Twisted Payback

by Graymangazer

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© Copyright 2013 - Graymangazer - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; bond; cuffs; lingerie; tease; chast; electro; torment; cuckold; sex; anal; oral; climax; revenge; cons/nc; XX

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A wife wants payback for her husband’s cheating.

Part 1.

“The black Basque, with stockings and your five inch heels,” I told her.

“Okay, naked, completely naked.”

“Is that all?” I asked.

“No. Handcuffed to the bed as well,” Beth replied.

“Anything else?” I asked.

“I’m not saying just now, I’ll save my other choices as a surprise,” she said.

She ran her fingertips slowly down the open neckline of her blouse, and into her cleavage, stroking her concealed breast; she saw me watching and seductively licked her top lip. She was teasing me and I loved it

“What about you?” she continued.

“I think I’d better keep mine a surprise as well then, it looks like I’ll be pretty much under your control tonight, so I’ll play it by ear,” I told her.

This sounded like it might be an interesting night, so I thought I had better keep something in reserve.

It was a game my wife, Beth and I played every few weeks. We each had five choices of dress or actions for ourselves or for each other.

We had agreed to always comply with one another’s choices, unless, of course, it was something either of us really didn’t want: Beth had always strongly refused to let me have anal sex with her for example. But it still left us plenty of scope to play, our games were really only limited by our own imagination.

We only played our game occasionally though, that way it never got boring. It also gave us plenty of time to think of something original, though there were always favorites that we kept coming back to, such as the clothes I had chosen for her to wear tonight. In truth, Beth is one of those lucky women who look good in anything. She could throw some old rags on and they would hang perfectly on her.

At five feet eight, she’s slim but also curvy in just the right places, she has long red hair above a pale face, green eyes and a slim nose, with just a spattering of freckles and full lips on a mouth that is, according to her, a bit too wide, but to me ultimately kissable. I adore her regardless of what she wears, but I’m a man, and if I can get my wife into something sexy, and maybe even kinky, well, I’m going to grab that opportunity with both hands.


I sipped my wine, savoring the dry tangy flavor. I was sitting in my favorite chair looking at Beth who had her feet tucked up under her on the sofa. We had finished dinner an hour ago. It was early Friday evening, and we had a whole weekend to play our game if we wanted. We stared at one another, neither of us speaking now; we both knew what was to happen next.

Slowly Beth stood up; again she licked her lips sexily, and with an exaggerated wiggle of her hips, she sashayed from the room toward the bedroom. I leisurely finished my wine, giving Beth time to prepare herself, and then ten minutes later, taking our empty glasses and the half full bottle I followed her.

The bedroom was empty, but I could hear Beth moving about in the en suite bathroom. I quickly stripped my off clothes; I flung the bed cover back and lay down on the cool sheet. I assumed what I considered a raunchy pose, laying on my side with my head supported by my right hand, my arm bent at the elbow. My legs were bent at the knees, my left one upright lewdly exposing my erection.

The bathroom door opened and my breath caught as Beth entered. In the seven years we have been married I have never grown tired of just looking at her, and here she was dressed like something from a wet dream. She had added silver grey satin panties to the items I had suggested. Her hair was piled up on top of her head, with a few wispy curls allowed to escape and hang down. A triple string of pearls hung around her neck.

I smiled up at her as she stood with one knee resting on the bed; she cupped her breast with one hand and held the forefinger of the other to the side of her mouth. She looked down at my hard penis “is that all for me?” She asked coyly.

“Every last bit, and more than once,” I replied in a comically macho voice.

We both giggled. Beth then collapsed on top of me, and I wrapped my arms around her and we kissed. My hand entwined in her hair as I pulled her to me, we kissed for quite some time, exploring one another’s mouths greedily, our tongues fighting a frenzied battle, breathlessly she pulled away, and lifting her head she tossed her hair back from her face.

“You’re supposed to be cuffed to the bed,” she whispered.

I let go of her and lay back, I spread my arms, clutching the headboard at either side of my head.

