Visit to a Neighbour 2

by Uto

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Storycodes: M/f; FMM/f; robbery; captives; bond; gag; teased; lesb; mast; sex; climax; rom; reluct/cons; X

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Visit to a Neighbour 2.

Alice Kemp was sitting in the lounge of her comfortable, well furnished apartment unit. It was on the first floor of a block in what would be called a good middle class area.

She herself was forty two, fit, and still had a slim, somewhat girlish figure. Her square, pleasant face was framed by short, fair hair. She was long divorced, comfortably off and held a reasonably well paying managerial job. This evening she was waiting for a visit from her friend Henry, whom she knew would call at exactly eight pm.

Henry Carey lived on the floor below. Though both had lived in the building for years, until six months ago they had hardly known each other. About that time Alice had been victim of a home invasion in which she had been bound and gagged by three professional criminals. 

During this she had learned a great deal about her neighbour downstairs from a talkative lady member of the gang who tied her up. 

Afterwards, she had confronted Henry with this knowledge, much of it about his less than successful efforts with prostitutes in a neighbouring suburb. The gang member herself had contacts with the trade and had known about his failures from members of the fraternity. 

Henry had been very embarrassed and somewhat annoyed that this had become known but Alice had persisted because she could see that here was an opportunity that they could both benefit from. She had acted decisively and successfully and the result was they became effectively practicing lovers. A situation both found very satisfactory. They now enjoyed discreet visits to each others' apartments once or twice a week. By mutual agreement they kept this secret from the rest of the residents of the building.

Seconds after eight o'clock Henry, quietly and unobserved, entered his love partner's apartment which had been left unlocked for him a few minutes before. As was their practice, he secured the door behind him. 

He was a thin man, somewhat taller and slightly older than her. Hair beginning to go grey, he was in finance and generally thought to be well off. He was by nature a shy reticent man, often ill at ease with women, hence his lack of success with prostitutes and he privately considered the events which had followed from Alice's being bound and robbed half a year ago the best thing that had ever happened to him.

Alice stood up as he entered and the two embraced and kissed, as was now their custom on meeting. After a few exchanged pleasantries Henry had some news to tell. He began, "It looks as if as if we have the makings of a crime wave here Alice. A couple of miles from here. A home invasion and robbery in which a coin collection was taken, something like your silver but more valuable this time. Worth nearly a million. A gang entered a private home, tied up, gagged the two middle aged lady owners and took the coins. It sounded exactly like the lot that robbed you."

"I know," smiled Alice, "And it was the same gang. That is a fact."

"You know about this?" Henry was surprised, "How is that?"

"I have a friend over in East Belmont who lives just two doors from where it happened. And I was over there yesterday and got the whole story. It's the talk of the local neighbourhood."

Alice explained, "The same gang. The same modus operandi. The woman knocked on the door. One sister opened it, the other was away from home at the time. The same routine. The men went straight to the room where the coin collection was. Which was conveniently attached to light wooden trays which also conveniently fitted into the flat canvas bags they'd thoughtfully brought with them. The woman took the surprised householder into a bedroom to tie her up and gag her."

Henry nodded. "Pretty much what they did to you when they took your silverware, from what you told me."

"Exactly the same. Except that their coins were valuable. Worth about a million. My silver, for all its age wasn't worth much. One theory in this case is a coin dealer gone wrong. Somebody who's hired these people and later plans to sell the coins quietly in small lots on the open market, possibly outside the country. Anyway, this lady ended up securely bound, tightly gagged and tied to her own bed. Just like I was when they'd finished."

This brought a faint smile to Henry's face. "You mentioned there was a delay in your case. At least an hour while they got your safe, which they'd jammed, open and your lady captor obligingly used the time to tease you to orgasm."

It was Alice's turn to smile. "Not once, but twice," she reminded Henry. But then went on with more details of this recent robbery which had not been mentioned in the local press. It seemed the trio had packed up the goods and were about to leave when the other sister came back unexpectedly. Whereas the first lady had submitted passively to being tied up, this one had fought them and it took all three to subdue her. But she ended up being bound up and gagged like her sibling. Oddly, she had resisted them in silence and never once screamed.

"And while I was there visiting this second sister who had been involved in this coin robbery actually dropped in." Alice went on. 

"Living two houses away, she knew my friend well. Very well, it appears." She paused knowingly, "I'd say they were confidantes who tell each other everything."

Alice went on. "Since we were there together, my friend introduced us. Somewhat jokingly, she said we had one thing in common, we'd both been victims of recent home invasions in which we'd been bound, gagged and robbed. I said at once it was certainly the same gang and at that, the woman looked at me long and hard."

