Twisted Payback 3: Beth's Story

by Graymangazer

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Part 3: Beth's Story

So many scenarios ran through my head; in each the slimy bastard came to a very painful end. But with Beth I tried to be more creative, something more fitting. I think I was angrier with her; after all she professed to love me, so what if I cheated? What she was doing had gone way beyond revenge. Yes I would make her pay, but try as I might I found it hard to imagine myself hurting her. Despite everything she was my wife and a part of me still loved her and wanted to give her every chance, if I could just get her alone and talk to her maybe we could work something out that didn't involve killing each other? But then I thought again of my situation and what she was doing at that very moment with the slimy bastard, I clenched my fists and punched the wall in anger and frustration, and I felt like I wanted to rip her face off.


Beth's Story.

“Thanks babe,” Steve said as Beth toped up his coffee, he sat at the kitchen table reading the morning paper, he wore one of John’s dressing gowns, Beth was naked, she would wear clothes only outside of the house now or when Steve wanted her in something sexy "I want you available at all times," he had told her earlier after a morning bout of sweaty sex.

“What about John?” she asked.

“What about him?”

"We can't just leave him chained to the radiator."

Steve tossed the newspaper onto the table and pulled her onto his lap, “He'll be okay, he has to learn the way things are now,” he held his coffee in one hand while the other cupped her breast, his thumb circling the nipple "It’s you and me now babe, together, when he accepts that and realises how he hurt you, maybe then you can start to forgive him. Until then you have to be the one in control."

Beth didn't feel like she was in control, but of course Steve was right, he was always right. She briefly wondered how John was doing, was he regretting what he did? Was he feeling truly sorry yet? But then Steve pushed his fingers deep into her pussy and thoughts of her husband vanished.


"Hundreds of channels to choose from and nothing but shit on TV," Steve complained, he clicked the remote control repeatedly in an attempt to find something interesting to watch. "Anyway it's about time you got yourself ready, Georgia's expecting you at one," he gave Beth a nudge and she grunted lazily in reply.

It was almost noon and she was lying snuggled up to him on the settee. Her fingers stroked softly over his balls and along his cock which for once wasn't erect. She wondered if she could get him to fuck her again, not because she was desperate for sex - though she did seem to want it more and more as each day passed - but she would prefer to spend the afternoon being pleasured by Steve's member than with some complete stranger, she hated having to do that, she always felt so dirty and disgusted with herself, but then she would often feel a little dirty after sex with Steve.

She was not averse to experimentation but he was up for anything and when he thought of something they just had to do it no matter how disgusting. Two months ago she couldn't have imagined herself doing some of the things she had done; licking his arse, eating cum from the floor, licking clean his cock after anal sex amongst others, and that didn't include the things she found herself doing with his "contacts."

Receiving a more insistent nudge Beth slipped off the settee and padded to the bedroom to get dressed. As she passed the door to the small bedroom she paused and pictured John sitting alone inside, occasionally she had times, like this, when she managed to think about things a little more clearly and she wondered how it had all come to this; How the man she loved was cuffed naked while she was preparing to do the bidding of a man she didn't even really like. She moved on to her room and sat at her dressing table. She stared at her reflection in the mirror and thought back to just a few short weeks ago.


When she had first seen the two seat sports convertible, Beth thought it was just the type of car that Steve would drive. With his designer suits and flashy jewellery she thought `Oh yes, that’s what he is; flash, a flash Harry, that’s what my mother would call him.'

“Hi ya babe,” he had greeted her as she got into the car. She hated that he called her babe, there were actually a lot of things she hated about Steve but there was also something else, something she couldn't seem to resist, it was as though he only had to say the word and she was putty in his hands, doing anything he suggested. He leaned across to kiss her cheek, “how long do you have?” he asked.

“I told John I was meeting a friend and just having a couple of drinks,” she felt so guilty about what she was doing, but she told herself that she hadn't lied, not really, she'd just embroidered the truth a little.

