Tightly Bound Bride

by Alexis

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© Copyright 2002 - Alexis - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF; M/f; F/f; naked; bond; handcuffs; chains; enema; anal; insert; corset; clamps; gag; blindfold; rope; hogtie; torment; nipple; toys; cons/nc; xx

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Chapter Five

An hour later, Mary knelt on the cold floor of a dark room.  She knew the room was large, not because she could see into the gloomy recesses, but because she could hear the echo of the links between her handcuffed wrists.  Her ankles were also cuffed, and a heavy chain ran from the locked leather collar to a stout ring bolt in the floor.  She wouldn’t be going anywhere.  Mary had been fed a meager breakfast of bland porridge, but she was happy to have something in her stomach.  That was more than she could say for her bowel, because Felice had expertly fixed her in an “ass up, body down” position, and administered two doses of a strong colonic.  After the first dose Mary’s rectum was sealed with a Bardex for twenty minutes while the strong solution bubbled and churned painfully in her gut.  After she was allowed relief, a second, milder dose completed the cleaning process.  The enema was astringent, so her tender opening tingled coolly, while her insides ached emptily.  Mary sighed as she waited, even for a moment wondering if this marriage had been the right thing to do. 

Too late now, for as James has admonished many months earlier, once she had made her decision, is was binding forever.  Her thoughts were broken when she heard a door open, and her eyes turned inquisitively in that direction.  It was a woman, but not Felice.  This one was Nordic looking with close cropped blond hair, blue eyes, a deep tan, and the wide shoulders and muscle tone of a serious athlete.  “Good Morning, Mrs. Edwards,” she said in a formal tone, “I am Erika, your bondage Mistress.”  Mary nodded and smiled, but kept silent.  “Oh, you may speak if you wish, she laughed.  “After all, you won’t be able to talk for a very long time!”  Erika smiled at her own humor, and reached for Mary’s selection off the menu.  Her eyes widened, and she whistled to herself.  When she looked at Mary, there was respect in her eyes.  “This is pretty tough.” she commented.  “I know,” answered Mary, “but I want to get it over with, and be with James.”  “A pity,” said Erika, “I hoped that after we were..... friends......., you  might like to be with me.”  Mary blushed and lowered her eyes.  “I......I might like to be your friend......sometime.” she answered in a small, timid voice.  Erika laughed heartily.  “That’s fine,” she said.  “We have lots of time!”

Erika walked with the menu in hand to a nearby cabinet, and whistled to herself while she removed a variety of items and implements.  “Shall we begin?” she inquired.  Mary nodded, silently, with a small shiver of dread.  Erika released the cuffs and collar, and picked up a black leather corset.  This was nothing like the beautiful lacy white garment that Mary had worn to be married.  This was a sinister, utilitarian garment whose only purpose was to stringently and uncomfortably compress a woman’s body.  “Hands behind your head.” Erika ordered, and Mary complied as the blond fastened the busk, and began to adjust the laces.  “An eight inch reduction from 24 inches is 16 inches---very impressive!”  Erika used both skill and strength as she systematically tightened the laces until she had pulled six inches off of Mary’s waistline.  “Ungggg,” Mary grunted, writhing against the sensual, but stern increase in pressure.  “I’ll just tie a temporary bow, then I’ll take out the last two inches after your body has adapted.” Erika explained.  “Maybe,” she said, looking Mary directly in the eye, “I’ll take out more!”  A small smile crossed Mary’s face.  Despite her dread over the coming ordeal, she was having fun!  “As tight as you can get it, please Mistress.” she begged submissively, “But be sure I get a point for every inch, because I’m going to need them!”

Erika consulted her list, then turned to Mary with a twinkle in her eyes.  “You selected “extra large” as I read it?” she inquired innocently.  Mary nodded, reddening at the cheeks.  “My pleasure!” smiled Erika.  She picked up an impossibly long and thick flesh colored shaft, and slowly smeared KY until it gleamed wetly from end to end.  “Spread your legs.” she ordered.  “Oooooooo......” Mary whimpered as it burrowed between the lips of her pussy, but Erika was gentle, and it went in surprisingly easily, leaving about an inch of shaft ending in a small ring protruding past the pink lips of her orifice.  Erika picked up the second dildo, which was only slightly smaller than the first.  “Bend over.”  With a sigh, Mary complied, trying to relax as she felt the end begin to probe at her pink opening.  “Ouch!” she exclaimed as slowly but steadily the shaft entered her most private place.  There was a slurp, and Mary gasped as eight thick inches suddenly occupied her inner spaces. 

