Tightly Bound Bride

by Alexis

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© Copyright 2002 - Alexis - Used by permission

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Chapter Eight

Mary waited for hours.  She waited quietly, of course, but she didn’t wait patiently!  She dreamt of nothing, and thought of nothing other than having James’s manhood replace any and all of the three phalluses wedged in her three pink openings.  Mary wished that he had three penises, so that she could take all three at once!

Finally Mary felt the faint vibrations of a key in one of the locks on her cabinet.  With the sound to her earphones turned off, and the box itself on a hard floor, she could neither hear nor feel anyone approach, so the sound of the key startled her into alertness.  One by one the locks were unfastened, and the clasps opened.  Fresh air!  For the first time in a week Mary felt cool air on her body.  “God,” she thought, “how precious are the simple pleasures of life!”  The top of the box was carefully opened, and Mary could feel hands disconnecting the external leads for the earphones, and the breathing and feeding tubes from her nostrils and the huge gag.  After breathing air which had passed through rubber tubing for so long, the clean, cool smell of fresh air was better than the best perfume.  She breathed greedily, half afraid that the lid would again slam shut, and she would again find herself occluded behind damp, confining rubber.  The hands were, however, surprisingly gentle, and they had no intention of returning her to stringent confinement.  Mary felt the straps holding her body immobile in the custom sculpted cavity inside the box fall away one by one. 

First her head, then neck, then torso, waist, thighs, knees and ankles were released, and the hands helped her out of the coffin-like confinement.  Mary collapsed slowly to the floor.  Like an astronaut who had been weightless for a long period, Mary had been supported by her bondage to the point that her limbs were too weak to support her weight.  She flopped  helplessly on the floor, still hooded and gagged, with her wrists still bound at the small of her back.   Mary felt the hands gently but purposefully roll her onto her stomach.  Slowly the plug up her rear passage was removed.  She felt a relief of inward pressure, and then with a slow twisting and pulling motion, the huge shaft which had held her sphincter dilated and aching for so long was pulled free with a wet, slurping sound.  Mary groaned with relief.  She was rolled onto her back, and eagerly spread her legs to assist with the next chore.  The gentle hands grasped the even large dildo which was wedged inside her pussy, and with the same slow motion, it was pulled free.  Again, Mary groaned, then gasped with delight when she heard a voice speak.  It was James!  She could not know whether the hands had been his, or whether he had been assisted by Erika, or one of the servants.  She didn’t really care, as long as her James was here!

 Despite the weakness of her long ordeal and her bound arms, Mary twisted onto her side, got her knees under her body, and with a grunt of effort, heaved herself onto her knees.  She shuffled slowly in the direction of James’s voice, then bent forward, head bowed in the classic, submissive posture of a slavegirl.  Despite being happy to have the two huge dildoes removed from her twin holes, she found herself feeling rather empty!  “Oh James,” she begged silently, “please, oh please fuck me!” 

“Well, my Dear,” she heard him say, “you have had quite a week!”  She felt him kneel beside her.  His hands grasped the padlock to the collar which fastened her hood in place.  “You are probably ready for a nice hot bath, and a good night’s sleep in a soft bed.”  She felt the key slide into the lock.......... ”MMMMMPPHHHHH!” Mary reared up, bucking and whinnying like an unbroken filly.  She twisted away from James’ grip, shaking her head violently from side to side.  “NNNUUHH...HUUUUHHHH!”

James waited until her outburst subsided.  Mary continued to kneel at his feet, but now her chest was heaving from exertion and her breath rasped noisily from the nose holes of the black helmet.  “You don’t wish a bath?” James asked.  Quieter now, Mary shook her head, “Nuh...Huh.”  “You wish to remain bound?”  She nodded, and resumed her submissive slave posture.  “Would you like to have your gag removed, so we can speak about it?”  Mary raised up, and cocked her leather encased head to the side, as if she was thinking.  After a moment of reflection, she nodded.  James reached behind her head, and unlocked, then unbuckled the strap.  Taking the two ends in one hand, and holding her skull with the other, he twisted the gag 90 degrees to free her teeth from the slots at the top and bottom of the shaft, then pried the huge plug from between her lips.  It suddenly popped free, unleashing a gush of saliva which dribbled down Mary’s chin, and onto the floor.  Mary groaned softly.  It was a pleasure to be free of the gag, but also painful as her jaw muscles cramped after having been forced open for so long. 