“I’m all yours, do whatever you want,” I told her.

She climbed off the bed and opened a drawer in her dressing table; it was where we stored all our toys. She returned to me holding two pairs of shiny handcuffs, and in just a few seconds my hands were cuffed securely to the bed. She jumped up again and fetched two of her stockings. I guessed what she had in mind, and spread my legs so she could tie my feet wide apart.

I was helpless and so excited; I had the feeling that something special was going to happen this weekend.

If I had only known what!


Beth knelt astride my hips, she hooked her fingers into the bra cups of her Basque, and eased them down exposing her breasts, leaning forward she pushed one nipple into my eager mouth, I sucked, slowly increasing the pressure, drawing in more and more of her erect bud and as much of her breast as I could. She moaned in pleasure as I gently bit down on her tit. Then she pulled herself free, but only to replace one breast with the other for me to repeat the process.

When she finally pulled away she knelt beside me, she ran her hands over my body, slowly and gently, caressing and massaging. I looked at her face as she concentrated on what she was doing, she looked so beautiful.

“This is nice, have you thought of your other choices yet?” I asked her quietly, hoping I wouldn’t break the mood.

“I don’t think I’ll need anything else. But don’t worry, I can guarantee you won’t forget this night in a hurry.”

I relaxed back into the bed, enjoying the feel of her hands, feeling her fingers make their slow way down to my cock, just as I had hoped they would. I had my eyes closed, but in my mind’s eye I could see her slim fingers, with deep red nails wrapped around my shaft.

She began to slowly move her hand up and down, I groaned with pleasure, feeling like a king, albeit a king tied to his bed, but a king nonetheless. She quickened the pace, her hand building to a steady rhythm. I could feel my climax building. I wanted to stop her, to make it last longer, but the approaching orgasm was stronger than my will power.

All too soon my body stiffened and I arched up off the bed.

“Nnngggg…aahhhh,” I cried out, her pumping hand forcing sperm to arc and splash onto my stomach.

I sagged back down, although I had just laid there while Beth did all the work, I felt exhausted.

I sighed happily, and I could feel Beth still holding my rapidly wilting penis, I didn’t know what she was doing, but with her busy fingers manipulating my cock I felt the stirrings of another erection.

“Don’t you fucking get hard again yet, I need you soft for a few moments,” she hissed at me.

I could feel something gripping my cock, no, not gripping, encasing; she had wrapped something around my cock and it was squeezing me tight. I wasn’t worried, in fact I was enjoying the feeling, I thought it was another kinky idea that she wanted to try.

My curiosity though, was beginning to get the better of me. I strained my neck, lifting my head, trying to see what she was doing, but the way she was hunched over my body hid her hands from me, but I could feel her busy fingers around my cock and my balls.

Suddenly something pulled tight around my scrotum. I gasped even though it wasn’t painful. Then it happened again, this time around my balls and the base of my cock.

It was then I began to grow concerned.

“What are you doing Beth? It’s hurting my cock, whatever it is,” I said in a more casual way than I was feeling.

“I’m just about done, yes….. there,” she announced. And she sat back on her heels beside me on the bed.

I looked down my body at my crotch.

At first I didn’t know what I was looking at, and then I slowly began to realize what she had done.

My penis was now inside a shiny metallic mesh tube. It was of a size that would fit me perfectly under normal circumstances: when I was soft. But as I was growing harder by the second my cock had no room to expand. I was only half erect and already the flesh of my penis was pushing through the mesh.

It was this that was causing me pain. The most bizarre thing though was the fact that I was still growing more erect. I was in effect torturing myself. I also saw that the tube was held in place by two chrome circlets: pulled tight around my balls and my penis. Somehow I knew that these were locked on and this… this chastity tube, for want of a better word, would be staying in place until Beth decided otherwise.


She knelt on the bed beside me, the fingers of one hand played over my imprisoned cock. She licked her lips and smiled wickedly, her other hand at her mouth, the red painted nail of her finger between her teeth.

