Tightly Bound Bride

by Alexis

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© Copyright 2002 - Alexis - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF; M/f; F/f; bond; rope; handcuffs; blindfold; gag; packaged; cartrunk; transported; hogtie; rubber; heels; cons; x

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Chapter Three

The new bride slept like a baby until she was jostled by the jet’s wheels touching the pavement of the runway.  She remained still while the plane taxied, then turned her blind eyes expectantly in the direction of the footsteps that she heard approaching.  She felt the cord attaching her feet to the end of the couch being loosened, then one wrist was uncuffed, and quickly her hands were drawn behind her back, and re-cuffed.  Her ankles were pulled toward her wrists, and tied to the chain linking her cuffed wrists in a moderately tight hog-tie.  Any struggle or movement of her feet caused the steel cuffs to dig into the tender flesh of her wrists.  “No future in that,” she decided, and lay passively while others on the plane prepared to disembark.  Mary felt two sets of hands lift her off the couch.  Her limp body came to rest in a hard, rather formfitting cylinder of hard plastic or lightweight metal.  She wiggled to find a more comfortable spot for her hipbone, and then heard and felt the cylinder close around her, and lock shut.  What Mary could not know was that she was not confined in a specialized bondage transport apparatus, but rather the protective plastic travel shell that golfers use to transport their golf bags during air travel.  Since the ego of the average golfer is large, and his golf bag is even larger, these plastic cases are rather roomy, lock securely, and even have built in wheels to allow a heavy bag of clubs, or a moderate sized woman, to be transported easily from the plane to the car.  Since this was a private jet, Mary didn’t have to suffer the indignity of being routed through baggage claim!  Once stowed in the trunk along with the other baggage, Mary endured a hot, dark ride of almost an hour before the car stopped, the trunk opened, and her personal travel container was hauled by someone she could not see, into a place she did not know, to a fate she could hardly imagine!

Mary heard the fasteners of the plastic cylinder click open, and enjoyed the rush of cool air inside what was obviously an air conditioned building.  They were in a warm climate, and between the car trunk, the claustrophobic plastic carrier, her wedding dress, all the petticoats, the corset and the gloves, Mary was completely soaked with sweat.  She felt gentle hands release her feet from the hog-tied position, then unlock the cuff from each wrist.  She heard footsteps withdrawing, and heard the door close, and lock.  She listened for a moment, but other than her breathing, there was silence. 

The long-suffering bride flexed her stiff fingers, and tentatively lifted the blindfold.  She was in a large bedroom, decorated in a feminine manner, and softly lit.  She removed the blindfold the rest of the way, then reached behind her head and unbuckled the ballgag.  With a happy groan she pulled it from between her numb lips.  It popped free and a river of drool escaped from the corner of her mouth.  She flexed her aching jaws and sat upright.  As she looked around the room she tried to coax her tingling fingers into unknotting the cord binding her ankles.  She was patient, and in a couple of minutes her legs were free, and she clambered out of the plastic cylinder.  Her legs were unsteady under her, like a newborn fawn, and she lurched over to the bed, and sat down heavily.  She happened to glance into the mirror over a large dresser, and was fascinated at what she saw.  She was a little rumpled, but really only her tousled hair and the dark circles under her tired eyes betrayed her ordeal.  A comb and a little makeup, and she would be as beautiful as the bride that walked down the aisle so many hours ago!

Feeling better, and exceeding curious about what was going on, she stood, and began to explore her elegant accommodations.  The closet was large, but there were no clothes awaiting her.  Disappointed, she entered the huge bathroom.  All necessary toiletries were displayed for her selection, along with a pile of soft, fluffy white towels, a bathrobe, and a sweet, floral print nightgown.  There was also a pink envelope propped against a small vase which contained a single rosebud.  She smiled, and opened the envelope.