James waited patiently until Mary was able to close her mouth.  Her tongue gathered up some of the drool inside her mouth, and used it to lubricated her parched, stretched lips.  Finally, after several minutes,  she turned her blind, hooded head in James direction, and tried to speak.  “Maashhtuhhh” she croaked, unintelligibly.  She licked her lips, stretched her jaw, wiggled her tongue, and tried again.  “Master”, she said hesitantly, “I have been helplessly bound almost continually since we were married, and all that time, I have thought about only one thing........and it’s not a bath.” This attempt at humor earned a chuckle from James.  “What have you been thinking about?” he asked.  “All I want is for you to fuck me!” she answered, “Then I’ll truly be your wife, and I’ll know you are really my husband, and you can keep me tied for the rest of my life, if you wish.”  “You have been a very good slavegirl, and you have earned your reward,” he answered, “but wouldn’t you rather clean up and rest first?  “No!” she exclaimed.  “I want you to put my gag back in my mouth, or a bigger one if you have one, and tighten it much more tightly.  I want you to tie me so stringently that I can’t wiggle a finger, and then I want you to fuck me silly!  Fuck all my holes.   Fuck me until you cannot fuck anymore!” 

Mary waited for his response.  When it was not immediately forthcoming, she unleashed the last arrow in her quiver.  “Maybe,” she said with a sarcastic tone, “you keep me filled with dildoes because you can’t fuck a woman properly.”  She waited a moment.  “Perhaps you don’t have anything that a woman might we interested in?”  James laughed heartily.  “My Dear, be careful what you ask for....because you just might get it!” James walked away, and Mary heard a cabinet door open.  He returned to her side, and took her helmeted head in his had.  “Open.” he commanded.  “Master, can I say something.....before you gag me?” she asked.  “What is it?”  “I was a very bad girl to talk to you like I did......I think I should be whipped.”  “I was thinking the same thing.” James responded, as he wedged the blunt end of a huge plug gag between her lips.  He couldn’t see it, but in the moment before the gag entered Mary’s mouth, she was smiling!

 “MMMMMMPPPPFFFFHHH!”, Mary exclaimed as her teeth were jacked apart by the springy rubber.

The gag pushed inexorably into her mouth until the blunt end reached her soft palate.  Mary fought off a  choking sensation as her teeth slipped into a groove just behind the pad that covered her lower face.  The gag was so thick that her tongue was pushed to the floor of her mouth, and even with the strap unbuckled she couldn’t open her mouth wide enough to free her teeth from the slots and push the gag out.  James left the gag unbuckled, and turned his attention to the discipline helmet.  Since he knew that she would be laced up for a full week, he hadn’t fully tightened the lacing.  This was now remedied.  James unbuckled Mary’s collar revealing the knotted end of the laces.  He unfastened the knot, then systematically began tightening the laces from the crown of her head down the back to her neck.  Once had had made one pass from end to end, he started back at the top, and re-tightened each set of loops.  After a third time the edges of the helmet were overlapped, and the laces were nearly touching.  The helmet was like a second skin, but tighter.  There was no slack or pucker anywhere in the black leather.  Satisfied with his work, James tied off the laces. 

Rather than reattach the rather comfortable collar, he went to the closet and selected a leather and steel horror that was much like a medical orthopedic collar, except more severe, much stiffer, and capable of being more tightly fastened.  He fixed the collar around Mary’s neck, forcing her head up.  Patiently he adjusted the series of five buckles at the back of her neck.  As each was tightened, Mary was forced to stretch her neck and bend her head back to accommodate the rigid collar under her chin.  James tightened each buckle again, and each time he took up a slight bit of slack, Mary felt her head become more rigidly confined.  When fully satisfied, James turned his attention back to the gag.  Even with the straps hanging free Mary was completely stifled.  The gag was virtually airtight, and with the plug resting against the back of her throat, she was forced to gasp for air through snorting nostrils.  James passed the strap through the buckle behind her head, and tightened the strap three notches before fastening and locking the buckle.  The head of the gag was wedged more tightly inside her mouth, and the thick, airtight pad mashed her lips against her teeth.  James picked up a small Allen wrench, and inserted it into a matching socket  protruding from the center of Mary’s gag.  When he turned the wrench internal cams within the rubber gag began to expand the internal structure of the gag, pushing the pliant rubber external covering in all directions.  Mary felt the gag begin to swell against the roof of her mouth, and depress her tongue even more firmly.  More troublesome, however was the intrusion of rubber past her jacked open teeth and filled her cheeks.  James continued to turn the socket, and Mary’s cheeks swelled against the tight leather of the helmet.  When James finally stopped, Mary looked like a black squirrel, with a big acorn stuffed into each cheek.  “Mmmmmph.” came out of her leather encased head no louder than a soft sigh.  It was the loudest sound she could make!