"Well let's get you started now," he'd said handing her a small hip flask. She took a sip, gin and tonic? But with a slightly strange taste, she passed it back to Steve, "no, it's all yours, I'm driving anyway, drink it up," he told her,

Shrugging, she'd tipped the flask to her lips and drank slowly hoping not to get too drunk, but it was only a small flask and who knows; the alcohol might even help her to feel better about her deceit.

She really hadn't intended to cheat on John, but once she started she couldn't seem to stop, and with Steve's help she'd also convinced herself that it was John's fault anyway; When Steve had arrived as her new department manager he had flirted with every woman there. Beth had considered him a bit of a joke and managed to palm him off just as all the other girls had. But John hated him and the way he openly tried to seduce any female whether she was free or not. In fact she had had to stop John from assaulting Steve on more than one occasion.

The thing was, Beth would never have taken any notice of Steve if John hadn’t obsessed about him. But he kept on warning her not to have anything to do with the "slimy bastard" and she had grown tired of it, so tired that after arguing about it once too often she had, out of spite, deliberately flirted with him. And when she had shown just a tiny bit of interest, Steve, like the predator he was went in for the kill.

She still didn’t know how it had happened, it was during an after work party, Beth was talking and laughing with some friends when Steve handed her a drink, the rest of the evening became a muddle in her memory: She was talking to her friends, she was talking to Steve, he was sitting close to her, he had his arm around her shoulder, they were dancing together, they were dancing close. He told her that she was the sexiest woman there and she didn't resist when he kissed her. How she came to be lying over his desk, half naked, pulling him into her she would never know.

After that first time Steve seemed to have eyes only for her, she told herself and she told him that it was all a mistake, a one off, that she must have been drunk. But two days later, and against her better judgement she was persuaded to join him for coffee, just coffee he promised. An hour later they were in a sleazy hotel, grappling naked on stained sheets. And then the following day she was bent over her desk, her panties around her knees while he pumped into her from behind. He pulled out when he came so he could watch himself ejaculating onto her bottom. That was also the first time she had used her mouth to clean him, something that would normally turn her stomach.


She was pulled from her reverie by Steve steering the car into a wooded picnic area on the edge of town. It was growing dark but she could see three other cars spaced about the clearing. Steve parked in a deserted corner and immediately pulled her toward him. Beth felt uneasy and tried to pull away but he held tight.

"Just relax babe, you'll enjoy this. You said that you'd like to try it, remember?"

Beth didn't remember at all, but perhaps she did say it, she was forgetting a lot of things lately, and if Steve said it was so it must be true. Besides she was beginning to feel horny again, very horny, and this time when Steve reached between her thighs she didn't resist. She gasped quietly when he stroked her clit and as she settled back against his chest a random thought went through her mind "why can't we just do this in bed for once?"

Despite her reservations and with Steve's attentions Beth was soon lost in a fog of lust, her head was thrown back against the seat and his fingers were buried deep in her pussy. She turned her head slightly and her eyes fluttered open. Suddenly she screamed in shock and sat bolt upright, a grinning male face, no more than two feet away was looking down at her.

"Its okay babe, just go with it," Steve whispered. She looked round at him and saw that he was serious; he wanted them to put on a show, he grinned and pulled her back against him, dragging her skirt up to expose her sex "be nice; it'll be fun, just be nice and enjoy it," He said.

Beth stared at the stranger and he stared back taking in her exposure and licking his lips, her shock turned to arousal as she watched his hand begin massaging his obvious erection through the material of his trousers. Steve, with his hand buried in Beth's crotch dragged her across the seat onto his lap, she knew what he intended and with his help she raised herself and slowly sank back down. She locked eyes with the stranger, sighing in pleasure as Steve's penis entered her. She gripped the steering wheel for leverage and moved her hips as much as the confines of the small car would allow. As she eased up and down on his cock Steve took her wrist and moved her hand toward the stranger.

"Go on babe, do it, be nice," he whispered into her ear.

Beth was too aroused by the cock moving inside her and the fingers massaging her clit to worry about what Steve wanted her to do, but his words rang in her head "be nice,” and her fingers automatically curled around the strangers penis, she also allowed the hand on the back of her head to guide her mouth onto the man's cock.

