Visit to a Neighbour 4

by Uto

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Storycodes: FM; rom; cabin; discovery; Solo-F; prisoner; escape; drink; FF/m; scenario; bond; rope; bedtie; gag; tease; sex; oral; climax; cons; X

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Visit to a Neighbour 4.

It was late afternoon on a cloudy Autumn afternoon and a car was travelling westward to a cottage in the western mountains. In it were two people we already know. 

One was Alice. Early forties, trim figure, firm athletic build with a square, pleasant face and short fair hair. She was long divorced. The other was Henry Carey. A little older than his companion, he was slightly taller, thin and with hair just starting to grey. He was quiet, somewhat shy and, until he had met the woman beside him, had not always been at ease with women. That had now changed. 

The two lived on different levels in the same apartment complex and were secret lovers. This had come about over a year ago when Alice had been the victim of a home invasion of her apartment in which she had been overpowered, bound and gagged. Her captors had known something of Henry’s visits to prostitutes in a nearby area and a talkative lady gang member had regaled her with details of his less than successful efforts there.

The upshot of this was that Alice had later confronted Henry about this information. When he got over his embarrassment and anger, the two settled down to resolve his problems. And the very pleasing result was that the pair became successful and happy lovers. Though they coupled regularly, they kept it secret, their apartment building being a nest of petty minded gossips.

Despite the precautions they were obliged to take they had been adventurous and expanded their lovemaking. One way they had gone was bondage, possibly related to the home invasion that had indirectly led to their relationship in which Alice had been tied up and firmly gagged. They delighted in working out new methods and scenarios. A recent one being the old maid, living alone, who deliberately provokes an invading burglar who has just bound her in the hope he will meet her desires.

And today they were on their way to a small holiday cottage which Henry had inherited from an old uncle some years ago. It was at the end of a small, sparsely settled cul-de-sac in a remote mountain suburb. This bungalow was compact, well appointed and bush grew on three sides of it, ensuring privacy. Behind was a wide low ridge, heavily forested and several miles wide. In short it was perfect for two devoted lovers who wanted a few happy days together.

It was late in the day when they parked the car in the driveway in front of their trysting-place to be. They crossed the porch to the front door. To their surprise it was unlocked.

“The managing agent knew we were coming up,” Henry said quietly. “In fact he said he’d have a quick look to see everything was OK and switch on the hot water. Even so, he’s not supposed to leave it like this. Anyone could walk in.” The two looked at each other, then softly opened the door and entered.

The lounge-dining room immediately inside seemed alright. Nothing out of order. They walked quietly across it. 

In the kitchen behind it they noticed something. A cup and saucer, recently used for a coffee, had been carefully rinsed and neatly placed on the sink drainer. “The agent wouldn’t have done this,” commented Henry.

The bathroom on the other side of the hallway contained more evidence of a visit. The shower recess had been used and a damp towel was on the rail. Hanging on a wall peg was a grey rubberised rain jacket and a pair of mud stained black leather shoes placed carefully  beneath it. 

What really attracted their attention was a thick, dark blue denim uniform, quite wet, the hem frayed and stained with clay. This bedraggled item had been folded and neatly laid out on the wicker dirty clothes box. Alice picked it up, unfolded it, looked at it closely and then turned to Henry. “Mass produced, government issue I’d say,” she said.

“Yes,” he agreed, “Prison issue.” They both looked at each other.

Both of them knew there was a woman’s penitentiary on the other side of the timbered ridge behind the property. About eight miles away through thick forest. And they knew it had been raining up here today.

They moved to the bedroom and this held the answer. A woman lay in their bed, her shoulder length black hair, recently washed was spread over the pillow. Her underwear, grey and presumably also standard issue, was arranged carefully on the bedside table. Their visitor was neat, if nothing else. Silently they stood inside the door of the room.

