Visit to a Neighbour

by Uto

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Storycodes: F/m; FMM/f; robbery; bond; gag; teased; strip; femdom; les; mast; sex; climax; reluct/cons; X

Alice Kemp was walking firmly and purposefully along the hallway from her apartment.

She was forty two, of average height, still slim and with an athletic carriage. Short fair hair framed a square, not unattractive face. She had been divorced some years back, worked in a minor managerial job and was generally thought to be comfortably off. She had on a neat wool skirt, a white blouse and flat heeled black shoes. Over all this she wore a thick grey winter overcoat which fell to below her knees, was buttoned up to the throat and she had turned up the collar. She looked as if she was going on a long outing in the cold Autumn evening outside. In reality she was only going to a unit on the floor below.

She stopped outside the apartment downstairs and looked carefully at the number. It was occupied by Henry Carey, a man she had known for some years but had only spoken to occasionally. He was, she knew, a little older than her, in his early,mid forties. Slightly taller, thin, hair starting to grey. A quiet, withdrawn man, apparently not at ease with women. He was thought to have never married. This was not true, there had been a short unhappy marriage followed by a painful divorce earlier in his life that he never spoke about. Nobody realized he was a very lonely man. He was understood to be in finance or investment and, like Alice, reasonably well off. The two had only ever spoken to each other in the hallways or the common areas.

She looked up and down the hallway then knocked quickly on the door.

It was opened by Henry himself who must have been near to it on the other side.

This was not going to be the usual formal exchange the two always had in the past.

"Good evening Henry," she began, "I have something I want to tell you." And without further ado she pushed past him and walked into his apartment. This alone was a radical change from previous exchanges. She had always called him "Mr Carey." He, on the other hand generally used her given name, which he sometimes forgot, frequently calling her "Alison" or "Elizabeth."

She walked into the centre of his lounge area, turned and stood facing him with her legs slightly apart, her hands thrust deep into her overcoat pockets and the turned up collar framing the lower part of her face. He, taken completely aback by this unprecedented entry, had the presence of mind to close the door and lock it. He then looked at her with a puzzled and bewildered look on his face.

She spoke quickly. "This will take about twenty minutes but it's a serious matter and for that reason I'll stand. You may wish to sit down though."

"Uhh, I'll stand," he replied and walked a few steps closer to her, "But, just what is all this all about, Alice." He at least got her name right, evidence that she had his attention.

Without further preamble she began.

"A month ago I was the victim of a home invasion."

"Er, yes. I heard about it," he recalled, "Two thugs broke in. Some valuable silver stolen. You were manhandled, tied up for hours and ended up in hospital. I'm, ah, sorry."

"Don't be," she smiled, "I wasn't hurt and apart from being very considerately bound and gagged for a short time, hardly inconvenienced at all. Oh, the police drove me to the hospital for a routine examination but I was allowed to go home after less than half an hour. Your story was just the way the local press wrote it up. The reality was something very different."

He looked at her questioningly as she continued.

"For a start, there were three of them. Two men and a woman. There was a knock on my door about eight a.m. It was the woman. She was in her late twenties I'd say, looked athletic - and tough. Well dressed, neat skirt, matching jacket and a small brimmed hat, pulled low down over her forehead and wearing large tinted glasses. Very difficult to identify, just her intention, I'm sure. Had a travel bag slung over one shoulder. And she didn't waste any time, just barged straight in, pushed me back up against a wall and clamped a hand over my mouth. She was wearing latex gloves. The two men, who must have waiting out of sight around the bend in the hallway, came in after her, closing and locking the door behind them. They were wearing suits, both had dark glasses and rubber gloves like her and one was carrying a small suitcase, which I realized later, was to carry the goods away in. They were in within seconds and no one in the building saw anything.

They told me they were here to get my silver and if I screamed or made any attempt to stop them, they'd knock me unconscious. I was completely taken by surprise and scared at first. When the woman moved her hand from my face I told them to do what they wanted, then go and leave me alone. They turned me round, facing the wall and the woman took a strip of torn sheet from her bag and tied my wrists with it. She did it firmly and wrapped it around many times, I could tell from the knots I wouldn't get free easily. When I realized what they were really after, I calmed down and simply wished them gone.

Next, they pushed me into the room I use as an office, containing my old relic of a safe - in which was my silverware.

Now, firstly, don't get the wrong idea about that silver.

