Tough Love Part 3: Punished

by Graymangazer

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© Copyright 2012 - Graymangazer - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; D/s; femdom; chast; bond; gag; bdsm; spank; oral; sex; denial; climax; cons/reluct; X

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Part 3: Punished

I was forced to bide my time for a few days as Lucy had started to work late quite a lot. Also she was often away at meetings with clients, most times staying overnight or occasionally for the whole weekend, so she would invariably claim to be too tired or stressed to deal with my so called trivial problems. But then one Friday Lucy announced she would be home on time. I was determined to discuss my situation with her that evening.

Lucy arrived home and flopped into an armchair. I opened a bottle of wine and poured two glasses, as I handed one to Lucy she kicked off her shoes and said, “Oh thank you darling, just what I need. Oh babe be a hon. would you and give my feet a massage”.

I swallowed a mouthful of wine and knelt before her. I lifted her stocking covered feet onto my lap and begun to massage them accompanied by oohh's and aah's of relief from my wife.

“Luce, can we talk about a couple of things?” I asked as she lay her head on the back of the armchair.

She looked down at me with curiosity but said nothing so I continued.

“First, its about Lynn,” I said

“What about Lynn?” she asked .

“Well…. its just….. I like Lynn, don’t get me wrong, but I’m not sure about the current arrangement,” I said hesitantly.

Lucy sighed ”What’s wrong John? come on spit it out “.

“Well … I think she’s taking advantage. I do all the work and she doesn’t seem to do anything. Oh I know I agreed to do it all, that’s not what I’m complaining about. She just spends her day lounging, watching TV or something. Sometimes she goes shopping or visits friends. She’s even had friends around here! They seem to believe its her house and I’m the hired help. Lynn doesn’t correct them, she just acts like the lady of the house. She even serves them our wine and food. And then at the end of the day she’ll tour the house inspecting my work. I really do wonder if we need her. I know I sound like I’m moaning but I really think she’s taking advantage of your good nature,” I took a breath, I had said my bit. Lucy sat up, she leaned toward me and told me.

“I can see your point John. But the thing is, Lynn and I have already spoken about this very problem. The poor girl confided in me: she only acts like that because she feels uncomfortable with supervising you. And I can understand what she means. Because she has no real authority she finds it hard to instruct you, but acting like she does actually shows authority if you think about it. People in authority should take advantage of their position. Therefore I think we only need to tweak the situation a bit. Now ….as I’ve already said, I’m unwilling to let Lynn go so I think that from now on you should regard Lynn as your boss,” Lucy held up her hand, palm facing me to ward off my protest and continued, “its only for convenience John, but by giving Lynn this control I think things will run all the more smoothly. So in a nutshell, whenever Lynn and you are together, Lynn will be in command, and you should show her the respect due to her. If she wants you to do something, you should do it. If she wants to go out or entertain friends then that’s her prerogative. None of this should really affect the way things are now, but at least it will clarify everybody’s position. Oh and I think you should start by addressing her correctly. um…… Miss Richards or maybe just Miss I think would be appropriate. Also I suggest you don’t initiate conversation. Remember she is your superior, and should be treated as such. I’m sure if we all work together on this, things will run a lot smoother, don’t you agree? there that’s sorted. Now what was the second thing you wanted to talk about?”

I knelt on the floor stunned, completely speechless, what the blazers had just happened. I’m not completely sure I understood half of what Lucy had just said but I knew one thing: somehow I had just been relegated to the role of a servant in my own house, under the control of our former cleaner no less. And even worse, I couldn’t find a single argument against it. I held Lucy’s feet and stared into space with my mouth agape.

“Well? “ Lucy said nudging me with her foot. I looked up at her.

“What… yes…. I’m sorry….um its well…. Its this,” I stuttered. I pointed with the fingers of both hands indicating my crotch, I couldn’t think of what to say.

“Your manhood you mean?” Lucy asked with an amused look.

I nodded dumbly, I was still trying to comprehend all that had just been said.

“Well what about it?” she pressed.

