Twisted Payback 2

by Graymangazer

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Part Two

I woke at eight o'clock on Saturday morning. My arms and legs were numb, my face felt stiff from all the dried juices covering it and my mouth tasted like a footballers jockstrap, and I needed to piss badly. I recalled what had happened the night before and it was only then that my mind registered the pain in my penis. As with most mornings I had awoken with an erection, this morning though, it had nowhere to go and I was once more reminded of my predicament. I waited a half hour and just as I thought that I would be forced to piss myself I heard voices through the monitor. But it was still some long minutes before Beth came to me. “God Beth please? I need the toilet,” I burst out as soon as she entered the room.

She just stared at me for a moment with a blank expression, she then released me with the air of someone doing a boring chore such as the washing up, she didn't speak to me, she appeared to be emotionless, as though I no longer mattered to her. When my hands were free I briefly thought about making a grab for her, but after over twelve hours tied to the bed unable to move I had trouble just standing. My arms and legs were numb and weak, and any thoughts of escape were soon dispelled. A three year old armed with a limp lettuce could have overpowered me at that moment. Beth helped me to the bathroom, and with my lack of strength I had to sit on the pan like a woman. I tried to think of something to say that would ease the situation but she spoke first.

“I don’t really want to watch you on the toilet so I’ll leave you alone. Just remember who is in control though,” she told me, holding up the remote for emphasis, "I'll be downstairs if you need me," she walked away before I could answer.

After relieving myself I managed to stumble to the shower. I sat on the floor and allowed the hot water to wash away the stiffness from my limbs. Once I had dried myself and brushed my teeth I felt almost human again, though I was still tired and I ached all over. The worst thing though was my penis. I was locked in this fucking tube and despite what Beth had done with Steve (or maybe because of what she had done, I don’t know, I was so confused,) I kept getting an erection. After I dressed I thought it best to wait in the bedroom: I didn’t know if Steve was still there and I didn’t want to face him just then. Also - and I didn’t want to admit it even to myself, I was frightened of what Beth might do if I upset her.


“We need to talk,” Beth said as she sat on the chair next to her dressing table, it was late morning and she was looking through the things there as though she didn't recognize them and she seemed to take a long time to think of what she wanted to say. I sat with my back against the headboard, my arms draped across my raised knees. We both wore blue jeans; Beth’s were a much tighter fit and looked a whole lot better than mine. She also had a white T shirt pulled tight and tucked into her waistband. She wore make up which was unusual, it was something she only normally did when she was going out. She also looked happy, abnormally so, I liked to see her happy but not under these circumstances, and the happier she was the more miserable I felt.

“Steve’s gone home to get some things, he’ll be staying here for the weekend,” she told me.

“It doesn’t make it right,” I said, not attempting to hide the bitterness in my voice.

“What?” a look of confusion crossed her face.

“I know what I did with Gina was wrong but it doesn’t mean what you’re doing now is right.”

She looked puzzled by my remark and actually shook her head to refocus “It’s not about right and wrong, it’s about payback. You really hurt me, I vowed never to be hurt again,” she certainly wasn’t looking happy now. Beth had been married before she met me, her husband had been a serial cheat and she had taken it very hard. I knew all this and the knowledge made me feel even guiltier. She continued, “I’m not going to be seen as weak again, you of all people should know that. Now as I said, Steve will be staying the weekend. You yourself won’t be leaving the house, and you’ll wear your little tube until Monday morning whatever happens. Until then you’ll obey us and do everything we say. In effect you’ll be our slave.”

“That’s fucking ridiculous, you can’t do this,” I began to lose my cool and sat up straight on the bed, I was going to stop this right now, but before I could move any further she pointed the remote control at me as though it were a gun, I remembered the pain it promised and slumped back on the bed.

“On Monday you have a choice: we can carry on with this set up, you wear your tube and obey me and we see where it takes us, or if you feel you can’t do that you can leave, we can divorce if that’s the case. The ball will be in your court.”

“But I don’t want a divorce,” I protested.

