True Dreams Part 4: Going once, going twice…?

by Alice

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© Copyright 2012 - Alice - Used by permission

Storycodes: M+/f; captive; collar; bond; cuffs; gag; susp; bdsm; whip; slave; blackmail; force; sex; anal; mast; climax; reluct/nc; XX

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Part 4: Going once, going twice…

It was a quarter ‘til 5:00 p.m. I was waiting in anticipation outside my hotel hoping that the limo doesn’t arrive. I wish this was all just a bad nightmare but it was all too real. Every passing minute was just killing me. All I kept thinking about is what the fuck is going to happen to me.

5:00 p.m. sharp a limo pulls over and all my hope sank right through my heart. I slowly walk towards the limo and the door opens just as I’m about to pull the door handle.

“Come in Alice,” a voice says.

I get in the limo and I look at the man inside and quickly look away. The limo starts pulling away.

“Sir, where are you taking me?” I quickly ask with a frightened and trembling voice.

“You don’t need to know. Put this on,” said the man as he threw me a black latex hood.

The latex hood was very tight. There were no holes for me to see out of, but there was a small opening for the nose and an opening for the mouth. As I placed the hood over my head, the man said, “Oh you look fuckin’ sexy tonight. Very toned up legs, tight mini skirt, baby blue tank top, fuck-a-licious indeed. You like getting fucked don’t you?”

I quickly cut him off and replied, “Sir please let me go. I know all you guys want is money. I can wire $20,000 to you right now if you let me go. Please sir, I can’t do this!!”

“That’s true, we do want money, but we also need sex slaves and you’ll definitely make more than $20,000 for us you stupid bitch. Blame yourself for being so damn sexy,” the man replied.

$20,000 was all I had in my bank account. My dad could easily pay more but he’d know something was going on if I asked him for money. I couldn’t risk it.

“Now to check the merchandise,” the man said.

”Oh shit, please don’t,” I stuttered.

“Shut the fuck up you slut,” he said as he grabbed my hands and cuffed them to the floor near the door in the limo. “Lay down flat facing the ground and spread your legs!!” he continued. As I started to whimper, I decided to avoid any conflicts and comply with his demands.

“That’s a good girl,” the man said as he slowly lifted up my skirt and started to caress my ass gently and slowly. “Oh that’s a nice, firm ass you have. You must exercise a lot to keep it so plump,” he continued. Without warning he quickly grabs my thong and yanks them off of me.

“Sir, please don’t do this!!” I quickly replied.

“I can’t resist sexy, cute, petite Asians. I’m going to enjoy this bitch. You know you want this too you dirty whore. You’re the one that first came to us. I suggest you jump into fantasy mode quickly or this isn’t going to be pleasant for you.”

He mounted me from behind me and slowly pushed his hard cock into my pussy. With his left hand, he grabbed my left breast and with his right hand, he firmly placed them over my mouth. With his erect cock fully inserted deep into my cunt, my body was trying to fight the pain. It was a very painful sensation, different from what I’ve felt before. This cock may have been the biggest I’ve ever taken. Luckily he wasn’t pumping away or the pain would have been excruciating. Even so, I couldn’t hide the pain. My body was very tense just trying to fight the huge cock stretching my pussy.

“How does it feel? Do you ever fantasize about a 10 inch cock? For such a small lady, my blessing must be a nightmare for you. Do you think you can take me full force?” the man said as he continued to squeeze my breast with his left hand. He still wasn’t pumping his cock but he was slowly pushing his body into me with his cock still fully inserted in my cunt. He continued, “Do you have something to say?”

As he removed his strong hand away from my mouth, I said, “Sir this hurts soo much!! I haven’t ever taken someone as large as you. Please stop…”

“Well, you’ve cooperated with me so far so I’ll let you off easy for now. I’m Master Jon. You better never forget me because I’m not going to forget you. And I’m definitely gonna’ get some of that ass of yours sooner or later,” Master Jon said.