I finally managed to find my voice ”Its this cage Lucy. I’ve had it on for weeks now. Please can you take it off. I swear I’ve learned my lesson, I won’t do anything like that ever again. Please Lucy,” I felt pathetic, like a whining child, but I was desperate.

“I really want to John. But can I believe you,” she said. I thought I could detect some hope in her reply.

“Oh yes Lucy, please believe me. Look, I’ll do anything you want, I promise. I’ll cook, clean, I’ll wait on you, I’ll wait on Lynn if you tell me to. I just need to get this thing off. Even if its only for a while. Say… how about this? If you take this cage off for one night I promise to wear it again in the morning. And I’ll agree to obey any orders you or Lynn give me. Hey …how about it. Come on please Luce,” I pleaded pathetically but I felt hopeful as Lucy seemed to consider my proposal. Then she looked at me sternly and spoke.

“I don’t want to be made a fool of John. If I agree to this it must be on my terms, Okay”.

“Yes anything,” I nodded eagerly.

She smiled warmly down at me and held out her hand, she pulled me to my feet and kissed me tenderly.

“Lets go to bed,” she said and led me from the room. I was so pleased and excited. I was as hard as a rock and it was agony as my penis strained against its metal cage. But I didn’t mind, I was just so grateful for this small favour she was giving me. I felt like a child as she led me upstairs. I briefly thought about how things had changed. Lucy seemed so sure of herself now, I on the other hand couldn’t seem to do anything right unless I was under instruction.

We entered Lucy’s bedroom (strange how I now thought of it as Lucy’s room) and she turned and kissed me deeply. I could tell how turned on she was, her lips were soft and hot and felt swollen against my mouth.

My penis seemed to grow larger and I groaned with the pain. Lucy pulled away, she had a wicked smile on her face as she pushed me backwards onto the bed “stay there, “ she commanded huskily. I watched her open a drawer and pull out a handful of her stockings. She knelt on the bed and gently pushed against my chest, “Lie back, there’s something I want to try,” she said.

Within a minute I found my hands tied to the wooden headboard. Lucy stood back and looked down at me she ran her hands over her breasts and down to her crotch. Her hair was wild as she caressed herself. She licked her lips as she grabbed the front of her shirt, she ripped it open sending buttons flying across the bedroom. She swung her hips seductively as she slid her skirt off, her panties soon followed. I strained my neck to watch her and I realised Lucy had been braless, but not only that she wore stockings and had shaved her pussy, when had that happened? But then I realised I hadn’t seen Lucy naked since I had cheated with Amy.

Wearing just hold up stockings Lucy crawled onto the bed and above me. She grabbed my shirt and repeated the ripping process baring my chest. She stroked my face and ran her hands down my body scoring my skin with her nails. She undid my pants and pulled them off my legs then slowly slid my shorts down exposing me completely, she was biting her bottom lip as she looked at my trapped penis, “My god, that looks so painful, I never realised!” she exclaimed in a whisper, ‘tell me about it,’ I thought as she stroked me, ”you know I kind of like it like that, the way its trying to burst out, perhaps I should keep it that way for ever,” she teased me, smiling evilly.

“Oh god Lucy please no, take it off please,” I felt the beginnings of panic.

She laid on her side supported on one elbow, her head level with my waist, she ran the nail of her index finger up and down my straining cock.

“mmm…. I suppose I could take it off, but what do I get out of it?”.

I wasn’t sure what she meant, ”I don’t understand. You can have anything you want Lucy. Just say the word“.

“You should be careful, you don’t know what I might ask for”, her stroking was driving me mad.

“I don’t care. I’ll give you anything you want, I’ll do anything you tell me. I just want it off Luce, I just want to make love to you again. Please Lucy, even if its only for a while,” I pleaded.

She grinned and moved up the bed, her tongue slid across my lips as she gently stroked my cock.

“Will you let me punish you?“ she asked in a husky voice.

“Wh….why would you want to?” I stammered.

She looked me in the eyes “You cheated on me remember!“

“But what about this cage?” I protested.