“See how he’s trying to escape? The poor thing, but he does look delicious doesn’t he? All angry and trapped, and I do believe he’s getting angrier, see how red he’s getting?” she was excited by my position and what she had done. I could only wait to see what she planned. I was at her mercy.

I still believed that this was all just a game, but the growing pain from my cock was now giving me doubts.

“It’s really starting to hurt now, can we take it off?” I asked.

She looked at me with her bottom lip protruding “Aw, why? I like it like that. No I think it can stay on for awhile,” she said sulkily.

I looked down at myself; my cock looked as if it would burst out of the tube at any moment. It had turned a deep red, blue veins were showing through the mesh, and the head was protruding from the mouth of the tube trying to find room to grow.

It looked as painful as it felt.

I grimaced with the building agony; this no longer felt like a game, certainly no longer enjoyable “Come on Beth. Enough now, this bloody hurts, really.”

“Would you like me to kiss it better?” she asked.

“Just take it off will you, please?” I had had enough of this particular game.

“I bet Gina would.” She said.

“W…what,” I spluttered.

“Gina! She’d kiss it for you wouldn’t she?”

“Gina? What do you mean? Gina who?”

She reached over to her bedside table and pulled something from the drawer.

“You know, Gina, the slut you’ve been fucking,” she said as she fiddled with the small black device she was holding.

“Honest Beth, you’ve got it wrong, I don’t know any Gina.” That was all I managed to say, when suddenly my world exploded. Pain erupted from my crotch and engulfed my whole body.

If I hadn’t been tied to the bed I would have curled into a fetal position and screamed. As it was I could only scream and groan and scream again. It felt as though my balls were being crushed by a red hot vice and hit with a stout stick at the same time. It lasted no more than a second, but the ache left behind and the memory of the pain had me shaking in fear.

“Oh God Beth please don’t? What was that? Please I’m sorry, don’t do it again. It hurts, it really hurts, I couldn’t stand that again. Please?”

“Then don’t bullshit me John, I know everything,” she spoke calmly but firmly, as if she hadn’t just almost ripped my soul apart.

“Okay, okay, I’m sorry, it’s true, I did fuck her. But I was drunk, she threw herself at me, it meant nothing I swear, it was just the once, I’ll never do it again,” I had more to say but instead I was screaming as the pain surged through me again.

“DON’T TREAT ME LIKE A FUCKING IDIOT. I KNOW YOU FUCKED HER AT LEAST THREE TIMES. NOW DON’T LIE TO ME,” she was shouting, angry now, and I was terrified of what she might do next.

“Okay okay, I swear, no more lies, I’ll tell you whatever you want, I’ll do whatever you want, just please don’t hurt me again?” I was literally shaking in fear.

Beth calmed her breathing and seemed to regain her self control. She wiped the back of her hand across her mouth, smudging her lipstick, and then pushed her fingers through her hair brushing it from her eyes. She spoke calmly and confidently. She wasn’t asking me to agree with what she was saying. She was now telling me how it was going to be.

“I wasn’t sure whether this thing would do what the blurb said it would, but I must say it was well worth the money. Oh, by the way, I used your bank account to pay for it,” she was talking about the device she held in her hand, she turned it this way and that, as if she had never seen it before.

“It’s clever don’t you think? You see, with that tube locked in place you can’t get an erection, as you’ve already discovered. So that will stop you fucking around for starters. Then this little beauty, oh I love this,” she held the device in front of my face so I could get a good look. “This thing controls it all. If I push this button it sends a jolt of power through those bands locked around your balls. It has three settings; I used the lowest just now. But not only that, it also has other controls. For instance, I’ve set it at a specific distance, should you stray outside that distance the power automatically turns on until you return. And no, I’m not going to tell you how far it’s set for,” she patted my cheek lightly.

“Oh yes, there’s one more thing. Should you manage to get your greedy little hands on it, you will need to punch a code into it at certain intervals, or, well I think you know what will happen.”

