True Dreams Part 5: The Negotiation?

by Alice

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© Copyright 2012 - Alice - Used by permission

Storycodes: M+/f; captive; collar; bond; cuffs; gag; wooden pony; bdsm; slave; blackmail; force; sex; oral; mast; climax; reluct/nc; XX

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Part 5: The Negotiation

My supposedly new “master” Master Greg released me from my restraints and quickly dressed me with a skirt and tank top and put the latex hood back on my head and guided me out of the room and we went up a flight of stairs and then walked outside and then I was placed back into a vehicle.

Master Greg whispered into my ears “Alice, I am going to break you tonight,” and closed the door.

Just hearing that made me cringe. As I sat inside the car, I was thinking of the different possibilities of what may happen to me. I tried to convince myself that I can handle this. I’m going to obey all the rules so I don’t get punished and complete my 7 weeks as a sex slave and then go home. I’ve been fucked so hard the past few days that I can probably handle the next few weeks. It’s not like every man I meet will pack a 10 incher like Master Jon. After being driven around for about an hour, I was taken out of the car and we started walking.

“Master Greg?” I asked. Right when I said that, I was harshly slapped across my face.

“Shut the fuck up! You haven’t been given permission to talk,” a man said.

We walked indoors and my hood was taken off. As we walked from room to room, I was thinking to myself that this was an absolutely beautiful mansion. We then walked down some stairs. This must be where they plan to rape me. I think I’m prepared. I’m taken to a door with Master Greg quietly waiting. I didn’t dare look at him eye to eye.

“Alice, I told you I’m going to break you tonight. Are you ready to do as I say?” Master Greg asked.

“Yes sir,” I replied. I wanted to get this shit over with.

“Well we’ll see about that,” Master Greg said as he opened the door and lead me into a fairly large, well lit room. The ground was wooden and the walls were white. There was an interesting device in the middle of the room. Right above the device was a dreaded metal hook hanging from the ceiling. I was almost raped to death while hanging from one of those just earlier tonight.

”Alice, do you know what a wooden pony is?” Master Greg asked.

”No sir…. I’m not sure I’ve heard that term before.” I replied.

”Well imagine you are on a pony. How do you sit on a pony?” Master Greg asked. I didn’t know how to reply. He continued, “Well people generally ride a pony on their crotch wide open with the pony between their legs right?”

I didn’t understand what he was getting at but I didn’t like the way he described it. The device in the middle of the room was a vertical metal pole attached to the ground and on top of the pole was some sort of 4 by 4 lumber log. The log was horizontally resting on the pole and it was about 2 feet long. As we walked closer to it, I noticed that top of the log was sharp and became wider towards the lower part of the log. My stomach started to turn as I realized that this must be a wooden pony and that I was probably going to be riding it!!

As my eyes started to widen and as I took a hard swallow, Master Greg said, “Yes I think you realize what this is. You’re going to painfully ride this pony to show me that you will obey me.”

”Sir wait, I don’t think I can handle this! This would literally split my pussy open!” I begged.

”Alice, the tip is not as sharp as you think. Look, it’s half an inch wide and it’s smoothed out. It won’t cut through your flesh. This is not negotiable anyways bitch! Now take off your fucking clothes and spread your legs and stand above the wooden pony.

I stripped all my clothes and reluctantly got on the wooden pony but the sharp top of the wood was barely touching my crotch. Then all of a sudden I see Master Greg push a button on a remote control and the wooden pony started to rise up!! I started to panic and I immediately jumped off the device.

Master Greg walked over to me and grabbed my hair and slapped me across the face and screamed, “How dare you disobey me!!”

He forced me back onto the wooden pony and then pulled out a collar and locked it on my neck and tied a rope onto side of the collar and tied the other end of the rope the hook which was hanging above the wooden pony. The hook was raised and kept me in place on the wooden pony.

”Now let’s see if you will listen to me bitch!” Master Greg said with an authoritative voice.

“Sir, please don’t do this!” I pleaded.

He raised the wooden pony and I was forced to get on my tiptoes. I panicked again and I grabbed on to the wooden pony with my hands and pushed myself up and off the wooden pony. I successfully escaped the wooden pony again but my collar which was tied to the hook above kept me immobilized.

“It seems you are very disobedient you disrespectful slut. That was your last chance. I’m going to have to force you now. You WILL listen to me by the time this is over,” Master Greg said.

