Tightly Bound Bride

by Alexis

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© Copyright 2002 - Alexis - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; bound; bdsm; handcuffs; dungeon; cage; cuffs; gag; anal; susp; torment; cell; spank; harness; spreader; blindfold; clamps; nipple; mast; oral; climax; maid; cons/nc; xx

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Chapter Twelve

The dungeon was windowless, so Mary had no idea if it was day or night when the door opened, and the lights were turned on.  She was blinded by the sudden brightness, and closed her eyes.  Squinting, and blinking against the glare, she slowly opened her eyes, hoping against hope that this was all either a bad dream, or extremely bad joke.  The immense gag in her mouth kept her head rigid, and she could not turn in the direction of the footsteps.  Her heart sank when the person who entered her field of vision was not James.  It was Erika.

“You look like you could use some sleep.” she commented as she reached for the key which controlled the expanded metal gag.  She turned the key and slowly the petals began to withdraw, and the pressure on Mary’s jaw was reduced to tolerable levels.  When the gag was fully contracted, Erika pulled it from Mary’s tortured mouth.  The captive blonde’s lips and tongue were numb, and even without the mass of the gag between her teeth, her cramped jaw muscled wouldn’t allow her mouth to close.  Mary dropped her head to the extent that the cramped cage would allow it, and a thick stream of saliva drooled out of her mouth and onto the floor of the cage.

Erika began speaking,  “I know it was a rough night, but maybe it will be cathartic to you.  When I let you out of the cage, you will be put into a small, but comfortable cell.  There is a cot, a blanket and a toilet, and you will be well fed.”  Erika reached her hand into the cage, grabbed a handful of Mary’s hair, and pulled her head up until their eyes met.  “Can you talk yet?” she inquired.  “Ye...........yes.” Mary croaked.  “O.K., now listen,” Erika resumed speaking.  “You will be left alone for 3 days, while I attend the funeral.”  Tears welled up in Mary’s eyes, and Erika shook her head by the handful of hair.  “James is dead.  The world thinks you are dead.  The house is mine.  Deal with it!”  Mary fought against the hand holding her hair, and shook her head negatively.  “We were lovers, and I thought we were friends.  How could you do this to me?” she anguished.  “I didn’t kill James, that was just bad luck.” Erika answered.  “Once you are over your grieving, I hope things will return to normal.  We are going to be Mistress and slavegirl, one way or another, and we can still be friends.  It is up to you.” 

“What do you mean?” Mary asked.  “Mary, you are submissive, and will always be submissive..........you have been well trained.  You have also proven to be bi-sexual, and with a little coaxing, you will become exclusively lesbian.  You don’t need the house and money....you just need someone to keep you bound and gagged and helpless, and make you feel secure and loved.  Do you understand?”  “I....I’m not sure.” answered Mary.  “Well,” responded Erika, “you will have a couple of days to think about it.  You are going to be my slave, one way or the other.  Either we are lovers, and I will keep you in sexy bondage all the time, and we will share a bed and nuzzle each other’s pussies, or you will be a captive slave maid chained while doing household chores, and spend your nights alone in a cell.”  As she was speaking, Erika withdrew the shaft from Mary rectum, unlocked the toecuffs, and released her ankles.  She unclamped Mary’s wrists from their cuffs, then opened the door of the cage.  “Out.” she ordered in a quiet voice.  Slowly, Mary complied.  She ached all over, but her knees hurt the worst from kneeling on the hard, studded iron beam.  She groaned as she got slowly to her feet.  Her mind was foggy from fatigue and lack of sleep, and without thinking about it, she offered her wrists to be cuffed.  “See?” said Erika with a brief smile.  “You are too well trained to ever be free again.  You need a Mistress to look after you.”  “Or a Master!” Mary retorted.  “I don’t think so.” said Erika.  “No Master....never again.”  With that, she clicked the cuffs on Mary’s wrists, and lead her to the waiting cell.  “In you go.” she ordered.  “I’ll be back in 3 days.  One of the servants will feed and water you.  Rest...and think.”  With that, Erika turned, and was gone.