James took Marys arm, and helped his wife to her feet.  He went behind her back and loosened her wrists which were crossed at the small of her back, and refastened them together palm to palm with a small leather strap.  He picked up a single glove made of heavy black leather, and after loosening the laces began to slip the garment up Mary’s arms.  When her hands were firmly shoved into the pocket that the end of the glove, he drew straps sewn into the upper part of the glove across Mary’s shoulders and chest, and buckled them tightly.  This would keep the glove from sliding down her arms.  Once secure, James began lacing the glove the same way he had laced the hood—slowly and systematically pulling the edges together from end to end, then returning to the beginning to do it again.  As the glove became tighter, Mary’s forearms came together until her elbows were touching and her shoulders were drawn cruelly back.  External straps were tightened over the laces, one at her wrists, elbows and upper arms, then the straps over her shoulders were tightened again. 

With her shoulders drawn back, and head in its forced erect position, Mary’s proud posture made her beautiful breasts surge into magnificent prominence—two firm orbs surmounted by thrusting stiff pink nipples.  James walked Mary to a different part of the room, and helped her to sit on the floor.  A thick leather cuff which was heavily padded with soft sheepskin was buckled around each ankle.  She heard a metallic click as a steel snaplink was attached to a heavy ring sewn into each cuff.  James pushed Mary onto her back until she was lying uncomfortably on her bound arms, but that concern was only momentary as Mary felt her legs being drawn upwards and outwards.  She was aware of the sound of the winch as slowly her legs came off the floor, followed by her butt, then her back and shoulders, and finally, her head.  Mary hung helplessly upside down as she was pulled higher, until her head was several feet off the ground, and her feet were spread at least 4 feet apart.  She felt like the wishbone, when someone was making a wish!  With her legs spread so wide, her most feminine parts were helplessly displayed and available, but there was nothing she could do about that now!  James fastened another snaplink to the heavy ring in the end of the glove confining her hands.  This link was attached to another cable, and another winch.  When the handle was cranked Mary’s hands were pulled up behind her, drawing her back into a painful backwards bow, with her arms and legs skyward, and her helmeted head hanging down.  This position only served to make the magnificent breasts even more prominent!

Locked inside her helmet, Mary could barely hear James, but what he said made her blood run cold.  “I believe, My Dear, that you requested a whipping.”  Mary groaned softly.  “You dumb blond,” she thought to herself, “you deserve to be gagged, because whenever you talk, you always say something that gets you in worse trouble!”

James picked up a thick, wide leather strap and began to slowly and teasingly warm and redden Mary’s backside.  He started on the left cheek, and the first slash left a 4 inch wide, bright red strip on the white flesh.  His arm fell again and again, until the marks on her skin overlapped, and the entire firm globe was a uniform red......and then he did the same thing to the other cheek.  Hanging upside down, Mary jumped and twisted as the first blows struck, but soon her only reaction was a muffled whimper.  When James finished her backside, he turned his attention to her lush, white thighs.  Soon they too were crimson from ass to knee, front and back.  The leisurely beating continued for another hour, with James changing implements every ten minutes or so......a riding crop which left dark bruises, a many tailed whip with a fiery sting, a heavy paddle which made a “splat” when it impacted her flesh, and finally, and most painfully, the cane!

If Mary had known when it felt like to be slashed with a stout, but limber cane, she would never, ever, have begged to be whipped.  James delivered ten cuts, three on each cheek, and two on each thigh.  The first cut awoke Mary from the stupor one enters from having been gagged and hooded, then beaten to the point of being numb.  It hurts, there is nothing you can do about it, so your body just “shuts down.” as an act of self-preservation.  There is no tolerating the cane, however!  The body just wants to get away from it!  When the first stroke fell, the helpless girl gasped in agony, thrashing wildly.  By the 5th stroke she was sobbing.  After there were 10 purple weals on her bottom and thighs she was certain that she would die....and then the main event began.......