"It's nice to be nice!" an old saying that her grandmother used popped into her head and she had to choke back a giggle, the air was chill on her exposed body but she was so hot and it was true; It was nice, nice to feel Steve's huge cock inside her, nice that she had another to suck, nice that they liked her "just be nice," she told herself "and they'll be nice to you."

There were murmurings of conversation and she heard Steve chuckle, other people were there now, watching, touching. She couldn't see them as her face was held against the man's belly, his penis deep in her throat, but she knew they were there and she could feel their hands. Again her wrist was taken and she touched another cock and without thinking she gripped it and began stroking. Her hand moving in time with her mouth, working both men’s cocks as she rocked back and forth on Steve's lap. Hands kneaded her breasts; fingers pinched and twisted her nipples. She didn't know how many men were there and she no longer cared, her only thought now was her rapidly approaching orgasm.

The penis in her mouth seemed to grow and pulse, hands gripped her head as hot jets of sperm filled her throat and she almost choked. With a struggle she pulled her mouth free from the cock, saliva and cum ran over her lips and dripped onto her naked breasts. As if in synchronization the penis in her hand shot forth its own load, and strands of the gooey substance blinded her eyes and matted her hair, she tried to wipe it away but only succeeded in smearing it further across her face. The voices of the men around her became more confident and subconsciously she guessed there were at least four others beside Steve.

Many hands were groping her body, Steve still filled her and she desperately wanted her own climax as she ran a finger through the sperm on her chin and frantically rubbed it into her clit.

She was in frenzy, bouncing wildly on Steve's cock, neither caring what she looked like nor who was watching. Suddenly he gripped her hips and held her firmly against himself, he stiffened and tensed and Beth groaned in delight as she felt his hot seed fill her insides. He anchored her there for a few seconds then pushed her back into her own seat. With mutterings of encouragement from her audience Beth pushed both of her hands into her crotch in an effort to quell the fire between her thighs; she laid back with her legs splayed lewdly, the fingers of her right hand deep inside herself while the left madly rubbed her clitoris.

Beth climaxed, long and loud. Two of those watching actually cheered her orgasm and as her mind and body gradually calmed down she became semi aware of her surroundings, the men watching her, the way her body was exposed and she felt suddenly ashamed, ashamed of what she had done and ashamed of how she had reacted.

"Please Steve I want to go home," she said, now looking nervously at the men around her.

Steve turned his head to one man in particular, he was standing alone holding a digital camera, and he grinned and nodded slightly.

Steve smiled back in acknowledgement "Okay babe, I think we're just about done here anyway," he straightened his clothes and starting the car he pulled away trying his best not to laugh out loud.


Two months passed, two months of sometimes exciting but mostly degrading sex and feelings of guilt, and whenever she was away from Steve Beth wondered just what she was doing. Time after time she tried to finish it, but each time Steve would talk to her, calmly explaining why they were perfect for each other, and each time it somehow made sense and she would find herself agreeing to whatever he said.

Then, just when she thought she had the will to tell him "no more" he told her about John's cheating. She was stunned of course and refused to believe him, but he showed her photos, pictures of her husband with some young slut. She was angry and wanted to confront John. But Steve said he had a better idea, a way to get payback, and also teach her husband to never stray again.


“If he's as kinky as you say he'll probably enjoy it."

"I don't know Steve, What if it hurts him? What if he stops me?" It was Friday, late afternoon; Beth sat at her desk, her phone in one hand, the other down the front of her panties, her middle finger slowly circling her throbbing clitoris. Steve was in town supposedly at a meeting, but she knew he was skipping off somewhere, leaving her to cover for him. She couldn't complain, he’d already explained how he was doing it for her as well, how her career and even her marriage would benefit. And even though she kept telling herself enough was enough, to have no more to do with him, he would talk to her, explain how it all made sense and how right it was and she would eventually agree. Although she was often so puzzled she didn't really understand just what she was agreeing to.

"I'm sure you'll think of something, I've seen you in action babe, he'll be putty in your hands." he told her.