Master Jon slowly slid his huge cock out of my pussy as I laid still on the ground. What a relief. I just dodged a bullet. And then Master Jon inserted his fingers into my pussy and started to stimulate my pussy intensely.

“Oh shit, wait,” I yelled out as I tried to get back on my knees to get some leverage.

Master Jon quickly pushed me back down and said, “Stay the fuck on the ground and don’t move bitch! I was nice enough to not fuck you but you still better listen to what I say. Don’t fucking cum unless I give you permission bitch!!”

The stimulation that Master Jon was forcing upon me with his strong hands were so aggressive that I couldn’t control myself. I yelled out, “Sir, I can’t take it!! Please stop, I’m going to cum!!”

”Hold it bitch, don’t you dare cum,” he said.

“AHHHHHHHH shit!! I’m sorry sirrrrrr,” I said as I started to cum. I felt so humiliated. I was forced to cum and I as I squirted all over the ground.

”Oh you fucked up now bitch. I was going to be nice to you but you just don’t know how to listen. We’ve got to fix that,” Master Jon said.

“Sir, I couldn’t help myself!! Please forgive me!! I couldn’t control it,” I cried out to him as I begged for mercy. He mounted my back again ready to shove his cock into my pussy again.

“Shut up bitch. Now it’s punishment time,” he replied.

“Please don’t do this Sir!! I can’t take it from you!!” I yelled. I tried to fight him off but it was no use. Even if my hands were free, his strength was too great and I was no match for him. I started to feel the tip of his penis penetrate my pussy. Right at that moment, the limo stopped and the door opened.

“Why Master Jon, what a pleasant time you were having. Sorry to cut it short but we need to get Alice ready for tonight,” a man from the outside said. I immediately knew it was Lexington.

“What a shame. Just when things were getting interesting. You’ll definitely see me later Alice,” Master Jon said.

With a stern voice, Lexington said, “Alice, don’t say a word to me. I’m not in the mood to talk right now. I’m going to walk you in and you’re not going to say a word. Remember, if you cause a scene out here, you’re going to regret it. We have plenty of videos of you to share to your friends, remember that.”

It seems the only man that was ever kind to me here turned against me. I didn’t want to believe it but it was true. The latex hood was left on my head but they took the cuffs off. They straightened my clothes and I was guided out of the limo and walked into what sounded like a club with casual people around but I couldn’t risk saying a word to anyone. I was lead downstairs and walked quite a while down the hallway. Finally, we walked in a room and I was guided to sit on a chair.

“Alice, you are being monitored in this room. You will obey all commands given to you by anyone in this room. If you don’t comply, you will be punished. Tonight is a very important night. Don’t forget my words. You will regret it if you do, I promise. If you understand, just nod,” Lexington said.

I reluctantly nodded my head. I didn’t have a choice. What the hell am I doing? Was this really worth it? Yes, it was. If my family found out about this, it would destroy us. I can’t let them find out no matter what. Lexington left the room and closed the door.

I quietly waited in the room for about 30 minutes and then I heard someone unlocking the door. I still couldn’t see what was going on because of the hood but it seemed like one person walked in.

A man said, “Alice Kim. Korean… nice. It says here that you are on vacation for about 7 more weeks.” It seems like he was reading something. He continued, “So you actually have a fantasy for being raped. That’s interesting.” As he flips through some pages, he says, “Wow you have a very cute face. Well, let’s get to it then shall we? Stand up, turn around, and put your hands against the wall.”

“Sir, I can’t see. I don’t know where the wall is,” I replied. I was just trying to buy some time. I was afraid of what was going on.

Suddenly, I can hear him walking towards me and then he violently slaps me across my face and grabs my arm and raises me off the chair and turns me around and said, “Go find it bitch!”

After I slowly find my way to the wall, he said, “Good, now put your hands against the wall and spread your legs and stick your ass out.”

As I complied, he walks towards me and slowly starts to caress my body. The man says, “Oh you have some nice tits. They’re real too. Not too small, not too big. That’s a sexy skirt. I wonder what you’re wearing under it.” As he pulls up my mini shirt, he says, “Oh you’re not even wearing any panties. You sure are a slut aren’t you? Answer me bitch!!” he says as he started to rub his fingers against my pussy lips.

