Tightly Bound Bride

by Alexis

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© Copyright 2002 - Alexis - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF; M/f; F/f; bond; bdsm; rope; cuffs; gag; blindfold; susp; toys; clamps; nipple; torment; anal; denial; oral; climax; cons/nc; xx

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Chapter Six

Mary was a young, strong, flexible girl, and she considered herself to be well trained, but she had never, ever contemplated enduring bondage such as this.  Hanging motionless, and in pain, she took inventory of the parts and pieces of her body which were held hostage by ropes and leather and steel.  Her immediate concerns were those parts of her anatomy most impacted by the harsh back bowed position.  That was her back, and her neck, both of which felt like they were going to break, and neither of which would, she knew, tend to feel any better as the hours passed!  Her gag was a hateful presence between her lips.  She know from long experience that the gag pressing on the back of her throat would generate copious saliva which she would struggle to swallow to avoid choking, while her lips, stretched tightly around the circumference of the huge ball gag, would become parched and dry.  Surprisingly, her jaw hurt less now than it had right after the gag was wedged between her teeth, but Mary knew that soon a dull, endless ache would set in, and there was nothing to do to relieve it.  The strain on her shoulders from the strict position of her tightly bound arms also caused pain, and she know that her fingers would soon hang numb and lifeless.  She sighed.....

And then.......... she considered........there were the shafts buzzing in her belly.......

Mary had never experienced dildoes which vibrated so powerfully.  At first she tried to ignore them, but could not.  Soon the twin shafts became annoying......then painful........until slowly her entire conscious being was focused on the beasts within her pink orifices.  Her bondage was so severe that she couldn’t writhe, so she quivered all over at the intense sensation.  Her body began to betray her.  The labial lips, so cruelly compressed by the biting clamps, began to swell, red and glistening around the shaft.  Her even more tightly stretched rosebud clutched convulsively.  It too, wet from the juice dribbling down from the hyper-stimulated pussy.  The painfully clamped clit, engorged with blood and strained to an erect angry red as the throbs from the vibrators stimulated the sensitive nubbin.  Mary moaned wetly through her gag, the pain of her contorted position forgotten as she concentrated on the pleasure/pain coming from her core.

And then it stopped.  Mary whimpered in disbelief, then groaned in frustration.  “They must be on a timer,” she thought to herself.  She was nearly correct.  In reality, the plug in her pussy contained an electronic thermometer.  When a woman nears climax, the temperature of her pussy increases due to the higher blood flow.  The thermometer measures this increase in temperature, and switches the units off before the bound female can reach “critical mass”.  Once switched off, the microchip waits an hour, then resumes the stimulation.  Diabolical.  As Mary came down from the unfulfilled sexual high, her tactile senses were over-sensitized.  The ropes felt like they were deeper into her flesh, the gag felt larger, and wedged more deeply into her mouth, her back ached abominably, the corset dug into her waist, and she could feel the two shafts, now silent, stretching the wet, pink lips of her two private openings.

Again, the discomfort began to build.  Mary strove for even the slightest movement or change of position that might bring a small measure of relief.  She whimpered into her gag almost continuously, a soft, pitiful sound that would have been barely audible if there had been anyone there to hear it.  She remembered Erika’s discussion about the “Mercy” signal.  “Just one loud scream!” Mary thought to herself.  She felt herself weakening, giving in, her discipline eroding by the moment. 

And then it started again!  Again, Mary’s senses focused on her weeping pussy and her stretched and buzzing butthole.  Again, the sensation became a witch’s brew of pain and pleasure.  Again, Mary neared the heights.  Again, they stopped!

Over the next hours the cycle played out again and again.  Each time the agony of the incredible bondage became greater, and each time the pleasure between her legs climbed to new heights.  Mary cursed and Mary prayed, but nothing would take her over the brink to oblivion.

The blond hung in motionless agony.  Her mind had figured out the nature of the torment hours ago, but she couldn’t override her body.  Each time the vibrators powered up her eager pussy lips swelled to greet the pleasurable feeling.  Her nipples stiffened, and the subtle quivering of her body caused all the weights to swing slowly, providing additional stimulation to her five pink pleasure zones.