"Well okay, if you're sure this will work? I only want to keep him from cheating again," she looked once more at the strange device Steve had left on her desk, all she had to do was get John to wear it and persuade him to make the phone call, Steve said he would take care of everything else. Then with her husband not only under her control but actually arranging for her to sleep with Steve there would no more need to hide her affair, and at the same time he would be kept on the straight and narrow. That was what Steve had told her. Beth could think of a hundred holes in his plan, but as always, he explained things in such a convoluted way she was compelled to agree, he even had her almost believing the whole thing was her own idea.

"Can I stop touching myself now?" she asked him. And she looked around the empty office in case someone had entered without her knowledge.

“No, in fact you can get your tits out as well."

"I...I can't, What if someone comes in? What if they see me?"

"Just do as you're told, you wouldn't want me to use the cane again would you?" he threatened "And film it on your phone and send it to me, I've arranged another appointment for you on Sunday, they'll probably appreciate a few pictures,"

The call ended before Beth could say anything more, she sat unmoving for a few seconds then scanned the office again before undoing the buttons on her shirt, she pulled the sides apart exposing her breasts, she had no bra to worry about; Steve had long since convinced her that she didn't need one. Holding her phone high she smiled artificially as she recorded her shame. She sent off the pictures and wondered if she should cover herself, she thought about phoning Steve for his permission but told herself that she was a free woman and didn't live by his rules. But she remembered the punishment game they had played, how he had gotten carried away, how much it had hurt and how he had enjoyed it. So she sighed and resumed playing with her pussy, praying that nobody would come in and see her.


Three hours later Beth poured herself another glass of wine and sat back in her chair, she was in her kitchen, John would be home soon and she went over the plan once again in her mind hoping she could pull it off; would John suspect something? What if he didn't want to play? No, he always wanted to play; they were good together that way. She smiled at the thought, remembering some of their games and how excited they both became.

But then like a warning sign the images of John with that slut appeared in her mind. How could he? He would deny it of course, so it was just as well that Steve had those pictures. How he had gotten them she didn't know but he promised he only wanted to protect her, to help her. John called him 'that slimy bastard' and in all honesty she could understand why; Steve was not really a very nice person, but he said he could be trusted and would always look after her, she had to believe him, believe that he would be there for her, because God knows she needed someone now!

She cooked dinner, nothing special, after all Steve had promised her a nice meal later. But with that thought a wave of guilt swept over her and she felt like crying but she steeled herself and bit back the tears. She thought again about Steve's words, that he had another appointment for her; this was the one thing she hated, she didn't know who it would be with nor even how many, but she knew what they would want. She felt like a prostitute, she had tried telling Steve but he explained how these were people who could help him advance in business, and if he succeeded he would ensure that she did too.

Besides, he said, nobody forced her to do anything she didn’t want to, which was true, but it was as though it was expected of her and God knows why but somehow she just couldn’t seem to say no, even though she always felt cheap and dirty afterwards. Then there were the thick sealed envelopes they gave her for Steve, she didn't know what was in them and she didn't dare to look. Also she had never seen any of the men visit the office, but if she were truthful she hoped she never did, they didn't exactly treat her with respect. The first time was the worst, or was it? Maybe she was just becoming hardened to it and she shuddered with the memory.


Beth looked again at the address scrawled on the scrap of paper, yes; this was the place, an ordinary looking house on an ordinary looking street. Swallowing nervously she started up the path toward the door where she was greeted by two men, both of them cast from the same mould as Steve; brash, flash and so sure of themselves, another man sat waiting in the lounge, he was a few years older with thinning hair and a noticeable paunch. Beth guessed from the way the others deferred to him that he was the one in a superior position. There were no niceties, no pleased to meet you or how are you. Beth was there for one reason only; they knew it and she very soon found out.

Rob, the youngest of the three handed her a glass of wine and encouraged her to drink "it's okay, one glass won't hurt, Steve supplied it, he said it was your favourite,"

She sipped from the offered glass gratefully as Rob wrapped his arm around her shoulder and led her to a large settee. She was nervous and drank the wine quickly, they complimented her and soon she was feeling more comfortable. Clive, the older one, unzipped her dress and she thought she should say something but she recalled Steve's words "be nice to them babe, this is important to me, make them happy and you make me happy," and anyway it was kind of sexy.