I didn’t know what to say. So I replied by saying, “I don’t know.”

“You fucking liar. It says right here on the paper that your fantasy is to be raped. Well here you are, about to be raped you slut!! I bet this is very exciting for you isn’t it? Say I want your big cock because I am a slut. Please fuck me hard.”

I hesitated for a moment but I thought it would be best to follow his directions. I slowly stuttered back to him and said, “I want your big cock because I am a slut. Please fuck me hard.” When I said that, I heard him start to take his pants off.

“Then I guess that’s what you’ll get,” he said. And without warning he shoved his cock deep into my cunt from behind and I immediately tried to push him back by reflex with my right hand. The pain was excruciating without any warm-up or any lube. Then he screamed, “Put your fucking hands back on the wall you bitch and don’t fucking move!! Keep your legs spread and straight too.”

He grabbed my waist and repositioned himself to start fucking me. Then he started to shove his cock in and out of me. I started to noticeably cry. Then he said, “Are you crying bitch? I thought you wanted this. Say fuck me harder.” I hesitated but he demanded again, “Say fuck me harder now!!”

“Fuck me harder,” I said in a soft trembling voice.

“Say it again and say it louder,” the man demanded.

“Fuck me harder,” I said in a louder voice.

As he was building momentum and pounding away at my cunt, he said, “Keep saying it and don’t stop!!”

“Fuck me harder, fuck me harder!! Fuck me harder!!” I replied.

“That’s it bitch. Scream it to me bitch, don’t stop, and scream it loud!” he demanded. He was shoving his cock in and out, hard and fast, cramming it in deep.

I screamed, “Fuck me harder… Fuck me harder!! FUCK ME HARDER!!”

“Oh shit here it comes!!” he moans and pulls out his cock and squirts his juices all over my back. I start to break down and cry even more and then I fell to the ground.

“Who said you can get off the wall. Get the fuck back up in position now,” the man says. I slowly stand up to meet his demands and put my hands against the wall and spread my legs again.

“It seems you have some manners to learn. You will not move from this position unless I let you move. Is that understood?” the man asks.

“Yes Sir,” I reply.

I heard a swift motion and within a moment, a whip lashes my ass swiftly and painfully.

“Oh shit!” I yell out.

“Shut the fuck up whore. This is your punishment. You are not allowed to speak at this time. Take your punishment like a good little slave,” he demanded.

I’ve never been whipped and these whips were agonizingly painful to me. With every lash, my body would shake. And then tense up in expectation for the next stroke of the whip. My face had tears dripping down through the hood. After every stroke of the whip, my screams just got worse. I couldn’t take it anymore. After 30 lashes, my body gave up and I fell on the ground and curled up.

”Get the fuck up. Nobody told you to move,” the man demanded. As I was on the ground, he continued to whip my body. I couldn’t get up, it was too agonizing. Then he said, “Get up you worthless whore, or do you want to get raped again?”

He continued to whip me a few more times while I was down and then the door opened. Master Jon comes in and said, “My apologies Master Greg. Do not waste your energy. Let me punish her while you watch.”

So that was his name. I’ve been raped and whipped by Master Greg. I’ll never forget the whipping he gave me.

Master Jon walked towards me and grabbed me and walked me to the middle of the room. I didn’t show any resistance. I was in a helpless situation. Restraints were placed on my hands and they were tied above my head and tied to something that must have been hanging from the ceiling. Then a leg spread bar was placed on my ankles spreading my legs wide apart. The leg spreader was tied to the ground so I couldn’t lift my legs off the ground. Then I heard some sounds of some chains. It was pulling the restraints on my wrists upwards. The rattling of the chains must be something that controls the leverage of a hook of some sort tied to ceiling. With my wrist restraints pulled high above my head, my feet were spread and nearly off the ground.

A ball gag was shoved in my mouth and Master Jon says, “This will keep you from screaming too much.”