Mary didn’t need additional encouragement!  Off came the high heels and gloves.  She quickly unzipped her dress, and let it drop to the floor.  The mass of frothy petticoats joined the growing pile, followed by her stocking, her bra and her panties.  She looked at herself in the mirror.  Only the corset remained.  She was always amazed at how such an innocently feminine, lacy garment could exercise such iron control over her posture, her carriage and especially, her respiration!  Mary loved the way her body looked when tight-laced, but now, after hours and hours, it was screaming for release.  She silently gave thanks that this corset didn’t have a locking waist strap, and reached behind her for the bow at the small of her back.  It was double knotted, and wet with her sweat, and it took frustrating minutes to untie.  Once undone, Mary quickly loosened the laces, and for the first time in such a long time, took a deep breath.  “How wonderful!” she exulted.  Quickly she unfastened the busk, and let the stern garment add to the white pile at her feet.  Even un-corsetted, her waistline was diminutive, but after so many hours of restriction, Mary tummy felt like it had a had expanded into a large beer belly!

The tired, but happy young woman used the bathroom, donned her nightgown, and slipped gratefully between the crisp, cool sheets.  In moments she was asleep.

* * * * *

With a contented groan Mary greeted the new day by slowly opening one sleepy eye.  To her surprise, she saw that while the window was heavily draped, there was a small slit of sunlight peeping out.  Last night she had been too tired to notice that the room even had a window, and she had absolutely no idea what time she had gone to sleep, how long she had slept, or even what day it was.

Remembering her instructions, she sat up, and dialed “1” on the phone.  She was a little disappointed when a feminine voice answered. “I........I’m going to take a bath now,” she stuttered, “ and I would love some clothes and something to eat.”  “Yes, Mistress,” the voice responded respectfully.  “I am Felice, your maidservant, and am happy to be in your service.”  Mary was impressed.  She had never had a maidservant before!  “Thank you, Felice.”  She hung up the phone with a pleased smile on her face, and headed for the eagerly anticipated hot bath.

 When she finished bathing, drying her hair, and her makeup, she walked back into the bedroom.  Her bed had been made and the drapes were open, allowing sunshine to stream into the room.  Mary started to admire the view, when her eyes fell on the garments laid out for her on the bed.  Her visions of a pretty sundress disappeared.  With a slight frown, she examined her clothing more carefully.

It was black.  It was made of thin, shiny rubber.  It was tiny.

Mary picked up the strange dress.  At least she thought it was supposed to be a dress!  It rustled softly as she held it before her for inspection.  It reminded her of a tennis dress.  The neckline was scooped, the waist was tightly nipped, and the skirt was flared, and very short.  Under the dress was a pair of white rubber panties, and a flouncy white mini-petticoat.  The bodice of the dress was unadorned, except for two small holes cut in the shining rubber.  “Oh no!” she groaned to herself, “nipple cutouts!”  There were no stockings, but her footwear was a pair of black patent leather shoes with the highest heels she had ever seen.  The shoes had a strap which buckled around her ankle, and the buckle had a little hole, with a minuscule lock hanging open.  There was also a pair of handcuffs, and another note.

With a furrowed brow she read the note, then dutifully began to comply with her instructions.  The dress was obviously custom made, because every square inch above the flared skirt clung to her figure like a second skin. She zipped up the back, then settled her large breasts into the tight bodice.  The cups were perhaps one size smaller than her normal bra.  Her milky white flesh fought against the confining rubber and her nipples popped out of the cutouts like two ripe red strawberries.  She tugged the panties up her bare legs, and over her lush behind.  Despite herself, the excitement of the moment and the anticipation of seeing James had made her wet between the legs, and her slick, swollen pussy squished and slithered inside the slippery rubber.  The short but full petticoat flounced out from her hips, lifting the short black skirt and allowing her rubber panties to show.  With a rustle of rubber Mary sat on the bed and slipped the shoes onto her feet.  She fastened the buckles, and with a sigh of resignation, clicked the locks closed.  The arch created by the high heels was incredible.  She was able to stand, but merely walking across the room was a gymnastic feat.  Her legs trembled from the strain, and her feet began to ache in mere minutes.  With the locks, her poor feet would stay arched and aching until someone took pity on her, and unlocked them. 