Mary could not believe that a man would whip his beloved’s sex!  When the first stinging slap of the strap impacted the pink spot between her widely splayed legs she gasped with disbelief.  This could not be happening!  In rapid succession there were nine more hard strokes, and her pussy changed from a soft pink to a fiery red.  It also became wet, much to her amazement and chagrin!  Before the sting of the last blow had begun to dissipate, Mary felt another feeling.  It was soft and soothing and altogether wonderful!  James’s mouth had found the hot, wet spot between her legs!  Mary moaned with gratitude as the lips and tongue gently laved and caressed the red, tormented flesh.  It felt so good!  He sucked one pussy lip into his mouth, and gently chewed on it, then did the other, and Mary almost burst with pleasure.  His tongue found the erect pleasure bud, and the bound girl whimpered, and ground her hips into his face.  The pleasure was exquisite! 

Then he whipped her pussy again!  Ten more strokes, harder this time.  When he was finished, he again gently sucked and kissed the hot, sensitive flesh.  Then, another whipping!  This time he alternated between the strap between her legs, and a small thin whip which left red stripes on her breasts, and hurt her terribly when it cut across her stiff, sensitive nipples.  When he had all of Mary’s sensitive places on fire, his lips again sought out the slit between her legs and his fingers pinched the abused nipples.  Mary could no longer resist the fusion of pain and pleasure.  As his lips found the red nubbin of her clitoris, and his fingers twisted the two thrusting nipples, Mary crashed into orgasm.  All the feelings and longings from the week of helpless, motionless captivity erupted from the core of her being.  It lasted for several minutes, and James kept his lips, tongue and fingers at work until she began to subside.  He then left her hanging, her chest heaving and her breathing a wet, labored effort.

 Sometime later, after Mary had quieted down, James returned.  He looked at his wife, hanging lifelessly in her bonds.  He was sure that her shoulders ached from being in the tight confines of the glove, and he knew that the immense gag was wedged uncomfortably in her throat, and that it was a continuing struggle to breath.  He put his hand on her pussy, and nodded, contented that the flesh was still wet and warm an hour after her last orgasm.  Now, he decided, it was his turn to have pleasure.  If she found pleasure also...so much the better!

 James released the winch holding Mary’s arms aloft behind her, and allowed her back to un-arch.  She moaned happily at the relief of stress.  James then lowered the other winch, and Mary felt her legs come together, and her entire body began to melt into the floor.  James guided her leather encased head down, then her shoulders, back, butt and legs.  Mary lay quietly, arms still bound in the single glove, but legs free.

He grasped her by the arm, and pulled her upright until she stood in front of him.  He lead his wife to another part of the room, and loudly commanded her to spread her legs.  James voice sounded muffled inside the helmet, but Mary could understand what he was saying, and complied.  She felt him lock the ankle cuff on her right leg in a spread position, and then the same with her left.  He put his hand in the center of her back, and gave her a push forward, encouraging her to bend at the waist.  She did, and found a hard wooden plank crossing her abdomen just above her hip bones.  James attached a link to the ring on the front of her posture collar, and pulled her head down another few inches, until he was able to snap the end of a short chain between the collar and a ringbolt on the floor.  Mary was left standing in a severely bent over position, with her head held down and her legs held spread apart.  He attached another link to the end of her single glove, and pulled her arms up toward the ceiling.  When they were perpendicular to the ground, and under suitable tension, he snapped the chain into a ringbolt above her. 

Finally, he bent in front of his wife, and teased her two nipples into urgent, throbbing erection.  Once they were stiff, Mary gasped in pain as he clipped a biting clamp on first one, then the other nipple.  The clamps were linked by a short chain, and James tied a cord at the center of the chain, and then looped the other end through the ringbolt on the floor.  He tensioned the cord, until Mary’s breasts began to stretch painfully, and the clamps bit more securely into her tender flesh.  As he knelt in front of her, he put his lips beside her ear, and spoke softly, but loudly enough for Mary to hear him, despite the leather helmet.  “As you requested, My Love..... no dildoes.  Just my flesh and yours.”  He caressed her leather covered head.  “ I believe you said, “Fuck me until you can’t fuck anymore?” ” he asked.  He laughed softly, then stood.  Walking around his helpless, bent over wife, he reached out to caress her tight cheeks and inviting pink openings.  His finger caressed her asshole, then probed gently.  Despite having been cleaved by the dildo for a week, the opening was nice and tight.  His hand drifted downward, parting the lips.  He frowned slightly....”Wet,” he said quietly, “but not wet enough.” 