Mary knew it wasn’t possible, but the tortured red nipples on her tightly stretched breasts became so hard, and so swollen that it felt like her flesh was actually forcing open the jaws of the biting clamps!  She whimpered urgently, fighting the cords, compelling her muscles to contract.  The small movements of her suspended body was amplified by the dangling weights, until the minute swinging motion added fuel to the fire’s ravaging her body.  She bit down hard on her gag, and with a gasp tried to force her bound legs together.  It was no use, she could not create any friction.  The only stimulus was the biting clamps, the dangling weights, and, of course, the spasmodic pulsating of the twin vibrators.  She hung defeated, awaiting the next onslaught. 

The time just after the vibrators shut down was the worst, she decided.  Breathless and over-stimulated, she suffered yet again the disappointment of a just missed orgasm, then faced the steadily growing pain and boredom of the stringent cords, straps and gag.  The discomfort came rapidly now, after so many hours.  If she gave in to the ropes, and hung completely limp, it was not long until the pain diminished into a numb ache.  This was preferable to fighting.  She sighed, and wondered what time it was.

She was almost asleep when once again the twin demons buzzed back to life.  “Oh, God.” she thought to herself, willing her poor, tired body not to respond.  It didn’t work!  Within minutes she was once again a whimpering, sweaty, helplessly bound woman on the brink of orgasm, and all of her being was focused on trying desperately to make that happen.  The area between her legs was like a seething pink pudding, soft and hot, clutching the two rampant shafts.  Her swollen nipples stung sweetly, and the thrashed in her bonds to make the weights tug at her flesh, adding to the surging pleasure and pain.  The captain of this ship was her angry red little clitoris.  The exquisite nerve endings were partially short circuited by the biting jaws of the clamp, but the vibrators caused the entire area to quiver pleasurably, and the feedback her clit received from the other pleasure zones was mostly favorable despite the clamps and digging cords. 

“If only........” she thought desperately........”Just a few more minutes.....”

In her desperate situation, Mary could not possibly have heard Erika gently open the door, and pad softly on bare feet to Mary side.  Mary also could not know that the circuit interrupt on the dildoes had been switched off, and the twin dynamos would now buzz and burrow into her sensitive pink nests ceaselessly until someone turned them off.  Mary heaved and whimpered, oblivious of Erika’s presence.  Suddenly that small portion of her brain still capable of rational thought finally determined that her quivering body had been allowed to surge further toward climax than at any time since she had been bound.  In fact, the warm feeling radiated from her nipples down to her pussy, and the area currently being mistreated by the dildoes was virtually on fire.  “Maybe......” she thought. Erika looked down at the bucking, sweating girl, and smiled.  “Almost ready.” she thought to herself.  Without touching Mary, Erika eased her head between the bound girls thighs, until her lips were poised above the hot, wet pussy.  With a sudden movement she reached to release the clamp on the turgid clitoris, and enveloped the red bud between her lips.  Almost a quickly her hands reached for Mary’s breasts, and she grasped the two captive nipples and twisted the biting clamps painfully.

“MMMMMMPPPHHHH!” screamed Mary as she thrashed towards a much needed climax.  She surged against the ropes, and thrust her mound against Erika’s mouth.  Erika smiled happily, and whipped the stiff, red button with her tongue, then moved down to soothingly suck the swollen red lips which were stretched around the dildo shaft, before returning her attention to the eager bud.  Mary moaned at the wonderful feeling, then whimpered as Erika roughly twisted her sensitive nipples.  One more long, hard suck, and Mary crashed over the edge.  The pain of her bonds, the tight gag, the hours of numb, boring restraint were forgotten in the overpowering pleasure of the moment.  Despite the intensity, the orgasm was prolonged, and Erika kept her mouth buried in the hot, slippery wetness until the captive ceased surging, and settled into quiet contentment.

 Erika surveyed her captive as she licked the luscious pussy juice from her lips.  “I’m going to love having you as the Lady of the House,” she lectured Mary, “ as long as you realize who the MISTRESS of the House really is!” 

