Tightly Bound Bride

by Alexis

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© Copyright 2002 - Alexis - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF; M/f; F/f; solo/f; bond; bdsm; handcuffs; gag; blindfold; pain; cord; hood; hogtie; mast; climax; cons/nc; x

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Chapter Nine

Mary awoke slowly, as if her mind was ready to go, but her body still wanted to rest.  Groggily, she took inventory.  Her jaw was stiff, but did not hurt too badly.  She surmised that she had been gagged so much, that her jaws were beginning to get used to being pried open, and no longer got so sore.  Likewise, her body was only a little bit stiff, despite having been restraining into total immobility in the box, and then bound in a muscle straining, bent over position the prior night. 

Between her legs was another matter!  Mary slid her hand under the covers in a gentle exploration of the two holes that had been so well serviced the night before.  Her pussy felt swollen, and the flesh was tender to the touch, but Mary smiled contentedly as recalled the mind blowing delight caused by the seemingly endless friction of hot flesh.  Her rear passage also felt tender, and the muscles ached from the unceasing clenching and unclenching.  Her only other bother the pressure of a full bladder, and the fact that she smelled like a polecat from not having bathed in over a week!

She drew herself a scaldingly hot bath, and soaked away the remaining aches and pains, as well as the mixture of love juices which were crusted around her groin.  After soaking, washing her hair, and cleaning herself thoroughly, she toweled off and donned a pretty silk robe which was hanging on the door.  It fitted her perfectly, and she assumed it was for her.  The vanity had all of the accessories and toiletries that a woman could want and they were all her brand.  She blew her hair dry, did her nails, applied a little makeup, and was ready to face the day—no matter what it might hold!

With little else to do, she explored the bedroom.  There was neither a TV nor stereo in the room, and the closets were all empty.  She looked in the dresser, but each of the drawers were also empty.  With a sigh, she went to the window, and pulled back the curtain.  Light came through the window, but it was covered in an opaque covering, so that she could not see out.  “Am I a prisoner in my own house?” she asked herself.  She went to the bedroom door, but before she even tried to turn the knob she knew in her heart that the door was locked—from the outside.  She turned, and flopped down on the bed in frustration.  Maybe, she thought, there might be a book in the bedside chest.  She turned on the lamp, and opened the top drawer.  Nothing.  She opened the bottom drawer, expecting nothing, but was surprised.  She reached into the drawer, and pulled out a pair of handcuffs, then a second pair, a blindfold and a ballgag.  She inspected the items, and found them to be well used.  The gag showed teeth marks, where some unfortunate former user had bitten down on the resilient sphere.  The blindfold was soft and pliant like an old shoe, and had a distinctly feminine, musky smell.  Sweat and perfume, Mary guessed.  Was this an oversight, or where they left her for me? Mary wondered.  She picked up a pair of the handcuffs.  They were heavy, and very functional and utilitarian.  Not shiny chrome, but rather dull gunmetal gray.  Their purpose was not to enhance a female’s beauty, but rather to keep her securely restrained and nothing more!

She put the cuffs down.  Stood, walked around the room, tried the door again to convince herself that she was really locked in the room, and returned to the bed.  With a bored sigh, she flopped down and fluffed up the pillow, then put her head down.  She tried to clear her mind, and drift off to sleep, but their was something nagging at her.  She wondered about the girl who had bit into the gag.  A girl who was probably beautiful.  Once prettily coifed and sweet-smelling, but soon reduced to a sweaty, helpless bound and gagged female tidbit for her Master’s appetite.  Mary wanted to be that girl, for ever and ever----always bound and helplessly available for whenever he wanted her.

Mary picked up one set of cuffs, and clicked them around her ankles until they were uncomfortably, then painfully, tight.  She licked her lips, then opened her mouth to accept the ball.  It was large, but not as large as some she had worn, but Mary pulled it very tight, so that the ball was deep, and the straps cut into the corners of her mouth.  Mary picked up the blindfold, placing it over her eyes, and buckling it behind her head.  She could see a little light around the edge, so she adjusted the fit, and tightened the strap one more notch.  Perfect!  She picked up the other set of cuffs, and was about to capture one wrist when the image of that other captive girl popped into her mind---a girl in simple, but effective bondage....two handcuffs, a blindfold, and a ballgag.  Mary knew that she could do better than that!  She put down the handcuffs, and reached to unfasten the blindfold.  She left the gag in place, loving the way her lips looked stretched, red and glistening, around the rubber ball.  She thought about the room.  There was not much here, but maybe.....

