Tightly Bound Bride

by Alexis

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© Copyright 2002 - Alexis - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; bond; bdsm; straps; anal; insert; bodybag; hood; collar; susp; electroplay; torment; gag; oral; blindfold; maid; cell; hogtie; cons/nc; xx

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Chapter Fourteen

Maria, like a good servant, was very, very diligent in following her orders.  There was not a single nook or cranny anywhere in Mary’s body that was not thoroughly inspected and cleansed.  Mary gasped as special attention was paid to the pink opening winking from the crack between her ass cheeks, and her denuded pussy.  Maria scrubbed these two openings over and over again.  One cannot be too sure!

Later, a well scrubbed, pink skinned slavegirl was delivered to Erika’s bedroom.  The cuffs were still on Mary’s wrists, and her ankles had been shackled together.  Maria left the room, and Mary stood, trembling with eager anticipation of the night ahead.  Some minutes later Erika entered the room carrying a large haversack, which she placed on the bed.  “Did you enjoy your day?”  she asked.  “Oh, yes.” Mary answered.  “The sun, fresh air, the birds......much better than being chained in the scullery polishing silver!”  “Are you complaining, little slavegirl?”  “Oh, no........Just letting you know how much I appreciated the change.”  Mary looked up at her Mistress, searching her face for any sign of anger.  A small smile played across Erika’s face, and then was gone.  Mary frowned slightly, unable to read her lover’s mood.  Erika reached up, and captured an erect nipple between her thumb and forefinger.  She looked Mary in the eye, and pinched hard.  “Are you ready, slave?” she asked.  Mary moaned softly, “Yes, Mistress.”  Erika’s other hand grasped the other nipple, and she pinched both tender buds of flesh, twisting and pulling.  Mary gasped.  “Anything I want?” asked Erika.  “Yes.....anything.......anything you want to do to me.” responded Mary.  “Good.” said Erika.  She pulled the nipples, drawing Mary closer, and kissed her slave fiercely.  Her eyes blazed with intensity.  “I’m going to be very mean to you tonight.” she promised, with one final, hard pinch to each of the throbbing red nipples.

“Turn around.”  Mary complied, and felt the handcuffs being removed from her wrists.  Before she had a chance to rub the red marks make by the tight steel, her wrists were captured again, this time by a thin leather strap.  The wrists were bound palm to palm, and Mary whimpered softly.  Long experience told her what was to come next!  Erika took another longer strap, and looped it around her slave’s elbows.  She drew the strap tight until Mary’s arms were forced  together, then fastened the strap.  “Bend over the chair.” she ordered, giving Mary’s ass a stinging slap of encouragement.  Mary hurried, and bent at the waist, folding herself over the back of the padded chair.  She didn’t have to be told to spread her legs.  Erika took a huge dildo, and slathered it with lubricant.  Mary saw a flash of chrome through the corner of her eye.  “Steel, not rubber.” she thought to herself.  The prod was indeed steel, and it was cold, and had no give.  Erika wedged the blunt end against Mary’s asshole, and with a slow twisting motion slowly and steadily pushed the rod deep into Mary’s rectum.  A second, even larger, chrome shaft was lubricated, and it was soon lodged deeply in Mary’s well stretched vagina.  Mary was ordered to stand, and a thick strap was buckled tightly around Mary’s waist at the smallest point.  “Relax, and exhale.” she was ordered.  Mary did so, and the strap was pulled tighter and tighter, until it almost disappeared into the soft flesh around Mary’s hips. 