I had to get out of this somehow; I couldn’t take another of those shocks. I had to keep her calm, try to win her over. I made myself sound as sincere as I possibly could, “Please believe me, I really am truly sorry Beth. Please just tell me what I can do to make it up to you. Is there anything I can say to make you forgive me?”

“No. Nothing, not just yet. You haven’t been punished nearly enough.”

“Oh God please don’t do it again, please?” I was starting to panic.

“Oh no, this is just to control you, I have something different in mind. Something much more fitting,” She stood up from the bed and walked from the room.

I strained against my bonds but only succeeded in hurting my wrists.

“You won’t escape, and even if you did you’d still have to get that thing off,” she said pointing at my imprisoned penis. She had returned quickly and she was carrying her phone.

“Come on Beth; just give me a chance, please?”

“Shut up,” she pointed the device at me in warning “don’t speak. I don’t want to hear you. Speak only when I say, otherwise I use Mr. Shocker,” I was about to protest but the look on her face showed me she was deadly serious.

She sat down again on the bed. “Who do you hate the most in the world?” she asked me in a conversational tone.

“I…I don’t really hate anyone.” I said.

“Yes you do. Let me give you a hint. Slime ball I think you call him,”

Steve: The slime ball from her office. She was talking about a slimy bastard, who makes no secret of the fact that he wants to fuck Beth. He had even told me to my face that he had tried to get inside her knickers, and he would keep trying. If she hadn’t stopped me, I would have punched his lights out on more than one occasion.

“Okay, Steve, yes I hate him, why?”

“Why? Because you’re going to phone him that’s why, and you’re going to ask him to take me out on a date, you know, a meal perhaps, followed by a nightclub maybe, something like that. And you’d better make it convincing,” she was surely just teasing me? At least I desperately hoped she was.

She punched in a number, her finger poised over the send button.

“Oh and one other thing, make sure you tell him, if he agrees he’ll definitely get lucky tonight.” she was serious. She was actually going to fuck Steve.

“God no Beth, please don’t do this? Please, anything but this?” I begged her.

“Do this right or I walk out of the house now, and I take this with me,” she held the control box up for me to see. I understood the meaning in her words, I had no choice, I was about to beg the person I hated most to fuck my wife. And worse, I knew it was my own fault.


“Hello Steve? It’s John, Beth’s husband,”

“Right er, hello John, what can I do for you?”

“Well, I wanted to ask you a favour really.”

“Oh yeah. Well I know you don’t like me John so what makes you think I would do you a favour?”

“Please Man; just hear me out will you? I want to bury the hatchet, and I think you might be interested.” The only place I wanted to bury a hatchet is in your head, I thought.

“Okay, tell me what you want. But I’m promising nothing.”

“Yeah, of course. Well it’s like this, you see I promised to take Beth out tonight on a date, but something came up and I can’t make it. So, I really need someone to stand in for me and well, I thought of you,” the words felt like barbed wire being torn from my throat.

“You’re kidding me, this is a joke right?” he sounded incredulous.

“No I’m serious. I want you to take Beth out, a meal, a dance, whatever, just show her a good time,”

“What’s the catch?” he asked slowly’

“No catch I promise. Listen, I’ll even pay for the evening, come on Steve, you’ve been after doing this for months, whaddaya say?”

There was silence for a few long seconds then.

“Okay, I’ll do it. But if this is a joke, if I’m left standing on my own,”

“No joke,” I interrupted him, and then I saw how Beth was looking at me, how she was pointing the remote control “And Steve, erm, if Beth wants to thank you in a more personal way it’s okay with me. You know what I mean?”

“Hang on,” he said “you’re saying you want me to take your wife out and fuck her as well? And you’ll pay for it?”

“Y…yes” I croaked.

“Oh man, you really ask some favours. How about saying please?” He was mocking me now, trying to humiliate me, and he was succeeding.

“Please Steve, will you take my wife out and fuck her?” I felt sick saying the words but I had no other choice.

