True Dreams Part 2: Too Good to be True

by Alice

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© Copyright 2012 - Alice - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; M+/f; club; collar; bond; rope; gag; bdsm; enslave; group; sex; rape; anal; climax; cons/nc; XX

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Part 2: Too Good to be True

When I woke up the next day, I laid in bed replaying all that had happened the night before. Just the thought of have strangers forcefully do whatever they want with my body was thrilling and at the same time, I felt like such a cheap slut. I’ve never let anyone get in my pants so easily but just the other night I let myself get mindlessly fucked by 2 complete strangers. I don’t even have the slightest idea how they look. After daydreaming for about an hour, the cell phone Lexington gave me starting to ring. I answered the phone.

“Hello?” I asked.

“This is Lexington. Did you get my package?

”No, I don’t think so.” I asked while looking around the room.

“Check with the receptionist later. How long will you be staying here in Amsterdam?”

”About 7 weeks.”

”Good. I’m sure you had a great time yesterday night but how would you feel about being in that situation for a full week? I promise you will be looked after.”

”I….” I was speechless. A rape victim for a whole week?

“Alice, we’ll talk again. Get the package from the receptionist and review the contents very carefully.”

I called the hotel receptionist and indeed there was a package waiting for me. I quickly went down to pick it up. After returning to my room, I opened the package and found a DVD. The DVD is stated to be copyrighted by True Dreams. I popped it in my laptop and started to view the DVD. It was a full recording of me getting raped the other night! I was frightened because this footage was supposedly owned by True Dreams. Regardless, watching my body being roughly pounded like a rape victim was actually turning me on. I quickly masturbated and turned off the footage and took a shower.

The more I thought about the footage, the angrier I became. I couldn’t believe the private session yesterday night was being recorded and now a group of complete strangers have a copy. For all I know, they have the rights to distribute it all over the internet. I started to read a book to clear my mind. About an hour passed and I got a call.

”Is this Lexington? How could you do such a thing?” I demanded immediately.

“Alice, I’m assuming you are angry with the fact that you were recorded. I can explain. First, let me ask you. Haven’t I been a true gentleman with you since the beginning? Isn’t it true that I haven’t lied to you once thus far?”

”You’re right. I’m sorry. I guess I’m just a little frustrated. When did I give you permission to record me being raped?”

”The club is privately owned and reserves the right to record anything that goes on inside. They also allow private parties or sessions to be recorded with the copyrights going to the host who was me in that room yesterday night. It was my fault for assuming you knew the rules of the club. I’m sorry.”

”Okay, well where do we go from here? Are you going to sell my rape tape all over the internet?”

”No we do not do that. All recorded footage is purely kept between the company and the client. You have to admit that you enjoyed viewing the footage.”

Lexington continued on by saying, “I’ve reviewed your safe limits list. If you are still interested with being a rape victim for a week, come to the club tonight at 10:00 p.m. with all your belongings and check out of your hotel.”

Immediately Lexington hung up the phone. I didn’t know what to do. I had the whole day to think about it. I went out and had breakfast and decided to get my hair and nails done. If I’m going to really do this, I need to look as sexy as I can. After lunch, I returned to my hotel room and try to do some research on the company True Dreams. I check the internet but found no search results on the company. For the rest of the day, I relaxed inside the hotel. At 9:00 p.m. I packed all my stuff and checked out of the hotel and got in a cab and headed to the club. I thought to myself that I can still leave the club at anytime since I haven’t signed any contracts with True Dreams.

I arrived at the club and again I saw a lady holding up a sign with my name. As I walked up to her, she asked me to follow her. Again I was lead up to a private room and instructed to wait. About a minute later, Lexington walked in.

”Alice, I’m glad you came. Listen, if you are ready for a week of living out your greatest fantasy, sign these legal paper.”

“How much will this cost?” I asked.

”It doesn’t cost you anything. You will actually be paid for this. Men will pay to rape you. We split the profits.”

”I’m not a prostitute.” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

”Nobody said you are. This is strictly professional.”

”This all sounds too good to be true. I don’t know. I need to think about it.”

“Alice, let me help you decide. People will happily pay to see you. We get paid, you get paid. Most importantly, you turn your fantasy into reality. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for you. This is a win-win situation. The stage has been set. You can get raped all you want starting tonight.”

