Tightly Bound Bride

by Alexis

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© Copyright 2002 - Alexis - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF; M/f; bond; wedding-gown; handcuffs; oral; clamps; rope; blindfold; gag; cons; x

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Chapter Three

“I now pronounce you man and wife.”  These words intruded on Cissi’s thoughts, and she realized sheepishly that she had daydreamed through the entire wedding ceremony.  She smiled wistfully, happy for Mary, but regretting finally giving up the beautiful woman who had been her friend and personal slavegirl over these many months.  “You may kiss the bride.” intoned the minister, and Mary happily let James take her in his strong arms.  She opened her soft lips, and sighed happily as Jame’s lips met hers, and his tongue slithered insistently into the mouth that had so recently been stuffed with a harsh gag.  James crushed Mary to his chest, squashing her full breasts against his chest.  Mary had almost forgotten the little clips biting into her nipples, but the pressure and friction created by James’s loving embrace caused new pain, and Mary gasped softly, shivering, knees weak, giving herself fully to her man.  It had been a year since they had kissed.  That was the day that James turned Mary over to Cissi for training.  Since then, Mary had experienced no romance, no tender kisses, no loving embraces, and no sex until Cissi had fed so greedily at her most feminine spot just minutes ago.  That pleasure rekindled erotic feelings within Mary that had long been suppressed by months of isolation, sensory deprivation and harsh restraint.   James broke their embrace, and held his bride at arms length.  Their eyes met; his eyes shining with happiness, strength and domination, hers equally happy, but demure, shy, almost  hesitant.  “I belong to this man,” she thought to herself, trembling, her outward shyness masking the erotic fires burning within her,  “What is he going to do to me?”  Her mind raced, and her loins quivered, at the possibilities!

The newlyweds impatiently endured the remainder of the formulaic ritual.  Pictures, tossing the bouquet, the reception, cutting the cake, and endless congratulations.  Clearly eager to be his, way, James thanked the guests, led the obligatory toasts, and excused he and Mary as soon as it was possible to do so.  With a final wave, the couple sped away in James’ black Continental. 

Mary was radiantly happily as she spread her dress across the gray leather seat, and stole a peak at her new husband.  Should she sit quietly, awaiting his instructions?  No, she decided. She could not resist the impulse to move over beside him, and nibble lovingly on his ear lobe.  “Oh, James,” she exclaimed, “or should I say Master?.........”  “No, my dear”, he interrupted, “James will be fine.”  “Well then, James, you were so mean to me, leaving for a whole year!” she reproached.  “Well,” he answered, “I needed to make enough money to keep you in a style befitting your beauty.”  She smiled at the compliment.  “Besides, I needed you to demonstrate total commitment, and absolute submission, and the only way to do that was to keep apart, and subject you to strict bondage and discipline training, without love, and without sex.”  He turned and looked at her seriously.  “Now, even though your bondage will become much more difficult, you will know that you are loved, and will soon connect bondage with sexual pleasure, and you will find your life to be very  pleasant.”  “Oh James,” she said, “I already do...just the thought of your ropes digging into my flesh makes me tremble!”  Mary gave him her sexiest look.  “I’m sure I have wet panties, I want you so much!”  “Well then, you shall have me!” he laughed. 

James pointed at the glove box, and instructed her to open it.  Mary opened the door, and saw the shine of polished chrome.  “Take them out, and put them on behind your back, and very tight.”  The chrome object proved to be a set of handcuffs, very heavy, and with the cuffs very close together with a hinge separating them, rather than a length of chain.  Mary looked at the cuffs for a moment, then closed one cuff on her right wrist over her satin, elbow length glove.  She clicked it until it was snug, looked at James, then clicked it another notch until it was tight.  Again she looked at her husband, but his expression showed neither approval, nor disapproval.  Mary sighed, and clicked the cuff another notch, until the steel bit harshly into her flesh.  James smiled slightly.  She leaned forward, placed both hands behind her, and captured the other wrist in the cuff’s steel embrace.  She clicked the cuff until it too was biting painfully, then looked to James for further instructions.  He reached down, unzipped his fly, and exposed his rapidly stiffening member.  Mary gasped.  It was not a gigantic penis, but it was nice sized, red at the tip, and vibrantly erect........and it was hers! 
“Take me.” he said. 

