Tough Love Part 1: Proposal

by Graymangazer

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© Copyright 2012 - Graymangazer - Used by permission

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I would like to thank Echa724 and Kinkyashley347 for their editing of this story, I’m so happy there are people out there wanting to help.


Part 1: Proposal

I fell in love with my future wife the moment I first saw her.

Lucy walked through my office door to temporarily replace my retired secretary, and at twenty five years old she was eight years my junior, she’s tall-5ft 10in and slim, with dark red hair crowning a beautiful face with green eyes, she has a narrow nose and a mouth that I suspected at one time contained childhood buck teeth that had since been straightened and left a slightly protruding top lip giving her a very sexy pout, she has a body with all the curves in the right places and long shapely legs, she was and still is absolutely perfect to me

I immediately made her my full time secretary and after a week we went on our first date.

Lucy said she liked me, I was so happy just to be with her and I was sure that given time she would fall in love with me, I romanced her and I was the happiest man alive when a month after our first meeting she did indeed say she loved me.

She has the looks and charm to get just about anything she wants, but she’s not spoilt or haughty, she’s a genuinely nice person, she never gossips or puts anyone down and she’s probably the most helpful person I know, she would literally give you her last penny.

She is also clever and very intelligent and it was always clear that she would succeed in whatever she chose to do.

I felt so lucky: she was never short of admirers but she chose me.

I’m not the greatest catch in the world, I’m 6`2” and 190lbs, I don’t have a face to make women swoon but I’m certainly not ugly, with longish black hair and blue eyes, my best feature is my smile-so I’ve been told and my openness, I listen to people, I’m calm and perhaps just a bit too gentle and trusting, but hey, that’s me, and I’ve got by okay so far.

Lucy and I loved one another. I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. I couldn’t see any point in hanging around, so I proposed. It was a whirlwind romance and we married three months later.

I’d had a good job with a successful midsize promotions company since I’d left university and with the help of an inheritance was able to buy a sizeable house on the outskirts of town with a modest mortgage. Lucy moved in on the return from our honeymoon and it wasn’t long before the whole place was redecorated to her liking, she wasn’t bossy or demanding, she just had much better taste than me.

Everything was perfect, we were so happy together and two years later Lucy was promoted to the same position as myself, we celebrated with a weekend at a luxury spa where we spent most of the time having mind blowing sex.

Work was great, we now spent a lot of time together on the same projects, home was great, our social life was good and our sex life was fantastic, the future looked golden, but then came the recession.

It turned out to be a mixed bag for us, I was told I was being let go as the firm was restructuring, I immediately went to give Lucy the bad news, I was ready to console her, feeling sure that she would be going too, only to be met by my smiling and happy wife, she had in fact been promoted to department manager, I was very disappointed for myself but I was really over the moon for her.

Things were not so bad though, I received a decent severance package, but with Lucy’s improved salary she persuaded me it would make sense to use a good part of my money to pay off some of the mortgage.

I took time out to pursue a few hobbies and look for my ideal job, but as the weeks passed it became clear employment wouldn’t be so easy to find, positions that I thought I would acquire easily always seemed to go to someone else, to people I thought less qualified.

My money was rapidly running out and I was eating into my savings, soon I was having trouble paying the bills, I believed it was a mans place to provide for his wife so I had never asked Lucy to contribute to our household finances, but now I felt it was time to swallow my pride and ask for her help.

To my surprise she didn’t agree immediately, but said she would have to speak to her financial advisor.

I wasn’t happy with her, as I thought it showed a lack of commitment on her part, but she persuaded me that she just wanted to make our positions clear.

The upshot of it all was that Lucy would take over the mortgage payments and the control of our finances, at least until I found employment.

With the help of the firms resident lawyer we signed papers giving Lucy a half share of the house and financial control, whilst I used what was left of my own money to pay for my personal requirements.

