Tough Love Part 2: Chastity

by Graymangazer

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Part 2: Chastity

I sat at my bench in my “office” trying to beat the boredom, the phone rang: it was Amy. She told me to report to Lucy’s office. I hurried up the stairs excitedly; looking forward to seeing my wife. I knocked and entered her office with a smile on my face. This soon changed when I saw her stern expression.

“You wanted me ma,am?” I asked.

“Yes John, I do. I want you to see something,“ she answered coldly. Something was obviously wrong. I stood and watched as Lucy picked up a remote control from her desk and pressed a button. The TV screen to one side of the room came to life. I recognised the scene immediately and groaned in dismay. The camera had recorded perfectly, every second of my adultery. I wondered briefly how I had missed the camera in my room.

“Well ?” Lucy asked.

“Its not what it looks like Luce,” I regretted the words straight away. What the hell else could it look like?

“I’ve tried my best, I’ve gone out on a limb for you, risked my career, and this is how you repay me,” she said.

“Lucy …I’m sorry, I really am. Please believe me it was just this once; it will never happen again. I promise you, please, it meant nothing. Luce, “ I pleaded with her knowing I had no defence.

“Don’t call me Luce, only my husband calls me Luce. And I can’t think of you as my husband at the moment,” she said angrily.

“I don’t know what to say, how to make you believe me. I love you, I’ll do anything for you, anything you want, please just give me a chance, please Lucy….ma,am?” I was so desperate and I meant every word that I said.

“This is a sacking offence you know, I should have you both fired, and for the life of me I don’t know why I don’t,” she stood and walked over to switch the T.V. off “ I’ve managed to keep it quiet, not for your sake but mine. I’ve never felt so humiliated in my life. I’m going to deal with this myself. If you can’t control your dick maybe I can… here, catch,” Lucy picked up a box from her desk and threw it at me, hard. I caught it at the second attempt.

I turned the box over in my hands to read the label.

“You can’t be serious lu…ma,am. you can’t expect me wear this?”.

“I’ve never been more serious in my life. You can either put that on now or you can leave this office and our marriage. Then wait to hear from my lawyer”.

She was angry, but then she appeared to slump and when she spoke again her tone was full of hurt.

“I love you John. But you’ve hurt me, you hurt me badly. I really don’t know if I can ever trust you now. I need to know you are being true to me”.

“But this! this is madness, where the hell did you get it from?” I held up the box, I was hoping it was all a joke.

“Where it came from doesn’t matter, what matters is you wearing it to prove your love for me,” she had regained her composure now and I could see she was set. I could see no advantage in resisting. I knew I’d better play along and hope we could work our way through this.

“Okay Luce you win. I will wear it. I’ll wear it because I love you and I’ll prove it “

I opened the box to remove the male chastity device within and read the instructions.

I stared at her, trying to show some pride as I dropped my pants. Then holding my penis with one hand I eased the chrome mesh tube over and down the length of my flaccid prick. An adjustable chrome band then looped around the base and under my balls. Following the instructions, I carefully adjusted the band to a snug fit where it locked in place. The cage was not too tight and about an inch longer than my limp penis. But I realised that as soon as I achieved an erection it would be so tight as to be agony.

“Give me the keys,“ Lucy demanded holding out her hand. I shuffled over to her with my pants around my ankles. Lucy had seen me naked hundreds of times, but I had never felt so embarrassed as I did at that moment.

“I shall be working late today so I’ll need the car. You’ll take the bus home and you can sleep in the spare room tonight,“ she said as she dropped the small chrome keys into her bag, she indicated that the discussion was over by turning her back to me.

I could think of nothing else to say, so I pulled my up pants and left.

* * *

“Amy can you come in here please?”

Amy responded to Lucy’s summons and entered her office. She waited for her boss to speak.