Master Greg lowered the wooden pony and placed me back on and then put restraints on my ankles and locked a piece of chain on each ankle restraint and spread my legs a bit and drilled the chains to the ground effectively keeping my legs spread and forcing me to stay on the wooden pony. Then he handcuffed my hands behind my back and a rope was tightly tied from the handcuff to the back of my collar. Now I was fully in restraints with a sharp piece of wood between my legs.

I pleaded with him saying, “No please, please don’t do this!!”

“Get ready slut,” Master Greg said as he raised the wooden pony again high enough to get me high on my toes.

 “Ohhh shit this hurts!!” I screamed.

“Alice, let me ask you something. Do people usually ride a pony with their feet touching the ground?” Master Greg asked.

I immediately panicked because I knew what he meant from that. He was going to raise the wooden pony so that I would ride the sharp pony completely on my crotch and pussy to support my whole body weight!! Without even a second to reply the wooden pony was raised and my feet were completely off the floor! The pain was excruciating.

“Please I can’t take this please!! I’m going to die!!” I yelled.

”Hahaha Alice, you won’t. At worst you’ll just pass out” Master Greg replied.

It was so painful that I couldn’t even scream. I was almost in some sort of trance fighting the pain. I couldn’t imagine how degrading I looked… to be in such a despicable position with my neck was tied to the hook above me, my hands tied behind my back tied tightly to the back of my collar, and my legs spread with my ankles tied to floor as I struggled in pain with the wooden pony sinking deep my pussy. After about a full minute, the wooden pony was lowered and I was back on my feet. It was such a relief but my body was sweating all over.

Master Greg walked over to me and massaged my pussy and said, “What the fuck is this bitch!! Hahaha are you turned on by this? Look how wet you are you fucking pain slut!”

I couldn’t even believe what he just said but I quickly realized that my pussy was actually somehow turned on by the pain. It must have been so mechanical. I wasn’t sure how but I didn’t feel that horny but I did want to release an orgasm.

A man walks in and rolls in a TV and places it right in front of me and Master Greg says, “Alice I’m going to give you a choice. I told you I’m going to break you tonight and I’m going to keep that promise.”

When I heard that, I started to cry. When I came here, I thought I could handle anything but I’ve never been tortured like this. As he turned on the TV, I saw a girl tied spread eagle on the floor and she was getting violently fisted! Her face seemed like she was about to go insane. Next, I saw a girl being whipped extremely hard all over her back, ass, and legs. As her body whimpering with each stroke, blood was dripping down her body. The next clip was a girl being poked with needles into her breast and pussy!! That’s just insane!!

“Well Alice, I’m going to give you a choice. You can either be tortured in any of these 3 methods you just saw or you can stay here on the wooden pony.” Master Greg said.

I can’t imagine having to go through any of the tortures I just saw on the TV so I said, “Sir, I’d like to wooden pony.” Without hesitation, Master Greg raised the wooden pony again and my body was lifted off the floor!!

”No, wait please, oh shit!! Wait!! OOOH FUCK!” I screamed

”Well you better get used to it quick. You’re going to be riding this wooden pony like a saddle until you pass out you stupid bitch!!” He answered back.

I couldn’t believe his words. All of a sudden a ballgag was forced into my mouth and now I couldn’t even talk back. I was forced to endure more pain than I’ve ever felt in my life. This was probably worse than getting anally raped by Master Jon again.

“MmMMnmMmph, MmmMMnmMmph,” I moaned.

I trashed around violently trying to somehow free myself but it was no use! I was riding the wooden pony with my full body weight and there was nothing I could do to alleviate the pain. Tears started to run down my cheeks. It was so painful that I really wanted to just pass out already but I was fully conscious. I looked around and I noticed that a few men walked in and started to set camcorders around me to record my painful experience. To add to my struggle, a man threw a bucket of water all over my face!!

“Oh that is sexy Alice. I love to see girls struggle and squirm in pain. My biggest fantasy was always to torture a beautiful sexy Korean slut and here we are. Life is good isn’t it? Don’t worry, I don’t plan to distribute this video of you riding the pony. It’s going to be part of my personal collection. Well then, I’ll be leaving you. Oh but wait, let me leave you with a special present,” Master Greg said as he pulled a skinny metal chain.