Mary was so tired, that she didn’t dwell on her situation.  After the agony of the cage, the hard cot looked like a king sized bed with a goosedown comforter.  She fell into bed, and was immediately asleep.  She slept for 24 hours, and dreamt of James.

When she awoke, Mary felt much better, but was ravenous.  She wondered when and how she might be fed, when her eyes fell upon a shelf that she hadn’t noticed the night before.  There was a large bowl with a number of apples, oranges and bananas, a loaf of bread, a large jar of peanut butter, and a plastic knife.  On the floor under the shelf were numerous plastic bottles of mineral water.  “Well,” she thought to herself, “my diet will be monotonous, but at least I won’t starve!”  As she ate and drank her fill, another thought came to her.  If she had food, water and bathroom facilities in her cell, there was a very good change that she was going to be totally alone.  She wondered if she would be freed in three days when Erika returned, or if she would be kept in isolation.  With a shrug, she decided that there was nothing she could do about it, one way or the other.

Over the next several days, Mary thought endlessly about her situation, replaying the facts, the plusses and minuses in her mind.  She was heartbroken to lose James.  She had looked forward to years and years with the man she loved so deeply.  On the other hand, Mary was resolved to the fact that he was gone, and that nothing would bring him back.  Having dealt with her grief, and cleared away the excess baggage around James, she moved on to her current situation.  She was, in theory, a wealthy woman.  If free, she could move in upper crust circles, and live in the highest possible style.  In reality, however, she seemed destined to be a slave.  Would she have it any other way?  Would she, given the chance, even with all her money, still find a new Master or Mistress, and voluntarily place herself in helpless bondage and submission?  Is this who she really was?  If not Erika’s domination, then whose?

For the first time in days Mary heard the sound of the bolt opening on the outside door, and she expectantly turned her eyes in that direction.  To her surprise it was not Erika who appeared, but the little servant girl, Maria. 

“Good day, Ma’am.” she said with a brief curtsey.  “Good day.” responded Mary, suddenly embarrassed to be nude, dirty and helpless in a cell before a housegirl.  “I am under instructions to bath you and bring you to Mistress Erika’s room.” said the girl.  Mary noted that the girl had referred to her as “Ma’am” while calling Erika “Mistress”.  This, she supposed, confirmed the new order in her life as much as anything.  “I am sorry, but am ordered to keep you handcuffed.” said the girl apologetically.  “Would you turn around, and place your hands through the bars?”  Mary sighed, but complied.  She wanted out of her cell badly enough to do anything.  Once the cuffs clicked around Mary’s wrists Maria opened the cell door, and lead her captive out of the dungeon.  Both women were silent until Mary decided to test the servant’s allegiances.  “Maria, you know that James is dead, and that Erika is keeping me here against my will, don’t you?” she asked.  “Yes Ma’am,” responded Maria.  “Mistress Erika says that you are very confused right now, and that we all must help you decide what will truly make you happy.  She said you have an important decision to make, and that we must keep you captive for a while, so that you don’t make a hasty decision.”  Maria looked at her captive, and smiled.  “Mistress Erika really loves you a lot.....we all do.  We want you to be happy.” They continued to walk.  “Besides,” Maria continued, “when you were helplessly chained you told me that you had never been happier.”  “But Maria,” said Mary is exasperation, “That was different.  That was because of James.”  “Yes,” answered the servant.  “He was your Master, but now he is gone.  Why go looking for someone, when Mistress Erika is here, and wants to take care of you?”  “Did you see that cage she put me in?  Is that your idea of being “taken care” of?” Mary blurted angrily?”  “Yes, I saw it, and I was puzzled,”  answered Maria, “but I am just a poor dumb servant girl, and I do not know about these things.”  “Besides, all the doors are locked, there is a guard at the front gate, and I’d lose my job if I did anything other than follow orders.  Mistress Erika knows what is best you you.”  Mary sighed to herself.  All the help seemed to be innocent conspirators, and totally under Erika’s control.  “Maybe Erika is right.” Mary told herself.  “Maybe this is what I want, and I need someone else to make the decision for me.”  She followed along submissively.  There seemed nothing she could do about it anyway.