Mary barely had time to evaluate the implications of this statement when her backside erupted in fire.  “Oh no, not again!” she groaned to herself.  In less than a minute James administered 30 hard blows with the strap.  Instantly Mary’s bottom turned red, and began to swell.  James took up the whip, and gave his wife another thirty stinging blows.  Mary whimpered and a muffled cry escaped her gagged lips as the fiery sting of the whip was replaced by the deep, searing pain of the cane.  Ten quick, agonizing cuts, then almost instantaneously he plunged his throbbing tool deeply into her now sopping love nest.  Mary screamed at the exquisite feeling, writhing in her bondage.  Her wiggling served to tug on the cord and chain holding her nipple clamps under tension.  The pain of her ravaged nipples, together with her scorched bottom and the wonderful warm shaft wedged inside her pussy was too much for her, and within moments she was having yet another deep orgasm.  James smiled, holding his wife at the hips, and pumping heavily.  James played her like a fine violin, speeding up to build her passion, then slowing down to prolong his pleasure and deny hers.  He allowed her to build to another climax, and timed his release to hers, so that his spewed his seed inside her just as she was going over the edge.  Finally, they were joined as man and wife.  James stayed inside her as he grew soft, and Mary whimpered when he withdrew. 

 * * * * *

Sometime later, after James had enjoyed a glass of a fine Cognac, and Mary had endured the enforced boredom of stringent, solitary bondage, he returned.  Again, Mary felt his hand caress and probe the areas of his most immediate interest.  Her pussy was still warm and wet, but that was not James’ concern at the moment.  Mary shivered as she felt something cold and slippery being deposited along the crack in her ass, then clenched involuntarily as two fingers spread and lubricated her tight, pink opening.  “Relax.” he told her in a tone of voice somewhere between a command and a suggestion.  She did relax, and while his member was very nice, it was smaller than some of the rubber shafts that had invaded her anal passage recently, and she found his insertion to be pleasant and pain free.  Once buried to the hilt James began a slow, rhythmic pumping.  Mary tried to assist, but her bonds were too tight to allow anything other than a feeble wiggle.  She stayed bent in an enforced passive state, and enjoyed the feeling of a warm, throbbing, loving presence up her channel.  James was able to reach a hand around to the front, and gently massage the stiff clit while he continued to pump from behind.  It took her longer to reach arousal this time, but that was fine with him, since he was in less of a hurry the second time around.  After a pleasurable passage of time, Mr. and Mrs. Edwards again found bliss in mutual orgasms.  Again he withdrew, leaving his wife to her bondage and her thoughts.

Four more times he returned, alternating orifices each time, and each time he spewed his seed deeply into her body.  After the last time, he stayed away for quite some time.  Mary stood forlornly bend over in discomfort, the evidence of their coupling oozing slickly down her thighs, and waited.  Her arms were beginning to go numb, and the hood and gag had rendered her head a throbbing mass of pain.  “How much more can he do?” she wondered.  At about that time she heard him re-enter the room.  His hands roamed her helpless body, feeling the tension in her legs, the stress in her wracked shoulders, and her face beneath the skintight hood.  His hand wandered between her legs, and gently he began to rub her slippery, wet pussy.  To her surprise the clit came erect almost immediately, and a flush of warmth and pleasure suffused her loins.  She felt him enter her again, his manhood still rigid and insistent as it plundered her soft passage.  He fucked her slowly and steadily......and on....and on.  “Now I know what it means to be  ”fucked silly” she thought to herself after he was finished and gone, “because I am one well fucked little girl!” 

She stood in her bondage for another hour.  Then, to her surprise it was not James who released her, but  Felice, the maid.  Mary could not have known that James, sated and slightly drunk, was already asleep by the time she was released! 

The best part of being free was having the discipline helmet removed after a week.  Mary looked at herself in the mirror.  Her hair was a damp, tangled mess and her skin was pale and creased by the pressure of the hood.  Her jaw ached, and there were deep red gouges at the corners of her mouth where the gag strap has dug deeply into her flesh.  Then she looked herself in the eye, and saw the happy, shining eyes of a woman in love.  She smiled at her image, then climbed into bed.  Her sleep was filled with dreams.


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