Mary was so overwhelmed by the intensity of her long delayed orgasm that she no longer felt the aches and pains of her long hours of virtually immobile captivity.  Her body was bathed in sweat, and her breath rasped through flared nostrils as she panted in contented exhaustion.  Even in her daze, however, she was aware of gentle hands beginning to peel away the layers of restraint like someone would peel a piece of fruit, until the tasty morsel inside was revealed.  Erika slowly unclipped the two clamps on Mary’s swollen labia, and Mary groaned with relief.  Next the dominant girl removed the clip from the captive left breast, and quickly surrounded the red, tormented flesh with her wet, soothing lips and exciting tongue.  It was one of the best feelings that Mary had ever felt, and she arched against her bonds to force more of the stiff nipple between the wonderful lips.  Erika gave the other nipple the same treatment, but finished with a sharp, playful nip, which made Mary gasp with surprise.  The terrible cord pulling Mary’s head in an arched position for so many hours was next to be removed, followed by the ropes holding the bound girl in her hellish suspension.  Even as Mary was lowered to the ground, and the awful rope at the small of her back ceased its torment, Mary began to feel the adrenaline and sex induced high leave her body, leaving her tired, and drained, and aching.  Her long awaited tryst with her new husband, which had excited her so much earlier, now seemed like an unwelcome intrusion.  What Mary really felt like now was about 20 hours of sleep!

Erika turned her attention to the complex harness of straps that was buckled so tightly around the captive girl’s head.  She unbuckled the blindfold strap, then peeled the sweat soaked sheepskin pads away from Mary’s eyes.  The bound girl whimpered, blinking from the sudden brightness and the sting of sweat.  Her teary, bloodshot eyes focused on Erika, and she tossed her head in defiance, like a filly fighting the bridle for the first time.  Erika laughed, and quickly unbuckled the remaining straps, finishing with the buckle holding the ball so deeply in Mary’s mouth.  With the strap loosened, Mary tried to use her tongue to push the ball from between her teeth, but her tongue had no feeling after the hours of captivity, and the ball was far too large.  Mary whimpered, and looked at Erika, trying her best to be pitiful.  Erika chuckled, and took the strap on each side of the girl’s mouth in her two hands, and gently began to tug and twist the red stopper from between the girl’s lips.  Finally, amid Mary’s urgent pleadings, the ball popped free, and a torrent of drool escaped the girl’s mouth, and ran down her chin, and onto the floor.  “Ohhhhh.......Oh thank you, Mistress!” she croaked, licking her parched lips.  Mary was still bound in a stringent hog-tie. Erika flipped her onto her bound arms, and her mouth hungrily sought out Mary’s lips.

“MMMMM...” Erika moaned, as her probing tongue licked away the saliva, and sucked in the stale rubber ball taste from her captive’s mouth.  Mary responded eagerly, surprising even herself as she returned the kiss.  Tongues fluttered, teeth nibbled and lips sucked eagerly at one another for many minutes.  Finally, Erika broke the kiss and sat back on her haunches like a lioness, breathing heavily.  Mary could only lay helplessly, but her eyes burned with hunger.

Erika bent down, an impish grin on her face, and grasped the end of the huge dildo which had stretched poor Mary’s pussy for so many hours.  Slowly, with a gentle twisting motion, she eased the invader from the bound girl’s drenched love nest.  Mary moaned as it popped free, partly with relief, but partly from a vague feeling of loss.  Erika held up the glistening black prod for inspection, then reached down until the blunt point was touching Mary’s lips.  “Clean it.” she ordered.  Mary moaned, and lustfully opened her mouth to accept the shaft, tasting herself for the very first time.  She took as much of the shaft as she could into her mouth, sucking and slurping until the it hit the back of her throat, and she began choking on its length.  Erika withdrew it slowly, and Mary sucked her own love juice.  “Lick.” Erika commanded, holding the dildo lengthwise in front of Mary’s mouth, so that her tongue could lave the pussy juice from the rest of the shaft.  “MMMMMM.” sighed Mary, happily.  Erika again bent, and removed the slightly smaller shaft which had been wedged up Mary’s backside.  “OH!” the bound girl cried out as the shaft slipped wetly from her painfully stretched sphincter.  Mary knew what was coming next, and she whimpered as Erika held the black invader commandingly at her lips.  “Clean it!” ordered Erika.  Mary wrinkled her nose, and whimpered, but submissively parted her lips.  Erika touched the tip of the shaft just touching the tip of Mary’s tongue, and held it there.  Mary, her eyes closed in anticipation of having the foul thing jammed deeply into her mouth, opened one eye to see what was going on.  She saw Erika grinning at her, and then watched the dominant brunette pull the dildo from in front of her face, and toss it aside.  “You would have licked it clean, if I had insisted?” Erika asked.  “Yes, Mistress” Mary answered, “If you wanted me to suck it, you know I would.”  “Good, then we understand one another.” said Erika with satisfaction, “but I want that mouth of yours to be sweet smelling....I’ve got other plans for it!”