As my savings dwindled I found I was unable to spend and socialise as much as I would like, so I became frustrated and irritable, I noticed Lucy becoming more impatient with me, and this made me feel guilty, here was my lovely wife working hard every day, while I lounged around sulking about not having a job.

I vowed to make things better for us, if I couldn’t find work then I would do more around the home. I started to do all the cooking, having meals ready for when Lucy came home at night and generally pampering her. I also did all those little jobs that one never seems to get around to doing. The cleaning was taken care of by Lynn, our young daily help. And so the general atmosphere in our home began to improve.

A few weeks later Lucy let it slip that she had hired a new agent-a guy named Barry was now doing my old job. I was annoyed to say the least, here I was out of work and my own wife had hired some young upstart to do my job, when I confronted her she looked away embarrassed.

“I’m sorry John. I really wanted to give you the job You were the first person I thought of, but Stephen didn’t want me to, he thought it would be wrong for me to employ my own husband, that we could leave ourselves open to some kind of prejudicial lawsuit, “ she explained.

I had to think for a minute who Stephen was, then it occurred to me, he was the CEO and owner of the firm. In all the time I was there I had never even met him, and here was Lucy on first name terms.

“Christ Luce, I’m breaking my ass trying to find a job and my own wife won’t even hire me. Instead some slimy bastard gets my position, well thanks for all your help Luce you did really great,” I complained and turned away to stare out of the window.

“Fuck you John. Its not my fault you lost your job, do you want me to risk my career and the only money we have coming in just because you think you’re better than everyone else?” it was one of the very few times I had heard Lucy swear.

I turned to carry on the argument but I saw Lucy’s bottom lip quiver and a tear rolled down her cheek. I knew I had gone too far. I was a shit. I shouldn’t have taken it out on Lucy, I walked over to her and wrapped my arms around her and kissed the tears away.

“I’m sorry Luce, I shouldn’t blame you. I just get so frustrated, it seems that every job I apply for they find a reason not to employ me. Perhaps I’m being paranoid, but it is as if somebody is blocking me at every turn.”

“I’m sorry too hon. Maybe I should have stood up for you more than I did, look, let me speak to some people, see if we can work something out,” she said and we kissed some more. I felt an even bigger shit pressurising my innocent wife into fighting my battles for me.

A few days later Lucy had some news for me; she had kept her word, though what she told me didn’t fill me with joy, I still managed to put on a brave face.

“I spoke to Barbara in admin today and together we managed to create a new position. Now its not executive, in fact its quite the opposite but it’s a job,“ she informed me, trying to sound upbeat.

“Just tell me Luce, the way things are at the moment I’d do anything if I was paid,” I said.

“ Well…. Pam needs someone in the cave to administer files. I’m afraid its only minimum wage but its all we could do at the moment, and it will be a foot in the door for you, which is good isn’t it? I know its not really what you want but …,” she trailed off and shrugged.

I did my best to hide my disappointment. The cave was an airless basement full to the brim with old dusty records and files and I knew this job would be mindless boredom; sorting and classifying. It was the lowest position I could imagine but I had to pretend to be excited for Lucy’s sake.

* * *

Muzak was playing. Wine glasses clinked and the polite conversation was interspersed with bursts of laughter. Newman Holdings were celebrating another successful year. Lucy looked stunning in a silver grey satin dress and John missed no opportunity running his hands over her sexy body; especially as she had confided in him that she was going commando this evening. They had just finished dancing when one of Johns associates interrupted them; he said he needed John to go over an account with him.

“Christ Bill! it’s a party can’t you relax for a minute,” John complained.

“I’m sorry John. but this is really important or I wouldn’t bother you,” Bill explained.

John turned to Lucy and shrugged “I’m so sorry Luce its…”

“Its okay, I understand,“ she interrupted him “you go off. I’m sure I can find another man somewhere here,” she teased him.

Lucy was alone for less than two minutes when she heard a voice behind her.

“Hello Lucy. I thought you would be surrounded by admirers?“

“No just the same old men wanting to get into my knickers,” she replied sarcastically.