The captive girl could hardly breath.  “Oh Mistress....it’s so tight!” she gasped.  “Are you complaining, slave?  You said I could do anything to you.”  “Ohhhh....I’m sorry, Mistress.” Mary answered, “I didn’t mean to complain.”  Erika gave the waist strap a final tug, and fastened the buckle.  There was another strap dangling from the back of the belt, hanging down between Mary’s ass cheeks.  This strap was pulled firmly between the girls legs, and buckled at the front of the waist.  The two huge chrome and steel monsters were pushed further into Mary’s tender passages, as the strap spread her cheeks and the pink lips of her sex.  There was also a blunt steel  knob imbedded in the strap, which contacted firmly against Mary’s erect little clitoris.  Erika took two more straps, and in short order one was tightly buckled around the girl’s ankles, and the other around her knees.  Mary stood watching while Erika prepared the rest of her night’s ordeal.  A black leather bundle was taken out of the bag, and spread on the bed.  Mary knew immediately that it was a body sack, and she bit her lip quietly in trepidation.  “Lay here face down.” she was commanded.  With a soft whimper the bound and already helpless girl shuffled on bound ankles over to the bed, and flopped down on the soft surface.  Without arms she wiggled like a seal until approximately in the center of the black leather.  Erika helped position her properly, then inserted Mary’s head into the stiff, structured portion of the bag that was obviously a built in punishment hood.  The bag was pulled loosely over her shoulders, back, butt and legs, then Erika began the long process of threading and tightening the laces which went from the crown of the head down to the tips of the toes.  The bag was obviously designed for a woman of exactly Mary’s size.  The leather began to feel tight when the laces were within 2 inches of being fully closed.  If it were larger, there would be baggy loose areas, if smaller there would be gaps.  Unlucky for Mary, it fit just right!  Since there was a small amount of stretch or give in the leather, the laces were able to draw the edges together seamlessly, with a uniform crushing tightness from head to foot.  Mary could only think of something she had seen in a cowboy movie, where the Indians lace a poor settler in the skin of a freshly butchered cow, and as the skin dried it became tighter and tighter until the victim could hardly breath.  That’s how she felt!

It was not yet tight enough to suit Erika, however!  She went to work with a series of leather straps, which were thin and supple enough to also stretch slightly.  Straps were buckled around Mary’s insteps, ankles, shins, knees, thighs waist and above and below her well compressed breasts.  Each strap was pulled on notch beyond what one might consider brutally tight, and buckled.  A wide, stiff leather collar was placed around Mary’s neck, and laced tight.  The collar flared partially across her shoulders, chest and back, and again under her chin, ears, and the back of her head.  It was really less a collar than a head restraint, similar to those used by EMTs to stabilize the heads of accident victims.  Mary’s leather encased head was now totally immobile, tipped back, chin supported and unable to turn side to side or nod up and down.

A sturdy pole was laid dorsally on top of Mary’s inert form, and more leather straps were threaded under her leather sheathed body, around the pole, and buckled tight.  There was a strap around her forehead and neck, more straps every six inches down her torso, and the straps continued every six inches down to her feet.  Mary way laying face down on the bed, and being unable to turn her head could see nothing but the bed spread.  She knew that she was tightly fastened to the pole however, and when she heard the thin, but strong cables being lowered from the ceiling above the bed, she had a glimmer of what was about to happen.  Hooks at the ends of the two cables were linked to rings at the end of the pole to which Mary was strapped.  Erika picked up a small remote control, and when she pushed the “UP” button electric motors began to whine, and Mary felt herself being slowly lifted from the bed.  Her weight was borne by the myriad of straps, and other than the crushing tightness of the body sack itself, the suspension was not too uncomfortable.  Even without a blindfold Mary could not turn her head to see what Erika was doing, but she felt her making adjustments to her bondage, and heard the metallic click of connections of some sort in the area of her crotch and breasts. 

