True Dreams Part 1: Vacation

by Alice

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© Copyright 2012 - Alice - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; M/f; club; collar; spank; bond; rope; gag; bdsm; sex; climax; cons/reluct; X

Part 1: Vacation

My name is Alice. I come from a somewhat well-off family and just finished my 2nd year of college. I decided to take a break over the summer and maybe do some traveling. Being a Korean but born and raised in the States, I was thinking of visiting Korea since I have never been there. I had plenty of time to think about it so I decided to sleep on it.

Studying for college finals for the last few weeks really bogged down my time at the gym for the last month so the next day I started my morning with a trip to the gym. I love fitness and staying in shape since I like to feel sexy with my 34b cups. My only complaint would be my small stature standing at 5’2. I was searching the internet researching different countries to see where I might have the most fun then an interesting picture caught my eye. I saw picture of a BDSM club in Amsterdam, Europe. I have always been interested in BDSM but I have never tried it. My darkest fantasy is actually being forcefully fucked against my will, but of course I’ve never been close to fulfilling such a wild and crazy fantasy like that.

I was somewhat nervous thinking of visiting a BDSM club and more so because it would be outside of the States. Still, I talked myself into it, noting that that most of my time will be spent site seeing, shopping, and having fun and not hanging out at some sort of creepy dungeon all day and all night for 2 whole months. It was decided. I told my family and friends that I will be going to Europe for the summer. I booked a flight to Amsterdam and packed my things and was ready for my summer vacation!

In Amsterdam, I checked in my hotel and started to plan my week. The night was young and before I hit the streets, I went through the coupons that I received from the hotel. Interestingly, there was a free 1-day pass to a local BDSM club. The expiration date for the vouchers was that very same night so I thought why not; I’ll check it out. If I feel uncomfortable, I’ll just leave and come back later. There wasn’t anything to lose. I decided to wear a skin tight white shirt with tight blue jeans, and then I headed out.

When I entered the club I decided to sit at a corner table to stay somewhat distant from the other people while I observe the area. As I ordered a drink, I was greeted by a man who was leading a girl around on a leash.

“You’re not from around here are you,” Lexington asked.

“No, I’m visiting from the United States. How’d you guess,” I replied.

“You don’t see many Asians around here, at least not in this club. Are you Japanese?”

“No, I’m Korean actually.”

“I’m Lexington, and you are?”

“My name is Alice. So I believe you are what you call a Master?”

“Yes that’s right. So are you collared or are you a Mistress?”

“Um, well I’m not a Mistress and I’m not collared but I guess being collared would fit my category if anything.”

“How long have you been here in Europe and what are you doing in a place like this?”

“This is my first night actually. The thought of bondage and whips is exciting and I wanted to check this place out.”

“A brave little one aren’t you. Are you brave enough to crawl around here while I lead you around on a leash?”

“I don’t think so.”

“What have you got to lose Alice? You want to try it don’t you? This is a safe environment. You have everything to gain. I promise nothing bad will happen to you. I’ll keep you safe.”

At first, I was thinking this is crazy. Though I was reluctant to agree to his proposal, I had to admit that I did want to try it and it did seem safe. I was too thrilled to pass him up on his offer.

“I’m guessing I should call you Master Lexington?”

“That’s a good girl. Just call me Sir. Put this collar on little one.”

I already felt so humiliated after hearing such degrading words: “good girl” and “little one”. It was such an exciting feeling! As I put the collar on, he tied the leash he was holding onto the legs of the table and told his “slave” to stay put. He then pulled out a leash from his pocket and snapped it onto my collar.

“Listen carefully Alice. You are free to stop whenever you want. You must answer all my questions. If you refuse to answer or if you reply with an incomplete answer, I will spank you once. Do you understand?”

“Yes I understand Sir.”

“Good. Do you have any experience with BDSM Alice?”

“No Sir”

“So I guess this is your first experience. Tell me your ultimate fantasy.”