Mary had never been bathed by another woman before, and certainly not with her hands cuffed behind her back.  She sank to her chin in the hot, bubbly water, and remained passive while Maria soaped her body with a large sponge.  The women’s eyes met when the sponge roamed across Mary’s bountiful breasts, and she could detect a small smile on Maria’s face when she rubbed the sponge purposefully between her legs.  “Mmmmm.” purred Mary.  “That feels nice.” she encouraged.  Maria smiled more deeply, but resisted the temptation to prolong the erotic friction.  She moved on down Mary’s legs, then turned her attention to shampooing Mary’s hair, and washing the grime from her face.  Once clean, Mary was helped to her feet, toweled dry, and led to a chair where the maid skillfully dried and styled her hair.  Maria powdered Mary’s body, applied a little lipstick and mascara, and pronounced her ready.  Still wearing the same handcuffs, Mary was lead down the hall towards Erika’s bedroom.  Mary’s nipples were hard, pink nuggets on top of her full, white breasts.  Mary wondered whether they were stiff because of the damp chill, or because of what lied ahead!

Maria opened Erika’s door, and gave Mary a little smile of encouragement as she turned to leave.  For the first time since that awful night, the two women were alone.  Mary stood silently, breasts thrusting, trembling slightly.  “Well?” said Erika as she turned.  Mary frowned, perplexed.  “Well what?” she asked.  As quickly as the strike of a snake, a riding crop Erika’s gloved hand lashed Mary across her naked thigh.  “Unnnnhh!” Mary gasped at the sudden pain.  “Mistress.” intoned Erika.  “You have gotten into bad habits, Mary.  You always call me Mistress!”  “Yes, Mistress.” Mary responded.  “On your knees.” Erika commanded, quietly.  Mary complied, but defiantly kept eye contact with Erika.  The blonde smiled at the show of bravado, but did not respond.  “Did you enjoy your rest?” she inquired.  “It was ok, Mistress.” Mary answered.  “Did you do any thinking?”  “That’s about all I did, Mistress.”  “And......?” asked Erika.
“I’ll serve you, Mistress.” Mary responded.  “I don’t seem to have any choice in the matter....but while you may have my body, you will not have my heart....or my soul.”  Erika laughed.  “That’s fine for now, Mary.  I didn’t expect you to be a love sick puppy.” She took the riding crop, and rubbed the end across the stiff nubbin at the tip of Mary’s left breast.  “You will give me your soul, eventually, and I can live without your heart.”  Erika smiled as she pulled the short leather skirt up her thighs.  It soon became evident that she wasn’t wearing any panties.  Erika sprawled across a chair, her legs splayed wide apart, with her slit in wet, pink prominence on a white, shaved mound.  “Eat.” she commanded.  Mary looked, and unconsciously licked her lips, but didn’t move.  “Did you hear me?  Eat me!” said Erika, raising her voice.  “Mary shook her head.  “I can’t Mistress.....not now......not yet......it’s not right.”  Erika smiled grimly.  “Ah!” she said, “guilt and remorse.”  She closed her legs, and stood.  “I was hoping to bypass the symbolism of this moment,” she said, unzipping the skirt to stand completely nude, “but I guess you must be forced....your guilt demands it.”  The riding cropped moved across Mary’s body, lingering in the nicest places.  “That’s O.K. with me” said the blond dominatrix.  “I understand completely.”  Mary was dragged to her feet, and she felt the cuffs being unlocked from her wrists.  Momentarily free, she thought of running.  Upon reflection, she decided against it.  Erika was bigger, the doors were all locked, she was naked, and there was a guard at the gate.  Not a very promising opportunity!