“Where do I sign?” I’ve made up my mind. I was on my way to paradise.

“Great choice Alice. Sign here and follow me. The rules are simple. We never talk about the contract. We need to stay in character at all times. Breaking this simple rule means punishment.”

I was taken downstairs, and outside the club, and I see a limo. As I get in the back seat of the limo, Lexington says, “Alice, get some rest. It’s going to be a long ride,” as he closes the door.

The windows inside the limo were smoked out so I couldn’t see where we were going. I drank some red wine and enjoyed the ride. After 2 hours, I started to think that Lexington was serious when he said it’s going to be a long ride so I decided to take a nap.

I woke up when hearing some people talking outside and realized that we finally stopped. It was bright outside. We must have been driving all night. I tried to open the door but it seems like the doors were locked from the outside but then someone from the outside opened it for me.

“Hi, where are we,” I asked.

Immediately the man that opened the door grabbed me by the hair and pulled me out of the limo and slapped me across the face and said, “Shut up bitch.” I quickly remembered that Lexington said I need to stay in character at all times or I would be punished. Now I knew what he meant. He quickly put a collar on me. I didn’t resist because I was afraid of being slapped again. I was being escorted into what seemed to be a huge warehouse with lots of trees around. Maybe we were near a forest. Once inside the warehouse, I was taken to what seemed to be a jail cell. I was given one of my bags containing all of my hygiene gear.

”Do not speak unless spoken to. You will address everyone as Sir. Is that understood?” the man that escorted me to my cell said.

“Yes Sir,” I stuttered back. I was so nervous.

“Clean yourself up. You have one hour. You better be naked when I come back.”

I better be naked huh? I better get used to it. Am I really a whore? Well, I didn’t care. This was a once in a life time opportunity and I wasn’t going to miss it. Surprisingly, there was a nice shower and soft bed in my cell. I guess they want me to stay clean, comfortable, and healthy… probably because they wanted me to stay a sexy rape victim. After I took a quick shower, I put on some makeup, and curled the tips of my hair inwards. It was perfect length, a little below my shoulders. I looked at the mirror and I thought about the guys that are going to use me. They’re so lucky. I started to slide my hands around my tight abs, down my firm thighs, I felt great.

After about 10 minutes, a man grabbed me from my cell and I was taken downstairs to some sort of an underground area and down a dark corridor and placed in a room. The room wasn’t small but not too big. A few lamps providing light were hanging from the ceiling. I also saw 4 video cameras from each corner on the ceiling. I just sat on the floor against the wall. After about 30 minutes or so, I suddenly started to hear voices and noticed that it was coming from speakers within the room. I start to listen carefully.

From the speakers: “Everyone, take a good look at this next girl. From what we know, she’s Korean and her name is Alice Kim. She will be tied facedown on the ground spread eagle. Fuck her as hard as you want. Here are the rules: 1) No anal. 2) Everyone must wear a condom. Out of respect to all customers, we need to keep the merchandise clean. If you want in on this beautiful Asian whore, $50 is all you need. Let me remind all of you that she is fresh meat.”

After hearing that, I was getting so horny!! Within a few minutes, the door opens and I was forced to the floor, facing the ground. My limbs were stretched outwards in an “X” figure and metal restraints were locked to my wrists and ankles and drilled into the floor. After the men effectively lock me tightly spread eagle on the floor, they leave. I wait there silently knowing in a moment I’m going to be gang raped. I couldn’t wait. I wanted to be ravaged so badly!!

I hear the door open and the men start coming in. I see about 10 men in total, all of them wearing a mask. Someone places a large mirror across from my face probably to allow the rapist to see the reaction of my face while I’m being fucked.

“Who has number 1?” One man asks.

“I do.” Another man answered. This was my destiny. People dream about their fantasy but I was going to live it. As the man injected his penis into my tender vagina, it felt great. Before I could get my first orgasm, he actually finished and got off me.

“Fuck me hard, Sir!!” I eagerly said to the next man. He pulled my hair forcing me to look at the mirror. I saw his body pounding away into my gentle and helpless body. After a few pumps, I moaned aloud. My first orgasm went through my body like a rocket!! One by one, each of the men take a shot at me. None of their cocks were too small or too big. By the time they were finished, I had 3 healthy orgasms. After all the men had left, I laid on the floor satisfied. A few minutes later, someone walked in the room. I thought he was going to release me.