Mary stood up, and immediately wished that she had not cuffed her ankles!  She had made the cuffs painfully tight with her legs relaxed, and when she stood, the muscles and tendons in her ankles expanded!

“SSSHHHIIIITTTT!” she exclaimed in surprise through her gag.  It hurt!  She sat down immediately, and thought seriously about abandoning her idea, but was determined to go on.  Now knowing what to expect, she stood and hopped back into the bathroom.  She looked around, evaluating even the most innocent objects with a purposeful  intent.  A washcloth.  Hair clips.  A nail clipper.  Anything else useful? No.  She hopped back into the bedroom.  The sash off her robe.  The pillowcase off the bed.  “Now, if there was only some rope or cord.......” she thought.  All the drawers were empty.  Her eyes roamed the room.......the window!  There were drapes on the window that opened and closed with.....a pull cord!  Mary hopped over to the window.  It was tall, and had a curtain rod with  long cords which hung down with heavy, ornate balls on the ends.  The problem was, the cord was one continuous length, and it passed through the pulley much higher than she could reach.  Mary was tugging at each end experimentally to see if she could slip it free when she pulled a little too hard, and the entire rod and curtain pulled out of the wall, and came tumbling down on top of her.  Mary cursed through her gag.  “I wonder what punishment I will get for that?” she wondered. 

On the positive side, now it was easy to free the cord from the rod.  When free, it gave her a 15-17 foot length of very strong, thin cord.  Mary hopped back to the bed, and looked at her little pile of stuff.  “I really need a couple of lengths of cord.” she thought to herself.  “Well, I’ve ruined the curtain rod anyway.”  She took the nail clipper, and cut the cord into four lengths, one about a foot long, one 2 feet, one 3 feet, and the remaining 10 feet, or so.  She took the shortest cord and picked up the loose set of handcuffs.  Bending over, she made a loop around the link between her ankles, then through  the link of the second set of  cuffs, then around each again, and finally tied several secure knots.  The open set of cuffs hung loose, several inches from her cuffed ankles.  She took the 3 foot length of cord, doubled it over and looped it around her legs just above the knees.  She fed the two ends through the loop, and pulled it tight.  The remaining unused cord was short, but long enough to form a cinch between her knees, pulling the cord around her legs even tighter.  Again, she tied a secure knot. 

Next Mary stood up, and picked up the longest cord.  She doubled over the cord, looped it around her waist, and fed the loose ends through the closed loop.  Sucking in her tummy to make her waist as small as possible, she pulled the cord tight until it almost disappeared into her soft flesh.  The loop was right under her navel, and she fed the long ends down between her legs, up through the cleft between her ass cheeks, and around the waist cord, then back between her legs.  She reached down and spread her pussy lips, allowing the cord to burrow deeply into her pink flesh, then pulled the loose end tight in front of her, and tied a knot.  The cord between her legs was well within her, and pressed firmly against the swelling bud.  Mary nodded approvingly at what she had done, and sat back on the bed. 

She had not been happy that the ballgag was not large enough to fill her mouth to bursting, and now she planned to remedy that problem.  She took the washcloth, and began to stuff her oral cavity, taking care to push her tongue against the floor of her mouth, and fill her cheeks and the pockets around her gums full of cloth.  She pushed the packing as far back into her mouth as she could, then opened her mouth even wider, and crammed the ball in on top of the packing.  Obviously it could not seat itself as deeply in her mouth as before, but the washcloth became damp with her saliva, and compacted to the point that the ball was able to fit firmly between her teeth.  Mary slipped the strap through the buckle, and pulled it very tight.  When she attempted to fit the pin in the buckle through one of the holes, she found that she was right in the center of the strap between holes.  Faced with either loosening the strap a little, or making it even tighter, she opened her mouth wider and  pushed the ball with one hand while tugging on the strap with the other.  “There!” she thought as the pin found the tighter hole. 