Mary could only look down the three feet from where she was suspended horizontally about the bed.  She saw Erika place a circular metal disk on the bed directly below her.  There was an electrical connection at the edge of the disk, and a wire ran out of Mary’s line of sight.  “Stick out your tongue!” Erika commanded.  Mary licked her lips, and tentatively stuck the tip of her pink tongue out through the mouth hole in the leather helmet.  The confining collar under her chin made it difficult for her to open her mouth even far enough for her tongue to slip between her teeth.  “Further!” she was ordered, and with a whimper she stuck her tongue out as far as she could.  Erika took a heavy spring loaded clamp, and allowed the jaws to close painfully on Mary’s tongue.  “NNNNNGGGG!!” Mary gasped in pain.  The clamp didn’t have teeth, but had rough little nubs to help it hold on to her wet, slippery tongue, and the spring was very tight.  A thin chain was attached to a small ring at the end of the tongue clamp, and a one pound steel weight was attached to the other end.  When it was released, it dangled two feet below Mary’s head, about a foot above the metal disk on the bed.  A metal rod was attached to the end of the ball.  It was just long enough to touch the metal plate on the bed with Mary’s tongue fully extended by the weight of the hanging ball.  Another electrical connection was made to the rod, and another wire snaked out of Mary’s sight. 

The tightly compressed, suspended and tongue clamped captive whimpered in discomfort.  “I’ll bet that your poor tongue hurts with that nasty weight pulling in it, doesn’t it?” asked Erika sarcastically.  Mary could neither not her head, nor articulate, but she made a sound that sounded like “Unnnnh Hhhuuhh.”  “It will probably get tiring after a while, don’t you think?”  Again Mary answered.  “Well slave,” continued Erika, “its always worse than it seems.”  She caressed Mary’s leather encased head.  “Let me explain.  When I flip this switch, the system is energized.  Allow me to demonstrate.”  Mary suddenly began to jerk wildly despite the stringency of her bondage as electric current surged through the twin dildoes, and the steel knobs contacting her clit and nipples.  “UMMMMMMPPPPPHHHH!!” she gasped.  As quickly as the pain started, it stopped.  Mary swung slowly, her breath coming in gasps.  “The current that you felt will not electrocute you, or even do you damage.” Erika explained.  For your information it is the same machine Doctors use to stimulate the muscles of people who are paralyzed.  It makes the muscle contract, and hurts like hell if you have feeling in the muscle, but causes no harm.”  Again she flipped the switch, and Mary writhed against the awful sensation.  “Of course,” said Erika, “the device is not really intended to stimulate the places where I have it attached!”  Again she hit the switch, and Mary shuddered.  “What you don’t know is that the circuit that powers the device runs through the metal rod hanging from your tongue weight and the metal disk it is touching.  If you pull your tongue back into your mouth until the rod no longer touches the disk, the circuit is broken.  Allow me to demonstrate.”  Again Erika flipped the switch, and Mary was wracked with electric pain.  Erika reached down, and lifted the weight until the rod no longer touched the disk, and the pain stopped.  “See?” asked Erika.  “I’m going to leave you alone until bedtime.  If you can hold the rod off the disk, you will avoid the pain.  If your tongue gets tired...well.....it will be a long couple of hours.”  Erika released her hold on the dangling weight and rod.  “Now lift it!” she ordered.  Mary whimpered, and slowly drew her tongue back into her mouth against the resistance of the weight.  Once the rod was clear of the disk and the circuit was broken Erika flipped the on switch, and twisted the power control to a higher setting.  “Have fun.” she said, “I just doubled the power, so you should be well motivated to keep that tongue in your mouth.”  She patted Mary’s head, and turning to walk out the door.  Mary heard the door close.  Erika’s words dangled in the air, just like the weight.  “......a long couple of hours.” 