Erika took a black strap, and buckled it to the back  of Mary’s corset, then threaded it through the ring in both shafts.   “Stand up and face me.” she commanded.  Mary complied, standing passively in front of the muscular blond as she threaded the other end of the strap through a buckle on the front of the corset.  Erika bent her head, and gave Mary a quick kiss, sucking on her lower lip.  “Mmmmmm.”  Mary responded.  While in mid-kiss Erika suddenly jerked the strap tighter.  “OOOOOHHH!” exclaimed Mary as the remaining inches of the two dildoes further invaded her wet pink openings.  Mary went up on her toes, trying to avoid the increasing pressure, but Erika’s hand followed, pulling the strap even tighter, before closing the buckle.  “Oh, Mistress!” Mary gasped, her legs parted and knees slightly flexed in a futile attempt to lessen the discomfort.  Mary could feel the end of the first dildo probing against her cervix, deeper than any man had even been.  Her anal muscles raged against the foreign presence that stretched her tender opening.  The thin strap holding the two monsters was tight against the crack in her ass, then furrowed between her pink lips.  The strap widened, and there was a one inch hole in the strap that surrounded her clit.  The tightness of the strap made the flesh within the circle bulge outward, bringing the stiff red nub into greater prominence. 

 “What’s next? Erika asked, rummaging on the table.  “AH HA!”  She picked up 5 stainless steel clamps, and held them in her hand before Mary.  They were not fancy, very no-nonsense, and Mary was intimidated by the size of the springs and the sharp teeth between the jaws.  “Oh, no, she demurred, “You can’t mean to put those on me!”  Erika smiled evilly.  “Yes Ma’am, you specified “severe” didn’t you?”  Mary started to complain, but Erika held a finger to her lips.  “I’m enjoying talking to you, but if you don’t stop whining, I’ll gag you right now!”  Mary wanted to stay un-gagged for as long as possible, but all she could think of was the episode in the car when she found it so hard to keep her hands from relieving the biting pain.  And those clips were not this severe! “Mistress, can I say one thing?” she asked in a hesitant voice.  “What is it?” Erika responded sternly.  “Mistress, would you please bind my arms before you put the clips on me? she begged.  “They hurt so, and I want to be good, but its hard when your hands are free.”  Erika nodded.  “Agreed, but I’m going to gag you now anyway, to cut out that complaining!”  Mary answered by sticking out her bottom lip, but smiled slightly while doing so.

Erika picked up the fearsome head harness, and held it up for Mary’s inspection.  Mary shivered when she thought about what the 3 inch ball would feel like in her mouth—especially after many hours!  “Mistress, I’ve never worn larger than a 2 inch ball before.” Mary explained.  “I’m not sure that it will fit in my mouth!”  “Oh, don’t worry.  It’ll fit!”  answered Erika.  “Open!”  Mary opened her jaws as wide as she possibly could as Erika wedged the first third of the ball between her teeth.  When she encountered resistance, she put one hand behind Mary’s head, and pushed the ball with the other hand in a twisting motion.  “UMMMPP!” Mary yelped as her mouth stretched wide, wider, impossibly wide!  Finally the widest part of the ball passed Mary’s teeth, and with a final shove, and a squeal from Mary,  the ball lodged firmly within Mary’s oral cavity.   Erika looked at Mary’s face—red lips stretched tight around the ball, wide open, tear flecked eyes, and nostrils flaring as her heavy breathing snorted in and out.  She reached behind Mary’s head, snubbed the strap, and fastened the buckle.  Mary whimpered as her jaws fought the resiliency of the ball.  Erika arranged the straps over Mary’s head, then fitted the sheepskin pads of the blindfold over Mary’s eyes.  “Nighty night!” she said, and plunged Mary into darkness. 