“Neither do I, but those are my terms, I’m not going to negotiate,” she looked away, appearing uncertain again and I wondered if there was some hope for me, but she quickly stood up and walked to the door “You can stay up here or come downstairs, it’s up to you. Just remember you have to do exactly what I say until Monday. “

“What have you told him about me?” I asked. I couldn't bring myself to say his name.

She stopped at the door and thought for a few seconds “I let him believe that we’re swingers, that you like to have other men fuck me,” she turned to go then spoke again “but, if he decides to take advantage of the situation I want you to show him every respect and do what he says. Oh, and I've hidden your phone so don't think you can call anyone either,” she closed the door as she left.

I had certainly been given a lot to think about. I could kick Steve out without a doubt, but Beth had that damn control and she had already proved that she was willing to use it. I knew I could take it from her if I surprised her but what good would that do me? She would never tell me the code and I would just be making things worse for myself. I even thought about calling for help from the window but I didn't want to have anybody else involved, and certainly not the police. I just had to accept that I was trapped in this situation until Monday. Somehow I had to survive two days of seeing my wife being fucked by another man, after that? Well, I wasn’t sure. Could I carry on like this indefinitely? I knew I couldn't, but the thought of losing her was even worse. Even after the things she had done I still loved her, after all I was the one at fault first. I prayed she would change her mind before Monday; maybe we could forgive each other and start over. But deep down I knew things weren’t going to be that easy. And I couldn't stop thinking about how she had referred to her and Steve as "us,” as though they were in on this together.

The need for food more than anything made me leave the bedroom. I found Beth sitting on the patio reading a magazine, I tried to keep things on a normal setting, she accepted my offer of coffee and toast and we sat and chatted for a while. It was most strange: neither of us mentioning the situation we had found ourselves in. Then Steve dropped a large holdall on the floor with a bang, the noise took me by surprise and I jumped slightly, he had let himself in through the front door: Beth must have given him a key and I found this particularly upsetting.

“Hi ya bud,” he said clapping me on the back as he passed by. He went to where Beth was now standing; she was looking at some of her plants. He kissed her on the mouth while he felt her arse, she kissed him back and they both looked at me to judge my reaction: I was fuming inside but I kept my head down, reading my newspaper, pretending I hadn’t noticed. I knew that if I let my true feelings show I would have killed them both.

“John, be a darling and take Steve’s bag upstairs would you? Put it in the main bedroom, I think we`ll sleep there tonight,” Beth said, she had made it sound like a request but I knew it was a command. I didn’t answer; I didn’t trust myself to keep my temper so I stood up and grabbed the bag.

“Hey bud, unpack the clothes as well, I don’t want them creased,” Steve called out as I started up the stairs.

I moved some of my stuff into our third bedroom: I couldn’t bring myself to sleep in the room where Steve had fucked Beth. It was bare with only a bed and chest of drawers, but I thought I could put up with it for two nights. While drinking coffee with Beth I had thought that maybe our problems could be resolved, but after just one minute of seeing her with the slimy bastard I knew that come Monday, once I was free of this cage things might turn nasty. So I made up the bed for myself and unpacked the holdall. I took my time: delaying the moment I would have to go back downstairs and see them together. When I did rejoin them they were sitting close and talking quietly. They stopped as I entered the room; I guessed they had been talking about me. Steve gave a knowing smile and I wondered what Beth had said to him.

The three of us virtually ignored one another for the next hour and I went into the kitchen to make myself more coffee, feeling smug that I hadn't offered them any. When Steve went to use the bathroom Beth spoke quietly to me “Tonight, after dinner I want you to beg Steve to let you watch him fuck me.”

“Christ no Beth, please not that, don’t?” I pleaded, my first reaction was to grab her and shake some sense into her, I was finding it harder to hold my temper, but I managed to stay in control.

“You can beg him to fuck my arse too,“

“Shit no, I'm not doing that, I can’t.” I had my voice raised now.

