his nose. She remained calm, poised and completely self assured throughout. Speaking softly but firmly she told him he was wholly in her power, for her to do as she wished with him. And she was going to do just that. Until she chose to release him. He went along with this, seeing he had no choice in the matter. I can tell you Henry, I was quite pleased with my niece." Clearly Alice was proud of Florence.

"From there," recounted Alice, "She put our box of bondage ties on the table and set about tying him securely to the chair. All the time with a demure smile on her face. First she tied his legs above the knees to those wooden armrest supports you're resting your arms on. As we know, this has the effect of spreading the captive's legs wide apart. Then she tucked his feet outside and behind the chair's front legs and then knotted his ankles. This left him with his legs splayed wide and completely immoveable. We know that position, don't we Henry?" Henry smiled. "And finally she used a couple of our sashes to lash his waist to the chair back. All this left him securely bound and utterly helpless. Then she stood in front of him with her arms folded and just looked at him."

"She produced a camera and took some pictures, telling him that this was going to be recorded for posterity. He complained at this and had his face slapped to remind him who was in control, whereupon he shut up. And then she got down to business. She unzipped his jeans fully, undid the top button, unbuckled his belt and pulled the flaps wide open, exposing his underpants in all their pouched glory. She fondled the bulge and complimented him on its size. Sensibly by now, he'd given up protesting, simply putting his head back, closing his eyes and enjoying. Next she produced a pair of sharp nail scissors and cut his underwear from top to bottom and drew the severed cotton as far to each side as it would go, revealing his genitals completely."

Alice obviously enjoyed relating this and Henry was certainly more than interested. "She used her camera again and this time he was smart enough to keep his mouth shut. She even apologised for ruining his u.p.'s but reminded him that this was a milestone in his life and he could keep them as a souvenir. And then she set out in ernest to do what she'd planned to do."

"You've got to remember," reminded Alice, "That Florence had never had a love experience and was certainly completely new to bondage. Possibly, she'd had some advice from her peer group. It's a very advanced co-ed school they both go to. And she rose to the occasion superbly. She knelt before him and caressed his exposed penis which responded immediately. Within seconds he had a full throbbing erection which she continued to fondle and tease. Finally he had a full copious ejaculation, most of which she managed to catch in small plastic jar she had thoughtfully provided herself with. He shuddered and cried out while this was going on. For a girl who was doing this for the first time she  was going magnificently."

Henry was all ears. His partner smiled and proceeded. "I thought you'd like to hear this. Florence stopped and let him rest a while. She took some more photographs and then told him softly and deliberately what their future relationship was going to be. Not a lifetime commitment, but it was the first love for both of them, to be taken to mutual fulfilment and carried on sensibly and enjoyably for as long as they both desired." Alice paused and commented, "Which I thought was an extremely mature and adult of the girl, given the circumstances."

"I quite agree," murmured Henry, "She sounds like a very sensible, practical young lady."

"Indeed she is," continued Alice, "From there she let him rest a while and then, kneeling again, she teased him to a full erection once more and then, taking it into her mouth, she proceeded to fellate him. You've got to remember this was the first time she'd ever done this and yet within minutes she had him spurting like a fountain and crying out in ecstasy. After that he'd have done anything for her."

"She gave him some time to calm down. After all, by now he was heaving and shuddering and almost in a state of shock. She took this opportunity to take some final pictures and then hid the camera. Those images were going to be kept to provide memories for both of them. After about half an hour she gently untied him, stood him up and took him into the kitchen where they had a cup of coffee. They spoke together quietly for a while and then she led him into her bedroom. 
Here they wordlessly undressed and became each other's first lovers. Completely successfully she told me. Despite the two previous outpourings he proved to be a strong enough lad."

Alice concluded the narrative of her niece and her first love. "Since then he's been coming here once or twice a week. Sometimes they make limited use of our bondage equipment though usually not. They're not overdoing things at this stage, they've both got their school finals in a few weeks time. He visits, stays just long enough for a delightful coupling and then goes. So far they've never spent a full night together. Nothing to disrupt the continuance of their studies which, they agree, have priority for the moment. In reality their work has actually benefited from this relationship. At a time when good rest is very important they both sleep more soundly." She laughed, "No nights of sleepless frustration. Which she might have had back in the bosom of that narrow minded family. When the finals are over they'll go away on a quiet lover's trip together. None of these rowdy schoolies' drink and drug jaunts for them."

Henry looked pleased. "I'm glad things have worked out for the best. But why have you told me this in such detail? What's it going to do for our relationship as you've just told me?"

Alice was serious. "Henry, I've just told you how Florence and her young man have begun what is for both of them their first love experience. It is now a healthy, sensible ongoing relationship that will continue for some months, possibly years. The future? Nobody knows. Each may well have many love partners in life, but right now it's very special because this is the first for both of them. And they're both thankful that it began so well."

She continued. "And yet, in the very beginning, it looked as if it would never get off the ground, with the conservative upbringing he'd had, until she managed to get him tied to that chair you're sitting in. From that they've never looked back. Since then she and I have had several quiet womanly talks about bondage. We're no longer aunt and niece, nor even like mother and daughter. We're a couple of bondage mistresses discussing how we can skillfully enhance our pleasure. I've told her something, not too much, of our relationship and she was all ears." Alice laughed, "She'd thought we were too old." Henry laughed too.

"Then she made made a tentative proposition." Alice explained, "Henry darling, how'd you like to be tied up by myself, in the presence of a seventeen year old young lady?"

Henry was at once serious. "Alice, I'm not attracted to young girls. You know that. And I don't think our relationship is ready for an involved threesome, particularly with schoolgirls."

