Tightly Bound Bride

by Alexis

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© Copyright 2002 - Alexis - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF; M/f; F/f; solo/f; bound; bdsm; handcuffs; gag; blindfold; cord; hogtie; torment; corset; maid; insert; anal; chastity; cuffs; collar; chains; cons/nc; x

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Chapter Ten

Several hours passed, and Mary lay quietly.  The cuffs were digging into her wrists, and especially her ankles, and the washcloth stuffed in her mouth was a soggy, stifling, mess.  Once her drool had saturated the washcloth, it had started to seep out around the ballgag, and now the front of the pillowcase covering Mary’s head was wet from her nose down to her chin, and around to each ear. Mary heard the door open, and twisted to turn her blind eyes in that direction. 
“Could that be James?” she wondered. 

“Well, well,” Mary heard a female voice say, “ I give you a chance to rest, and I find you in a tight little package.”  It was Erika.  Mary’s heart sank.  Where was James?  Erika laughed at her own humor, then cursed softly when she realized that the key to Mary’s cuffs was not in evidence.  “I’ll be right back,” Erika said, “don’t go away.”  Mary just sighed, and waited helplessly.

Erika returned several minutes later, and rather than tease, torment or otherwise take advantage of Mary’s helplessness, she began to untie her.  Mary moaned with relief as the cord binding her elbows together was untied, then lay quietly while the hog-tie was loosened.  Erika unlocked Mary’s ankles and wrists, then helped the girl stand.  She used a small pocket knife to cut the cord that bisected Mary’ sex, and peeled it from the red groove that it had cut in the soft flesh.  She also cut the cord around Mary’s waist, and the one circling her neck.  Mary stood passively while Erika pulled the damp pillowcase off of the blond head.  Mary sighed softly at the pleasant feel of the cool, fresh air.  Erika next unbuckled Mary’s blindfold, and the bound girl blinked at the unaccustomed light.  Finally Erika unbuckled the tight gag, and pulled the wet ball from between Mary’s lips.  “You finish it.” commanded Erika.  Mary fluttered her fingers to help them regain their feeling, then reached a thumb and forefinger into her mouth to remove the soggy, tightly packed washcloth.  She grimaced as she had to open her jaws wide to expel it from her mouth, then dropped the it on the bed. 

“Who tied you up?” asked Erika.  “I......I tied myself,” responded Mary.  “I wanted to surprise James.”  “You would have had a long wait,” chuckled Erika.  “James left this morning on business, and won’t be back for several days.  You are all mine.”  Mary couldn’t keep the disappointment off her face, but she answered “Yes, Mistress. Thank you.”  Erika frowned, puzzled by something.  “You’re lying to me, Mary.  You could never have tied your elbows together like that.”  Now it was Mary’s turn to be puzzled.  “You mean that you didn’t come in several hours ago and tie my hog-tie tighter, and do my elbows?” she asked.  “No,” answered Erika, “I haven’t been in the room since last night.”  “Well, after I awoke and took a bath I found the cuffs, gag and blindfold, and decided to tie myself.” explained Mary.  “Someone added to my bondage a couple of hours ago.  I knew it was a female, so I assumed it was you.”  “Not me.” responded Erika, “It must have been one of the maids, having a little fun.”  Erika took Mary by the arm, to lead her out of the room.  “I can find out who it was, if you want her punished.”  “No......” answered Mary.  “No harm was done, and if  I make myself helpless, I guess I deserve it if someone takes advantage.”

Erika lead the naked girl down the hall, and they entered one of the many rooms in this wing of the house.  It was yet another bedroom, with a large dressing room and bath attached.  “James and I talked,” Erika explained, “and we decided that you had done about enough laying around since you got here.”  “Laying around?!” exclaimed Mary.  “I have been bound and gagged almost every waking minute since we arrived!”  “That’s no excuse.” responded Erika.  “It’s time we got a little work out of you.”  “What kind of work?” Mary queried.”   “You’ll see, my Dear....you’ll see!”  Erika pointed Mary to some clothing laid out on the bed.  “Get dressed,” ordered Erika, “and I don’t want to see any looseness in that corset.”  Mary sighed in resignation, and began to investigate the various garments.  The corset was made of a very functional canvas-like material, and was heavily stayed and very stern.  It was totally devoid of satin, lace or other frills. 