As Master Greg walked over to me, I noticed that at the end of each chain was a clamp!! The metal nipple clamps were placed on my nipples and the pinch was so harsh that I felt like my nipples were about to be cut off. Yet again, this was a new level of pain for me but there was nothing I could do. I was helpless and forced to endure all of it.

“That’s beautiful. Keep crying. That black mascara running down your face is very sexy. Well then, I’ll see you in a few hours,” Master Greg said as he walked out.

I can’t believe it. That’s impossible! I’ve been riding this pony for probably around 5 minutes and it’s already unbearable. I’ll die if I stay like this for a few hours, let alone even 1 hour! This man is insane… I don’t know how I’m going to survive this night.

After about 10 minutes the wooden pony was lowered and I was back on my feet!! What a relief it was but then the door opens again and a man walks in holding a bullwhip. Every time I think I get a break, this night is just getting worse and worse. I look at the man with my eyes wide open and motion my head left to right to somehow communicate him to have pity on me but he didn’t seem to care one bit. He walked behind me so I couldn’t see him but I could hear him doing something. The TV in front of me was turned on again. It was a live TV feed of me from my back. The sick bastard is going to make me look at my fucking body being whipped.

I saw the man walk towards me and pull out a remote control from his pocket. When I saw that I started to violently struggle again and try to plead for mercy but it didn’t stop him. He raised the wooden pony again and I was completely raised off the floor again with the pony sinking deep into my pussy. He started to caress my body slowly and just pretty much molest me to his hearts content. As he grabbed my breasts, he slowly grabbed my nipples and it hurt like hell with the nipple clamps still in place.

He then backed up and got into a whipping stance. This is it, yet again, the night has gotten worse. With a swift stroke, the whip cut through the air and struck my ass. The pain from the whip wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. It must because all the other pain I’m forced to endure at the moment.

“Oh you didn’t feel that did you? Well you’re going to feel it in a bit bitch!” the man said.

After a few more strokes, the whip started to really sting. With every swing of the bullwhip, I started to moan louder and louder.

“That’s right bitch. You can feel it now can’t you. Oh what’s this, it seems you’re your skin is already starting to tear,” the man said.

I took a closer look at the TV and I saw that my butt cheeks started to bleed just a little bit from the whipping!! He started to whip my back and my and the back of my thighs. I didn’t know which pain was worse… the pony ripping my crotch and pussy, the metal nipple clamps, or the whipping!!

“You seem to be taking this fairly well. Let’s see how tough your crotch really is,” the man said.

He then started to raise the pony even more!! I was already complete off the floor but as the pony was raised higher, my ankles restraints were pulled tightly while chained to the ground and the pony was forced even deeper into my pussy!! The man then started to violently whip my ass and back thighs. I was struggling with all my strength but my pussy was being crushed even more with every movement I made. I couldn’t take it any more and I started to cry uncontrollably. The man stopped whipping me and walked towards me and tried to calm me down by caressing my face.

“Calm down Alice, I don’t want you to faint just yet,” the man said as he took off my ballgag.

“Sir please, please lower the pony just a little,” I begged.

“You know I can’t do that. You’ve been whipped while riding the pony for 10 minutes straight I’ll be back in 30 minutes,” he said.

”No!! Please, I can’t take it!!” I yelled back.

Without a word, the man just walked out. As I continued to sweat and cry and try to wiggle around to find a more comfortable position, I looked at my body struggling on the TV. I’ve never been a big fan of the torture side of BDSM but looking at my firm body glistening from the sweat while being forced to ride this painful pony was somehow turning me on. As I continued to struggle, my clit was coming close to orgasm. I felt an orgasm coming so I continued to struggle and then it happened, the orgasm shot through my body with such power and all the pain I was feeling a moment ago was just gone for a good 30 seconds. After I basked in my intense orgasm, the pain came right back and it came back even harder. All of my sexual arousal completely left me and my sexy body was no longer sexy to look at. Everything about this situation was just looking excruciatingly painful!!

After another 10 minutes of struggling with no avail, I started to get dizzy. I was hoping to pass out but then the door opens and Master Greg walks in and immediately lowers the wooden pony and my legs were so wobbly and out of strength that my started to asphyxiate from my collar hanging from the hook above.

”Whoaa there Alice, you can’t pass out yet. We’re not done for the night yet,” Master Greg said as he cut the rope on my collar and let me fall to the ground.

I laid there on the floor almost lifeless. I felt like passing out but I started to gain my consciousness again and became very aware of my surroundings. I was exhausted. Then I heard a knocking at the door.