“Touché Lucy. perhaps I should have been a bit more subtle.”

Lucy turned toward the speaker and saw Stephen Newman; her boss “I’m sorry sir I didn’t realise it was you,” she could feel herself blushing in embarrassment.

“No need to apologise Lucy. And please call me Stephen. I just wanted to meet the most beautiful woman here,” he said smiling. he didn’t appear to be upset with Lucy’s rudeness.

“I’m not sure your wife would be pleased to hear that,” she replied.

“My wife! Oh I’m not married. I suppose you could say the firm is my wife,” he said.

“It must be a very boring marriage,” Lucy remarked. She was feeling a little more comfortable now.

“On the contrary; I think I have everything I want, “ Stephen said.

“Everything?” Lucy asked, raising an eyebrow and wondering where this conversation was going.

“Oh yes everything; money, power, respect. Everything,” he answered.

“What about love? surely every marriage should be based on love,” Lucy argued.

“Oh love is just a word to describe the things you really want,” Stephen said.

“And what is it you really want Stephen?” Lucy felt they were coming to the point of this discussion now.

“Why, I want you my dear,” he declared with a smile.

“And you think you can just have me?” Lucy asked. She put some steel in her voice. Stephen may be her boss but that didn’t give him the right to just take her for granted.

“Oh no forgive me Lucy, please?” Stephen said quickly. “You misunderstand me. It’s not what you think. What I would like is your help with an experiment, an experiment that could give you a life of luxury you’ve only ever dreamed of.” as he spoke he moved in closer to Lucy. She looked around, feeling guilty allowing Stephen this close. She could see John talking to somebody on the other side of the room. She wanted to join him. Stephen was now making her uncomfortable. But despite herself she was also intrigued. “What kind of experiment?” she couldn’t resist asking.

“Oh nothing illegal or dangerous I can assure you,” he said waving his hand. ”Why don’t I explain?… you see, to me the most erotic thing in life is power, with power we can get anything we want. I could have just about any woman at this party, or ruin them because I hold power over them or someone close to them. But to use your power that way is base and brutal. I much prefer a bit more guile, I find it better if the other person thinks he is willingly giving to you, while you take everything you want”.

Lucy now looked questionably at her boss “I’m sorry Stephen you’ve lost me,” she said.

Stephen paused to gather his thoughts “Okay,” he said “Just imagine we take one these high flyers and between us we reduce him to a complete and utter slave, living only to please you. And we do it all without him even realising what’s happening. Now that would be power don’t you think?”

“And who would this poor unfortunate be?” Lucy asked. She was beginning to suspect that Stephen set up this whole meeting.

Stephen took Lucy’s elbow and gently guided her around to face the crowd. He made a point of looking around the room ”let me see, umm… how about?“ he slowly moved his arm in an arc pointing his finger “that one,“ he said.

Lucy laughed aloud. Stephen was pointing at John, “Very funny Stephen. I think you know who he is and I think you orchestrated this whole conversation. Perhaps that’s what you mean by power, now if you will excuse me I think my husband is looking for me”.

Two days later Lucy was at her desk when she received an email summoning her to Stephens office. She immediately feared for her job. She rode the elevator to the forth floor and found herself standing outside of Stephen’s office. Her hand was shaking as she knocked on the oak door.


Lucy walked into an office bigger than her old apartment. Stephen sat smiling behind an enormous oak desk, he waved Lucy to a chair opposite him.

“Well hello Lucy, how are you?” he greeted her. He stood and gestured to a pot of coffee to one side of the desk.

“No, I’m fine thank you,” she answered as she sat, pulling the hem of her skirt down to a respectable length.

Stephen sat back down and leaned back looking at Lucy over his hands which were clasped together below his chin “I wondered if you had given any thought to our little conversation from the other evening?” he asked.