With an eager whimper she dove at him, and he laughed as he was enveloped in white satin, flouncy petticoats, and her warm soft mouth.  The car was filled with happy, wet sucking sounds.  Mary knelt on the floor of the car, but without her hands for support and balance she found it difficult to control the motions of her head.  She would be lovingly tonguing  his sensitive purple knob, when the car would hit a bump, and she would find herself with lips pressed against his pubic patch and the length of his rod jammed down her throat.  Mary gagged and pulled back, eyes watering, struggling for her balance and a much needed deep breath.  “No,” James ordered, “don’t let it out of your mouth again.”  He held her hair, and guided her lips firmly back to his stiff member, and held her there.  She found that his control of her head helped, and she relaxed and followed his slow pumping motion.  James was finding it increasingly difficult to keep his attention on the highway!  As Mary sucked harder, and he came closer to climax, his foot involuntarily pressed the accelerator, and he found, to his horror, that he was cruising down the road at 90 miles per hour!  “Just what I need,” he told himself, “ is to be stopped for speeding with a handcuffed woman in a bridal gown going down on me.” 

Mary continued her noisy licking and sucking until she felt his entire body stiffen.  He pumped his hips, held her head firmly, and released his pent up load.  Mary was no virgin, but she was not experienced in fellatio, and certainly had never allowed a man to come in her mouth.  She gagged, but new better than to fight, or try to spit the hot sticky fluid out of her mouth.  She kept her lips sealed around James’ rod, and sucked and swallowed frantically until the gush subsided, and she felt James begin to soften slightly in her mouth.  James released her head, and Mary made a final swirl around the sensitive head of his penis with her hot tongue, accompanied by a long, deep, slurping suck.  James groaned at the exquisite sensation.  Mary looked up at him, happy, quite proud of her self, but outrageously horny and still in need of relief.  “My turn?” she asked hopefully, licking her lips contentedly.  James laughed, but Mary didn’t find his answer at all funny.  “No my sweet, I have plans for you!  Rest assured, the wait will be worth it.”  Mary pouted, and struggled back to her seat.  She wondered where they were going, and how long she was going to have to wait to feel James’ glorious shaft between her legs.  Anyway, it was a nice day, the view was pretty, and merely wearing handcuffs was like not being in bondage at all.  She had been wearing her tightly laced corset for well over 24 hours now, and she found it naggingly uncomfortable, but like everything else, she adapted.  There was one thing, however......

“James?”  “Yes my love.”  “I was wondering......um...” she hesitated...”Cissi gave me a very nice present just before we were married.” “Yes?” he encouraged.  “Well,” she continued, “it was little jeweled clamps, and the have been.....on my nipples....since before the wedding.”  “And?” James asked.  “Well....they hurt....and I was hoping that you might take them off.”  She studied his face for signs of mercy.  “Why don’t you take them off yourself?” he asked.  “You know why.” she answered, “Because my hands are handcuffed behind my back.”  He pondered for a moment.  “And if your hands were free, would you remove them?”  “Oh yes, they hurt something awful!” she responded.  “Turn your back to me.” he ordered, and gladly Mary complied.  While watching the road, James fished the handcuff key out of his pocket, and by feel began to unlock the cuffs.  He spoke as he did so. “I will free your hands, Mary, but I want you to know that I like the clips on your breasts, and would prefer that they remained there.”  Her hands fell free.

The bound bride sighed with relief, and rubbed her wrists gratefully.  She started to free a breast then reluctantly, with a small whimper, she dropped her hands into her lap. Mary sat quietly at first, but gradually all her senses became irresistibly focused on her throbbing nipples.  She did not see the scenery, she did not feel the wind, nor hear the birds.  The burning pain at the points of her breasts became the center of her universe.  Without thinking, one hand left her lap, and moved to the neckline of her gown, but with a pure show of willpower, and awareness that James was watching out of the corner of his eye, she forced her hand to return to her lap.  Minutes passed, and again and again she fought the impulse to reach into her bodice and release the biting horrors from her tender buds.  Finally, she begged. “Oh James, please let me take them off.  No girl could leave them on, it hurts to much.”  Her eyes implored him, “I can’t stand it.”