"She was the younger of the pair. Just past forty, I'd say. Trim, firm body, square pleasant looking face, short brown hair, possibly tinted.  She looked alert, vigorous and on the ball, after all she'd been the one who'd had the courage to fight those characters. The other had meekly submitted to being tied up. And, as mentioned, when she heard I'd been overpowered and made helpless by them she looked very closely at me." she smiled at Henry. "And you of course know what that woman did to me when she had me at her mercy. Don't you?"

Henry nodded. He wondered where this was leading.

She continued. "As I've told you, they're middle aged spinsters in their early forties. Middle class, but coming down in the world. The family fortune slowly diminishing.  Expensive schooling, but ill educated for all that and trained for nothing. It'd be snobbishly unacceptable to their genteel social class for them to do anything with their hands, much less marry a tradesman who did something with his. The limited number of eligible men in their own social strata no longer think of them as worth the trouble. In short, they're both on their way to becoming a couple of elderly old maids. But," Alice said this carefully, "I got the feeling this one resented this - and was ready to fight against it."

"At this moment, my friend who'd introduced us got an expected interstate phone call which was going to take a long while to answer. 

She excused herself and went to take it in another room. Leaving me and this recent robbery victim lady alone. As we were for the next twenty five minutes. And we had a very interesting exchange."

"We seated ourselves in two chairs facing each other where we could talk quietly," Alice went on. She had Henry's full attention. "This younger sister didn't waste any time. She stated, 'So this woman criminal had you tied and gagged on your own bed for an hour while her friends worked to get your safe open?' I said that was what happened. 

Then she said 'I got the impression she was a lesbian. I told her,' I thought that too.' She looked at me long and hard and then began to ask 'And did she, ah..?' I didn't wait for her to elaborate, I smiled and said 'Yes, she did' and then asked 'And did she do the same for you?' To which the answer was 'No, she didn't. Not with me.  But she did to my sister, whom she had tied up first.' A smile appeared on her face as she told this 'Poor Marjorie, (her sister's name apparently) I don't think she'll ever get over it. Naturally we didn't say a word to the police about it. And definitely not to the papers.'"

The story went on. Alice said, "This woman and I got quite friendly. I learned something about her background and probable lonely future and even felt sorry for her. Then she talked about actually struggling with her attackers and I began to get the feeling she had looked on this intrusion as an opportunity to make a physical contact. An intimate social contact, of a sort. That was why she had attacked the two men, almost at first sight."

"She told me herself," Alice related, "She said, 'I went at them without hesitation. With arms and hands. And I didn't waste any breath screaming or yelling. And caught them completely by surprise. But they were stronger and overpowered me. They held me while the woman tied me up.'"

At that this stage the robbery had taken a new turn. During the removal of the coin collection the two men had found a small safe, which they assumed held more coins, but which they had been unable to open. Alice went on, "At that stage the second sister was standing in front of them, her arms and legs bound with many strips of cloth, when they asked her how to open it. By now the men were feeling they'd been there too long and weren't inclined to waste any more time. They loudly threatened to assault her physically, even sexually, if she didn't tell them. She was very excited as she told me this Henry. And do you know what her answer was?"

Alice went on, "She said she laughed in their faces and told them to go ahead and do just that, then she'd tell them the combination. This it seems, rocked those two professionals back on their heels. They were speechless. But then their lady partner, who it seemed was a little more intuitive than them, whispered quietly for one of them to just do it - that it would be the quickest way to get the safe open. I later learned it was empty anyway".

"And so", the story unfolded, "The trio unbound the legs of this, by now, very excited maiden lady, took her into a bedroom where her skirt and underwear were removed. The woman and one man had the grace to come out shortly after, leaving the two in privacy. And thus was the safe combination obtained, though it was of no benefit to the intruders. Of course no mention of how the information was extracted was made to either police or press."

"And that," concluded Alice, "Was the story of how two middle aged ladies were relieved of a valuable item during a home invasion."

Henry had listened in silence. Finally he said, "An interesting story. That poor woman."

Alice misunderstood this, "I know I said their joint fortune was diminishing, but they weren't on the breadline. The collection was fully insured and the company will have to pay up. They'd inherited it and yet under the crazy terms of the will, were prevented from disposing of it. Now they'll have the value in cash and will be actually better off in the sense they can do what they like with it."