True, it was old, about a hundred and fifty years, but it wasn't greatly valuable and there wasn't much of it. One very ornamental tea pot, a large bowl and two tall silver goblets. Made of silver perhaps, but very heavily alloyed and not considered good stuff even when it was new. Because of the low silver content it tarnished easily, was very scratched and dented from careless handling and the lid of the tea pot was broken and it couldn't be used to pour tea anyway. I had been thinking of getting rid of it for years.

They demanded the key to the old safe and I told them at once. It was in the top drawer of my desk. I didn't want them ransacking my home looking for it, scattering my things all over the place. And I didn't like the thought of them coercing its whereabouts out of me. One thing though, I did tell them right from the beginning. The old key sometimes jammed in that antiquated lock and when that occurred it meant getting in the security people to get it out again. It had happened to me twice already and it had been time wasting and costly. I asked them to be be very careful using it.

They seemed pleased the way things had gone and told me I wouldn't be needed any more. One of them told the woman to take me into the bedroom and tie me up properly. Which she did, grabbing me by the arms and forcing me in front of her. I could see at once she was a lesbian. Oh, I've had to do with them before and I recognize the type. I was wearing a white, short sleeved blouse and when she tied my upper arms with her long, torn strips she really enjoyed feeling under my armpits as she cinched it on both sides. Next she gave my tits a squeeze and finished by tying me around the waist which pulled my hands flat against my back. I was about to protest at the liberties she took but decided against it. She was in a position to do what she liked. I just glared at her.

At that point one of the men came in and said to bring me back to the safe. I was marched back to the office and all four of us stood in front of it. We could have been two couples discussing which restaurant in which to have dinner. The two men in their suits, the woman neatly dressed. The only jarring note was me with my arms tied up with strips of sheet, looking like a mummy.

Well, despite what I'd told them, they'd done it. The key was jammed tight. They asked what the security firm had done when they came to fix it before. I told them they had taken the front of the safe door off. This seemed to please them. They said they could do that themselves. It seemed they were very familiar with safes. The woman was told to take me back to the bedroom and finish tying me up. And so I was pushed back there, my bare arms being unnecessarily fondled in the process.

Back in the bedroom I was made to stand beside the bed and told I was going to be gagged. I protested but she was adamant. She fished around in her travel bag and brought out a prepared gag. It was a wad of toweling, tied in the middle of a long thin cloth strip. She forced it into my mouth and tied it securely at the back of my neck. I fought at first, but realizing I could do nothing about it, let my jaws relax. Actually, it wasn't as big as it might have been and I was reasonably comfortable. Having done it, she smiled meaningfully at me and said, 'Now, since we've got the best part of an hour while they open your safe, let's see what I can do for you.' I was alarmed, wondering what she meant.

She knelt beside me, reached up under my skirt and pulled down my knickers. I gasped - as well as I could with a gag in my mouth - and started to struggle. 'Just you relax, darling,' she warned, 'There's nothing you can do about it.' Then she made me sit down on the bed, took my underpants right off and removed my shoes, which were placed neatly beside the bed. 'And now you can get really comfortable,' she said and lifted my legs off the floor and onto the bed cover. Next she adjusted the pillows behind my back and head so that I was half sitting up then stood back and, still smiling, looked at me and asked, 'Comfy?' I was, but because of the gag, couldn't say so. And then.

She climbed onto the bed and snuggled beside me. Purring softly in my ear, she reached down, slid her hand under my skirt and up the inside of my leg. I shuddered and twitched, mewed involuntarily and started to thresh my legs. 'Easy darling,' she murmured, 'I don't want to have to tie your ankles to the corners of the bed.' Her probing fingers reached my vaginal orifice which was already starting to moisten. She found my clit and began to manipulate it. And she was skilled, very skilled indeed. Within minutes I was moaning despite the gag. All the time she was whispering in my ear. I couldn't help myself, I climaxed very quickly, one of the best I have ever had.

We lay there for over half a delightful hour in which many things occurred. At the end she brought me to orgasm again which, if anything, was even better than the first. Finally she got up, and, taking another strip of cloth, tied my legs together above the knees. She was just tying my ankles when one of the men came in and said they had opened and emptied the safe and were about to go.

I could tell by the look on his face that they were not impressed with the quality of the contents. Well, I could have told them that before they'd started if only they'd asked. I don't know who they were stealing it for but whoever it was, they were going to be disappointed. Stories of 'valuable collections of silver in private ownership' lose nothing in the telling. A quick check of my bindings and they both left the bedroom, the woman gave me a quick peck on the forehead before she went.