“Is that so?,” he asked quietly. “If you were still cuffed, you’d have to stand it, now wouldn’t you.?”  She shrugged an acknowledgment.  “If you care about pleasing me you’l leave them alone.......but take them off if you wish.... the choice is yours.”  Mary whimpered pitifully, and her hand again reached the neckline of her gown.  How easy it would be to cradle her soft globe, and release her tender nubbin from the burning pain.  Wracked by indecision, but dominated by pain, her fingers moved inside her gown to cup the white breast inside its lacy cradle.  She was just about to grasp the clip when a small tear rolled unhappily down her cheek.  With an anguished moan, Mary swiftly removed her hand, reached for the handcuffs lying on the seat between them, and with a few efficient motions once more had her wrists captured tightly behind her back.  She sniffled, took a deep breath, looked at her husband, with a tentative, small smile.  “A little lesson, my love.” he said, returning her smile, “Sometimes it easier not to have any choices.”  Having made his point, ten minutes later he reached inside her dress, lovingly fondled each soft globe, then gently plucked the clamp off of each throbbing nipple as Mary moaned with relief and gratitude.  Happily, she put her head on his shoulder.  The handcuffs were still digging painfully into her wrists, but she did not care.

Mary dozed off, and when she awoke, it was dusk.  Surprised, she noted that she had napped for over an hour.  What surprised her the most was the fact that she was still merely handcuffed----no harsh cords, no stifling gag, no contorted position.  To her surprise, she found herself disappointed!  The soft moist place between her legs was like a banked fire, waiting for someone to stir the coals, and add additional fuel.  Mary knew that total, stringent restraint was the fuel that would consume her in a forest fire of lust.  Tempting fate, she decided to force the issue!

“Gosh, I sure wish Cissi was here.” sighed Mary.  “On your honeymoon? James asked, “Why would you want your friend along?.  “Because I’m bored.” Mary pouted.   “She always kept me well bound and tightly gagged, and did fun things to me.  More fun certainly than these dumb handcuffs..........”  She looked at James’ amused reaction, and went for the jugular, “I really like having something big and hard filling my mouth, and all I’ve had to chew on is that little thing of yours.”  She laughed sarcastically, and concluded,  “I doubt it will be big enough to keep me satisfied!”  “Well,” he answered, “I’m not really sure that I care whether my slaves are satisfied or not.  He glanced at the road.  “Besides, we’re almost at the airport, so I have no time to mess with you.” 

James didn’t stop at the commercial terminal, but rather circled the field to a small private hanger.  Mary was impressed by the half dozen large, private jets which were parked nearby, and particularly excited when James pulled the Lincoln next to the largest, and most impressive plane.  She had never been on a private jet.  James got out of the car, walked around, and opened Mary’s door.  “I’m still handcuffed!” she explained.  “No problem,” responded James.  “There’s no ground crew around, and my pilot is very discreet.”  Mary shrugged, and with difficulty, climbed out of the car.  James took her by the arm, and quickly escorted his bride up the stairs, and into the commodious cabin of the big Lear.  Mary noted four well stuffed leather captain’s chairs, plus a bench seat lengthwise along one wall, and a table.  She looked around, and also saw a well stocked bar, and a large TV with VCR, plus a computer, and fax machine.  She looked longingly at the comfortable bench seat.  Suddenly she was very tired.  After all, she had been awake all night bound and helpless in the church, then had a very active day.  The adrenaline rush fueled by her excitement now gave way to a peaceful quietude.  “Why don’t you have a nap?” James encouraged.  “We have a three hour flight, and you will need your energy when we arrive at our wedding retreat.”  He gave her a meaningful look, and she quivered with expectation.  Still handcuffed, the girl flopped on the couch.  James took a length of cord, and soon had Mary’s ankles tied, cinched, and attached to one end of the couch.  He slipped a blindfold over her eyes, and an efficient, but not punishingly large gag was pressed between her lips, and buckled behind her head.  Mary whimpered happily as he kissed her gagged lips.  The moderation of her bondage let her know that this was not the main event.  She went quickly to sleep.


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