Somehow the sleeper sensed their presence. She jerked awake and her eyes popped open. She sat up and clutched the sheet and doona cover over her chest. They saw she was perhaps in her mid thirties, had a smooth oval face and deep blue eyes. Both reflected she would have looked quite attractive, if only her clean, but very untidy black hair were combed. Both parties stared at each other for some seconds. 

Alice spoke first. “Good afternoon. You’re visiting us I see. Just passing through, we assume?” The woman nodded.

It was Henry’s turn. “We’re not interested where you came from and we have noticed you’ve been very careful with our things. Perhaps we can help you on your way.” He hesitated and then said, “We won’t report this.” Again the woman nodded. A faint suggestion of a smile touched her lips.

“And besides,” Alice also smiled, “By the looks of your blue outfit in the bathroom, what you need is a completely different set of clothes if you’re going to pass through to anywhere.”

The woman spoke for the first time. Her voice was deep and rich. “I do.” She went on apologetically. “I picked this place because it looked like a little used holiday cottage. I had hoped to be long on my way, suitably dressed, before anyone knew I’d been here. But,” she went on ruefully, looking at the bedroom wardrobe, “I see there’s no clothing here. I’ll have to take my chances with my denim special.”

“Perhaps we can help you there,” said Alice. “We’ve got a box of some of my old clothes out in the car. We were going to give it to the local op shop. They’ve got a big one up here. I’ll go and get it.” She hurried out of the room leaving Henry with the newcomer. 

These two looked at each other for some minutes. Finally Henry said, “I know I said that we had no interest where you came from but,” here he shrugged, “We’re also aware there’s a government establishment on the other side of the ridge.” He nodded toward the bush at the rear of the property, visible through the window. 

The visitor made no effort to hide it. “Lachlansdale Womens Correction Centre. And you’re right. I’m from there.” It was her turn to shrug and she also smiled. “I suppose it’s pretty obvious,” she nodded toward the bathroom which held her tattered prison uniform. 

Henry continued smiling. “Like I said. We’re not interested in where you're from or how you came to be there either. And, as already stated, possibly we can help you move on.” And at that moment Alice returned, carrying a large cardboard carton which she placed on the bed.

“Here,” she said, opening it. She took out a thick woollen skirt, a couple of long sleeved white blouses and a warm ladies’ cardigan. All used but good quality. Alice did not stint herself when it came to apparel. “I think we’d be about the same size. She looked at the occupant of the bed. “Nothing new or stylish I’m afraid.” 

“Perfect,” smiled the woman. “Style, or anything that might draw attention, is just what I don’t need.” She fingered the texture of the skirt, “Do you mind if I put it on now?” 

“Do so,” said Alice. "You want us to leave the room?”

“It doesn’t matter," grinned the visitor. “Where I’ve come from privacy's something of a luxury. Stay if you wish.” 

They stayed. They simply turned their backs and faced the doorway. The woman slipped out of bed. She was naked as both had suspected. In a trice she had donned her neatly laid out underwear, then the skirt, next one of the blouses and finally a pair of thick winter socks from the carton. She stood on the bedside rug, hands on hips and asked, “How do I look?”

They turned and looked. “Great,” said Alice. “And now we all need something to eat.” She asked, “And after that. How do you propose to move on?” 

“Well, if I could get to a train station. I could travel by rail if I had a headscarf and dark glasses. I’ve got friends to the west, in the upper mountains. I only wish I could get to a phone.”

“We’ve got a phone. In the lounge.” 

“I know.” She smiled, “I tried it. It doesn’t work.”

Henry smiled also, “That’s because of the security lock. I’ll unlock it.” He turned to the door. “Do you want to make a call now?” 

“Could I?” The two left the room together. Alice busied herself re-making the bed. 

Henry returned some minutes later. “She’s calling someone now.” He helped Alice finish the bed.