The other clothing was also functional—a heavy, gray cotton maid’s uniform, with a simple white cotton apron, a garter belt, a pair of thick, white stockings, and serviceable black pumps with a three inch heel.  There was a black hair band so Mary could put her hair in a ponytail, and a small white cap for her hair.  Other than the corset, there was no underwear.  Somehow, Mary was not surprised at this fact.  She sighed, taking the corset, and placing it around her waist.  The busk had 5 fasteners, and Mary found that she had to make the laces as slack as possible, and suck in her tummy to get the busk fastened.  It was quite tight even unlaced, and as Mary began working the laces closed, the steel stays began to do their work.  Mary gasped as the back of the corset almost came together.  She pulled and pulled, but still could not close the opening.  Finally she looped the free ends of the laces around a doorknob, then turned her back and pulled away like she was a dray animal pulling a plow.  All her body weight came to bear on the open corset, and slowly but surely the gap closed.  Quickly, keeping the laces taut at the small of her back, she un-hooded the ends from the doorknob, looped them around her waist, pulled them tighter still, and tied a knot. 

Mary had not been tightly corseted in several days, and the strain on her torso was difficult, but she knew that she would soon get used to it.  She next fastened the garter belt around her hips, and sat on the edge of the bed to put on her stockings.  Once the stockings were smooth, and attached to the garters, she stood, and looked at the dress.  Many maid’s dresses are designed to be sexy, with short skirts, lacy aprons, and frilly petticoats underneath.  Not this one, however.  It was even less flattering than the outfits James’ household staff wore.  “No,” Mary thought as she buttoned the bodice over her naked breasts, “this thing is made for work!”  Erika returned just as Mary was stepping into her shoes.  The blond stood for inspection.  “Very good!” she complimented.  “I don’t have to check the corset, now do I?”  “No, Mistress.” answered Mary, honestly.  “The corset is as tight as it will fasten, just as you ordered.”  “Good.  Now lets finish your outfit, then we can get you to work.” 

Mary had not noticed the small bag that Erika had brought, but she gasped in dismay when she saw what was inside!  With an evil grin, Erika withdrew a black leather belt and saddle strap, with two of the biggest dildoes attached that Mary had ever seen!  “Spread your legs, and pull up your skirt” Erika commanded as she slathered each shaft with copious amounts of lubricating jelly.  Reluctantly, Mary obeyed.  Erika didn’t waste any time.  She spread Mary’s lips, rubbed the tip of the shaft around to spread the lubricant, then pushed it firmly into Mary’s sheath.  The blond captive whimpered as she felt her pussy stretch to accommodate the invader.  When it was fully inside her, Erika’s attention turned to the other hole, which also received a glob of lubricant followed by a most unwelcome penetration.  Mary could not help but cry out, as the size of the dildo, and the force at which it was rammed into her tender passage, brought tears to her eyes.  Erika buckled the belt around Mary’s waist, then clipped one end of the loose saddle strap in back. 

There was another clip in front, which attached to a mate on the front of Mary’s belt.  Unfortunately, the saddle strap was about an inch too short.  Erika shrugged her shoulders, then tugged on the end of the strap hard enough to bring Mary up onto her toes.  Each dildo wedged even further inside Mary, but with a final tug, Erika was able to fasten the front clasp. “There!” she said with satisfaction, “That should give you a nice, full feeling for the rest of the day!”  “Oh no, Mistress, they are too big, and its much too tight!  It’s cutting me in two!” begged Mary.  “Nonsense, girl,” dismissed Erika, “Just dream, that it is James wedged inside you.”  Mary sighed in resignation to her fate, and let her skirt drop, covering the leather chastity device.  Erika reached inside her bag, and took out the next instrument of Mary’s restraint amidst much clinking and clattering.  Mary’s eyes grew wide when she saw the weight and severity of her bonds. 

