Tightly Bound Bride

by Alexis

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© Copyright 2002 - Alexis - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; bound; bdsm; maid; corset; cuffs; collar; gag; dungeon; cell; hogtie; blindfold; rope; clamps; nipple; public; messy; cons/nc; x

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Chapter Thirteen

Mary could tell by the position of the sun that is was almost 6:00 in the evening.  “Good,” she thought to herself, shrugging the ache from her neck and shoulders.  Today had been “silver day”, one of her less favorite chores.  The household had hundreds of pounds of sterling silver--tableware, tea services, platters and candlesticks--and once a month it was her task to clean them.  She would be dressed in a tight corset and her gray, functional maid’s outfit.  An immense harness ballgag would be wedged between her teeth, and her lacy maid’s hat would be placed upon her blond head.  She would be collared, and lead down to the pantry, where she would be perched on a hard, uncomfortable stool.  Her ankles would be cuffed together, with a short chain threaded through the rungs of the stool.  So as not to scratch the silver, her wrists could not be cuffed.  Instead a leather belt was locked around her corseted waist.  There were rings on either side of the belt.  Leather cuffs were locked around each upper arm just above the elbows, and these cuffs were locked to the ring on the belt, keeping her elbows tightly against her sides.  There was enough room to reach the silver piled in front of her on the table, but not enough to reach the lock on her gag, or ankles.  Mary sighed when she saw the huge pile of silver that she was expected to polish to a brilliant shine before the end of the day.  Next to the silver was a giant economy sizes bottle of silver polish, and a pile of clean, soft rags.  Reaching for the first piece, she began her task at a brisk pace.  She was allowed a short break mid-morning and afternoon, and was un-gagged for ten minutes to drink a bowl of thin, tasteless soup for lunch.  With the constriction of the corset, she couldn’t eat much anyway!

Mary was on the last piece when the door opened.  She looked up happily, expecting Mistress Erika to come and inspect her work.  If it was satisfactory, Mary would be released to bathe and prepare for dinner and whatever activities the night might bring.  If her work was unsatisfactory, her treatment depended on Erika’s mood.  If the Mistress was feeling forgiving, and especially if she was horny, and wanted Mary’s attention to her greedy honey-hole, then Erika might give Mary twenty stripes with the riding crop, then release her.  If Mistress was grumpy, Erika might find her wrists tied tightly behind her, spending the night alone in the dark, cold cell in the basement.  She hated this more than anything, and tried to do the best job possible every day so that she would earn the Mistress’ favor......and her bed!

Mary’s brow furrowed, and she whimpered through her gag.  It was not Mistress, it was Maria.  “Mistress called, and said that she would not be home tonight.” the little maid explained.  “She ordered that you be placed in the cell for the night.”  Mary threw down her dirty rag, and complained vociferously to Mary through her gag.  “MMMMmmpph......UUUMMMP.......NNNNNRRRRRR!” she shook her head in protest.  Maria grasped Mary gently by the arm, and helped her to her feet.  “Now don’t be mad at me,” she exclaimed, “I’m just doing what I’m told.”  She turned Mary’s back to her, and locked a leather cuff around each wrist, then brought the wrists together.  Since Mary’s elbows were still tethered at her sided, her forearms met horizontally across Mary’s lower back, and the two cuffs were locked together.  Leaving her ankles cuffed together, Maria lead Mary’s slow, shuffling way to the basement.  After several minutes they reached the cell, and Maria opened the door.  Mary walked in, and bowed down in front of Maria so that her gag might be unlocked.  “No, Mary” she explained, “Mistress has said that you should remain gagged!”  Mary whined, and her chained rattled as she stamped her foot in anger.  She never spent the night cuffed and gagged unless Erika was really mad at her....and she had done nothing wrong!  “Besides,” thought Mary unhappily, “this was the biggest ballgag, and it wasn’t fair to have to wear it all day and all night!”  Her poor jaws would ache so by morning!  “One more thing.” said Maria timidly, unhappy at having to be the bearer of bad news, and the enforcer as well.  “You are to spend the night hogtied.”  Mary began to cry at the unjustness of this punishment as Maria helped her to lie face down on the Spartan cot.  Mary was sniveling softly when Maria folded her ankles up behind her, and used a short piece of chain to fasten them tautly to the leather belt around Mary’s waist.  “Remember,” said Maria, bending to kiss Mary on her tear-dampened cheek.  These are your Mistress’ orders.....just pretend it is her that has fixed you like this....it will make the night seem easier.”  With an apologetic smile the dark haired maid clanked the cell door shut, turned out the light, and shut the door. 