“I know something of the place she's come from,” he said as he pulled the doona  straight, “It’s not a big institution. Minimum security. They don’t have anyone bad there. No serial killers or psychopaths. It’s even used as a half-way house for long term prisoners due to be released.” He moved closer to Alice and spoke quietly, “I was talking to her by the phone. She’s intelligent, educated. I’d say she was there for white collar crime.” At that moment the visitor returned to the bedroom. Her face was beaming. 

“I got through to my people,” she explained, “The good news is they’ve arranged for a car to pick me up. The bad news is that it won’t be here till just before midnight. That means another five hours or so. Is it OK if I stay that long?”

"We could manage that,” said Alice. “And we can fill in part of the time having dinner. I don’t know about you but we’re famished.”

“Thank you,” she hesitated, “I should introduce myself. My name’s Louise.” Alice gave both their names. The visitor insisted on going back to the bathroom and combing her hair. As her hosts had suspected she looked quite attractive when properly groomed. 

Within ten minutes all three were busy in the kitchen preparing a meal using the food Alice and Henry had brought with them. In an hour they were sitting down to eat it in the dining area. There was a bottle of good red wine to wash it down with and a warming fire had been lit in the stone fireplace. Louise had placed her damp, mud smeared shoes from the bathroom near this to dry in the heat. 

Much, much later they were sitting in front of this warmth to drink three final cups of coffee. Their visitor became expansive. 

“I didn’t think I’d be in a situation like this when I woke up this morning.” Possibly under the influence of the wine, Louise was prepared to talk about the place she had escaped from. Perhaps she felt she owed it to her helpful hosts to fill in some details. And maybe she sensed they would never talk about her stay with them. 

It seemed her last days in the penitentiary had not been pleasant. One of the warders had taken to bullying her. On what was ultimately to be her last day this woman had her in her private quarters doing housework. Something, the visitor said, she was not supposed to do, there was staff to do that. After incessant hectoring she had finally slapped Louise’s face over the folding of one of her sheets. And her victim had instinctively hit her and knocked her unconscious.

“After that,” sighed Louise, “There was no going back. Striking an officer on my record? I’d do extra time for that. And get hell from all the other warders. She wasn’t out for long and I used the time to tear her precious sheet into strips and tie her up with them.” Alice and Henry heard this with interest.

“She’d fallen on to a bed, face down. First I tied her wrists behind her back with a good wide strip and secured them with a solid reef knot. Next, I lashed her arms to her sides with several more strips. Then I turned her over, pushed up the hem of her uniform and started to tie her legs together above the knees. At that point she regained consciousness.” 

“‘What do you think you’re doing?’ She asked. A stupid question but then she wasn’t too bright at times."

“I said, ‘It’s perfectly clear what I’m doing, Harriet dear, I’m tying you up.' She didn’t like her given name and hated anyone, least of all an inmate, using it. She was always ‘Miss Hensch’ to other warders and prisoners alike. And to be called ‘dear’ by me, whom she had it in for, was the last straw.” 

“A torrent of most un-ladylike abuse followed. I smiled at her, which made her more angry and finished binding her thighs firmly.” 

"This done I sat her up on the bed. She continued to rail against me, telling me what I could expect for what I’d done. I said sweetly, ‘You’re really too uncouth, Harriet darling. Time to gag you.’ And with that I lifted her onto her feet and steered her towards the bathroom. With her legs bound above the knees she could only walk with short, hobbling steps but with me to hold her and guide her, she made it. All the time I was treated to some really prime language. After what I’d had to put up with from her over the last few days I was enjoying myself.”

“Once in the bathroom I found a damp face washer, folded it and pushed them into her big fleshy mouth. I made sure it stayed there by tying a wide strip of sheet over the lower part of her face and knotting it at the back of her neck. ’There Harriet’ I told her ‘You were really too noisy.’ She glared at me over her gag and mewed furiously. If looks could kill, I’d have been dead on the spot.” 