Erika untangled what proved to be an interconnected network of cuffs, collar and chains.  A heavy steel collar was fastened around Mary’s neck, and padlocked in place.  A chain lead down from her neck to a steel belt.  Mary now understood the necessity of the corset, because the belt was snug even around her corsetted waist.  In fact, Erika had to pull the two ends together before she was able to affix the lock.  A short chain came out of the front of the belt, and split into two chains with metal wrist cuffs on each end.  When Mary’s wrists were locked the chains were long enough to allow her to move and work, but short enough to restrict movement.  Another chain from the belt went down between her ankles, and as with her wrists, the chain split into two chains with ankle cuffs.  This chain was indeed short, and Mary was able to walk only with small, mincing steps.  She wasn’t going anywhere.  Erika reached once more into the bag, and Mary groaned softly when she saw the gag come into view.  “Since you have big dongs in your other holes, you might as well have one in your mouth!” smirked Erika.  It was a replica of a make penis, complete with the thick, mushroom shaped cap and veins along the side.  It was thicker than the average male member, and Mary had to spread her lips wide to accommodate its girth.  It was also long enough that the end of the gag bumped the back of her throat, and she coughed and sputtered as Erika rammed it home, and buckled and locked the strap.  “Poor Baby!” chuckled Erika sarcastically, “Are you choking?”  Mary nodded miserably, trying to accommodate the awful gag.  It made her eyes water and her nose run.  Erika made noises of mock concern, “There, there now,” using  a handkerchief to wipe the tears from Mary’s cheeks. “Blow.” she commanded, holding the handkerchief to Mary’s nose, as the bound girl complied.  “Better?” she asked.  Mary nodded, her eyes still glistening with tears.  “Good,” answered Erika,  “You better get used to it, because you’re going to be gagged for a long time.”  With that she padlocked another longer chain to Mary’s collar, and lead her away.  Mary whined in alarm, because Erika was walking faster than she could keep up with ankles chained so closely together.  Erika just laughed.  Shortly the two women were in the large portico of the mansion.  Mary saw a bucket, a brush, a mop, and a large expanse of floor in front of her!  Erika took the free end of the long chain, and locked it to a ring on the wall.  The chain was about 30 feet long, enough for Mary to be able to reach the entire floor, but secure enough to keep her from wondering off.  “I want this floor to shine,” she instructed, “and if it doesn’t there will be hell to pay!”  Erika grasped Mary chain just under the collar, and gently shook her slave’s head.  “Do we understand one another?” she asked.  Mary looked into those beautiful, dominant eyes for a moment, then dropped her head submissively and murmured, “Unnnnn Huhhhh.” through her gag.  “Good.” responded Erika.  “I’ll check on you this afternoon.”  With that she turned on her heel, and left.

Mary sighed.  Amazingly, her body had somehow gotten used to the huge plugs inside her abdomen, but she strap between her legs was annoying, the corset was tight, and the gag still made her choke and her eyes tear.  She moved her hands exploringly, and found that she had enough slack to scrub and mop.  With a soft moan she picked up the bucket and brush, and dropped to her knees.  The floor in front of her looked endless.

Several hours later Mary had finished half the floor, and she thought it looked pretty good.  The floor had been grimy, and after the first 15 minutes Mary’s bucket of water had become dirty.  She wondered what to do, since she was chained securely in the room, and there was no sink to pour out the dirty water, and replace it with clean.  She certainly couldn’t continue to use the dirty water, or the floor wouldn’t get clean.  If she sat all day looking at the dirty floor and bucket, she would catch hell from Erika, and that wouldn’t do either!  Her rescue came in the form of a slim teenage girl.  Mary had never seen her before, but she was obviously on the household staff, since she was wearing a maid’s uniform only slightly less drab than Mary’s.  The girl was shy, but very pretty, with long dark hair and eyes, and a beautiful olive completion.  Mary supposed that she was Latin, or possibly Middle Eastern.  The girl entered the room without a sound.  She was carrying a bucket of clean water, which with a timid smile she placed beside the kneeling Mary.  She picked up the dirty bucket, smiled again, and disappeared.  Fifteen minutes later she was back again to change the buckets, and then ever fifteen minutes for the rest of the afternoon.  Each time she smiled, obviously perplexed.  She seemed to know that this was the wife of Master James, and therefore, the Mistress of the household.  Why was she chained, gagged, on her knees scrubbing floors?

Mary was wondering the same thing!  Prior to marriage Mary had certainly done all her own domestic chores, and she had not really contemplated that James’s extreme wealth would normally have relieved her of such duties.  She didn’t mind scrubbing floors, but not while chained, and not wearing a maid’s uniform!

