Tightly Bound Bride

by Alexis

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© Copyright 2002 - Alexis - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF; M/f; F/f; bound; handcuffs; dungeon; cage; gag; cuffs; anal; susp; torment; tricked; cons/nc; xx

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Chapter Eleven

Mary lay naked in a chaise lounge by the pool in all of her full breasted, golden tanned glory.  There was no reason not to sunbathe in the nude, because the estate was large, and the pool was secluded, and sheltered by hedges.  James was out of town on business, and this was Mary’s “day off” so she was free to do as she wished.  Erika wanted to go shopping, but Mary had preferred to relax, and stayed behind.  The day was beautiful, and the servants were instantly available to bring her a cold drink, or anything else she wished.

Mary found it interesting that despite the fact that she spent endless time helplessly and painfully bound and gagged, much of it performing domestic chores along side the servants, that she was still the Mistress of the house in their eyes.  On her free days they treated her with the utmost courtesy, deference and respect, without a hint of condescension or disapproval.  As she relaxed, Mary mused that this was probably because the entire scheme of things around the house was sanctioned by James.  In the servant’s eyes, he was God, and anything that he condoned they supported without question.  If sje was bpimd amd gagged while peeling potatoes, it was because he wished it so.

The sun was hot, and Mary decided to take a dip to cool down, and wash off the sheen of perspiration that glistened like jewels on her golden flesh.  She stood, stretched, and dove into the pool.  She swam three dozen fast, hard laps, before climbing out and toweling herself down.  She was still breathing hard when she saw Erika come out of the house towards her.

“Hi, Erika.” she greeted.  “Find anything interesting?”  “No.  Not really” said the dark haired girl.  “Dry yourself off, and come with me.”  Mary frowned, but quickly complied.  As the two women entered the house, Erika took Mary’s arm, and with a practiced ease captured the blond girl’s wrists behind her back in handcuffs.  “Wait!” Mary protested.  “Please, Erika, not today!” she begged.  The rule allowing Mary her freedom every other day was not sacred.  Erika was prone to get into a mood.....or to get horny.  In either case Mary often found herself tightly restrained, even on her off day.  She seldom minded, because Erika usually had something interesting and sexy to do to her!  Today was different, however.  James was due back in two day, and Mary wanted to work on her tan and take a golf lesson that afternoon.  After all, tomorrow she knew that the only lessons to be learned were discomfort and boredom!  “Come.” said Erika.  “Come, or I will thrash you like you have never been thrashed before.”  Mary looked at the strange expression on her Mistress’ face.  Her eyes were dull, and her jaw was tense and unsmiling.  “OK, Mistress” Mary agreed.  “I’m coming.”  Erika took the handcuffed girl by the arm, and lead her into the house.  Mary’s sense of concern rose when instead of turning toward the bedroom, they took the corridor towards the dungeon.

The door clicked shut behind the two women, and Mary’s eyes gradually became accustomed to the gloom of the dungeon after the bright sunlight outside.  She looked around the room, and frowned when she saw a piece of equipment on the floor that she had not seen before.  She turned to question Erika, but was interrupted.....”Shut up!  I’ve been saving this contraption, and maybe now is the right time to try it.”  Erika unlocked Mary’s cuffs, and gave the blond a fierce, probing kiss.  Breathing heavily, she looked into Mary’s eyes.  “Don’t fight me,” she warned, “You know what will happen if you do.”  Mary nodded.  “On your knees.” Erika ordered.  Mary quickly obeyed, taking the opportunity to survey the implement of her pending ordeal. 

It was a cage, made of heavy iron.  It looked old, and it was very, very small.  Mary shivered at the thought of being so confined.  Erika opened the cage.  The back opened like a door, and the top opened also, leaving the floor, the side walls, and the front wall. “Get in.”  Mary shuffled forward until her knees were on a thin ridge of metal which crossed the floor of the cage.  “Stop there, and bend over.” ordered Erika.  Mary bent down until her breasts contacted another bar running across the cage about half way from the floor to the top.  The bar was studded with 1 inch spikes.  They were not so sharp as to cut Mary’s flesh, but were pointed enough to hurt as they gouged her soft flesh.  Erika went to the front of the cage, and adjusted a horrible iron contraption until it was at the level of Mary’s head.  “Take this in your mouth.”  Mary strained her neck forward, and opened her mouth to accept the gag.  It was segmented, like an orange, and covered with more blunt spikes.  Erika began turning a key at the end of the metal gag, and the segments began to open, like the pedals of a flower. 

Unable to resist the inexorable pressure, Mary’s mouth opened to accommodate the expanding metal mouthful.  When her jaws were open so far that her bones began to creak, Erika stopped, and removed the key.  The gag was so severe and so large that Mary could not get it out of her mouth even if not otherwise restrained.  The blunt spikes bit into the roof of her mouth, and the expanded petals filled her cheeks, making them bulge.  Her tongue was captured, and held down, so that speech was impossible.  Erika lowered the top of the cage until it pressed into Mary’s back.  The captive girl could bend no lower, due to the spiked bar under her breasts, which now supported the weight of her torso.  Erika grinned evilly, then pushed the top of the cage until the bars pressed into Mary’s back, and her breasts were squashed even more painfully into the cross bar.  Erika reached between the bars, and took Mary’s left arm.  It was looped under the cross bar with the elbow bent around the spike bar.  A heavy iron cuff attached to the side of the cage was fastened to her wrist, and locked.  Her right arm received the same treatment.  Before shutting the door on the cage, Mary’s ankles were locked in cuffs on the floor of the cage.  Once the door was closed, her toes stuck through the bars.  Erika took advantage of this to inflict an additional torment.  A cuff was fastened to her left big toe.  Her feet were turned toward one another, and the other toe was captured. 