“Come on in guys,” Master Greg said.

I look over to the door and see 2 men walk in stroking their cocks looking directly at ready to rape me no doubt. I didn’t move. I stayed still and laid on the ground. The men started to touch me and feel up on my body. I didn’t fight it at all. Finally one man got down and started to fuck me. As he fucked me, I just closed my eyes. I was tired and I didn’t want to put up a fight. Both men took turns fucking me.

“Get on your knees bitch,” Master Greg demanded.

As I got on my knees, Master Greg continued, “Now keep your hands behind your back.”

I complied without question. He went on saying, “Good. Now open your mouth and don’t say a word.”

I’ve been throat fucked before but I’m still not used to getting deep throated but I guess I’ll just do quickly and be done with it. The first man walked up to me and put his hands around my head and started to slowly slide his cock into my mouth.

“Oh that feels so good. Yea suck it bitch. Oh shit get ready bitch!!” The man said.

As he held my head tightly, the man squirted his cum in the back of my mouth and then slowly pulled his cock out. I immediately spit his juice out on the ground. What a big mistake. Master Greg swiftly walked over to me and slapped my face and grabbed my hair and forced my face down on the ground.

“Don’t you ever spit out cum you fucking bitch! Hurry and lick that shit up and swallow it,” Master Greg demanded.

I was disgusted but I had no choice. I started to lick all the cum off the ground and drank it. I felt like throwing up. After I finished cleaning the floor, I got back on my knees and opened my mouth.

“That’s a good girl, now you’re getting it,” Master Greg said.

The second man walked up to me and held my head and started to fuck my throat. This guy was much more aggressive. He clenched my hair and started to really thrust hard and deep down my throat and literally forced my throat to open for the head of his cock. I was having trouble breathing and started to cough but he had no remorse and kept thrusting his hard cock deep in my throat. Then with a rough thrust, he shoved his cock all the way into my mouth and throat and held it there in place. I couldn’t breath and I wanted to push him off so bad but I knew that would mean punishment for me.

“That’s right bitch. Take it. You know you want it. Oh fuck yea. FUCK YEA!!” The man screamed as he released his ejaculation deep into my throat. I felt his cum shoot inside my esophagus as it started to slide down slowly. It was absolutely gross but I had to take it. Finally he released me and I fell to the floor coughing.

The 2 men and Master Greg started to walk out. As they were walking out, one man said, “Mr. Greg, let me think about it. I’d like to rent this girl but 25k is a little steep”

Master Greg walked back into the room with a blanket and dropped it on me. In a weird way, I felt so comforted.

”Alice, you better hope they rent you. You need to start making me some money.” He said.

”Sir, may I ask you a question?” I asked.

”Yes you may,” he replied.

”I don’t mean to be rude or disrespectful Master Greg but if I follow your orders, will you really release me in 7 weeks? How do know that you won’t just kill me and throw me in a river?” I asked.

”Alice, I’m a business man, not a killer. Killing you would be messy. I know that you just want your life back and that’s what you’ll get after you’re done with your commitment with me,” he replied.

”How much money do you expect to make off of me?” I asked
“At least 150k and a lot of videos,” he replied.

If I’m punished like this for the next 7 weeks, I might go insane. I thought for a second and said, “Well, I’m not sure about the videos but how about I try to make you the money by prostituting myself on the streets? Please, I think I can make your money quicker than 7 weeks. I know how to make myself look sexy.”

”Alice, problem is, prostitution is cheap around here. How do you expect to make that much money?” Master Greg replied.

“I see. How about Dubai? I hear prostitutes can make more than $1000 per hour depending on how good they are. Is there any way you can get me there?” I asked.

Master Greg didn’t reply but it looked like he was thinking about my offer. I continued and said, ”Please… I wouldn’t dare to run away. You already have lots of degrading videos of me or at least Lexington does. My life would be ruined if you released those videos to my friends. My family would be ruined as well. I can’t risk that. Please trust me. I’ll make you $200,000 in less than 7 weeks.”

“Okay Alice. I guess I can use a vacation. We’ll be leaving for Dubai tomorrow. See, I’m a business man. I’m not unreasonable. Good night,” Master Greg said as he left the room and dimmed the lights.

Okay this is it. Tomorrow I start my life as a prostitute. It’s sick but its better than being tortured. Whatever I do, it can’t get any worse than what happened to me today.


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