Tightly Bound Bride

by Alexis

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© Copyright 2002 - Alexis - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF; M/f; F/f; bond; bdsm; handcuffs; collar; blindfold; gag; hood; insert; anal; intubate; packaged; boxed; straps; transported; force-feed; denial; cons/nc; xx

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Chapter Seven

Mary awakened before her Mistress.  She felt rested, but her body was stiff and sore, her jaw ached, and her wrists and elbow were still red and tender from the long hours of tight ligature.  Not wanting to wake Erika, Mary resisted the impulse to stretch.  Instead, she lay still, until finally Erika stirred.  “Good Morning, slave.”  “Good Morning Mistress.” Mary answered submissively.  The girls kissed, and another day had begun.  Mary wondered where James was.  She still had not seen her new husband since her arrival!

One of Mary’s cuffs was unlocked, and her hands were moved from behind her back, to in front, then re-locked.  She was left alone in the bathroom, with the door locked.  She took a long, hot, wonderful bath, washed her hair, applied her makeup, and slipped into a beautiful silk wrap.  After an extravagant breakfast, Mary found herself collared, with handcuffs behind her back, and between her ankles, tightly blindfolded, and gagged with a moderately large ballgag.  A leash attached her to a ring on the wall, and she was allowed to sit on a hard wooden bench.  She didn’t know where she was, but from the echoes she could tell that the room was large.  After the previous day, this bondage was a trifle, but the bench was hard.  Mary sighed.  She guessed that she had been so restrained for at least several hours, and she was getting bored!

Finally she heard a door open, and was aware of footsteps coming toward her.  She turned her blind eyes in the direction of the sound, and a curious “Mmmp?” escaped her gagged lips.  She felt hands push her head down, and unbuckle the gag, then pull it wetly from her mouth.  Mary licked her lips, “Oh, thank you Mistress Erika!”  “Good, guess, but wrong!” answered a familiar male voice.  “James!....er.... Master!” gushed Mary, “It’s so good to see you!”  James laughed, and fingered the blindfold across his bound wife’s face.  “You’re still not seeing me, now are you?”  Delighted, Mary joined in the laughter.  “A figure of speech, Master.  I should have said it was good to hear your voice!”  “Well,” he responded, “from what I hear from Erika, you didn’t seem to miss me all that much.” 
Mary felt her face redden with embarrassment. 

Here she was, chained and blindfolded in front of her new husband, just having completed a torrid lesbian adventure.  And she hadn’t even consummated her marriage yet!  “Oh Master, I was a captive—I didn’t have any choice......”  “Yes, but you didn’t have to enjoy it so much.”  A small tear escaped from under the blindfold, and ran down the bound girl’s cheek.  “Master, please punish me for being unfaithful!” she said, totally sincerely.  James laughed.  “My Dear, you are wonderful.....beautiful, sensual and submissive.”  He reached out and stroked her chin.  “It’s too bad that I am going to have to delay getting inside your submissive nature a little better.”  Mary turned her blind eyes up to him.  “What do you mean?” she asked.  “I have to go away for a week.” he explained.  “I thought I’d leave you her to suffer Erika’s tender mercies, since you seem to have become such friends.”  Mary shook her head.  “Oh, no!” she whimpered, “please take me with you.”  “But there is nothing for you to do......just a lot of flying, hotel rooms and meetings.”  “It doesn’t matter.  Please take me with you.” she implored.  “It doesn’t matter what I do, as long as I’m with you!”  James thought about the matter for a minute, and a smile crossed his face.  “OK.” he answered, a smile of delight springing onto Mary’s face, “I’ll take you along, and I promise that you will be with me all the time!”  He lovingly rubbed her head, enjoying the luster of her blond hair.  “Now, I have a bit of work to do before we go.” he explained.  “Felice will be along to get you ready to go.”  With that he turned and departed.  Mary sat expectantly, a broad smile on her lips.  She was going with James on a business trip, and she could hardly wait!

Several hours later, Mary was ready to go.  Things hadn’t turned out exactly as she had envisioned them!