Only the handcuffs remained, and to her consternation the note had instructed her to lock her hands behind her back, and click the ratchets of the cuffs exactly 9 times.  She put a cuff around her left wrist, and began to slowly and carefully tighten it down.  Click, click.........   When she reached 6 the cuff was tight, 7 began to gouge her flesh, 8 was painful.....click.  At 9 clicks the cuff felt like a band of fire.  She reached behind her back, captured her other wrist, and it too suffered the same fate.  Mary took a deep breath, and walked unsteadily across the room.  She turned her back to the door, and grasped the knob with her cuffed hands.  The act of grabbing made then tendons in her wrists stand out, making the cuffs hurt even more.  With a soft whimper the girl was able to open the door.  She walked down the hall, then was barely able to negotiate a flight of stairs.  Her heels caught in the carpet, and she had to cling to the banister with her tightly cuffed hands to keep from losing her balance.  At the bottom of the stairs she was confronted by a slick tile floor.  Slowly, carefully, concentrating on every movement, she was able to cross the room, and happily take a seat at the circular glass table.  Her exertions made her sweat, and her breasts heaved as she panted for air. 

As she began to catch her breath, she noted that her nipples were as hard as rocks, and that her rubber skirt and petticoat had ridden up her thighs, and that her rubber panties were visible to anyone through the glass tabletop.  She was only beginning to admire the view out the window when she heard footsteps.  She turned her head, and her eyes were greeted by one of the most beautiful women she had ever seen.  She had jet black, straight hair, cut shoulder length with bangs.  Her eyes were also dark, and her eyebrows were dark and full.  Her lips were thick, sensual, and dark red.  Her skin was the color of cafe-o-lait, reflecting a Latin, or perhaps Creole lineage.  She was naked save for black high heels similar to the ones Mary was wearing, and a frilly white apron tied around her waist with a large, soft bow.  The apron covered the woman’s mound, but it was so sheer that Mary could see the dark black spot at the junction of the girl’s thighs.  Her breasts were lush, with large, dark nipples.  Each nipple was pierced by a one inch ring, perhaps an eighth of an inch thick.  The rings were gold, and glistened in the sunlight. “Good morning, Mistress,” the girl said.  “I am Felice, and here is today’s menu.”

It was unlike any menu Mary had ever seen, and had nothing at all to do with food!





                                SMALL                1 POINT

                                MEDIUM             2  POINTS

                                LARGE                3  POINTS

                                X-LARGE            4  POINTS

(vibrating:  deduct one point!)

                   BUTT PLUGS

                                SMALL                no small available!

                                MEDIUM              2 POINTS

                                LARGE                 3 POINTS

                                X-LARGE             4 POINTS


                   NIPPLES & LABIA

                                 MODERATE        1 POINT

                                 SEVERE 2 POINTS 


                                  MODERATE        2 POINTS

                                  SEVERE                4 POINTS


                                  UP TO 3” REDUCTION                FREE

                                  REDUCTION 4”+                1 POINT PER INCH

                    WEIGHTS (IF APPLICABLE)

                                NIPPLES                                ½ POINT PER OUNCE 

                                LABIA                                   ½ POINT PER OUNCE

                                CLITORIS                              1 POINT PER  OUNCE


            STEEL, CAGE & CHAINS

This delightful option provides an iron head brank, complete with blindfold and gag and a 4” collar. The arms are cuffed, then drawn into a hammerlock and locked to a ring at the back of the collar.  The occupant kneels on a triangular ridge at the bottom of the cage, her ankles affixed to immovable cuffs, and her big toes cuffed, under tension.  The cage has  been custom designed, so that the occupant must be compressed into a tight ball for the door to be closed and locked (which it will be!) and the bars of the cage dig into the flesh of the occupant legs, hips, buttocks, arms and back.  The brank is locked to the top of the cage, forcing the occupant’s head back severely.  At this point 10 linkages are made via metal cuffs at the neck, upper arms, waist, and thighs.  There are screw adjustment connections to the sides of the cage, and each connection is tightened, in turn, until the subject is under tightly stressed immobility. The cage is then hoisted 4 feet off the ground.
                                                                                                                     Value: 50 points