“Hell yeah! I’ll pick her up in an hour,”

He hung up. Beth took the phone away and stood up. She looked and sounded genuinely excited “Well I had better start to get ready,”


I was left alone to brood, regret, and worry; I hoped that this was all a huge joke. But I knew deep down it wasn’t. Just under an hour later Beth returned to the bedroom. Despite my predicament and what she was about to do, the sight of her took my breath away. Her makeup was immaculate. She wore slightly sparkling green eye shadow to match her eyes, and deep red lipstick. Her hair was loose and stylishly mussed.

She wore a dress that I loved: green silk that clung to every curve of her body, the neckline cut a deep `v` between her breasts, it was obvious, the way her nipples poked forth that she was bra-less. The hemline finished just above her knees. She also wore her Louboutin shoes with the five inch heels that she was so proud of. And a gold chocker had replaced the pearls around her neck. She looked absolutely gorgeous.

And it was all for another man.

She stood over me and dangled a black rubber ball gag from her hand.

“We don’t want you disturbing the neighbours while I’m out. So open,” she commanded.

I knew I would be wasting my time pleading with her, but I felt I had to at least try “Please Beth, don’t do this, please?”

“Open,” she repeated. There was venom in her voice, she wasn’t going to take no for an answer, so I obeyed and seconds later she was buckling the strap behind my head. I was now helpless and mute and oh so miserable.

She stood by the bed and, bending slightly to raise the hem of her dress, she adjusted a clasp of her garter belt. It didn’t need it; she was just showing me the sexy underwear that she was wearing for Steve. She straightened up and ran her hands seductively from her neck, over her breasts and down to her thighs.

“Do I look okay? Do you think he’ll like me?” she twisted from side to side, displaying her body, she knew I couldn’t answer, she was tormenting me out of spite now, and just at that moment the doorbell rang.

“That’ll be him, wish me luck,” she kissed her fingertip and pressed it to my nose, and waggling her fingers in a wave she bid me goodbye.

I’d always considered myself to be a man’s man, one of the lads. But I freely admit, at that moment, when I heard the front door close I cried like a baby. The house was quiet now, and I tried to push thoughts of what Beth was doing from my mind. I thought about sport. I thought about politics. I tried to think about anything other than Beth and Steve. I even tried to sleep, but my mind kept returning to her and him.

Would she really have sex with him? I wondered.

If she did, where would they do it?

Were they doing it now?

Were they having sex at that very moment?

I knew I would end up going insane thinking like this, so I tried telling myself it was all a game: she was just trying to scare me, keep me on the straight and narrow. All these thoughts ran through my head. I almost convinced myself that Beth would walk back through the door at any moment, and she would tell me it was a trick and ask me if I had learned my lesson.

But I knew she wouldn’t, so I prayed silently to a God that I didn’t really believe in, that he would make things right.


I jumped at the sound of the front door opening and closing. Looking at the bedside clock I saw that it was almost midnight. Four hours had passed since Beth had left. I realized I must have dozed off for a while. I was so pleased that she was home: Partly because she might now free me, and partly in the hope that she had changed her mind about fucking Steve.

My hopes were shattered however, when, to my dismay I heard voices: she had actually brought him back with her. I couldn’t believe she would be so cruel.

And then I thought `what if she brings him in here to see me like this?’ I wanted to die.

I tensed as the door to the bedroom opened; Beth giggled and sat on the bed. She had obviously had quite a bit to drink, but at least she was alone.

“Hello darling, did you miss me? Oh I’ve had such a lovely time and I must admit I’m little drunk,” she giggled again as if to prove her point, and then continued “Now I just need to set this up.”

She placed a baby monitor on the table, she must have bought it sometime just for this purpose, I wondered how long she had been planning this night.

“The other part of it is in the spare room. I’ll be sleeping in there tonight with Steve, ooh aren’t I naughty? He’s downstairs by the way, I gave him a glass of your special Whiskey, I know you won’t mind. Now I know you can’t join in but I thought you might like to listen. See you in the morning, sweet dreams.”