I lay on the bed securely bound, unable to free myself no matter what I did but otherwise relatively comfortable. I was like this for just under an hour until Mrs Pitt, the lady who does my weekly cleaning, came in and found me. She released me and I called the police. They came, made the usual investigatory inquiries, said they'd look into the matter and took me to the hospital, as I've told you. As far as I know they haven't made much progress and nor do I expect them to."

Alice paused at the end of this narrative,stood with her hands deep in her overcoat pockets and looked at Henry.

"Well," he said at last, "I'm sorry you were treated like that. It must have been a shock, despite what you say about their consideration. But, really Alice," he paused, "Why have you told me this story?"

She smiled faintly. "But I haven't told you the full story. There's more to come."

She continued. "The woman was talkative, very talkative. In the half hour or so, between the two orgasms she so rapturously gave me, she chattered nonstop. She even removed my gag at one stage, not that I could get a word in. Why two professionals, as the other two obviously were, took such a chatterbox along with them was beyond me. She went on about what she thought might interest me. But what was interesting was that she knew about you, and that you lived on the floor below."

Henry Carey started at this and looked directly at his caller. "Indeed," he muttered.

"Yes, indeed," said Alice.

"She was a criminal and as such, knew other criminals. And she knew for instance about your dealings with Harry Brett and his friend Mullard."

At this point Alice's face became serious. "Really Henry," she warned, "Those two are dangerous men. Hardened criminals. Get on the wrong side of them and you'd just disappear. In your own interest you ought to end your involvement with them. Regardless of how it may have been once, you don't need the money now."

Henry Carey frowned. Obviously unhappy that this aspect of his affairs had become known. He had to accept that Alice knew it now. "Alright," he muttered, "I already know that and am going to end it. I've already taken some steps to do so."

Alice nodded. "Very sensible. And another thing. My chatterbox captor also told me about your association with a lady named Estelle who runs a business over in Belmont. And the services provided by the ladies she introduced you to. And she also knew how you performed. It seems you weren't very successful in satisfying either yourself, or them. In spite of what it cost you. She seemed to think it was a joke. I'd say from her knowledge of everything she either was, or had been, a prostitute and in any case, talked with them from time to time."

Henry flushed deeply. This was one aspect of his recent doings he definitely did not want to become known. As it apparently had, at least to his visitor. Words failed him.

"Really Henry," continued Alice, her face deadly serious, "What would our Unit Corporate Committee, of which you are a respected member, say if they knew you associated with underworld characters and prostitutes?"

His face darkened at this. "What is this?" he muttered, "Blackmail? And I suppose you think my, er, dealings with those girls were a joke too?"

Her face remained impassive. "Blackmail? Certainly not. What an ugly word. I'm surprised you could even think it of me. I haven't even mentioned money, which I don't need for a start. And I definitely do not think your efforts were a joke either."

She advanced a step closer to him, her eyes firmly fixed on his face. "But I do think it sad and quite unnecessary that you went all the way to Belmont for something you could have had without leaving this building."

Henry looked at her in astonishment. "Alice, just what do you mean?"

A faint smile touched her face. "I'm going to ask you for a small favour. A favour I think you should provide."

She stood before him, holding herself upright, her hands thrust deeply into the pockets of her buttoned up overcoat. "Henry," she ordered, "Embrace me."

Hesitantly, he did this, putting his arms around her. She remained impassive, then said, "Tighter, and nuzzle my cheek." He inclined his head forward and did this. Fortunately he had shaved a few hours before.

"Hmm," she murmured, obviously pleased, "Perhaps you should use an aftershave, but one of my choosing. But we'll go into that later. And now," turning her head straight, she demanded, "Kiss me."

"Alice," Henry spoke at last, "I - ah...."

"Quiet," She whispered, "I'll do the talking." And clamped her lips on his mouth. The result was a brief but reasonably satisfying kiss.

"Not bad," she commented, "Could improve, but we'll work on that."

Abruptly she disengaged, stepped back and took her hands out of the overcoat pockets. "And now," she spoke, "We adjourn to the bedroom. And remember, I am in charge and I'll take the lead." And without further ado she took his arm and steered him towards the door.

Inside the bedroom, standing beside the bed, she turned and faced him, still wearing her overcoat and with her hands again in its pockets. Henry still looked somewhat bewildered but gradually becoming aware of what was happening - and what was expected of him. Alice laughed briefly then began to unbutton her coat. She slipped it off and draped it carefully over the bedhead. Underneath she was wearing a neatly pressed, short sleeved blouse and a simple grey woolen skirt.