“I’ve fitted my husband with a chastity device which he’ll wear for the foreseeable future,“ Lucy said plainly, looking out of the window. ”Now, the question is, what are we going to do about you? ” she added.

“But I only did what you told me to do,” Amy objected. Lucy spun around to face the younger woman.

“Do you think that excuses you of fucking my husband. Remove your panties now,” Lucy ordered.

“I don’t have any on. I gave them to John like you said, remember?” the younger girl answered sarcastically.

Lucy strode quickly around her desk and slapped Amy’s face hard.

Amy staggered back holding her cheek, she could feel her eyes welling up.

“Don’t you fucking dare talk back to me you little slut. I’ll beat the living shit out of you,“ Lucy threatened, “Now, put this on,” she added passing the crying girl a package which she had picked up from the desk.

Amy saw immediately that it was a chastity belt, and through her tears she looked at Lucy and pleaded.

“I’m sorry ma,am, I did my best, please, what about my boyfriend?”.

“Fuck your boyfriend, or then again you won’t be able to, will you ?“ Lucy laughed at her own pathetic joke.

Amy knew she wouldn’t win this argument. Lucy’s demeanour left her little choice. So she lifted her skirt and began to attach the belt. Lucy watched with a lascivious smile on her face knowing how excited it made Amy to be dominated this way.

“I’ll hold the key to that,” Lucy said , holding out her hand, “I’ll have control of that hot little pussy of yours. It might be interesting to see how long it takes you to beg me for some release,” Lucy smiled evilly. It was such a turn on: she controlled not only her husbands, but little Amy’s sex life as well.

She thought back, she was so reluctant to take part in Stephen’s plan at first. She still wasn’t happy about treating John so badly, but he made it so easy, “why wouldn’t he fight back?” she wondered. Now, because she had tasted power over him, and not to mention Amy, she found she was feeling as horny as hell. Suddenly she had a wicked idea. She licked her lips and slyly pressed her crotch against the edge of the desk.

“Actually, you could start working your way into my good books right now if you want?” she said teasingly.

Amy was crying softly as she looked at her tormenter.

“” she asked through her tears.

Lucy sat down in her chair and swivelled round to face her victim. She parted her legs slightly and slid the bottom of her skirt up her thighs revealing her stocking tops.

“Why don’t you get on your hands and knees and crawl over here, maybe you can show me what you can do”.

Amy sank slowly to her knees. She knew exactly what Lucy wanted and she knew just how to do it. She felt light headed as she crawled across the room. She had been made to act the slut with John, then locked into a chastity belt, now she was about to eat her bosses pussy. She could feel her heart beating in her chest. As she reached Lucy she could see she had already removed her panties, her swollen labia glistened beneath the wisps of pubic hair. Amy leaned forward and kissed Lucy’s nylon clad knees and slowly kissed her way up the inside of her thighs. Just an inch from Lucy’s pussy lips Amy breathed deeply and groaned, “oh god this is heaven,” she thought, not so much what she was doing but the simple fact that she was being dominated. It was almost enough to give her an orgasm there and then.

Lucy gasped as Amy kissed her thighs. She pulled her skirt higher and spread her legs apart. With one hand cupping her breast she stroked Amy’s hair with the other, she gasped again and tensed when Amy’s tongue made contact with her pussy, “shit! this girl was good!” she thought.

Lucy had surprised herself: she had never before had any lesbian feelings. She was sure could never bring herself to lick another woman like Amy was doing. But she could see nothing wrong with having a woman between her legs, it didn’t matter whose tongue was inside her, as long as she was getting the benefit. She was feeling high on power, punishing John and having Amy debase herself for her pleasure was having an unexpected effect on her. Stephen was right: power was the ultimate turn on.