“I pushed her back into her bedroom. Forced her to stand in front of the wardrobe and tied her ankles and calves with the last strips of sheet. Then I pushed her inside and made her lie down on her shoes and some folded items of clothing. Then told her to keep quiet and shut the door on her.” 

Alice spoke at this point. “You locked her in her own wardrobe?” 

“It didn’t have a lock or even a catch. Just simply sliding doors. I knew she’d work out how to slide them open from the inside and get out. Then, bound and gagged as she was, she’d be be able to stand up and jump, hobble or otherwise wriggle out of her rooms into the main part of the jail. Either that or her absence would be noticed and someone would come looking for her. But that would take time and by then I'd be long gone.”

"I had a quick look round her quarters and took a few personal items and what money I could find. Lastly I put on her rubberised jacket, the one that’s hanging in your bathroom. I could see the rain starting. No one saw me leave the rear of the warder’s quarters and slip away into the bush at the back. And, from there,” she smiled at her hosts, “As they say, 'the rest is history.'” Louise drank her coffee.

Henry asked, “Did you have much trouble getting through the forest to here?” 

“Very little. It rained, but I had Harriet’s rain jacket. I found a fire trail that ran over the ridge, ultimately to the end of your cul-de-sac and arrived here in the early afternoon.” She smiled, "I was hoping to find a household occupied by single lady, living alone, perhaps retired or widowed. I planned to tie her up and gag her, get cleaned up in her bathroom and outfit myself in some of her clothes. Then I'd have something to eat and get on my way as soon as I could.”

Henry commented, “There are only two one woman households in this whole cul-de-sac and they’re down the far end. Mostly, they’re weekenders or family homes.”

Louise grimaced, “I wanted nothing to do with children.” But then she smiled, “So it’s just as well I came here. Wasn't it?” All three laughed. They sat and enjoyed the warmth. 

They finished their coffee. Louise said they had several hours before her transport arrived. They were silent for a while. Then Alice spoke, “It seems to me you’ve had an interesting day. You left one place this morning, leaving a woman bound and gagged behind you. You arrived here prepared to overpower, tie up and gag another and steal her clothes. You seem quite ready to tie women up.” 

Henry looked at her. It is possible he disapproved of this remark. But Louise answered cheerfully, “It’s essential I get to these friends of mine in the west. And I’ll do whatever is necessary to get there. But I assure you I’m not in the habit of doing it all the time. Though,” she smiled, “I have had some practice at it."

She continued. “As it is, I’m very grateful I met you both. Thank you for your kindness and help. I can’t do anything now but some day I'll repay you. I certainly won’t forget it.” 

She looked archly at Alice, “And speaking of tying people up. Well I might tell you when I first arrived here I found in your bedroom wardrobe a box of ropes, sashes, cloth strips and a couple of ball gags. Bondage equipment if ever I saw it. It would appear you indulge from time to time yourselves.” She laughed. 

Both Alice and Henry looked non-plussed. They had forgotten about their own cache of bondage items. Henry took it upon himself to explain, without going into detail, how they did indulge occasionally. He sounded somewhat embarrassed.

Louise laughed again. “No need to be apologetic. I might remind you of where I’ve just come from. I’m not unfamiliar with the practice myself.” 

She explained. “It’s a society consisting almost entirely of women. There’re a few men in admin but otherwise it’s a mostly female community. And they have the same needs and urges as ladies anywhere. And many of them do what they can to help each other out. Not all of them like the practices but needs must when Nature drives. And some have difficulty. They can only achieve orgasm when they’re restrained in some way. That means tied up. And that’s where the practices you’ve been indulging in come in.”

Alice and Henry listened with interest as Louise went on. “And some have learned techniques which have been highly useful to them when they get back into the mainstream.” She paused and looked at her two listeners. “I’ve no doubt you two have your own favourite scenarios. As we had back there.” 

After some hesitation they began to talk. Perhaps they sensed that this visitor, interesting companion as she was proving to be, would pass out of their lives forever in a few hours and it did not matter what was said. Neither of the two parties would ever talk to anyone else about this meeting.