Now I knew that I was going to get the whipping of my life. There was nothing I could do to stop it. I was a helpless girl at the mercy of these rapists and malicious men. As I was waiting for the whip to tear at my flesh, I felt Master Jon behind me and cupping my breasts with his hands and teasing my pussy with his cock! Shit, I’m not going to be whipped, Master Jon is going to rape me with his 10 inch cock!! I was barely able to handle him in the limo and now he’s going to rape me with full force!! I started to thrash around trying to fight the restraints but it was no use. My hands were tied way too tight above my head and my feet were barely touching the ground with my tippy toes. I had no leverage. I had no control over my body what so ever. My legs were left wide open with easy access to my pussy for Master Jon.

”My oh my, aren’t you energetic. Alice, I’ll be getting some of that ass. You should thank me Alice. If you can take me, you can probably take anyone. Do you still fantasize about being raped? Fucked against your will? Fucked so hard that it hurts? Powerless and helplessly tied while being skull fucked out of your mind? This is what you dream about isn’t it?” said Master Jon.

It was so embarrassing when I heard those words. Indeed all he said was true. How can I ever be so stupid to think that being raped would be pleasurable? It’s only pleasurable thinking about it. The pain I’ve experienced this past week was always more overwhelming than that in my fantasies. And today, at this very moment, I will know the meaning of true rape. I somewhat gave consent to everything that has happened to me up until today. This is probably going to be the most painful rape experience I will have ever felt.

Master Jon slowly slid his gigantic 10 inch cock into the opening of my vagina. Ever so slowly sliding it deeper inside me and slowly pushing against my cervix. The pain was unbearable and I started to clench my vagina but that made things worse as it only felt like my pussy was being stretched even more from the inside. With his rock hard cock fully inserted deep in my pussy, he grabbed my neck with his right hand and grabbed my right breast with his left hand. With a nice grip against my body, he slowly started to slide his cock in and out of my cunt.

I painfully moaned but was helpless to adjust my position to ease the pain. Master Jon continued to slowing fuck me. After about 2 minutes, my body was starting to sweat and my mind filled with fright knowing the unstoppable force that will be coming shortly.

With a soft voice to my ear, Master Jon says, “Are you ready?”

I shake my head and try to reply through the gag trying to scream out ‘Nooo’ but it was no use. It doesn’t even matter to him. He had me right where he wanted me. A helpless Korean fuckdoll.

As Master Jon slowly pulls out his cock leaving only the tip inside, he pauses for about 10 seconds. I knew it was coming now. After a few seconds, his cock fully penetrated my pussy and his body collided with my body!! His hands have a death grip on my body and he starts to pound away against my vulnerable opening.

“Ohhh hell yea this is what its all about!! You’re so fucking tight. What can I expect from such a petite Asian girl? Yes, keep on fighting it you fucking slut, I got the stamina to fuck you good for a long time bitch.” said Master Jon.

As I heard that, my heart sank and I couldn’t believe how painful it was. With every pounding he gave me, his giant cock would pound against my cervix causing excruciating pain, not to mention all the stretching his thickness was already causing against the walls of my vagina. My body was dripping in sweat and after 5 minutes of being mindlessly fucked, I stopped fighting it. Tensing up my body was only causing my vagina to tighten up causing more pain.

Master Jon said, “Feel my cock pounding inside you. Whether you like it or not, you know you dreamed of this. If you were given the choice before this happened, you wouldn’t resist it. The feeling of being so helplessly ravaged. Take it bitch!! I’m fucking you good!!”

As he continued to mindlessly fuck me, 15 minutes pass and I’m in disbelief that I was able to withstand this rape for such a long time. It felt like an eternity. My body and soul was completely broken. Just when I thought it couldn’t get worse, Master Jon pulled his cock out and then shoved it into my ass without any warning!! Yet again, I couldn’t bear the pain nor could I fight it. I started to struggle violently again!!