“I told you, you will do everything I say," She hissed, "now every time you complain I’m going to add something. So far you have to beg him to fuck my arse while you watch; now you’re going to beg to lick me clean after he’s done it. If you would like to suck his cock clean as well just keep complaining,” I had never seen her like this; it was as though she were growing angrier at me. This whole thing seemed so completely out of character for her. I knew I was beaten , I could see I would only make things worse by arguing so I nodded in agreement and kept quiet. As she turned and walked away I began to wonder how much of this was actually her idea and how much had come from the slimy bastard

As the afternoon passed Steve missed no opportunity to grope my wife and she seemed happy to let him, in fact they were more like teenage lovers than mature adults. I had to watch in impotent rage dreading what I knew I had to do later. I no longer harboured any hope of Beth and I working through this, I couldn't see any way out of it, I would try to make it through the weekend then once I was free of the damned tube I was determined there would be payback.

The evening was worse than I feared. Once dinner was over Beth went upstairs to change, giving me a nod as she went. Steve and I were sipping after dinner brandy “Erm, Steve, I er, I want to ask you a favour?” I said.

“Sure man, I like doing you favours,” he sounded so cock sure and smug. I wanted to rip his face off.

“Yeah well….Look, we both know you’re going to fuck Beth again tonight. And the thing is it’s, well I want to watch you fuck her arse.” I was looking at the floor in humiliation; I couldn’t bear to see his mocking eyes.

“Well I don’t know really. It’s one thing fucking her for you, and I do love taking her in the arse but I’m not sure about having an audience,” he surprised me with his reticence; I thought he would jump at the chance of seeing me shamed. But then I saw the smirk on his face and I realized he was enjoying himself and he just wanted me to squirm some more. It was at that moment that I really felt sure that they were in this together; he hadn't, after all shown any surprise at my request. And then I recalled Beth’s words to me “I want you to beg,” she had said, I knew then that this had all been planned, they literally did want me to beg. I looked toward the door, I couldn’t see Beth but I was sure she was somewhere nearby, listening to every word.

I realised that the way things were I had little choice so I swallowed my pride and my anger and I begged, “Please Steve, please let me watch you fuck Beth’s arse? I’ll agree to anything you want, I’ll do whatever you tell me. I’m begging you, please?” I was pathetic and I didn’t think I could humiliate myself any further.

“Well, since you asked me so nicely I might let you, but you’ll have to do it the way I want.”

“How do you mean?” I asked. He was smiling now, almost laughing at my predicament.

“You’ll see. Who knows, it might be fun, well, for some of us,” before I could reply Beth returned, again she looked stunning. She wore just a black lacy bra and panties and thigh high hold up stockings beneath a filmy black negligee. She had again made her face and hair stylish and sexy. I thought bitterly how she rarely made such an effort for me. “Hi ya babe, come on over here,” Steve beckoned her to him. Beth sat on his lap, draping an arm around his neck, she kissed his mouth and giggled as he pulled loose the sash at her waist and made a show of cupping her breast.

“What have you boys been doing then?” She asked looking at me.

“Oh, just discussing the arrangements for the evening,” Steve said.

“Am I involved?” She asked.

“Babe, you’re the main attraction,” they kissed again, this time more passionately. I could see Beth stealing glances at me, I tried to pretend it wasn’t happening “Jonny boy, why don’t you fetch one of those dining chairs,” Steve told me. They watched as I obeyed and he had me place it in the corner of the room “now strip and sit down," he said.

“Wh…what?” I stammered.

“You heard me. You want to watch us get naked so you strip too.” I looked at Beth for support but she just smiled, “Come on you fucking pansy, I already know about your little cock cage. Now do as you’re fucking told so I can fuck this bitch arse."

That did it, I wasn’t taking any more. My patience finally snapped and I jumped to my feet and rushed across the room to punch the slimy bastard. I made it about halfway before I collapsed to the floor and rolled around in agony. I grasped my crotch as the now familiar pain roared through me. I looked up through tear filled eyes at Steve and Beth as they stood over me.

“Zap him again,” Steve said. Beth’s face showed no emotion as she deliberately pointed the remote control at me. I tried to speak, to plead for mercy but all I could do was watch in terror. I experienced a long moment of the most terrible pain imaginable before blessedly passing out.