In truth Lucy had thought of little else, but would never let him know that. Neither had she said anything to John, fearing he might loose his temper. instead she answered, “Well I honestly thought it was a joke. Do you really expect me to help you turn my husband into your slave?” she sounded incredulous.

Stephen spread his hands, “No no no my dear you really misunderstand me. Not my slave, John will be your slave. I get my rewards in other ways,” he told her

Lucy felt slightly better now, she knew she wasn’t to be fired. She was also intrigued but didn’t want Stephen to know to what extent. She studied her fingernails feigning a lack of interest, “No I can’t say it really tempts me Stephen, but,“ she raised her head to look at him, “lets just pretend it did. how exactly would you plan to achieve your aims?”.

Stephen leaned back and made a steeple shape with his fingers. He smiled. He had baited her; now he felt she was hooked.

“Ah well, Let me explain… first of all, together we would sabotage Johns accounts, not ruin them completely but just enough to jeopardize some of them, undermine him-have him doubt his ability. Then I will ensure that he looses his job”.

Lucy looked up sharply and began to voice her objection.

“Wait. Please wait. Let me finish,” Stephen held up a placating hand, “as I said, John would lose his job. But you would, of coarse be promoted, to… lets see… office manager, with a raise of …. um…. shall we say two hundred percent to compensate any financial shortfall on your behalf”.

Lucy was stunned. It was an enormous raise, she began to feel flushed.

Stephen continued, “Of course, you would need to keep your finances a secret from John, and at the same time it would be up to you to ensure that all of his own money is spent. You must make him penniless, make him financially dependent on you,” Stephen stood and began walking around the room. He stopped and looked intently ay Lucy. “Between us we must also block any attempt by John to find a job, I’ll give him bad references, maybe drop a quiet word in the ear of prospective employers, that sort of thing. Then as he isn’t working, you persuade him to use his time by performing more domestic chores. Get him used to menial work, but make sure you always find fault with his efforts and have him accept your authority. That way he’ll become unsure of himself and in time he should start obeying your commands. Make him feel useless and inferior. That’s the way” he thumped one hand into the other to emphasise his point, “Then perhaps when he’s really desperate I’ll rehire him. Not in an executive position you understand but as a cleaner or something equally demeaning.” he returned to his chair and poured himself another cup of coffee.

Lucy shook her head no, not trusting herself to speak when he offered the pot to her. “We’ll keep him busy; you and I, Here and at home. With no money and no time he’ll have no life of his own. You will need to find a way to deny him sex of course; frustration can turn the best of men into gibbering fools. For him, sex with you must be an honour and a privilege. Your satisfaction his only concern. Then finally, when he accepts you as his superior, his owner if you will, you’ll have him sign over everything he has, his property, his money, if he has any left, his rights, his very life to you. Convince him he’s worthless, that everything that has gone wrong; everything that has happened to him is his own fault, and pleasing you is all he has left. He needs to believe he exists only to serve you “.

Stephen spread his hands inviting a reply. It was some speech. Lucy was stunned, she was biting her bottom lip and squeezing her thighs together; she realised she was excited.

“Wow …..that’s some plan, “she whispered . Feeling flush she continued, “I get a doting slave and an enormous raise, it all sounds great if it works but what exactly do you get?”

“I get you Lucy,“ again he held up a hand to forestall any protest, “oh don’t worry, I don’t want to fuck you , no, all I want is those beautiful lips around my cock whenever I say. That’s my turn on. It’s the power you see, the power to have the most beautiful woman in the company on her knees, sucking the cock of a man who would normally repulse her“.

Lucy was quiet as she considered her position, if she declined Stephens plan she had no doubt whatsoever John and she would be fired. She had spent her whole life getting just what she wanted; because she had learnt never to ask for too much. Thus she had always been a success, and loosing her job would be a failure, a devastating failure, something she didn’t think she could live with.