Alice explained, "She'll simply watch, she won't take any part. She wants to look on from a distance, and perhaps learn from my techniques, which you'll have to admit have become very subtle, with recent practise. She won't be present for any more than ten, fifteen minutes. Then she'll leave." She went on. "Think of it as a home invasion in which an older person and a young woman are both tied up and then put into different rooms. Only she won't be tied up and you will."

"Alright, then. So long as that's all it is."

"Very well," smiled Alice, "She knows you're coming. I'll get her." She left the room and returned a few minutes later with her niece.

Florence was a slim young woman, slightly shorter than Alice herself and with all the exuberant health of youth. Her pretty oval face was framed with fair hair, tied back in loose pony tail. She looked clear eyed and intelligent. She wore a white blouse, buttoned to the throat and a regulation dark blue tartan skirt.

Henry stood up as she entered the room and she walked over and gave him a welcoming kiss. "Hello Henry," she smiled, "Alice has told me about you. By coincidence my boy friend's name is Henry too."

Henry himself smiled, thinking how mature she appeared and noting that his own mistress was referred to by her given name, not 'Aunt Alice.' "I'm pleased to meet you Florence. And I in turn have learned something of you."

Alice took charge. She produced their box of bondage items and put it on the table near to Henry's chair. "Resume your seat Henry," she said "And you Florence, would you put this on please." Both parties then noticed she was holding an old fashioned, shiny blue rubber raincoat which she handed to her niece. Florence took it and examined it. The heavy waterproof fabric rustled as she handled it.

"I have noticed, Henry," Alice explained. "That you are excited by any items of ladies' wearing apparel made of rubber. Don't worry, quite a few men are like that. And it's more widespread than you might think. Florence will wear this while she watches me secure you. Think of yourself as a single bachelor whose home has been invaded by two lady bandits who plan to have a little fun with him as they as relieve him of his valuables." Florence had by now shaken out the blue waterproof and slipped her arms into the sleeves. It crackled softly as she buttoned it from bottom to top. Alice explained it was an old school issue waterproof.

"Do up the belt too," she ordered. This particular item was wide and secured by a large black buckle. It creaked as it was drawn tight and secured. This completed, Forence stood and smoothed down the blue waterproof fabric with her hands and then thrust them deep into the coat's large front pockets. She turned, looked directly at Henry and, raising a quizzical eyebrow, quietly asked, "OK?"

Henry had watched all of this with interest. He finally nodded and then asked, "Is that a standard school raincoat? It looks very old fashioned."

Florence smiled, "They're nylon these days. And they don't have belts any more. But they're still the same colour. These old ones kept the rain off alright but they were very hot and heavy."

Alice explained. "Actually, it's a relic from over twenty years back. My older sister's. They were going out of fashion then. But I've kept it. It's had its uses. And now, Henry, just relax and and I'll get on with the business. Florence, you make sure you're where he can see you at all times." Florence nodded. She paced slowly back and forth in front of the seated captive-to-be, her hands still in the raincoat pockets.

"After all," she said cheerfully, "We're a couple of female robbers tying up their male victim prior to their amusing themselves. However, only one of these miscreant ladies, that's myself, is going to do all of the work."

Alice set to work swiftly. She bound Henry's forearms to the wooden armrests. Next she secured his waist to to the lower part of the back of the chair firmly, pulling him well back in the seat. After that she lashed his legs to the armrest supports. Lastly, she tied his ankles to the lower parts of the the front legs. All this was done with strips of torn sheet. Florence watched this with interest, finally commenting it was much the same way she had bound her own Henry to the same piece of furniture some time ago. "Only you haven't gagged him," she commented.

"That'll come later, I want to talk to him before that." She reached down, unzipped her partner's fly and caressed his genitals, already straining within the comfort pouch of his underpants. "And now young lady, you've seen how an old professional ties her lover. It's time you withdrew. There are some things I now wish to do in private. And please take that raincoat off before you go."

Florence smilingly complied. "I've got a couple of hours heavy study to do. And then my Henry will drop in on his way home from the library. We'll indulge for a brief hour or so and then he'll be on his way. It's been a long hard day for each of us and it'll be a delightful nightcap that'll make us both sleep more soundly." She draped the removed raincoat over Henry's shoulder as he sat in the armchair. She gave her aunt a goodnight kiss, turned to her bound partner, planted a kiss on his forehead and playfully pinched his cheek. "Goodnight darlings," she said, "Enjoy yourselves. As I'm sure you will." She smiled impishly at them both and left the room.

"Goodnight dear," Alice called after her. She picked up the raincoat and slowly and deliberately put it on herself. It was a slightly tighter fit than on the more girlish Florence but comfortable. The shiny blue rubberized fabric was pulled tightly and firmly as she did up the belt. She smoothed the waterproofed material carefully with both hands, eliminating all wrinkles. "And now, my friend," she said, turning to the bound and helpless Henry, "It's time to turn my attention to you."

"Firstly, we have something to discuss." Henry looked up at her. She pulled up the other armchair similar to the one he was seated in and sat down facing him. Her raincoat crackled softly. "I think it's time we came out of the closet. For a start we can be seen together. We can at least enter and leave the building in each other's company. And if some of the old busybodies around here see and disapprove, they can go to the devil."

Henry closed his eyes, leaned back and smiled beatifically. He did not trust himself to speak at first. While she was talking, Alice had manipulated his throbbing, very eager member out of its cotton pouch and was gently, tenderly and oh so very expertly, teasing and arousing it. Her partner sighed with contentment and, helplessly tied as he was, simply began to writhe gently and to enjoy himself to the fullest.

He was not entirely without speech. At one stage he found his voice sufficiently to make a comment. "When I was Florence's age, I wish I'd had an Aunt Alice like you."

Alice smiled to herself. She had already made up her mind to give Henry the orgasm of his life.


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