“….”  I hesitated to answer. My mind just blanked out.

“Stand up and turn around and put your hands up against the wall.”

I did not answer and I sat still looking at the ground. His question shocked me and I knew I knew he would spank me. I’ve never been spanked before and now I was about to be spanked by a complete stranger. I knew I could stop but I didn’t. Lexington slowly pulled on my leash upwards and I stood up and submitted to his commands. I stood facing the wall and put my hands on the wall. Interestingly, I also spread my legs. I have no idea why I did that. It was all so natural.

“If you understand what I am about to do, nod your head.”

After hearing those words, I knew it was coming. I nodded my head and in a few seconds, with a swift motion, he slapped my ass. I felt so violated, yet at the same time, I felt so free and so relived to actually experience such a feeling.

“Alice, I want you to pull down your jeans.”

“Please Sir, I do not want to.” I really wanted to but I just couldn’t agree to it.

“Very well. Answer my original question. Tell me your ultimate fantasy.”

“Sir, I guess… I guess I always had a fantasy of being raped.” I said in a low tone.

I immediately turned around and told Lexington I wanted to stop. I couldn’t believe I just told a complete stranger such a crazy fantasy of mine. It was so dangerous and stupid for me to say. I was breathing heavily and was scared of what Lexington’s reaction would be.

“Of course Alice. Relax, you’re safe here. Take a deep breath. Please have a seat.” Lexington replied as he took the collar off my neck.

“I’m sorry Lexington. You’ve been more than kind but I think I’ll be heading back to my hotel.”

“Miss, would you please call a cab for me,” Lexington asked a passing waitress.

“While you wait for the cab Alice, let me give you my business card. My company provides professional BDSM services. We are extremely professional and I think I’ve proved to be a true gentleman and wouldn’t you say your time with me was truly enjoyable?”

“…..yes it has actually.” I looked at him and smiled and took his card and started to the exit.

“Alice, I’ll be waiting for you call. You won’t regret it,” Lexington said as he sat at the table not even glancing at me, looking very calm, cool, and collected. Indeed leaving a lasting impression.

I waited quietly outside for the cab just playing back in my mind all that had happened to me just now. When I got to my hotel, I took a hot shower. That night when I got into my bed, I immediately got up to checked and make sure I still had Lexington’s business card. I sat on my bed dazed while I stared at the card for a few minutes. The business card said “True Dreams” and just had a phone number. I finally put it on the table and went to sleep.

The next morning, I just thought about having a relaxing vacation and decided to think about the other night sometime later.

A week passed by and as I returned to my hotel from dinner, the receptionist said I received a package. The package was from “True Dreams” which was Lexington’s company. As I was walking to my room, I pondered for a moment thinking how he knew where I was staying. The only thing I could think of was he somehow asked the cab driver that took me back to my hotel that night I first met him. Either way, I opened the package and found a DVD and some documents that looked like a survey. I played the DVD on my laptop which was a promotional video for True Dreams.

I looked over the documents which was a safe limits list. The instructions state to cross out all activities that I am not willing to perform and to put a number 1-5 to all other activities, 1 being will but not too interested in doing and 5 being extremely interested in doing. I started to look at the extensive list. Some of the activities were: oral sex, anal sex, dildos, vibrators, and whips. That stuff sounds somewhat interesting but I started to freak out when I saw some of the more extreme activities like piercing and branding which I definitely thought to cross out. Anyways, I decided to hit the hotel gym before filling it out.

After coming back from my daily exercise, I took a hot shower and went through the safe limits list. I decided to fill it out. It was somewhat exciting at first but actually a little annoyed by the end of it since it was so extensive. I wasn’t even sure why I was filling it out since I was almost sure I wouldn’t turn it in.