Mary had spent the night in more rigorous bondage many times.  That didn’t bother her too much, but where was her Mistress?  Tired from her hard day’s work, Mary slept soundly despite the tight gag and the hog-tied sleeping position.  She was awake, however, when Maria came to release her in the morning.  “Did you hear from Mistress Erika?” Mary asked eagerly as soon as the gag was pried from her mouth.  “Yes,” Maria laughed, “she said to let you have a more restful day today, and that she would “look after you” this evening.”  “Oh goody!” Mary squealed eagerly.  Being “looked after” by Erika was always a sexy experience!

“So what are you going to do with me today?” Mary happily asked her captress.  “It’s a surprise that Erika and I thought up,” answered Maria, “and you don’t get to see until later!”  With that the little maid reached up and placed a blindfold over Mary’s eyes.  It was not overly tight, more than secure enough to keep the captive girl from being able to see.”  Blind, and with arms cuffed behind her back, Mary allowed herself to be lead out of the damp cellar.  The two women went outside.  Mary knew it was still early, because of the coolness of the air, and the wet dew on her bare feet.  They walked across grass, until Maria ordered Erika to stand with her back against a post.  Mary obeyed, and stood compliantly as her left arm was raised beside her horizontally, and secured to a cross member by tight ropes around her wrist, elbow and upper arm.  Her other arm got the same treatment, and Mary was left standing tied in a cross.  Maria took a longer piece of cord, and looped it under Mary’s breasts, then around the post, then up over and across her shoulders, and across her chest above her breasts.  When the rope was tightened and knotted Mary’s shoulders were drawn back tightly, and her chest was thrust into prominence.  The tight cord dug deeply into the soft flesh as it framed her magnificent globes, and the eager pink nipples stood erect at the tip of each lovely mound.  Maria took another rope, and cinched the ropes above and below Mary’s breasts together in the valley between the lush globes.  This served to tighten the ropes still further, and Mary gasped softly at the pain from the biting cords.  Another rope was looped around Mary’s waist at the smallest spot, and pulled tight until it almost disappeared into her skin.  Several more equally tight loops circled the captive, followed by a secure knot.  Mary’s ankles were bound with several loops of cord, with tight cinched both between ankles and the post.  The same treatment was given below her knees, above her knees, and at her upper thighs. 

“Maria!” Mary gasped, “That’s so tight!”  The captive tried to move, but could barely wiggle.  “You never tied me this tight before.” she accused, “Are you becoming a closet dominant?”  “Yes......maybe,” said the dark servant, her eyes shining with pleasure.  “You are so much fun to tie up.” she exclaimed, “No wonder Mistress Erika loves you so much!”  Maria stood on her tiptoes, and gave her captive a little peck on the cheek. “Now, let me finish, but first, I need to keep you quiet!”  With that she pressed a fat ballgag against Mary’s lips, and the bound girl opened wide to accept the stifling mouthful.  She bent her head forward so Maria could pull the strap tight, and fasten the buckle at the back of her neck.  Mary whimpered, and tossed her head, mouthing the gag.  Maria passed a wide strap around Mary’s neck, and buckled it behind the post.  This greatly restricted the movement of Mary’s head, but Maria was not finished.  She took another strap, and placed it across Mary’s forehead above her blindfolded eyes like a headband, then also behind the post, and buckled.  This served to keep Mary’s head almost completely immobile.  The captive stood passively, but by that time there was very little she could do but flutter her fingers anyway!  Mary heard Maria giggle, then felt the strange sensation of a greasy, sticky substance being wiped onto her body.  It wasn’t as slippery as oil, nor as sticky as honey.  It was more the consistency of  paste or spackle, and in fact, it was being applied by something sort of like a trowel. 