I came around to find myself tied to the chair, I was naked. My hands were pulled behind the back of the chair and secured with handcuffs and rope; my ankles were tied to the rear legs causing me to painfully arch my back. Drool ran from my mouth due to a ring gag strapped tightly in place. At first I couldn't see either Beth or Steve. I didn’t know how long I had been out but the memory of the pain was fresh in my mind. I guessed the remote had been turned up a notch or two and I also guessed it hadn’t been Beth's decision; Steve seemed to be the one giving the orders now.

I suddenly felt hands on my shoulders, they slid down to my chest, I recognized them as Beth’s as she gripped my nipples and pinched hard. I moaned at the pain while she pulled and twisted, she stopped and I then moaned some more as she carefully clipped three clothes pins to each of my nipples. They were a burning hurt and I squealed as she amused herself by cruelly flicking the pins with her fingers. There was no reason for her to do this other than to make me suffer some more.

“Okay babe that's enough, come over here I’m waiting,” I heard Steve’s voice, and I noticed him in the shadow off to my left, he was slouching in an armchair. He was naked and slowly stroked his erect cock. I’m not a small man in any department but I was dwarfed by him: his cock was at least four inches longer than mine and I now thought I understood why Beth was so happy to be fucked by him.

Leaving the pins quivering she moved from behind me and crossed to him, she was now naked apart from just her hold ups and despite everything I couldn’t help admiring her hot body and swaying arse. There was the distinctive smell of sex in the air; they had clearly already been intimate while I had been unconscious. Beth climbed on top of Steve and with a look of pure ecstasy she slowly impaled herself on his monster penis. She settled herself for a while then steadily began sliding her pussy up and down his shaft. Steve gripped her breasts and mauled the soft flesh, he used his grip to dictate the pace, a few times he would stop her to suck and chew on her nipples, and Beth groaned in delight at whatever he did, it was clear that she was oblivious to everything apart from her own pleasure.

After a while and a lot of thrusting and humping Steve lifted Beth off his cock and pushed her to the floor. He knelt down behind her and pulled her to her hands and knees. She was like a puppet as he positioned her so that her legs were spread wide, lewdly displaying her pussy and arse. He pushed four fingers into her well stretched pussy and roughly sawed them back and forth. Beth gasped for breath and pushed her hips hard back against his hand. After a couple of minutes he pulled his hand away and wiped the wetness from her pussy over her spread arse, pushing first one then two fingers deep inside. He shuffled forward on his knees and positioned his cock between her spread cheeks. Beth’s head hung down, her hair hanging like a red curtain over her face.

Steve stared at me as he slowly pushed himself into my wife. He went the length of his cock in one long thrust. I thought it must hurt her and indeed her face screwed up in pain but she only emitted a guttural moan, but it was more a sound of pleasure. I couldn’t tear my eyes away; I was transfixed by the sight of that monster cock moving in and out of Beth’s arse. My nipples hurt, my back and shoulders hurt, I imagined I could still feel the pain from being shocked. And now I had another hurt as my cock strained against its prison. Even with the hatred I felt at that moment, the sight before me was giving me a huge erection.

He gripped her hips, pulling her onto him, each thrust going deep. Beth's head jerked back and she grunted every time he pushed forward. Suddenly, as if in panic he pulled out, Beth groaned in obvious disappointment “no please don’t stop? Put it back,” she gasped, instead he held his cock and jetted sperm over her arse and lower back. Beth’s right hand rubbed frantically at her pussy trying to achieve the climax she so desperately wanted. Steve slapped her arse and using her kneeling form to support himself he stood up. He walked around behind me and holding my shoulders he pulled me backwards, tipping me and the chair over and laying me on my back, I groaned out loud as my arms were trapped and crushed beneath me. He then pulled Beth roughly to her feet, and she reluctantly stopped her masturbating as he dragged her over to where I lay. At his command she stood astride me and dropped to her knees, she used both hands to pull apart her labia, and with an expression of animalistic lust she lowered herself and smothered my face with her pussy.

“Clean her up pansy,” Steve ordered, kicking me in the ribs for emphasis.