“Alice, I think you enjoyed this moment a little too much. You see, we guarantee our clients the most authentic rape experience possible. It’s hard to give them that experience if the victim is enjoying it. You are a rape victim. You didn’t stay in character.”

“I’m sorry Sir,” I replied.

I saw the man holding a stick with a dildo attached to the end of it. Without saying anything else, he slid the dildo into my pussy. It was about 7 inches long. He then walked towards my ass and reached down and I hear some sort of switch. I realized that what had been put into my pussy was not just a dildo but a vibrator. Immediately I started moaning from the pleasurable sensation. He then left the room. I was kind of confused. Instead of being punished, was I being rewarded?

After a few minutes, my body started to tense up building up to another orgasm. I was breathing heavily and moments later, my body was jerking uncontrollably from my 4th orgasm. Afterwards, my clit and pussy was getting a little sensitive from the powerful vibrator and so I tried to forcefully push out the dildo by applying force from within my vagina. The stick holding the vibrator must have been tied down to something since the vibrator wouldn’t budge from its place. With every passing second, my pussy was becoming more sensitive and it was becoming a very odd feeling. The vibrator felt arousing but at the same time, the sensitive nature was causing a strange pain that I wanted to stop.

Whenever I pleasured myself in the past, I’d always stop after a few orgasms. It was because the sensations became too strong like I was experiencing now. My body was extremely edgy and I was completely covered in sweat I must have been forced to orgasm for about 20 minutes now. I felt like my pussy was going to explode from some sort of pleasure/pain overload. I really started to panic.

“I can’t take it anymore…Someone please help me!!” I cried out.

From the speakers: “I can see you are struggling. You’re body is so sexy glistening from the sweat. I wonder how much money we can make from selling this tape of you forced to orgasm over and over again. Keep struggling, it’s only better for the video. This is what you wanted isn’t it? You stupid whore…”

“Wait, you can’t sell this!! It wasn’t part of the contract,” I said as struggled while the dildo was vibrating away at my throbbing pussy. I continued on by saying, “Please let me out!! I can’t take it… This is my limit!!”

There was no response. Was this what I wanted? Did I ask for this? The simple answer was yes, I wanted to be forced against my will. I tried to fight the painful sensations but I couldn’t resist and I felt another orgasm building up. Every single muscle fiber in my body tensing up as I was strapped down with my pussy being rattled by the powerful vibrator. It was not pleasant feeling. My body was close to another climax. As my 5th orgasm began, I clenched my pussy and my body started to shake uncontrollably. I couldn’t tell what was exactly happening but I felt like the orgasm was never ending!! This orgasm was purely mechanical with no associated pleasure. It was a bodily reflex. My body was not letting up and my mind blanked out and I forgot where I was for a moment. After what seemed to be an orgasm that lasted for about 3-5 minutes, I gathered my thoughts and I realized where I was again. It’s been about another 10 minutes and I started to cry uncontrollably, coughing with tears running down my face. My body was exhausted.

Finally the door opened. The same man that put the dildo in me earlier walked in and turned the vibrator off. I immediately tried to turn my head to face him as I screamed, “WHAT THE FUCK…”

“That’s ONE,” he replied as he pulled the dildo out of my raw cunt.

“This is just too FUCKING much! You went over my limit!!”

“That’s TWO. You seem to be lively. You don’t seem hurt. You like a good workout don’t you?” He said, as he placed the tip of the dildo at the entrance of my anus.

“What the fuck are you doing? Don’t even think about it. Anal Play is a hard limit of mine.”

“That’s THREE. I suggest you start calling me Master Dex. Alice, did you even read the contract? The limits list you gave to us is only a guideline. It clearly states that we have the final say with what happens to you. We have the right to do anything to your body as long as your body is not permanent damaged.” Master Dex started to shove the 7 inch dildo up my ass.

“Oh shit no wait stop!!” I said but with a quick motion he shoved the dildo all the way up my ass. “Oh fuck that hurts!!!..... Master Dex…” I murmured.

“That’s better. 2 more to go whore.”

“No wait please don’t Master Dex!! Stop!”  Again with without hesitation, he rapidly pulled the dildo out and again shoved it deep and hard into my anus.