Mary stood meekly with her arms at her side while Erika tightened a leather harness around her chest and shoulders.  It had two buckles in the front, one above her breasts, and one below.  Straps went across her shoulders and around her back.  There were two more buckles, one on each shoulder.  Erika tightened locking cuffs on each of Mary’s wrists.  There was a foot of strap dangling from each cuff, with a hole punched every inch.  Erika took Mary’s left arm behind her back, and bent it at the elbow, taking the hand up into the center of her back in a hammerlock.  She fed the strap through the buckle, took up the slack, and made it fast.  The same procedure was followed with the other arm, and Mary was soon helpless, both arms captured high upon her back, between the shoulders.  With her slave’s arms now totally helpless, Erika turned to Mary’s legs.  She was told to kneel, and with difficulty due to bound arms, she plopped onto her knees.  Erika took a strap, and looped it around Mary’s folded leg at the top of the thigh, capturing her ankle against her ass, and her shin tightly against the thigh.  Again, the same procedure on the other limb.  A spreader bar was attached to each knee, holding Mary’s legs splayed apart  A thick foam blindfold was tightened across Mary’s eyes.  “Open.” Erika ordered.  Mary submissively complied, placing her tongue against her lower teeth.  She was expecting a typical leather or rubber plug to be jammed in her mouth, but was surprised by a wad of soft satin.  “Wider!” she was commanded as the wad continued to expand her oral cavity.  The soft fabric sought out every nook and cranny, and Mary gagged as a wispy fold of cloth tickled the back of her throat.  Once her mouth was jacked as wide open as it could possibly be, and her cheeks were bulging around the immense wad, Erika began winding a sticky elastic bandage around her captive’s face.  Around and around, with each succeeding wrapping compressing the resilient wadding more deeply into Mary’s mouth.  As her saliva began to dampen the wadding, a familiar flavor began to play slowly across her taste buds.  “Panties!” Mary said to herself, with a soft groan.  She heard Erika laugh.  “I see it hasn’t been so long that you were between my legs that you have forgotten what I taste like!” the blond chuckles.  Mary whined, but only a soft hiss emerged the stifling cloth and tape.  Erika watched Mary’s reaction with amusement.  There were several panties, and they had been specially selected from bottom of the laundry hamper where they had resided for over a week.  Each pair had the particular female pungency of aroused womanhood, for Erika was a highly sexed women who orgasmed often, and spent copiously when she did so.  One pair had been warn by Erika to exercise class, so in addition to her female smell, the garment also smelled of stale sweat.  Another pair bore a large urine stain in the cotton crotch and a thick shit smear at the back.  The last pair was worn by Erika during her period, and there was the taste and smell of the bloody flow that had seeped around the plug and stained the crotch.  All these odors had gathered strength while mingling in the clothes hamper!

Mary moaned softly, chewing on the wad.  She had no choice but to swallow when her throat filled with saliva, because the tape across her mouth wouldn’t allow her to drool. It was swallow or choke!  Erika next took a leather head harness, which featured a headband which buckled at the back of Mary’s head, a strap over the crown of her head with a ring sewed in the top, and a chinstrap which also buckled tightly.  Erika manhandled Mary into the desired position on the floor in front of the large comfortable chair.  Erika picked up a couple of cruel looking, shiny metal implements.  One was a spring loaded ring, which opened then clamped the septum in Mary’s nose, and dangled on her upper lip.  It looked like a pierced nose ring, but hurt much worse, the pain bringing tears to Mary’s eyes.  The other two objects were nipple clamps, with strong springs and fierce biting teeth.  A muffled gasp of pain  escaped Mary’s gag as each clamp was released on a defenseless nipple.  Erika took a thing chain, with a small clip at each end.  One clip was attached to the clamp on her left nipple.  The other end was threaded through the nose ring, then down to the other nipple clamp.  The chain was short, and Erika pushed Mary’s head into a bowed position in order to attach the second clip to the nipple.  Once fastened, the chain was taut, with the weight of her breasts dragging painfully downward against the chain through her nose ring.  Her head was bowed against her chest, and she could not raise up without inflicting still more pain to her nipples and nose.  Erika then tied a cord to the ring at the top of Mary’s head harness, and threaded the other end through a ring bolt in the ceiling above them.  When this was drawn tight, Mary was in a helpless, painful dilemma.  The cord was trying to pull her head up, but the chain dragging on her poor titties was forcing her to remain bowed.  Her torso was held upright, and with her legs bent double and the spreader bar, she could not evade the various pains and restraints.  Mary was totally helpless, but Erika’s final step was only meant to increase the discomfort.  Mary’s bound arms were already aching from their stringent bondage between her shoulder blades, but Erika tightened each shoulder strap until her arms crossed between her shoulders, and each hand was pulled until her fingertips touched the buckle on the opposite shoulder.  Mary groaned pitifully, but Erika only laughed.  Leaving Mary waiting helplessly, she made herself a drink, turned on the TV, and draped herself across the large, comfortable chair in front of Mary.

