True Dreams Part 3: Freedom…?

by Alice

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© Copyright 2012 - Alice - Used by permission

Storycodes: M+/f; collar; bond; rope; gag; bdsm; slave; oral; force; climax; blackmail; cons/nc; XX

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Part 3: Freedom…?

It was the 4th night and I was placed back in my prison cell from another day of being raped. I silently laid in bed and let tears gently fall down my face. My pussy has been ravaged, my ass violated, my throat choked, my breasts slapped, my body beat and bruised. Strangers have been fucking my brains out without a day of rest. I was trying to get some sleep but then I heard someone coming.

 “Alice… our guests were disappointed today. If you want to sleep tonight, you better do as I say,” said a stranger.

I felt like breaking down but that wouldn’t do me any good.

“Get the fuck on your knees,” the man commanded me.

“Yes Sir,” I replied. I was so tired and sore but afraid to do anything else.

He then walked behind me and cuffed my hands behind my back and placed shackles on my ankles and locked the cuffs to the shackles.

“Tonight, you are going to learn how to suck a cock properly. Our guests have been disappointed with your inability to deep throat. We’ve been getting complaints so you better learn to do it right!” the man demanded.

“Yes Sir.” I answered as the man took off his jeans and whipped out his already erect 7 inch long cock. I knew it was only a matter of time that I would be forced to deep throat. This whole week, my gag reflex was preventing me from deep throating. This must have pissed them off. As he walked towards me, my eyes started to tear up again but I was trying to hold it back.

”Already crying? I haven’t even started yet! Open wide bitch,” he said as he slapped my face with his rock hard cock. He grabbed my head with his hands and he slowly slid his cock into my mouth and he held it in there with the tip of his cock resting at the entrance of my throat. He started to slowly slide his cock in and out of my mouth. I wanted to make this man cum as fast as possible so I started to stimulate his penis with my tongue as well.

“Oh yeah that that feels so good but don’t think you can make me cum easily. Are you ready!?” the man said. I whimpered when he said that. I knew what was coming next.

He grabbed my hair tight with both hands and started to push his cock against the opening of my throat which was kept closed from my gag reflex.

“Come on! Open up! I’m going to get in there!” he said as he tried to force his cock into my throat.

As the man continued to increase his force, I can slowly feel the tip of his cock getting through and my throat started to open up. With a hard thrust, he forcefully shoved his manhood deep into my throat. He held his raging hard cock in my vulnerable throat as I started to gasp violently thrashing around!! It was no use fighting. With my hands restrained behind my back and chained to my ankles and with the tight grip he had on my head, I didn’t have a chance. After about 30 seconds, he finally pulls his cock out of my mouth and I started to cough uncontrollably gasping for some fresh air!!

“Oh shit that felt so good,” he said as he grabbed my head again and I opened my mouth in submission as tears were dripping down my face. “That’s a good girl. It seems like I’m a pretty good teacher. You look so fuckin’ sexy. Take it deep bitch!” he yelled as he as he crammed his cock deep into my throat. As he was jamming his rod in and out of my wind pipe, I was occasionally gagging and choking but that didn’t stop his rough rhythm. I wanted to just bite his dick off but I couldn’t imagine what would happen to me if I did.

“Oh fuck yeah!! Suck my dick you fucking whore!” he said to me. After my throat was ravaged for about 10 minutes, it became so numb. I wasn’t gagging at all anymore. It’s like I became a professional deep throat cock sucker. “Here it comes bitch!! Get ready to hold your breath!!” he yelled as he jammed his cock down my throat and held it in place.

I couldn’t breathe and I tried to pull away but it was no use fighting the tight restraints and the hard grip he had on my head. By the sounds he was making and according to his body language, I can tell he was about to blow his load.

“OHH FUCK yea!! Drink it slut!!” he yelled as he squirted his juices deep down my throat!