Erika bent down, and rolled Mary onto her stomach.  “Oooooohhh.” Mary groaned.  Every time she moved, the cords on her elbows dug more deeply into her flesh.  Erika untied the complex cords and knots which held Mary in her stringent hog-tie, and this time the groan was one of relief.  “Oh.  Ohhhhh!  Oh, thank you, Mistress!” How good it felt to be able to stretch her legs!  Erika next untied the blond girl’s ankles.  She clipped a leash to her collar, and urged Mary to her feet.  The captive girl was like a new born colt—eager, but unsteady.  Once Mary was able to stand, Erika gave a firm tug on the leash and a command to “Follow me!”.  Mary stumbled along behind her Mistress, up out of the dungeon, down the hall, and into another large, comfortable bedroom.  Erika slipped the leather bikini bottom off her shapely bottom, and down her legs.  Her sex was hairless, pink, and to Mary’s amazement she found it very inviting! 

Erika sat in a large chair with big soft pillows.  She spread her legs wide apart, and gently rubbed her wet, pink slit.  In only a moment it opened like a flower, and Mary could see the stiff, hooded clitoris and the slick, wet inner lips.  “Your turn, slave.” said Erika.  “Might I have my arms freed, Mistress?” asked Mary meekly.  “I might do a better job, if I had my hands.”  “No, and I should whip you for even asking.” answered Erika.  If you do a good job, I just might free your arms.  If not, I may leave you bound for days!”  “But Mistress,” said Mary, a pitiful look on her face.  “My hands are numb, my elbows hurt so badly, and my shoulders ache.”  “Better do a good job then, hadn’t you?A” said Erika sarcastically,  “Now eat, and do it well.”  She gave a little tug on the leash, and Mary quickly dropped to her knees between Erika’s legs.  For the first time in her life her nose was inches from another woman’s pussy.  She inhaled the fragrance, and looked at the droplets of moisture, like dew on a rose petal.  Tentatively she stuck out her tongue until it contacted the pink wetness, then brought her tongue back into her mouth.  It tasted wonderful!.  Without further hesitation she burrowed her lips and tongue into the inviting crevasse.  Only a woman can know how to lick another woman. 

For the next hour she serviced her Mistress through orgasm after orgasm.  Finally sated, the brunette pushed Mary away.  The bound blond sat back on her legs, licking her lips.  Her mouth was wet, her face flushed with excitement, and her eyes bright with happiness.  She wondered, “What’s next?”  Erika stood, and commanded her slave to do likewise.  Behind Mary, she began to untie the knots, and peel the cords from the deep red grooves in the soft flesh above Mary’s elbows.  “Oooooooooh!” Mary moaned from the pain in her flesh, and the pleasure of release.  Once her elbows were free, Mary wiggled and shrugged her shoulders to relieve the aching and stiffness from the hours of strict confinement.  Erika took a pair of handcuffs, and fastened them on Mary’s wrists above the ropes already binding the girl’s hands.  Only then did she begin to untie the bonds.  When the cords were removed Mary wiggled her fingers, tingling with pins and needles  from returning circulation.  “Mistress, may I use the bathroom?” Mary asked, shyly.  “The Mistress laughed, and with a tug on the least and a sharp slap on the ass she pointed her slave in the direction of the huge bathroom. 

Mary looked longingly at the  Jacuzzi, but she was only allowed to take care of necessary matters, then lead back into the bedroom.  Erika tightened the cuffs a little tighter, then pulled back the covers, and the two naked girls got into bed.  Erika pulled the covers up over both of them, then cuddled against her slave, front to back, with an arm across her body, fingers gently caressing her breasts.  She gently kissed the slave’s ear.  “You were superb today, darling.” she whispered.  “Now sleep well, because you will need to be even better tomorrow!”  Mary was exhausted, and with that thought in mind, she quickly drifted off to sleep.


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