She couldn’t describe her travel accommodations, since she had been hooded into a dark, tight claustrophobic darkness immediately after her hands had been strapped together at the small of her back.  The hood was laced until her entire face and jaw was under tension, then tied securely.  An immense, cylindrical gag had been jammed into her mouth.  It stretched her lips apart, then her teeth fell into grooves on the cylinder just behind the pad which covered and compressed her lips.  There were no eyeholes in the hood, but there were pads sewn to the inside which filled the area on either side of her nose, and held her eyelids closed.  A nose shaped plastic guard inside the hood kept the tight hood from compressing her nose.  There were two attached plugs which were forced into her nostrils, each plug had a breathing tube.  Mary could not know it, but the gag also had a hollow tube through its center, which could be opened or closed as the whim of her captor.  Mary could hear only muffled sounds through the hood.  She guessed that the soft projections from the hood into her ears were to keep her from hearing.  She would find out that she was only partially correct!  Once all of Mary’s cranial orifices were invaded, her attendants turned their attention a bit lower down.  Mary felt a cold, clinical hand slathering lubricant into the pink openings of her pussy and asshole.  Without any preliminaries a large shaft was inserted between her lips, and pushed deeply into her vagina.  A second, slightly smaller shaft was brusquely wedged into her rosebud, and with steady pressure it was lodged inches into her bowel.  Mary grimaced inside her hood, as both her openings stretched and slowly relaxed.  Suddenly she felt a new feeling—a burning sensation, and then a feeling of pressure inside her abdomen.  She did not know it, but she had been catheterized!

Once securely hooded and plugged, she had been placed into a soft but resilient, formfitting compartment.  When she felt it surrounding her body, she thought of the boxes used to transport cameras and electronic equipment---dense foam fingers, with a cutout for the item being transported.  She could not know that she was almost exactly right!  Once her body and head were wedged into the custom cut opening, a series of leather straps bound at her ankles, shins, knees, thighs, waist, chest, shoulders and neck were tightened until she was completely immobile.  Her hands fit into a special cutout at the small of her back, and the straps kept her elbows tightly at her sides.  Once strapped down, Mary felt the cover of the box swing closed, and the cutout cushioning in the top mated with that on the bottom, leaving the girl completely encased in a dense cocoon of springy foam.  The tubes from her gag and nostrils had been screwed into a fitting in the outside wall of the case, as had wires from the protuberances in her ears.  The tubes leading from the two shafts wedged into her lower orifices were attached to devices inside her case, near her feet.  One was a collection bag, the other a pump.  Mary was, at this moment, blithfully ignorant of these lower tubes, the equipment, or their purpose.  Her assessment of her confinement had been accurate.  She was locked inside a large, sturdy aluminum box.  All the corners and edges were reinforced, and there were multiple latches and locking mechanisms.  There were also several handles.  Mary’s confinement was so tight that she didn’t move no matter whether the box was standing upright on end, or laid flat, or even turned on end with her head down.  She could however feel gravity tug at her blood, and the sensations of her inner ear, so she knew that she had been picked up and carried, and was now lying on her back.  If her hearing was partially muffled inside the hood, the addition of the foam padding and the walls of the box made the elimination of sound complete.  She did not hear the footsteps or voices, but she felt the thump of doors slamming, and the vibration of a vehicle under power.  They were on their way!

After a time the vehicle stopped, she felt her case being lifted, carried, then dropped.  She thought she felt a door slamming.  Some minutes later another feeling of vibration, then a swooping, sickening feeling, like a rollercoaster.  They were flying!  Time passed.  Tightly compressed in dark silence, Mary was only aware of the fullness in her two moist holes, and the sound of her breath whistling through her breathing tubes.  Then, much later, she felt the jarring sensation of landing, more vibration, being carried, another car trip, being carried again, and finally, being stood on end.  “Well,” she thought to herself, “I hope we have arrived.  I’m sure ready for James to unpack me from this traveling case!” 