Going down on my wife was something I usually loved to do but not this time, but as I had no choice in the matter I thought it best to get it done as quickly as possible. I pushed my tongue into Beth's hot, wet pussy, licking as fast as I could between precious breaths. Her crotch slid over my mouth and nose presenting first her pussy then her arse to be licked clean. My mouth became flooded and having no other option I gulped down Beth`s juices and Steve`s cum. I could hear her groaning in pleasure and I thought it was from my ministrations, but when I was finally allowed up for air I could see Steve standing in front of her with his cock buried in her throat. From the sounds she was making it was obvious she loved every bit of it. Damp flesh again covered my face as Beth pushed down once more; I dutifully pushed my tongue through the ring gag and licked, the slurping and gurgling noises I heard told me that she continued to suck his cock.

My jaw was aching and I was struggling to breathe. Suddenly Beth lifted herself from my face and I could see her pumping her mouth up and down on Steve’s shaft, she held the base of his cock with one hand, rubbing him fast. His body stiffened and he tried to force the whole length of his penis into her mouth. It was obvious he had cum in her mouth. He withdrew and pulled up and guided by the slimy bastard she knelt beside my prone body “go on do it,” he said. Beth had her mouth closed and a vacant expression as she leant over me, she clasped my face between her hands and as she looked down at me she parted her lips, a stream of cum ran from her mouth through the rubber lined ring and into my defenseless mouth. She used her tongue and cheeks to swill up the final dregs and dribbled her spit and cum into me. I was trying to stop myself from throwing up and attempting to push the odious substance from my mouth with my tongue when Steve knelt on the other side of me.

"You know what to do," he told her. As I watched helplessly I bizarrely thought how small her hand looked as she wrapped her fingers around his still erect cock. With her other hand she lifted my head to guide his penis through the ring gag so I was forced to clean him as well. His huge cock filled my mouth and I was left with no option but to swallow his cum. Steve gripped my hair and eased my head up and down his shaft. As my mouth was slowly fucked I turned my pleading eyes towards Beth hoping for some sign of pity. Instead she squeezed her breast with one hand while burying the fingers of her other in her pussy, she was watching my debasement with the same vacant stare and I noticed the slack jaw and glassy look in her eyes. For the first time I wondered whether Steve had given my wife something other than his massive cock?


“He doesn’t look very happy,” Steve said. He lay on his back on our bed with his body propped up on his elbows, Beth was kneeling between his spread legs trying to work the length of his cock into her mouth, I watched from my position on the floor, they had brought me up into the master bedroom with my hands still cuffed behind me and the ring gag in place. Steve ordered me to sit against the wall and pushed me down, he told Beth to fetch some rope and she scuttled off down the stairs. When she returned she followed his instructions and tied the rope around my neck and to the wardrobe door, her wet panties were pushed into my open mouth. On the bed she turned her face to me but Steve wound his fingers into her hair pulling her further onto him. She gagged and tried to pull away but he held firm. “You don’t get to stop until you take it all, I want to feel your lips against my balls,” gurgling sounds came from my wife’s stuffed mouth and he looked at me with a triumphant smirk.


Steve fucked Beth for around two hours making me watch every move as he took her in every position imaginable, he used all of her holes in every way and she loved every second. He had amazing stamina and despite the many times he came he kept his erection throughout: I could only surmise that he had taken a little blue pill beforehand. He also ensured he withdrew whenever he came so I could watch him spraying Beth with his sperm, he eventually used up all of his sperm and actually apologized to me when he had a dry climax.

As Beth lay too exhausted to move Steve took me to the spare room and pushed me inside. He tied the rope around my neck to the radiator and locked the door when he left. I briefly considered whether I would have a chance to escape, but with Beth still holding the remote and me still cuffed there was nothing I could do, so I laid on the floor drifting into an uneasy sleep, feeling sorry for myself and dreaming of revenge.


There is only so much a person can take before they say enough is enough. That’s how I felt when the squeals and laughter from my wife woke me the next morning. They left me alone but I could hear Beth enjoying herself with another man knowing all the while that I was suffering in solitude. I considered that one day of this was more than enough revenge for what I'd done, and now as I sat simmering impotently I knew there was no way back for us.

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