But if she accepted she would have a husband whom she loved dearly as a slave to serve her anyway she wanted, plus money to keep her secure for life. All she had to do was agree to become this mans personal whore. She studied Stephen, he was approaching sixty years old, and although he had clearly taken care of himself he still showed his age. He wasn’t ugly but not handsome either. Lucy could never find him attractive or desire him, but she knew she had to make a choice.

She loved John so much. But surely him being a slave to her was more preferable than failure. Besides, accepting Stephens proposition might buy her time to think of an way out of this. Terrified of the alternative, she rose from her seat and walked slowly around Stephen’s desk, she held out her hand to him” it’s a deal,” she said.

Stephen took her hand with a triumphant smile and pulled her down and toward him. Lucy guessed what he wanted: a sample of his payment. She sank slowly to her knees and with trembling fingers she undid his pants releasing his penis, he was already erect. Lucy felt disgusted with him and herself, but was determined not to let it show. She was unsure whether to use her hand first or just take him in her mouth, she was not really that experienced at oral sex. She was saved from making the decision when Stephen spoke.

“I want to see your breasts,” he said. He spoke decisively and Lucy knew it was an order and that she had to obey.

She knelt back upright, staring at nothing, she undid the buttons and removed her shirt, she reached behind her and released her bra and let it slide off her arms. She automatically covered herself with her hands. Stephen stared at her, silently waiting until at last she lowered her hands exposing her breasts. On her slim frame her thirty six C cup breasts looked bigger than they really were. Stephen was fascinated by them and spent quite some time feeling and caressing them. Lucy had her head flung back and eyes closed. She wanted Stephen to believe she was enjoying it. Suddenly she realised her hand had slid down between her legs and she knew she really was enjoying it.

Stephen pinched her right nipple painfully with his left hand, he smiled as Lucy tensed in pain, with his right hand he grabbed a fistful of her hair and pulled her face toward his crotch. Lucy had never really enjoyed giving oral sex to her husband John, although she would do it occasionally if she was feeling really sexy. Now she steeled herself and opened her mouth as Stephen’s penis seemed to rise up to meet her. Her lips slid over the head stretching her jaws, her mouth glided down the thick shaft.

She fought back her gag reflex and forced herself to suck and lick as Stephen’s hand controlled the bobbing of her head, soon he began to groan in pleasure. He pinched and twisted her nipple and Lucy felt his penis grow and pulse in her mouth, then his sperm was pumping into her throat. Stephen held her head hard against himself and she was forced to swallow it all. At last it was over. But Lucy knew this was just the first of many times she would be drinking Stephens sperm.

She stood up and docilely allowed Stephen to dress her, he withheld her bra saying “I would prefer from now on that you wear stockings and went bra-less”.

Lucy instinctively knew it wasn’t a request and nodded in acceptance.

“Yes sir,” she answered looking at the floor.

* * *

On the first day of my new job I woke before Lucy and prepared breakfast. Then we set off to work together like old times, though now Lucy was the boss and I was the subordinate.

I took up my position in my “office”, it was no more than a store cupboard really, below ground with no windows and very stuffy and dusty. I spent the first couple hours cleaning and organising my work place. The work was boring, as I’d expected and I looked forward to the occasions when I was required to run errands, at least then I came into contact with other people and sometimes, Lucy would need me to fetch an old file for her and I felt so happy just to see her.

On the second day in my new job I entered her office with a document she needed. I smiled and said, “Here you go Luce “.

She looked up from her work and spoke “Ah John, I’m glad you’re here, I need a word,” she removed her reading glasses then continued, “ I really don’t think you should call me by name at work, it shows a lack of respect,” she said it so bluntly, as though she were talking to an underling, which strictly speaking I was, but I was also her husband after all.

“What !!! I’m your husband, how can I not use your name?” I felt shocked and insulted.

Lucy shrugged and clasped her hands as if in prayer.

“I’m really sorry John, its not me, this comes from above. They feel it undermines my position especially in front of clients,” she explained.

“Okay Luce, just what am I supposed to call you,” I snapped sarcastically.