I noticed an envelope that was slid under my door. I looked at the envelope and it was from True Dreams. I immediately called the hotel receptionist and asked them if they told anyone which room I was staying at. The receptionist said they would never give away my privacy like that but did state that they sent room service to deliver an envelope to my room that was dropped off just now. I was somewhat relived and thought at least I’m not being stalked.

The envelope was from Lexington and was hand written. He stated that we should meet tonight. He offered a free “session” as a sample of what his company has to offer. He also stated that his company does not normally offer free sessions but said that our first time together was memorable and hoped that it was for me as well. The rendezvous would be 10:00 p.m. tonight at the same club we first met. He wrote: P.S. bring the safe limits list.

I thought why not since it would be safe at the club. I double checked my safe limits list started to get ready. I decided to wear a sexy black mini skirt and a tight black shirt with a knot at the front to show some of my cleavage. At 9:30 p.m. I went downstairs and got in a cab and headed to the club.

When I arrived at the club, I saw a sign with my name. I walked up to the lady holding the sign and she asked me to follow her. She took me to a private room and instructed me to sit down. A minute later, the door opens and Lexington walks in.

“Hi Alice. I’m glad you made it. Don’t say a word and put this on,” said Lexington. He gave me a collar to wear. I was hesitant at first but I decided to comply.

“Alice let’s have a quick conversation. I’m not going to waste any of your time. You’re here because you are interested in fulfilling your fantasy. I’m here as a professional and I can make your dream come true. I want you to know that everything that happens tonight is free. Do you want to continue?”

“Yes Sir,” I replied.

“Good. Then from now on, I will talk to you however way I want. Alice… you will be raped tonight. I have not reviewed your safe limits list yet so I am telling you the only thing that will happen to you tonight for the next hour is that you will be in restraints and you will be raped vaginally. Nothing else will happen. You will not be spanked, choked, no anal… only raped vaginally. If you agree to this, put on this ball gag.”

“If I put on the ball gag, how would I be able to signal you that I want to stop.”

“Alice, you will not be able to stop. I am a professional. I will know if you are hurt or cannot continue, at which point I will immediately stop. Trust me.” After thinking for a moment, I was just too excited to reject this opportunity. I put on my ball gag and was ready.

“Alice, bend over on that table and hold your hands behind your back,” said Lexington while pointing at a rectangular table.

As I was bent over forwards on the table at a 90 degree angle, Lexington began to tie my hands behind my back with rope and pulled the rope towards my neck and tied the rope to the back of the collar, effectively restraining my hands behind my back with little ability for movement. He went on to pull my skirt and panty off me. He then tied my left ankle to the left leg of the table and my right ankle to the right leg of the table completely spreading my legs.

Lexington walked around the table and put duct tape over the ball gag in my mouth. He then tied a rope on the front of my collar and tied it down to the table forcing me to stay bent over in a 90 degree angle. My whole body was in absolute restraint with my bottom part of my body completely bare. I was getting so wet just thinking about my situation.

“You stupid little fuckin’ whore,” Lexington said to me as he started to rub my pussy.

I felt so degraded as he spoke those words to me but the thought of being so vulnerable was turning me on. As he continued to rub my pussy up and down, I had a strong orgasm shoot through my whole body! It was an intense orgasm, one of the most pleasurable orgasms I’ve felt in a long time.

“Damn you’re such a horny little bitch. An orgasm already? Unfortunately, you don’t know what you got yourself into little bitch. You’re going to get fucked hard. Have you ever taken an 8 incher?”

When he said this, I realized that we haven’t really talked about how hard I will be raped or how deep he’s going to go. I just thought to my self that he’s right in that I don’t know what I got myself into. I started to noticeably panic.

“Shut the fuck up bitch,” Lexington said as he started to caress my face as if he wanted to silently ‘out of character’ calm me down. It did calm me down.