The afternoon wore on, and as the sun was beginning to set Mary finally finished the floor.  Her little friend the dark complexioned maid cleared away the bucket, brush and mop.  The girl smiled at her Mistress, curtseyed, and was gone.  Mary continued to kneel on the hard floor, waiting for Erika’s inspection.  The dark haired Dominatrix returned in a few minutes.  She had a smirk on her face, and made a great show of studying the shine of the floor and  rubbing a finger in the corner looking for dirt before she announced her satisfaction with the job Mary had done!  Mary muttered to herself, but waited patiently.  She was in no position to pick a fight, despite being the wife of the owner of the estate, and thus, an owner herself!

“Stand.” Erika commanded, and gratefully, Mary clambered to her feet.  The floor had been hard on her knees, and they, like most of the rest of her body, ached for relief.  Erika unlocked Mary’s tether chain from the ring in the wall, and handed her a small ring of keys.  “These are the keys to your locks.” she explained.  “Go back to the bedroom, free yourself, bathe, and put on a robe.”  Mary nodded her understanding.  “Then come down to the living room, where we can have a drink, and talk about a few things.”  Mary nodded again.  “Get going.” Erika commanded.

Mary gathered up the long tether chain, and started off for her bedroom.  After climbing the stairs, she was surprised to see the little dark maid dusting in the hallway.  Even though Mary was still chained and gagged, and wearing a dirty maid’s uniform, the two were not equals.  The girl stopped, smiled, and curtseyed to her Mistress.  Mary nodded.  She wanted to return the smile, but the gag distorted her mouth too much.  Mary started to walk past, then stopped.  She remembered that she had the keys!  She reached for the locked buckle at the back of her neck, but her hand snubbed up several inches short.  Mary shrugged silently, and handed the ring of keys to the girl, and turned her back.  Tentatively the maid tried one of the keys in the lock.  It didn’t work.  Three more keys were also unsuccessful until finally the lock opened.  The girl put the lock on the table, and undid the buckle.  It was so tight that it required a hard tug, but finally it came free and the buckle opened.  Mary’s chains were long enough so that if she bowed her head a little, she could reach the gag.  With a soft moan of relief she pulled the huge penis from between her lips.  It came out of her mouth accompanied by a torrent of saliva which drooled down her chin and onto the front of her gray bodice.  Mary licked her lips, and smiled at the young girl.  “Thank you for your help today.”  The girl blushed, and bowed her head.  “It is not right!” she whispered indignantly.  “The wife of the Master should not be scrubbing floors.......and she should not be chained and gagged..........unless the Master himself has chained and gagged her!”  “How sweet.” said Mary.  “What is your name?”  “Maria” responded the girl.  “Well Maria, thanks for your help today.”  Mary leaned over and kissed the girl on the cheek.  “I appreciate your concern,” she said sincerely, “but I’ve never been happier.”  Mary smiled again, still chained, and shuffled off toward her room.  The maid Maria stood watching with shining eyes as her Mistress walk away. 

Later, the two women had finished drinks and dinner, and had “formalized” the relationship between them.

 When James was in residence, Erika would stay in the background unless James asked for her participation.  Whether Mary was free or in bondage was totally in James’ hands.  When James was out of town, Mary would submit to Erika’s authority, but half the time the women would function as rough equals, and friends.  They would shop, do lunch, play tennis, entertain, whatever.  The rest of the time Mary would spend in bondage, ranging from mild to severe, at Erika’s discretion.  This could range from simple handcuffs, to secure restraint while doing domestic chores, to prolonged, stringent bondage.  Of course these arrangements carried over to the bedroom.  When James was away, Mary and Erika might sleep in each others arms as lovers, or Mary would find herself bound in bed, servicing her Mistress.  Worse yet, Mary would often be bound into painful, silent immobility on the floor at the foot of the bed, or even in the closet, with nothing to do but listen to the quiet breathing or her Mistress sleeping comfortably on the soft bed. 

When James was in town, the bondage was even more stringent, the ordeals much longer, and as for the sex.....well...........

It was a wonderful life for Mary, and time passed happily for many months............


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