Beth lay back into the settee as they undressed her, though she knew it was wrong she didn't fight or protest, it was as though it was happening to someone else and she was a spectator. She raised the glass to her lips only to find it empty; 'strange, I don't remember drinking it,' then another glass appeared in front of her and she accepted it without thinking.

“What happened to my dress” she wasn’t sure whether she had actually spoken or not. She was looking down at herself; she was now wearing just her black panties and hold up stockings. Her legs were splayed apart and a large hand – not hers - was pushing beneath the waistband of her knickers, more hands were on her breasts, squeezing, and lips were sucking her nipples. She gasped and slid down on the sofa when fingers slid into her pussy. She went to take another drink but she no longer held her glass, instead her slim fingers were holding an erect penis.

Though Beth knew that she hadn’t agreed to this she didn't resist, it was so much easier to just go along, besides It was quite nice in a naughty sort of way and she was only doing what Steve wanted her to do, but then perhaps she had agreed that it was a good idea, at least she thought she must have, it was all so hard to keep track sometimes, she wasn't even sure why she came here anymore.

She gasped and she was brought back to awareness by a cock easing into her pussy, she was laying with her back on the sofa and her arse hanging over the edge, her legs were being held wide apart by Clive who was steadily fucking her. Her panties were gone and he was using his thumb to massage her clit. She wondered if she should stop him but it felt so good and she was also distracted by a penis pressing against her lips, Jack, the last of the three pushed his cock into her mouth as her lips parted automatically. He thrust forward making her gag, she tried to pull away but he wound his fingers into her hair and held her firm.

"Suck it slut, we're paying good money for this so if you know what's good for you you'll do as you're told," It was Jack's voice that she heard and she wondered what he meant, but then she screamed around his cock filling her mouth as teeth clamped down on her nipple.

"Hold still bitch," another voice said and she felt her legs lifted in the air, the cock was pulled from her pussy and she struggled as it was then pressed against her arse.

"I said to fucking keep still you filthy fucking whore," Beth jerked as a slap landed hard on her swollen pussy, she was trying not to retch as the cock was forced deeper into her throat and then her arse erupted in pain as another slid into her rectum. She felt disorientated, in a daze of pain and discomfort, as well as her mouth and arse being fucked, something? Maybe fingers, maybe some other object was being used to penetrate her pussy, hands and at least one mouth were assaulting her breasts. Someone roughly pulled her face around and the penis in her mouth was replaced by another.

"I think she's out of it, get her on the floor, I want to try something," somebody said.

Beth felt herself being lifted and carried, then positioned on her hands and knees. They shouted and swore at her when she laid her head on the floor to rest, a hand pulled her up by her hair and slaps to her face and breasts had her apologising and begging for pity. She heard all that was said and was aware of the things they did to her and she wanted to be nice, after all she came here by herself so she must have known what was to happen, and surely she must have agreed to it? She tried to recall what John had told her... no, not John, someone else, yes, Steve. He knew some people, they wanted to meet her "make a good impression," he had told her, but did he mean for her to do these things? Or was her own idea, It was so hard to remember sometimes.

She grunted with discomfort and looked over her shoulder; she was still on her hands and knees and she couldn't help a little giggle, Clive or Jack or whoever was trying to push a wine bottle into her bottom 'how silly! Surely he wants to put it in my pussy? It’s much too big to go in my bottom, but then I already have something in my pussy. Oh gosh, I'd better try to open up a bit'

Beth stretched her thighs a little wider and pushed her hips back a little further, but then her arse was forgotten for the moment as a cock pushed into her mouth and whatever was in her pussy was replaced by another wine bottle.

Laughter and insults vied with Beth's moans as she was used and abused mercilessly using anything in anyway the three men could think of.

"Ughh, oh it hurts, I feel sick but I have to be good for them, please let it end soon, why do they want to spank me? Yes! let me suck you, that’s it, let me be a good girl for you, I only want to be good for you," Beth was rambling, she no longer knew what if anything the men were doing, she gagged as yet another object was pushed into her mouth, and she lay limp as the mocking voices seemed to come from afar, and blackness slowly descended.