“………………..” I was in so much pain I couldn’t scream at all. I’ve never been fucked in the ass and this pain was the most agonizing pain I’ve ever felt in my entire life.

“That’s right, take it in bitch,” Master Dex said as he pulled the dildo out getting ready for the third and final thrust. I saw him readjusting his footing to get more leverage and then with a swift thrust, he jammed the dildo into my ass one last time and held it in place and continued to push it down hard as it was fully penetrated up my rectum.

Master Dex wouldn’t release the dildo and after about 30 seconds, I just snapped. I yelled, “FUCK YOU… let me out of here! I don’t want to play this stupid shit with you or your fucking company anymore!!”

“Foolish little girl. You agreed to be a rape victim. What did you think that meant? Men don’t come here to pleasure you. They come here to rape you. What part of that don’t you understand? Isn’t this what you agreed to?”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing but everything he said was true. I knew fighting with him wouldn’t get me anywhere except probably in more trouble so I decided to calm down and start cooperating for now. I looked over to Master Dex as he took his pants off. Fully erect, his penis must have been about 8 inches long!

“Oh my gosh. No Master Dex, please don’t,” I pleaded but that didn’t stop him. Without a response, he put on a condom and walked towards me and started to fuck me anally.

“Oh shit no!! That fucking hurts! It feels like my ass is being ripped open!!” I yelled at him.

“I guess that’s what it feels like to be raped you stupid bitch. You talk too much whore.” He then strapped a ball gag into my mouth.

I was still face down, tied to the ground spread eagle, as he laid on top of me. He started to build some momentum pounding into my ass. When his 8 inch cock was fully inserted in my ass, the pain was unbearable.

“You’re nothing but an Asian fuck toy here. A worthless dirty whore. A sex slave. A fuck slut. A rapist’s fantasy.” He whispered into my ears.

Was this my fantasy? Did I really want to be raped? I always did want to be fucked against my will. Fantasy or not, it became a cold hard fact of reality that I had officially been raped. I started to thrash about aggressively trying to free myself but it was no use.

“That’s right, struggle you fucking bitch.”

He pulled my hair forcing me to look straight into the mirror. I saw my helpless body being ravaged. Master Dex was a well built black male. Being so muscular, he had no trouble with stamina, handling me like a sack of potatoes. With every thrust, my whole body shook. All my muscles were tense as he savagely pounded away at what little dignity I had left. I must have been anally raped for at least 10 minutes. My muscles were tired from fighting the pain. My body was worn out. I was covered in sweat from head to toe and I decided to just let go. I laid still like a lifeless fuck doll.

“Is that all you have? Is this normally where your fantasy ends?” He stands up and I look up at him intensely through the mirror anticipating his next move.

“This is where my fantasy begins bitch,” he says as he snaps his condom off.

He come right back down on top of me and slowly shoves his rock hard cock in and out of my ass. “Oh that feels so much better,” he says.

After a few pumps, he stops and then he pulls my hair and looks directly into my eyes and with quite a bit of strength, he slams his cock deep into my ass. He wanted to see the reaction of my face as I whimpered in pain. “MMmmnMmmmph MmMMnmMmph,” is all you can hear as I tried to scream through the ball gag.

Again, he slowly pulled out his cock as I looked at him with teary eyes shaking my head left and right. Without hesitation, he slammed his cock into my ass again with a forceful thrust as I moaned in pain. Then he started to pick up the momentum again vigorously pounding his cock into ass. I can hear the loud *clap* sounds each time our bodies collided as he brutally ravaged my tender body from behind. After another 5 minutes of pure pain, I heard him getting ready for his climax. With one final, powerful thrust, he grunted and I feel his heavy load shoot deep in my ass. It felt like a bullet shot in a fish barrel. After each thick shot, came another powerful shot right behind it. I couldn’t believe how much juices he had in him. Maybe it was just the feeling since I’ve never actually had ejaculate shoot inside me.

“Oh fuck yea!! I raped you good bitch,” Master Dex said as he grabbed his clothes and walked out of the room.

I had to admit that I fantasized about being raped as rough as I just have been. At times I did think about anal rape but anal play was always too painful. Regardless, this was not how I imagined my experience to be like when I agreed to be raped for a week. I felt nauseated and sick to my stomach and I finally passed out.


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