“Oh silly, that’s prevention, its not punishment. You still have to pay for your mistake,” she licked her lips sexily.

It certainly felt like punishment to me! but I said, “what sort of punishment did you have in mind?” I didn’t know if I should be worried or not.

“Oh nothing serious, just something to remind you to behave “

“Will you take this thing off if I agree?” I wanted some sort of deal.

“Hold on tiger, I’m not finished,“ she said quickly, “I’ll remove your cage and then I’ll give you the best night of your life, but you must agree to my terms,” she said as she begun painfully squeezing my cock, it was a beautiful agony. I could not resist, she had me just where she wanted me, I would agree to anything now, so I told her, “Oh god, oh god yes, anything”.

“You haven’t heard my terms yet,” she said and nibbled on my nipple.

“I don’t care, I agree,” I gasped.

She carried on as if I hadn’t spoken “Your cock will go back into its little prison tomorrow at noon. And as you suggested, you must agree to do whatever I tell you and I will have the right to punish you should you need it,” she held my cock in her fist, her thumb stroked around the head as she waited for me to answer. I was getting so desperate I had trouble finding my voice.

“What sort of things will you want me to do?” I croaked.

She didn’t answer at first, instead she lowered her head and took me into her mouth sucking gently.

It was all too much. I didn’t care about the future. I just had to get that fucking cage off.

“Oh fuck Lucy, yes I agree to everything, whatever you want,” I almost shouted.

With her lips still touching the head of my cock she said, “and when I’m not here do you agree to let Lynn discipline you if she needs to “.

I heard the words and knew I shouldn’t agree, but Lucy’s mouth was around my cock again and I had no will of my own anymore.

“Yes yes I accept all your terms, everything you’ve said, I agree to it all. Please stop teasing me Luce. I promise to do anything you say. I really want to make you happy,” I thought I would cry with frustration.

She climbed off the bed and said, “turn over “. She grabbed my ankles and helped me to turn. Once I was laying on my front Lucy tied my feet to the bottom corners of the bed. I was wondering what she had in mind when pain suddenly exploded in my ass.

“Aghh, Jesus Lucy what the hell?” I shouted. I managed to turn my head to see her standing with a long handled wooden spoon in her hand. She grinned as she swung again, stinging my other buttock.

“Aghh, ouch Lucy, what are you doing?, that bloody hurts. Stop it will you?” I whined.

“You agreed to be punished so be quiet ,“ she snapped.

I was about to complain when Lucy climbed on the bed, straddling me she pulled my head back and forced something into my mouth. I quickly realised it was her discarded panties. With her mouth close to my ear she told me, “Now you will take your punishment in silence. If you spit those out I’ll start over from the beginning,” with that she resumed the spanking. It hurt like hell, my ass was on fire but tied as I was I couldn’t dodge a single stroke. I don’t know how many times she struck me but it must have been in the twenties. The pain built and I could no longer distinguish between individual strikes, it became just one burning agony. When I felt I could bare it no longer, I heard Lucy scream. I managed to turn my head enough to look just as she threw the spoon down. She had a wild expression on her face. She began slapping me with both her hands as fast as she could swing her arms. It was all too much for me. I spat out the panties and screamed like a child, “noooooo….no more, please Lucy stop, please please please no more”.

She suddenly stopped. I was so relieved but I was also scared. Would she be angry that I had spat out the gag and start over? I felt so helpless, I had no way to resist anything she wanted to do. I could feel tears in my eyes as I begged, “I’m sorry Lucy please. I couldn’t stand anymore, it hurts so much. Please, I’ve learned my lesson. Please don’t hurt me again. I promise I’ll be good. I’ll do anything you want, please don’t start again,”

I was on the verge of panic again. As I was pleading with her I felt Lucy cut through the nylons holding my feet with nail scissors. She rolled me onto my back. The breath was knocked out of me as she literally dived on top of me. She began kissing me fiercely as she ground her crotch against mine. I think she must have realised then that the spanking had killed my erection because she slid down my body and took me into her mouth again. She was good, so very good. In under a minute I was hard again despite all my pain and suffering.