"Did Clive give you anything for me?" It was the first thing Steve said when Beth flopped into the passenger seat of his car.

"Oh hello Beth, are you okay? How did the meeting go?" Steve looked at her on hearing the sarcasm in her voice, and he saw the tears welling in her eyes. She had passed out, with the effects of the wine she assumed. She had no idea whether the men had done anything while she was unconscious, but Clive gave her water and told her to get dressed while he called Steve to collect her.

"I'm sorry babe, it's just that I'm a bit stressed," he stroked the hair on the back of her head "you know how important this was for me and I know you did me proud, I love you babe, I'll make it up to you, you know I will," Beth sagged in her seat, she didn't have to do those things, and she saw no point in telling Steve what had happened. It had, after all been her choice and Steve didn’t need to be under any more pressure.

"It’s okay, I’m sorry, here," she passed him a sealed envelope which he tucked into his pocket.

"Thanks babe, now let’s get you cleaned up, I don't think the old man will be too happy if you came home from work in this state," Beth gave a weak smile, she didn't notice the look of disgust on Steve's face as he wiped his hand, sticky with something from her hair onto her coat.


Beth pushed the memory from her mind and finished preparing what she needed for the evening ahead with John, but she couldn’t ignore the thought of what Steve wanted her to do on Sunday; it would be the fifth time now, If she was honest she would admit that she hadn't seen any benefits for herself as yet and in truth she felt no better than a whore with the things she found herself doing, but Steve told her that these things had to happen in their own time and She could see no reason to doubt him, though it seemed more and more that he took it for granted that she would do all the dirty things he said. But then if it wasn't for him she would never have found out about John's cheating.

And it was Steve who thought about this plan to teach him how wrong he had been. By Monday things would be better; John would be contrite, he would even accept her involvement with Steve - it wasn't an affair, surely he would see that, it was a means to a better life - and he would never cheat on her again. And who knows, when he learned how Steve had helped her they might even grow to be friends.

So she tucked the chastity device into her drawer and chewed her lip dreading what she had to do this night and on Sunday, and hoping she was doing the right thing.


Beth brought me coffee and a sandwich midway through the morning, she was naked and I could see numerous scratches and bruises decorating her body. She released the cuff from one wrist and closed it around the pipe to the radiator as Steve watched from the door, casually playing with the remote. With my hands free I thought about making a grab at her but the slimy bastard looked eager to press the button. He reminded me of a prison guard and I wondered who he was guarding; me or Beth? She was quiet and didn't seem to be as happy or as sure of herself and the thought - hope - went through my mind that maybe she was feeling guilty.

There were a million things I wanted to say to her but I didn't trust myself to speak; I was so mad I knew I would say the wrong thing and only bring myself pain. When she straightened up she looked about the room and then at me, she seemed confused and uncertain of what to do next but Steve inclined his head indicating that she should leave.

It was blindingly obvious who was in control now and I felt a faint hope that Beth might be having second thoughts about this whole thing, but as she passed him on her way out Steve pulled her into an embrace and eased his hand between her thighs, she leaned against his chest and her hips immediately began moving to his touch. She clung to him tightly as she groaned in pleasure, kissing his neck and mumbling how good it felt and how she needed fucking and I saw the smug look on his face as he looked down at me.

My resolve hardened and I was determined to make them both pay. I wasn't sure who to blame the most but it was obvious to me now that they had had this whole thing planned together. Beth humped his hand and she seemed to have forgotten all about me. The slimy bastard smirked as the door was swung shut and I was determined to use the time I had to plan my revenge.

I sat and pondered, there was nothing else that I could do. It had been somewhat quiet in the house for an hour or two and I began to wonder if Steve had left, then I heard his voice and another, I was sure it wasn't Beth and I hoped it might be someone who could help me?

But still I waited and when the door did finally open sometime later; to say I was shocked would be a massive understatement, I stared at her for what seemed like forever trying to understand what this meant.

"What are you doing here Gina? You fucking bitch. Are you taking the piss?" It was all so obvious now that she was a part of this whole thing and if I wasn't cuffed to the radiator I would have punched her through the wall.

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