At the beginning Mary could hold her tongue against the weight for about 10 minutes before it slowly and inexorably dropped and completed the circuit.  When the dreadful electrical contractions wracked her tender insides and the pink flesh of her nipples Mary groaned, but forced herself to leave her tongue extended.  The longer she could stand the pain, the longer she could avoid it on the next cycle.  If she pulled her tongue back immediately, she became tired too quickly.  Once she experimentally allowed the circuit to stay energized, and tried to endure the discomfort.  It was too much.  It was better to fight a good fight, and try to avoid the stimulation as much as she could.  She guessed that she avoided the shock about 45 minutes of every hour, and enduring it the rest of the time.  She had no idea how many hours passed before Erika returned, but when the dominatrix entered the room Mary was gasping with effort, drenched in sweat, with saliva dripping from her lips onto the bed below.  “Having fun?”  she chuckled.  “NNNNNHHH!   UUUURRRRRGGGGHHH!!” Mary answered frantically.  Erika reached down and flipped the switch to “off” and with a sigh of relief Mary allowed her tongue to hand limply out of her mouth.  She was so tired.  Erika squeezed the ends of the clamp, and Mary’s tongue was at last free.  It was dry, and felt like sandpaper when she gratefully retracted it into her mouth.  It was several minutes before she could talk.  “Oh Mistress!” she croaked, “Oh thank you.......thank you so much!” 

“Was it bad?”  asked Erika innocently.  “Oh......you have no idea....it was awful!” answered Mary.  “Are you complaining?”  “Oh no.......no.......but......”  Mary had no real reply.  “I know, I know....but remember, I said I was going to be mean to you” Erika laughed.  “Anyway, does your tongue work OK now?  Mary experimentally licked her lips, and wiggled her tongue out between her teeth.  “Yes Mistress.” she answered.  “I guess it works.”  “Good.” said Erika as she stepped out of her outfit.  “I want you to show me how well it works.”  The dominant girl picked up the control, and slipped onto the bed directly under Mary.  She pushed the down button and positioned herself such that Mary’s mouth descended directly onto the tip of her left breast.  Mary whimpered eagerly, and her lips and tongue attacked the lovely pink bud of flesh.  The nipple surged erect to meet the hot, moist lips and tongue.  Erika sighed with pleasure and allowed her slave to worship the sensitive nipple.  After a time she changed position, and offered her other bud for worship.  When both nipples were wet with saliva and red from erotic friction Erika pushed the “UP” button.  As Mary rose helplessly above her Mistress Erika rolled over onto her hands and knees, and lowered Mary until the tongue came in contact with her ass.  Erika jammed her pink rosebud against Mary’s face, gasping as the wet tongue obediently probed the tight opening.  “Oh, that’s good slave.”  she groaned.  “Don’t stop!”  Mary whimpered in reply, and redoubled her efforts.  Despite her ordeal, Mary was on fire, her sex juicy with desire and her erect nipples pressed against the now inert metal electrodes.

Her poor abused tongue grew tired, but still Mary kept her face jammed between the cheeks of Erika’s ass and her tongue probing as deeply as possible into her Mistress’ sensitive asshole.  “Perhaps,” Mary thought to herself, “if I please Mistress, she will let me down, and grant me some relief!”  Slavishly, determinedly she worshipped the tight pink orifice.  When she backed off momentarily to catch her breath the little hole glistened with saliva, red and swollen.

Finally, when Mary’s poor tongue could hardly wiggle, Erika broke the intimate contact.  She slid  off the bed, and reached for a large black leather gag, which she crammed between Mary’s teeth.  “MMMMPP!” exclaimed Mary as it was buckled tightly behind her leather helmet.  Erika picked up the remote control, and pushed the button which raised Mary five feet above the bed.  “I have a surprise for you,” she explained to Mary, “and I want you where you won’t get in the way.”  With that Erika left the room.  Mary could still not move her head, but since she was higher, her field of vision was big enough that she could just see the bottom of the door through the corner of her eye.  When it opened, she saw two sets of feet, on was Erika’s the other were smaller, obviously female, with red painted nails.  As the two women came closer, Mary could see more--slim but shapely legs, a tight ass, a set of prominent, pink pussyl ips on a shaven mound, a slim waist, smallish pert breasts with large stiff nipples, and finally a beautiful exotic face surrounded by shining, jet black hair.  The girl wore a narrow tight collar and was lead by a leather leash.  There was a large, red ballgag strapped tightly in her mouth.  Mary gasped when she saw how the girl’s arms were bound.  The girl was slim with narrow shoulders, so her elbows were easily bound together with thin cord which cut deeply into her flesh.  What was amazing to Mary, who thought she had been bound in almost every way possible, was the position of the girl’s hands.  With elbows together, rather than having her hands together down her back behind her ass, the girl’s arms were doubled back and up between her shoulder blades, and tied palm to palm!  Even for a slight, supple young girl, the position was contorted, and must be, Mary assumed, painful.  The cord around the girl’s wrists was tied extremely tight, and her hands were dark, with lifeless fingers.