"I didn't  mean financially," said Henry firmly, "I meant that deplorable situation where a woman is so starved of physical contact with a man that she'll attack a couple of house intruders with her bare hands just to touch another human being. They were probably armed and she might well have been injured or beaten up."

Alice understood now. "I see what you mean. And it is sad when you think about it. But then it's not so different from the situation you and I were both in six months ago, when, very coincidently the same gang, indirectly, brought us together. Though," she smiled here, "I wasn't so desperate that I'd fight professional criminals barehanded."

"Which," concluded Henry, "Simply shows how desperately lonely she really was. I repeat - the poor woman. Anyway, how did it end? How did these two bound and gagged old girls get free after their attackers had gone?"

"Quite simple," concluded Alice. "They remained tied up for about an hour and then the younger one, the one who'd fought them and been forcibly made love to, managed to get loose and untied the other. 

Together, they called the police. She made no mention of the little episode in the bedroom. Just said she'd been frightened by their threats and given the safe combination at once."

"About the same length of time as yourself," recalled Henry, "You were left tied up for about an hour before your cleaning lady found you and released you."

"Pretty much," agreed Alice, "Except that I didn't struggle much. I knew Mrs Pitt would arrive on time and I was relatively comfortable. 

That woman was a real professional who knew how to tie someone up securely without causing too much discomfort. And furthermore," she smiled, "I was in a state something approaching bliss after the two orgasms she'd given me."

"Indeed," smiled Henry, and then he spoke, wondering if he was saying the right thing. "And how would your lover's embraces feel if you were similarly bound and gagged now?" He was not sure how she would react to this.

He need not have worried. In reply, she said agreeably, "I have wondered myself. It's something I've fantasized a lot about recently." 

Alice stood up and faced Henry. She was wearing a trim pleated woollen skirt, a white blouse and flat black shoes. "See this outfit? It's exactly what I was wearing the day they tied me up. And what I purposefully wore when I went to visit you after. Remember? Although I had a buttoned up overcoat over it when I knocked at your door."

Henry stood up too and faced his love partner and took her in his arms. "Alice, how would you like to be bound, gagged and then made love to on your own bed?"

Alice smiled and lowered her eyes. "I don't really know. As I've told you, I've only fantasized about it. But," she lifted her head, still smiling, "I'd like to try. There is one other thing though, I'd prefer not to be gagged. I may want to give a few directions." She continued. 

"Though you can blindfold me if you wish. And now, since we're decided on it. Let's get started."

And get started with it they did. An old sheet was produced out of Alice's linen cupboard which Henry quickly and efficiently tore into identical strips. "Hmm," mused his intended captive, "You did that well enough. Have you had some experience at this? Am I in the hands of a professional violator of women?"

"It's possible I have a natural talent," he grinned, "One I'd like to develop anyway. Do you want to put your overcoat on? Dress the same as you were when we indulged for the first time?"

"I think not," she said. "That day I'd planned beforehand to seduce you, and to trick you into making love to me. Using the information on you that lady bandit so obligingly gave me." Henry's eyes widened. 

Truly, he was learning things today. "But today I'd like to go back to the time that criminal trio came into my life." She explained, "The day I opened my front door to them, dressed as I am now and then I was bound and gagged." She stood before him in her skirt and white blouse. 

"Tie me up and take me into the bedroom."

Henry wasted no further time. Using his own prepared strips he carefully tied her wrists behind her back. Next he bound her arms tightly around the body, cinching them under the armpits and causing her bust to stand out. He took some pains to be neat, making sure none of the strips were twisted and causing his captive to comment, "Very tidy. Once again, are you sure you haven't done this before?"

"No," he muttered, "But it's a delight to practise on you." Taking a short, wide folded strip he blindfolded her as she had suggested, knotting it firmly at the back of her head. "That comfortable?" She nodded. "Good. Then let us adjourn to your boudoir, Madame." She nodded again and taking her by the forearms he steered her out of the room.

Once inside her bedroom Henry seated his partner on her bed, knelt and removed her black sensible shoes and socks which he placed carefully under the bed. Then he lifted her to her feet, unclasped and unzipped her skirt and pulled it and her knickers down onto the floor. After making her step out of them he picked her clothing up and arranged it tidily on a chest of drawers. Henry was well known for his neatness.

His next move was to quickly remove his own clothes and shoes. This first he placed on the top of the bedroom furniture alongside that of his victim to be. She was standing by her own bed wearing only her white blouse and a blindfold with her arms tied firmly behind her back. Her whole body was beginning to quiver in anticipation her breathing was quickening with excitement. She spoke. "Henry, I know what I told you but would you make a gag and have it ready if necessary? I've got a feeling I might get very noisy before this is over."