I try to scream as loud as I can but all you can hear is “MMMmhmHphMMhMPHmp….. mmmphmmmphmmmPhmmm” while I continued to uncontrollably cry. He continues to slam his cock in and out and hard and fast of my ass without any remorse. My body was rhythmically bouncing in tune from the momentum from him fucking my ass. My mind is spinning from the pain as he continues tear my ass up for a straight 10 minutes. The pain was too great and I couldn’t take it anymore. I start to get nauseated and dizzy and then I pass out

When my senses came back to me, I saw a big screen TV playing a video of some girl tied up and getting fucked. I thought to myself, ‘poor girl’, how many girls have they done this to? I was still left hanging and my legs were still spread but at least my hood and ball gag were removed. My rear end felt so worn out but I also realized that I wearing some sort leather belt or harness shaped like a thong. And there was definitely something like a dildo shoved into my pussy which the harness was holding in place. I was still a little dizzy and couldn’t see clearly but then I as I started to concentrate on the TV, I realized that that wasn’t just a regular clip of a girl getting raped, it video recording of what had just happened to me!!

It was so degrading watching myself on the big screen being senselessly fucked. Even so, as I continued to look at my body being man handled and fucked, it was somewhat arousing. How can I even think of such a disgusting thought at this time!! I clearly remember the pain being so unforgiving, and yet it was exhilarating looking at all the pain I had to endure. Regardless of how it looks, I wouldn’t want to go through it again.

I decided to try to break free from my restraints. I know it’s hopeless but what choice do I have? Just to hang here and look at myself being raped? I have to try at least. As I struggled to somehow break the restraints on my wrist, I looked up and noticed a small black device hanging by a rope which was tied to the restraints. I managed to grab and pull the rope with my hands and I got a hold of the small device. It had a switch on it and nothing else. Well, if I turn it on and if it does anything bad, I’ll just turn it back off. It’s not like I can do anything else anyways. I decided to give it a shot and see what it does.

As I flipped the switch on the small device, the dildo like device in my cunt suddenly started to vibrate!! I quickly flipped the switch again to turn it off. Then I realized that this was all perfectly setup so that these sick bastards that kidnapped me can watch me choose to masturbate myself as I watched myself get raped!! They knew that rape was a fantasy of mine and they were using this against me to humiliate me even more. I couldn’t give these sick bastards the pleasure so I decided to resist turning on the vibrator.

As I continued to watch myself being raped, I realized I was looking at the part of when I passed out. Master Jon didn’t have an ounce of mercy even when I passed out. I continued to watch my lifeless body being ravaged by a fuck hungry animal. My sexual tensions continued to rise and I just couldn’t hold back anymore! I decided to turn the vibrator on and indulge in whatever sexual pleasure I so longed for!! Within just a few seconds of starting the vibrator, I started to cum and my body was shaking uncontrollably due to the pleasure overload. This orgasm was perhaps the single most pleasurable sensation I have felt in my entire life!! As my sexual muscles continued to spasm and slowly come to an end, I couldn’t believe what I just did to myself. I was in full control and I just provided more eye candy to my kidnappers. It was like I literally raped myself. I was so embarrassed and ashamed at with my own actions. I can’t believe I willingly masturbate under such conditions. I turned off the vibrator and I started to cry and just stared at the floor.

After about 15 minutes passed, the door opened and someone walks in. It was that bastard who goes by Master Greg.

“Only a horny, sick minded slut like you would masturbate to a video of oneself being raped,” said Master Greg. He was right. I couldn’t think of anything to counter his verbal abuse. He continued on and said ,”Well, it’s time to go. I just bought you for $50,000. I heard I only have you for 7 weeks if I want to avoid trouble with the authorities. Well, you better make me a lot of money by that time or you’ll regret it,” said Master Greg. He then walked out the door.

I was relieved that I still had a little light at the end of the tunnel. 7 weeks is a long time that’s when  I’ll have my life back. Even so, $50,000? If that’s how much he bought me for, how much money does he expect me to make? And well, it’s disgusting for me to admit it but thinking about it, I’ve been raped so harshly so many times this week, how much worse can it get?


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