Almost ready now, Mary made sure that she could find the pillowcase and remaining cord, then replaced the blindfold, and buckled it tightly.  She then took the pillowcase, and pulled it over her head.  She gathered all of the slack and loose folds, then tied the pillowcase down so that it conformed to her head with a cord tied around her neck.  Finally she shrugged the rest of the pillowcase down her torso until it was almost to her waist, and her arms were trapped against her sides.  Lying down on her stomach, she brought her hands together behind her back, and bent her knees until her feet came behind her.  She was able to grasp the loose cuffs with her hands, and with difficulty placed a wrist in one cuff, clicked it shut, then captured and locked the other wrist.  Once secure, she alternated tightening one cuff, and then the other.  This activity was more strenuous than one might guess, and Mary found herself breathless.  The gag was pretty much airtight, and her breath puckered the cotton pillowcase covering her face as it whistled in and out of her nostrils, and very shortly the front of the pillowcase became wet under her nose.  Mary rolled onto her side, and took a long, deep breath, releasing it slowly.  She was very pleased with herself.  She was quite a nice package for her beloved husband!  She was already impatient for him to discover his helpless, tightly bound wife.  She hoped that he would release only her legs, then give her a second dose of what he gave her last night.  She writhed in her bonds, and the tight cord biting into her pussy began to do its job.......

Sometime later, when Mary was really hot and bothered, she heard the door open.  She stayed still, listening to footsteps softly padding across the rug.  A hand touched her head confined in its makeshift discipline hood.  It coursed down her face, stopping briefly at the wetness, then feeling the tightness of the gag across her lips.  The hand drifted down her neck, and across the swell of her breasts, before gently tweaking her erect left nipple.  It felt good, but the hand was gentle, not demanding.  It was not James’ hand, and Mary moaned softly in disappointment.  “Where is my husband?” she thought unhappily.  The hand continued the pleasant fondling for another minute or so, then Mary heard the footsteps recede, and the door open and close.  She sighed, and resumed her impatient wait.

Several minutes later Mary heard the door open and close again, footsteps, and a hand again fondled her breasts and resumed the pleasant pinching and twisting of her left nipple.  Mary assumed from the feel that it was the same hand as before, and she sensed intuitively that the hand belonged to a woman. 

Leaving her breast, the hand rolled Mary back onto her stomach.  She squealed through her gag when she felt each of the cuffs on her wrists and ankles tightened a notch.  The unseen hands momentarily loosened the cord between Mary’s cuffed wrists and ankles, but quickly took up the small amount of slack that Mary had to leave in order to hog-tie herself, and retied the knots.  Mary whimpered in discomfort from both the cuffs the hog-tie being considerably tighter, then yelped and thrashed impotently as she felt a cord being looped around her elbows.  There was nothing she could do to prevent it, however, and quickly her elbows were tied and cinched with cords cutting deeply into the her soft flesh.  The hands of her unknown captor grew more confident and aggressive. 

Mary found herself rolled back onto her tightly bound arms, and she felt sharp pinches in her helplessly erect nipples.  The pink buds could not resist the erotic touching, and soon became throbbing red, rock hard nubbins of sensitive flesh, begging for attention.  A hand left Mary’s left nipple, and burrowed into the wet area between her bound thighs.  The biting cord was pulled aside, and the fingers ardently stroked the pink lips and swollen clitoris.  Mary’s nipple did not long for attention however, as a pair of lips grasped the pink bud, and a tongue whiplashed the swollen flesh.  Mary whimpered happily as the familiar, wonderful fire began to burn within her.  She twisted in her bonds, trying to spread her legs for the probing fingers, but her bonds held her tight.  The hands didn’t try to loosen her legs, but rather the fingers of one hand continued to wedge urgently into the core of her femininity, while the other hand twisted and pulled at her throbbing right nipple.  Mary could feel the climax coming, and she moaned excitedly through her gag.  Her chest heaved, and her breath snorted noisily like a hyper-kinetic steam engine.  The hands and lips seemed to sense her impending explosion, and eagerly redoubled their efforts.  Mary was suddenly over the edge, and spent several minutes in the throes of a violent, ongoing orgasm. 

As Mary began to regain her senses, she felt the fingers withdraw, and the lips release her still erect nipple.  She heard a soft, feminine giggle, then footsteps, then the sound of the door.  Her visitor, whoever it was, was gone, without a word being spoken.  “Well,” Mary thought to herself, “that was a certainly a pleasant way to pass the time while I wait.”  Then she remembered that the cuffs had been tightened, the hog-tie made more secure, and a digging elbow cord added to her bondage.  Her remaining wait, however long it might be, was going to be that much more uncomfortable!


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