Lucy had slid down on her chair, her legs were wide apart, she had one foot hooked around Amy’s back. The girls face was buried deep into Lucy’s crotch. She licked and sucked greedily. Lucy had already had one orgasm and now approached her second. Her blouse was open as she kneaded her braless breasts, she clamped her nipples between her thumbs and forefingers, she squeezed and pulled as hard as she could bear as her climax overwhelmed her. She pulled Amy’s head hard into herself, then as her orgasm subsided she felt the licking become uncomfortable. She pushed Amy away and sagged back into her seat panting.

Amy sat back on her ankles and watched Lucy’s wet pussy pulse. Lucy sighed contentedly, “just wait until Stephen heard about this” she thought, “but then again why should he, perhaps this will my secret pleasure,“ smiling to herself she sat up and gestured for Amy to rise.

“I believe you have work to do,” she said and turned to her desk.

Amy knew she was dismissed and silently left the office feeling oh so horny and frustrated.

* * *

As I sat at my bench I considered my situation. I asked myself what the hell had just happened? I arrived at work this morning as usual. Now less than five hours later I was an adulterer locked in a stupid chastity belt, my marriage threatened.

But then I realised it wasn’t just today. My life seemed to have gone from bad to worse ever since I had lost my job. Every week something new seemed to happen to push me deeper into the shit and I didn’t have any idea what I could do to stop it.

My only constant, I realised, was Lucy. She had never stopped supporting me, she was always there when I needed her, and how had I rewarded her? by fucking the first woman who came along.

She was right not to trust me. I deserved to wear the chastity belt. I was the one in the wrong. I had to make it up to her somehow, to prove my love for her. I decided that’s where I would start. I would make it my top priority. I would be the perfect, the most loyal and attentive husband. Nothing would be too much for her, she deserved only the best. After all, I had gotten myself into this mess, Lucy was just an innocent victim being pulled down with me, wasn’t she?.

For the following week things slowly improved between us. The first couple of days the atmosphere was very frosty, but I made sure I did everything I could to please her. One evening I fetched her a glass of wine and sat opposite her and tried to explain my feelings. I didn’t ask her to forgive me or try to make excuses for myself. I told her it was all my fault and I would work as hard as I could to become worthy of her trust again, to be her husband again. I told her I would agree to whatever she wanted. I would even wear the chastity belt for as long as it took for her to believe I would not stray again.” I love you Lucy, and only you. I don’t want to lose you. You are everything to me and I’ll do whatever it takes to keep us together,” I really wanted her to know how hard I was trying.

But right on cue fate reared up and kicked me in the balls again.

I was at my work bench when Barbara knocked on the door frame, my room wasn’t important enough to warrant an actual door.

“Hi John er ….I need to speak to you, do you have a minute?” she asked nervously.

“Oh hi Barb, yeah anytime,” I’d always liked Barbara. She always seemed to have time for you and she never said anything bad about anybody. But something in her face today told me all wasn’t right.

“Yes well, its just that… You see our budgets didn’t work out quite as we expected and we need to lose some paid hours somewhere,“ she flapped her hands as she thought how to compose what she wanted to say “We really don’t want to release anyone. But in order to save jobs we need to cut the hours of some non essential personnel and well its….,” she dropped her hands to her sides, she didn’t know how to say it, but she didn’t really have to.

“Its okay Barb. I think I know what your trying to say: I’m one of the non essential staff, right?” I was already resigned, and slumped in my chair.

“I’m sorry John. I was given a list of personnel affected and instructions as to revised hours. I’m afraid you have been cut to three hours a day starting Monday. I’m really so sorry” ( she thought it best not to mention that John’s was the only name on the list). She had tears in her eyes as she left and strangely I felt sorry for her despite me being the one loosing time and money.

I felt like just lying down and giving up. But then I thought of Lucy and all she had had to go through and I knew I had to be strong for her sake.

But wait a minute! Lucy! I would have to go see her, tell her what had happened. Maybe she could pull some strings for me?.

* * *

“Yes, I’d heard all about it. But not in time to warn you John. I did what I could, but you know, its not up to me,” Lucy shrugged her shoulders as John stood before her desk. Then she leaned forward, resting her elbows on the desktop.