  “Mary darling,” she said teasingly, “My poor little wet pussy is less than a foot from your nose, and will be waiting for you.”  She reached down and stroked the taut chain between Mary’s nose and nipples.  “Whenever you get hungry, all you have to do is lean forward, raise your head, and rub my clit with your nose until I get interested.  In the mean time, I’ll just watch TV and relax.”  Erika laughed.  “Take your time” she said.  “I’ve got all night!”

Mary whimpered, trying to find a more comfortable position.  There was none.  The immense wad of gag had become a soggy, leaden lump in her mouth.  The combined sour tastes of Erika’s various bodily functions was overpowering.  Mary thought wonderingly how something that smelled and tasted so wonderful when it was alive and clean and fresh could be so horrid.  She rocked forward slightly, and felt the confining tether from her head to the ring in the ceiling.  She rocked back, and settled on her heels, and a deep sigh of resignation escaped her nose.

She could tell how long she had been kneeling by listening to the TV.  There had been several sit-coms, so it had to have been at least an hour and one half.  Ironically, one of the shows featured a newly “outed” lesbian comedienne.  Mary thought mournfully how this was her coming out also.  James was gone, she was no longer a married woman, and her options were girl sex, or no sex at all.

Slowly however, Mary gave in.  Like it always did, her body began responding to the harshness of the bondage.  She felt a heat in her stomach, a growing wetness in her loins, and her nipples stiffened to red, rock hard peaks.  Her breath came in ragged snorts through her nostrils, and he writhed in her bonds, and chewed on the gag in agitation.  Her entire being was consumed by sexual excitement and longing.  The reality of the situation overpowered her.  She was tightly and helplessly bound and gagged, and at the mercy of another.  She had no say over what happened to her.  This person could administer kindness or pain, bring love or indifference.  Mary had been ordered to lick this persons sex, and one way or the other, sooner or later, she was going to do so.  She was powerless to resist, unable to escape.  The distinction between Master and Mistress blurred in her mind, to the point it became meaningless.  This person was stronger, and wanted sex, and could take care of Mary’s current need.  That was most important.

With a soft groan, Mary leaned forward against the tether until her head contacted Erika’s flesh.  With a muffled whimper of pain, she raised her head, and plunged her nose into the wet, slick love opening.  The three inches of upward movement needed to accomplish this task pulled her weighty breasts up higher on her chest by her tortured nipples.  Mary didn’t care.  She turned all her attention to small bud that she had located at the top of the fragrant slit.  The tip of her nose rubbed across it, and it’s owner sighed with pleasure and satisfaction.  Mary wanted her mouth on that juicy morsel, but first she must bring Mistress to arousal.  Despite the pain, she was single-minded in her task, and shortly she felt Erika shift position slightly, and begin to grind her crotch into Mary’s nose and gagged mouth.  With her mouth so fully stifled, the girl could barely breath, and her gasps whistled through her nostrils whenever her nose was free of the hot, wet love nest.  “O.K.!” said Erika with some satisfaction.  “Rest a moment.”  Mary sat back on her haunches, gasping for air.  Erika bent forward, and unclipped the chain from one nipple clamp, then the other.  She removed the nose ring, but left the clamps on Mary’s nipples, biting, but not tugging on her flesh.  She also unclipped the rope at the crown of Mary’s head.  Taking a pair of medical scissors, she cut through the tape covering the lower half of Mary’s face, then unwound the entire mass from the girl’s head.  “Can you spit the gag out?” she asked, laughing.  Mary tried.  She opened her mouth even wider, and pushed as hard as she could with her tongue, but the gag was too big, and packed to tightly.  Even without binding Mary couldn’t expel the sodden wadding.  She sat back, blind, and whimpering in frustration.  “O.K.,” said Erika, “just this once.”  The dominant blond reached forward, and grasped the satin that protruded between Mary’s stretched lips, and tugged gently.  Nothing happened, so she pulled harder, until one panty separated from the mass.  Erika dropped the wet cloth on the floor, and reached again into Erika’s mouth, and slowly withdrew another soiled panty.  The last two came out together, along with a long stream of saliva.  Mary groaned with relief, exercising her jaw, lips and tongue to speed the return of feeling.  “Thank you Mistress” she said gratefully, and Erika smiled.  She had won.  “Now, my Pet,” she purred, “come and eat.”  With an eager, excited whine the bound girl dove into Erika’s slippery wetness.  Her lips found the hard bud, and her tongue flogged the sensitive end until Erika began to churn happily.
Still helpless, arms bound into numb immobility behind her back, Mary happily took Erika through orgasm after orgasm.  At some point Erika released the spreader bar between Mary’s knees, and the bound submissive was able to bring her thighs together.  In her excitement, a little friction was all she needed.