I felt what seemed to be a dildo tip teasing my pussy. The dildo was slowly slit into me. It wasn’t a huge dildo but it wasn’t small. I’d guess it was about 6 inches. Lexington was slowly sliding the dildo in and out. I felt so helpless and so humiliated but the mood was perfect. I really started to get in the mood and started to fight the restraints. I was about to reach my second orgasm then Lexington pulled the dildo out.

“Not yet bitch. Don’t move.”

Lexington walked out of the room and left me. I thought to myself that this was turning out to be a great experience. About 5 minutes later, the door opened and I heard multiple people walking in.

“You guys know the rules. You guys paid for it so enjoy it,” Lexington said.

I was shocked and appalled from what I just heard. I couldn’t believe Lexington was making money off me. I felt like such a stupid whore. I was tricked into this situation and there was no way for me to stop it! The first man walked behind me and started to slap my pussy with his cock.

“I’m going to fuck you so hard. You’re such a small lady. This is going to feel so good. I heard you actually want this. So what’s the largest penis you’ve ever taken? Too bad you can’t talk,” the man said as he slowly inserted his penis into my pussy.

He went on to grab both sides of my waist with his hands and he slowly pushed his penis in me. Judging by his hands, this man was a fairly large and well built. Feeling his fully inserted penis, I thought it may have been roughly 8 inches!! This size was more than I could normally take as it was in contact with my cervix causing some pain.

“Are you ready bitch? I’m going to fuck the shit out of you and you can’t do shit about it you stupid little Asian slut.”

I kept telling myself that this is all part of the act. I was pretty sure of it. Lexington hasn’t technically broken any of our agreements. He started to slide his massive cock in and out of my pussy. It was pleasurable but every time it was fully inserted, it would hurt. He started to hump harder and faster!! I felt so stupid but then it hit me… I realized my rape fantasy was becoming reality this very moment! My mind was going wild but my body, the pussy in particular, was in more pain than I originally imagined in my fantasies. As he kept pounding my pussy with his cock, the pain was great but my mind kept telling my body that THIS IS IT!! And that’s when my second orgasm hit me.

“That feel good bitch? Hah take my load bitch,” the man said as he pulled his cock out and started to unload his ejaculation all over my back. It felt disgusting… but I guess I knew this was all part of it.

Without a word, the next man came up behind me and just shoved his cock in my pussy all the way. I wasn’t ready for it and it hurt like shit! His penis was probably a similar size as the last guy at around 8 inches. He firmly grabbed my waist and lifted my body a few inches off the table. As he held me up, my feet were also lifted off the ground which was spread apart and tightly tied to the legs of the table. Then he began to pound my vagina with his rock hard cock, shoving it in and out of my already ravaged cunt!! After that second orgasm a moment ago, my sexual sensations decreased and this no longer a fantasy.

This was literally becoming a real rape. A rape that I consented to!! I was struggling and moaning with no avail. The pounding became so mechanical. As I was being pounded with his cock, I felt his thighs and lower abs bouncing off my ass making a *clap* sound with each thrust without missing a beat. My body refused to build another orgasm and my cervix was in excruciating pain with every thrust and yet, my mind was somewhat hoping that it never stopped!! I can’t believe I just thought this and how I really am just a fucking whore. After being ravaged in this position for the longest 5 full minutes of my life, the door opens and Lexington demands the man having his way with me to stop. To my surprise, the man stops immediately without hesitation.

I laid there tied down to the table like a broken, lifeless mannequin. I honestly didn’t know what to think. As Lexington was untying me, I wasn’t sure if I should respond to him angrily or if I should thank him. I decided I’ll let him talk first, and then I can respond according to how I feel.

“Alice, how do you feel,” asked Lexington.

“….” I didn’t reply.

“Alice, since this was your first experience, maybe it was more than you thought it would be. Tell me if I’m wrong but do you have any regrets? Would you do have done it in the first place if you knew it would turn out like this?”

“I have no regrets.”

“Get dressed. There’s a cab waiting for you outside. Here’s a cell phone. I’ll call you tomorrow to discuss our services.”


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