“What’s worrying me though, given your recent behaviour: is the fact that you’ll be finishing work at noon. What are you going to be doing with yourself with all that spare time?” she raised an eyebrow at John. She didn’t seem very concerned that he had had his hours cut. John felt disappointed by her attitude, but he knew the situation wasn’t her fault and causing a scene wouldn’t help him.

“I guess I’ll carry on trying to find a better job. I swear ma,am, there’s no way I’ll do anything stupid like I did before,” he promised.

“I do so want to believe you John, but you know what they say: bored hands lead to a bored mind,” she said.

“I promise ma,am, I’ll keep busy. Hey! how about I take over the cleaning and other stuff. We could even save money if we didn’t have a housekeeper,” John appeared pleased with his sudden idea.

Lucy had to turn away in thought as if she were considering his proposal. She didn’t want John to see her smile. She had to stop herself laughing out loud. How lucky could she be? she had been trying to think of a way to persuade John to agree to her plan and here he was putting forward the very idea himself.

Her mind drifted back to just two days before.

* * *

Stephen twisted the clamp on Lucy’s nipple, he was smiling cruelly as her eyes screwed up in pain. He had lately started playing sadistic little games with her. No longer satisfied in a simple blow job, he now liked to humiliate her or torture her breasts before she took him in her mouth. In truth it was never unbearably painful, so Lucy went along with it, though she knew she didn’t really have a choice. As she worked at enslaving her husband, Stephen had ensured that she was becoming more subservient to him. She kept telling herself that it was only temporary, but she seemed to slip more and more under his spell. Then each time Stephen demanded something of her, Lucy would take it out on John or Amy. And she always felt so guilty afterwards, especially as she became more aroused the worse she treated them.

Now standing in front of her kneeling form, Stephen held onto the clamps crushing her nipples and used them to guide Lucy’s mouth toward his erect penis. She opened her jaws automatically and took him deep into her throat, just how she knew he liked it, how he had trained her. Indeed with all the practice he was giving her recently they both thought she had become an expert cocksucker and he never missed an opportunity to tell her so, even addressing emails to her as “my number one cocksucking whore”.

She had learnt to control her gag reflex as he forced his way deep into the back of her throat. He held her head in place with a handful of hair as he filled her mouth with hot cum. Lucy swallowed it all and then cleaned him with her mouth and tongue as he had taught her to do.

Stephen sat at his desk as he pushed his flaccid penis back into his pants. Lucy stood at the cocktail cabinet by the window overlooking the city. She poured two glasses of juice, passed one to Stephen, and naked apart from her four inch heels, stockings and nipple clamps, she raised her glass to wash away the salty taste in her mouth.

“I have a couple of things I need,” she said as she sat on the corner of his desk.

“You can have just about anything you want my dear,” Stephen replied. Lucy knew he was always in a good mood after one of their sessions, still feeling aroused herself, she briefly wondered why he never wanted to have sex her, not that she’d want him to, but as usual Stephen had used her for only his own gratification, never even considering that Lucy might like to have an orgasm.

“Oh well, never mind,” she thought. She could always use her fingers when she returned to her office, or maybe Amy’s mouth or Johns. Yes, that would be good, John would think it an honour to lick her now, or even better she could summon Barry in to fuck her, then have John lick her used pussy, see whether he would realise he was swallowing her lovers cum. She felt herself tingle with the thought.

“So my dear, what is it you want?” Stephen pressed. Lucy jumped as she returned from her musings.

“ Ah yes right, well, first I need to tell you that I recently started an affair with Barry Cooper, one of my agents. I know I don’t have to ask your permission strictly speaking, but I thought because of our special relationship I should have your consent,” she said.