When she was covered from neck to ankle she felt something being sprinkled on her body, which stuck to the underlying coating. After being coated and sprinkled from head to toe, Mary felt Maria’s fingers tweak her nipples into prominence, then bend down and give each throbbing pink nubbin a long, wet kiss.  Mary moaned happily, even as a spring loaded clamp replaced Maria’s lips on her two tender buds.  She felt a moderately heavy weight being attached to each clip by a short chain, and allowed to dangle free.  Despite the weight, her breasts sagged almost imperceptibly, and the clamped nipples remained resiliently erect.  “There!” said Maria happily.  “If you are going to stand around all day, you can at least be useful!”  With that she removed Mary’s blindfold, and the captive girl was able to see what had happened to her.  Her body had been coated in suet, and she had been sprinkled with birdseed.  From each nipple hung a small, flower shaped hummingbird feeder, each one filled with sugared water.  On the post above her head was a large, multi-station Plexiglas feeder , with a different type of seed in each station.  A thin dowel protruded from her ballgag, and with her head help in such a stringently immobile position, it was a perfect perch!  She was a living bird feeder!  Mary could not be angry with the little maid, because her plight was really sort of funny.  She was going to spend the day in the fresh air and sunshine, which was an improvement over being chained in the kitchen!  Maria kissed her on the tip of the nose, which was the only part of her not covered with fatty suet, and left with a wave and a smile. 

 Mary stood in enforced stillness for about ten minutes before she had her first customer.  A small finch flew to her, and landed on her shoulder.  The bold little bird helped itself to several seeds, and flew off.  It must have passed the word to his friends, because an entire family of finches took turns plucking seeds off of Mary’s body for the next hour.  Later in the morning Mary heard a buzzing sound.  She could not lower her head, but was able to look downward just enough to see a brilliantly colored hummingbird dipping its long beak delicately into the flower shaped feeder.  Mary could feel the breeze of the rapidly beating wings on the bare flesh of her breasts.  Later, a larger bird of some type landed on top of her head, and several times during the day a bird landed on the “gag perch”.  One sat for quite a while, and she could have sworn it was looking her in the eye!  The biggest excitement of the day came when a whole flock of starlings flew onto the estate, and she was overwhelmed when several hundred of the little birds voraciously attacked the seeds on her body.  It was a little scary--she remembered the movie “The Birds” as the little bodies flashed around her--but they did no harm, and left as quickly as they had come.  Despite the tight ropes and mouth stretching gag, Mary enjoyed her day.  As the sun began to fall in the sky, she began to wait expectantly to be released by Mistress Erika.  What might she have planned for tonight?

It was nearly dark when she saw her Mistress crossing the yard.  She whimpered happily through her gag, and felt her nipples stiffen as the woman approached.  “Did you have a fun day?” Erika asked.  “MMMMM!” Mary answered, unable to nod her head because of the confining straps.  “Good.  Let’s get you free, and cleaned up.” she said, unfastening the strap around her slave’s forehead.  “I have a surprise for you tonight”  “Oh, goody!” thought Mary happily.  In minutes the girl was free and able to remove the gag from her own mouth.  The ball plopped out wetly, and Mary licked her lips., then thanked her Mistress.  He hands were cuffed behind her back, and she was lead back to the house, and turned over to Maria for bathing.  “Be sure to get that stuff out of all the nooks and crannies.” Erika ordered.


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