She walked out the door stumbling a bit, and I listened to her giggling as she descended the stairs.

My mind was in turmoil ‘This can’t` be happening, I’m in a nightmare, I’ll wake up in a minute.

But I didn’t.


I listened to the sound of Beth having sex. I tried to block it out but it was impossible. She was obviously enjoying it immensely, she was more vocal than normal and I knew it was for my benefit. They fucked for over an hour and I heard every moan and gasp, every grunt and sigh. Beth made a point of telling Steve what a good lover he was, and how she loved to suck his cock - something she only did reluctantly to me.

But the worst moment came when I heard Steve attempt to fuck her arse. And to my amazement and horror Beth agreed. She began by begging him to be gentle, and ended up squealing in delight as he pumped into her.

“Oh God, I never knew anything could feel so good,” I heard her say as she gasped in delight.

I felt so impotent; I wanted to scream out my frustration and anger: anger at my wife, anger at Steve, but most of all anger at myself for getting into this situation.

It went quiet and stayed that way for some time; I thought they had probably gone to sleep.

But then I jumped at the sound of movement though the monitor, seconds later the door opened and Beth entered. She wore only a black lace negligee and silver grey satin panties. She had the look I had seen many times before: the satisfied glow of having been recently fucked. She sat beside me and stroked my forehead as though I were a pet.

“You’re going to lick me now, make me cum. I want you to clean me with your mouth, take out all of that nasty stuff Steve put inside of me,” she explained.

Standing up she eased her panties down and off her legs, and then laid them over my face. They were damp and I could smell her sex on them. And despite my disgust at what she wanted me to do, I groaned as I felt my penis begin to harden. She climbed on top of me and knelt astride my chest, she leaned forward to release my gag, and I could see her hard nipples just inches from my face.

“Do what I say now, don’t forget I have Mr. Shocker, and I could always invite Steve in to watch,” her threats were real: she was leaving me little choice but to obey.

As the ball was pulled from my mouth I tried to say something, anything, but my jaw wouldn’t work, I lay with my mouth gapping like an imbecile, saliva running down my chin. I had no time to worry about any of this anyway, as Beth scooted forward and settled her pussy over my mouth. My first instinct was to struggle, but my better sense prevailed. I knew I had no option, so I pushed my tongue forward and started on my task.

Normally I loved giving Beth oral sex. I could often keep it up until she had multiple orgasms and she was forced to beg me to stop. But the knowledge of whose cock had been there, and what secretions I might be swallowing made me nauseous. Even so I worked hard and soon even my jaw stopped hurting, and I found myself licking and sucking enthusiastically.

Beth encouraged me by pulling my face into her by my hair, and pinching and twisting my nipples whenever she thought I was slacking. I felt like a toy, being used for her enjoyment. She took such a long time to climax, I can only guess it was because of the orgasms she had already had with Steve. My jaw and tongue were aching, and she was constantly torturing my nipples. But I fought the pain and discomfort, and willed myself to continue.

I had to fight and will myself to keep going

When she did eventually orgasm she ground herself down hard on my face. I sucked avidly on her pussy, flicking her clit firmly with my tongue, willing her to cum. My mouth and nose were covered with her flesh, I couldn’t breathe. But it seemed that, to her, my feelings didn’t matter. Just when I thought I could last no longer, she grabbed my hair with both hands and pulled me into her, forcing herself against my mouth, filling me with her juices, and those left there by Steve.

Beth lay on top of me for some time as she recovered. I think she actually fell asleep, which was hardly surprising given the night she had had. I shifted a bit and she awoke and lifted herself up. She kissed me passionately on the mouth, and as she climbed off the bed she picked up the gag.

“No, please Beth, don’t?” I was so very tired and feeling weak; I really didn’t think I could take a night with that ball in my mouth.

“If you promise not to make a noise or speak out of turn I’ll leave it out,” she said.

I nodded, not trusting myself to speak. And without another word Beth left me alone, turning the light off as she went.

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