“Mary,” Erika said, “this is Lee.”  The girl nodded in Mary’s direction, but Mary was to well bound, and too confused, to acknowledge the greeting.  Erika unbuckled the strap behind Lee’s head, and pried the large ball from the girl’s mouth.  She moaned softly, but didn’t say anything, and kept her eyes down turned submissively.  Erika laid down in the center of the bed directly under Mary, and stretched sensuously.  “Your tongue is good, Mary,” said Erika to the helpless, leather encased girl hanging above her, “but Lee is better.”  She tugged on the leash, and the oriental girl climbed clumsily into bed.  “Lee is my new, personal slavegirl.” explained Erika.  “Eat!” she commanded, spreading her legs.  The girl quickly obeyed, flopping between Erika’s beautiful thighs, and burying her face into the fragrant, wet mound.  While the girl continued to worship the swollen pussy, Erika looked up at Mary, and smiled.  “Mary,” she began, “I have the house, I have a new slave girl, and frankly, I am tired of you.  A few minutes ago, you worshipped my body for the very last time.  There will be no more privileges for the ex-’lady of the household’.  It is quite possible that you will never be untied again, or never have sex again, or ever see the light of day again, or even be un-gagged again.  You will be confined, and worked, and fed and watered.  You will sleep in your cell every night tightly bound and gagged, not because I think you might escape, but because I want to fall sleep knowing that you are helpless and hurting.”  Mary greeted this news silently, but with great agitation!  She began to cry, and muffled sobs escaped her well gagged mouth as she writhed and heaved against the confining leather.  Erika laughed.  “Don’t fret....you didn’t do anything wrong.  I found Lee, don’t want you any more, and you know that I can’t let you go.   Besides,  I just feel like being a bitch!  With that, she turned her full attention to the new slavegirl.  Mary could only cry, and watch helplessly as the two girls spend the next hours enmeshed in each other’s limbs, and buried in each other’s pussies.  Eventually they were sated, and oblivious to the bound girl hanging above them, drifted off to sleep.  Mary used up all her tears, and simply hung forlornly until she too, fell asleep.

In the morning Mary was released from her suspension in the leather body sack, but she was kept hooded and gagged, and a blindfold was added.  Her arms remained bound behind her back, with her elbows crushed together.  She could no longer feel her fingers.  Before the blindfold was applied, Mary saw that the maid responsible for her release and subsequent handling was not Maria.  This woman was larger and stronger, and showed no interest in Mary other than as a piece of property to be well tied and looked after.  Her name was Samantha, she loved to punish women, and Mary would get to know her well. 

Later, Mary began her new life.  She was given well used servant’s uniform, shackled with heavy chains, gagged to the point of choking, and given the most dreary, difficult chores in the household.  That night she was taken to the basement, allowed to use the toilet, and un-gagged long enough to drink a cup of water and wolf down a bowl of table scraps.  Then she was re-gagged, blindfolded, roped into a stringent hog-tie, and placed face down on a hard wooden bench in her cell which would serve as her bed.  Despite the severity of her bondage, Mary was so tired and demoralized that she quickly fell asleep.  In the morning she was roused before it was light, fed and watered, allowed to use the toilet, and shackled for another day of toil.  For several months she was kept to this regime--bondage and servitude without a hint of affection, no human contact other than her “handler”, and just enough nourishment to remain alive.  She never saw Erika, or her new slave Lee.  Several times she saw Maria pass through while she worked.  The little maid looked at her sadly, but never stopped or spoke.  Mary thought frequently of suicide.


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