Henry responded by going into the bathroom, getting a face washer, moistening it and folding it into a mouth sized pad. Back in the bedroom he tied it in the middle of one of the shorter strips and placed on the bedside table. Next he embraced and caressed his bound partner and whispered "Ready darling?" She nodded mutely, her bodily quivering becoming more intense by the minute. An exploratory fondling with his hand revealed her vulva had already moistened. "Then down you go my dear," he murmured as he lowered her backwards onto her own bed. 

First her bottom then the rest of her body with her head on the pillow. By now she starting to mew softly which he partly silenced with a series of kisses and which only inflamed her more. He spread her legs widely and then knelt between them. Fortunately it was a wide double bed with room enough for these manoeuvres. Her lower torso was starting to twitch and shudder.

"Give it to me. Oh give it to me," she gasped hoarsely, "Ohhh! give it.." Henry knelt on the bed between her spread thighs. By now his member had risen to full erection capacity and was aching to perform its function. He carefully manoeuvered it into her gaping orifice which was now wet with longing. "Ohh darling," she rasped, "Why, oh why haven't we done it like this -- oahh darling," Henry began to pump slowly. It felt as if she was about to explode underneath him and he wanted to prolong it but this was by now beyond his control.

"Quick!"  she almost screamed, "Use that gag. Now. Quickly." Her partner still had the use of his arms and managed to reach and snatch up the requested item and thrust the wadded washer into Alice's gaping mouth just as she began a series of muted shrieks. She clamped her teeth around the dampened towelling and started to mew in a manner that sounded deafening to his ear, only an inch away, but fortunately was not audible outside the room they were in.

Mutual climax occurred within seconds. They both heaved and strained, Henry's limbs twitched and shuddered. Alice's arms, held by her bonds, writhed furiously but could not otherwise move. Her legs, totally unrestrained, worked furiously. Fortunately, hers was a heavy, solid bed.

Eventually, calm settled over the love couch. The bound Alice lay motionless in her lover's arms. Henry moved his hand to work the gag out of her mouth. Next his fingers started to fumble with one of the knots of her bonds. "Leave it," she murmured drowsily, "Leave them for a while." And so they lay, all desire satiated.

After many recuperative moments, after all they were not in their twenties any more, Alice spoke quietly. "Well then. That was a milestone." Henry agreed it was.

"What shall we do after this?" he asked. "Abandon all pretence? Let the world see we're keeping company."

"I think not," she said firmly. "I'd still prefer to keep it secret from these old busybodies around here for a while. Besides," she smiled, "There's something delightfully selfish in having what we've just done all to ourselves alone. The rest of the world not having the faintest idea." She went on seriously, "In fact I think we should carry right on with the fiction of how we address each other in public." She smiled wickedly, "You're still 'Mr Carey,' I'm still 'Alison, er sorry, Alice.'"

"All right," he laughed, "We can carry on the playacting a little longer." He rolled off the bed and stood up. "Meanwhile, you called this a milestone? Perhaps worth a celebratory meal? How about that quiet, out of the way little restaurant on the other side of the mall we once looked at? We should be able to get a table easily at his hour.  We could go separately and meet inside."

"Marvellous," she smiled.

"That's settled then. Let's get moving." He turned and began to dress quickly.

"One thing more darling," languidly she rolled over and sat up on the bed, showing her still bound arms, "You'd better untie your captive if you if you want her to go anywhere. Unless you want to drape a cape over me as I am and march me through the streets like this."

"I'd like that too. But it might be hard to explain if the cape were removed." He began to undo the knots, "One thing though, would you continue to wear your white blouse and pleated skirt, and put on your all weather coat? The outfit you wore when you first came to my unit months ago, and everything began. To commemorate our whole relationship."

Alice looked happy, "Why not. And sensible too. It's a cold night out there."

An hour later they were both seated at a secluded table at the restaurant they had chosen, good food in front of them and a nice bottle of red wine to go with it. Alice raised her glass, "A landmark evening," she toasted, "And to whatever comes of it."

"Whatever," responded Henry, clinking his glass with hers. They talked a while and then he said, "I sometimes think of that unfortunate woman you told me about. She'd have given her eye teeth for what we've just experienced. I know there's nothing to be done but it's a pity we couldn't help her somehow."

"Perhaps," smiled Alice, "I got to know her pretty well in the time we talked. Possibly we can do something for her. Who knows? We'll see."


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