And so the conversation turned to bondage scenarios. Henry and Alice found they could talk to Louise about the subject which they could not to anyone else of their acquaintance. They mentioned some of the themes they had explored, some of which they were secretly proud of. They were, it seemed, not devoid of creative imagination. And she in turn spoke of some of the practices and stimulations of her recent place of residence. The exchange became increasingly interesting. Alice brought out a bottle of wine and three glasses.

Discussion finally centred around a possible scene of fantasy which might be enacted. A couple of lady burglars have invaded the household of lonely bachelor. They would overpower him, attain their objective and then, time being available, they would amuse themselves with him. This would give him some pleasurable sensations which would also have the effect of leaving him so embarrassed he could not give a full account of what had happened and so improve their chances of not being caught. It gave them all great deal of amusement.

By now the bottle of wine was almost gone and by common consent the trio were ready to act out this drama themselves. They adjourned to the bedroom. The box of bondage equipment was pulled out and placed beside the bed. The two girls made Henry stand on the bedside lambswool rug and stripped him of his shoes and clothing. Meticulously tidy Louise made sure these were neatly folded on the chest of drawers and the footwear carefully placed against the wall.

“Now,” she said, giving the orders, “I’ll tie his wrists to the bed. I’ve had some experience at this.There’s an art to it. You, Madam," this to Alice," Undress and prepare yourself to take advantage of this poor home invasion victim. I’ve seen those tubes in the bedside drawer.” She seemed to know everything about their bedroom. “You, Sir,” to Henry, “Allow me to secure you.”

She seized him by the upper arms, made him to sit on the bed and then forced him to lie flat on his back. In a trice she had pulled his arms up and lashed both wrists to the upper bed posts with ties from the box. Judging by the speed and efficiency with which she did this she clearly had experience.

Alice by now had divested herself of her clothes and was generously lubricating her vaginal orifice from one of the tubes of jelly. She watched Louise stretch her partner on the bed and slip a pillow under his bottom. Then she saw her seize and manipulate his organ,  deftly stimulating it to full extent and then smearing it with content from the other tube in the drawer. 

“Onto the bed, Alice dear,” she ordered, without turning her head, ”And kneel with your knees each side of his legs and then be ready to receive him.” 

Alice did this and Louise took her upper torso in her arms and lowered her onto her straining partner. “Gently, gently,” she smiled as she guided Henry’s straining manhood into its rightful place. Never before had the two lovers joined so quickly, smoothly and deeply. Alice closed her eyes, laid her cheek on that of her partner and began to moan softly. Her companion grunted and thrust upward against her weight. 

Louise looked with satisfaction at this successful love joining. Softly, she took a folded light counterpane from beside the bed and draped it over the engaged pair. She switched on a muted beside lamp, knelt and whispered into the ears of the striving lovers, “I’ll withdraw now children. After this it’s up to you.”

And withdraw she did, switching off the bedroom light and closing the door.

She went out into the lounge room and picked up her clay stained shoes from beside the fire. They were now dry. She took them out to the laundry annex at the rear and brushed them clean. Her footwear was ready for the next stage of her journey.

Returning to the lounge she took a book from a small bookcase, pulled up a comfortable chair and began to read in front of the fire.

After nearly an hour she went to the bedroom and peered in discreetly. Henry was lying with his eyes closed, obviously satiated. His wrists were still bound. Alice was awake with her eyes open, snuggled up beside him. She beckoned to the visitor, “Come in. Put on the light.”

“It was one of our best times,” she told Louise, “You know, I’m really glad we met you.”

“Pleased to be of service,” smiled their mentor. “It’ll be a while before my car arrives. Perhaps I can help you even more.” She nodded at Henry, ”Your man seems a pretty strong boy. Have you ever fellated him?” 

Alice looked bemused. Louise explained, “Sucked him off. What the Americans call a blow job.” 