The head is encased in a stiff, crushingly tight discipline helmet.  There is no need for eyeholes, but there are two 1/8 inch nostril ports with connecting tubes.  The gag is 2 ½ inches in diameter and 5 inches long, crafted of leather, and custom designed to be both airtight, and as large as can be handles without occluding the airway.  The arms will be strapped together at the wrists, elbows and upper arm, and the legs will be strapped at the arch, ankle, upper calf, knee, and thigh.  The bondee will then be zipped into a heavy leather body bag, which includes an integral head piece.  The bag laces from the crown of the head to the toes of the feet, and experienced helpers will insure that the bag is tightened and re-tightened until the leather creaks under the strain.  An adjustable posture collar is then tightened over the helmet and bag, then expanded until it seats itself firmly on the shoulders and against the subjects jawbone.  Another set of ten straps are placed around the torso and legs, and tightened securely.  Finally, a cable is connected to a ring at the foot of the bag, and the subject is hauled four feet off the floor, upside down.
                                                                                                                     Value: 40 points


The subject’s head is  encased in a one piece, inflatable two layered rubber hood.  There is a built in bladder gag, which is inflated to a design specification of 4 inches in diameter.  Of course the mouth cannot expand that large, so there is considerable pressure.  The hood itself is also inflated to sufficient pressure to force rubber stoppers into the ear openings and rubber tubes into the nostrils.  The subject’s hands and arms are encased in tight, fingerless mittens, then the arms are strapped to the torso with rubber straps, and the entire torso is wrapped with 4 layers of sticky, stretch rubber tape until the arms are immobile.  The legs are folded back on themselves and four layers of tape compress each calf tightly against each thigh.  The legs are then folded up against the torso, and 10 more layers of the rubber tape bind the body into a compressed ball.  The body is then zipped into the middle sphere of a rubber “sphere within a sphere”, which is inflated until the outer sphere is a resilient rubber ball, and the inner sphere is totally isolated from contact with the ground.  Breathing tubes connect the nostrils to the outside world, through airtight fittings in both balls.  Wrapped tightly in rubber, inside an airtight rubber ball, without sight, or hearing, and unable to touch, feel or grab, the subject is totally occluded except for smell.  The breathing tube is connected to a 10 section, rotating scent casket.  Every 15 minutes the device rotates, and the subject is forced to breath through a different unpleasant odor.  The possible odors could include urine, excrement, sweaty armpit, rotten eggs, stale cigar butts, old fish, rotting flesh, old kotex pads, garbage dump, etc.
                                                                                                                      Value: 20 points


The subject is gagged with a harness ball gag.  The ball is 3 inches, and must be forced between the subject’s teeth, before being buckled as tight as possible behind the head.  Straps on each side of the ball converge above the nose, and merge with a strap that goes around the forehead like a headband.  This strap is well tightened.  There is a built in leather blindfold with soft pads which cover the eyes which is buckled behind the head.  Another strap continues across the top of the head, where it meets the headband strap, and continues down to the nape of the neck, where it meets the strap holding the gag in place.  Each strap is tightened sequentially three times, until the interlocking web of straps is as tight as humanly possible.  The subject is then bound with rough, strong, scratchy sisal cord.  The elbows are circled with 5 loops, then cinched together until they touch.  The hands are forced up the subject’s back, and bound with 5 loops behind the subject’s head in the brutal “back prayer” position.  A supporting network of sisal cord is bound tightly around the subject’s chest and shoulders to anchor the hands, and then additional cords circle the torso above and below the breasts, until the arms are immobile.  The fingers are bound together with twine until they are unable to even flutter helplessly.  The subject is then bound below the waist, with cord at thigh, above and below the knee, at the ankle, around the instep, and finally, linking the big toes.  The legs are doubled back   and cord in three places crushes them together until the heels are compressed against the buttocks. A rope linking the ankles passes across the big toes, and is tied to the elbows.  The subject is arched, and the feet are extended and compressed in the crack between the buttocks.  This severe back arch is enhanced when cords linking the elbows are tied to the knees.  The subject is arched until her breasts lose contact with the floor, and the rope is tied off.  Finally, a rope is tied to a ring at the top of the harness gag, and the head is dragged backwards until the subject is looking at the ceiling.  This is tied off to the big toes.  A 3” ships hawser rope is linked to a post three feet off the ground.  The subject is turned onto her back, and the hawser is threaded between the elbows and feet, then into a winch on a second post.  The hawser is winched until the subject is drawn completely off the ground, with the stress at the point of maximum arch in the small of the back, the head draped to one side of the hawser, and the legs to the other.  A supporting web of ropes is tied to knees, arms and shoulders to hold the subject immobilized in this position.
                                                                                                                      Value:  55 points