"This," she said, "Is what I was wearing when I was bound and gagged by that woman. I had some enjoyable moments there. Who knows what might happen here." She laughed. At her direction they both sat on the edge of the bed and removed their footwear and placed it neatly underneath. "As my captor did for me," she explained.

Next they both stood up and she stepped up to him, putting her arms back as she did so, so that the buttons of her blouse pulled tightly and thrust forward at the same time. "Unbutton me," she ordered.

He did so, trying to keep his hands from shaking. She smiled as he lifted the unbuttoned blouse off her shoulders. "Put it on the chest of drawers - and unhook my skirt. The catch and button are on the right." He managed this and the loosened skirt dropped to the floor. Which she deftly retrieved. folded neatly and placed on top of the blouse. Next, smiling demurely, she deftly undid the buttons of his shirt and his belt, trouser button and fly. Within minutes his shirt and trousers had been carefully placed on top of her skirt and blouse. They stood there, facing each other, both clad in their underwear.

"And now," she smiled, clearly enjoying this, "We disrobe completely."

Dexterously, she pulled his vest up over his head and off. Then she eased his underpants down, briefly fondling his penis as she did so. He grunted in surprise at this and she smiled up into his face. "I think you're well endowed enough. We'll see." The briefs fell to the floor and he stepped out of them. She gathered them up and added them to the growing pile on the chest of drawers. Abruptly she turned and with her back to him ordered, "Unclasp my bra." This he did, surprising himself that he did it without any difficulty. She pulled the cups off then smoothly slipped her panties down, picked them up from the floor and added these last items to the others. She then turned and the two, both naked, faced each other.

Again she smiled and murmured, "And now, let us see what we can do. And remember, you act at my direction." She embraced him around him around the neck and kissed him again, this time longer and more satisfactorily. Her hands lowered and fondled his torso tenderly.

Abruptly she turned and pulled back the sheets and covers of his bed, folding them neatly to one side. "Now we adjourn to the love couch. You first darling." He looked at her, hesitated, then got into the bed and lay his back on the far side. Without a word she climbed in beside him and and drew the sheet over them both. "Hmmm," she murmured and still smiling, turned on her side to face him.

From there she began to handle him with a delightful expertise that the hired prostitutes at Belmont had never been capable of. Her fingers probed sensitive spots he did not know he had. She caressed his penis which was already showing signs of arousal. It began to stiffen and swell in a most satisfactory way. "See," she murmured, "Not so difficult after all, is it?" Words failed him.

Quickly she reached up into a pocket of her overcoat which hung over the bedhead and took out a tube of lubricant and a small folded towel. And he had thought she had just flung the coat there casually. All the time she smiled into his face and whispered words of reassurance, occasionally punctuating them with a kiss. Smoothly, deftly, she smeared his member with the moisturizer, at the same time softly telling him of the pleasure it was going to bring to both of them.

"And now,"she breathed, "We join in the act of love." He started and tried to move. "Me on top darling," she said and with one swift movement, mounted and encased him. He could not believe it had been done so easily.

Then followed several minutes of heavenly ecstasy. He found himself responding instinctively. He was dimly aware she was playing him expertly, at the same time catering for her own needs. Finally he ejaculated in a rending eruption that caused him to shout loudly and involuntarily. It was like nothing he had ever experienced before. Certainly not anything Estelle's girls had been able to do.

The pair lay soundlessly for minutes after. Finally she slid off and lay quietly beside him. Minutes later he asked, "Alice, er did you..?" To which she replied, "Yes darling I did. And I thoroughly enjoyed it. And as for you. Better than anything those girls in Belmont could have done for you, wasn't it? And it didn't cost you a penny. But now, time to move on. I'll go first. You remain here till I'm ready to go. You can watch me dress."

She rolled over and got out of the bed. Swiftly, efficiently as she apparently did everything, she put on her clothes. Standing where he could see every move, she looked at him with a faint smile on her face. Lastly she reached for her overcoat and slipped it on.

As she buttoned it up she spoke. "We've made a good beginning. How far it will go? - who knows? We'll see. I'll make the next move in a few days." She smiled fully, "I'm still calling the shots. For a start we'll keep this private. I don't want any of the old busybodies around here knowing anything. In public, I'll still call you 'Mr Carey', you keep on with 'Er, Alice.' I'm going to leave here very unobtrusively. If I meet anyone in the hall I've just been out walking in the cold night air."

She thrust her hands deep into her overcoat pockets, the same pose as when she had entered the apartment an hour before. She leaned over, gave him a brief kiss on the forehead and went. At the bedroom door she stopped, turned, smiled and said, "That girl who tied me up and gagged me did us both a favour."

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