I can feel his fluids dripping down my esophagus. Finally after about 45 seconds he pulled his cock out of my mouth and slapped me across my face and I fell to my side coughing. I felt so disgusted. I just ingested a stranger’s semen. Even so, I kind of felt relieved because it was over and because the man ejaculated deep in my throat so I only tasted a minimal amount of semen.

“I fucked your throat good bitch. If your clients are displeased with your cock sucking, you’re going to get this every night. I have no problem either way bitch, hahaha,” the man laughed.

He unlocked the restraints and left my prison cell. I slowly got up and rinsed my mouth and brushed my teeth and got into my bed and just laid there quietly. As I started to think, the only thing I can hope for is for this week to be over. But then even though my contract would end in 3 days, I had no guarantees that they would let me leave. In the truest sense, they haven’t done anything that would break the contract. But then again, technically the contract pretty much allowed them to do anything to me as long as I was not permanently injured. How stupid of me to not read the whole damn contract!! I was just too excited at the time. Regardless, I had to keep this hope alive since that’s all I have to lean on. I only need to endure this for 3 more days.

About an hour passed and as I was about to fall asleep, I heard some foot steps. As they were getting closer, they stopped right in front of my cell but I was too scared to look. I pretended to sleep.

“Hello Alice,” the voice said. I quickly recognized that voice. It was Lexington! I quickly sat up on my bed and looked at him but I didn’t say a word. He was holding a bag and some papers.

“Alice, we have much to talk about,” he said as he walked in my cell and handed me the bag. “Get dressed,” he continued. I was dumfounded but I felt so relieved. I didn’t know what was going on but I was glad to put some clothes on because I’ve been naked since I’ve been here.

“What’s this all about,” I asked. I was too scared to say anymore than that. Lexington handed me some papers. It was a missing persons report on me!! My family was looking for me and they must have thought that I went missing!

“We need to take you back now,” he said. When I heard that, I felt so relieved!! I also wanted to cuss him out but I didn’t think this was the right time. I was still at a very dangerous location. I didn’t know what to say so I just stayed quiet. At the very lease, I felt so at ease since this week of rape was coming to an end!

”Get dressed and come out when you are ready. We’ll talk about everything during the ride back to town,” Lexington said. I dressed myself quickly and met Lexington outside waiting next to a Limo.

“Alice, I hope you don’t mind but we need to blindfold you just so you don’t know the location of this place.” Lexington said.

“Okay,” I replied. I didn’t want to argue.

As Lexington put the blindfold on me, he said, “Alice, you don’t seem too happy to be here. We have a long drive back so take a nice long nap and we’ll talk about everything.”

I still didn’t know what to think so I didn’t answer. I needed to clear my mind so I just laid inside the limo and went to sleep.

After a restful nap, I woke up and asked, “Lexington, are you here? Are you awake?”

Lexington replied, “Yes I’m here. How are you feeling?”

“Do you think I’ve been treated fairly?” I asked.

“Well, did I ever lie to you? You’re an adult. I thought you can make decisions for yourself. Do you think I have not treated you fairly?” Lexington asked back.

“Well, I think you tricked me.” I replied.

“I’m sorry you feel that way. Your fantasy was to be raped. Were you not raped beyond your wildest dreams? You’re going to look back at this and you’re going to realize how good of an experience this was for you. Am I wrong?” Lexington replied.

After a short silence, I replied, “Well… I guess you’re right. Now that I’m done with it, it doesn’t seem like I went through hell anymore. To be honest, I guess thinking about it now, it was exciting and I was probably only scared because it was sooo real. I guess I can’t blame you or your company just because you guys are so good at doing your job.”

“I’m glad you’re feeling better,” Lexington said as he softly laughed as to lighten the mood. He continued, “It seems we are entering town again. We should get to your hotel in about 30 minutes. You can take the blindfold off now.”

As I took the blindfold off, Lexington handed me an envelope. I opened it and it was a check for $8,000.