The blindfold was buckled securely, then the headband strap, the strap over the crown of Mary’s head, and finally, the strap under Mary’s chin.  All the straps were tight enough to dig into the poor girl’s flesh, and Mary felt like her head was trapped in a vice.  She stood blind and silent while Erika turned her around and began to bind her arms.  First a long cord went behind Mary’s neck, across her shoulders, under her armpits, and across her back.  This loop was tightened, forcing Mary’s shoulders back painfully.  Four more loops were completed before the final knot was tied.  This proved to be the anchor point for the arm bondage.  Mary’s arms were pulled into the center of her back in an exaggerated hammerlock, then dragged higher and higher until her wrists met, palm to palm, between her shoulder blades.  Five tight loops around her wrists, a couple of cinches pulling them tighter, and a knot.  Then a smaller rope was used to tie her bound wrists to the rope passing between her shoulders at the back of her neck.  This kept her hands high up on her back while another rope was used to bind her elbows together—more loops, cinches and knots.  Mary had grown more flexible after months of training, but this arm position was more strained than she had ever endured.  It became worse as another rope circled her torso just under her breasts and around her bound elbows, pulling them more closely together, and tighter against her body.  Another rope above her breasts completed the matter.  Mary could do nothing with her arms but flutter her fingers.

“On your belly!” commanded Erika, and with a groan, Mary struggled against the intrusive dildoes within her belly to drop to her knees.  Once there, she bowed her head blindly until her forehead touched the ground, then twisted as she dropped heavily to the floor.  “Umpp!”  With a grunt of effort she flopped back onto her belly.  She lay still, chest heaving, with noisy breathing.  “Now,” said Erika, “you have requested a  DIFFICULTY MODIFIER of “very severe, so I need to add a couple of options to toughen things up a little bit from the standard position.”  Mary could not see Erika pick up another long rope.  “Rather than tied your legs together, I like them crossed.”  As she spoke she spread Mary’s knees, crossed her ankles, then tied six  tight loops of cord vertically around her ankles, then four more horizontally.  With her knees spread so wide, Mary knew that she could not roll off her stomach, even with no further bondage. 

“Now the fun begins!” said Erika happily.  She took another rope, which was tied around Mary’s crossed ankles, then up to the ropes circling Mary’s shoulders.  As she began to take up the tension, Mary began to arch.  Erika knelt beside the bound girl, and wedged one leg under Mary’s chest.  As she raised her knee, Mary’s torso lifted, her arms moving more closely to her bound feet.  Erika continued to lift, and take up tension in the rope until Mary was drawn into a excruciating backward bow.  Erika tied off the rope, and when she pulled her leg out, Mary was left with only her hipbones and stomach touching the ground.  The bow had drawn everything else off the floor—her head, her shoulders, her breasts, and her knees.  Mary tossed her head, and a prolonged, but muffled moan of pain escaped from around her well stoppered lips.  Erika took a couple of pieces of thinner cord, and made a loop around each of Mary’s big toes.  The free ends were threaded through the strap holding the gag in Mary’s mouth.  The bound girl’s head was dragged back, and the cords were made secure.  If Mary lowered her head, the pressure seating the gag more uncomfortably in her mouth, and the cords cut painfully into the tender flesh at the base of her toes.  Another cord was tied to a ring sewn in to the harness at the crown of Mary’s head.  This was then threaded through a small ring sewn into the Mary’s crotchstrap between her ass cheeks.  This cord was also pulled tight.  Now Mary had two dilemmas.  If she tried to mitigate the pain in her neck from her head being pulled so severely back, she tugged painfully on her big toes and also tended to pull the dildo more tightly up her backside.  Erika knew from experience that after many hours in bondage, that Mary might be looking for a little diversion, and the dildo that seems so painful and intrusive at the moment might become a valued friend.  But now, any pleasure would be offset by the pain of the slipknots tightening around her toes.

With the basic bondage complete, Erika left Mary rocking uncomfortably on her stomach, and readied the suspension apparatus.  One end of the thick hawser rope was affixed to one of the posts.  With a grunt of effort Erika knelt and picked Mary off the floor, flipped her onto her back, and laid her on her bound arms between the posts.  She threaded the thick rope through the arched gap at the small of Mary’s back, then threaded it through the winch.  As she cranked the handle the slack came out of the rope and it began to lever Mary off the floor.  Erika took six smaller ropes, which were tied at each of Mary’s “corners” (knees and shoulders) and at each side of her waist.  Each of these six ropes were tightened in a web arrangement.  Then Erika would crank the winch, raising Mary another painful couple of inches off the floor, then tighten the web so that Mary was kept horizontal despite the upper half of her body handing off one side, and the lower half hanging off the other side of the heavy hawser. 