The above positions have been judged by the USBDA (United States Bondage & Discipline Association with an official rating of “STRINGENT”.  This is based on personal observation and experience!  Should the subject wish to upgrade the difficulty to “EXTREMELY SEVERE”, the points will be multiplied by 1.2 to get the value.  Conversely, if the subject wish to downgrade the difficulty to “MODERATE”, the point value will be multiplied by .8 to get the value.


The points attained by use of “Starters” is added to the point value of the chosen position  (“Main Event”), and multiplied times the Difficulty Modifier to provide the point value per hour.  This point value, multiplied by the number of hours in bondage, provides the total points earned.


The bondage chamber is equipped with a special decibel meter which has been calibrated to the  combination of gag, hood and/or other enclosure of each position.  During the first two hours of bondage, the system will develop the sound level of the subject’s normal moan, groan, whimper or scream, as well as the capability of the subject to exceed the normal dB emission.  After two hours, if the subject wishes “Mercy”, which means the immediate release from all bondage, she need only make a noise which exceeds the normal sound by 10dB.  This 10dB exceedence of the  norm, has is a 3-Sigma, or 99% reliability that it is a true request for mercy, and not a random loud noise.  The event triggers an alarm, which initiates the release from bondage.
* * * * *
If the MERCY signal is used, the subject will, of course, be required to redo the session, with the targeted value being raised by 10%.  I.E. the 1000 point target will become 1100 points.  Also, the DIFFICULTY MODIFIER of “very severe” will automatically be used in the redone session, but while this will affect the position, it will have no effect on the points. If the subject was already   enduring the “very severe” modifier when MERCY is requested, the second session will make use of the rarely used “Barely Endurable” modifier, which would normally be 1.5 times the normal points. This is a sequence of events that is better not to even dwell on!  It goes without saying that any time spend in the aborted session will not be credited against the redone session.  It is worth mentioning that the MERCY option can only be used once.  The redone session must be borne with no hope for MERCY. 


Mary read, and re-read the fear provoking document with a furrowed brow.  Even an experienced bondager, as fond of helpless confinement as she was, would be taken aback by what she had read! All Mary really wanted to do now was have breakfast, spend the day with James, then disappear to the bedroom where Mary could consummate their marriage in a night of lust, sweat passion and tight bondage. Mary looked up at Felice.  “What about James? she asked.  “When do I get to see him?”  “Master James is busy, but he is anxiously looking forward to your company.” Felice smiled.  “He has instructed though, that you complete this menu before joining him.”

Mary frowned.  “So I am supposed to name my own poison, is that it?” she asked with a sigh.  “Yes, Madam,” Felice replied.  “A good way of saying it.”  Mary reviewed the strange document, and did a little mental arithmetic.  “If I select one of these “Main Courses”, with no “Starters” and no “Difficulty Modifier”, then I am looking at between 13 and 50 hours of extreme bondage?”  She looked at Felice.  “Is that right?”  “Yes, Madam,” replied the servant, “but if you select a more challenging predicament, so could be finished this evening.”  “You mean,” interrupted Mary, “that I have to begin this ordeal today?”  “Oh yes, Madam,” Felice replied, “I’m to give you a small meal, then clean your bodily cavities, then deliver you to the play room.”  “Clean my......you mean an enema?” sputtered Mary.  “Yes Madam, and a douche, if you please.”  Mary sighed, and again regarded the unpalatable listing in front of her.  “Well,” she muttered to Felice, “bring me something to eat while I work out my options.”


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