Lexington looked at me and said, “That’s your cut.”

“No I can’t take this money,” I replied. “I don’t feel comfortable. A fantasy is a fantasy. If I take this money, I would be a prostitute,” I continued as I gave it back to Lexington. Then as a joke, I said, “So that’s all I was able to make huh?”

We both laughed and Lexington said, “Ah, well what did you expect? We only had 4 days to do it. I’d say you did quite well.” After a moment of silence, Lexington said, “Alice, what will you tell the police that are looking for you?”

“Don’t worry, I thought about that. I’ll handle it. They won’t suspect a thing,” I replied.

“That’s good. I knew you were a smart girl. Well, here we are Alice,” Lexington said.

“Yep, here we are,” I replied as I opened the limo door.

“Alice, you have my card. I’ll see you around,” Lexington said.

”Yea, we’ll see about that!” I replied.

We smiled at each other and he drove off. I walked up to the hotel receptionist and I asked for a luxury suite. I couldn’t wait to take a hot shower. Yesterday was the worst day of my life, and today felt like the best day of my life. But thinking about it, the last few days were not that bad. I probably just couldn’t enjoy it because I was too stressed out since it was so damn real!

Once I settled down in my suite, I thought to myself; first things first. I started to charge my cell phone and I called the cops and I told them where I was staying. The cops said that they were coming over so after I got off the phone with them. I decided to call my family and tell them that I’m okay.

As I dialed out to my dad, he answered his phone and said, “Alice?? Is that you??”

“Dad, dad, relax yes it’s me. I’m so sorry but I lost my phone and I feel like such an idiot that I couldn’t even remember your cell phone or mom’s cell phone number! I guess that’s what happens since I have you guys on speed dial, “I replied excitingly.

“Goodness Alice, you had us worried! We contacted the authorities there. Have you spoken with them?” my dad replied.

”I did and they’re on there way where I am to confirm that I’m okay. I’m sorry I had you worried but everything’s okay. I’ll be sure to call you guys every week okay? I’m still on my vacation you know. I want to relax and I’ve been having a blast.” I said.

”I’m glad you’re safe. Okay, well be sure to write down our phone number somewhere so this doesn’t happen again okay?” my dad said.

As the door bell rang, I said, “Okay daddy. I will. Hey I have to go. It looks like the police are here. I’ll talk to you later.”

“Alright sweetie, take care,” my dad replied as he hung up.

I ran to the door and opened it for the police. I greeted them and asked them to come in.

“Are you Alice Kim? May I see your identification? And where have you been?” one of the cops asked.

“Well, I decided to do some traveling around the outer cities of Amsterdam. I just spoke to my Dad just a minute ago and told him that everything was fine. See, I lost my phone but all is well now. I’m so sorry for all the problems I’ve caused you guys,” I said.

“Well, we’re glad you’re safe. This place is a great for tourists but it’s not the safest place in the world for a young girl to be traveling alone,” one cop replied.

 “I know your type. Spoiled. Let’s get out of here. We’re done with this wild goose chase,” The other cop said as he jetted out of the room.

The kinder cop replied, “Oh I’m sorry about him. It has been a wild chase for us though. I hope you understand. We’ll be on our way then. Take care.”

”Again, I’m so sorry for all the problems I’ve caused you guys.” I said as I sent them on their way.

Well that was that. Now to enjoy my vacation!! As I started to unpack, I found a wrapped present box in my bag. I’m not sure where it came from but perhaps it was from Lexington. I sat down on my bed and started to unwrap the box. It contained about 10 DVDs. Hmm I wonder what they can be!? I couldn’t wait to watch them but I was dead tired. As I laid there on that soft bed, I sank deep into the bed sheets and feel in a deep sleep.

In the morning, my cell phone rang and woke me up. The caller’s number was blocked. I’ve been disconnection from the world the past week and so I was curious to answer the phone.