“Finishing touches, now.” said Erika.  Mary could only answer with a soft whimper.  Erica then slowly and carefully went to each rope, knot, strap and buckle, and tightened it again.  The corset was pulled two inches tighter.  The gag, and each strap of the head harness was tightened a notch.  He hands were pulled even higher up her back, her legs drawn toward her hands, and her head pulled tightly against her crotch strap and big toe tie.  Mary hung in painful suspension, belly toward the ceiling, head and feet underneath, with all her weight borne at the small of her back. The bound girl was pulled into such a stringent bow that her crossed ankles were only inches from her head!  Mary’s agony was not complete, because the fierce steel clips remained.  The blond knelt on the floor, peering up into Mary’s dildo stretched pussy.  There had been a method to the Dominatrix’ madness.  By crossing the bound girls ankles, rather than tying the legs together, she had much better access to the pink private parts!  Erika looked at the succulent lips stretched around the shaft of the rubber invader.  She reached up, pulled the engorged labia away from the shaft, and gently released one of the biting demons into Mary’s wet flesh.  The bound girl bucked against her bondage, “NNNNNGGGG!!!”  Erika lifted the other lip, and it too soon had a silver molester.  Next Erika wet her finger in the ooze coming from Mary’s pussy, and massaged the bulging clitoris unto angry red erection.  Then she took the smallest of the clips, and ever so gently released the jaws over Mary’s most tender flesh.  “MMMMMUNFFF!” the bound girl shrieked, spasming in her bonds.  Erika just licked her finger and smiled.  Then she stood, the two remaining clips in her hand, and lowered her head until her wet mouth enveloped one of the pink nipples on Mary’s tightly stretched breast.  She teased the bud until it was rock hard, then affixed the clip right at the base of the nipple.  The other nipple received similar treatment.  Was that all?  No, there remained the weights!

Erika picked up a three ounce weight with a hook and short chain attached.  She slipped the hook through the loop on one of Mary’s nipple clamps, and allowed the slack to fall out of the chain.  Since Mary’s breasts were facing upward, the weight fell to the side, and dragged the nipple and breast with it.  A weight was attached to the other nipple, with the same effect.  Mary’s punished breasts were dragged away from one another, around the unfortunate girl’s rib cage.  Not enough for Erika, however.  The blond girl took two more 3 ounce weights, one for each nipple, and the combined weight dragged the poor fleshy globes even more tightly and painfully.  Erika knelt again between Mary’s knees, and not wasting time with 3 ounces, attached a six ounce weight to Mary’s left labia, and another six ounces to the right.  The pink folds were stretched two inches out of the girl’s pussy, and hung forlornly.  A smaller one ounce weight was then attached to the clamp on Mary’s clit, and the bound girl used her remaining reserve of energy to strain and writhe against the overpowering confinement.

Erika stood, picked up the score card, and did some arithmetic.  “Let’s see now, 55 points, plus corset, clamps, two dildoes, the weights, extra weights.....that’s 83 points....times the 1.2 difficulty modifier....rounds to 100 points per hour.   Divide into 1000....that’s easy......10 hours.  Erika bend down, and whispered in Mary’s ear, “Only 10 hours Mary.  Its 11 AM now, so you will be released in time for a snack and a good nights sleep.”  Mary could only groan a response.  “Oh yes, there is one more thing.”  whispered Erika.  I have a little surprise for you, and I won’t even deduct points for it!”  With that she took a black box, with two wires leading from it, and attached one wire to a small connector at the base of Mary’s twin dildoes.  Once connected, Erika stood, and began turning the dial.  Mary’s insides turned to jelly as the shafts powered to life.  Gently at first, then stronger, until the vibrators were at full throttle, raging side by side against the thin flesh between the two tender holes.  “See you tonight!” said Erika, and Mary heard footsteps, and the door close.


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