Lucy climbed off the bed and picked something from the dresser. I saw it was the key to my cock cage and I almost cheered. She unlocked and removed the cage, I wanted to cry with joy, but I groaned aloud as Lucy’s mouth enveloped me once again.

I may not be the most well endowed man but I’m not small either and I watched Lucy had take my whole length into her throat, I was fascinated as she drew back to the head then swallowed me again until her lips were against my pubic hair. I knew I couldn’t stand much of this before I exploded. I could feel my orgasm building. But Lucy seemed to sense this as she withdrew her lips and clamped her thumb and forefinger around the base of my cock and squeezed: effectively stopping me from Cumming.

She continued like this for some time: first sucking me then squeezing me. Something in the back of my mind wondered where Lucy had learned to deep throat and the squeezing technique but I was in paradise and ignored the thought.

With a lustful leer on her face she then straddled me. She groaned loud and squeezed her breasts as she sank onto my erection and proceeded to ride me. Again I could feel myself building to orgasm.

“Don’t you dare cum,” Lucy gasped, but the way she was grinding her pussy on my cock I had no choice and after only a couple of minutes I exploded inside her. My body convulsed, almost throwing Lucy off her perch. I sagged back gasping for breath. Lucy kept riding me, then she must have felt me grow soft inside her because she lifted herself up and slid herself up my body. Her hairless pussy was above my face and with a groan she lowered herself onto my mouth.

I had just cum heavily and wanted to just relax, but I knew Lucy hadn’t climaxed and I wanted to satisfy her so I began licking and sucking her, accompanied by Lucy’s groaning and encouragement. I could taste the familiar flavour of Lucy’s pussy and also my own cum as Lucy started to rub her crotch over my face. I could feel myself becoming hard again.

I was licking her deep when Lucy grabbed my hair with both hands and pulled my mouth hard into her pussy as she climaxed, flooding my throat with her juices. She crushed my face into her so hard that I couldn’t breathe, but still I fed on her, swallowing with enthusiasm.

She eventually climbed off me. I lay gasping for breath, my face was wet with her juices. I felt her hand wrap around my erection “mmmm… ready for more are we?“ she said with a leer.

I didn’t have the energy to answer, but she once again impaled herself on my stiff member.

“Lets make this one last shall we?” she said, slowly moving her hips up and down on me.

We made love tenderly, with her stroking and kissing me for some time. Then Lucy began speeding up as her second orgasm approached .

She came intensely. She didn’t thrash about, but clung to me tightly, her mouth mashing my lips against my teeth. She collapsed on top of me and held me for a long time, kissing my whole face tenderly.

She untied my hands and helped me to massage feeling back into them. Then we lay coated in sweat in one another’s arms.

I was awakened a couple of hours later by Lucy nudging me “come on stud, we smell. I’ll turn the shower on,” I admired her perfect ass as she walked to the bathroom.

Under the shower we washed each other. Lucy slowly kissed her way down my body until she knelt under the raining water, and with her wet red hair plastered to her face she took my hardness into her mouth and sucked me deep until I came again.

At that moment I felt as close to heaven as a person could without dieing.

* * *

We slept late on Saturday. I awoke first and sneaked downstairs to prepare breakfast. I fed Lucy toast and honey in bed. She smiled as she sucked the sticky substance from her finger, “I love you,“ I told her “and I you,“ she replied “do you want to fuck?” she asked. I moved to her and we kissed, once more she sucked my cock, and I was again amazed how good it felt.

“Where did you learn to do that?” I asked as she moved her mouth away from my rock hard penis.

“Oh I don’t know, perhaps I’m just a natural cocksucker,” she said and giggled.

We made love, gently but with passion. We both did all we could to please the other and I thought that despite the punishment or the cock cage or anything else Lucy decided to do to me, I would never stop loving her.