“Hello,” I said as I answered my cell phone.

“Alice, how did everything play out with your family and the police,” the man asked.

“Who is this,” I asked.

“A friend of Lexington,” he answered.

“Well, everything turned out fine,” I replied.

“Good. Enjoyed your little going away present?” he asked.

“If you mean the DVDs, no I haven’t had any time to watch them but I can’t wait,” I replied as I giggled.

“That’s good Alice. So when will you be visiting us again?” he asked.

“Well, I think I’m done playing with you guys for this vacation. Maybe I’ll be back next year,” I answered.

“Next year you say? Well, we were expecting you sooner than that. How about I give you some incentive,” he said.

“What sort of incentive? Money? Lexington should have already told you I’m not interested in money for sex. Besides, I really want to take it easy for the remainder of my vacation,” I said.

“You know, you really have a nice phone. You sure have lots of friends. And you also have some interesting emails,” he said.

I quickly realized that this didn’t seem like a friendly call. What’s worse is that he’s almost suggesting that he has all my phone contacts and emails. I quickly yelled, “What the fuck is that supposed to mean?”

“It seems I have your attention now. Don’t hang up, you’ll regret it. Listen to what I have to say,” he said. I stayed quiet and listened as he continued. “I believe you should have about 7 more weeks of vacation here in Amsterdam. Well, I think you know what you’ll be doing in those 7 weeks.”

I started to get frightened and answered, “Well, what are you going to do if I don’t?”

“I can post pictures and videos of you on the internet. Try anything and I might just email a few video links here and there to your friends and let them see these videos of you being raped,” he replied.

“Fuck you bitch! If you do such a thing, I’ll call the cops and do whatever I can to arrest you!” I answered back.

“Alice, I won’t reveal your face in these pictures and videos. If I did, you’d have absolutely no reason to comply with me as your life would already be ruined and you’d do just as you said and try to get me arrested. There were many times your face was covered with a blindfold and a gag in these videos. That’s all I’ll show them. They wouldn’t ever suspect that they are looking at your poor helpless body being raped over and over again. But can you live with yourself knowing that your friends have watched you being raped? Some of them may even enjoy it! Maybe even jack off to it! Do I have your attention now bitch?” he said.

I was so infuriated! I was being blackmailed! I had to make something up. I couldn’t do this all over again. “Listen, I don’t even know if I can do this again. I told my family I would call them every day because of the incident this week. If I disappear again, they’ll know something’s wrong with me,” I replied.

”Well, aren’t you good at making excuses. You’re going to tell them that your phone has bad reception here. So bad that you’ll only call them once a week. If the don’t buy it, you better be ready for some of your friends watching your sexy body being fucked and ravaged. Play nicely Alice, and this won’t happen I assure you. Why should you trust me? You have no choice. Don’t play by my rules and I’ll start sending these links out to your friends. Let me remind you Alice. No real harm will come to you but if you cross us, you’re going to regret it for the rest of your life.” he said.

“Okay, okay. You win. What do you want me to do?” I reluctantly replied. I couldn’t believe in the mess I got myself in.

“That’s a good girl. Check out of the hotel today. A limo will pick you up today at 5:00 p.m. You better be damn sexy. Don’t disappoint me,” the man demanded and hung up the phone.

FUCK, this is bull shit I thought to myself. How can this be happening? I quickly scrambled to look for Lexington’s business card to demand some answers from him. He always seems to be the one that gets me out of a jam from his damn company. I found his card and quickly dialed his number and to my surprise, his freaking phone was disconnected.

I just wanted to die. After a panic attack, I tried to calm down. It was around 11 a.m. I should hurry and grab something to eat and get to a beauty parlor. I couldn’t take any risks. He said don’t disappoint him. What a fucked up vacation this is turning out to be. My first week hasn’t even ended and I’ve already been skull fucked out of my mind by strangers against my will and now I’m being blackmailed into who knows what!!


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