 Mary’s orgasm was massive, but like a well trained slave, she never took her lips from her Mistress’ service.  When Erika finally pushed her away, she sat back, happy and expectant.  What would happen next?  As long as Mistress kept her in bondage, and did sexy things with her, it mattered nothing whether Mary was the Lady of a huge estate, or a penniless waif off the street.  All that mattered was that she was bound and helpless, and had no decisions to make.  Oh, yes.  She was loved, and allowed to love.  Order, of a sort, had returned to her life.

Mary woke, groggy from a deep sleep.  She opened her eyes slowly, blinking against the daylight.  Mistress Erika was laying beside her.  Mary tried to gently toss back the covers, only to discover that her hands were tied behind her back.  Not so tight as to hurt, or cut off circulation, but plenty tight so that Mary knew that she would be unable to free herself.  It didn’t matter.  With bound hands she tried to slip out of bed, only to discover that she wore a snug metal collar, which was fastened by a light, but strong chain to a ring in the wall beside her bed.  “Oh well,” she sighed to herself.  She couldn’t go anywhere until Erika wakened.  She needed to go to the bathroom, but it wouldn’t do to wake her!  She would have to wait.

Wide awake, there was nothing she could do to pass the time. Her hands were unavailable, so she couldn’t even play with herself.  Gently she rocked back and forth, enjoying the feel of the cool cotton rubbing across her sensitive pink nipples.  She heard Erika murmur, and stopped still, but Erika awoke slowly, unaware of the mischief her slave was causing.  “Good morning.” said Erika sleepily.  “Good morning, Mistress, “answered Mary.  “Did you sleep well?”  “Yes,” Erika laughed softly, “except my pussy is sore!”  “Would you like me to rub or kiss it for you Mistress?” asked Mary, innocently.  “No....not this morning.”  “Then Mistress, my I go to the bathroom?” Mary asked meekly.  Erika laughed again, and fished the key to the chain from the table at the side of the bed, and unlocked her slave.  “My hands?” Mary asked.  “No.” Erika answered.  “I like them tied.  Take care of business, then run us a hot tub.  I’ll be along in a few minutes.” “Yes, Mistress.” said Mary, and she scampered out of the room.

Later, after a long bath filled with many naughty gropings and much girlish giggling, the two women were clean, and ready for their day.  Mary pretended to be crestfallen when she found out that she was to spend another day in maid’s dress, scrubbing the floors, but her sparkling eyes betrayed her happiness.  Maybe if she didn’t scrub hard enough, Mistress might punish her this afternoon??????

Life was wonderful.  Mary would always spend the day dressed in some outrageously sexy version of a servants outfit, her loins churning in anticipation of what might happen to her that evening.  It always began with  some form of extreme, and refined bondage; and always ended with one or both girls slurping hungrily at each others dripping pussies.  Months passed.  Thoughts of James were in her mind less frequently, and she cares less and less whether she were the rightful Mistress of this grand estate.  She was bound, gagged and deliriously happy.


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