“Yes you did the right thing. I have no reason to object to whoever you want to see but I don’t like to be kept in the dark,” he warned her, then added, “so yes, you can have my consent, but you must remember, my needs and desires are your main priority. I shall still expect you to drop whatever you’re doing whenever I summon you. You belong to me now and you must always remember that. Besides, making your husband a cuckold can only be seen as progress. Now was there anything else?” he raised his brows in question. Lucy thought he was going too far to say he owned her. But then she admitted to herself that she would likely do whatever he told her to do, so, yes, he probably did own her.

“Yes” she replied “I think its time for John to become more domesticated. I would like you to cut his time to three hours a day. That way he can be at home doing chores. I thought it might be interesting to have him under the supervision of our daily cleaner,” she said

“Consider it done. By the way, how is my idea of the chastity tube working?” he asked as he idly tweaked Lucy’s nipple.

“Oh, just perfect, he actually offered to wear it for as long as I want him to,” she laughed, trying to hide the pain caused by his playing with her nipple clamps.

* * *

Lynn sat nervously waiting for Lucy to come home. Her employer had phoned her, Lucy wanted to speak to her. She was worried and hoped she wasn’t going to lose her job. Although she was only a housekeeper, she liked her job, she liked John and Lucy too. This was the only job she had been able to find since leaving college two years previously, she really didn’t like the idea of being unemployed again.

She stood up and clasped her hands in front of her as she heard Lucy’s Lexus pull into the drive. When the front door opened, Lucy smiled and seeing the worried look on Lynn’s face immediately tried to reassure her.

“Don’t look so glum, I just need to discuss something important with you, please sit down, “ Lucy said as she herself sat next to Lynn on the sofa.

“Now you may have noticed some changes occurring around here lately?” she added once she was settled.

“Yes, I knew John had lost his job but …..” Lynn started to speak, but didn’t like to be too personal.

“Well yes, that’s right, now though, it seems his hours are to be cut and I thought rather than sitting around all day he could take over your duties,” Lucy explained. She saw Lynn’s face drop and reached across the sofa, laying her hand on the girls knee to reassure her.

“Oh don’t worry, I’m not letting you go, oh no. I need you here more than ever now. I’m merely changing your status. He’s only a man after all, and what do men know about housework?” she chuckled “No, what I plan is for John to do your job while you supervise him. It will actually be a promotion for you. Of course it will mean I’ll need to give you a raise but we can sort the details out later,” Lucy said smiling as she patted Lynn’s thigh.

“But I don’t understand, Johns my boss. I don’t see how I can supervise him,” Lynn was puzzled.

“No Lynn. I am your boss now and starting from Monday, to all intents and purposes you will be John’s boss,” Lucy laid it out as plainly as she could.

Lynn still had her doubts “And John doesn’t mind? I mean it all seems such a strange situation,” she asked.

“Ah, well. John doesn’t actually know yet ,“ Lucy told her ” but you leave that to me, I’ll make sure he sees sense. The thing is, our relationship is changing,“ she confided “since John lost his job, well, lets just say I have taken over the role as head of the household. I am after all the breadwinner now, and well, to tell you the truth I found out John cheated on me. So I need to know that he’s kept too busy to do it again. And it would be useful for me to have someone I can trust keep an eye on him while I’m not here. And I want that someone to be you, So what do you say?” Lucy looked at her housekeeper hopefully.

Lynn was both stunned and flattered. She really wasn’t sure how to answer “ummm, I don’t know, it just seems so bizarre, what if John refuses to listen to me?”.

“He won’t, believe me,” Lucy told her earnestly “after I’ve explained the situation to him he’ll be as good as gold,” she said gripping Lynn’s knee.

Lucy gave Lynn one of her best smiles. Lynn nodded “Okay, why not, I’ll give it a try”.

“Splendid, now here’s what we do…………

* * *

“You must be joking. I don’t mind doing the housework, but being told what to do by a twenty year old girl, in my own house no less, well …. its, its ridiculous,” I was angry. We were standing in the kitchen. I had been cooking curry when Lucy broke the news of our new cleaning arrangements.