“Oh John, please don’t get huffy” she sounded sorry and I immediately felt bad, “I’m only passing on orders. Look, while we’re at work why don’t you address me just the same as everybody else does. You know, Ms Lester or ma,am, that should keep everybody happy I think”.

Everybody but me I thought. I wasn’t happy but I knew Lucy was cornered so I shrugged, defeated.

“Okay then, ma,am it is”.

* * *

The days passed, things at work got no more interesting. Then two weeks later I looked up from my work bench to see Amy: Lucy’s assistant, holding a file out to me.

“Hello John, I need this sorted if you would,” she said handing me the file. I took the file and quickly looked at it to see where it should be stored. I turned back to find Amy was still there, she had a wicked grin on her face. She was twenty seven years old, slim and pretty, with shoulder length brown hair. We always got on very well together and playfully flirted with one another and today was no exception, but soon I realised it was getting a bit too serious as Amy pressed up against me, trapping me against my bench, her lips were sucking on my neck.

“Whoa Amy. I think we need to calm down a little,” I said, trying to extract myself from her questing hands.

“Oh come on John,“ her breath was hot in my ear, “you know I’ve always wanted you and I think you fancy me. You were my boss then, but not now, so it’ll be alright. Please? Just once, nobody will ever know,“ she said as she started to undo my belt.

“No, I’m sorry Amy but I love Lucy. I really think you should go,” I tried so hard to be firm with her. But it just seemed to make her more determined.

“No, not until you fuck me,” she demanded, she pushed me hard back against the bench, she was much stronger than I had thought.

Before I could squirm out of her clutches she had her hand down my pants and grinned in triumph when she found I was already hard. She kissed me. Her tongue pushed into my mouth and, I’m ashamed to admit, my resistance so easily dissolved. I spun around with her in my arms, kissing, and pushed her up against the work bench. She turned around, her back to me and bent over. Reaching back she pulled down her panties.

“Fuck me John, just fuck me,” she gasped as she lay over the bench.

I was beyond caring. I unzipped my pants and freed my erect penis. I drove myself into her roughly, at the same time reaching out to hold her breasts, using them to pull her onto me. The sex was rough and there was no tenderness; it was just lust for both of us and lasted only a few minutes. I pushed into her as hard as I could and held my position deep inside her as I climaxed, then I collapsed onto her back. We both laid there quite still, sweaty and breathing hard.

When we regained our composure, Amy stood up. She kissed my lips passionately.

“Thank you John, I’ve always wanted to do that. Maybe we can do it again sometime,” she whispered close to my ear.

She stepped back and smiled at me. She then pressed her discarded panties into my hand.

She blew me a kiss and with a wave, she left.

* * *

“Come in,” Lucy responded to the knock at her office door.

Amy entered, Lucy looked over the top of her glasses at her.

“Ah Amy ….well how did it go?” she asked eagerly when she saw her assistant.

Amy closed the door behind her and leaned back against the portal, she smiled widely.

“Perfectly, I did just as you told me,” she reported.

Lucy smiled back at her and nodded. She relaxed into her chair.

“Good, good, now, I want you to take an hour and run an errand for me,” she picked a sheet of paper from the top of the desk, “I need you to go to this address and pick up a package. Here’s my card, you know the pin number”.

Lucy handed over her card and the slip of paper. Amy read the address.

“Oh my gosh, it’s an adult store !“ she exclaimed.

“Yes well …. just get on with it. I have a call to make,” Lucy said, she waved Amy away feeling embarrassed. She reached for the phone. Amy knew she was dismissed and so turned and left.

“Hello Stephen, its Lucy. I need authority from you to collect a security tape, it concerns our little project,” she said into the phone.

Stephen chuckled and answered, “Of course my dear, you can have anything you want. Just collect it and tell them to call me for clearance. Oh by the way, I’ll need you in my office at three this afternoon to go over your oral presentation again, and see that you bring the tape with you. It could be something that I might want to see.”

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