* * *

Lucy lay with her head on John’s chest, he was stroking her hair. She loved John so very much. He was such a good and gentle man. She felt guilty about what she had been doing to him. And it was at times like this that she wanted to stop all this slavery nonsense, but she knew she wouldn’t. No doubt later, she would think of some new torment for him and become so excited, she would be dizzy with the power she held over him. Sometimes she wished John would fight back and she found herself become so angry with him when he meekly accepted the suffering and humiliation. When she had punished him the evening before, part of her wanted him to free himself and take back control of their marriage. But instead he had cried and begged. She had wanted to shout at him to stand up for himself. Instead she had lost her temper with him and then became more aroused as she slapped him.

She felt slightly sad knowing that it was unlikely anything now would stop her from turning her husband into a slave.

* * *

I felt the happiest I had been for weeks. I was sitting on a recliner by the pool in the sun, enjoying life for the first time in weeks. Lucy fetched me a beer. She looked so sexy in her tiny white bikini, I became erect just looking. Lucy noticed the large bulge in my shorts and grinned. I moved my legs so she could sit. I sipped my beer as she pulled down the top of my shorts. Lowering her head she ran her tongue around the head of my erect penis. It seemed to me that she couldn’t get enough, but then neither could I. It didn’t take long. I couldn’t stop myself: I came in her mouth. She raised her head, a stream of my cum ran down her chin. With a sexy leer she scooped it up with her finger and sucked it clean. I smiled, remembering how I used to have to beg her to give me oral sex, and of the handful of times she did, she would never allow me to cum in her mouth. I was so happy and content at that moment. I should have realised things could only go downhill.

Lucy stood up and picked something up from the floor, it was the cock cage. ”Oh no Luce, do we have to?” I complained as she placed the hated thing on my wilting penis.

I’m three inches taller than Lucy, fifty pounds heavier and a whole lot stronger, but I sat meekly as she placed me in chastity once more.

“You know what we agreed, now don’t go and spoil it,” she said, then began feeding my flaccid penis into its wire prison. She locked it tight. Was it my imagination or did she fasten it much tighter than before? She pulled my shorts back up, then giving my useless member a pat she walked away into the house.

I followed her inside and tried to talk to her, “Come on Luce, I thought we were alright again”.

She turned to me with a weary expression “Don’t ruin everything John,” she said “we had a wonderful night. And if locking you up makes you perform like that, I think you should wear your cage all the time,” she added.

“But Lucy?”

“No John,” she interrupted sternly, “that’s enough. We agreed, and I mean to keep the agreement. You’ve been spanked once and already have a black mark toward your second punishment. Now don’t make it worse.” she said.

“wh…what do you mean a black mark?” I was shocked and puzzled.

“I ordered you not to cum last night and you disobeyed me. And you spat my panties out when I expressly told you not to, oh you thought I had forgotten about that didn’t you?”

Yes, I had hoped she had forgotten. She continued to lecture me.

“Christ John I do believe you want to be punished. Now, why don’t you be quiet before you make matters worse. Surely you must have some chores to do or do you think you are going to sit around all day?” she turned away and marched into her office, shutting the door before I could compose a reply. I had felt so good before, now I was deflated. I was angry that she had conned me, but then I admitted to myself that she hadn’t really, She had warned me as to what was going to happen. I had agreed to everything that she had said and done. I had only myself to blame.

I made coffee and biscuits and took them into Lucy as a peace offering. She sat at her desk typing on her computer, “I’m sorry Lucy. I was wrong and you were right ….friends?” I asked.

She looked up and smiled, “Of course,“ she said.

I put her coffee on her desk and stood behind her. I kissed the top of her head. I noticed she had been writing an email to her boss Stephen. I read over her shoulder.

“Hi Stephen. Just keeping you updated on our special project: its all coming along fine. I took a big step and made significant progress. I feel the end is in sight and we should come to a satisfactory conclusion sooner than we thought. I have some ideas in mind to further cement our position. I will fill you in on all the details on Monday.


P.S. If you require me to give you the full works could we meet sooner rather than later, as I have an overnight meeting. Thanks.

I put my arms around her neck and hugged her, “You're always on the job Luce. Why not forget about work today and relax, after all, if you’re working late Monday you’ll need all the rest you can get”.

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