“Oh don’t be so melodramatic John, its just an arrangement. It doesn’t really mean anything. I am not going to fire Lynn when she has done nothing wrong, she’s a damn good housekeeper. You on the other hand haven’t a clue, even you must admit that? so it makes sense if you think about it. All you need to do is a few household chores and Lynn can show you the best way to do them. Surely you are not too proud to take instruction from a younger person. You used to boss people twice your age. Besides it was your idea to do the cleaning in the first place”.

I felt chastened. I had indeed suggested the idea. So I was in no position to complain, but to be under the supervision of Lynn was just simply embarrassing. But as Lucy had said, it was only for basic instruction, so I decided I should bite the bullet and agree.

“Okay Lucy, I’ll do it. But its only temporary right?”.

“Of course. It’ll only be for as long as I think you need someone in charge of you,” she told me as she stroked my cheek.

I didn’t like the phrase” in charge of” but I let it slide. Besides it had now been close to two weeks since Lucy had locked me into chastity and I hoped my compliance would lead to my release, even if it were only long enough to have sex with my gorgeous wife again.

* * *

On Monday I worked my three hours, then as Lucy would need her car, I caught the bus home. As I entered the house I found Lynn sitting in the kitchen writing on a note pad.

“Hi Lynn, I’m here, reporting for duty,” I said, trying to make light of the situation.

“Oh hi John. Be with you in just a sec,” she replied.

I nipped up to the spare room where I had been banished for the last several days to change my clothes. When I returned Lynn held out a sheet of paper to me. She looked embarrassed as she said “I’ve made a list of the jobs that need to be done today. Its best, I’ve found if you do them in that order, um… Lucy asked me to keep an eye on you to begin with, just until you know how to do things. Also she left me this” she appeared as unhappy with this situation as I was as she handed me another piece of paper.

“It’s a list of jobs Lucy would like done while you are at home. But I think they need to wait till after the housework is finished, so….. lets start shall we,” she said and began fetching the equipment I would need to begin my job as a domestic drudge.

I had to work hard and I was always aware and uncomfortable of Lynn watching me. I was determined not to make mistakes, but even so she was forced to instruct me on several occasions when I did something wrong or my efforts were not good enough. She was obviously nervous whenever she had to point out my faults and in a strange way I felt sorry for her. By five o’clock I was finally finished and I slumped tiredly into a chair with a well deserved beer.

“Okay, I’m off now John, I’ll see you tomorrow. I shouldn’t drink too much of that,” she pointed at the bottle in my hand “Tuesdays are pretty hectic, bye,” she waved and closed the door as she left.

I scowled at her back. She had just watched and criticised me all afternoon, and she hadn’t lifted a finger to help, but I knew I was being petulant. Lynn had done this job almost every day for the last two years so who was I to complain?

I fished Lucy’s list from my pocket and read it. There were lots of small jobs, fix this, hang that. I swigged the last of my beer and thought “the hell with it“, if she wants the jobs done let her do them herself. But then after a few minutes I decided “what the hell, I might as well do something just to stop me being bored.” I groaned as I levered myself out of the chair. But as I went to the garage to fetch my tools I knew deep down inside that I was scared of what Lucy might say if I didn’t do as she said.

As the days passed I grew into the routine and became faster and more efficient at my work. At the same time Lynn became more confident in her new position. She seemed to find it increasingly easy to give me instructions and I felt she was actually enjoying having authority over me. More and more she would give me my schedule for the day then spend her time relaxing on the patio or watching TV, sometimes she would go shopping or visit friends, she even had friends visit her in my house and all the time I would be hard at work while Lynn acted as if she owned the place.

I took the decision to speak to Lucy about Lynn’s lack of effort. Not realising that this would lead to even more humiliation and my first punishment.

But I would also receive a reward.

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