Erika was not finished however, there was one additional punishment.  A long, thick steel rod was attached to an adjustable slide mechanism that traveled up and down the cage bar in the center of the door.  The slide was adjusted until the rod was level with Mary’s tautly stretched backside.  The steel rod also had a slide adjustment, this time in and out.  Erika loosed the screw, and began to push the rod inward into the cage.  The blunt, cold end of the rod encountered Mary’s helpless, pink asshole, and began to push inward.   “MMMMMMPPPPHHHH!” screamed Mary as the un-lubricated metal brutally pushed aside her tender flesh.  Erika smiled grimly, and continued to wedge the shaft inside Mary until it was a full 8 inches into her rectum.  “There,” said Erika, “I guess that should hold you.”  There was one more feature of the cage, which was completely superfluous to Mary’s helpless condition, but which Erika thought was a nice final touch.  An eye ring at the top of the cage was attached to a hook dangling from a winch attached to the ceiling.  Erika pushed a button, and the winch whined to life, and began to lift the cage off the floor.  Erika pushed the button until the cage was about 5 feet in the air, and Mary’s anguished eyes were about level with Erika’s.  “I’ll be back in a couple of hours.” Erika said.  “I have some things to think about.  With that she turned off the lights, and the door closed behind her.  Mary was along in the darkness. 

It was about 30 minutes before Mary began whimpering.  Confinement in the cage was not just bondage, it was torture.  Mary was bent into a ball, with the cage pressing against her from all sides.  All her weight was borne either by her knees or her breasts.  Her knees were agonizingly pressed into the metal ridge across the cage, and there was nothing she could do to relieve the bone against iron contact.  Her breasts were mashed against the iron crossbeam, with the many spikes punishing the nerves in her soft flesh.  The top of the cage kept her from rising up, the sides kept her from shifting from side to side, and the steel prod up her ass even kept her from wiggling her ass.  Her arms were not painful, but were uselessly unable to bear any weight or assist her in moving, even slightly.  Finally, the expandable iron pear gag held her head immobile with her neck arched and jaws jacked widely apart.  Mary just couldn’t move at all, and extreme effort only caused the cage to swing gently.  Mary groaned against the pain of the pitiless iron.  “I wonder what got into Erika?” she thought silently.  This was a severe as any punishment that Erika had ever inflicted on her, and she hadn’t done anything to deserve it.  It seemed like days since she had been lounging so pleasantly by the pool, but Mary knew it had hardly been an hour.  She sighed, and waited.

Several hours later the door opened.  Mary was facing away from the door, and couldn’t see who it was, but the form that appeared in front of her was Erika. 

 The dark haired girl took a small chair, and placed it directly in front of Mary, and sat down.  “We have something to talk about.” began Erika, “Or at least I have something to talk about, and you shall listen.”  “Nnnnrrr.” Mary answered, lifting an eyebrow in curiosity.  “I might as well get this done quickly.............James is dead.  His chartered jet crashed and burned in Montana on the way back from the west coast.”  In an instant tears came to Mary’s eyes, and an anguished moan of despair came from deep inside her and spilled past the iron gag.  “Nooooooooo!” she cried.   “MMMMGGGGGGHHHHH!”  She thrashed against her iron bonds, begging Erika for release.  “I heard about it on the radio while I was in town.” Erika continued.  “I had to cage you while I decided what to do.”  Mary continued to sob.  “Why had Erika felt the need to confine her?” she wondered.  “Why doesn’t she release me now?”

Erika began to speak again, slowly.  “A girl only gets opportunity dumped in her lap once in a lifetime, if at all.” she began.  “I took a call from the FAA and the State Police in Montana.  The plane burned, the bodies are not recognizable, and the wolves and buzzards scattered the remains.  They think there are four bodies—two pilots, James, and an unknown person......a woman.  The people at the airfield said that she was blond.  I don’t know if she was a secretary, or what, but they thought it might his wife.”  “Erika stood, and looked deeply into Mary’s eyes.  “They asked me........and I told then that is was you.”  Mary tried to shake her head, not understanding what she was hearing.  “I’m not greedy,” said Erika.  “This estate, and a $!0 million trust for its upkeep was set up several years ago, and I have Power of Attorney.  The rest of James estate, and all of his business interests, will go to his relatives in England.  It is hundred of millions of dollars, so they won’t fight over a few crummy million here.  James is dead, and as far as the world knows, you are dead too.  It will be business as usual around her, with me in charge!”  Mary sobbed softly as Erika continued to speak.  “You know, I love you, Mary, and I hate myself for doing this, and I know you will hate me also.   I’m sorry for that, but life isn’t fair.  Understand.......you are dead.  I won’t kill you, but as of now, you cease to exist.  You will never be free again....your life will be spent as my bound slave and servant.”  Mary was numb, too despairing to be angry.  “I’ll go to the funeral service, and cry as they bury two caskets filled with burnt bones.  I don’t know who was on that plane, but the marker on the grave will say “Mary Edwards, beloved wife of James Edwards.’”  You are gone....rest in peace!” 

Erika stood to leave.  “I’ve decided to leave you in the cage all night.”  she said.  Mary’s eyes grew wide, and she whined negative sounds through her gag.  “Yes, maybe the discomfort will help you come to grips with what has happened more quickly.”  With that, Mary was again plunged into darkness, alone with her pain, grief and hopeless despair. 

The night was endless.  Muscles quivered, begging to be allowed to move, but were denied.  Her knees throbbed and she endured the aching, stretched  implement of the shaft up her ass.  Her jacked open mouth was a dry, parched wasteland.  Her eyes burned from hours of crying and from not having slept. 


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