Suddenly there was an electronic crackle in her ears, and she heard a voice.  It was James!  “How are you, my Dear?” he asked.  “Did you enjoy your trip?”  There was a microphone, and she was wearing earphones!  Mary didn’t even bother to groan or whimper, knowing that her sounds wouldn’t escape the case.  “I find this case is a wonderful way to transport a woman, wouldn’t you agree?” he asked.  Mary agreed, silently.  “I’ll bet you are really looking forward to my letting you out now, for a shower, and a nice dinner?”  Mary could hardly wait!  “Well, when I told you that you would be with me everywhere I went for the week, I meant it.....only......you are going to stay inside the case for the entire time, until we return home!”  “NO!” Mary screamed into her gag, thrashing in her bonds.  Outside the case, however, there was no sound.  The case didn’t even wiggle from her frantic struggles!  “You are probably wondering about nourishment and other necessary functions.” he explained.  “The gag which seals your mouth, and keeps you nice and quiet has a tube, which is connected to the outside of the case.  A large syringe will inject water and a nutritious, but not very tasty porridge.”  James laughed.  “You may lose a pound or two, which won’t hurt, but you won’t starve, I assure you.”  “As far as waste goes,” he continued, “ since we will control your food and water, there won’t be all that much.  You have been catheterized, and a tube leads to a collection bag, which can be pumped empty when necessary.  There is also a pump attached to your back end, and we can inject a warm, soothing mild laxative, and then pump you empty—efficient, and not at all messy.”  Mary couldn’t believe what she was hearing! 

“So that you won’t be bored, I’ll leave the sound on all the time.”  It was quiet for a moment, and then she heard the sound of TV.  It was news, probably CNN.  “Well”, she thought to herself, “at least I’ll be well informed after this week!”  She heard James’ voice over the sound of the TV.  “We are in the hotel, in a beautiful suite.  I wish you could see it!”  She heard him laugh.  It was a good humored laugh, not at all sinister, or spiteful, and she relaxed a little bit.  “The bathroom is immense, with mirrors on all the walls, and a huge Jacuzzi in the center.  I will, unfortunately, enjoy it alone!”  The bed is bigger than king-sized, canopied, with big fluffy pillows, and a soft down comforter.  You will lay on the floor, right beside me. I told you that we would be together, so I will have room service deliver my meals here, and we will talk while eating.  I will feed you.”  There was a minute or so of silence, then James continued.  “We spent very little time together before being married, and you know nothing about me.  I have a lot to tell you, I am a splendid conversationalist, and you have nothing but time---It should be an interesting week!”

 James soothing voice and moderate manner served to calm Mary.  She knew that she loved him, she had no choice but to trust him, and it was no secret that she loved bondage.  As a loving husband, and her true Master, it was up to him to keep her stimulated and challenged.  There was nothing worse than boring bondage!  In fact, as she listened to him, and contemplated an entire week of stringent confinement, she felt a warming in her loins!  “I wonder if there is a vibrator in either of my dildoes?” she thought to herself.

 James was true to his word.  They spent almost every moment of the week together, including Mary traveling to several of James’ business meetings!  What she didn’t know, was that there was another aluminum case, just like hers, and that one really contained the electronic computer based components that one of James’ companies manufactured.  So it was perfectly normal to wheel the two cases into a meeting, pop one open, demonstrate the products, replace them in the case, lock it, and leave.  No one ever noticed that James’ had only taken samples from the one case, and they would never have imagined that his bound, gagged, plugged and naked wife was helplessly restrained inside the other case, only several feet away!  Mary actually found herself becoming aroused at the idea of James saying, “Now here is a new product that you are really going to like!”, then throwing open the lid to her case!  She could imagine the gasps of surprise when they saw  her large firm breasts, with their red, hard nipples, surrounded by tight black leather straps digging into her flesh!  The delicious vulnerability of her situation kept her horny all the time! 

Back in the hotel, James would feed and cleanse her, then eat his own dinner.  Mary enjoyed this private time, when he would tell her of his life, his business, his adventures, and the many things that he had in store for his bondage wife in the future!  At bedtime he would lay her case beside the bed, and turn up the sound so that she could hear his breathing.  She was somehow pleased that he didn’t snore. How she wished that she was in bed with him!  Despite her predicament, the week passed surprisingly quickly.  She lost track of the days, and before she knew it, they were back on the jet heading home.  After all of the lifting, banging, vibration and motion of travel, she again felt the serenity of being placed upright on a solid floor, helpless and secure in her tight, dark, silent captivity.


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