“I’ve thought about it but never actually suggested it. I don’t know how he’d take it.”

“Well right now he’s in a position where he’ll have to take it from me,” she smiled, “You OK with it?” Alice nodded. 

Louise prepared. She went into the bathroom and came back with wet face washer. Then she snatched a long sash from the bondage box, swiftly tied Henry’s ankles together and lashed them to the bed footboard. His eyes opened. Lastly she pulled out a ball gag and thrust into his mouth. “You’ll be better silenced for this, Darling,” she murmured as she buckled the strap at the back of his neck. The subject of her ministrations looked more puzzled than anything. She moved to the side of the bed opposite Alice. 

“And now we begin.” Louise flung back the counterpane over Henry’s midriff and deftly wiped his wet, slippery penis with the wet face cloth. He grunted in amazement. Next she she manipulated it tenderly and expertly. “See how he rises to the occasion,” she laughed, “Oh, isn’t he a strong lad. Look how it swells.” Alice was by now sitting up on her side of the bed, watching in fascination.

She lowered her mouth over the throbbing digit and using tongue and teeth expertly began to give Henry the time of his life. Meanwhile using her fingers to caress the insides of his thighs. Her subject bucked and heaved in ecstasy. If it hadn’t been for the ball gag he’d have been heard a mile away. 

She skilfully prolonged it for as long as she could until Henry erupted in the greatest orgasm he had ever had. He sank back exhausted and only partly conscious. Louise whispered to Alice, “Help me untie him, then embrace him and let him come back to earth in your arms. Don’t say anything. Just hold and caress him.” 

She untied Henry’s ankles, put the sash carefully away in the box and then left the room.

About an hour later all three were sitting in the lounge room around the fire. Henry was fully dressed, Alice was wearing a belted dressing gown and Louise, still wearing the clothes she had been given, had put on the rubberised rain jacket she had worn on her journey here. It was almost midnight. They were quietly drinking the last of the bottle of wine.

Louise had brought in her now almost dry uniform from the bathroom and, using a pair of kitchen shears, had cut it into pieces and put them one by one onto the flames. Soon it was ashes. “The last vestige of my stay,” she said, “There’s nothing to show I was ever here at all.”

She went on, “My car will be here shortly and soon I’ll be with my people.” She went on about her probable future. “They’ll have me out of the country in about ten days. If I come back I’ll have a foolproof new identity and a new name.” She laughed, “Louise will have been reported as officially dead from misadventure, probably in some remote third world country.”

“It’ll be a new start. As to another name, well I rather like the letter ‘L,’ I’m used to it. Perhaps something like ‘Lara’ or ‘Lauren.’" 

Henry said with smile, “Or maybe Lolita?”

All of them were literate enough to get a laugh out of this.

The doorbell rang. 

All three went to answer it. Henry switched on the porch light and opened the front door. 

A woman stood there. She was of average height, thin, narrow faced and wearing a headscarf tied firmly under her chin. She wore tinted glasses had a belted raincoat buckled tightly around her. Louise at once stepped forward and wordlessly embraced her. Her own rubberised jacket rustled against the caller’s waterproof. 

The new arrival spoke, “I won’t come in. It’s imperative we get on our way at once.”

Louise turned, stood beside her and faced her hosts of the last few hours. She moved toward Henry, put her arms around him and kissed him. Then she hugged Alice firmly, nuzzling her and whispered in her ear, “Look after him.” 

She stepped back, faced the couple and said, “Goodbye, possibly we’ll meet again. Thank you again for your help.” The two turned, walked down the porch steps, along the path to a car parked in a patch of shadow some yards away. They got in and drove off. Alice and Henry watched it pass under a street light at the beginning of the cul-de-sac.

Henry said, “It’s cold out here, and starting to rain. We’d better get inside,” They did this, switching off the porch light. “I wonder if we’ll ever see her again?” 

“Perhaps. Who knows," said Alice.



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